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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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letter to oakland residents yesterday in frustration saying officers are also the 99% and blasting the city for spending over a million dollars last week on evicting protestors flip-flopping. as your police officers, the letter says, we are confuseed. >> the police are a no-win situation here. >> i read the letter and i thought the poa had valid concerns that the city ought to consider. >> reporter: it comes on the eve of "occupy oakland"'s strike trying to shut down the city. oakland police will be the only city workers required to work that day. possibly pitting them against other city workers. >> we too are the 99% fighting for better working conditions. >> reporter: but "occupy oakland" organizers reading the open letter for the first time had little sympathy. >> there is no admission to any wrongdoing, just that they are confused. don't send a letter out trying to make us believe that you're truly sympathetic. show us with your actions.
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>> reporter: but after a chaotic march last week that ended with rubber bullets and tear gas, police are saying little about their tactics this time around. >> that highest hope is that everything is peaceful. that's the highest hope we can possibly ask for. >> reporter: mayor quan has been keeping a very low profile dodging any press interviews. she wouldn't appear on camera today instead releasing a statement calling for a peaceful protest, quote, without the conflict that marred last week's recent. >> it will be interesting to see how the police department through the union and the mayor continue it go forward after this is all over considered what happened. >> reporter: there's definitely some tension there no doubt about it. so it will be interesting to see how they interact once this is all blown over. >> thank you, christin ayers in oakland. now, that citywide strike is just hours away. joe vazquez on how oakland is bracing for the shutdown. >> reporter: our cameras were not allowed in but we are told the meeting this afternoon
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between oakland business owners and mayor quan got tense and that the mayor got an earful. >> the major frustration expressed in the room is the fact that tomorrow is merely tomorrow, and there are no plans to remove the people who are camping illegally and causing major disruption to commercial -- to commerce in downtown oakland. >> reporter: tomorrow is the general strike, called by "occupy oakland." they have demanded corporations close shop for the day and if they don't, protestors claim they will march on the businesses. more than 100 labor unions say they are supporting the action. demonstrator say later in the day around 5 p.m. they will march to the port of oakland and try to shut down the night shift there. the port says it will stay open and is urging civility. west oakland pastor ken chambers says he is concerned the general strike could cause problems for those who decide to take the day off but really can't afford it. >> people have to go to work and have to go through this --
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this -- this march or whatever, or decide not to go to work, could jeopardize themselves with losing their jobs. this is not the time to be taking off your job unless you are sick. >> reporter: some businesses will shut down like this t- shirt shop. >> we'll be here supporting the people, playing music but don't need to focus on sales. >> reporter: other mom and pop versus told us off camera they will try and stay open because it would be a major financial hardship to close. >> if small businesses take a hit tomorrow it will be one day and that's nothing compared to the economic system that caused this crisis. >> reporter: protestors are now handing out this flyer. the plan is to occupy the banks and what that means is they are going to meet here at frank ogawa plaza at 9 a.m. and again at noon. then they will march to several different banks here in oakland and demand that they close down. we actually called several of the banks here. they say they plan to stay open. but they are going to take it
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on a case-by-case basis. then after that, in the afternoon, the plan is to march to the port of oakland. at 4:00 there will be a critical mass of bicycles and then marchers will go down there, they will form a line and then we're told that at least one union has said they won't cross the line. it remains to be seen how much economic damage they will do to the port of oakland. they have $8 million they make every day at the port of oakland and they plan to close down the night shift. >> it's interesting to consider all sides in this debate, this issue, from the business owner, big and small, to the unions to people who are employed trying to kept their jobs and keep food on the table. so it will be interesting to see how tomorrow turns out. >> reporter: well, the police say they will be ready. the city is sending two different messages, don't worry it's going to be safe, but then they are telling these small business you know what be ready with locks and take all you cash out of your cash registers just in case it gets crazy.
