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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 21, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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jumbo sandwich they made was nearly 319 pounds. >> i'm starving. >> looking good. have a great friday and weekend. >> caption colorado, llc good morning. celebrations and questions after the death of moammar gadhafi killed and dragged after rebel forces captured him. defending the nato operation that helped to bring gadhafi down. the latest this morning from libya. we'll also ask senator john mccain what's next. a new biography of the late steve jobs includes new details about how the ceo putting off recommended surgery for months. >> he said, i didn't want my body to be opened. i didn't want to be violated in that way. he's regretful about it. >> we'll bring you more of that revealing "60 minutes"
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interview. conversation over? in what some say could be the final word on the link between cell phones and cancer, a major new finding from the largest ever study finds no added risk of brain tumors from cell phone use. early this friday morning use. early this friday morning october 21st, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good friday morning to you. i'm erica hill. >> i'm jeff glor. a lot of people are interested to see this interview on "60 minutes." >> he spoke to him about this biography and revealing moments. we have a little preview for you. >> that's all coming up very soon. right to our top story. the killing of moammar gadhafi. this morning his burial is on
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hold and still a lot of questions over how the long-time dictator died on thursday. cbs news correspondent ebiz bth palmer is in tripoli with the latest. liz, good morning. >> good morning, jeff. a few more details and some new amateur video available this morning. presumably taken by one of the rebel fighters who was on the scene at his capture. we should warn you, though, it does contain some graphic images. >> the violent death of a violent dictator. gadhafi's final moments face-to-face with his captors pleading for his life. the end came just outside his birthplace of sirte. he was shot by revolutionary forces who broke their promise to keep him alive to face trial. but few seem to regret. libya's prime minister was unusually evasive when he described what had happened. he was injured with a bullet to the head, he said. the coroner wasn't able to
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determine whether the bullet came fratom the rebels or gadhafi's own forces. his own personal weapon was a golden pistol. the rebel fighters took it from him and yesterday paraded it through sirte. gadhafi's body lies nearby in misrata, the city that suffered such colossal damage. instead of burying gadhafi quickly, according to islamic law, libya's new leaders say they may want to keep the body on display in the morgue to prove he's really dead, but thousands believed it right away and the celebrations went on all night across the country. anyone in morning stayed well out of sight . libya is about to officially begin its new chapter. the interim leader is going to call or dub tomorrow liberation day and that means the clock
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starts ticking eight months from now, there will be elections. erica? >> liz, it's jeff, i'll take it. thanks very much. now, here's erica. at the white house, president obama is congratulating the new leaders of libya and nato allies that enforced a no-fly zone there repeatedly attacking gadhafi and his forces. bill plante has more now on the president's reaction. good morning. >> good morning, erica. seven months ago, president obama was reluctant to get involved in the rebellion and when he did, he was criticized for allowing nato to take the lead-in an oval office meeting on thursday, the president defended his decision saying the u.s. had done exactly what it set out to do. >> on a whole range of militias, there is enormous and we are able to leverage greater resources more effectiveness at lower costs and we're able to work together.
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>> the white house says the u.s. spent just $2 billion on the libyan operation and suffered not a single american casualty. >> this is a momentous day in the history of libya. the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted. >> reporter: the president pledged continued u.s. help but gave no details on u.s. aid, either humanitarian or military. nato's military involvement will end almost immediately. >> now, we will be a partner as you forge a future that provides dignity, freedom and opportunity. >> continue in syria and yemen, president obama had a warning. >> the rule of an iron fist inevitably comes to an end. >> reporter: the president also recalled american anguish at the bombing of pan am flight 103. the act blamed on libya that killed 270 people, 189 of them americans. >> we're reminded today of all the americans that we lost at
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the hands of gadhafi's terror. >> administration officials didn't want to talk about the political implications of gadhafi's demise, unlike the attack on osama bin laden, u.s. forces don't appear to be directly involved. even that victory only gave the president a very brief boost in the polls because the only only issue that matters is the economy. erica? >> bill plant at the white house, thanks. also in washington, john mccain. sir, always good to have you with us. >> thank you, erica. >> it is, obviously a new day dawning this morning in libya. little later in the morning, i should clarify there. so much work ahead. what do you see as the most immediate challenge now for libya? >> well, i think the first challenge for us is to try to help the wounded situation they have 30,000 wounded and they really don't have the capability to take care of them. i'd love to see a hospitalship and a harbor of tripoli.
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we could transport some of their wounded to our military hospital in germany. i think that would be their first priority. they simply don't have the capability or the talent or expertise to care for the wounded. i think the next thing is we have to get these depots of arms that are everywhere of all kinds of arnl arms under control. i think it's very obvious that we have to help the libyans get the militias into an army. not much control over them. finally, help them recognize this as step one on a day towards building democracy and it's a long, hard path to it. >> it is a long, hard path as we've seen in some of the neighboring nations, that were involved. this is also like many countries in the region, very important, long-standing tribal divisions. what should the u.s. role be then in helping bring these different factions together for
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a unified government? >> first of all, i have some confidence in the national council and, by the way, i'm very appreciative of the british and french leadership qatar played a big role and the united emirates, also. they would welcome our assistance in the building blocks of democracy that come in and help them with the fundamentals. by the way, they are a rich country. and, so, they would be willing to reimburse us. this is not going to cost american tax dollars, but, they have never known democracy. they've been under this brutal oppressive dictator for 42 years. so, they're going to need a lot of help in that direction. but i do have some confidence in them. >> so, you think, mainly, though, that help is simply in a diplomatic sense coming in and advising? >> not so much diplomatic as we have these ngos, these organizations that helped the former iron curtain countries after the berlin wall came down and helped them with, you know, things like voter registration
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and how political campaigns are conducted and all of the fundamentals that come so easy to us, but they've never experienced. but this militia issue is really something very important because, you can't have a bunch of different little armies running around. they have to have a national army and that would be a very important priority. >> and even in terms of if we could see that in terms of details or lack of details and clarifications on how gadhafi was killed, everyone stepped in. so much to talk about with libya and also a lot going on at home particularly within your own party, sir. a lot of talk on the debate on tuesday night about the fireworks that were there. newt gingrich saying, he thought it hurt the entire party. how is this fighting playing out? are you concerned about it? >> well, i am a bit concerned because, obviously, the people who are making this judgment aren't as much interested in seeing fighting as they are
