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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  November 6, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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to keep high-tech jobs here in san francisco. a way to renew blighted neighborhoods like mid-market and the tenderloin by helping emerging industries expand and hire more workers. a way to give incentives to companies that produce clean energy jobs. one man found a way to do all this and more. mayor ed lee. ed lee accomplished these things in less than one year as mayor. just imagine what he'll do with four. we begin with breaking newsn the peninsula. an apparent pipeline explosion along interstate 2 good evening, i'm ann notarangelo, we begin with breaking news on the peninsula, the pipeline explosion along
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interstate 280 in wood side pg&e was performing pressure tests, it happened near the farm hills exit. mark is live at the scene, what can you tell us. >> reporter: i had pg&e tell me, confirming it is line 132, the same line that ruptured in san bruno. this rupture occurred during a pressure test. they are up on the hillside there, just to the south of the farm hill boulevard exit, looking at the rupture trying to figure out what went wrong. it happened while they were conducting another one of a series of hydrostatic tests, that's where the line is pressure arrived with water, this line was under a high pressure water situation at the time of the rupture. pg&e says it was bringing the pipeline, line 132, to what it called spike pressure and that is when this rupture occurred. they are now looking for the potential causes for the trouble. >> this particular section of line 132 is 24" in diameter and
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seem less pipe and we're currently investigating the possibility of third party damage at this rupture location from a backhoe. >> reporter: now as the spokesman from pg&e mentioned there, brian swanson, this is a 24" seem less pipe. by comparison the section that ruptured in san bernadino was not seem less, it was 32", this is usually run at 375-pound of pressure but it has been running at a lower level since the san bruno situation as a precautionary level bringing it back up to the spike pressure above 3 happen 5, that's when this occurred. only water in this pipeline, pg&e says that's why they are testing it, they want these things to occur to discover it before they have to put the gas balk up to high pressure for the cold weather season, a one lane of northbound 180 closed, but traffic is light so cars are getting by. >> i think you answered the thought i was having. is this going to impact getting
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gas to people's homes for their furnaces? >> reporter: at this moment they say thaw. they are trying to wrap up these hydrostatic tests which completely involves taking these lines out of service, to try to wrap them up this month before the serious cold begins. they are hoping to have that all done, they say once it's repaired, they can identify it, they'll take only a day or two, they will conduct that again for a second time to make sure there is no other surprises. again, this is line 132, the same line that ruptured under san bruno. 5 people are dead and a sixth person remains in critical condition tonight following a fire at a monterey county home for the disabled. it happened at the adult residential facility in marina, someone driving by on the highway made the first 911 call and when they arrived two caregivers told them about the 6 people inside. >> the first thing on the scene is rescue, that's the first
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mode you go into, they began the rescue, pulled some folks out. >> conditions soon became too dangerous for rescuers to continue their efforts, the victims lived at the home, they are looking for the cause. a street race on a richmond street ends in a crash that killed a 17-year-old boy. two cars were speeding down rain-slick end richmond parkway way at 1:00 this morning, the cars clipped each other and spun out of control, a bmw flipped several times, hit a pole, killing the driver. police are holding the other driver on suspicion of manslaughter and d.u.i. a nurse who works at an oakland hospital is recovering tonight after being attacked by a patient. don knapp is at alta base medical center where the attack raises new questions about staff safety. don. >> reporter: there is no clear explanation yet, at least right now i think a patient attacked a nurse. but the attack is quickly becoming an issue in ongoing contract negotiations between the hospital and its workers and nurse's unions.
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in our rounds and -- >> reporter: resly skill net is emotional as she describes a patient's attack on a fellow nurse. >> interview: he pinned her on a bed and choked her and repeatedly hit her in the back of her head and -- >> reporter: chuck malzhahn, a practical nurse, saidy was nearby. >> interview: i head some scream being, the scrolling got lloyder, i went to a room, i observed a patient jumping back into bed after he hit and choked a nurse. >> reporter: he said he tried to comfort the nurse earthquakes she was shaking and scrolling, wanted to make sure she was safe, so grabbed her and held her. >> reporter: the unnamed nurse is reportedly bruised but recovering. hospital spokeswoman responded to information with a statement saying the safety of all the employees, particularly our nurses, is of utmost importance. adding "our security department and our employees are trained for immediate and appropriate response to any unusual event."
