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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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if you do not leave, you will be arrested. calm turns into chaos in oakland overnight. police firing tear gas and flash-bangs at "occupy" protestors and a tense overnight standoff. dozens of people were arrested and our cbs 5 photographers first on the scene. >> anser hassan is at frank ogawa plaza this morning but we begin with anne makovec where protestors tried to overtake a vacant building. anne. >> reporter: it is a building where they used to be running homeless services out of. some of the protestors i talked to said that they actually had permission from the former owners to go ahead and overtake that building. police were not okay with what was going on setting up a standoff. you can see the video we shot overnight. this happened at around midnight or just before, protestors taking over this building at 520 16th street at 16th and telegraph near here. they set up a barricade.
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they had set up garbage and pallets and set them on fire. things got crazy and the police threw tear gas and flash-bangs. at one point there was infighting between some of the peaceful "occupy" protestors and some of the people who seemed to be more interested in a confrontation with police. so the fires were in the proceed. it didn't appear things were damaged except for garbage and pallets but certainly did cause alarm around the area. there were dozens if not hundreds of police officers from oakland pd and the sheriff's office, as well. alameda county sheriff's office. they came in, in riot gear. they arrested about 50 people overnight. those people are being processed right now at the local jail.
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i'm on 14th and broadway a couple of blocks from where this happened. you can see a lot of graffiti over there. there's a lot of people -- you can excuse the other news crews -- cleaning the graffiti right now off that tully's coffee shop. some of the protestors i spoke with too are very frustrated because they said tully's had been very helpful and supportive to their cause and then to have, you know, these few rogue protestors coming around and graffiti'ing up the place, it was upsetting to them. some of the protestors have been actually cleaning off the graffiti themselves in addition to some of the business owners. block by block here there is a lot of graffiti that has been left. the major violence was at 16th and telegraph. anser hassan is at the "occupy oakland" camp. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning. much calmer here and more peaceful than last night.
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i'm here at frank ogawa plaza. most of the protestors are returning from the telegraph area that you spoke of. some are coming back to their tents. many are already asleep. a few of the people i spoke with say they are concerned with the police presence that they may move in. now, we don't see any cops in the immediate encampment area. we saw cops from concord, san rafael, even fremont. now, as anne mentioned, there is a wall that a lot of the protestors are washing down trying to clean up some of the graffiti and as anne mentioned, they are concerned with this anarchist group that's been going around spray-painting the walls and what not. in fact, they have been sort of separating themselves out from a lot of protestors here. you can see the sign they are calling their own general assembly meeting, as well. as for the "occupy" protestors, they will have a general assembly meeting to plan what to do next. the next big plan of action comes november 5 when they are asking people to pull money out
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from the bank. anser hassan, back to you. >> thank you. we were just talking about those that spent the night actually in the plaza there. that would be a little bit scary considering what happened last night. have you talked to anyone this morning? >> reporter: i think a lot of people are up and now are going to sleep right now. some people are standing guard and keeping an eye on cops to make sure that if they move in, that people are ready. people are at ease. it's a different mood than last night. >> thank you, anser hassan live in oakland. oakland police hope that the public can help them as well find those vandals who were responsible for all that property damage. >> exactly. investigators believe they loosely organized splinter group is responsible for most of the vandalism breaking windows,
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hurling tables and chairs. the black bloc, people dressed in similar black clothing and ski masks or scarves, hide their faces. the black bloc anarchists in oakland are accused of damaging a whole foods grocery store near lake merritt yesterday. at one peaceful protest, they formed a human chain to current black bloc activity. >> you can see it right there. >> this is not a single shocked by the "occupy oakland" movement the this is not what it's about. >> we are aware of people that are bent on causing problems. we are going to be take steps to address those problems. >> hammers were used to destroy 7-foot-tall panes of glass at bank of america at kaiser center. automatic teller machines were also damaged. nearby u.s. bank and chase bank branches were also vandalized. officials at the port of oakland are hoping that they can get operations back in business by 7 a.m. thousands of people blocked entrances to the port there. were even some confrontations
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as port workers tried to get past the protestors but port officials say overall it was primarily peaceful. some workers were frustrated over losing a day's pay because of the protests. >> i completely sympathize with them actually. >> reporter: but by blocking them from going to work, how does that help? >> that's a good question. maybe in the momentary at the time, hurting them economically, it may make it difficult for them right now. but the idea is in the long term, this will pay off. >> but the oakland chamber of commerce says the "occupy" movement is backfiring. port officials say the shutdown will cut very deeply into the $8.5 million that the port generates every day. two people are recovering after being hit by a car overnight during the protest in downtown oakland. cell phone video shows a protestor banging on the hood of a silver mercedes at broadway and 11th when witnesses say the driver just sped off. a man and woman were hit.
