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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  October 15, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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uspicious gunfire at a cemetery, where the funeral for a hell's angel leader was taking place. one man is dead. what police say is suspicious about the crime scene. the occupy protests are getting bigger and bigger. the famous actor joining the demonstration in oakland. and the occupy protests are now starting all over the world. the message is the same. but protests are turning violent. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. the cemetery where a funeral was being held for a hell's angels member has turned into the scene of a fatal shooting. it happened just before 1:00 this afternoon in oak hill cemetery in san jose. 5,000 people were attending the
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funeral for jethro pettigrew and shots rang out. one member of the hells angel club was killed and police say something about the crime scene doesn't look right. >> when the officers arrived, it was moments after the shooting, they noticed that the scene appeared to have been tampered with. and so again, i can't get into details as to what they found that made them believe that it was tampered with, but they believe that it had been tampered with. >> police had units on alert for any violence at the hell's angels funeral. so far no word on a motive or any suspects in this shooting. today's homicide came as a massive crowd of bikers gathered to remember the life of a hell's angel leader who was shot and killed in a reno area casino. anne makovec on what it takes to put on a funeral of this magnitude. >> reporter: an estimated 5,000 bikers from all over the country came to san jose today, to honor
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jeff jethro pettigrew the president of san jose's hell's angels. >> he was a human. and he had a heart of gold. >> he was a good man. he will be missed. >> awful to hear that he was gone. and for what? i don't understand. >> reporter: he was gunned down at a casino in sparks, nevada, last month. police say the murderer was ernesto gonzalez, a member of a rival bike club in san jose. called the vagos. gonzalez was arrested a week later in a car near ucsf but they down-play a warfare gang motive. >> i think most people are looking in and calling it a war. but even amongst families, have you disputes. >> reporter: some bikers admit, there is inherent danger in some clubs. >> it is like a fear that, you know, all of us have. >> reporter: biker groups from all over the bay area, california, and the country, were represented here today.
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>> we're all friends. we're all here gathering. everybody is cool. we like to keep it that way. >> so did the san jose police, camped out on the corner, patrolling the event. >> the director of oak hill memorial park says this is the largest event that has gone on here in recent memory. >> what does it take to put on an event of this size? >> a lot of patience and understanding. a lot of empathy that there are people who are different than our normal traditional type services. but we serve everybody. >> in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> apple is holding a memorial service tomorrow evening, for steve jobs. "the wall street journal" says invitations have gone out to silicon valley big wigs, and other people close to jobs. apple says the event at stanford university is private and that no public services are planned. a small private funeral was held a week ago. jobs who co-founded apple and the mastermind behind the
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i-phone and i-pad died october 5 at the age of 56. he battled pancreatic cancer for years. thousands of people streamed through the streets of oakland to bolster the occupy oakland movement and received some support from a local hollywood celebrity. >> marching with protesters earlier in the year, daniel glover spoke to the occupation ep campment in front of city hall. today's message focused on the slogan of jobs, not cuts, we will have more on occupy oakland at 6:30. and across the bay, in san francisco, hundreds of people in the streets, as part of a demonstration focused on forgiving student loan debt. the solidarity march began at the occupy sf in canton and market street. and protesters made their way along powell street past union square at 3:30 this afternoon. today's march was part of a national day of action targeting student loan debt. well, anti-wall street demonstrations all across the country showing no signs of
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stopping. this is washington, d.c. where thousands marched with reverend al sharpton and jesse jackson to the martin luther king memorial. also today, thousands of protesters marching into times square in new york. and as drew levinson explains, it may be long before this movement comes to an end. >> thousands of "occupy wall street" protesters pulled into times square. demonstrators from all walks of life, marched more than 40 blocks into the middle of manhattan. mike and margaret came from new jersey. the parents of two college graduates, lost their jobs. and are afraid they could soon lose their home. >> what's the significance of being at times square? >> it is the greatest place in the world. it is new york. if we can't have a say here, where are we going to go? >> reporter: the protests have been peaceful for the most part. but police did arrest about two dozen demonstrators when they refused to leave a chase bank. from the cross roads of the
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world, to a cross section of america, protests like this one were held nationwide saturday. in the nation's capital, demonstrators headed to a bank of america branch protesting new debit card fees. >> we have come here to close our accounts. >> reporter: there were similar demonstrations from boston to arkansas and oregon. many believe the gap with the rich. >> and until the gap is closed, protesters are vowing to continue across the country. drew levinson, cbs news, new york. >> the "occupy wall street" provide test has spread globally, started a month ago. and demonstrators across europe are joining the cause. some using violence. >> angry italians filled the streets of rome, as protests turned violent. some tore wered cars and smashed bank windows -- torched cars and