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judging the candidates's knowledge, talent and expertise. you know, one of the things is i think maybe, erica, we may be reaching a saturation point on debates, too. i think this is the seventh or the ninth. so, it's not helpful. i think they should be more respectful. >> are they going to move beyond it, do you think? have you spoken to either one of them about that? >> i think they will move beyond it because i think the candidates feel that it really doesn't help their cause, particularly since it's the general election that they really is their ultimate goal. >> senator john mccain, good to have you with us this morning. >> thank you. we're learning more this morning about terry thompson. the ohio man who killed himself after releasing his collection of wild animals. turns out he was deeply in debt and a colleague said thompson had more animals than he could handle. cynthia bauers has more. >> reporter: six animals, including these leopards, are all that remains of terry
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thompson's 56 exotic pets. these pictures taken at the columbus zoo are in sharp contrast to those of the massacre inflicted on 50 others, including 18 rare bengal tigers. all set free by thompson prior to his suicide. photos released angered sheriff matt lutz. >> we understand there are people frustrated, disappointed and mad. we are. we are the ones put in this situation and we were the ones that had to deal with it at the time. >> this map shows how far the animals have wandered. they found and shot tigers in three locations around the farm. here in this area and a black bear was shot near a local road. thompson did not leave a suicide note explaining why he took his life, but there are clues. these tax records indicate that last year he owed the federal government more than $67,000, a lien had been placed on his property and his wife had
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recently left him. governor john kasich says he will work hard on a new law banning the sale and ownership of exotic animals. a change that can't come quickly enough for folks living here through what they say is a senseless tragedy. cynth cynthia bowers. >> a number of people feel the animals should have been taken away from him after he was charged with cruelty to animals. maybe the law changes. >> a lot of people watching if that law changes and how it impacts other states in the country. betty nguyen with a check of the headlines. >> good morning to you. winter is two months away and the government is out with its forecast. the pacific ocean cooling called la nina will mean extra snow and cold from the northwest to the great lakes and the ohio and tennessee valleys, but it will stay dry and warmer from southern california to texas and
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oklahoma, which is no help for the drought. as for the northeast, well, that's anybody's guess. and the same way senate republicans filibustered president obama's massive jobs bill, the first pieces of the bill are being stopped, too. a $35 billion measure would have helped state and local governments avoid laying off police, firefighters and teachers. yesterday republicans unanimo unanimously opposed it because it could have levied a surtax on those making more than $1 million a year. meanwhile, the income gap between rich and poor in this country is growing. the number of people making a million dollars a year or more jumped 18% from 2009, according to the government. while 50% of u.s. workers earn less than $26,364 a year. two separate parts of the country had a rocking day. yesterday there were three small to moderate earthquakes two near berkeley, california, and another near san antonio, texas.
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no damage or injuries reported. in case you didn't know, dooms day is here. yep, it's supposed to be today, october 21st, that's according to california preacher herald camping. earlier this year he predicted the end of the world on may 21 and after that date passed he said it will happen today. camping doesn't say exactly what time, though. in sports, the world series is all even. in the ninth inning, texas got two men on base and scoring position. the rangers josh hamilton hit a saccharifk rrifice fly. young hit in the go-ahead run. texas beat st. louis 2-1 and the series is tied at 1-1. game three is saturday night in texas. and you got to look at this. a brawl in tucson, arizona. just before the half at a college football game, a streaker dressed like an official ran on to the field. see it there. well, security guards were chasing him as he was removing his clothes and during that
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distraction, players started a shoving match, which escalated into a huge brawl that cleared the benches. i get this, it just goes on and on. in the game, arizona crushed ucla, 48-12. i have a feeling it looks like no one won in the,, there's a new biography of steve jobs that comes out monday, less than a month after apple's long-time leader died of cancer.
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the author walter isaacson interviewed steve jobs more than 300 times. >> jobs made a crucial mistake after his cancer diagnoagnosis 2003. >> they do a biopsy and they say, it's good, one of the slow growing 5% of pancreatic cancers that can be cured but steve jobs doesn't get operated right away. he tries to treat it with diet and go to spiritualists and goes through various ways of doing it and he doesn't get it operated on. >> why doesn't he get it operated on immediately? >> he said i didn't want it be violated in that way. he's regretful about it and his wife who is a very solid, decent person understood it and said, no, the body is there to serve the spirit and you should get this operated on and soon everybody is telling him, quit
7:17 am
trying to treat it with all these roots and vegetables and things, just get operated on but he does it nine months later. >> too late. >> well, one assumes it's too late because by the time they operate on it, they notice it has spread to the tissues around the pancreas. >> how could such a smart man do such a stupid thing? >> you know, i think that he kind of felt that he if you ignore something, if you don't want something to exist, you can have magical thinking. it had worked for him in the past. he regret it. >> interesting, though, when you're faced with something like that. you talk to somebody who has gone through cancer. the decision has to be made by the person themselves. they have to do with what they're comfortable with. >> that's the decision he made. he wanted to write this book so his kids would know more about him. >> you can see that full interview on "60 minutes" this sunday night right here on cbs. still ahead, two people who lost loved ones in the lockerbie
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probably safe to say millions upon millions of people in this country and around the world have a bit of a love affair with the cell phone. they are not convenient but we are so used to using them for everything but the nagging concern over the last couple of years whether having the phone up to your head to damage your head and cause a brain tumor. >> so many concerns. now the biggest ever study is out and we will talk about that coming up. are america's softest... no wonder people want to share them with the ones they love.
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camp is gone this morning. a. time for news headlines. i'm grace lee. >> the "occupy san jose" protest camp is gone this morning. police moved in around 3 a.m. arresting protestors and removing tents. they had been told earlier to move. the city of oakland is telling "occupy" protestors there to leave frank ogawa plaza near city hall. the order is posted on the city's website and it's citing a number of reasons for closing the camp where hundreds of people have been living in tents for the last 11 days. people all over the bay area felt those two earthquakes that shook the hayward fault yesterday. the first one was a magnitude 4 at 2:21 p.m. the 3.8 aftershock hit at 8:16.
