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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  October 29, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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that's as family and friends pay ts to a hells >> san jose police are stepping up patrols today. that's as family and friends pay their final respects to a hell's angel member. next, the turf wars that may have led up to the deadly shooting. >> and as occupy oakland makes headlines around the world, a celebrity liberal throws his support behind the protesters. and an autumn snowstorm bearing down on the east coast. a gorgeous weekend ahead of us. >> indeed. >> a tricky set is up there, looking at snow here in northern california not quite the case yet. it will be another beautiful weekend with lots of warm temperatures, inlands pretty clear and the bay clear this morning. looking live outside here at
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the bay bridge. coastline not seeing much fog today, either. pretty mild conditions although a little chilly start. because there's no cloud cover numbers are down into the 30s in some locations. we will cool off by the end of the week and we will have a full forecast later in the show. >> thanks, christy. in the news today, another hell's angel funeral today. san jose police say they are take nothing chances. they promised to be out there in extra force. steve towson will be buried at the oak hill memorial park. he was killed at the same cemetery two weeks ago during the funeral of another hell's angel member. police are still looking for a man named steve ruiz, he is a suspect in towson's murder. all the biker blood shed originated with a fight over turf at a starbucks. this store on pacific avenue in downtown santa cruz is a well known hell's angels hang out. back in january, police say the vagos, a rival biker game tried
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to muscle in on that cafe and a fight broke out. >> life is too short. if you're going to fight me over coffee, man you can have my coffee. >> seven months later a gun battle erupted between the two gangs in northern arizona. then in september of this year, police say a vagos member gunned down the hell's angel san jose chapter member jeff pettigrew. at his funeral two weeks ago internal fighting among fellow hell's angels led to that deadly shooting of steve towson. another weekend at occupy oakland, another march. protestors hit the streak in honor of the iraqi vet injured in that violent stand off with police on tuesday. even protesters in egypt, the ones who overthrough a dictator are rallying in support of occupy oakland. michael moore wants a meeting with oakland's mayor. the calls now for jean quan to step down. >> this is what people are talking about in every town and city and village across america. >> reporter: michael moore turned the microphone into a
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syringe. injecting some occupy oakland protesters with hope. >> he is very inspirational. everything he said had a lot of truth. >> he spoke from like everybody's heart. >> reporter: others with doubt. >> another white savior coming to save the day. >> i believe that he's no more useful or intelligent to the operation we have going on here than any other individual, personally. >> reporter: it's happens organically. >> reporter: still hundreds assembled to hear his message. as the world watched tear gas land on demonstrators tuesday night and watch as police fired a projectile into iraq war vet scott olsen's head. moore calls it a watershed moment. >> this is an incredible movement, and it's amazing, and it's only going to spread. >> reporter: kyrie, tyrire protest, to be exact the same protesters who brought down mubarak, protested in support of occupy oakland. >> sometimes when you make a mistake, the mistake is so horrible that you have to resign.
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>> reporter: michael, are you suggesting that mayor quan step down? >> i'm thinking -- i'm saying it's something she should think about. >> reporter: mayor quan who donnelled my questions last night about her decision to uses for, tonight held a press conference saying she is staying put and spreading the blame. >> it appears to me that there may have been mistakes made by -- by people who are involved in this probably on both sides. >> i'm not going to comment on the mayor's reaction to what happened. i don't know how -- what their thought process was, and it's really not up to me to comment on what she's going to be -- what she is saying or doing. i can't control that. >> reporter: instead, demonstrators are taking control with a strike. >> we want to shut down commerce for one day. >> reporter: and the day is next wednesday. labor unions about to shut down the port. others are going after downtown oakland banks. >> everyone needs to be shut down. >> reporter: robert lyles, cbs 5. >> mayor quan was in washington, d.c. when that raid started tuesday night. the oakland tribune reports her
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own daughter sent her a text message asking, quote, to stop the tear gas. nmplets san jose, occupy protesters shut down a bank. a b of a branch locked its doors for a few minutes when a man carry canning an occupy sign went into the bank to make a withdrawal. >> i asked him if that sign would have said i contributed to multiple sclerosis would you have a problem. and he said no. so i said it's not that you have the sign. it's that you're making a critical judgment on what's on the sign. taking away my freedom of speech. >> the protesters marched to support shaun o'kelly, the protester perched on top of a wall outside of san jose city hall. today he is spending his sixth day on that wall. 13 americans were killed in afghanistan today when a suicide bomber rammed a van with explosives into a nato convoy. that explosion triggered a fire and scattered slap until on a