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smashed bank windows as riot police used tear gas to keep control. but thousands of others rallied peacefully. demonstrators across europe showing the u.s. occupy movement, in a day of global protests. they marched against government budget cuts. and what they call corporate greed. he says people are suffering from the power of banks. in greece, people vented more of the financial fury they have felt for months as the cash-strapped country fuels europe's debt crisis. in london, wikileaks founder julian assange rallied protesters and promised his web site will launch a campaign against financial institutions. british police stood guard in central london where organizers were hoping for tens of thousands of protesters. but the numbers were much smaller. demonstrators wanted to occupy the london stock exchange. but police held them back. global campaigners say they are
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hoping for nonviolent demonstrations in more than 900 cities around the world by day's end. protesters in seoul, hong kong, manila, and tokyo, had the same message. >> we need to prioritize to people over profits. >> reporter: crowds were not as big in asia where the economy is growing. most of the day's protests were peaceful but it seemed the larger the country's debt, the louder the crowd. tina krause, cbs news, london. well, hundreds came out to hear a new plan to reduce violent crime in the bad parts of oakland. well, i really feel like it is really a publicity stunt for them to make it seem like they're trying to help us. >> how oakland's mayor plans to change 100 blocks. a change of plans for u.s. troops still in iraq. what is next for thousands of them still on their tours of duty. it has been a beautiful day all around the bay area. but temperatures are going to change significantly as we make our way into next workweek. i will have all of the details
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u.s. troops will be leaving iraq sooner than planned. the obama administration is abandoning plans to keep troops in iraq in the next year. troops were scheduled to withdraw by the end of this year. the white house says all troops will leave except for 160 attached to the u.s. embassy. exactly when is still being worked out. the pentagon had considered using 5,000 troops in iraq to train security forces. if you are driving across the bay bridge this weekend, don't be alarmed if you spot emergency vehicles on the east span. that is under construction. and it is just a drill. emergency response teams from around the country are participating in a program known as urban shield. for 48 hours, teams prepare and train on how to handle scenarios such as mass casualties and hostage rescue and terrorist threats and the drills are taking place all across the bay area. oakland mayor jean quan laid
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out the proposal to reduce the crime rate and it comes amid dropping approval ratings for quan and a time when the city is without a permanent police chief. kristen ayers has more. >> reporter: the mayor took center stage with a prevention plan that she hopes will reduce rhyme here. >> beyond the slogans and the gimmicks, we have to start talking about changing the city block by block. so i'm talking about 100 blocks. >> reporter: the plan zeros in on 100 blocks in east and west oakland where 90% of the city's homicides happen. this is one of the 100 blocks that will be targeted. the mayor's office says we will see more police here, more public works officials, and mentoring groups targeting children who live here. but some residents worry that is just lip service. >> let the mayor fire me. >> reporter: one oakland resident, a former foster child who watched her peers drift into alcohol and drugs and
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prostitution says the city has done little to help. >> i think it is a publicity stunt for them to make it seem like they're trying to help us. >> reporter: of the hundreds of residents who showed up to hear quan's fans some held up signs calling her a liar and blamed her for the chief's resignation last week. but quan has those on her side, including the new chief, a step in the right direction. >> this is a multi-faceted approach. this is not just the police. the heart of it is to build relations with community. >> the 100 most difficult blocks in the city, targeting truants and talking to parents about graduation rates and share trends with the housing patrol and authority. and with no permanent police chief, there are no guarantees that the plan will change anything. >> i don't have any idea of what is going to happen at this given time. >> reporter: kristen ayers, cbs 5. >> here is something for someone
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vivid yellow diamond. the pear-shaped stone is so unique, the geological institute of america ranks it as one of the rarest gemstones in its class. and if you're wondering about the price tag, it is expected to sell for about $8 million. the diamond will be auctioned off at a jewelry sale in new york next week. >> kristy siefkin has more. wouldn't that be a beautiful bauble on your hand? >> that might be a great accessory to have on the green screen. >> gorgeous weather. and another nice night on tap. more cloud cover building in. a live look outside, we can see more of the clouds. taking a peek at the city skyline. can see fairly clearly but seeing some of the clouds surge in particularly at the coastline and in other locations a lot of sunshine. and that will change a little bit as we make our way into tomorrow and the start of next workweek. so tonight, the overnight lows, actually on the warmer side, in the 50s and some 60s.
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that's because of the cloud cover. and most of the bay has seen the clouds very slight chance of some thunderstorms. north of the golden gate bridge. but shouldn't be much of an issue to contend with. still going to see a pretty nice day tomorrow, inland spots and break nook the 80s in some locations -- breaking into the 80s in some locations but keeping the clouds in the picture in our coastal locations. and making our way to sunday, you can start to see some of the cloud cover break up by afternoon tomorrow, and once we hit the highs, clear for the most part in the bay here and clouds along the north bay and the san mateo coach. the high in the picture on the way out the door and we will see the low pressure slide in, and that means even more cloud cover, and a little bit of drop in temperature, for tomorrow. and temperatures tomorrow, through the rest of northern california, looking pretty good. 79 is the high in sacramento, and reading just a degree cooler and 66 for yosemite and fresno, 86 and you can see some of the locations seeing some cloud cover as well. and highs here in the bay area, going to look like this. 77 for redwood city. 75 in vallejo. almost making it to 80 in fairfield. same story for livermore.
