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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 2, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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is on duty today. however, they have been keeping their distance. the protest stayed mostly peaceful -- until this afternoon when dozens of rioters dressed in black began clashing with protestors. they hurled tables, chairs, outside of this whole foods near lake merritt. they also attacked at least four banks. joe vazquez at the port of oakland where thousands of protestors have gathered. >> reporter: take a look behind me. they are dancing in the streets. hundreds of demonstrators are block the entrance to one of the port berths. the port announced all maritime operations are shut down. they say that means all cargo operations in and out.
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this is a victory for the demonstrators. the port is closed. this is $8 million a day so this is millions of dollars of impact on the port here. this video happened a half hour ago. this man just wanted to go to work. you know what? he broke through that red rover chain and went inside. but ended up leaving. the union representing port workers mostly teamsters said 40 to 50 workers called out today but can't legally participate in the protest but would violate the contract with management but now they are saying their members are reluctant to cross this picket line for safety reasons. ed powell says went to work today but then decided to join the demonstrators. >> all right. so as you can see, several hundred people because another
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march of demonstrators just joined this one. they are occupying the middle of the street and clearly a victory as within the hour the port of oakland officials announced that all maritime operations at the port have been shut down. >> in the other picture that we see, protestors are up on top of some of the trucks. are the truck drivers for the most part are they supporting this, as well? or do you know? >> reporter: you know, we have seen a lot of truck drivers come out and honk their support. a lot of people we spoke with are union members. others don't believe they should be the target as they are working people and they will lose money today. >> all right. joe vazquez at the port, thank you. >> not all the protestors are peaceful. christin ayers shows us the damage some left behind. >> reporter: and there is quite a bit of damage. the police chief, the mayor and the director of the port just finished a press conference
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here just a short time ago. they are blaming a splinter group of about 60 anarchists for some of the damage we see today. they say those people did in fact destroy a handful of banks and stormed a whole foods. if you look at some of the video, the group used hammers and rocks to shattered 7-foot- tall glass windowpanes at a bank of america at oakland acies ver and they busted atm screens there and took cans of spray-paint to the building itself. they smashed a chase bank at 20th and webster and a whole foods at lake merritt. you can see from the chopper aerials people flinging tables and chairs into the street and even threw some store windows according to some reports. but look at what happened next. some peaceful protestors from "occupy oakland" fighting back using chairs and sticks to keep the group at bay away from the
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store. there was a moment that they even linked arms form a human shield to protect the place. now, the police chief says these violent protestors were just smile fraction of about 4500 total protestors who were believed to be on the streets of oakland right now. he said the police department will attempt to focus in on this very small group of again about 60 anarchists and they are hoping that doing that will allow the peaceful protests to carry on. >> in a perfect world, we would want the people that want to exercise their first amendment rights peacefully way from those who are bent on causing destruction and what we have known is that the people causing the destruction and damages are dressed distinctively. they are wearing all black and they are usually wearing a handkerchief or mask over their faces. when we're able to arrest them to prevent them from causing further damage. >> reporter: the city had been
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counting on a peaceful protest until this afternoon when some of that violence started. we spoke to the police chief and we also spoke exclusively today to anthony batts the former police chief about what police should be doing today. -to-keep everyone safe and to keep their first amendment rights intact. >> i have some concerns about a small group of people in the crowd perhaps looking for a confrontation with the police. >> reporter: oakland'ings interim police chief called it hours before it happened. a group of black bloc anarchists shattering windows and bank property while peaceful protestors tried to stop them, the kind of activity that could transform the police response from hands off to riot- ready. >> the demonstrators have kept it peaceful and orderly as we had expected. >> reporter: that's what the city said around noon today and for hours cops kept their distance on the outskirts of a shutdown broadway. behind me is one of many marches going on here today.
