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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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confusing. anne makovec is at city hall, where final results could be days away. i guess we have to wait. >> reporter: that's right. it depends on how quickly the computers can work because they have a lot of numbers to crunch. we are now in instant runoff mode here at city hall in san francisco because ed lee the front-runner right now did not get a 50% of the vote. so the counting is going to continue with the second and third choices until somebody gets that elusive 50%. here's the early numbers right now. ed lee with 31%. john avalos in number 2 19. dennis herrera in number 3 with 11. david chiu after that. this is before the ranked choice numbers get factored in. there is a lot of criticism for this process. here's former mayor willie brown. >> every time they drop somebody who is not competitive at that moment, all of those people's votes are gone. and that's not right in a
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democracy. i want my vote to count. >> now, lee's campaign as you can see here doing some precelebrating. partying last night as the results started come in. they are confident that enough people made lee their second or third choice to put him over the top. of course, lee was appointed interim mayor in january. and he has been the perceived front-runner for most of the campaign but check the number 2 there, john avalos, also feeling confident according to his campaign manager and here he is busting some moves at his campaign party last night. in oakland last year everyone thought don perata would win with 11 percentage point lead over jean quan at this time last year. he lost. right now ed lee has a 12% lead. so we'll continue to follow it for you. we're expecting new numbers to come out later on this afternoon. grace and frank? >> it's still a possibility. do we know maybe about a week it's going to take before we
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have final results? it could take that long?! >> reporter: again, it is all going to depend on how quickly the computer can crunch the numbers and someone gets the 50% lead. it could happen today feasibly. it could happen a week from now. we'll have to continue following it. >> at least we don't have to crunch the numbers. >> reporter: exactly. math is not my strong point. let's leave that to the computers. leave the reporting to us. >> we'll check back in with you. thank you. 6:02. san mateo county voters say no to a bond measure for community colleges. 53% voted for measure h but it needed 55% to pass. it would have provided $564 million to upgrade facilities at three community colleges. in silicon valley's second largest city voters left well enough alone when it comes to choosing a mayor in sunnyvale. measure a would have had city voters directly elect the mayor to terms of four years. under the status quo, though,
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it's the elected city council members who choose a mayor among themselves. those terms last two years. elsewhere in the valley police officers and firefighters in palo alto will no longer have outside arbitrators to settle contract disputes with the city. the see if charter is amended. it will control rising pay scales and pension costs. opponents say pun safety workers need outside arbitrators because they can't strike. along those same lines, we often hear about pension reform. they did it down in palo alto. but some people, you know, may not understand it and with a little breakdown we're joined by cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman. two propositions here on the ballot in san francisco, c and d. one was ed lee's, one was adachi. tell us how important it is in our economic times. c passed. >> reporter: for cities and
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localitieswho face unfunded liabilities for these unfunded pension systems and a lot of potential retirees about to go out on retirement -- there is a difference between the pensions for safety workers that's police and fire, and non-safety workers the usual clerical workers who we have or civil workers who we have, because the safety workers can retire earlier and usually the percentages they can take of their retirement is higher so they can be more expensive frankly. the reality in a place like san francisco as it is across the nation is you're going to have to reform of these because long term they are not sustainable. we don't have the money. cities like states usually bank money, invest it in the market to essentially pay long term the liability for doing this for pensioners. in a down market cycle we have had, the returns on these investments are insufficient to match the people who look at the numbers say it going to be necessary to pay off these pensionses in the future. everybody is risking municipal or state bankruptcy if they