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road in kabul. in addition to the 13 americans, three av began civilians and a police officer also died. the taliban have claimed responsibility an earthquake in peru knocked down two adobe brick homes and injured at least 20 there. that 6.9 quake yesterday was centered off shore, southwest of the town of eka. that city suffered heavy damage four years ago in an earthquake. the quake this time had a wider radius but much less energy. the haul from a big cocaine bust has been unloaded in florida. the coast guard intercepted a sub marine off the coast of honduras, carrying more than 15,000 pounds of cocaine with a street value of about 180 million. officers arrested five people from the bust. >> and the east coast getting ready for a big snowstorm this weekend. the system is expected to dump anywhere from a dusting of snow to 10 inches throughout the northeast. october snow fall records are expected to be broken in parts of southern new england. you know, every time we have a story like that at this time of year, quite happy that we all live in the bay area. >> we're very lucky,
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absolutely. >> the storms coming in and you're just glad you don't have to deal with it. >> can't complain living here in the bay area. especially with the weather last week and this week. temperatures still above average. it's going to be another warm day today, and even for tomorrow, beautiful clear shot here at mount vaca. a little bit about the slight cool down we'll experience, later in the show is. are your kids obsessing over halloween costumes? what parents need to know about marketing tools on this holiday. tugboats certainly make thing goes smoothly on the water. typically that's a man's job. i'm allen martin. coming up, a closer look at a woman who changed all of that and the photographs she says define her world. with a policy question. rry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back.
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race... maritime traffic on san francisco bay would not happen without tug boats. allen martin takes >> from massive cargo ships to water front renovations for america's cup race, traffic on san francisco bay would not happen without tugboats. now the woman who broke into
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the all male ranks of tug boat captain, and is now breaking out of it. >> that's great. >> reporter: jan tiera fell in love in 1972. >> my friends and i saled a small boat to the galapagos islands. 51 days out of sight of land. >> reporter: she's never lost that love of the sea. >> it ruined me for a life ashore. >> reporter: she set her sights on becoming the first woman to be licensed as a tug boat captain on san francisco bay. >> why does a woman do this? >> who would want to do this. it's dirty, scary, long hours and dangerous. but it's also on the bay. it's on water, and i just have this affinity for water. >> reporter: still, she was challenging men in a man's world. >> if you think of yourself as the roughest toughest son of a gwen on the water which a lot of tug boaters do, what's it mean if a woman can do that. so the acceptance thing was hard. that took a long time. just keep your head down and keep going, because i loved the work. >> reporter: and she did the
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work, for more than 30 years. while her heart was on the water, jan let her eye wander back to the camera lens that had captivated her imagination since high school. using down time aboard her tug to capture images you and i might never see. >> and suddenly, i saw this thing in the haul of the ship. this is the scratching in the paint. and it's a scratching by nature. i'm showing you what nature did to this vessel. i didn't do it. man didn't do it. the seas, the storms, the flotsom did it. >> reporter: she calls her collection haul hulls. it's a glimpse into her love and life on the water. >> i'm bringing you to that point on the tug, pushing against that ship, where you say oh, my gosh. that's not a ship anymore. that's a painting. if i can give you that, i've succeeded. >> reporter: jan says the economy retired her as a tug captain a couple of years ago. her exhibit hulls opens wednesday at dicker and prince gally on 17th in the mission district. if you have a story idea, log
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on to, click connect, scroll down to closer look and e-mail us. allen martin, cbs 5. all right. saturday morning, let's check in on our bay area weather forecast. christy is joining us again for the full forecast looking like a nice weekend. >> it will be a beautiful weekend. we've enjoyed really nice above average temperatures the past couple of weeks and more of the same this week, including this weekend. in fact, this morning it's a little chilly. you wouldn't guess it's going to be a warm day but lots of sunshine later on. and pretty clear conditions this morning, as well, as we look live outside at the golden gate bridge. a shot we're so is used to seeing, just blanketed in fog. look at this, clear as a bell this morning. that's what conditions look like around most of the bay area. the other side of the city here at the bay bridge, similar story, beautiful this morning. if you're stepping outside, mostly clear conditions. you may see a few patchy clouds at the san mateo coast this morning and temperatures definitely on the cooler side because we don't have the clouds to keep us warm.