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if you look at the fronts you see a few police. and coming back to the middle same thing, still very few police officers here. authorities say it can stay this way if things remain peaceful. but a few hours later chaos captured from chopper 5. >> some people come to the middle of crowds and cause problems and try to make a problem outrageous and they want to cause destruction. >> reporter: a dressed-downed former chief anthony batts spoke to cbs 5 exclusively on his last day inside the oakland police department. he advocated a surgical response to troublemakers. >> you have to go in and take them out and allow people to march. >> reporter: batts has been watching the police response for the past week from a distance taking a back seat even when iraq war veteran scott olsen was injured last week during the protest. >> clearly the public didn't like what they saw and what happened. >> reporter: batts says this is no longer his territory that jordan and mayor jean quan are in charge now. and monday morning
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quarterbacking is not his place. >> if the mayor is doing a good or bad job, it's not up to me to decide. >> reporter: the police have continued to keep their distance. we are hearing that they have called on the help of the alameda county sheriff and also highway patrol and will be getting some mutual aid from them tonight. there is one thing to keep in mind. even though every, single oakland police officer is on the clockworking today, that's just 644 officers for 4500 protestors. that could mean delays in responding to some of the vandalism calls and dana, we may see -- if we do see things starting to flare up, we may see a bit of a delay in the response time. >> you know, christin, so far it has been as it was called for. it was a general strike, there are thousands of people out there now. it's been fairly orderly with the exception of the anarchist group. is there -- are you hearing any
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word right now how the evening might transpire if -- it's going to be dark pretty soon. is there anything organized that "occupy oakland" intends to do. >> reporter: well, there is -- the main attraction now that march going toward the port of oakland. we have seen historically in these situations that when night falls, we start to see some flare-ups happen and oakland police are certainly prepared for the possibility of that happening. however, they have told us that right now there have been no arrests. they are hoping it stays that way tonight. but again, it will depend on what it kind of fringe group winds up doing. >> we'll keep an eye on it. thank you, christin ayers in oakland. the bank branches in oakland did become a focal point of today's demonstrations. most of the protestors simply wanted to vocally vent their anger at institutions representing entrenched corporate greed as they call it. mike sugerman on how that played out in the streets. >> reporter: well, allen, as you've been hearing, there was
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some very bad behavior at banks today, very, very bad behavior. but for the most part it was a civil disobedience. 72 degrees in oakland today, around banks a lot hotter. >> we are the 99%. >> reporter: protestors marched around oakland's downtown targeting bank after bank. at one wells fargo windows were broken. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this chase branch paid for it by demonstrators blocking doors shutting it down. >> they are getting richer and richer. the bank presidents are getting giant bonus while the people are losing their homes and losing their jobs. these are the criminals, not the workers. the ceos and the top people. >> there's going to be at least 1,000 people here in front of the bank of america. they are loud but peaceful but i haven't seen a police officer here or anywhere all day. a few banks closed including small one pacific coast branch. several of the other bigger banks either never opened or were shut down by demonstrators
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like this chase branch on 20th. >> the bank's relationship to people to my families and my parents has caused foreclosures and people losing their jobs, which in turn makes it more difficult to teach. >> in principle, i'm all for it. but they shouldn't impede people's going to the bank and that sort of thing. >> reporter: and while there were some businesses closing because of the general strike, most, like this secure's mediterranean delight restaurant, still fed hungry bankers and demonstrators. >> i don't think it's smart for businesses to close down. there's a lot of small businesses that rely on the income and so when you shut a business down for a day that could affect them which in turn affects the whole environment. >> reporter: the banks were affected and businesses in the frank ogawa plaza area and up and down broadway as well but photographer don ford and i were all over the city today from this morning now and i have to say, it was business as usual in almost every part of oakland and again, i got to