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don't do something about the pensions and that's why it's so important. to your question about locally, why did they pass one and not the other? it's not the details. labor backed one of the plans and didn't endorse the other. san francisco is a labor city and also a city where you don't have the public looking at unions negatively like in other parts of the country where labor has not been victimized but tainted, because they have too much political power. in san francisco that's not the case. stow if labor backed one -- so if labor backed one of these, labor supported it and so it won. >> in mayor lee's program, the city workers are putting some of their own money into the program. >> yes. >> so in essence it's almost like a 401(k) a little bit, right? >> many people are starting to look at pension reform that way. there seems to be consensus on some easy fixes. one of the things that people look at in pension reform is getting rid of pension spiking. not all pensions allow this but some do like calpers for
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example. pension spiking means if i have worked for 30 years in the system i wait until my 29th year if i'm going to retire at 30 to take a more important job with a higher salary and lock in that salary as basis for my retirement. and one of the reforms that i think most people are looking at is no, just take best three years of average your salary over the life of the pension, a more fair way of doing it. these kinds of small reforms are trying to get people, for example, also to retire at a later age than before, part of the reason that people want reform. those safety workers just as an example, many are able to retire at the age of 50 when other workers have to wait until 5 0 or 60 to do that. >> 50 sounds good. >> if you have been a police officer and firefighter and face death on a daily basis, 50 doesn't seem so bad because your life expectancy might be lower. those are the reasons. the costs for the pensions long term are huge and the funding isn't sustainable without reform of the everybody
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including the unions recognize that. >> thank you. also we have all the results from all the races and all the measures in the bay area, just head to our website, rain the buzz word in the forecast. lawrence, today's nice. the rest of the week, i don't know. >> yeah, frank. we have some changes. we are going to enjoy today. it's going to be gorgeous. chilly out the door. 30s and 40s around the bay area at this hour so a little cold out there even some patchy fog being reported into santa rosa. by the afternoon we'll sneak in sunshine and the temperatures going to warm up. 64 antioch, 67 oakland, 68 in san jose. santa rosa look at sunshine and 67. there is some rain in the forecast. we'll have more on that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: we'll start off with a live look at chopper 5. stalled car westbound 92. tow crews working to clear it
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out of lanes. bay bridge toll plaza, everything looks okay. there are some slight delays in those far left cash lanes but otherwise not too bad for fastrak users. other bridges the golden gate bridge nice and quiet this morning from marin heading into san francisco. and a lot of our overnight roadwork picture up except for this in san mateo county. one lane remains open. northbound 280 approaching highway 92. should be wrapping up shortly within the next 20 minutes. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. it would have made abortion illegal even in the most extreme cases. see how voters decided on a controversial proposal. plus, a note sent out to "occupy oakland." how police are getting ready for a possible raid. ttle in oakland. so i got this new job last week, but their health insurance
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. 6:11 now. there is a battle that's raging in oakland and the two sides are armed to the teeth with cameras. this morning, new video from inside the "occupy" protests. >> kristy seifkin with the signs that the oakland police may soon clear those protestors from frank ogawa plaza a second time in short order. she joins us with more in
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oakland. >> reporter: good morning. we have seen a lot of powerful images during this "occupy" movement and now we're seeing a whole new look at what's happened inside the "occupy" camp camp. footage from law enforcement and protestors, each side trying to show they are in the ride and that they are the victims in police-protestors conflict. just yesterday the oakland police department released footage taken on october 25 the day that the encampment was raided. that video shows officers at 8th and washington being pelted with what they say are glass bottles and paint. now, alameda county sheriff's department has also released its own video to try to put their law enforcement team in a good light. it shows a protestor a war veteran getting sick in his jail cell after a demonstration arrest. and it appears that a deputy and a nurse in that video are trying to help the protestor and give him medicine but he refuses it. and then we turn the tables entirely and look at video from