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this afternoon we will warm up into the mid to high 70s in the warmest locations, even squeezing out 80s in some spots. and even at the coastline a pretty nice day in the mid 60s and not contending with cloud cover there. most of the cloud cover concentrated to the north of us in the pacific northwest, we're seeing a trough slide through in the next couple of days there. that will mean cooler temperatures down the road, but for today, this area of high pressure holding strong, pretty flat ridge in the picture, meaning another day of temperatures about 5 degrees above where we usually are this time of year. pretty nice for us and for all of northern california. 78 is the high in sacramento. lake tahoe warming up to 61. lots of sunshine there. yosemite at 71. fresno almost to 80. eureka not even making it to 60 today, though, and cloud cover in store for you there. in the bay area a lot of 70s on the map today. 77 for palo alto. campbell as well. just a degree warmer and hayward in the mid 70s today. some 80 degree readings down in dublin 81. almost to 80 in pleasanton.
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mid 70s in the far i been land locations and beautiful in the north bay as well. wine country in the mid 70s. marin in the mid 70s mostly as well. san francisco almost to 70 today and san leandro topping out in the mid 70s. sunday a slight cool down, by just a few degrees and then monday for your halloween it should be pretty nice conditions. a dry halloween for the trick or treaters out there, although we will see a little more cloud cover and conditions continue to slowly slide down, and become a little bit cooler as we make our way to the end of the week. certainly nothing to complain about. these temperatures are pretty close to where we should be this time of year and no wet weather in the forecast yet. knock on wood. >> just an amazing forecast when you look at it. >> it's beautiful. i wish i could take credit but just mother nature. >> we'll give you credit. >> thank you. i'll take it today. an east bay law maker is in trouble for her shopping spree. the big problem? seems she didn't pay for it. democratic seemly woman mary hiashi is accused of shoplifting three items worth more than $2400 on tuesday at the niemann marcus on union
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square. she represents the 18th district in hayward. she says it's just a mistake and misunderstanding. she has pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft and is free on $15,000 bail. more bay area headlines. congress might force the white house to release records of its loan guarantee to solyndra. they filed for bankruptcy in august beside a half billion dollar federal loan. a subpoena next week could help answer what went wrong. time to clean out your medicine cabinet. today the d.e.a. is sponsoring a national drug take back day. people can drop off any unwanted prescription drugs at designated sites around the bay area, no questions asked. >> and on monday, kids will swipe pillow cases or perhaps use hollow pumpkins for trick or treating. two bay area city ises are named as the best places to collect sweet treats in the entire nation. cab francisco is at the very top of the list followed by boston and honolulu, san jose clocks in at number six. some parents may be worried about all the branding that comes along with this holiday.
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are your kids more concerned about must have costumes and candy? jim has more object all the marketing that leaves little to the imagination. >> reporter: good morning. halloween is a favorite holiday of kids across the country, and certainly here in the bay area. the chance to put on a costume and pretend to be someone else for an entire night is always exciting. especially when there's lots of candy involved. as parents, halloween can definitely take on a different meaning, however, as we navigate the many options and ideas that our kids have for costumes. from spooky to silly. firefighters, princesses and vampires are always popular at halloween. but what if your kid wants to meet hannah montana or even justin beiber? books, tv and pop culture are great places to get inspiration for halloween costumes, but for the last few years, it certainly seems that halloween has been more about mass marketing, than about inspiration. from boys in iron man masks,
7:17 am
and girls dressed like the little america made, the marketing machine seems to have sucked a whole lot of the creativity out of a holiday that's actually designed to promote imagination, not shopping. it's not surprising that marketers are working hard to dress up little kids. in 2011, for example, consumers are expected to spend $1 billion on kids' costumes, and that's just part of the nearly $7 billion total of halloween spending. here are some simple common sense tips for battling branding at halloween. one, encourage their creativity. if kids want to dress up like a characterrer from a tv show or a movie, then ask is them to create the costume out of materials that you have in your house. 2. shop your own closet. you'll actually be amazed at what your kids can construct themselves, if you avoid the costume aisle at the halloween super store. 3. talk to your kids about brands and brand marketing.
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you know, brands sell images to kids as much as they sell products. and companies are very smart about make brands seem so cool that every kid will want their products. so, help your kids to know that they are much more than what they own. or, what they wear on halloween. and finally, just let go. halloween is about letting your kids experiment and n. dressing up. kids don't need to look perfect if they like their costume, that's really what matters the most. >> thanks, jim. got warriors tickets for next month? the conflicting demands that cancelled the nba for a month. and here come the champions from st. louis. another beard on the pitcher's mound helped the team clinch a world series title. we have sports next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking.