7:26 am
the epicenter was in berkeley. no major damage or injuries. we'll have your traffic and weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:27 am
good morning. well, it is still slow in stretches from livermore all the way out to the dublin interchange because of appear earlier accident involving a couple of big rigs on westbound 580. for a while they had a couple of lanes blocked and we're
7:28 am
still deal with the ramifications of this. you can see your drive time is still about 45 minutes really heavy traffic through the altamont pass and slow through livermore and pleasanton. the bay bridge not too bad lighter than normal backed up to the end of the parking lot. that's traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> elizabeth, great weather today more sunshine even right now. still a couple of patches of fog outside so if you are traveling around the bay area, watch out for that, thick in the north bay valleys but more sunshine in the afternoon and those temperatures are going to be heating up. plan on 70s and some 80s in the interior valleys. a lot of 60s and 70s around the bay and even along the coastline today should be mostly sunny. now, offshore winds expected to blow throughout the weekend. high pressure building in. temperatures likely to soar into the mid-80s by the afternoon on saturday and sunday, cooling down monday. next week warmer weather. ,,,,
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welcome back to "early show." half past the hour on a friday morning. i'm erica hill with jeff glor. for years now we're hearing about concerns that too much cell phone use may give you brain cancer. some major new findings out from the largest ever cell phone study. 350,000 cell phone users studied over nearly two decades and the findings from the researchers about the risk between a cell phone and a brain tumor may surprise you. we're going to speak with a neurologist about those results and see whether or not this will settle the debate once and for all. new orleans, as erica says,
7:31 am
has invited the world to and down and party. the state department is bringing 40 ambassadors to the crescent city. how they fair in the big easy. first, bring you more on our top story this morning. one of the more horrifying episodes was the 1998 bombing of pam am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. he took responsibility for the blast that killed 270 passengers and crew. >> 189 of them were americans, including 35 students from syracuse university who were returning from london gone way too soon. joining us now brian flynn, whose older brother was killed in the bombing and susan cohen who lost her daughter. brian, let me start with you. you thought, what? >> i just dropped my kids off on the bus and my wife said to me, gadhafi has been killed, no, he's been captured, he's been
7:32 am
killed. i had this moment of excitement and i had been fantasizing about this moment for 20 years and i was wondering how i would react and i think that one reason why it was more excitement rather than just simply satisfaction was the fact that i knew it was tied to the freedom of the libyan people. it gave it more significance and more meaning, rather than just justice that was tied into the end of tyranny and the freedom of the libyan people. >> the fact it was the libyans that did this and not the americans or that he wasn't tried in court. you wanted it done this way. >> i think the story had to end this way. a little bit of poetic justice and i think my fantasy was always about american special forces going in and getting gadhafi, similar to how we were able to kill bin laden. and i think our reaction there was appropriate. it's a little bit more subdued in this case, enabling them and empowering the libyan people to free themselves i think puts the u.s. in a better situation and i've never been prouder to be an american and the fact that we
7:33 am
stood up and supported not only the pursuit of justs and perhaps it could have been done sooner. >> susan, what about you as you heard about this and as you're processing it now over the last 24 hours, what is your reaction? >> well, i just feel wonderful. i waited for years for this just as brian has and if you asked me a year ago, i would have said this was impossible, it would have never happened. it happened and i'll drink a bottle of champagne and i just, it's just, i feel better than i have ever felt since december 20th, 1988, before the bombing. >> and that's definitely saying something, considering what these last more than 20 years have been like for the both of you. al mu grau hae.
7:34 am
susan, anything specific that you would like to see happen now or you think could happen now given the changes in libya? >> well, what i hoped is that the u.s. justice departments will send people into libya and the libyan government will cooperate in trying to find out everything we can about the actual details of the bombing, who else might have been involved, how it was done. to me, now, that is the most important thing. i wish he could be returned to prison, but i doubt that will happen. and i think now let's get as much information out of him as we can. i think he'll live quite long enough for that. i have been hearing about his death now for years and i think he'll hold on a lot longer. >> brian, do you buy this megrahi stuff at all? you see pictures of him in bed with a mask on and we were told he was on the verge of death two and a half years ago and had to be freed at the time.
7:35 am
>> susan mentioned this as one of the best days in 23 years and when megrahi was released, that was one of the worst days. we had one libyan agent convicted and we knew gadhafi was behind it and we had gotten one agent convicted and through the tireless work of the people in the justice department and the law enforcement officials in scotland and all underminded for cynical reasons. at this date, i don't believe anything i hear about it. to susan's point, we would love him to serve out his sentence in the united states because we don't trust the scots any more, honestly. >> we appreciate you being with us. you get together every december in arlington cemetery. i imagine a little bit different when you see each uother. >> we'll work the champagne in. >> susan, brian, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. the latest report on cell phones and cancer.
7:36 am
>> the biggest study ever and the news may be good. this is "early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. my doctor recommended one a day women's prenatal, a complete multivitamin with folic acid plus dha to support my baby's healthy brain and eye development, before, during and after my pregnancy.
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over the last number of years it seems we talked a lot about different studies that look at a possible link between cell phone use and brain cancer. millions of people, of course, around the world, could be worried about this because so many of us use cell phones and on such a regular basis. this morning, the latest findings from the largest study ever find no connection between the two. >> the study appears to be good news for the 285 million americans who use cell phones. that's about 91% of our population. joining us now is dr. carolyn barakington. she's a neurologist. there's been umpteen studies and concerns what did this study find? >> what you said is true. this is the largest study that has really looked at this topic over a long period of time. the research has showed that there was no evidence for any increased risk of brain tumors and the over 300,000 people over
7:40 am
an 18-year period. this is really a long-term study. >> as a neurologist, when you look at this study, does it say to you, okay, maybe we don't need to be too concerned about this? >> they were looking at specific gliomas. special cancerous cells and they were looking at the temporal lobe. the area of the brain that is closest to your ear in the cell phone. the temporal part of the brain absorbs the most energy from the phone and, therefore, maybe that would be the site that tumors develop. >> if people maybe can be reassured by this, but there's clearly going to be concern that continues no matter how many studies are done. anything people can do in the meantime while they're using their cell phone just to be extra cautious. >> you can use hands-free devices. >> does it matter what kind? there was some controversy on
7:41 am
whether using a blue tooth headset verse as headset that is connected by a cord to your phone, is one better than the other? >> you want to limit the exposure close to the head. the other thing is to look for phones that have decreased radio frequency in terms of emitting lower frequencies over time and talk to people more face-to-face. >> there's a novel concept. we're going to text, instead. >> can you find that information on how much it emits? >>
7:42 am
up next, a new mission. bring the world to new orleans. >> we should go. i mean, it really -- >> it's part of our american duty. >> part of american on the scene. overseas ambassadors for a little jazz and just a little bit of food. we'll tell you why. you're watching "early show" right here on cbs and music.