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the attack comes as nurse, the hospital workers and the hospital are in pro tracted contract negotiations and as nurses and other workers discuss new safety issues. about 6 weeks ago during a brief strike a patient died after a replacement nurse mistakenly administered a fatal dose of medication, they may happen protocols on paper but their implementation is non- existent. >> reporter: for now skill net says she relies on her own safety measures. >> interview: this is why i have a whistle around my neck. they have broken in my car. i'm afraid. i've been onwards after violent episodes happened and i didn't know about it. >> reporter: any unexpected event at the medical center is thoroughly investigated and they say an investigation has already begun in this attack. actually. >> naught, thank you very much. anti-observation homeowner shot and killed a suspect who he said was stealing copper from his property.
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the man says the thief threatened him. when he confronted him yesterday afternoon. the vacant house has been robbed several times and police confirmed copper piping and wires had been taken. a new way to market health insurance kicks off tomorrow in san francisco. blue shield will open up shop inside the lucky's supermarket on fulton. the health insurer says it wants to offer customers a chance to speak with agents face to face. this will be the first insurance company in california to open inside a retail store. and a plan to turn broadway plaza into walnut -- in walnut creek into a pedestrian mall will get another look by the public and city leaders in 10 days. the owners of the plaza want to add 200 residential units and up to 300,000 square feet of retail space. underground parking, to facilitate the closing of service streets, could create a cause free mall. this finished line inside
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and out, how the candidates in the race for mayor spent their final weekend campaigning. through the wee hours of the morning we'll look for clear and cool conditions to prevail with mostly sunny conditions expected by tomorrow after patchy fog. your forecast details coming up in just a few minutes. ,, ,,
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just for calling, and a free tow just for quoting. call now! who want to be mayor of san francisco. they hit farmers it's the last weekend of campaigning for the candidates who want to be mayor of san francisco. they hit farmers markets, coffee shops in different neighborhoods around the city. during a manager chant walk in the excel you're district david lee expressed confidence. he has embraced the bicycle communities and state senator lee land yee met owners at a half a dozen farmers markets. joe you the lynn joins us to talk about what is a very crowded race for mayor and what we can expect in the city's first ranked choice election for mayor. 15 candidates running. >> interview: yeah. >> reporter: lee seems to be
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the frontrunner but it gets thrown up in the air. >> interview: for the voters it's ranked choice plus instant run off. the way that works first of all again is you get to vote for three candidates, you rank the order of your preferences, and if one of those candidates on the first count gets 50% plus 1. that's done. that's the key to victory for leland yee. what happens in that situation is the computer then shifts to what is called an instant run off and instead of having a second election it calculates everybody's second and third place choices starting from the bottom of the pile moving up until somebody near the top gets 50% plus 1. >> so in the way area we start started in oakland. >> yeah. >> don prrada seemed to be the frontrunner,. >> interview: he got 35% of the first votes however he is not the mayor of oakland. so what do you think will happen in the san francisco area. >> interview: we're just guessing at this point, and i don't want the discourage anybody who is doing a vote,
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but probably a different result than what happened in oakland and for this reason, perata is very much a beloved figure but he madden meese as well. so the way to win a ranked choice election as we found out after the fact is to be everybody's first and/or second choice, not everybody's first, second, someth or 5th place choice. ed lee is a slightly more beloved figure, although hess competitors have painted him negatively. the public likes him. so statistically the likelihood he would be in the first three preferences is greater than it would have been in the oakland race which means this is still his race to lose. ooh. >> we did though see a number of allegations by the op ed lee, people are saying his supporters have been filling out ballots for people. what do you think is going to come of those allegations? do they just go, we haven't heard about them much lately, but will they still be investigated? >> interview: i think that most of these kinds of claims, unless they are criminal in