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>> all right. joe vazquez, thank you. [ closing bell ] wall street took another beating today amid renewed fears that greece may default. the dow fell almost 300 points after greece's prime minister announced a national vote on a european bailout plan. turns out a solyndra severance package was pretty good, if were you the company's founder. he got nearly half a million dollars before the solar company went bankrupt. court documents also show that the former ceo seen here with president obama last year was fired july 1 almost two months before solyndra announced he was leaving. the bay area solar company went bankrupt in september t after receiving a half billion dollars federal loan, touted by the white house as a green jobs creator. if you have a clipper card, it is supposed to be taking public transit and making it a
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breeze but a reminder to one bay area customer turned into a privacy breach for thousands of passengers. john ramos explains the revealing mix-up. >> reporter: from his el cerrito apartment, adam grimaldi uses his computer as his window to the world but today he is wondering who might be looking back at him. >> this is what i received at 8:23. this massive list of e-mails. >> reporter: grimaldi has a clipper card. that's the universal payment card for most of the public transit systems in the bay area. when the credit card attached to the customer's ask the about to expire, the company sends out a request for updated information. but the message sent out today contained something else, as well. the private email addresses of more than 1700 clipper customers. >> i wonder where someone got wrong that they thought it was okay to produce it, the email that way. >> reporter: so what happened today? >> hey, what happened is a very
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simple clerical error. >> reporter: he works for the metropolitan transportation commission, the agent say that oversees the clipper card program. the system is operated by a private company in san diego. and goodwin says he also was on the list that was created when someone pasted the addresses into the wrong send box of the email. >> it's my understanding that the individual who normally handles this responsibility on the first of the month is on vacation. consequently, there was a substitute doing that job and failed to double-check. >> reporter: goodwin says an apology has gone out and says no bank or credit card information was revealed. grimaldi says he likes his clipper card but this experience left him wondering. >> you know, these things do happen. i mean, but they really shouldn't. it may just be a couple of e- mails, but it's really sloppy and it raises questions how they handle other things.
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>> reporter: the mtc says no financial information was released but it's unnerving to realize how our lives can be exposed by the single click by the guy is filling in for the guy on vacation. john ramos, cbs 5. three san francisco police officers are expected to be okay after crashing their cruise near a light pole. they were responding to a call in the mission district when their unmarked car veereds across the road and crashed. one officer was critically hurt but is expected to recover. anothe is in fair condition. the third was treated and released. in other headlines, whatever blew the side off a richmond home overnight is still a mystery. four people were in this house on ohio avenue when it exploded around 2 a.m. no one was badly hurt. investigators digging through the debris though for clues as to what happened. and you're fielding don't worry if your water smells fun -- you're being told don't worry if you are water smells
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funny. there are complaints about odor and taste. the puc says it's not dangerous. the odor is because of high levels of algae in the calaveras reservoir. a weakness in airport security exposed. the potentially dangerous cargo the tsa simply is not checking for. >> bay area twins attached since birth now the sisters are separate for the first time. their mother is finished speaking. we'll hear how they're doing tonight. i think that this department's going to have to probably reearn some of the trust. >> the police t-shirt that has some california parents wondering, what were they thinking? area birds, are getting big. >> a surprising story why bay area birds are getting bigger. ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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first time in th two san jose toddlers are sleeping in separate beds tonight for the first time in their lives. doctors at stanford separated the formerly conjoined twins in a marathon 10-hour procedure today. 2-year-old angelina and angelica were born joined at the chest and the abdomen and it took surgeons nearly 6 hours to separate them, four hours more to reconstruct their individual bodies. just minutes ago, their mother thanked the team of more than 20 doctors and nurses who gave her little girls a chance at normal separate lives. >> this is a dream come true. [ pause ] [ crying ] >> words cannot express how the