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♪ this morning, more than three dozen diplomats around the world are wrapping up a special trip to new orleans. >> the idea is get people from other countries visiting there with the city still struggling to recover. cbs news national correspondent chip reid is in new orleans with more. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff and erica. it's hard to imagine you can spend an entire day with 40 foreign ambassadors and hear barely a word about moammar gadhafi but that is what happened here as they kept the focus on the people and the culture of new orleans. ♪ >> reporter: on a street car in new orleans, not the usual crowd. ambassadors from around the globe from south korea to tanzania to trinidad and tebogo getting a glimpse of america's most unique cities. >> the united states is is not just limited to washington. it's a diverse country with
7:47 am
diverse culture. >> reporter: that is exactly the point of experience america, according to the state department's chief of protocol. >> we bring them to this extraordinary region of our country and they get to taste it, they get to smell it, they get to experience it all. >> reporter: the program which began during the bush administration and is funded by private donations, has taken ambassadors across the country and this week, brought 40 of them to the big ease. >> very nice to see. >> reporter: they got a lesson in pronunciation from mayor mitch landrieu are they pronouncing the way to pronounce new orleans? >> it's new orleans. >> reporter: they feasted on cajun food whipped up by the city's most famous chefs and they were treated to new orleans jazz and blues. just about everywhere they went. at the cafe dumond, they tried
7:48 am
the famous beignets and celebrated by making a little music themselves. ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ >> reporter: but it wasn't light-hearted fun. at a school in new orleans poorest neighborhoods they filled bags with food to help student get through the weekend. down the hall in another classroom the ambassador from iraq explained the horrors of war. >> you know you had a tough time with katrina? now we have like a hundred katrinas together. >> reporter: after class, he told us why these trips are so important. >> it's an opportunity to learn about the united states, to learn about the culture of the united states, what makes the united states tick. >> reporter: now, one place the ambassadors did not visit is here, bourbon street, which has a reputation for being a bit on the wild side, maybe a little bit too wild for the diplomatic set, at least when the cameras are rolling. jeff and erica. >> maybe they just didn't go with you, my friend.
7:49 am
>> chip, you look bleary-eyed! >> reporter: no, absolutely! eight hours of sleep, jeff! >> did i see just before we took chip's shot, did i see you ripping some beads off? no? >> reporter: no. it was somebody who looked like me. >> he is a pro. thanks a lot, chip. still ahead this morning, what is next for libya without moammar gadhafi? why some in the united states are concerned who may fill the power vacuum. this is "the early show" on cbs. save on all the top brands and names you love. it's sears' biggest sale and lowest prices of the season, so don't miss out. that's real deals for real savings. sears. halloween again? nice mummy costume. can't anyone do anything origina.ahhhh. edible arrangements bouquets. they're so fun it's scary. call, click or come into the location near you.
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7:52 am
coming up, retailers offering christmas on the cheap. if you look in the right place a lot you can get for a loss let. >> some of it is even free which is my favorite price. we will tell you why retailers are working so hard this year to get you in a shopping mood and, yes, you're right. it is not even halloween! take the deal when you can get it! we will have it aid for you
7:53 am
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f renting a home in time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm grace lee. the cost of running a home in the bay area is up sharply especially the san jose area and san mateo county. analyst blame increased demand caused by two factors, silicon valley hiring more people so there's more demand and many former homeowners are renting again because they have had to downsize or have lost their homes to foreclosure. two minor quakes shook parts of the bay area. the u.s. geological survey says the first was a magnitude 4.0 centered under uc-berkeley. that hit around 2:31 yesterday afternoon. and then about six hours later a 3.8 aftershock hit just east of the campus. you might have felt them. we'll have your traffic and weather coming right up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
7:56 am
7:57 am
it is an extra slow ride on the peninsula on southbound one. there was an earlier accident at willow just cleared to the right shoulder within the last couple minutes. unfortunately, it is crawl right there through menlo park. different story at the bay bridge. check that out. metering lights are on. there are no delays for this morning behind the pay gates so we can definitely call it "friday light" there. and it looks okay actually up
7:58 am
and down the nimitz past the coliseum. only a 2-minute 21-minute drive time at the maze macarthur maze. >> we have patchy fog around the bay area but definitely not as thick as it's been. sunshine and clouds at the beaches but it's broken already and i think by the afternoon, some fantastic weather. sunshine even showing up out at the coastline. temperatures there will be in the 60s. inside the bay sunny skies, as well. 60s and mid-70s towards san jose and the interior valleys will see temperatures soar this afternoon 70s and low 80s. this the beginning of what looks like a warmer few days here including the weekend as those temperatures are expected to spike into the mid-80s in the hottest spots on saturday and sunday with offshore winds in place. patchy fog at the coast. cooling off into monday but after that, temperatures heat back up. ,, ,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good friday morning on "the nice to have you with us at the top of the hour. that was a yes for the sunshine or what? >> both. >> take it all. more holiday bargains than ever this year. >> in october. >> yes, indeed. it is kind of early.
8:01 am
>> yes, indeed, it is kind of early. one website is literally giving stuff away this year as long as you pay for the shipping. coming up, rebecca jarvis will tell us where the best sales are and why they have happening more than two months before christmas. you know the edwards saga has been a rough road there. elizabeth edwards passed away of cancer in december and john edwards facing possible jail time over a possible contribution scandals and other scandals in his public life. good news to focus on. their daughter cate is getting married and we are learning her mother planned some of the wedding before she passed away so more on her big day ahead this morning. first, the death of moammar gadhafi, his body is held in misrata as the new government will investigate how he was killed. elizabeth palmer is in tripoli with more. liz, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the united nations human rights office wants an investigation into the circumstances of colonel gadhafi's death and specifically they want to know
8:02 am
whether he was executed. there is new video out this morning and i should warn you, it does contain some graphic images but it shows clearly he was a live when he was captured. now how did he die? the government says it doesn't know and it certainly isn't naming anybody who pulled the trigger. it is, however, being very public about displaying the body. it's lying in a morgue in misrata in the city in the middle of the country on a bloodied mattress. as you can probably see, the spectators can't take their eyes off of it. this is something they really thought they would never see. according to islamic ritual, the body should be buried today but that is not going to happen. the government perhaps worried that a grave could turn into some kind of shrine or perhaps a rallying point for some sort of insurrection down the on road. the country is ready to turn the page and the clock will start to tick for elections coming up in
8:03 am
about eight months. jeff? >> liz palmer in tripoli, thanks very much. joining us here in the studio this morning is bobby ghosh, deputy international editor for "time" magazine and our go to folks especially on the region. you said at one point yesterday that libya could actually have an easier road to hoe than in egypt or tunisia but a lot of people would say, wait a minute. just looking at what happened yesterday with gadhafi, it looks like there is not a lot of organization there. >> they lack institution. this man ruled this country for 42 years pretty much by himself. they lack institutions and they are going to need help with that. but they have a very small population, 6.5 million people, they have enormous amounts of oil and this is an amazing statistic in this day and age when so many countries around the world are worried about
8:04 am
debt, libya's grand total of debt is zero dollars. they have a clean sheet on which as to start. they are looking for handouts from the rest of the world but they are going to need a lot of advice, a lot of consulting and a lot of expertise, which the rest of the world is perfectly capable of providing. >> but as you know, we are talking about dozens of tribes that haven't gotten along in a long, long time. this is just a lot of deal making that needs to be done here? >> deal making is what they have done for thousands of years. and they have a pot of money, giant pot of money on the table so deals are not that hard to make when there is enough wealth to be shared. there will be issues. i don't want to make it sound like it will be christmas. it will be hard. every two steps forward will will be a step back. but unlike egypt which is desperately poor and has a huge population, tunisia doesn't have any oil. libya has plenty going for it. >> who comes in and helps with that?