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nature, are ethics violations claims. we had the same thing in the oakland race as well. and we find them in other cities. the problems with these things is that the resolution of these things, if there is going to be in a committee or a court of law, always takes a long time, well after the election is con, so the likelihood that undo an election result is little unless they impros vote tears ed lee is involved in something criminal. i don't think that has been proven. >> it could be days though before we noah winner. >> interview: they take a long time to calculate. all we know on election day is what happened with the voters voting that day. we have a lot of people voting for some time. in the ranked choice situation when you do australian off it takes a long time to certify the outcome so believe me we're in for a long wait. >> we'll have you in again. as always, thank you. well a little soggy in spots this weekend. jim bernard's pinpoint forecast is just ahead plus a washington
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tradition with its roots right here in california. next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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because it is. christmas tree was selected ational forest a little piece of california is headed for washington tonight. the u.s. capital christmas tree was selected from the stanislaus national forest in the sierra. the 65-foot white fir left yesterday on the crosse country trek. it should arrive in time for the december 6th lighting ceremony. this is the first time the tree has come from california since 1995. a little snow there. in the bay area, we look at our look ahead. jim? >> interview: we had chances of snow dusting the mountains but i didn't see any locally. however, as you see in that picture, stanislaus forest did pick up 3 to 6" of snow as did
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the heisey air a as again they had chains in effect for i-80 and highway 50 here this morning. that is moving out of the area now. we'll look for skies to clear out through the night, cooler temperatures prevail in and around the bay. patchy fog in morning, otherwise sunny condition, high pressure rebuilding into the region through mid-week out here and slightly warm temperatures. we're looking for chile temps tonight in the mid-to upper 30s for the cold location, in the north bay back to the bay we'll look for mid-to upper 40s here, cooler yet tomorrow night when skies clear even more. we'll see some mid-to low 30s finishing up tomorrow. not as much patchy frost as last week. the cool unsettled pattern across california. still some showers moving from north to south, you can see it is winding down, however, if we take a look at high definition doppler we still got 1 strong return showing up just south of fairfield, that will be moving into the east bay hills and tri- valley area here over the next
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couple hours. i would imagine there is the potential in that return for thunderstorm activity, isolated, still looking pretty strong and holding together at this point. so that will be the next system to cross through the region and ask that one. i think we're pretty well done, as we take a look at the forecast here, we see the showers moving out to the southeast, through the day, and continuing that trend through the evening hours here, by tomorrow that high pressure system begins to return and we'll see drier conditions through mid-week before this system drops into the area. through the end of the week and into the weekend, creating once again an unsettled cool, and showery weather pattern for the bay area, for tomorrow slight she warmer, mid-to low 60s, the warmer location, low 50s through the 60s, mid-oohs, once again these conditions will remain cool, as i mentioned becoming unsettled towards the episode of the week, that pattern is a little iffy as far as timing that we'll keep that unsettled and cool pattern in the forecast through the
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weekend here as we will likely see more showers arriving at that time. right now it's time to get a sports update from dennis and checkup on the weekend happenings. a lot going on. can the 49ers keep their perfect road record in intact and a thriller at the oakland coliseum where carson palmer makes his first start in silver and black. >> touchdown. what a catch. maul ] good jobs in tough times. a chance to move up and do better. [ delaunta ] excellent healthcare. [ caletha ] beautifulits. what they used to call the american way. it still works here. [ jennifer ] not a single layoff of a u.s. manufacturing worker. [ glen ] not one. not one. doing things the right way. quality. [ jimmeka ] building cars that americans want. [ jamaul ] right here in america. hyundai is an all-american success story. ♪
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chance to clinch the divisin for a while there it looked
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like both our professional football teams were going to win today. you know, the raiders are never a dull moment. that is must-see tv. the 49ers are much more methodical, much less risk- taking. but it wins. 5 straight wins with the chance to clinch the division before thanksgiving. the 49ers hit the road for their fourth game of the eastern time zone already this season, waiting for them a redskins team that has been unraveling. justin smith mixing it up a bit. trend williams comes in as the third man, flagged for a 15- yard penalty. that is a veteran move by mr. smith. and scoreless game in the first quarter, john beck still looking for his first win as an nfl starting quarterback. that's not gonna help. shawn goldson breaks off and picks him off. redskins trying for any offense, screen pass, but patrick willis subscription the football, donth witner recovers deep in washington territory. a gift for the 49ers offense.