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family... words cannot express how the family feels for the successful separation of our twins angelica and angelina. >> can you imagine? barring any complications they should go home in two weeks. >> that's great. a world class surfing contest is under way in san francisco. 36 internationally known surfers hit the waves at ocean beach today for the rip curl pro search surfing competition. but it wasn't all smooth sailing. one surfer high tailed it out of the water when he said he saw a shark. but that is not scaring off the other surfers. >> well, you know, that's their territory. we just are intruders. >> that would be the ultimate spectating there shark attack during competition. tough way to go, but... [ laughter ] >> ya. the national park service searched and didn't find any sharks. the competition runs through the week, weather permitting. >> well, dude, you're only going to get wet if it rains
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what do they care? >> what do they mean by weather permitting? are they going to stop it? they have wet suits. what's t deal? they are going to get wet. dry conditions. offshore flow pristine conditions tomorrow for that competition. see these highlighted areas in red? that's where we have a red flag warning in effect and that primarily is the north and the east bay mountains. those winds out of the northeast up to 25 miles per hour gusts up to 40. so far we have even seen a 50- mile-an-hour wind gust and that was reported at mount diablo. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera. speaking of mount diablo, looking from dublin towards mount diablo, where the current air temperature is at 71 degrees after a high today of 73 degrees. currently redwood city around the peninsula 73. oakland to the east at 74. same story in livermore in the east bay at 70. there you have san francisco, san jose, low 70s, and santa rosa at 74 dropping down
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tonight to 40 degrees. temperatures span under a clear sky, 40 to 50 degrees. tomorrow it looks like we will have one more day of sunshine. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking towards san francisco where today's high temperature was 5 degrees above normal. so we have colder windier conditions with the rain arriving by thursday. and frost by friday. that will be at least by friday night. temperatures tomorrow, as we pinpoint your forecast, into the 60s. near 70 at half moon bay. 76 in san francisco, up from the average high of 73. not as windy tomorrow with the east winds to 15. 78 degrees the outside number to the east. 75 degrees to the north. we'll have that full-on seven- day forecast and dana and allen it will feature rain, next time around. >> thank you. a dramatic but safe emergency landing for a polish jet that touched down without its landing gear. during the flight from new jersey to warsaw, the pilot reported a problem with the
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landing gear's hydraulics. the boeing 767 continued on its trans-atlantic route to burn off fuel. the plane circled above the runway before the pilot landed it on its belly on a layer of flame retardant foam. sparks shot out from under the cabin as that plane slid to a halt. >> it scared me because it was going around for so long. so you just keep trying to think positive. >> no one on board was injured. the complete landing gear failure is a first for a boeing 767. and a baggage handler at chicago's o'hare airport suffered minor injuries when a case he was carrying exploded this morning. we are going to have that story in just a moment. >> also, why climate change is giving a whole new meaning to the term big bird. two minutes away. ,,,,
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case he was carrying explo a bag a.m. handler at chicago's -- a baggage handler at chicago's o'hare airports suffered minor injuries when a case he was carrying exploded this morning. it was caused when a part of a heavy duty electrical battery touched something metal. that device short-circuited and then disintegrated. the handler suffered minor burns no. criminal activity suspected. last week -- no criminal activity was suspected in the battery explosion. last week there was a gun that fell out of a bag at l.a.x. why it's possible for something like that to happen and why it could likely happen again. these days with our shoes off, bodies scanned and bags x- rayed, how can anyone possibly feel more vulnerable before
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september 11th? >> we're much better off than 10 years ago. no comparison. that's the procedure. >> reporter: rick smith is the a former fbi agent and now owns a private security firm. we asked him about what happened last week in l.a. when a passenger packed a gun into a checked bag. the gun turned out to be loaded. and it fell out as the bag was being put on an alaskan airlines flight to oregon. among the passenger's mistakes, the gun was loaded. it wasn't legally packed in a locked case and the passenger hadn't informed the airline about it. the transportation security administration tells cbs 5 it only has a congressional mandate to screen checked bags for explosivesnot guns. that explanation may be the truth but smith says it's not good enough. >> the public expects a response from the tsa that they are waiver these things. >> reporter: granted the gun was being put down in the luggage hold where no one could get to it. but smith says the tsa should at the least handle the situation with a little more