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a cbs 5 camera was there moments later and you can see the man on the ground. the mercedes stopped again and an angry crowd of about 10 people or so gathered around the car screaming at the driver. a three-alarm condo fire in marin county today sent one woman to the hospital and left two people homeless. firefighters knocked down the fire at san rafael building -- at the san rafael building around 2 a.m. one woman was treated for smoke inhalation. it was extremely intense and fast-moving fire. >> firefighters could see smoke and flames en route to the scene. when they arrived on the scene they were met by intense flames at the front door and flames through the roof. >> he also said the fire grew rapidly because of all the construction going on at the condo. the cause is still under investigation. 5:07 on this thursday morning. let's kick it over to lawrence and find out what's going on weather-wise. a little bit of rain, i guess,
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huh? >> big changes coming our way. those 70s long gone now as we are going to see some much cooler temperatures. a cold front diving into the bay area this morning bringing some clouds already. we are going to have to wait a little bit for that rain probably as we get closer to noontime. that rain is showing up in far northern california. this is going to slide in not a real big storm system but we're expecting some showers toward the latter part of the day. temperatures right now chilly in spots. 30s in parts of the north bay, 40s and 50s elsewhere. by the afternoon this is probably the big story, how much cooler these temperatures are going to be today. many of these numbers struggling to get up into the 60s. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we're going to check in with bart. the 12th street station in downtown oakland is open. you can't use that frank ogawa plaza entrance or exit. but otherwise, you can use it. all bart trains are only time including those heading into san francisco. here's live look at conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks great this morning from oakland. no delays getting there and all
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across the deck. benicia bridge quiet heading to martinez. westbound 4 you can see no brake lights looks good towards 242 and concord. back to you. >> thank you. 5:09 your time. stay with us, we have team coverage on the showdown in oakland. protestors holed up in a vacant building, a chaotic night of tear gas and arrests. we'll have the latest. >> and what was the white house considering behind closed doors, bailing out solyndra. >> more trouble for herman cain h coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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get-together in france today... leaders of the "group of 20" leading world economies are mmit, to deal with 5:11. an important get together in france today. leaders of the group of 20 leading world economies are holding a summit to deal with
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global financial problems. french president nicolas sarkozy greeted president obama as he arrived in cannes for the g20. much of the focus will be on the economy, including greece where the prime minister called an emergency cabinet meeting today. members of the parliament are revolting on a referendum on a bailout package for the country the equivalent of 178 billion u.s. dollars. a house subcommittee votes today on a plan to subpoena white house documents concern the fremont solar company solyndra. hundreds of documents indicate the obama administration officials considered and rejected a bailout plan shortly before solyndra declared bankruptcy. republican presidential candidate herman cain cannot outrun questions about his past. a third woman is accusing him
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of sexually harassing her when they worked together in the '90s. two other women reportedly settled similar claims around the same time under confidential agreements. he denies any wrongdoing. coming up closing arguments in the michael jackson death trial. what the jury will be considering as soon as tomorrow. >> a big leap for bryan stow. what the injured giants fan did for the first time since that being the at dodger stadium. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oakland overnight.. made dozens of ar welcome back. it is 5:16 now. violence in the streets of oakland overnight. >> that's right. police have made dozens of arrests. anne makovec is in oakland where protestors moved in to occupy a vacant building overnight. good morning, anne. >> that's right. that is where the clash began. it was at 16th and telegraph a couple of blocks from where i'm standing right now. take a look at this video. this was around midnight last night. protestors moved in to this building which used to be a homeless services building. it's vacant. they moved inputting a barricade around the building things like garbage cans and pallets and set it on fire. that's when police really showed some force. they ended up firing off tear gas and flash-bang grenades. one of our photographers was there and here's how he recounts it. >> they hit the ground, they bounce up about five feet in