8:05 am
diplomatically what is the best choice there for the libyan people to get them to accept some of these changes as well? is it the united states or is it other nations in the region? >> i think the british and the french who took the lead in the nato campaign will probably want be out there first. and the french and italians have longstanding connections to those countries. the u.s. will, obviously, play a major role. they will expect the united nations to be involved as well but libyans and people who grew up outside of libya. many fighters are people who grew up in france and there is a huge libyan american community that is rare to go. a lot of people in the transitional council are actually libyan americans. so there are already americans participating in you like in the rebuilding of libya. >> can we talk quickly about syria and yemen? arab these are two countries where the dictators remain. >> yes. >> will they go soon? >> i think with syria -- >> different cases.
8:06 am
>> yeah. i think syria will take longer. yemen it does look like things are coming to a boil. they have been doing so for quite a while. across the arab world, dictators as well as rebels will both be looking what happened in libya and think we have to get a resolve. >> those in power are thinking i have to -- i don't want to end up like a gadhafi. could this be worse for the people specifically in syria? >> it could very well be. i think al assad is thinking i don't want to be dead and bloody on a gurney. i'm going to crack down even harder. >> he has nowhere to go. is somebody going to take him at this point? >> the saudis will take almost anybody. but not where he wants to go. it's not just one man. he has a large number of people around him who depend on him and their survival is important to him as well. >> he wants to go to syria which means stay where he is at. bobby, thank you for being here.
8:07 am
betty nguyen has more at the news desk. coming up on 7 minutes past the hour. >> good morning. a pared down version of president obama's jobs plan seems to be meeting the same resistance. yesterday the senate rejected the $35 billion bill aimed to help local and state governments avoid layoff of police and firefighters and teachers. republicans unanimously opposed it because it would have levied a surtax of those making more than a million dollars a year. we are learning that terry thompson who let loose 56 exotic animals in ohio had big money problems. six of thompson's animals were rescued after they were released and now at the columbus zoo but the rest were killed. court records show that thompson owed $67,000 in back taxes and there were liens on his property. and in a strange twist, new video shows thompson had links to super model heidi klum. she posed with one of thompson's cubs in a model shoot. thompson apparently rented out
8:08 am
some of his animals for photo sessions and other special media projects.
8:09 am
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♪ friskies ♪ feed the senses [ female announcer ] see puss in boots, only in theaters. ♪ in this morning's "healthwatch," ask it early, which means your health questions, everything from job stress to sore feet. those poor dogs! >> yes, indeed.
8:13 am
medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here to answer your questions. you made it, by the way. >> made it, despite the traffic. >> two-hour commute. how about that? first question comes from cindy. let's take a listen. >> what is the best way to soothe sore feet? >> oh! everyone can relate to that, right? >> yeah. >> 1 out of 6 americans have foot pain at some point in their lives. 90% of women are wearing shoes that are too small. not me because i've embraced the fact that i have very, very big feet. >> mine are bigger than yours. >> i get the right size. and get this. for every mile we walk, we actually exert 60 tons of force and pressure on our feet. so it's no wonder that once in a while people can have foot pain and we all know how that can shoot right up your body figuratively, literally, or emotionally and affect your whole mood. like with any physical ailment you want to find out what is causing it. is it a problem with the plantar
8:14 am
fascia which is the surface of the foot you're standing on or achilles tender on getting she's that fit which is why women should try on shoes at the end of the day when their feet are a little more swollen. the key is figuring out what is the problem, and dealing with it. ice, anti-inflammatory medication or foot massage. you want to address the problem because chances are it will get worse if you don't address it. >> every husband should provide foot massages. >> jeff glor, prince of all men. >> nicole glor is a lucky lady. this from peggy who writes in my teeth are going really bad and curious if this will lead to other health issues. how much of an indicator are your teeth? >> we say this is a window into your general health status. so this is not just about cavities. this is really about your oral health and well-being and closely linked to peridontal disease which many doctors and
8:15 am
dentists believe is the number one most common inflammatory condition facing americans and most of us don't know we have it so you want to pay attention to your oral health. there are a couple of things that bear repeating because they are so easy but so important. number one, brush your teeth twice a day which is really key. you want to floss daily. the dentists say only floss the teeth you want to keep and that is because it's very, very important. you want to replace your toothbrush about every three or four months when the bristles get frayed the toothbrush is not doing its job. interestingly. limit snacks. your mouth produces less saliva during slacks than regular meals and saliva is important to flush away. >> what are some good tips to de-stress while still at work? >> mind/body connection very important and something affecting your mind or your
8:16 am
mood, definitely can have consequences on your physical health. so, if possible, when you're at work, take a break. even if it's 1 to 5 minutes. deep breathing. step outside. turn away from your desk or your computer. of course, with your boss's approval. do a little bit of exercise. even if it means taking a one-minute walk around the block, that can really help. lastly, ask for support whether it's a coworker or a support system that you have at your job, don't neglect your physical and emotional stress. >> great advice as always. >> enjoy the weekend. >> yes. >> you too. up next, we visit the texas killing fields. a detective is trying to solve the murder of more than 30 women. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. more on that coming up. announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by benefiber. a better you from the inside out. that is beauty of benefiber. ch sponsored by benefiber, a better you inside out. that's the beauty of benefiber. the fiber supplement that's taste-free and dissolves completely. so you can put it in whatever you like, even water. benefiber. makes taking fiber easier. y.