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finesse. >> that they will take responsibility and action. they probably don't need change but there is a public concern that someone should be responsible forces a tsa spokesman tells cbs 5 the agency has been thrown into the middle of this story and that the responsibility is really on the passenger. we do work with the airlines and law enforcement to ensure rules and laws are followed and do what we can to make the skies safer. and that makes it illegal for a passenger to pack even an unloaded gun and not tell the airline. the other thing is, the gun can't just be stuffed into a duffel bag. legally it has to be in a locked hard sided case like this and once it's inspected by the airline, locked and checked through his baggage, then the passenger has to keep the key with him on the flight. both rick smith and the tsa say that even an illegally packed weapon loaded in the cargo hold would be next to impossible to get to midflight. >> the concern is a bomb on the plane. that's the concern. now, you know, does a loaded
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handgun pose the same problem? no. >> the passenger in l.a. was allowed to continue on in his traveling. the gun was confiscated. so far this year 800 guns have been taken at the nation's airports from passengers trying to take them in their carry-on bags. if you have a story idea, log on to, click "connect," scroll down to "closer look," send an email. a small town in sacramento county is up in arms over a police fundraiser. it was a simple enough idea, sell some t-shirts, raise some money. well, now a police officers association in sacramento county is on the defensive. we have the story on the t- shirt controversy. >> every member of that union is a member of the police force. shouldn't those police officers be held responsible for the shirt? >> maybe i'm not following you. >> reporter: no answer from the twin rivers police department which is trying hard to separate itself from the
6:23 pm
controversy surrounding its own officers' actions. the union president called us back late in the day and told us he regrets the shirt was ever printed. do you think that's funny. by no means. >> you know what i mean? because there's a lot of lives at stake. >> reporter: parents all right afghanistan at the shirts that says you raise 'em, we cage 'em, with a picture of a child behind bars a far different mission, to inspire each student to extraordinary achievement every day. >> i'm deeply disappointed that our union of the police officers printed this shirt. >> reporter: the twin rivers superintendents oversees the school police department e says the shirt does not reflect the values of his school district. porter admits the department may have hurt their image by printing this image. >> i think that this department is going to have to probably re- earn some of the trust. >> reporter: the union president told us, fewer than 30 shirts were sold and one hasn't been sold in two years.
6:24 pm
he says he came up with the slogan, and it was poor police humor. but that bad joke has parents questioning the true intentions of the police force. >> sounds like that's all they want to do is just put them in jail. they don't want to try to make things right for them. well, while some species around the bay area are suffering from disappearing habitats, it appears some birds are healthier than ever. don ford shows us how the climate may be leading to bigger songbirds. reporter: scientists from the point reyes bird observatory and san francisco state university have published a study this songbirds are getting bigger. but not much bigger. only about .05% a year according to a doctor, one of the authors. >> that translates to a bird getting a mill meter longer over a 40-year period. >> reporter: researchers have used the special nets extremely
6:25 pm
fine, almost invisible. birds fly right into them and this biologist collects the trapped birds. >> this is a fox sparrow. it's a winter residents here. >> reporter: once captured, they are carefully banded. their wings are measured and weighed and like thousands of birds before them, released. other birds believed to be growing are a type of hummingbird and another one. the doctor says the small changes tell a bigger story. >> this is one piece of the puzzle and it's a complicated puzzle and slowly what we're doing is putting the pieces of that puzzle together. >> reporter: scientists here at the points reyes bird observatory believe that climate change may be the reason why the birds are getting bigger but say that further study is needed to determine that. at point reyes, don ford, cbs 5. a double standard in the "occupy" movement? >> is that really fair? >> i'll answer that next time. >> reporter: the protestors getsing a free pass to break
6:26 pm
the flaw one bay area city. and the ones who aren't. the new business plan and price tag for california high- speed rail is in and it's almost double previous estimates. just ahead, why some say it's no longer worth the high price. he tried to enlist after pearl harbor. >> they refused to take me. >> fought in europe while his sister was a u.s. prisoner. how america is honoring asian soldiers who helped win the war. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at 6:30: it turns out not all occupy protestors are bg our top story at 6:30, it turns out not all "occupy" protestors are being treated equally. technically, every one of the protestors in san francisco's justin herman plaza is breaking the law. mike sugerman on why some are getting a free pass. >> reporter: suppose "occupy sf" had to play by the rules. i want to get a permit to take over a park. where do i go? what office is that? you find out would you have to visit a lot of offices. >> your needing just a one-day -- >> reporter: make it a week. >> okay. so i would refer to you our license division who could answer the questions. >> reporter: we visit a lot of offices and spend a lot of money. political consult at that