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the air and they just explode. and it's flash-bang. it scares the heck out of you and that's what it's designed to do to get to you back off. >> reporter: he said it was a very chaotic scene before about 50 people were arrested. police in riot gear had several blocks barricaded off at that point. is they are now reopened. there was a lot of infighting between some of the "occupy oakland" protestors and a rogue group that seemed to be a little bit more violent that set off this confrontation with police. there is a lot of graffiti in the area. here on 14th and broadway this is the scene up and down downtown blocks. several windows are broken. the clean-up is only beginning here in downtown oakland. back to you. >> thank you. let's get a quick check of
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traffic and weather. a big change is coming in the weather. let's kick it over to lawrence and find out -- >> did you say a quick chick? >> a quick chick come through that door right over there. [ laughter ] >> his mind is elsewhere. [ laughter ] >> we have some clouds rolling in right now. we have some rain that looks like it's on the rain. not the biggest storm but showers developing outside. numbers right now 40s and 50s although we have some cool 30s in parts of the north bay. a few clouds continuing to stream across our skies. they will be on the increase throughout the morning. and then as we get into the afternoon, that's probably the better chance to see some raindrops outside. as it looks like the storm system will sweep on by. but it is also going to really drop those temperatures outside. this is originating in the gulf of alaska and bringing with it the rain into far northern california right now. you see those speckled cold clouds behind it. that will keep the clouds going overnight into tomorrow morning. computer models picking up on clouds gathering in the morning and at 1:00 you can see the cold front in the north bay
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into san francisco by then. then in the afternoon it moves further south. so may take some time to get some rain to san jose, maybe toward the afternoon. scattered showers on and off overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. so what about rainfall totals? not the biggest storm. probably a tenth or less of an inch of rainfall for most folks although toward the coastline maybe a little bit more. we'll see some of those scattered showers hugging the coast so you could see heavier amounts into pacifica and redwood city and santa cruz mountains upwards of a third of an inch of rain. temperatures probably the big story for today. boy, you know, we had some 70s, almost 80-degree temperatures last couple of days. not even close today. struggling to get into the 60s in many spots and probably not going to get there in san francisco. about 57 degrees in pacifica. only about 60 in napa. and 62 degrees in concord. next couple of days, going to keep things unsettled here in the bay area, possibly some lingering showers by tomorrow morning and then another more impressive storm system
5:20 am
saturday night into sunday morning. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have a camera in berkeley. showing you the ashby exit, everything is actually moving pretty well up and down the eastshore freeway. i realize this camera is frozen but it is still about an 18- minute drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. they did pick up some overnight roadwork. they have been doing some ongoing paving work across that stretch. the nimitz also in the east bay 880 through oakland looks good past coliseum. of course we're talking about downtown oakland and you all the "occupy oakland" protests marches going on through there. it's a still active situation, nothing like what was happening last night going on now. but expect always possible delays street closures around 14th and broadway there near frank ogawa plaza. the citycenter. let's get a check of the south bay. they were doing some roadwork up and down 880 between 280 and old bayshore highway. that's now picked up. in fact, past 5:00 usually that's when most of the overnight roadwork is picked. so out of downtown san jose a couple of headlights on 280 heading out of downtown up
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towards cupertino. and for mass transit commuters, the 12th street citycenter oakland station is open. you cannot use the frank ogawa plaza entrance or exit but the other entrances are open. ace, muni, caltrain, your ferry, everything on time of the remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. police say a missing girl from pleasanton may be with a wanted felon. family and friends last saw shelby harris on halloween. police say the 15-year-old wore a halloween costume to school that included a red cape and a mardi gras mask. she was seen with gavin mcfate in concord on tuesday. he is wanted for a felony. signs of progress for giants fan bryan stow for the first time, he was able to write his name. this is stow's handwritten name on a notepad that we are going to show you and the family says "this picture speaks volumes and we are so proud of him."