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emphasize, what is it a little after 6:00? i have yet to see an oakland police officer. take that for what it is. it's been a remarkable day here in the city of oakland. >> all right, mike sugerman, thank you. well, today's strike left the oakland school district without hundreds of teachers. ann notarangelo shows us how some children got an education outside of the classroom. ann. >> reporter: and dana, parents are very concerned about their children's future and so today, hundreds of parents pulled their kids out of class and they had them join this event and marching right alongside them were hundreds of oakland unified schoolteachers. but there is sort of an innocent to this aspects of "occupy oakland." you're not going to hear fancy rhetoric, just simple playground rules, they want people to play fair and they want them to share and more than anger, these parents and children have a sense of optimism. that's -- they think what they are doing is going to make a difference. their children are armed with lots of questions about what's
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going on and they are still piecing together what this is all about. >> the 1% rich people, uhm, are kind of influencing the government to pay less instead poor people -- not poor people but the average people are paying more than the rich people. >> i'm really not sure how it's going to affect me. >> it's a unique opportunity for him to really learn about civil disobedience and about his place as a citizens. >> reporter: if they were out here, they would were not in the classroom. it was a regular attendance day in oakland except for bridges academy where 19 of their 20 teachers were out and teachers encouraged parents to keep their children home. districtwide it was a real scramble to get substitutes to replace the more than 300 teachers. about 15 to 20% of the teachers
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who took a personal day or called in sick. some of the schools decided to incorporate the general strike in their lesson plans. other schools ignored it. we were at oakland tech earlier in the day and it was business as usual. in oakland, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. downtown oakland roiled by protestors. what does everybody else in the city think about the "occupy" movement? >> over $600 on seven cards in less than an hour after taking my wallet. >> learn from someone else's mistakes. the secrets to stopping identity thieves in their tracks. >> giants fan bryan stow makes major move. what he showed his family he can do for the first time since the attack that nearly killed him. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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protesters continue to flood and we continue with live pictures from our chopper 5 over the city of oakland. this general strike and protestors continue to flood into the streets. they are amassing at the port of oakland, which has been shut down. but there is another side to this story. and it's being told by the thousands of oaklanders who decided not to protest today. phil matier tells us many of them say that they support the movement, they just can't be a part of it. phil. >> reporter: that's right. you know, while the world and the nation see those images you just showed of thousands hitting the streets, many, many thousands more did what they usually do, go to work and make the best of it. here's their story. fritz affluent rockridge district to hard hit east oakland to chinatown, oakland, while sympathetic to the "occupy" message was open for business. >> they would not be picking the small businesses like
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chinatown so think we're pretty safe. >> reporter: that was the case throughout the city as buses rolled on their usual routes, office workers took their lunch breaks and the coffeehouses along college avenue did their usual brisk business all while demonstration roiled downtown. but that didn't keep people from working. it was the same story in east oakland. what do you think of this "occupy" movement and demonstration going on right now? >> well, it has its good points. sometimes getting a little out of hand. >> reporter: in the temescal area we found a base in closed in support of the strike -- found one business that closed in support of the strike but a few feet down the street bakesale betty lined them up down the street. >> we would lose a lot of money if we closed. >> reporter: one thing was the opinion about how mayor jean
6:18 pm
quan handled the "occupy" encampment and demonstrations. >> poor, definitely poor. >> could have been better. >> seemed to be so completely uninformed. >> reporter: and indeed, for many of the oaklanders out here, it is the mayor and how shants police handle the next couple of hours -- how she and the police handle the next couple of hours, especially at the port that determine how this day goes down locally and politically. >> thank you, phil matier. eight million americans were victims of identity theft last year. and with increasing security breaches at department stores and gaming companies, it can happen to anybody. there are ways to beat the crooks. on the consumerwatch, julie watts says one victim learned her lesson the hard way. >> they got over $600 on seven cards in less than an hour after taking my wallet. >> reporter: and bonnie says this bart station was just the first stop. even though she thought she had done everything possible to stop the identity thief in her tracks. >> i contacted every single bank. let them know i had identity
6:19 pm