6:30 pm
particular time sam singer puts on a lot of such events. >> first of all you have to plan this a month in advance. it would cost $3,500 a day. you would need a million-dollar worth of insurance and that's not including the cost for porta-potties, for police protection. >> reporter: of course, "occupy sf" doesn't have a permit t couldn't get one. it's against the law. you can't camp out and cook in the city. >> they just started really cracking down like the last three weeks. seems that way anyway. >> reporter: have you been cited the last couple of weeks? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: that homeless man says received a citation last week for camping. another person got one today and police verify they continue to issue citations everywhere in the city except "occupy sf." is that fair?! >> well, again i think we're -- we're in with this, uhm, encampments and first amendment rights. >> reporter: they are out there and homeless in the civic center. is that really fair? [ pause ] >> okay. i'll answer that next time. >> reporter: it's a question no
6:31 pm
one at city hall seems to want to take on. homeless people are telling me they are getting citations. >> that's a legitimate request for to us ask of the mayor and police chief. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i have not heard of -- >> reporter: now you have what do you think? >> i would be -- i think it's important for to us look into this and to us make sure that there is fair treatment. >> reporter: you're on the board of supervisors. should somebody get ticketed for sleeping outside one place and not another? >> i think what we all want to ensure is that our homeless individuals eventually have a place that is not in the elements, that is in a homeless shelter, that's under a roof. that is where we're trying to go. thank you very much. >> reporter: but -- occupiers hint they may move to civic center plaza before election day. if that were the case, these homeless people might not get citations anymore. mike sugerman, cbs 5. "occupy wall street" protesters are feeling the love. apparently. nearby health clinics tell the "new york post" that
6:32 pm
demonstrators are flocking there for std and pregnancy tests. one medical professional compared the protest to the free love environment of the '60s. medical tent volunteers are handing out cash so protestors can get tested. the san francisco "occupy" movement shifted to a neighborhood today that's been hit hard by foreclosures and evictions. supporters showed up to help a family reclaim their home of 50 years. on the consumerwatch, julie watts reports. >> too many neighbors are moving. you get up one morning and the neighbor for 20 years is gone. >> reporter: jacqueline phillips lost 11 neighbors to foreclosure and is tired of watching the empty homes fill with squatters and blight. >> they got bailed out, we got sold out! >> reporter: so jacqueline is joining dozens of bayview residents along with "occupy sf" protestors and even a local politician in support of a new movement that has foreclosed residents reoccupying their homes. >> i am here today because i am reclaiming my home. >> reporter: with the support of the non-profit home
6:33 pm
defenders league, carolyn gage is moving her family back into the now bank-owned home her father built. they were evicted this year. >> you asked the question, do you realize that you are breaking 9 law? banks have broken the law, stolen homes from our families and they got billions of our tax dollars. >> we don't advise people to break the law. >> reporter: but kevin stein. california reinvestment coalition a nonprofit that helps struggling homeowners, says movements like this may be what it takes to get action from the banks. >> what we have been doing collectively has not been effective in stopping foreclosures. and it may be that in trying to make a stand, that the bank will, you know, reevaluate what it did and what it can do. >> reporter: he says similar home reoccupation was successful in southern california and while they may be illegal, the reoccupations are getting support from local politicians like supervisor john avalos. >> makes wonder if the laws work for everyday people like this i think the laws work more for the banks.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: he says much like the estimated 1500 homeowners who face foreclosure in this low income neighborhood, even he and elected official struggles to get a loan mod and he blames predatory lending for blighted neighborhoods like this. >> safe our homes of! -- save our homes, save our homes! >> reporter: something that has the family overwhelmed. they are nervous the authorities will force them out of their reoccupied home bus but grateful for the support. now, anyone who enters a home after an eviction is guilty of misdemeanor trespassing but san francisco pd says it won't take action unless it receives an arrest complaint from the mortgage company bayview lending. that company is based in florida and has not returned our request for comment. >> did you say that they have been in that house as a family for 50 years? >> reporter: yes. her father built that house. and she now lives there with her daughters and her daughters' children. >> that's a legacy. thank you.
