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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 12, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. whole lot of anger and some arrests in downtown san francisco after anti-wall street outbreaks spilled into
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the streets. protestors furious over bank bailouts and the ongoing recession gathered early this morning in the front of the federal reserve where "occupy sf" demonstrators have been camping out all morning. >> they then marched through the financial district to the wells fargo on montgomery where protestors effectively shut down the bank. anne makovec is standing by where the protests are going strong. we can hear them behind you. >> reporter: a lot of music and chanting. i'm here at the montgomery street side of the wells fargo. police put up the barricades. they only have one lane of traffic on montgomery blocked right now but at one point earlier this morning the whole street was blocked off. and you can see the protestors at the front door, well, it's difficult to see now, but they are all lodged in the turnaround door blocking the entrance. technically the wells fargo is still open. but business is obviously slow.
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[ chanting ] >> reporter: they call themselves the 99%. protestors in san francisco's financial district blaming banks and politicians for the current economic mess. >> meanwhile, banks such as wells fargo took billions of taxpayer money through bailouts. >> reporter: several workers unions participated, as well. >> it's time for wall street to pay and banks to pay for the crisis that they have created. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: at times, it seemed more pep rally than demonstration. but they say the message is clear. they want new taxes and rules for big business in the u.s. >> we just won't stand for it anymore. we are out here to let them know they need to be accountable to the people of this city and of this nation. >> reporter: he is here because several family members have had their homes foreclosed. do your family members take any responsibility for their own foreclosures? >> uhm, they most definitely understand that they maybe should have been more careful with the loans that they did
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accept. but the banks most definitely could have been more helpful in trying to help people stay in their homes. >> reporter: today's target is also clear. wells fargo on montgomery street. protestors surrounded it from all sides, blocking the entrance. workers just waited outside. >> what can you do? >> reporter: the group started at 7 a.m. at the federal reserve where people are camped out on market street. then they marched through the financial district. they say this is just one step of many. >> this is just the beginning. >> part of escalating and putting pressure on the banks and letting them know we're not going to back down. >> reporter: and we did get this statement from wells fargo this morning saying, quote, wells fargo recognizes that americans are demanding more from their financial institutions during these difficult economic times. we're committed to serving the financial needs of individuals and businesses keeping credit flowing and working to help those facing financial hardships find solutions. all right. back to you out here live now
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to wells fargo, i want to let you take a look at the action here. we're not even sure what's going on. the protestors just started moving down wells fargo and it looks like they are now removing some of their signs right now from the windows. again, this just happened within about the last minute and a half. so we're not sure where they're headed if they're now going over to the other side to join the protestors on california or if they have a new destination altogether but we'll keep you posted, frank and grace. >> thank you. we do understand they might continue though throughout the evening commute. is that so? have you heard anything about that? >> reporter: well, you know, this morning they said no sign of stopping, we're not moving. clearly they did move. so i think the strategy is changing as they go. >> all right, anne makovec live in downtown san francisco, thank you. in all there were nearly a dozen arrests during the morning protest. stephanie chuang spoke with one man who said he wasn't going anywhere, that is until police took him away. [ chanting ]
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it. >> reporter: for almost an hour, 7:30 this morning, "occupy sf" protestors blocked every entrance of the wells fargo corporate headquarters as employees pled with them. >> please let me through. >> reporter: but a leader said he would only relief in handcuffs. his anger toward big banks including wells fargo was personal. >> my parents lost their home was foreclosed on forced to move into my uncle's home then his home was foreclosed on. >> reporter: within minutes police arrested protestors. that wasn't enough to silence him. >> enough is enough. these banks need to be held accountable. >> i'm here because wells fargo is foreclosing on our homes even after we bailed them out. >> reporter: in all 11 people were arrested. >> they will be cited unless they have proper identification and outstanding warrants. >> reporter: a blockade turned mass arrests that left behind a bitter taste. >> i'm just annoyed. i think these people are protesting the wrong company. >> i think the people who have
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been foreclosed on and had their dreams crushed are more than annoyed. they're really angry. >> reporter: in san francisco, stephanie chuang, cbs 5. it wasn't just san francisco. in the east bay, "occupy oakland" protestors spent a second night camping out in front of city hall. officials say they will allow the small tent city on frank ogawa plaza to remain as long as the protestors stay peaceful. so far, there are no reports of any kind of trouble. and those protests are spreading to the suburbs in the bay area. two more rallies are land for this afternoon. demonstrators will gather at mount diablo and locust streets in downtown walnut creek. that starts at 4:00. and another group meets on el camino real at 5:00. they are rallying in solidarity with "occupy wall street." protestors have been camped out in lower manhattan. they marched across the brooklyn bridge again today. and later on, hundreds plan to rally at the new york city