theft, went to equifax and filled out a form, also went online and did a police report. >> reporter: but still, one week later, bank tellers say this woman accessed money's accounts at various -- bonnie's accounts at various banks and someone changed her passwords, opened up credit cards and even bought a diamond ring with bonnie's identity. >> the best crooks are great at social engineering talking people into doing things they wouldn't otherwise do. >> reporter: the identity theft council says that's why it's so important you take the proper steps after your identity is compromised. and he points to bonnie's case as the perfect example. >> she certainly did the right thing by approaching the credit bureaus. >> reporter: but he says instead of a fraud alert which notifies you when someone tries to open an account, you should issue a credit freeze which stops any activity altogether. >> we have come across so much cases where there's a fraud alert on a credit report and the car salesman, for example, will just ignore it, a story the thief will tell them and they will drive off the lot with a $50,000 lexus. >> reporter: but for many of the impact of identity theft
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reaches far beyond their credit and in bonnie's case the bank teller says this woman withdrew thousands and locked bonnie out of her account. >> bank of america changed my verbal password. >> reporter: owe farm says actually it's not weird at all. with a license, social security number and a little facebook research, most thieves can crack security questions like mother's maiden name a dress and high school. >> it's very easy to set up a code with your bank saying, unless i physically give you this number, don't allow any access to my account. don't assume the person is me. just like the p.i.n. number when you get a credit freeze. >> reporter: when it comes to her biggest mistake, even bonnie acknowledges that was carrying her social security card. >> that will sell again and again and again. if there is additional information involved like name and address, a driver's license, i mean, that's something that even organized crime would buy because they can maximize that. >> reporter: that's a regret bonnie says she will live with for the rest of her life was as she learned the hard way -- >> you can't get a new social
6:21 pm
security card issued. so she will forever have my social security number whoever this person is. >> reporter: we should note the social security administration will change your number in, quote, extreme cases but the san francisco office tells us it's only changed two since 1985. and bonnie says the one thing that she did that's helped her more than anything else was filing that police report. she says every credit agency every bank has asked for that number. and i do want to remind folks that the woman in the surveillance video hasn't been charged with anything but police are asking if you recognize her, contact us so we can put new contact with proper authorities. and this spans various jurisdictions so they want us to be the go-between. >> thank you. a recovering milestone for injured giants fan bryan stow. his family says he has written his name. stow was beaten outside dodger stadium on opening day. the stow family says bryan's memory is showing improvement,
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as well. this is a picture of stow's handwritten name. the family says "this picture speaks volumes and we are so proud of him." stow is recovering from a severe brain injury in a bay area rehabilitation facility. good evening, everyone. it's wednesday, november 2 and today's high temperatures averaged anywhere between 4 and 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. and look at that sweeping view of the golden gate bridge as seen from the transamerica building where currently air temperatures still in the 60s and in the 70s across the board. how about heading to the coast now? official sundown is at 609 timed. we are cooling off rapidly now these autumn days and now by the time the sun makes an appearance tomorrow at 7:36, it will be cloudy. up to .10" of rain is expected. this is our futurecast. tomorrow morning's commute
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relatively dry. here comes the cold front slicing from the north bay to the south bay. then a bit of a break towards the evening commute. that's the core of the cold front that will cause the instability during the nighttime hours and the possibility of a thunderstorm on friday. tomorrow's daytime high temperatures coming down significantly. 50s and 60s. northwest winds up to 20 miles per hour. outside number east of the bay will be 66 degrees. north of the golden gate bridge, from the low 50s in bodega bay to 61 degrees in petaluma. seven-day forecast does bear some explanation because again, once the clouds clear on friday, we will have frost friday night inland. another system saturday night through sunday daily chances of rain showers on monday and tuesday. that's the pinpoint forecast. >> thanks so much, roberta. the california city that may soon charge for barking dogs. >> they have got closer and it got closer and then it surfaced maybe 100 feet away. >> an unusual sight just off
6:24 pm
the coast. in -- why humpback whales are getting dangerously close to shore, in two minutes. ,,,, [ male announcer ] imagine there was a way to keep high-tech jobs here in san francisco.