6:35 pm
tonight, bank of america's backing down on a planned debit card fee. last month the bank announced it would start charging customers $5 a months to use their debit cards. after nationwide backlash from customers and lawmakers, the bank reversed it. it comes after several competitors also dropped their fees. a new report is out tonight on the cost of california's high-speed rail project. the price tag has more than doubled. len ramirez is in palo alto to break down the numbers for us. >> reporter: when high-speed rail arrives in california the cost will be far higher than early projections according to the latest business plan released today. >> we have a realistic number for the project. on the other hand it's a scary number. >> reporter: $98.5 billion over the course of the next two decades is more than double the previous estimate. >> we're in the ballpark. >> reporter: but the former chair of the high-speed rail authority and director of the
6:36 pm
mineta transportation institute, rod diridon, says the costs have to be put into context. >> i don't think they are he is slating costs. i think what's happening is you're getting more refined costs not escalating costs. the first plan was just a concept, second plan a linear distance. in plan is based on what's to be done in the linear distance. >> reporter: the system would initially be 520 miles from san francisco to los angeles and eventually include sacramento and san diego reaching speeds of 220 miles per hour. trains would take people from the bay area to l.a. in 2.5 hours. today plan calls for the system to be completed in sections with the first going through the san joaquin valley. the plan also adopts proposals led by state senator joe simitian to share caltrain tracks for the legs from san jose to san francisco. >> i think this more modest approach the blended system will reduce opposition but not eliminate it. >> california does not need this train. >> reporter: this stanford economist is afraid that the
6:37 pm
cost will continue to spiral. >> there is absolutely no reason to have any confidence that the cost escalation will stop there. >> reporter: these are very uncertain times for high-speed rail. not only here in california, but nationwide. florida and wisconsin have abandoned their plans. in fact, dana, california is due to get their share of the federal money, but that's still only $13 billion committed to this project so far. the price tag $98 billion, there's a long way to go. a lot of people wondering if it will ever happen. >> so much to be worked out including right of way issues, though. we'll see. >> reporter: yeah. they know about that here in palo alto. >> yeah. len ramirez, thank you. new reason to think twice about indulging in happy hour. evidence that even a little alcohol may dramatically increase the risk of cancer. ,,,,,,,,,,
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keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. a new study all right. this may give you second thoughts about having a glass of wine or two at dinner. >> that's right.