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hi> there is a stretch of there's a houston where the bodies of more than two dozen women have been found. their killer, though, has never been caught. >> the case has inspired a new
8:19 am
movie and tomorrow night "48 hours mystery" looks at the ongoing investigation as correspondent erin moreyy tells us nothing in the film can match the terror in the gritty cases. >> texas city, texas, is a long way from hollywood. but two veteran detectives here, brian goetschius and michael land, were the inspiration for the lead characters in the newly released movie "texas killing fields." actor jeffrey dean morgan plays brian. >> the body was found right over there. >> joo a cop with a rather unusual style. your character in the film preys over bodies. do you do that in real life? >> i do. >> reporter: michael land, a more traditional tough guy s played by avitar's star sam worthington. >> she is in the fields and she's as good as gone. >> reporter: they are just two of the countless investigators over the years trying to solve
8:20 am
the murders of more than 30 young women whose bodies were found in places like this desolate abandoned oil field. the particular area where your daughter was found has kind of gained a name over the years, hasn't it? >> yeah. now they call it the killing fields. >> reporter: the movie got its name from where tim miller's 16-year-old daughter laura was found in 1986. she had disappeared a year and a half earlier. the killer was never found. and the murders continued up and down the highway between houston and galveston. brian goetschius joined the investigation in 1996 when 13-year-old crystal baker was kidnap from a convenience store in texas city. her body identified in another county two weeks later. what made the crystal baker case so difficult to solve? >> we had a two-week window that we lost. people can't remember who they saw at a convenience store two
8:21 am
weeks ago walking down a road hitch-hiking. it just wasn't there. >> reporter: a year later, it was 12-year-old laura smither, murdered after she went out for a morning jog. and four months later, 17-year-old jessica cain simply vanished. investigators like brian goetschius and land found themselves up against human predators who were using texas killing fields to get away with murder. >> there is somebody amongst us or some thing, some monster there that we don't know about and how do we stop them? >> reporter: this new movie is fiction which is why we decided to take a look at the real cases with the hope that maybe somebody will come forward with evidence and help solve some of these cases. most of them are unsolved. >> and do we know for sure the bodies of more than 30 women, are they all thought to be connected, work of the same person or that is not clear either? >> no. initially they thought it was one serial killer and maybe the
8:22 am
hope it's one person but it's been 40 years. numerous victims. now they think there is probably more than one serial killer. >> when you talk about that amount of time is it realistic the killer might still be caught? >> yes, absolutely. our hour tomorrow night we highlight one case where they just got a guy, 15 years later, because of dna. so it is realistic. >> it does give you a little bit of hope. i know the movie is fiction as you said. but is there hoping that the movie too could maybe spur some sort of memory for stwun? >> well, i think. i think it highlights and puts attention on this story but that someone of the reasons we looked at the real cases. we are dealing with the real cases. we have two young women who have never been identified and we will show their sketches and maybe they will at least be identified because of our hour. >> hopefully, that will bring comfort to families who are trying to find their missing family member. >> aaron moriarty, scary stuff. >> yes. >> you can see it tomorrow night
8:23 am
on "48 hours ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
the city of oakland is telling protesters they must lea plaza wh happy friday. 8:25. i'm grace lee with your news headlines. the city of oakland is telling protestors that they must leave a plaza where they have been camping out. for the past 11 days, hundreds of people have been living in frank ogawa plaza. but an eviction notice has been posted or not city's website and it cites fire hazards, poor sanitation and the worst thing, rodent problem as reason for the vacating. libyans in the bay area are planning to celebrate the death of muammar qaddafi. some gathered last night in fremont to wave flags and pray together. a lot of them say that they had family and friends who suffered under qaddafi's regime. some even spending time behind bars. defense attorneys for conrad murray are expected to open their case today in los angeles.
8:26 am
the former personal physician for michael jackson is accused of involuntary manslaughter in the singer's death. the defense reportedly will call around 15 witnesses. traffic and weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning. you're crawling across the peninsula this morning. it is really slow. there was an earlier accident in menlo park. it is now cleared out of lanes. unfortunately, we're letting with a long line of slow -- left with a long line of slow traffic. 280 is a better alternative. san mateo bridge right side of
8:28 am
the screen traffic is moving in real life but everything is okay across the span this morning in either direction. and at the bay bridge, word of a stall right before treasure island. traffic is light so no difference even though it's blocking one lane. crews are out there working to clear it. that is your traffic. here's lawrence. >> elizabeth, i think we have weather you'll like today. folks, i hope you do, too. lots of sunshine showing up more than the past couple of mornings and it looks like that trend will continue into the afternoon. still a couple patches of fog outside but we are going to see more sunshine today and some warmer temperatures. high pressure building in, 70s and 80s inland today 60s and 70s around the bay and even at the coast. think we'll clear those skies out too and temperatures into the 60s. next couple of days, going to heat things up further as high pressure builds in offshore winds going to blow. that should send temperatures into the 80s inland. cooling slightly come monday and warmer weather toward the middle of the week. ,,
8:29 am
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categories, things you love to watch. >> "the talk". ♪ we're back on we're back on "the early show." it's a friday morning. good morning, every. i'm jeff glor, along with erica hill. chris wragge is off this morning. coming up, john and elizabeth edwards' daughter cate is getting married tomorrow. elizabeth edwards died last year after a long battle with breast cancer but had the perfect time to plan a wedding with cate. we're going to hear what she is saying about her mom and the rest of her family in the
8:31 am
wedding coming up tomorrow. >> also ahead, if you are putting your wedding or anything else on one of those social networking web sites, double-check the photos before you post them. turns out you should have the right picture. we know it's important to help get a job interview, maybe your roommate. maybe you're looking for love. did you know a bad photo could reportedly sink your chances even if it's on someone else's website. what to look for in that profile shot. we're going to see how some of our profile pictures stack up. >> apparently, yours stacks up well. >> i cheated. i did the cbs head shot. they're professionals with those pictures. i trust them. >> i didn't do it right apparently. retailers are so spooked about the tough economy they are getting in the christmas spirit ten days before halloween. >> the good news here, it means big sales for you. big incentives to buy. they hope. business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is here to tell us where we can find those deals. i mean it does seem, i have to admit, a little early.