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honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] of the november games, saying there will be not be a full n-b-a season "under an >> nba commissioner david stearn has canceled the rest of the november games saying there will not be a full nba season under any circumstances. the move came after labor negotiations broke down again when both sides refused to budge on how to split the league's revenues. the players want a 52 to 53% of revenues but the owners will not budge from an even 50/50 split andrew luck and the number
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4 stanford cardinal show down against the trough begans at the l.a. coliseum and the cal bears on the road to visit the bruins at the rose boil. kim coil now has more on sports. >> good morning, everyone. falling behind 2-0 and game 7 was no big deal for the cardinals. after all they were down to their final strike not once, but twice. david freese tied it with a two run double, and former cal star allen craig gave st. louis the lead with his third home run of the series. the cards took a 6 is-2 lead into the 9th. [ cheers and applause ] >> in the air to left, well hit. back is craig. what a team! what a ride! the cardinals are world champs in 2011. [ cheers and applause ] >> the cardinals beat the rangers to win their 11th world series in franchise history. the sharks see perfect on their six game road trip, joe thornton scores twice to lead
7:23 am
the sharks to a win in detroit. they'll try to make it 5 in a row tomorrow in new york. and finally, a battle for first place in the city, washington ran for four towns against the mission defense that had not allowed a point in four league games this season. the eagles beat the bears 28-7 to improve to 5-0. that's a look at sports. see you tonight at 5:30. all right, kim. thank you very much. san jose police have now arrested four people in a string of 18 armed robberies. two of those suspects, jacob ben neither and louis escada, last weekend a police sergeant stopped them and found suspicious evidence inside their car. the other two suspects, jessica cobix and eric el a. brok. say they all took part in robbing restaurants in the south bay arrests were made in the brutal attack on three victims back in august. 29-year-old raymond lu.
7:24 am
melvin what and tony tang and 45-year-old michael tau all of san francisco, all arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, mayhem, false imprisonment and also conspiracy. >> there is a public relations nightmare out of oakland city hall. the woman at the center of that, mayor gene quan. our political insiders look at her challenging week with occupy oakland. >> how does she go from clean jean to the queen of mean? in 24 hours. is t. woman has flip-flopped so many times on the city's involvement in this issue that she will need a chiropractor to find her spine. >> and tomorrow, san francisco's political columnist and former mayor willie brown on how tear gas and oakland protesters made news around the world. plus style tips from herman cain. all on weekend early edition with phil, starting tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. in our next half hour, bay area coalition helping new businesses launch. how they use corporate expertise to develop the next generation of leaders.
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and the high profile film maker, demanding a meeting with mayor jean quan. plus the international response to the city of oakland. and as family and friends pay their final respects to a fallen biker, the origins of the hell's angels turf war. >> closed captioning is sponsored by palo alto medical foundation. a part of sutter health.
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support of occupy oakland. tonight's march to honor an injured iraqi vet. >> egyptian protesters marking in support of occupy oakland. tonight's march to honor an injured iraqi vest. plus a massive earthquake rocked parts of peru. >> and how medical marijuana advocates are pushing their cause before voters. welcome back to weekend early edition. coming up on 7:29. it's october 29th. good morning. ann is off this morning. >> i'm christy seeskin. beautiful weather in store for the weekend. any trick or treating plans for you? >> unfortunately, no trick or treating plans. >> no? for those of you who are headed out this weekend, going to be gorgeous. nice clear conditions out there. a live shot here of the city skyline. often this is just en gulfed in low clouds. not the case today. and pretty nice week in store ahead. the details on that later in the show. >> thanks, christy. tonight occupy oakland marchs in honor of the iraqi vet injured tuesday night. film maker michael moore is in the bay area to lend his
7:29 am
support to protesters. he spoke to a gathering of several hundred people tomorrow. moore called confrontation on tuesday night when police fired tear gas, and is he says mayor jean quan should consider stepping down. >> sometimes -- sometimes when you make a mistake, though, the mistake is so horrible, that you have to leave. you have to resign. >> michael, are you suggesting that mayor quan step down? >> i'm thinking -- i'm saying it's something she should think about. >> quan head a press conference last night saying she is staying on the job and that there may have been mistakes quote on both sides. the mayor has revealed to the oakland tribune that while she was out of town on tuesday her daughter was texting her to quoting now, stop the tear gas. [ crowd chanting ] >> weekend events on the streets of oakland have provoked a reaction in egypt. pro democracy demonstrators marched from the square to the u.s. embassy headquarters in