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a way to renew blighted neighborhoods like mid-market and the tenderloin by helping emerging industries expand and hire more workers. a way to give incentives to companies that produce clean energy jobs. one man found a way to do all this and more. mayor ed lee. ed lee accomplished these things in less than one year as mayor. just imagine what he'll do with four.
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the los angeles city council dogs that bark too much can lead to hefty fines. at least down south. the los angeles city council approved an ordinance that will fine owners of dogs that bark excessively $250 for the first offense. the fines do go up from there. $500 for the second offense. [ loud barking ] >> this would be excessive. [ laughter ] >> $1,000 for the third offense. it's considered excessive if a dog continues barking for longer than 10 minutes. u.s. coast guard is warning people to stay away from a pod of whales that has settled unusually close to the santa
6:27 pm
cruz shore. a group of humpback whales each the size of a school bus has been shadowing local boaters and kayakers over the past few days. weather conditions have brought anchovies closer to shore and naturally the whales have followed. word of the mammals' visit is drawing whale watchers to santa cruz businesses and overcrowding the waterways. >> an hour later 300 people were out there pouring out of the harbor mouth in droves of kayaks. you could have walked back on people's kayaks. >> the coast guard reminds the public people must stay 100 yards away from the whales. violators can face a $2,500 fine for whale harassment. all right, sir. they couldn't shut the city down completely but they have been trying all day. we are live tonight in oakland. this is what it looks like. thousands of protestors have gathered at the port of oakland. they hope to shut it down and they have. how police are ready to respond
6:28 pm
tonight. brutal murder inside a california wal-mart. what a customer refused to do that police say got him killed. it's all hands on deck. we're having a merlot-a-thon tonight. >> just when they thought they were in the clear, mother nature throws a curve ball to bay area wine growers. ,,,,,,
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"we bailed them ou en they in return were having all these lavish parties and all of this stuff that they were doing like they don't really give a damn about the people." thousands of protestors continue they cannot exist without us. for far too long they acts as if we need them. we don't need them. they need us. >> we bailed them out and in turn they was having all this lavishing parties and all of this stuff like they were doing like they don't give a damn about the people. >> thousands of protestors continue to march across oakland. they are speaking out against corporate greed, big business and bank bailouts. their goal was to shut the city down and in some ways they achieved that. right now the port of oakland is shut down. thousands of protestors are blocking the entrance to the port bringing a new plea from the port's director. joe vazquez can tell us what's
6:32 pm
happening now. >> reporter: this looks like a park but it's an intersection. this is 7th street where it meets middle harbor road. hundreds of people are in fact blocking one of the entrances to one of the port berths. within the last hour or so, the port announced that maritime operations have been shut down. that means all cargo operation in and out, all daily operations closed for the night. >> operations are effect ill shut down in the maritime area -- effectively shut down in the maritime area of oakland. we ask that the marchers allow our port workers safe passage home. please allow our goal in 99% to get home safe to their families. maritime area operations will resume when it is safe and secure to do so. >> reporter: this is the sort of scene happening all over the port of oakland. right now there are thousands
6:33 pm
of demonstrators. they have walked and biked and even some were brought here on buses to march to the port of oakland. they aimed to shut it down for the night shift and indeed they did. those hundreds of protestors just left. there are murmurs in the crowd about police. whether they are on the way to confront them. the rest of the crowd makes it clear this is a peaceful protest so it is curious why they have started moving in that direction. perhaps as the rumors have it the police are just trying to make sure this crowd is under control. >> joe, mike sugerman alluded earlier to there wasn't much of a police presence where he was earlier today. what about your immediate area? is there much of a police presence there? it doesn't sound like it. >> reporter: no. it's really hard to find the
6:34 pm
oakland police today. they are out. we have seen them on some obscure intersections and in fact we saw them arrive here earlier today. they arrived to look at the crowd and then they backed off and drove away. we are going to look and see what's happening here because clearly there's some movement in that direction. we'll see why that is. >> joe, keep us posted. let us know what happens. thank you. well, as we said not all the protests were peaceful but christin ayers reports occupiers say the vandals that have trashed the banks and the businesses are not part of the general strike. >> reporter: there certainly have been some tension between what police are calling some of the anarchists who did some damage earlier today and a large majority of the protests who are peaceful. just a short time ago the city administrator and mayor and police chief said that the crowd of peaceful protestors has grown to 4500.