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a protestor, scott campbell, who is a citizen journalist. he says that the officers fired either bean bags or rubber bullets at him even though he want provoking police. >> there needs to be some ind penalty agency that comes in and look at the behavior of the police. >> reporter: now, mayor quan is singing a different tune saying that the protestors need to regulate and monitor their own behavior. she said yesterday that the city will no longer tolerate the violence and vandalism that's happened since the protestors have returned to the park and. police department won't have training for oakland officers next week and we heard from a source at the police department that this is sign that the officers will raid the encampment next week. >> we'll be watching. thank you. time now is 6:13. herman cain on the defense again. what he is willing to do to
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prove he never assaulted anyone. and surf's up! the record-breaking waves -- take a look at this. >> oh, man. >> between going to show you how this surfer rode in style. >> closed captioning is sponsored by palo alto medical foundation, a part of sutter health. ,,,,,,
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francisco mayor. but he has
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han fifty percent 6:16. let's take a look at today's top stories. ed lee is leading the race for san francisco mayor. but he still has less than 50% of the vote. that means, the ranked choice voting system will determine the winner. it could take as long as a week. filmmaker george lucas's skywalker ranch is mostly unscathed after a three-alarm building fire. it was first reported yesterday afternoon on the marin county property. firefighters think it started in a fireplace or chimney. penn state football coach joe paterno is facing increased calls to step down because of a former assistant's sexual abuse scandal. the university has a special committee investigating the allegations. good morning, bay area! if you are just getting up, it's looking like the best day of the week today. still a bit chilly outside. let's get out there right now and take a look. a mostly clear day over the bay although we have some reports of patchy fog in toward the santa rosa area this morning. temperatures chilly. we have 50s and 50s out there
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right now -- we have 30s and 40s out there right now. this afternoon sunshine to the coast and numbers warmer today in the 60s and low 70s. still, a cold one though starting out in the valleys. 34 degrees right now in santa rosa. 38 in livermore. 36 in concord and 35 degrees in fairfield. you have 40s in and around the bay. high pressure holding on for one more day. so yeah, it's looking pleasant for now but this area of low pressure is going to approach the coastline. we have changes ahead likely to see a few showers returning to the bay area as we head into the latter part of this week. temperatures this afternoon, sunshine, 69 degrees santa clara, 69 sunnyvale, 65 half moon bay. in the east bay, our friends will enjoy temperatures in the 60s and the low 70s in toward livermore, about 70 even there in pleasanton. and about 65 degrees in benicia. as you get inside the bay you're look at 67 in alameda, about 66 in petaluma for today. and about 63 degrees a little cooler into daly city. next couple of days, we are
6:19 am
going to notice the changes, clouds beginning to move into our skies for tomorrow of the then it looks like a better chance of rain as we get into friday. slight chance of showers, partly cloudy skies over the weekend. drying things out toward the beginning of the next week. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. as far as incidents go we have been quiet this morning. it is starting to get busy out there especially in some of the bridges. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. if you are coming westbound 580 a live look past san quentin so so far, so good but again, starting to get more crowded in the westbound lanes. at the bay bridge you can see things stacking up. they turned the metering lights on at 6:13 this morning. so it's starting to back up to about mid lot. possibly even towards the end. parking lot at this time of the morning. they just turned them on again just a few minutes ago. elsewhere, the san mateo bridge chopper 5 shows a stall on westbound 92 that's completely clear now and it's only a 14- minute drive time out of hayward toward foster city. and if you are coming off the high-rise towards the east bay, everything looks good. but i promised you i would
6:20 am
mention these new metering lights. they are right around that 880/92 interchange. they were first activated yesterday for the morning commute between 6 and 9 you will find the metering lights also for the evening commute home between 3 and 7. so hopefully we'll hope to improve travel times in the area. they have been doing ongoing roadwork in the area which finally wrapped up so now it's time for the metering lights to be activated, as well. we'll go flying westbound 580 a little sluggish this morning past livermore and all the way towards the dublin interchange. just checked that drive time, it's about 21 minutes right now between the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. mass transit continues to roll along on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries no problems with mass transit so far this morning. if anything changes, remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, voters in mississippi have voted down the so-called personhood amendment.