7:30 am
cairo. they are supporting oakland's occupiers and protesting the police tactics used tuesday night. today organizers of occupy santa rosa are planning an act of civil disobedience. they are encouraging supporters to brink tents and set up an en campment. demonstrators have maintained a presence there for two weeks but so far they have refrained from pitching tents or other activities without a permit. san jose police are planning a mass pitch presence at a funeral for another slain hell's angels member this afternoon. the recent string of murders is part of a biker feud that may have all started at starbucks. >> reporter: this starbucks on pacific avenue in downtown santa cruz could be the starting point for a string of recent violent confrontations between the hell's angel and rival vagos motorcycle clubs. santa cruz has long been claimed by the hell's angels but when the vagos came to town police say the two clubs clashed over territory, including who would sit at this starbucks. in january of last year, just around the corner from the starbucks, a vagos member allegedly attacked several
7:31 am
hell's angels in the middle of the day using a hammer and a tire iron. nearly two years later, it is all leading here to san jose, where on saturday, hell's angel steve towson of the santa cruz chapter will be buried and police will be ready. >> it's on us really in the police department to make sure this event unfolds quietly. >> reporter: towson was allegedly killed by fellow hell's angel steve ruiz at the funeral of san jose chapter president jeff pettigrew two weeks ago. police say it was internal conflict between thel's angels that led to the shooting, possibly over events at the sparks, nevada casino where pettigrew was allegedly killed by rival vagos club members. police say they have been in touch with hell's angels leadership and they are expecting no problems this weekend. >> our command officers that are responsible for running this event have reached out, spoken with high level ranking members of the hell's angels and basically, they're respectful of each other and said this is an event we will both be involved in. let's work together to make sure it goes smoothly. >> reporter: and this weekend's
7:32 am
service will also be another opportunity for police to continue their search for steve ruiz, who remains on the run. >> it would be good for us if he did show up. it will make him easier to catch. medical marijuana supporters in san jose are fighting to repeal a tough new crack down in & they stormed city hall yesterday. the ordinance approved last month cuts the number of medical pot dispensaries from over 100 to 10 and limits them to commercial areas and requires that marijuana be grown on site due to concerns of illegal sales of pot and other crimeses suchs a money laundering. supporters delivered enough stacks of signed petitions to the city clerk's office to get an appeal on the ballot. >> that's 17 boxes of petitions, and we have not done the rough count yet. >> the group says it would rather work with the city to meet patient needs with city and state regulations than force them into any kind of show down. san francisco cyclists who break the law could soon avoid paying fines as long as they enroll in a bike education class. the san francisco examiner reports that the city's bicycle advisory committee is pushing
7:33 am
for a policy change to exempt some cyclists from paying fines for moving violations. under the plan bikers would have to attend an in-depth bicycle education course at the community justice center. and an earthquake in peru has injured at least 20 people, including two with broken bones and has knocked down two adough bureau brick homes. the 6.9 quake yesterday was centered off shore about 31 miles southwest of the city of eka. that city suffered heavy damage in a larger earthquake four years ago. a local size meteorologist says the quake this time has a wider radius but much less energy. >> and winter prepping is under way on the east coast. a storm moving up the east coast is expected to dump anywhere from a dusting of snow to 10 inches throughout the northeast. october snow fall records are expected to be broken in parts of southern new england, especially at higher elevations. and i guess we have not even had our first snow of the season. even at the very highest peaks. >> no dustings here. >> nothing on the hills, huh? >> we've seen know at boreale,
7:34 am
but they've opened up their lifts. a little skiing available. but i would stay in the bay area. it's going to be gorgeous. clear skies, warm conditions. more details come canning up. >> and we don't have to wait for snow in the sierra where people are ready to hit the slopes this weekend. also bay area corporations making a difference. josh becker with the full circle fund joins us live. ,, [ female announcer ] when something isn't right, you like to take care of it immediately. ♪ so when it was time to switch to a medicare plan, you called anthem blue cross. and when your granddaughter's band struggled with your favorite song, you knew exactly what to do. give it to me. ♪
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children, thanks to an east bay >> welcome back on this saturday morning. the hospital is a brighter place for children thanks to an east bay couple as kate reports, these jefferson award winners are overcoming their own loss to support other in the fight against cancer. >> reporter: the music of super mario drifts through the rooms of the pediatric oncology floor at kaiser hospital in oakland. a welcome sound to parents matt and dana krogan who know first hand what it's like for young patients here. >> takes away that little boredom that the kids can get sitting in a hospital bed for days, weeks, months. >> reporter: dana and matt practically lived at this