6:40 pm
because a new study shows even small amounts of alcohol can dramatically increase a woman's risk of breast cancer. dr. kim mulvihill explains. >> reporter: tracy richards enjoys an occasional drink. >> probably once or two maybe three on a friday night. >> reporter: but a new study shows even small amounts of alcohol could have consequences. as reported in the journal of the american medical association, women who consume three to six drinks a week increase their risk of breast cancer by 15%. in addition, women who consumed at least two drinks a day had a 51% increased risk of breast cancer compared to women who never drink alcohol. >> it's most important what someone does over a long period of time not what she just does over the past week or past month. >> reporter: so what's the connection between alcohol and breast cancer? the exact mechanism is unknown but one probably explanation has to do with how alcohol affects circulating estrogen levels. >> it may change the
6:41 pm
sensitivity of tissues estrogen. >> reporter: the findings are important but for some women the increased risk may be enough of a reason to abstain while others may want to continue having a glass of wine for cardiovascular benefits. tracy says she will try to drink less. >> if i were younger like in my 20s, say it wouldn't matter so much to me but being older and wider, definitely, and with a history, definitely. >> reporter: the researchers say there's always time to cut back and lower your risk. in the study the type of alcohol, whether beer, wine or hard liquor, did not make a difference. the risk was slightly increased across the board. i'm dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. from the cbs 5 weather center we have a wind-swept clear sky for tonight and tomorrow is going to pan out to be one more day of sunny skies. the day the rain and the frost arrives. the pinpoint forecast coming up but first, dennis, bring it. >> a little bit of history. where were you on november 1,
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2010? i'm dennis o'donnell. you won't forget when i remind you why. the latest fan incidents, bizarre, next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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75 men from the bay area all in their 80s and 90s are in washington, d.c. tonight. they are there to receive a long overdue honor. they fought for america even though they had every reason not to. sharon chin on the men whose motto was go to broke. >> that's the purple heart. that's the bronze star. >> reporter: almost 70 years after serving in world war ii, 88-year-old will also share america's highest civilian honor. >> i think the recognition by the united states government is a big thing. and it puts you up there with george washington. [ laughter ] >> who is i think the first recipient. >> reporter: sakai of morgan hill is among hundreds of japanese veterans nationwide who will receive the
6:46 pm
congressional gold medal. in all, 20,000 japanese- american soldiers served in the 442nd regimental combat team the 100th infantry battalion and military intelligence in world war ii. they fought for the country while the country locked up 120,000 of their family members in internment camps. >> we became the enemy even though we're american citizens. [ bombing ] >> reporter: after japan bombed pearl harbor in 1941, sakai wanted to join the navy. >> they refused to take me. sorry, you're japanese. now you're an enemy alien. >> reporter: but two years later when the u.s. called for an all japanese volunteer combat team, 19-year-old sakai inlisted. his union became one of the most highly decorated of the war. >> it was either we would be annihilated or we would accomplish our mission, which was to get our freedom, get our citizenship rights back.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: in its bloodiest battle, the japanese-american unit freed a texas battalion the nazis trapped in northeastern france. they suffered more than 800 casualties rescuing just over 200 men. >> we hit the top of the mountain, the treetops, and just fly all over like an umbrella. that's how i got hit in the back. it hurt so bad. and i thought i was dead. >> reporter: after the war, sakai left the service and got married but still wasn't welcome in stores and restaurants. >> it was another war. it was a different kind of a war. >> reporter: for years, many japanese-american soldiers buried their stories of courage so it's taken time for congress to honor all of them. >> they are not boastful and so it takes while for them to talk about their experiences. but then you realize that when they do tell you their story, it is an incredible feat what
6:48 pm
they achieved. >> reporter: sakai himself has organized several veterans reunions back to eastern france. two years ago, the aging veterans were honored in briere, the city they had liberated 65 years before. >> we're on our way out. so it's good to say that we did something in our lives. >> reporter: and decades later, they have earned america's highest praise. in morgan hill, sharon chin, cbs 5. >> the official congressional gold medal will be presented tomorrow at u.s. capital visitors center. tuesday, november 1st, 2011, and today's high temperatures across the san francisco bay area average anywhere between three and 14 degrees above normal. it was 71 degrees at sfo to 81 degrees at the airport in oakland. meanwhile, this is our live cbs 5 weather camera towards ocean beach. when i set this camera shot up a couple of minutes ago, you