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headquarters of jpmorgan chase a day after protesting in front of their ceo jamie dimon's upper east side home. in other news, oakland's police chief is out. >> anthony batts is stepping down next month and he spoke yesterday with mayor jean quan standing beside him. the two have clashed on a number of issues, including batts' desire to expand injunction on gangs. he says he has been a figure ahead more than a chief. >> about 20% control of this plymouth but police department. i want full control if i have full accountability. >> he said he made his decision with a heavy heart. no word when in november he will leave but after he does, he says he might take a research and teaching job at harvard. funerals are being held today for the two victims of the quarry shootings in cupertino. family and friends of manuel pinon held a rosary in san jose last night. john vallejos was also remembered with a visitation
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service. they died a week ago when a coworker old fire during a meeting. a third man was also killed. the gunman shareef allman died the next day. the coroner says allman's fatal gunshot wound was self- inflicted. some other bay area headlines. today bryan stow is spending his first full day out of the hospital in more than six months. he was transferred from san francisco general yesterday to rehab. he still can't stand and walk but the doctor said stow can move his body and sit up on his own and he is speaking quite a bit. a sign of progress today in the san bruno neighborhood that was the site of last year's pipeline explosion. within the past hour, the city's mayor and other officials took part in a ceremony re-opening the road that was at the center of that blast. that roadway at claremont and glenview drive has been repaired. the barricades as you just saw have been taken down. eight people were killed, 38 homes destroyed in that disaster. the trial against the accused underwear bomber ended today with a surprise guilty
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plea. he admitted he concealed a bomb in his pants and tried to blow up a northwest airlines flight near detroit on christmas day in 2009. heeled to the court that he did it to -- heeled to the court he did -- he told the court to save innocent muslim lives. there is a problem and it's spreading closer to home. >> coming up, the issues facing millions of blackberry users and what's causing it. we thought this would be fun but it was a into the mayor. >> what prompted this 911 call from a family trying too -- trying to get into the halloween spirit. temperatures are warm in the bay area and it's goingget even warmer. we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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europe w am well, let's take a look at the big board on this wednesday. and a good day so far up 170 points after a slight down day yesterday. investors are hopeful that europe will finally take the steps needed to curb its financial crisis. and right now investors are saying, okay. thumbs up. meanwhile, president obama says the fight over his jobs bill is not over yet. the senate rejected the $447 billion american jobs act during a procedural vote yesterday. now the white house is going to focus on getting individual pieces of the bill through congress. things like refurbishing highways or giving tax breaks for small businesses. outages of blackberry messaging and email service spread today in north america. a canadian company research in motion says it is working to fix the problem. it started on monday in europe,
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asia and latin america. a crucial link in the company's infrastructure failed as well as a backup. "rim" is the only cell phone make their handles traffic to and from its phone so when something goes wrong, millions are affected. there are more cell phones in the u.s. than people. a study from a wireless industry trade group estimates that there are nearly 328 million devices in service in the country. that is up 9% from january. according to the 2010 census, about 350 million people lived in the u.s. and its territories so it's about a difference of 13 million. when you see someone fall down the stairs, you whip out that cell phone before you help them up? you are not alone. researchers with harris interactive found 50% of americans are what they call cell phone video spies. according to that study, the favorite thing that spies secretly shoot, people in embarrassing clothes. >> or not wearing clothes at
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all. >> could be that, too. [ laughter ] a vitamin might increase your risk of a too much cancer. that story coming up. ============== stow lake is back open for business today. the food and boat rental concession at san >> and we have your weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,, i am a face unclogger.
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city. elle hosts a fremont teenager's haunted house is getting a ghastly reaction from the city. every year chris hosts three -- free haunted houses at his parents' place. it's the biggest yet this year but he doesn't have the permit from the city. the neighbor dropped a dime and complained about construction citing safety issues. the city ordered him to dismantle it by october 26. >> give him a break, man. a parent frantically calls 911 after getting lost in a halloween corn maze in massachusetts. >> i'm really scared. it's really dark and we have a three-week-old baby with us. >> just relax. calm down. your husband is with you, right? >> yes, but my baby! >> very dahk! mom and dad had to be rescued out of the cornfield by a manager and a police k-9 unit.