8:32 am
>> it is a little early. and things are always going earlier and earlier among the retailers. but the big thing here is they want to attract customers so they are doing things like putting out incentives. for example, stauer is giving out this $249 amethyst necklace if you pay for shipping. it depends on what you buy but ultimately you can get this 249 dollar necklace because they want to drive people to their store. nordstrom you get free shipping and handling. you could buy a three dollar item and still get free shipping on it. raymore, no interest for four years. sears is doing price matching and plus pay 10% of the difference. let's say you find something a hundred dollars price difference, you get 10 back if you find something cheaper. at another place. >> which leads to the question, when the economy is so weak right now, why would stores be giving things away for free? >> right. the main thing here is they just
8:33 am
want to drive foot traffic. they want to drive customers into their stores to hopefully spend the dollars they will spend this holiday season in their stores. >> that is because we don't have the money to shop the way we used to or not taking on as much credit as we used to. how much really have our shopping habits changed? >> they have changed in both the way we are spending less but also we are going to stores less. shopper track estimates our foot traffic in stores this year is going to drop by 2.2%. most of our shopping is getting done online. so in order to attract people to come shop at your store you have to have a multifaceted strategy this is a component of it a number of retailers are employing. >> any impact here on jobs? >> the good news, it's a mixed picture, first off. retailers are very important to the space of jobs and hiring in this country. about 24% of the jobs in this country come either from working at a retailer or from making are product that then gets sold at a
8:34 am
retailer. it's a very important space. the important thing to keep in mind if they are successful and their strategies work we could see more people employed at retailers. this is a seasonal time for retailers and see a hike in employment among retailers this time of year. >> give us an idea what are the companies hiring in hopes they will have more foot traffic? >> macy's and kohl's are two of the big ones increase their hiring by 4% to 5%. their seasonal hiring. partycity and jcpenney and toys r-u.s. go out to the retailers now. the first people in line at these retailers are usually the ones who will get the job when it comes around to seasonal time. fill out the applications now. another thing to consider here, seasonal hiring can frequently turn into full-time hiring. if things pick up at these retailers, if the economy does pick up, then these people who
8:35 am
are employed seasonally are the first to get the full-time jobs. >> good to be first in line there as well. >> yes. >> rebecca, thanks very much. betty nguyen with the job at the news desk with one more check of headlines. good morning. secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan this morning, pushing the pakistanis to crack down on islamic militants. a light moment though at a town hall meeting one woman described the u.s. as pakistan's impossible to pleas mother-in-law. >> you know pakistan is facing brunt of whatever is happening and trying to cooperate with the u.s. and somehow u.s. is like -- is as a mother-in-law which is just not satisfied with us and comes up with new ideas! >> now clinton said because she is a mother-in-law, she totally understands. and hopes to do better. in australia, some dramatic video of a car hitting a baby
8:36 am
stroller. out of control vehicle crashed
8:37 am
cate edwards the oldest daughter of john and elizabeth edwards is getting married tomorrow in north carolina. >> it is sure to be a day of joy and a day of sadsadness. the mother of the bride will not be there. >> reporter: less than a year after losing her mother to breast cancer, 29-year-old cate edwards is ready to say i do. her engagement came over thanksgiving weekend last year just two weeks before her mother elizabeth succumbed to her long battle with braes cancer. >> wherever i am, wherever you are, i have my arms wrapped around here. >> reporter: in her eulogy, she spoke of the bond her mother and
8:38 am
she shared. >> she always responded, no, i love you more and as you can imagine, none of us ever won that battle. >> reporter: before her passing, elizabeth helped cate plan for her wedding and often spoke about preparing her family for life without her. >> the most important thing can you give your children are wings. because you're not always able to bring food to the nest. sometimes they have to be able to fly by themselves. for the edwards the wedding is shaping up to a family moment mired in controversy. glamour magazine has an interview with cate edwards. >> good morning. >> cate has been very private about all of this but giving you some details here?
8:39 am
>> yeah. she did a beautiful essay for "glamour" magazine and she is a very private person and been very careful not to get pulled into the string of what is going on in her family's life but she did this beautiful essay about her mother. she wanted to honor area mother's legacy. actually her mother didn't like the word legacy, her mother's story, she preferred. so she did actually reveal a few things about the wedding. >> and the engagement too. very sweet details and how her mother was involved a little bit. >> yes. trevor upton, her fiance, was close with elizabeth edwards and he involved her in the proposal. he had sent the ring to elizabeth. elizabeth put it in the trunk of the car and then cate went to pick trevor up at the airport and trevor popped the trunk and popped the question. so liz wedge was very much supportive of this relationship
8:40 am
and she was even a part of the proposal. >> when elizabeth passed away last december, i think a lot of people wondered not just about cate but the younger kids who are a lot younger than cate. is she involved in bringing them you will at all? >> yeah. she is 30 but not their mother but their big sister and has taken a role of kind of stepping into that motherhood role. she drove emma to camp last summer and just as elizabeth had driven her to camp and says that emma was like, don't worry, i'm going to be fine. emma was being nor nurturing to her than elizabeth used to and it reminded her of her mother. with jack, tremendous trade books. jack is trying to get her to read the hunger games right now because he is totally into it. she is very much a part of their lives and they are a close family and i know that was important to elizabeth that they sort of take care of each other and she is really doing that. >> in the beginning we mentioned she is a very private person and not only when your family is in the public eye for being involved in politics in this country but in general when your family has dealt with a lot of
8:41 am
scandals and things involving her father obviously and that is understandable and coming forward before her wedding. any little detail she is sharing that may be of interest to folks? >> a few details have gotten out. we don't know the guest list. they have a lot of important friends. it's 150 they are inviting. a small wedding. they are doing the ceremony in chapel hill, north carolina, and the reception at her parents' estate outside of raleigh and it just seems it's going to be a wonderful celebratory affair. i know elizabeth is going to be a part of like every moment but they are trying to keep a lot of the details quiet. they are private people and to the extent that they can be, and but i know that the town of raleigh is just absolutely rallying behind them and do everything they can to keep it private for them. >> lauren iannotti, thanks very much. i know we will find a lot of the pictures online later. speaking of online. remember your friends are not the only ones look at your profile. this year a microsoft survey found 80% of job recruiters look at a candidate's online resume app and it starts with having
8:42 am
the right photo. >> my picture is important because i feel like my friends look at it. >> generally speaking, i like a plain, normal picture without too much fuss. >> i think it symbolizes what you want people's first social media impression of you to be. >> i know it sounds shallow but you want to look good. >> i love it myself, obviously, but i would want someone to think this is kind of either attractive, unique picture. >> my facebook profile picture is fairly important. so i say on scale of 1 to 10, a 7 or an 8. >> i like his picture. >> she is the main part of my profile picture so i'm sure she likes it. >> i tell you what i don't want to do is put my children on my profile picture instead of myself. that drives me crazy when people do that! absolutely crazy! >> i change my photo every two weeks. every monday, i have to do it. >> i think if a friend had a bad
8:43 am
picket, i wouldn't say anything. >> if a friend had a bad picture, i would definitely say something. >> really? >> yeah. >> sometimes i do say need to change that picture. >> i mean, i'll ask my friend sometimes, like if i look bad. you got to love me now. >> would you let her know? >> yeah, i definitely would let her know! >> here with the do's and don't's when it comes to your profile picture is jennifer jolly, tech lifestyle editor for why is the profile picture important? is it only when you're looking for a job or all the time? >> in today's modern world it's important all the time. it's your first impression on the world and you know that old saying a picture tells a thousand words? that is to powerful and so that we are living today. >> especially today multiple sites mr. facebook, twitter, linkedin, whatever else. what are the do's and don'ts?