5:22 am
stow is recovering from severe brain injury in a bay area rehab facility. he was beaten outside dodger stadium on opening day. 5:22 now. sobering new statistics. the bay area neighborhoods with the worst poverty coming up. >> plus, lawyers in the trial of michael jackson's doctor get their final chance to sway the jurors. how it could all come down to today. ,,,,,, [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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michael jackson's doctor will hear closing arguments today. jurors in the manslaughter case against michael jackson's doctor will hear closing arguments, today. conrad murray is accused of giving michael jackson a fatal dose of propofol. deliberations start today or tomorrow. this is after a month of testimony. he faces four years if convicted. a new report names five regions of extreme poverty here in the bay area. the brookings institution describes those areas as having more than 40% of its residents living below the poverty line. the neighborhoods are the hunters point area of san francisco, uptown oakland, west oakland, downtown berkeley, and alameda point. two pleasanton authors are causing a stir with their new
5:26 am
book tales from swankville. >> the subject stressed out kids and overbearing parents. and now the neighbors say the book covers what's happening on their block. both authors say the series of short stories were inspired by the suburbs they lived n one neighbor says that she was the basis for the story about crazy moms selling girl scout cookies. she lives across the street from one of the writers. >> writing about me in a horrible way, it's offensive. and it shouldn't be tolerated. so i shun have to stand it. it doesn't matter if other people know. we know. >> karen sellick, she feels like her feelings are hurt pretty badly. >> no comment. >> the biggest criticism? the book is heavy on narrativessage light on scientific data. the authors say they will have more of that in a second possible book. >> you got to be nice to your neighbors.
5:27 am
there might be an author take notes. >> give them a company of sugar. >> or box of girl scout cookies. 5:26. a peaceful march in oakland ends with a big clash. we have team coverage coming up. police end up firing tear gas into a crowd as protestors try to occupy a vacant building. 50 arrests were made. we are live. we'll have the latest for you coming up. i'm anser hassan live at frank ogawa plaza head of "occupy oakland." we'll bring you the latest and what they have planned for later today just ahead. ,, ,,,,
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follow breaking news. more tear your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. breaking news in the east bay. more tear gas and arrests in oakland overnight. what started as a peaceful protest turned into chaos. good morning, good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. and we have team coverage this morning of the clash in oakland. anser hassan is live at frank ogawa plaza where a lot of protestors have returned. we begin with anne makovec life at 16th and telegraph where the trouble peaked overnight. >> reporter: i'm at 14th and broadway where the clean-up begins in downtown oakland. there is graffiti all over the place. but the main drama happened at around midnight last night.
5:31 am
take a look at the video. our photographers were there all night caught in the middle of the clash between protestors and police. when protestors tried to take over a vacant building, it used to house homeless services. the building was then being foreclosed according to protestors and they were trying to take it back so they got into the building ended up building a barricade around the building with wooden pallets and garbage. and then when police moved in, in force, a couple of hundred police officers, according to witnesses, that's when some of the protestors lit the garbage and the pallets on fire and police started releasing tear gas. that sent some protestors running. a lot of them ended up being arrested. 50 arrests were made total after this chaotic scene that you're looking at right now. one of our photographers was injured with one of the flash- bang grenades. that's what he said about the show of force. >> it was a huge show of force.