6:21 am
the proposal would have defined a fertilized egg as a person. opponents argue that could have led to abortion bans in even the most extreme cases like rape or incest. more than 55% voted against it. and republican presidential candidates will square off once again tonight. the debate will be held in michigan. all eyes of course on herman cain, who once again denied he sexually harassed anyone. >> i have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period. and as far as these accusations causing me to back off, ain't gonna happen. >> cain responded yesterday after a fourth woman came forward and met the media. he said he would take a lie detector test to rebut accusations. 6:21. "occupy wall street" hitting the highway. why protestors are marching from new york to washington. and thrill seekers, check
6:22 am
this out. how a surfer rode out a massive 90-foot wave camera on board. we have it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8-week old "james" a puppy about to be adopted stolen from the san francisco spca. the 8 week old is a light brown and white mixed breed. the spca has video of the thieves described as a latino couple in the mid-30s accompanied by a little boy. they are offering a $500 reward
6:25 am
to get james back. from "occupy wall street" to "occupy" the highway. protestors in new york are marching all the way to washington, d.c. a group of activists will begin their journey today and they will plan on covering hundreds of miles and stop at smaller "occupy" demonstrations along the way. they are expected to arrive in washington in two weeks just in time to protest the congressional super committee's meeting on the deficit reduction plan. demonstrators want the bush-era tax cuts repealed. an offer on the table for nba players. they have until this afternoon to accept a contract deal from the team owners. the offer gives players between 49 and 51% of the revenues. owners say if the players reject the deal, the next one is going to be worse. so far the nba has cancelled games through the end of november and a lot of fans are apathetic. so might want to get back to work soon. a surfer cheats death and rides the biggest wave you have ever seen.
6:26 am
>> you have to see this. this is garrett mcnamara on the north shore of hawaii and caught this huge monster wave in portugal earlier this month. the wave was estimated to be about 90 feet high. that is the new world record. mcnamara no stranger to ocean beach in san francisco. he has taken on plenty of big wave action there, as well. but nothing like that 90- footer. look how little he looks next to the wave. >> that's in portugal, right? >> right. >> you spent five or six years in hawaii have you seen waves like that? i mean -- >> you don't see them close to the shore. you have helicopters out because usually the break is so far out. you have to take jet skis or boats out there. >> that's like home plate to first base from top to bottom. >> unbelievable. it's 6:26. voters decide on the fate of pension reform. coming up, the winners and all the losers from election day. >> and looking ahead to the next campaign season, how san jose may cash in on pot clubs. and the san francisco mayoral election still up in the air this morning.
6:27 am
it could take days. we'll tell you about the role ranked choice voting is playing coming up. and we have been watching "occupy oakland" for weeks now but we have never seen it like this. a look at what oakland police have seen from videocameras attached to their uniforms coming up. ,,
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can now be enjoyed in your coffee only international delight puts the real flavours from your favourite treats inside about italy's debt levels. analysts say it's getting more likely italy will need international assistance. tch reporter jason they are clapping. stock futures took a dive
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overnight. italy will probably need a bailout like greece. there is the bell. jason brooks will be along with early trading and more layoffs for a silicon valley company coming up in 15 minutes. >> they have more people today than even yesterday. yesterday was crowded up there. >> they had a football today. today we have a parade there today, for crying out loud. good morning. it's wednesday, november 9. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. today is the pick of the week in terms of weather because the rest of the week -- well. >> we have a couple of days of good weather, right? >> i think wherever i go today lots of applause. it's going to be one of those -- [ applause ] >> thank you very much, guys. it's going to be one of those gorgeous days the nicest day of the week. that area of low pressure off the coast is going to change everything. when that will move in, we'll talk about that coming up in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. things are not too bad this morning out of downtown san jose. in fact here's a live look at conditions on northbound 280 right by the highway 17/880
6:31 am
interchange. things are really stacking up at the bay bridge. coming up a live look there plus your other bridgeses across the bay area in a few minutes. thank you. 6:31 now. ed lee is doing a little celebrating but not declaring victory in san francisco's mayoral election just yet. anne makovec at san francisco city hall where ballot counting is not over just yet. the computers are work overtime, anne. >> reporter: that's right. and with ranked choice you never know what's going to happen with these elections. we saw that across the bay in oakland last year. none of the candidates have that elusive 50% of the vote that you need to actually win this thing. so we are doing the instant runoff here at city hall. here's a look at the early numbers. ed lee in the lead right now with 31%. john avalos in the number 2 spot with 19. and dennis herrera with 11. but again, this is before the ranked choice numbers get factored n those are the votes for second and third choice.