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making our way to the city, 71 tomorrow. and pretty pleasant conditions even if you're going to be in the city. as we make our way later in the workweek, changes in store. a temporary warmup as we make our way into monday. bumping those temperatures up in the inland locations and tuesday through thursday, more seasonal weather and the temperatures closer to where we should be. today we're running about 10-20 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. an those temperatures well above seasonal averages. so back to more fall-like weather as we make our way to the end of the workweek. >> about time. >> absolutely. >> thank you much. >> you're welcome. kim coyle is here. stanford, not a sure thing today. >> well, we've gotten used to them being a sure thing but two turnovers today hasn't helped but they're trying to do something that hasn't been done on the farm before and a football coach's mom calls into the radio station to avenge her son and why one former raider feels the team won't miss a beat with mark davis in charge. sports is next.
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stanford leads washington state 10-7 late in the first half. the cardinals are going for the 14th straight win. which would be the longest streak in school history. last night, spartans stadium, san jose state, and hawaii, combine for 12 turnovers. but all the spartans care about is they got the w. matt falkner hit chandler jones for the game winning touchdown in the final minute. san jose is now 3-4 this season.
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tennessee head coach derrick dooly had quite a bit of criticism after the team lost the first two s.e.c. games so his mother barbara did what any good mom would do, and called into a local radio station and defended her son. >> i just want to be nice and fair and know that you probably got the greatest coach in the country and he is going to be there 25 years. >> unfortunately, mrs. dooley may need to have the radio station on speed dial. tennessee gets blown out at home by top-ranked lsu. jared lee throws a pair of touchdowns as the tigers have another convincing win, 38-7 is the final. 11th ranked michigan taking in the instate rivals, the michigan state spartans made it a long day for denard robinson and 9 of 24 passes and runs for a season low 42 yards. isaiah lewis, hitting the sixes. and michigan state wins 28-14. for the fourth straight year,
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the paul bunyan trophy is staying in east lansing. another notable game, wisconsin blew out indiana. they won all six of their games this season. by more than 30 points. oklahoma state beat texas. virginia handed 12th ranked georgia tech its first loss. and the ohio state knocked off illinois. the raiders have not announced their plans for tomorrow's tribute to al davis at the coliseum. but the players know the best way to honor him is to just keep on winning. >> man, i know what he want, what he wants out of this team. he want a championship. and we can't be talking about it, and trying to go win our division, and slip up. >> mark davis will do his best to replace his father as the face of the franchise. last sunday in houston, i spoke with former raider great clem daniels who think mark is up for
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the challenge. >> well, i've been able to ascertain his knowledge of the game, and his analytical ability in terms of players, young players abilities, and he is able to do that. i don't think we will -- in fact, i don't think we will see a dropoff. i think we will see an enhancement in terms of the progress of the raiders over the next couple of years. >> well, he certainly learned from the best. that's for sure. >> yes, he did. no question about it. i remember when he was four and five years old. we would have him in training camp. and the guys, we would play catch football with him. throwing him with the players. and he was a little kid, four or five years old. so we've seen him grow up right here within the raider compound and with the raider family. >> you can see the raiders and browns tomorrow afternoon, right here on cbs 5. and afterwards, stay tuned for the fifth quarter. the patriots have the league's best offense. so the cowboys know they will have their hands full tomorrow. defensive coordinator rob ryan says dallas plans to throw the kitchen sink at new england.
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>> well, i mean it is like a full-fledged, double sink, with a disposal, i mean because that is a heck of a sink. i've never caught a sink. my wife has thrown a plate or two at me. but that's in the kitchen family. >> the 49ers have an offensive lineman of their own with a good sense of humor and he may one day have his own tv show. >> it is the joe show. the joe show. going to ask some stupid questions to some teammates. >> they said sing a song and i did and that's what came out and that was the first day, too. >> how exactly do you mud slide? find a big old heel and slide on, it slide down. on your belly. head first. >> now you got a belly. >> i got a belly. >> you got a little belly, belly, belly on you. >> everything i do on that show is ad-lib. i don't have a premise of what i'm going 20 talk whether when -- to talk about when i get the microphone. >> i was at movie theater and i asked what he was going to put on the popcorn and butter and
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salt and didn't move his lips and that's one. the great qualities of delaney. >> thank you for the time of interviewing myself and putting me on tv. i have a great figure and a great face, more of a face made for radio but thank you anyways. back to you guys. >> thanks, joe. it is going to be a great day for joe tomorrow. a homecoming for him and he went to central michigan and he thinks he will have over 200 family and friends at the lines gail tomorrow. >> you know what kind of a kid he was at school today. >> kind of a class clown and i'm sure he pulled a few pranks in the locker room as well. we will have more on the march of the "occupy wall street" protest and including a large one right now moving through the streets of san francisco. and we will hear from an actor turned activist who is leading a large demonstration in the east bay. these stories and more coming up in 30 minutes. that does it for cbs 5 eyewitness news at 5:30. we will see you back in a half hour. and of course at 10:00 and 11. until then, our updates are on
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