6:35 pm
the large crowd outside the u.s. bank protesting peacefully. and you can see the sheer size of the protest. again, all of these largely peaceful when a few dozen anarchists started damaging banks and whole foods, peaceful protestors tried to maintain the peace. speaking just a short time ago, mayor jean quan expressed disappointment over the small number of french protestors who she says were causing problems. >> we went out this afternoon looking at the damage. disappointingly, created by a very small group of the protestors in what has been a peaceful series of demonstrations by thousands of demonstrators. >> reporter: oakland police said they will be bringing in reinforcements from the alameda county sheriff's department and highway patrol just to make sure that things remain peaceful. they say so far, there have
6:36 pm
been no arrests. back to you. >> christin ayers with the latest, thank you. in other news now, a 74- year-old man beaten to death inside of a wal-mart in front of horrified shoppers. witnesses say a man who appeared to be homeless asked a shopper for money in the los angeles county store. the victim was attacked, hit over the head with an aluminum baseball bat when he said no. >> it was just like moan and groan but could you hear when he hit him, it was awful. it was so awful. [ crying ] >> even though witnesses say the homeless man got angry when he was denied money, police say the attack was unprovoked and that no words were exchanged. the 46-year-old suspect was arrested. man's best friend isn't always a dog. >> there is really no science or magic to how i did it. say him, liked him and got him. >> how this pair launched a new way of policing for a small california town. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:39 pm
capital of the world" now has a mounted police unit. and as sharon chin r a small central california city calls itself the cowboy capital of the world and has a mounted police units. sharp sharon reports it's thanks to this week's jefferson award winner and his rescued horse. reporter: when joe cruz met lobo the horse he knew he found a friend. >> there was really no science or magic. >> reporter: joe adopted lobo from the woman who rescued him. lobo had been abused, skeletal, starved and beaten but joe saw something special. >> he was stalky. his demeanor he wasn't afraid of loud noises. he minded very well. >> reporter: joe had already wanted to saddle up a mounted patrol unit in oakdale. now his idea had legs. the pair didn't ride into the sunset. they galloped to mounted police school. >> i really had no riding experience other than renting a horse on a trail and following
6:40 pm
the guide. >> reporter: joe almost gave up but thought it would be hoofing to stay. >> so the instructor didn't see me. i walked him around to the bed of a pickup truck and climbed on the bed of the tailgate to fall on him i was so sore from the first day. >> reporter: after graduating from the one week mounted police course, joe became an equestrian police officer last fall. lobo got his own badge. their teacher captain fitch from sacramento county's sheriff's office praised their perseverance. >> they did a great job. joe's an outstanding individual, very giving and very kind. and a lot of that transcends into how he works and performs with the horse as well. >> reporter: when joe is not working his full-time job sell propane, he is often helping oakdale police patrol events and farmer's markets. joe pays for lobo's care and says it only costs taxpayers a dollar a year. with today's tight budget the police chief is hard pressed to say nay. >> for someone with a full-time job and family to say i'll come
6:41 pm
down and help you and commit my weekend, you know, to your rodeo or to we have a chocolate festival here, to commit your weekend to a chocolate festival is incredible. >> reporter: joe and lobo were such a hit that they inspired a second mounted patrol team here at the oakdale police department. the horse and ride ver become town celebrities. starbucks even gave lobo his own gold card but as ambassadors for the police there is no horsing around with joe's message. a sergeants says joe encourages kids to steer clear of drugs and show compassion. >> he is telling them that there are lots of quality animals out there that need homes and all it takes is some love and patience and they will make good animals. >> reporter: just like lobo. >> i can't think of a better way to serve the citizens of oakdale as a police officer than being on him on a nice day. >> reporter: so for serving the community of oakdale with a new mounted police union, the jefferson award in the bay area this week goes to joe cruz, sharon chin, cbs 5.
