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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  November 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. gop presidential hopeful herman cain fires back. the accusations that may overshadow tonight's republican debate. the child sexual abuse scandal that has penn state's football coach fighting to hang on to his job. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. hump day. >> already. >> we're looking good. >> probably today the best day of the week weather-wise. then it's a downward spiral the next few days. today a lot of sunshine around the bay area. we're going to need it, too.
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38 degrees right now in concord, 41 in san jose, and 36 degrees in santa rosa. we'll talk about the temperatures coming up in a moment. right now let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> just some overnight roadwork to slow you down this morning. it is very light traffic so far across the golden gate bridge but at least one lane blocked southbound 101 through novato exits. we'll break it all down in a full traffic report coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. 4:31 now. ed lee is celebrating but he is not declaring victory in the san francisco mayoral election. anne makovec is at san francisco city hall where ballot counting isn't over just yet. isn't that right, anne? good morning. >> reporter: no. today is going to throw a real wrench into the whole situation because no candidate reached the 50% mark. not even ed lee. we're going to go to the ranked choice system. that means basically an instant runoff. those votes are being counted today. let's take a look at the early numbers right now as far as
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percentage points. ed lee with 31%. john avalos the number 2 spot with 19. then dennis herrera with 11%. this is before ranked choice numbers get factored in. those are the votes for second and third choice. lee's campaign is doing some precelebrating partying last night as the results started coming in. they are confident that enough people made lee their second or third choice to put him over the top. >> 39%... >> campaign that represents every neighborhood talked to them about what they wanted. they want jobs. they want a strong economy. we did all of that. we continue talking positive about the city. >> reporter: lee was appointed interim mayor in january when gavin newsom was elected lieutenant governor and has been the perceived front-runner for most of the campaign but the current number 2 john avalos is also feeling confident. here he is dancing at his campaign party last night.
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he spent a lot less money on his run and still ended up with a strong showing. of course anything can happen and we saw that last year over in oakland for the mayoral race over there. it was don perata versus jean quan. at this point last year, don perata had 11% over jean quan. she still ended up winning and right now ed lee's lead is only 12 percentage points. so this is where things get interesting. frank? >> yeah, it does. monday morning quarterbacking here, how long will it take do you think? will we find out this morning, this afternoon or tomorrow? >> reporter: you know, it really could take days. the elections department is expected to release new numbers at 4:00 this afternoon. in oakland, we did see this draw out over several days. >> okay. well, the candidates are waiting and so are we. anne makovec live in san francisco, thank you. the san francisco district attorney's race will be decided by that same ranked choice
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system and incumbent george gascon leads with 42%. onek23%, bock21%. 's captain paul miya- moto with 27 percent. police off and firefighters in palo alto will no longer be able to have outside arbitrators settle their contract disputes police officers and firefighters in palo alto will no longer be able to have outside arbitrators settle their contract disputes with the city. voters approved measure d which amends the city charter. it leads by a margin of more than 2:1. supporters say it allows city officials to now control rising pay scales and pension costs. opponents say public safety workers need outside arbitrators because they are not allowed to go on strike. and we have results from all the races and all the measures here in the bay area.
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just go to our website, since the "occupy" protests began in oakland some demonstrators have been crying police brutality. but now oakland police are showing that there are two sides to the story. video from bystanders as well as officers' lapel cameras show the crowd pelting officers with everything from bottles to paint. but a lot of protestors are still pointing the finger of blame at police including this man who says he was hit in the leg with a rubber bullet on a beanbag. >> there needs to be some independent agency that comes in and looks at the behavior of the police. >> meanwhile, the "san francisco chronicle" says oakland police have cancelled all training exercises this week. a possible sign police may soon clear "occupy" campers from frank ogawa plaza. a gang injunction has not cut violent crime in an oakland neighborhood. a police report on the injunction against 15 gang
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members says serious crime has increased since it took effect. overall crime is down slightly. it's not clear how much impact the injunction had. shortly after it started, though, oakland laid off 80 police officers. a lot of smoke but little damage from a three-alarm fire at a marin county ranch owned by george lucas. the fire was reported at 5:30 yesterday afternoon on skywalker ranch off lucas valley road. nobody was injured. the cause is still under investigation. firefighters believe it started in a fireplace or chimney at a 50,000-square-foot building known as main house there. the ranch has its own fire chief which called the marin county fire department for assistance. lucas does not live there by the way. but the ranch does have living quarters for guests and facilities for lucas films. that nasty smell in parts of the east bay will linger for a few more days. sulphur odor is coming from a conocophillips oil pipeline there. the 16" pipeline broke at the