7:38 am
hospital when their 13-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. wearing a neck list corrine made, she explains each bead. >> all these beads represent one procedure. akeem therapy, a poke, a blood draw, a bone marrow aspiration, a cat scan, an mri. >> reporter: enough beads to fill a backpack. her doctor says through it all, corrine kept positive and focused on others. >> corrine was the kind of kid that -- that understood what other people were going through and had a tremendous amount of empathy for them. >> reporter: after a 10 month battle, corrine lost her fight, but her parents, friends and family who call themselves team k.c.? contain on her dream -- have taken on her dream to improve the quality of life of pediatric patients and their families. and bringing in super mario on wheels was just the beginning. for three years team k.c. has put on an annual swim-a- thon. a blood drive and a picnic for
7:39 am
hospital staff and patients. with the money they've raised they've purchased computers, holiday presents and gift cards. >> it's the little things that really matter. like a gift card for coffee in the morning, for a mom that has been up all night sleeping on a tiny sleeping chair who needs something to help her keep going for the day. >> reporter: but corrine's biggest dream was to build team k.c. house, a nearby home for patients' families. >> a lot of these families have a long commute coming back and forth. and they want to be here. they want to be with their children. team k.c. house is something we always had talked about. again, in the hospital with corrine, and a place to stay. >> reporter: kaiser has offered land near their new hospital site and the krogans have started fund raising to fulfill a little girl's dream. >> this is all my love for corrine, and it's enabled us to continue loving other kids and continue parenting in some way by making these kids happy. >> you can't just live this, i don't think, and just is walk away. >> you cannot walk away from this and not do anything, even,
7:40 am
you know, our motto is if we raise $1 it's better than nothing. >> reporter: so for turning personal loss into a powerful, positive force for others, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to matt and dana crow began. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> and you can nominate your own local heroes for jefferson award online at click on the connect button at the top of the page and the jefferson awards to find the e- mail nomination form. we have not yet had our first snow of the season in the sierras, but christy is here now to tell us about one local ski resort that actually has got some snow anyway. >> yeah. >> how are we doing that? >> if you're ready to grab your keys and know boater this there's a place to go this weekend. boreale opened their list. some shots are over my shoulder. their topple vision is just under 8000 feet. certainly no dustings of snow that high yet, but they have created this man-made snow. hit the slopes today and potentially tomorrow, as well. but i would recommend you stay right here in the bay area. it's going to be a beautiful
7:41 am
weekend, lots of sunshine in store. clear conditions as we're looking outside right now. pretty much no matter where you are in the bay look at the shot of the golden gate bridge so often seen with tons of fog not the case this morning. clear as you're stepping outside, although chilly conditions in the 40s and some is 50s out there as well. this afternoon should be beautiful, seeing some high 70s in those inland spots. low 70s inside the bay. even the coastline is seeing some sunshine today and read information the mid 60s. most of the cloud cover that we're seeing on the west coast is to the north of us in the pacific northwest right here in the bay area. we're clear for today. this area of high pressure holding temporarily. we have this flat ridge in the picture, and this low to the north of lewis slide through. we will see a trough dip -- north of us will slide through. we will see a trough dip in into the northwest. slightly cooler conditions but nice weather for everybody and definitely beautiful across northern california today. almost making it to 80 in fresno, lots of sunshine there. yosemite 71. monterey cooler, 69 but still sunshine there and reading,
7:42 am
almost to 80 today. right here in the bay, beautiful weather, stick around and enjoy it. 77 for concord, same for san jose. inside the bay low 70s there. topping out at 78. in wine country read information the high 70s. get outside, take a hike and enjoy the beautiful conditions. we will cool off slightly. sunday slightly cooler. dropping down to closer to seasonal readings. into the work week, cloud cover building for monday, and we will have a dry halloween, if we have any trick or treating plans, sunshine in store for the rest of the week. and a slow cool down towards the end of your week, and activities going on this weekend. boo at the zoo. a few merekats enjoying their jack owe lanterns, a little different set up than the traditional candle. beautiful conditions there. should be in the mid 60s at the zoo this weekend. back to you. >> a perfect weekend. thanks, christy. wall street, of course has taken a lot of flack from the occupy movement and also from main street, all demanding corporations to step up and do more.