6:42 pm
a dramatic change in your weather forecast for thursday. the pinpoint forecast still straight ahead. but i'm telling you, dennis, surf will not be up tomorrow. >> roberta, today he won in san francisco what slater accomplished to be carried across the beach. coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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completely contained. the "loma fire" started last night >> a wildfire that burned 90 acres in napa county is contained. the loma fire started last night around 8:45 in an area north of the city of napa. one home was destroyed by the wind driven blaze. investigators believe fallen power lines sparked the fire. the grape harvest is in high gear. more than 50 wineries are trying to harvest before the weather ruins the crop. len ramirez on the merlot-a- thon taking place right now. reporter: a year's worth of a wine grower's work now safely
6:46 pm
in the hopper. what worries him are the tons of grapes still on the vine. >> this is cabernet looking great. it's ripe right now. >> reporter: they are soaking up the last of the sunny weather, but soon they may just be soaking. rain and possibly frost are on the way and it's a race to get the last of the vintage in before it's ruined. >> it's all hands on deck. we're having what we call a merlot-a-thon tonight. we're processing, we have 15- acre block of merlot. we are going to get it in. >> reporter: brian who imagines concannon vineyards says a tough year got tougher. >> we don't want to make unintentional ice wine. >> reporter: normally the grapes would have been picked by now and the grape juice already would be turning into wine but prolonged cool weather early in the season pushed the process back a month. >> the cool season so ripening was slow and gradual good for the fruit but butts up against winters so now rain is in the forecast and lots more after these next ones come in. so time to bring everything in. >> reporter: some wineries have
6:47 pm
put their gardeners and tasting room employees on the production lines. one winemaker brought in interns from. c davis to help out. >> everyone gloves playing with the grapes. >> reporter: will the extra efforts pay off? >> we'll get the answer. i'll give you my first bottle in three years. >> reporter: winemakers are patient in all things except for beating a storm. len ramirez, cbs 5. it's amazing how fast and serious they are trying to get those grapes off the vines because tonight's going to be a cold night, as well. not as cold as it will be with the frost on friday night but take a look at these forecasted expected overnightlows. 47 degrees in san jose. official sun downat 6 09. this is a live cbs 5 weather camera and boy, it's getting darker as we lose minutes
6:48 pm
every day as we are wrapping up this autumn season. but this time next week it will be fully dark. light rain for most people. cooler temperatures. this is a cold fronts and the core, the center is right there. first off a front passes through as the high scoots out of the area. cold wet days through the weekend. here comes the cold front slicing from the north bay. watch the clock, always way to the santa clara valley. but it's very hit and miss and light. there is the core behind it, with more rain showers by thursday night into friday. tomorrow's daytime highs coming down significantly. today we had 80 degrees in gilroy. nobody exceeds 68 degrees tomorrow. in fact, that is the outside number in gilroy. then we have that core coming through thursday night into friday with even a chance of a thunderstorm on friday with
6:49 pm
the instability associated with the passage of this front. saturday night is when we have the second round of precipitation. chances of rain on our raiders sunday and then also we'll keep slight chance of rain in the monday and tuesday forecast. when you go to bed on saturday night, at 2 a.m. on sunday make sure you set your clocks back one full hour as we spring ahead. now it's time to fall back here in the bay area. that is your pinpoint forecast. dennis is going to bring it with sports up next. ,,
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today kelly slater smashed the we had a legendary surfer create a legendary happening today at ocean beach. he won his first championship in 1992 when jay leno debuted. and he won another one today. >> you're all over me tonight. no pro surfer has won more than four titles and today kelly slater smashed the surfing record books at ocean beach. kim coyle has more. [ applause and cheers ] >> he is definitely one of the best athletes of our