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concord weapons naval station this week. crews are working around the clock now to suck up all that oil, clean up the dirt and repair the leak. health officials have gone door to door in the neighborhood now. they are letting people know that the foul odor is not a significant health threat but some people have been getting headaches and nausea from it. there are no evacuation orders, but some people close to leave. pg&e meanwhile has located a pinhole leak in the natural gas pipeline in palo alto. it's under around artery kicking highway 101 and 280 so in a tough spot. crews first detected the leak on thursday. it should be all patched up by friday. republican presidential hopefuls will gather for another debate this evening in michigan. they are hoping to get back some of the spotlight which has been shining on sexual misconduct allegations against herman cain. as susan mcginnis reports, cain says he doesn't even know the accuser, who has gone public. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: herman cain refuses to drop out of gop
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race. >> ain't gonna happen. >> reporter: at a news conference tuesday, the front- runner flatly denied all sexual harassment allegations including groping a chicago woman more than a decade ago. >> i was very, very surprised and very shocked. >> reporter: sharon bialek went public with her claims monday but cain insists he never even met the 50-year-old calling bialek a product of the democratic machine. >> the charges and the accusations i absolutely reject. they simply didn't happen. >> reporter: his denial came as another accuser revealed herself to cbs news. 55-year-old karen kraushaar now wants to hold a press conference with all of cain's accusers. the whole situation is so volatile right now, she said, i just don't want to say any more. other gop hopefuls are beginning to speak out. newt gingrich urged cain to fully answer the charges while
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rick santorum called the allegations very troubling. cain's biges rival mitt romney weighed in for the first time monday in an interview with apps news. >> anytime there's an accuser that comes forwards with charges of this nature, you recognize this is a very serious matter and it should be taken seriously. >> reporter: cain's troubles will likely come up again tonight when the candidates debate for the first time since the scandal broke. susan mcginnis for cbs news, washington. >> penn state's legendary football coach joe paterno is fighting today to hold onto his job and he is getting vocal support from students who had descended on his home. >> we love joe! we love joe! >> i love you guys. i can't tell you how much this means to me. >> in the meanwhile, there are growing calls for paterno to resign following the child sexual abuse scandal involving a former assistant coach. this is only a test. it's a phrase that's been
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occasionally broadcasted for decades but today, for the first time, the test of the emergency alert system is going national at 11 a.m. this morning pacific time. every tv and radio station in the entire country including satellite and cable will carry the 30-second test. federal emergency management agency needs to check on recent upgrades to the program. the emergency alert system can be activated by the president to inform the public in the event of a national emergency. >> this is only a test... >> how many times do you hear that, beep, beep. you go oh, my god. but at 11:00 today, cbs 5. >> this is not a test, though, with lawrence. >> no. this is the real deal. >> that is hard to believe this is the first time it will be a national deal. i had no idea. >> i know. it's kind of been ad hoc where states just have to do it every so often but everyone is took it at the same time. >> everybody's doing it at the same time. all right. hey, folks, we are looking at some cold weather outside this morning. it is chilly early on. but not as cold as yesterday. still, many of those temperatures dipping into the
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30s right now in the valleys. 36 in santa rosa. 38 in napa valley. 39 degrees in livermore. 41 in san jose. looks like skies mostly clear. couple of patches of fog trying to form at the coast but not much. so i think we're look be at another nice day as we'll see some warmer temperatures outside today. those numbers moving up into the 50s coastside and maybe some 60s into pacifica. you will see a lot of 60s inside the bay close to 70 in the warmest spots so looks like today the nicest day. by tomorrow not bad. but the clouds will begin to roll in and looks like some showers could start toward thursday evening and into friday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. roadwork is all we have going on now across the bay area that would slow you down. we'll start out with a live look at the ba bay. traffic heading westbound 80 looks okay but if you are heading towards the decline eastbound 80 towards oakland you will find various lanes blocked until 6 a.m. other bridges, the san mateo bridge fine. it one lane open northbound 280
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before 92 with heavy fog. it quick look at 880 through oakland. overnight roadwork this morning southbound 880 between fruitvale and 980 various lanes blocked for another hour or so. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 4:42 your time. new job cuts coming to a silicon valley giant. >> and still to come, it is missing earth but not by much. what bay area scientists hope to learn from this close call with an asteroid. but first, it brings peace of mind at a price. what extended service warranties are really worth. and as we go to break, another look at some election results across the bay area:
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coming, for a major silicon valley company.