7:43 am
there is already a bay area coalition trying to do just this. josh beck were the full circle fund is here this morning. thanks for being here. tell us what is the full circle fund? what are you trying to accomplish with your fund here in the bay area? >> sure. the full circle fund is a philanthropic organization but it's really a community of people who have a shared interest in, and really a shared interest and passion in making the bay area cleaner, better educated, more prosperous community. and it's for people who have stepped up over the last 10 years and are giving their own time, their own personal time and money, but also, really their skills. a lot of people are marketing people, technical people, some are finance people. and they're saying we're going to give our time and skills and find the ideas that are really working in the community. >> and what areas are you really focusing in on with your philanthropy. are there certain areas you are focusing on? >> absolutely. education being one. economic opportunity is another example. and third, being the environment. >> ok. and how do you reach out to the
7:44 am
organization. i mean you partner with a school districts, and tell us a little bit about that. how do you integrate with these groups? how do you find them and how do you support them? >> sure. it's going to be la cocina. it's an organization that's creating jobs in the bay area. we said let's not wait for solutions for a jobs bill from washington. what can we do right now in the bay area and la cocina helps low income minority women start businesses. what kind of businesses? food businesses. food trucks, catering companies, restaurants. and i spent time volunteering in el salvador. this is a woman who takes that taste, the bread from her home country, start a business. la cocina helps her do that she's up and running. we find these groups through friends and social networks, go to our website. let us know what's working or an idea you have. >> these are adventure capitalists, sill is cone valley executives, these are business leaders. so you have capital tony vest in worthy projects?
7:45 am
>> exactly. it's the money we're putting into these groups that are already working and taking them to scale so thick help more people. but also again, it's also time and skills as well. >> talk briefly about the occupy movement. you know what it's all about. anti-corporations, anti-wall street. to some extent, anti what probably some is of the members of your group are all about. but you are already doing this. do you see these protests as having merit? how does it -- from the perspective of the suits, somebody who is a money person for example, how do you perceive these? >> well, listen. i mean people are hurting in this community. and we see this, i see that. that's how we started this more than 10 years ago. we saw the people hurting in the bay area. 11% of the people in the bay area are living in poverty. the most in three decades. so there's reasons that people are upset. what we're trying to do is just find those ideas that are working. again like la cocina. help people start new companies. help the education entrepreneurs. help people that are you know, starting innovative programs. help groups that are finding alternatives to chemicals, at
7:46 am
least in the bay area. >> and what is your definition of success when you and your group invest in a project or a group? how long does it take and at what point do you say you know what? what a great project. we're really glad we got involved in this. it's a success. how do you define that? >> generally over a period of a few years, it really takes a commitment to sort of working with them and hearing from them, hey. they say hey here's what we're doing well. here is what we want to be doing. can you help was a marketing plan, can you help us reach more people through a financial plan. and so, generally we identify specific projects, and then once we help them through that project then that's a success for us. >> for somebody who may be watching right now who says my group, wow we'd be great. we would like to be looked at by you, how do people reach out to you, how should they get in touch with you? >> probably the best is go to and go there, let us know what's working in the community. let us know what idea is working for you, what are you trying to accomplish?
7:47 am
and let us know things that are working. >> and this is anywhere in the bay area? >> yeah. >> so it doesn't have to be a certain county or part of the bay area? any project anywhere in the bay area, reach out >> absolutely. thank you >> very good. that's josh becker, the full circle is fund. the website again is thank you very much for coming this morning. we appreciate it. channeling the king of pop for a huge flash mob event today. and today leon shows us where to load up on grilled cheese sandwiches. ,,,,,,,,
7:48 am
state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. text save to 7-8836.
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♪because it's a thrill per killer night. ♪ >> be sure to get your thrill on. today is thrill the world 2011. it's an annual world wide simultaneous dance of michael jackson's thriller. the goal, raising money for
7:50 am
charity. it began with 62 zombies back in 2006 setting the guinness book of world record. one is set for later today in oakland. good news, a new handy calculus report for kids planning out their trick or treating route next monday. it show 2 bay area cities are among the very best places for collecting sweet treats. zilla real estate reports san francisco is at the top of the list fold by boston and honolulu. san jose clocks in at the number six spot. before the sweets, load up on cash heavy dishes, everything from grilled cheese sandwich phos cash loaded burgers. the bay hot of foody chat has more in today's liam's list. >> greetings pleasure seekers. for starters, who does not love a toasty melt. now your toast y melt cravings are satisfied right there, at a one stop truck stop, yes. melted fromage. they are the order of the day
7:51 am
here. never go wrong with these toasty melts. wash them down with a little tomato soup on the side. follow toasty melts on twitter and also visit their online site. next up another carb loaded treat to be found at evan's good to go. founded by two east bay moms. moms are best when it comes to making sandwiches. these mom's want their cake and you to eat it, too. those sandwiches are among the best i've had in the food truck scene. this is what it's all about for me. this right here is their short rib sandwich. and i'm telling you, it is knock out. a little jalapeno kick on top. you'll love them. find out at whatever's good to go is here. finally the new kid on the block. the east bay bay doctors at the bay, serving up fresh american comfort food. the bay burger, there it is. the tasty burger, one of the best i've ever eaten. a quarter pounder patty loaded
7:52 am
with american cheddar, strips of crispy bacon with it, and always a little something healthy on the side but a winner every time. there you go. docks of the bay. all these trucks, toast y melts ever's good to go and docks at the bay. find them all over the bay area. the number sign, food trucks on twitter and you'll find your favorite food truck. that's it. enjoy the rest of your weekend. cheers. we'll be right back with a look at today's top stories as we continue eyewitness news saturday morning. ,,,,,,,,,,
7:53 am
california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes.