6:53 pm
generation. >> make way, make way. >> whoo! >> it's like cal junior going out. >> reporter: not even the ironman can say he owns 11 championships. 20 years ago, kelly slater became the youngest to win a world title. today he became the oldest. what was it like being carried in just the emotions and crowds? >> a long walk like that is too much. a little overwhelming. i didn't -- i felt kind of silly being up there on people's shoulders for very long. it would be nice if it was a 10-yard walk. >> reporter: the win came with mixed emotions for slater. today is the one year anniversary of his close friend's death, fellow surfer andy irons. >> how about a quick moment of silence for andy irons. >> reporter: what would andy say about this 11th world title for you? >> i can't repeat that right now. [ laughter ] >> he would call me some kind
6:54 pm
of name. >> reporter: slater's impressive 11th title ranks him among his peers in other sports. roger federer, tiger woods, the t-shirt doesn't lie. jordan plus kobe equals slater. >> it's an honor. i have looked at these guys for years to try to figure out their sort of secret to approaching competition and be able to apply it myself and, you know, i feel like it's -- i have learned something for sure and it's been successful. >> reporter: each one of these tastes better each time now that you have 11? >> uhm, actually i don't drink much so champagne is starting to taste worse's get older. >> reporter: kim coyle, cbs 5 supports. somebody had to go. today the raiders cut receiver derek haggan to clear the room on the roster.
6:55 pm
houshmandzadeh was catching passes from carson palmer who he spent five years with in cincinnati. t.j. houshmandzadeh got 12 touchdowns passes nearly half palmer's total that year but palmer wasn't the only driving force behind putting him on the silver and black. >> this is the truth. wherever i go, i live in l.a. every fan go play for the raiders. if people watch this, i probably got it 50 times a day at least. my kids play softball you go to softball tournaments over the summer probably got that 200 times. so i just want to have fun and help the team. >> so i don't know any told you this all season long. tickets are available. the fifth quarter we hope to have this broadcast tickets are available the raiders, the first place raiders and the denver broncos post-game reaction to follow. >> the champions tour is in town this weekend at it. cp harding park. this year's presidents cup captain fred couples is
6:56 pm
headlining the events. some guys fly others take the trying train. but mark calcavecchia brought his own luxury bus. he didn't bring it to san francisco but it sounds like he wished i did. >> we didn't even know how big it is. it's a hell of a lot bigger than the hotel room we're in right now, promise that you and there is no bar in my hotel room, either. you have to go down to the lobby. that's a pain in the [ bleep ]. you have your movies, stereo, bar, your refrigerator. you got two bathrooms in the thing. got butt washers in it. so what else do you need? [ laughter ] >> it's unbelievable. >> where can you buy that with us? [ laughter ] this is mark calcavecchia's kind of sport. john brown university in arkansas a tradition going back 30 years. students threw toilet paper on the court. you see how these stories come together? >> yeah, yeah. >> the officials gave them a technical foul but it's well worth it when you win by 43
6:57 pm
points. >> ha. >> getting back to kelly slater, if you look at an athlete who has dominated his sports for 20 years like he has, i think he is at the top, right? maybe jack nicklaus you can make a case for but this guy totally completely dominates his sport. >> he still looks good after 20 years. >> live pictures at the port where "occupy" protestors have gathered and continue to gather. the port's executive director announced that the port is closed and will stay closed until he feels that it's safe to open. there have been a number of reports of damage to banks and shops throughout the downtown area. but overall it's been fairly peaceful. we'll keep an eye on this and have complete coverage on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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