6:49 pm
could see blue sky. it's black and white because of sunset at 6:11. temperatures remaining mild. check this out. we are at 69 degrees in livermore after a high today of 73 degrees. it was also 73 in san francisco. currently 70. winds are finally beginning to dial back and will blow out of the north 10 to 20 miles per hour. one more sunny day wednesday and then colder, windy and rain arrives on thursday. and then frost with the passage of that cold front by friday night into saturday morning. but tonight overnight 40 to 50 degrees under a starry sky. clear conditions. with that offshore wind it looks like we still have that red flag warning in effect until 6 a.m. tomorrow primarily in the red highlighted areas which encompasses the north and east bay mountains. those dry winds northeast, boy, was it blustery today with wind gusts up to 38 miles per hour through livermore. that is a bona fide cold front. that's going to make a huge
6:50 pm
dent in our forecast on thursday. until then offshore winds continue with very mild conditions for wednesday. in fact, let's pinpoint your neighborhood. up to near 70 in half moon bay. mid-70s santa clara back in through morgan hill, about 78 degrees in gilroy, east of the bay well inland 78 degrees. that will be the outside number which is still averaging well above normal. north of the golden gate bridge, you have there that 75 degrees in petaluma. rain arrives on thursday, a chance of a thunderstorm on friday. and then unsettled weather over the weekend. and that is the pinpoint forecast. we'll be right back. ,,
6:51 pm
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signing a former bengal not named terrell owens. ten year vet t.j. houshmandzadeh ne-year deal.. your first place raiders have bolstered their receiving corps signing a former bengal not named terrell owens. he gets a one-year contract. he hasn't played this season. he was a pro bowl receiver in 2007 and led the nfl in catches that year. in 2009, he got $15 million guaranteed from seattle. the raiders will pay him $482,000. he worked out with carson palmer before the quarterback was traded to the raiders. not that hue jackson needed any scouting report.
6:54 pm
>> i haven't asked carson one thi about tj. i know what he is and isn't because i coached him. i need to find out what he is. >> he's a player. that might be the nice thing right there. >> he may not be what he once was or he may be. but i get to see him up close and personal and go in from there. >> add one more thing to the puzzle will make us better. >> that logic right there at the end. great. raiders are in a three-way tie for the lead in the west. phillip rivers fumbled a snap with the team in range for the game winning field goal. the chiefs won in overtime. only team not in first place the denver broncos. they come to oakland this sunday. the broncos will start lightning -- lightning rod tim tebow even after their 45-10
6:55 pm
loss to the lions. >> i'm glad the buck's on somebody else. i set up here everybody ready to hammer me for the quarterback now somebody else is saying -- [ laughter ] >> if your first place raiders sell out by thursday afternoon, we will show the raiders and broncos this sunday at one:00 1:00. the sharks nearly pulled off a perfect two-week road trip so joe thornton was disappointed they fell short on the last stop. the sharks fell to the rangers 5-2 last night in new york. they still won 5 of 6 on the trip. but afterwards, the sharks captain said of the rangers, quote, they were probably the softest team we played against on this road trip. so the rangers coach responded by saying this. quote, it surprised me. i have never heard a player say that. over's a heck of a player but here's a playing popping off about our team. joe hasn't pond a g-damn thing in his league. he would go down in our league
6:56 pm
as one of the better teams. like soccer hooligans. a match in romania was stopped before halftime on sunday wa fan ran onto the pitch... ad then slugged a player in the face... appare a fan at halftime ran on the pitch and slugged a player in the face. apparently had a metal objected in his happened. he was then attacked and kicked by several players and grabbed by security. authorities called the match after 20-minute delay which included other fans throwing flares on the field. the injured player suffered a broken cheek bone. >> oh. where were you one year ago tonight? >> right hander for the giants throws... swing and a miss! and that's it! the giants for the first time in 52 years, the giants are world champions! >> hard to believe it was just a year ago in texas that the giants won their first world series since moving to san francisco. >> they have been waiting so long for this. they deserve it. they put in their time and
6:57 pm
effort and poured their heart out for us and we're bringing it back. >> this is what we're talking about, 56 years, huh, willie may, we got you, baby! whoo! world series. >> yeah. what a moment that was. and i rank in my top three moments of bay area sports i have been able to cover i was in the end zone when john taylor caught the touchdown pass against cincinnati to win it and i was that locker room for the giants and then brian boitano his stunning gold medical tal performance. >> you born and raised here. these are the teams you grew one. >> to see boitano with his gold medal performance. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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