7:54 am
the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. toda >> is here's another look at this morning's top stories. today police will be out in force at a hell's angels funeral in san jose. steve towson will be buried at the same cemetery where he was killed during another hell's angels funeral two weeks ago. today's service is by
7:55 am
invitation only. 13 american troops and four afghans were killed today in a suicide bombing on the outskirts of kabul. the bomber ran an armored bus into a van packed with explosives. today occupy oakland marchs in honor of the iraqi vet who was injured on tuesday night. today film maker michael moore is in town trying to score a meeting with mayor jean quan to discuss that violent night. >> and more bay area headlines. congress may force the white house to release records of its loan guarantee to solyndra. the solar company filed for bankruptcy in august despite a half billion dollar federal loan. the house committee plans to vote on the subpoena as early as next week. that could help answer the question what went wrong. and it's time to clean out your medicine cabinet. today the d.e. a. is sponsoring a national drug take back day. people can drop off any unwanted prescription drugs at designated sites all around the bay area. no questions asked. one final look at weather on this saturday morning. it's a pretty nice weekend. >> it will be gorgeous.
7:56 am
nice halloween as well. anyone with little kids is wonder willing it rain on halloween. it will not. it will be a dry forecast and a beautiful weekend in store. clear as a bell as you look at this shot of the golden gate bridge. these are the conditions you'll see city wide today and the highs this afternoon, beautiful. lots of sunshine here and i'm inland camera as well. those highs are in the mid to high 70s. this shot as well, not a cloud in the sky. so rare in the bay area as we get into the extended forecast over the next several days, lots of warm temperatures in store. a slight cool down. here is a look at those highs for today almost into the 80s in those inland spots. and then we'll see a slight cool down, we're seeing a trough moving to the north of us in the pacific northwest. a little cloud cover building for your halloween. and then still seeing relatively nice temperatures for the rest of the week. halloween like weather in and an halloween. also looking at the forecast for yet another boo at the zoo event happening. one in oakland, this one in san france 0 co. you wonder what that guy is digging for inside the bag. if he is more of a snickers guy
7:57 am
or reese's pieces. what is your preference? >> i would go for the snickers. >> and i'm a reese's pieces girl. >> the more fat the better, as far as i'm concerned. no low fat, low sugar. grs >> no, exactly. so nice weather for people and the animals this weekend. >> thanks, christy a public relations nightmare out of oakland city hall. the woman at the center of that of course mayor jean quan. our political insiders looking at her challenging week with occupy oakland. >> how does she go from clean jean to the queen of mean? in 24 hours. the woman has flip-flopped so many times on the city's involvement in this issue, that she will need a chiropractor to find her spine. >> that's absolutely the sentiments that i saw when i was reporting this past weekend. tomorrow san francisco political columnist carla marinucci and former mayor willie brown will talk to us about how tear gas and oakland
7:58 am
protesters have made news around the world. plus style tips for herman cain. all on weekend early edition with phil mattier. tomorrow at 7:30. there is certainly a lot in the news these days. these oakland protests truly have overshadowed the wall street protests in terms of the national and international attention. >> absolutely. >> and every move is being watched. i think tomorrow's show will be fascinating. >> just to see what jon stewart has done and keith olbermann. a lot of people have addressed this. reached far beyond bay area boundaries. in national headlines and i'm very much interested to hear what political experts have to say about the long term impact. >> i don't know too much about herman cain's wardrobe. >> yeah. i'm leaving that for them. >> that's the early edition for this saturday morning. we really appreciate you tuning in. thanks for watching. >> have a great weekend. going to be beautiful. 7:30.
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