5:32 am
probably 200, 300 police officers and they seemed to come out of nowhere. >> reporter: i want you to take a look at some of this graffiti here. several blocks of downtown oakland. you can see on this rite aid just scribbling all over the place. we are seeing it at bart stations, several broken windows of businesses, as well. this is certainly where things got crazy last night after a generally peaceful day of protests. there also seemed to be infighting between some. more peaceful "occupy" protestors which was a vast majority and then the small group of people that seemed to be bent on clashes with police. a lot of the folks then returned to the "occupy oakland" encampment where we find my colleague anser hassan with the latest. what's going on over there, anser? >> reporter: yeah, anne, not too much, actually much calmer mood than we saw last night. we are live at frank ogawa plaza head of the "occupy
5:33 am
oakland" movement. much different mood, much more peaceful here. a majority of the people are back in their tents after the riots from last night. some of them are keeping an eye out, though, for police. a few people i spoke with say they are concerned that the mrs. may move in. we don't see any cops in the immediate encampment area. but during the drive in, we did see numerous law enforcement agencies including oakland pd also concord pd, folks from san rafael and fremont. many of the protestors here say their big concern is what happened last night. they are upset with the anarchist group that caused problems. they say their goal is to be peaceful not to destroy the city. >> a very small number of individuals, not associated with our movement, decided to take it upon themselves to break windows at chase and bank of america and spray-paint the walls of wells fargo. "occupy" protestors went back to the banks and cleaned up the graffiti to prove a point. we can't fix broken windows.
5:34 am
but those individuals who chose to bring violence upon this movement with -- by standing in front of chase and breaking windows, you know, they aren't -- they aren't what the message is. >> reporter: now, part of that movement is the concern with these anarchists. you can see some of the anarchists are posting up signs throughout the encampment and later on today in a general assembly when the protestors meet they will discuss the anarchist group. at 7 p.m. there is a planned general assembly. they are going to discuss what the next steps will be including a november 5 action where they are asking people to pull money from the banks. back to you. >> i guess anser, the big question, you know, we have been watching this for weeks now. so i mean, where do they go from here? do they keep protesting? it seems like there is no end in sight. >> reporter: that's a good question. i think here at oakland one of the things that they are happy about is shutting down the port
5:35 am
last night. oakland's port is the fifth largest in the country so they say slowly but surely they are starting to have an impact. a lot of it is fighting with the city, fighting with the cops, dealing with the anarchist groups. so we'll have to see what plays out over the next couple weeks. but the big question is what can't city do? it's the biggest picture, washington, the whole government. the whole idea behind the protest is to prove a point and to shed light on what they are trying to change. i think they have done that but now they need a plan to figure out, where do you go next? >> reporter: that's right. absolutely. uhm, in fact they said they will be meeting with some city officials and this is the issue not just for oakland but the movement across the country with the same problem in san francisco. but you're right, absolutely. the next step it would seem to be to start to have and i will pact in the area they want most -- an impact in the area they want change the most, the financial picture. >> thank you, anser hassan in oakland. time to check in with
5:36 am
elizabeth to see if traffic is being affected. >> we have been watching downtown oakland for a while. obviously it caused big backups yesterday around the downtown area. so our reporters on the scene mentioned most drama from last night is over. right now the clean-up begins. this is an ongoing fluid situation. you never know what's going to happen next. for right now there are no immediate street closures. but again, there may still be some clean-up crews out there police on scene and "occupy oakland" protestors as anser just showed us are still camped out at frank ogawa plaza so possible delays especially near 14th and broadway by citycenter also possible delays near the port of oakland throughout the day. so we'll watch it and let you know what's going on. bart the 12th street citycenter station in oakland is open. you cannot use the frank ogawa plaza entrance or exit. that remains closed. but all the other entrances are open and bart is on time systemwide. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. we are going back to oakland
5:37 am
now. police hope the well behaved protestors or anyone in the public can help track down the thugs responsible for the vandalism overnight. investigators believe a loosely organized splinter group is responsible for most of the damage breaking the windows, hurling the tables you see here and the chairs. it's a tactic by black bloc, people dressed in similar black clothing and hiding phase. the anarchists are accused of damaging a whole foods grocery store near lake merritt yesterday. at one point peaceful protestors you see them here forming a human chain to curb and block the black bloc activities. >> this is not sanctioned by the "occupy oakland" movement. it's not what it's about. this is not what it's about. >> we are aware of people that are bent on causing problems. we are going to be taking steps to address those problems. >> hammers were used to destroy seven-foot-tall panes of glass at the bank of america at kaiser center. automatic teller machines were
5:38 am
also damaged. nearby u.s. bank and chase bank branches also vandalized with graffiti and broken windows. oakland police sent cbs 5 this photo of the black bloc anarchists which they received from a citizen here. investigators say more citizen photos could help them find those that are responsible for the vandalism. and two people are recovering this morning after being hit by a car during the protests in downtown oakland. cell phone video shows the protestor banging on the hood of a silver mercedes in the middle of the intersection at broadway and 11th streets. that's when witnesses say the driver sped off and the man and woman were hit. had a cbs 5 camera was there just moments later capturing the man on the ground. the mercedes stopped again and an angry crowd of 100 people or so gathered around the car screaming at the driver. >> he was coming through the intersection and we were just walking that way. he missed me by this much!