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san jose-based software maker adobe systems another round of layoffs is coming to another silicon valley company. san jose-based software maker adobe systems announced yesterday that it's cutting 750 jobs or 7% of its workforce. it's not clear how many of those cuts will be at the company's downtown headquarters. adobe says the cuts are the result in the shift of focus to products that help people create digital content. after the news, adobe shares fell almost 9% in after-hours trading. thousands of toyota and honda owners who paid extra for extended service contracts are know the getting what they asked for. as julie watts on the consumerwatch explains, their problems begin when the contract ends. >> reporter: paul chang hopes for the best but plans for the worst. so when the milpitas man bought this honda in 2004, he chose to pay an additional $1,800 for an optional seven-year service contract. >> for seven years i can have peace of mind in case something goes wrong. >> reporter: after all it came
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with a reimbursement guarantee that stated if chang didn't file any repair claims he would get a full refund. >> sounded like a good idea. >> reporter: or so he thought. after 7 years with no claims he filed for a refund from the administrator. the administrator said to file the claim with the insurance company in utah which is out of business. its finances are in the hands of a court. so chang approached anderson honda, the deal their sold him the car and the policy. it also told chang to contact the insurance company which again is out of business. >> it is a runaround. i think they are trying not to pay me somehow. >> reporter: sick of getle the run yard, he called consumerwatch and we showed his contract to consumer attorney mark anderson who says there is no question where the buck stops. >> anderson honda is clearly responsible for reimbursing mr. chang. >> reporter: he points out it says that right there on the back of the reimbursement guarantee. >> they send him off on this
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wild goose chase against an insolvent insurance company which isn't even liable. >> reporter: the good news anderson honda gave chang his refund four months after he requested it. he is thankful but says he will think twice before signing up again for an extended service contract. >> i should not have bought that contract. it's not worth it. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. well, consumer experts say people with these extended service deals should review their contract of course. if it's similar to mr. chang's, then the dealer is responsible whether or not the insurance company is still around. anderson honda did not return our phone calls. if you have a consumer problem, call our hotline 1-888-5-helps- u. >> we want to go halfway around the world to some live pictures. you are looking at london, where we understand there is a huge group of "occupy" protestors including students as well as blue collar workers. you know, this is something that's really been taking over worldwide. apparently they are winding through the streets near st.
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paul's cathedral. and you can see just how large this group s it's a huge crowd marching through the streets. at this point it looks peaceful. >> it does. andup this is pretty contagious. a lot of folks in europe especially with the banking problems and the economies over there just -- if not worse than the economy in the united states. the folks in great britain are taking a page from those in new york, oakland, san francisco and across the united states and letting parliament know they're not very happy with what's going on in london, as well. it is 4:48 now. a close call for earth. the large space rock that blasted through space at 8 miles per second. >> and the bay area trucker with a special holiday delivery for capitol hill. >> plus, controversial measure that would have changed abortion laws in mississippi. coming up. it is looking pleasant for now but we have that low off the coastline and that's likely to change everything. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mississippi voted down the so- called personhood am of the national races making news today, voters in mississippi voted down the personhood amendment that would have defined a fertilized embryo as a person. opponents argued that that could have led to abortion bans in even the most extreme cases like rape or incest. more than 55% voted against it. on to ohio now voters rejected a new collective bargaining law. the measure would have limited the power of the state's 350,000 union members. firefighters, police officers and teachers took on the state's republican governor and in the end, they won. 61% voted against that law which was closely watched across the country. it was a close call. an asteroid zipping by earth at 30,000 miles per hour. astronomers say the chunk of
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space rock was bigger than the oakland coliseum. it's called 2005yu55. why you coming this way! laugh the asteroid whizzed by earth last night around 11 p.m. it missed us by 200,000 miles considered close in space terms but not close enough. the chabot space and science center tracked the asteroid. >> one of the neat things about asteroids is it lets us look back years to the beginning of the solar system and try to learn a little bit about what things were like and what the chemistry was like in the solar system. >> now, if you had an amateur 6" telescope you were probably able to see it. the space rock continues its orbit around the sun. it's going to something much bigger now. >> amazing stuff. >> it is cool when you think of, you know, all the stuff that's out there. nothing, you know, substantial has hit us at least in our lifetime. >> i know. >> oh.... knock on wood, frank. [ laughter ]