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the defense forces three more turnovers today. on the very next play, play acts, alex smith finds his rookie fullback bruce miller and that's a 30-yard scare for his first nfl touchdown. the 49ers win again 19-11. >> yeah, 7-1 means we've got a chance to be 8-1, you know. that's sweet. all that matters is the w. we're not into the style points, anything like that. we've got the win, that's what we came here to do. >> interview: i'm very happy that i'm -- we're in a situation to be 7-1 and, you know, i feel, i still think that us hasanni fence, we didn't hit our spot where we can go, but that's a god day for us you know. >> interview: half the games are over, half the games are still to be played so see if we can't get a half miles per hour faster somehow. >> they had a chance to go into first place with kansas city losing. carson palmer hoping to improve
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on his 3 interception game against tim tebow and the denver broncos. a 17-7 lead when tebow throws a laser to eddie royal, 26-yard score. that cut the ladier lead to just three points, later in the third, palmer to jacoby ford. watch the feat on this play. palmer threw for 332 yards and three touchdowns so the raid irs up 24-14. but with the good comes the bad. 24-17 when palmer is picked off by the rookie chris harris. palmer threw three interceptions along with his three touchdowns, very next play the red sea parts for that man, willis magahee, 60-yard score. denver run for 299 yards, mcgahee 163, game tied at 24. same score, 6:05 to go in the game, eddie royal on a punt return bounces right, picks up a block, gone. 85-yard return for royal who scores his second touchdown of the half. broncos take a 31-21 lead. they win 38-24 and fall, the
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raiders fall to 4-4. next up san diego on thursday night in southern california. they look like a team, in my opinion, that was a lot hungrier in the second half than we were. so i take responsibility for that. but like i said, at some point in time this football team has got to realize that when you get opportunities like this, we had an opportunity to really make a jump that in division, i had an opportunity to be the football team that i think we matched up well against, a football team we're ahead of at half time, we didn't finish it. tony sparano and the winless dolphins in kansas city. who needs andrew luck when you've got matt moore? the former oregon state squash matches a career high with three touchdowns and leads miami to the biggest shocker of the day. they blow out the chiefs 31-3 for their first win of the season. despite second-ranked alabama losing last night stanford remains fourth in the latest bcs standings. 'bama dropped to third with oklahoma state moving up to
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number 2. the cardinal host 7th ranked oregon next saturday night. golf at harding park where the mustaches are in at least for supporters of jay don blake. he hadn't won in 20 years but he head his 2 here, a two- stroke victory in the charles swab championship. the big story, the million dollars for the season title, mark cal cavehicle yeah in hot pursuit. this putt for sole possession of second place. no, he finishes in a four way tie. 74 points behind tom lehman who claims the big big prize. nascar, texas 500. check out the rocket man flying around in a jet pack like one of our producers doing live shots. last lap, tony stewart takes the checkered flag and wins the race, his second victory in a row. how does he celebrate deep in the heart of texas? fire a couple of once in victory lane. stewart is just three points behind carl edwards in the sprint cup standings with two
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races left. a thrilling finish. "gameday" tonight at 11:30, we'll talk. the bcs stanford, you know, you thought they'd move up at least a spot. they did not. we'll talk, get stanford reaction to that. >> all right. thank you very much. later tonight we'll be following the pg&e pipeline explosion while they were searching for a leak. also an incredible story of survival. 8 people found alive after a car rolled several times and found 125 feet down a cliff. a very intricate rescue. see you tonight. ,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] imagine there was a way to keep high-tech jobs here in san francisco. a way to renew blighted neighborhoods like mid-market and the tenderloin by helping emerging industries expand and hire more workers. a way to give incentives to companies that produce clean energy jobs. one man found a way to do all this and more. mayor ed lee. ed lee accomplished these things in less than one year as mayor.
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just imagine what he'll do with four.


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