5:39 am
the car then rushed me. and he just sped off. then i guess he hit two other people. >> the crowd was really enraged when bart police officers questioned the driver and then let him go. oakland police say they are investigating. meanwhile, officials at the port of oakland are hoping they can get operations back in business by 7:00 this morning. thousands of people blocked entrances to the port. there were some confrontations that some of the port workers tried to get past the protesters to gowork but port officials say by and large it was peaceful. they also say the shutdown will cut deeply into the $8.5 million the port generates every day. in other news this morning, san rafael fire crews are searching for the cause of a three-alarm condo fire that injured a woman. they knocked it down in san rafael at 2 a.m. a woman was treated for smoke inhalation at the hospital. two people are left homeless today.
5:40 am
fire crews say it's an extremely intense fast-moving fire. about 3:00 yesterday i was in yerba buena park going, i so like you, mr. sun. >> i know. it was really gorgeous yesterday. >> it was. >> mild, sunny. >> but it's leaving. >> what are you going to be saying today, frank? i so like lawrence karnow. going to lose friends today. [ laughter ] we have changes coming up as we have a cold front moving in. and it looks like some showers headed in our direction not a big rainstorm that's driving into the bay area but you can see it's already bringing some rainfall into far northern parts of bay area slowly dragging in our direction. so as we head into the middle of the day it looks like some raindrops will begin to fall locally. the big story will be those temperatures. boy, are they going to be cooler. yesterday we had 70s even upper 70s. but by the afternoon, these temperatures a good 11 to 16 degrees cooler than what we have seen over the past couple of days, guys. that's the latest from here. back to you. >> thank you. 5:40. big banks got a break during
5:41 am
their financial troubles. this morning the bailout that was nearly approved for solyndra. plus, passengers trying to beat the system. hear how many guns the tsa finds on an average day. and we're going back to oakland where protestors have clashed with police. another update when we come back. stay with us. ,, [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing,
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all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. good morning, bay area! if you are just getting up, we have some major changes in the weather for today. temperatures yesterday in the 70s almost 80 degrees. well, it's not going to get close for today. we have some rain to talk about too. the clouds beginning to make their way into our skies. we have some partly cloudy conditions now, 40s and 50s, although we are look at 30s in some of the north bay valleys right at this hour. hey, by this afternoon though, it looks like a better chance of showers moving into the bay
5:44 am
area, not a big storm. probably the biggest story today will be the temperatures. they are really going to come down from what we had just a day or so ago and it looks like that's where we're going to be for quite some time now as this cold air is going to start to make its way in from the gulf of alaska. we'll catch the trailing edge of the cold front and behind it cold clouds so showers continuing overnight into tomorrow. computer models picking up on it pretty well. we move forward at 2:00 and you can see that rain band, that cold front that's going to stretch through the bay area right through san francisco into concord and into fairfield. and then after that it's going to slide into the south bay in the afternoon hours and then become more scattered showers around the bay area. so yeah, looks like things staying unsettled and wet not only today but into tomorrow morning. rainfall amounts not all that impress uv, maybe a tenth or less of an inch in parts of the bay area but at the coast showers may kick up more rain there. temperatures in the 50s and only the 60s for highs so you get the idea numbers really coming down from what we have
5:45 am
seen. showers continuing, cooler tomorrow. cool start saturday, and then another storm rolls in saturday night and into sunday. things are drying out next monday and tuesday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. for right now, we are dry. so things actually look great on bay area bridges, roads. we haven't seen too many incidents out there. a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic free-flowing into san francisco. overnight roadwork into novato should be picked up according to caltrans. you can see they did the lane change there, as well. other bridges the san mateo bridge, nice and quiet. westbound 92 a 13-minute drive time as you see at the bottom of your screen between 880 and 101. all green towards eastbound 92 towards hayward, as well. and coming up into san francisco, along the peninsula, this is a live look near bayshore and you are crewing this morning all the way towards -- cruising this morning all the way towards oakland. westbound 580 we are starting to see brake lights past the wind turbines but your drive time is still not too bad. 17 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange.