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the manager offered them a free passes for a return visit. their response, dead silence. apparently they didn't want to go back in. >> won't be in the corn again. couple of sports notes. a red sox gm stepped down in boston and is now the new gm for the chicago cubs. >> and a new man in uniform for the raiders terrelle pryor who was suspended for five games for wrongdoing at ohio state now eligible to play in the nfl and for the raiders, who picked him up in the draft, this weekend he could play against the browns. but we'll have to ask lawrence because he is the raider aficianado. >> officially al davis' last draft pick. we have some sunshine showing up around the bay area today. it's looking like a fantastic afternoon if you like that sun and the warmer weather. here you go. looking great toward pleasanton to start you off. sunshine there and clear skies. started out with a couple of patches of fog but that is long gone now. even out at the beaches, what a
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gorgeous autumn afternoon as we enjoy high pressure building in overhead and what looks like a couple of spectacular days outside. so this is how we're goingplay it. it's going to be warm this afternoon. skies going to stay mostly clear, clear overnight tonight. and maybe even a little bit warmer as we head in toward tomorrow. high pressure building in, we have some offshore winds and that's helping to crank up those temperatures. right now, 74 degrees in concord. 72 in oakland. and 74 degrees in santa rosa. these temperatures heating up with that ridge and the offshore winds. couple of high clouds over the top of the ridge but really other than that we are looking golden. high pressure will build, meaning we'll stay dry. temperatures soaring. by tomorrow we could be looking at low 90s. 83 the expected high in san jose. 81 milpitas.
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sunny skies in half moon bay. east bay temperatures in the 80s. 86 pleasant hill. 85 livermore. about 83 in the napa valley. inside the bay great weather. 73 degrees in san francisco. 77 in oakland. and about 85 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, we are looking at some changes coming our way. a little bit warmer over the next few but then toward the weekend a few more clouds move in and temperatures cool off at least just a few degrees anyway. >> up and down we go. >> that's like yahtzee the next three days. >> great the next few days. >> that's what we get for laying around to digest the big breakfast you guys had. >> you didn't bring me anything. >> inside joke. they don't care. [ laughter ] vitamin e might increase the risk of prostate cancer instead of reducing it. of the men who took vitamin e, researchers found a 17%
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increase in pancreatic cancer. this is the time of year when you start to get hit up with phone calls and mailers asking for charitable donations. and we all want our donations to count. so how do you know if a charity is legit? on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us what we need to know before writing that check. >> we get these postcards every four to six weeks. >> reporter: and like many, michael often wonders if the charity soliciting donations by mail are actually legit. after receiving a few postcards like this one from united breast cancer research foundation, he asked consumerwatch to investigate a few red flags. >> they might have an aol account or just a post office box for the address of the charity. they put a disclaimer, not associated with a more well known charity. >> reporter: but the biggest red flag, he couldn't find a website. and the charity didn't show up on aggregate sites like >> you shouldn't have to be sherlock holmes to find out who the organization is and what
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they do. >> reporter: bennett weiner with the better business bureau says you shouldn't donate until you know exactly how much the charity donates. finding financial statements should be easy thanks to websites like charity navigator and the bbb's but we couldn't find the united breast cancer research foundation on either. we did find records through the attorney general showing a profit of $10,000 last year. but we could find no records of any donations. >> do your homework, yeah. >> reporter: robert brenneman from san francisco's project open hand urges people to do their research so they doesn't waste money on questionable charities. >> because there are so many good nonprofits out there who need your support. >> reporter: he suggests looking for charities like his that give at least 80% back to the program. as for michael, he is taking it one step further. >> i'd rather give my charity to charities that i know and are familiar with. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs cbs. ,,
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downtown high-rise. those stories and more coming up today at 5:00. well, here's something to keep in mind the next time you'red hadding to the bedroom. >> -- you're heading to the bedroom. >> sex can make you forgetful. according to a new study in the journal of emergency medicine there is a rare condition where a person's memory suddenly disappears after sex. they don't know why. but people with a so-called transient global amnesia suffer no side effects and their memories return in a few hours. >> forgetful or forgettable? >> sometimes both. >> have a great day.
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