8:44 am
>> never post any kind of photo where you're nude, lewd, drunk. >> like this one? >> you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so is this a potential boss goes to look you up is this what you want them to see? you mentioned 80% of recruiters are looking at this. you do not pass go if this sort of a picture comes up. >> you could be tagged in a number of pictures that could come up if you at that frat party a couple of years ago. >> a lot of companies are hiring background checkers and they go and see what your background says about you and lasts just like criminal background checks for seven years. >> i have pictures of erica looking like that but i'm not putting them up online. >> you're so funny, jeff. another don't is avoid the picture all together. instead of avoiding the picture altogether is it okay to put up, say, the buffalo bills logo, jeff glor? >> yes, it is appropriate. >> a lot of people they are
8:45 am
protecting their privacy but putting up a logo or some other photo. >> just so you know this was my twitter logo at the beginning of the football season for a couple of weeks. i got endless junk about it. >> grief about that? >> yes. >> that shows that you're very passionate. i'm being kind. you're very passionate about the bills. but your public profile is just that. your picture. it's your photo. >> this is the new picture, by the way. >> and that is much better! this is one of the only chances that people have in the digital age to connect with you and make an emotional human connection with you. so you want them to be able to find you. also linkedin shows you're seven times more likely to have somebody view your page with a picture. so it makes really good sense and in the job market as well. >> can we look at yours? >> what is it about jeff's pictures and other pictures? >> erica's picture is really good. >> first of all, that smile. the engagement and the smile.
8:46 am
erica, you connect with millions of people every single morning and this is a perfect way to connect with people online. smile. body language counts. people, you know, who aren't smiling in their public profile pictures, it says you're not friendly, you're not approachable. those things really matter. >> it's good they took only the face in that shot because she does have the two cans of beer in either hand. >> i held them under the table. >> but you cropped them out tastefully which is the bottom line. >> i kind of disagree on this one. there are people in the piece who said don't put pictures of your kids, don't put your wedding picture. why is that bad? if that is what you're most passionate about and if you're not using this for a job, i use facebook for my family and friends i'm proud of them and i want people to know who i am, i am a mom. >> there are exceptions to every rule and that is one of them. if you're a mom and that is the whole image that you want to put out there to the world and be judged on, that's fine. but, remember, there are also several layers back.
8:47 am
if people really want to see your kids and engage with your kids, they can go into your photos and look there. this is about you. it's your chance to shine and put your best face forward in this wired world. >> great advice. >> i have a good one. >> you have it now. you fixed it. >> we will get one of you tailgating at the bills game and that will be perfect, right? >> the best of both worlds! >> jennifer, thank you. >> thanks. ahead, i'm not sure if you were aware but apparently this is prime zombie season. the walking dead are actually ,,
8:48 am
8:49 am
an extra creepy halloween ,, this year thanks to the brain eating zombies running around. >> they have taken taken over as the new creepy sensation in this country as cbs news correspondent michelle miller tells us. >> you got to love them. the undead has shifted to the
8:50 am
undead. zombies have slowly lurched past vam tirpires for the top monste spot. >> this is the last time you'll ever see me. i won't come back. >> reporter: move over, edward, there is a new undead in demand. >> bite me! >> reporter: while vampires may have been the "it" monster in recent years, zombies have slowly walked their way into the light. from protesters to parades. they haven't been this cool since michael jackson's "thriller" in 1983. ♪ because this is thriller >> zombies get popular october 31st but now popular all year-round and that is due in part to the success of "the walking dead." >> reporter: on sunday, more than 7 million viewers turned into the second season premiere of amc's zombie series "the
8:51 am
walking dead" scoring the highest rating for any drama in basic cable history. "the walking dead" success is surprising because you knew you had sort of that fringe, sort of horror audience with zombies. when you have that many viewers and that many people talking about it, it's just going to seep into sort of all ailments of the pop culture. >> reporter: have you seen an increase in the number of zombie costumes? >> this year, everybody wants to be zombie. all of these, they want to be. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention even got in on the fun releasing an online comic called zombie pandemic. the tongue in cheek instructional was created to spread the word about disaster preparedness and already has more than 3 million views. >> the idea was to leverage that popularity or that zombie trend to get our message in helping
8:52 am
people prepare and helping families make kits and be better prepared for all hazards. >> reporter: so whether political, prime time, or even popeye, zombies have never looked better. ♪ >> it's fun. >> i like it. >> so vampires are undead and zombies are dead/dead? >> they are really dead. who would you want to go out on a date with? >> neither. >> vampires. >> edward. >> oh, no. >> i never -- >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. that means we will not fight over him so it's all fine. >> two of them? >> there is a werewolf and then a vampire. >> is the werewolf w dead? they are very much alive? >> he is warm blooded. ready to go. >> thrilling dead. >> i'm learning so much this morning that i don't know what to say. >> i find out everything when you send me out on a story. >> the walking dead. >> yes, you do. nothing but the best assignments
8:53 am
for you, my friend. happy halloween. >> thank you. you too. have a great weekend, everyone. thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
we are learning about a ning in the east good morning. it's 8:55. i'm grace lee with your cbs 5 headlines. we are learning about a police chase this morning in the east bay. we believe a stolen car driven by a robbery suspect flipped over in oakley. a short time before that the car rammed an antioch police car injuring an officer. this all followed an alleged robbery at a 7-eleven in antioch. san francisco is delaying a new law by order of a judge that would have required cell phone stores to display posters warning people about the possible risk in radiation but it's on hold while a judge what's the constitutionality of the law under the first amount weighing the constitutionality. you will be able to save more money for retirement. the irs is raising the maximum contribution that workers can
8:56 am
maybe to their pre-tax 401(k) pension plans. the limit rises by $500 to $17,000 next year. and traffic and weather coming right up. ,, big! big, big. big big big big? big big big big big. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big big big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪
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good morning. first a new accident in san jose northbound 880 before coleman. it is pretty backed up across
8:58 am
that area. and then along the peninsula, we have had a couple of accidents around menlo park and a new one in the northbound lanes. so both directions pretty sluggish through 101, 280 definitely your better choice this morning. past the coliseum, up and down 880 looks okay up towards downtown oakland. at the bay bridge, it is for sure "friday light." has been all morning. never got a big backup here even though the metering lights are on. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> elizabeth, we are seeing more sunshine to start off the day. we have patchy fog outside, folks, but as you head throughout the day, that's going to clear out nicely. becoming mostly sunny, over russian hill now looking toward the golden gate a line of fog there in the distance but plenty of blue skies, too. and as we head toward the afternoon, beautiful sunshine today, plenty of 60s and 70s around the bay. you will see some 70s and 80s in the valleys with some 60s at the coastline. looks like the weather is going to hold for the weekend. beautiful sunshine, warmer temperatures on saturday and sunday. a little cooling come monday.
8:59 am
warmer again toward the middle of the week.


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