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>> boy. we have cold temperatures in spots. numbers in the 30s and 50s right now. not as cool as yesterday. it's still chilly out there. we have a couple of patches of fog likely showing up in some of the valleys but that's not widespread. i think as we head throughout the day we're expecting mostly sunny skies and looks like a nice day, probably the nicest of the week as those temperatures move to the 60s, maybe even low 70s inland. numbers right now, yeah, it's chilly inland. 36 degrees in santa rosa, 39 livermore, 38 concord, 36 fairfield. a lot of 40s inside the bay. and at the coastline. i think toward the afternoon looks like it will stay pleasant for now at least for one more day. then things begin to shift gears as we have this low diving in off the coastline. a little tricky in the forecast on this one and rain starting late in the day on thursday night into friday. with that in mind, enjoy today. we'll see plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline,
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very comfortable, 70 degrees today in cupertino. 68 in morgan hill. 67 degrees and sunny in san mateo. and about 64 degrees in pacifica. inland temperatures warming up nicely as high as 70 in pleasanton today, 64 in brentwood and 66 degrees and sunny in pleasant hill. inside the bay plenty of sunshine, 67 oakland, about 66 in petaluma and 67 degrees in santa rosa. so working on a great day today. things begin to change tomorrow. won't be a bad day. i think most of thursday looks okay. but we'll notice those clouds beginning to gather throughout the day on thursday. and then toward thursday evening and thursday night, a chance of showers does make a return to the bay area. i think a better chance toward veterans day. the weekend touch and g right now partly cloudy, slight chance of some showers. doesn't look like anything that would ruin your plans. >> definitely rain on friday. >> looks like rain. >> we better enjoy today. >> exactly. >> how about traffic-wise? let's kick it over to elizabeth.
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>> outside show you a live look at 101 through san jose near the trimble exit this morning. so wow, it is really quiet out there. those headlights i believe that's southbound traffic. taillights moving northbound. so it's moving fine in either direction. you may find roadwork blocking lanes in palo alto. various lanes blocked north- and southbound of 101 near some of the palo alto exits overnight. rest of the south bay out of downtown 280 fine very light a couple of headlights there approaching the 880 interchange. we do still have some areas of roadwork including southbound 880 between old bayshore highway and 280. again you will find various lanes blocked for the next little while. also up and down the nimitz 880 between 980 and fruitvale various lanes blocked. according to caltrans, it's actually closer to 5:00 when they are expected to pick the cones up so it may already have wrapped up. in the meantime here's a live look at 880 near the coliseum. and everything looks good so far on this wednesday morning
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towards downtown san francisco. now, if you are a mass transit rider, so far everything is off to a great start for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries. and i mentioned some earlier roadwork southbound 101 near the novato exit. so you will find various lanes blocked. that's scheduled to be picked up shortly, as well. once again things look good across the span of the golden gate bridge. we'll have more traffic in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. 4:56. child abuse victims may be slipping through the cracks. that's because primary care physicians may be overlooking numerous incidents. a new report by boston university found that physicians failed to report 21% of child abuse cases. the study is the first to evaluate the way doctors report suspicious injuries to child protective surgery -- services, excuse me. autistic children have bigger heavier brains. that's according to the a study in the journal of the american medical association. it finds rapid overgrowth in some cases. researchers say children with autism had 67% more neurons in
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their brains. the study found brain overgrowth in autistic children begins before birth. older americans are turning to drinking and smoking in order to deal with the hard economic times. researchers found older men who have financial problems are 30% more likely to take up heavy drinking. older women on the other hand seem to cut down on drinking when times got tough. 4:57 now. an armed convoy carrying a very important package headed to washington, d.c. a bay area trucker leading the way. his name is duane brusso, the unowe in addition emcee of a month long nationwide traveling christmas party i guess you could say. the san jose truck driver is hauling a 63-foot sierra white fir from california to the u.s. capital building. a friend turned down the gig so the 65-year-old jumped at the chance to volunteer. >> it's a privilege, you know, to do this, to hall the
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people's tree washington, d.c. >> and there they go. the convoy will make two dozen stops over the three weeks across the united states covering 4500 miles. i guess it's covered. i thought you would be able to see it. >> they have to protect branches. >> that's right. very important spot. 4:58. another gop presidential debate set for tonight. the sexual harassment allegations that may overshadow the candidates. >> and what may have caused a fire burning near george lucas' skywalker ranch. >> and we are continuing to follow all of your election results here on cbs 5 including the election for san francisco mayor where another round of counting begins. have that coming up. and it's a battle of video footage here at "occupy" oakland. protestors and police both coming forward with their own footage and showing how they are the victim in the police- protestor conflict, coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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