5:46 am
yesterday we had a couple of fender-benders along that stretch so it was backed up so far we are in the clear. the nimitz 880 through oakland you can see maybe in the distance coliseum in the distance. kind of dark out there but northbound traffic gets by okay. and your drive time is still 15 minutes in those northbound lanes between 238 and the maze. we have been talking a lot about downtown oakland all eyes on this right there around 14th and broadway, that is where the protestors, the "occupy oakland" protestors are still catched out by frank ogawa plaza. so no official street closures out there but again, it's a fluid situation so there's always possible delays closures in and around that area as well as the port of oakland. do want to let you know mass transit is all on time. bart, the 12th street citycenter station is open. a.c. transit possible delays with that, as well. that is traffic. back to you. >> okay, thanks, elizabeth. clashes overnight in oakland and "occupy" protestors taking to the streets. and they are occupying -- they were occupying a vacant
5:47 am
building. police move in with tear gas and flash-bangs. anne makovec is in oakland this morning with the early morning action. anne. >> reporter: that's right. and protestors did not immediately disperse once police started firing the tear gas. take a look at their reaction to that move by police that was lighting fires that this was their barricade around this vacant building that they have taken over on 16 and telegraph. once police fired tear gas, they set that barricade on fire. police responded with flash- bang grenades. and protestors were throwing rocks at police. it was a very chaotic scene by all accounts. in fact, some of the other more peaceful protestors were trying to stop the people that seemed ton bent on some sort of confrontation with police. so there was some infighting within the protestors, as well. all told, about 50 people were
5:48 am
arrested. the marks are left all over downtown oakland of how things got out of control this. wall is the rite aid building and this scene with the graffiti, the scribbling all over the walls and the windows, this is repeated block after block in downtown oakland. so they are trying to start clean-up process right now. in fact, a lot of protestors are cleaning it up. we are continuing to follow this. back to you. >> thank you. a house committee will vote on a plan to force the white house to release more information on solyndra. republican lawmakers to subpoena the white house because they say it denied or delayed requests for thousands of documents related to the solar plant in fremont that went bankrupt and laid off 1,000 work he is. before that the company received a $528 million loan from the federal government. documents released by the government yesterday show that in the days before solyndra went bankrupt, the obama
5:49 am
administration actually considered bailing them out including cash and a new board of directors. an investment banking firm had recommended the plan. it was rejected though by the white house. leaders of the group of 20 leading world economies all gathered in france today for a summit. they are trying to deal with the global financial problem. french president nicolas sarkozy greeted president obama as he arrived. much. focus will be on europe, specifically greece. members of the greek parliament are revolting against a referendum on a bailout package for the country that's the equivalent of 178 billion u.s. dollars in. and another alleged victim comes forward this in the scandal involving presidential hopeful herman cain. that's all reporters wanted to talk about at last night's forum. cain tried to set the ground rules for media questions saying he would not address the
5:50 am
scandal. reporters though ignored him. >> it's a good question though about the confidentiality. the fact that these women do want to talk. >> what did i say? >> sir? >> excuse me. >> gentlemen -- >> excuse me! >> stand back, please. >> folks, stand back. a third woman accused cain of sexually harassing her when the two worked together back in the 90s 90s. two other women reportedly settled similar claims around the same time under confidential agreements. but cain has denied wrongdoing in all the cases. it is 5:50. passengers packing heat. ahead the number of guns the tsa recovers every day at airports. what bryan stow is now able to do for the first time in seven months.
5:51 am
5:52 am
some airline passengers are still not catching on apparently. carrying a gun is frowned upon
5:53 am
when you get on a plane. hello?! on average, federal airport screeners still find 4 to 5 guns a day at checkpoints across the country. that's according to the tsa administrator john pistole who testified yesterday during a senate homeland security committee hearing. pistole said in many cases, passengers said they simply forgot the weapon was in the back. closing arguments start today in the manslaughter case against michael jackson's doctor. now, this is the last chance for both sides to make their cases about conrad murray's role in the death of the pop star. then jurors will decide if the doctor is guilty of giving jackson that fatal dose of propofol. murray faces four years in jail if convicted. signs of progress for giants fan bryan stow in his slow recovery. for the first time since he was attacked he was able to write his name. this is stow's handwritten name on a notepad. and the family says, quote, this picture speaks volumes and we are so proud of him.
5:54 am
stow is recovering from a severe brain injury in a bay area rehabilitation facility. he was beaten outside dodger stadium on opening day. and an incredible sight in the santa cruz area. have you seen this? >> it's amazing. a group of -- look at that, that's like something out of a -- out of a fun house or something -- it's a humpback whale. they have been shadowing local boaters and kayakers over the past few days. they usually don't come this close to shore. but weather conditions have brought the anchovies closer to the beach. the hungry whales have followed. this is in the santa cruz area. dozens of people have jumped in boats and kayaks checking out the humpbacks. how do you know when they are going to come up? so crowded that the congestion pricing issued warnings to everybody. people have to stay 100 yards away from the whales. it's called whale harassment. $500 fine if you get too close. kayak. wonder where they are coming
5:55 am
up. >> anywhere they want. >> yeah. >> anchovies. >> love them, nothing like them. [ laughter ] we have sunshine in other parts of the country today. not here, we have clouds rolling in and much caller temperatures. we have big changes come our way. numbers only in the 50s and 60s today, a chance of rain developing in the middle of the day and in toward the afternoon. showers likely to continue overnight tonight and into tomorrow. a brief break probably a cold morning into saturday morning and then another chance of rain moving in on saturday night into sunday. drying out next monday and tuesday. elizabeth is already shivering again. >> can you tell? i'm trying to fake it. it's so cold in here! i want to talk about a pothole. over the course of the morning -- >> yeah? >> we had heard about this pothole in lanes on southbound 101 in into the approaching highway 37. apparently it is big enough that they have had to block the two left lanes between roland
5:56 am
and highway 37 so we are trying to get some idea of just how big this pothole is but it's already causing some slight delays through novato. so we are going to continue to watch that area. again, that's southbound 101 two lanes blocked, two left lanes blocked between roland and highway 37. and check the south bay, our overnight roadwork has been picked up so coming out of downtown, so far things look great. >> have you had any of lawrence's cookies yet? >> i did. they're all gone. >> i came back to get one and they're gone. >> i hid them. [ laughter ] >> that's why i need a wife who bakes cookies. need to work on that. >> thank you. it is 5:56. in the next half hour, a peaceful march in oakland ends with a clash. >> we'll have team coverage straight ahead. yeah. tear gas, flash-bang grenades, and 50 arrests as protestors try to take over a vacant building in downtown oakland which is now covered in graffiti. the latest from the scene coming up. i'm anser hassan live in
5:57 am
frank ogawa plaza. head of "occupy" movement. we'll bring you live pictures and what they have planned for today and through the weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. we begin with breaking news. more chaos with "occupy oakland" protestors battling with police. >> good morning. we have team coverage of the clash in oakland this morning. anser hassan live at frank ogawa plaza where many protestors have return. but we begin with anne makovec, live at 14th and broadway where all the trouble started last night. good morning. >> reporter: this morning, frank, there's a lot of clean- up going on because block after block is covered in graffiti. but the main trouble happened a couple of blocks from where i'm standing on 16th and telegraph at a vacant building. look at this footage shot around midnight last night. protestors tried to take


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