6:32 am
lee's campaign is celebrating. partying last night as the results started coming in. they are confident that enough people made lee their second or third choices to put him over the top. >> we run a campaign that represents every neighborhood. we talked to them about what they wanted. they want jobs. they want a strong economy. we did all of that. we continue to talking positive about the city. >> reporter: lee was appointed interim mayor in january. he has been the perceived front runner for most of the campaign but the current number 2 john avalos is also feeling confident. here he is dancing at his campaign party last night. he spent a lot less money on his run and still ended up with a very strong showing. at this time last year, in oakland, don perata had an 11% lead. ed lee right now has 12%. we saw don perat lose. we'll have more numbers this afternoon.
6:33 am
>> thank you, anne makovec at city hall. police officers and firefighters in palo alto will no longer be able to have outside arbitrators setting their contract disputes with the city. voters approved measure d yesterday which amends the city charter. supporters say it allows city officials now to control rising pay scales and those high pension costs. opponents say public safety workers need outside arbitrators because they are not allowed to go on strike. san mateo county voters say no to a bond measure for community colleges. 53% voted for measure h but it needed 55% to pass. it would have provided $564 million for upgrades at three community colleges. we have results from all of the races and all of the measures here in the bay area. head to our website, for more details. >> and there are signs that oakland police may be on the verge of once again clearing protestors out of frank ogawa plaza. a second time perhaps. this comes as some new video
6:34 am
shows another perspective from the last clash a few weeks back. kristy seifkin joins us now from oakland to explain and show some of that video, as well. kristy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, frank and grace. yeah, we have seen a lot of powerful images during this "occupy" movement. and we have actually just gotten some new video from protestors and police officers showing their side of the story. now, each of them trying to portray the fact that they are in the right and the fact that they were in fact the victims of the protestor-police conflicts. oakland just released this footage on october 25 the date the camp was raided and the video shows officers at 8th and washington being pelted with what they say are bottles and also with paint. now, alameda county sheriff's department also released its own video to put law enforcement in a good light this. video shows a protestor a war vet getting sick in his jail cell after a demonstration arrest. >> video clearly shows the deputies coming to his help trying to find out what's going
6:35 am
on. they call a nurse who offers medication which he refuses. >> reporter: a video shows a citizen journalist. this footage from last wednesday shows what he said was an atobacco by police. he said he was hit with either bean bags or rubber bullets even though he wasn't provoking police. now, mayor quan is saying that all the violence and vandalism that's happened inside the plaza needs to stop. she just issued a statement yesterday. once again calling for an open dialogue between the protestors and between the city and coincidentally on that same day the oakland police department said that they are going to cancel their training for officers next week and a source from the police department says that is a pretty strong indication that the police officers may be right back here in frank ogawa plaza next week raiding the campers again. >> thank you very much, kristy seifkin live in oakland. let's check in with lawrence and you're saying get outside today. >> today is the day to enjoy it
6:36 am
because the rest of the week, there could be some problems. we are going to see some changes. but yeah, today looks like a great day. it's chilly out there right now, just dropped to freezing in santa rosa and they are also reporting some fog there. 33 degrees in fairfield right now. 39 in livermore. not quite as cold as yesterday. but cold enough. by the afternoon, though, we'll be right about seasonal for this time of the year. temperatures expected to be in the 60s and 70s. by this afternoon pretty close, about one to three degrees cooler than normal but not bad. should be nice today probably the nicest of the week. changes are in the works. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> back out to chopper 5 over the macarthur maze. everything actually looks okay on all the approaches to the bay bridge if that's where you're heading this morning. not sure if chopper can zoom out that way. we can see some of the backups at the bay bridge toll plaza. there it is. thank you. everything looks pretty typical for this time of the morning. metering lights are on. you can see the waits behind
6:37 am
the pay gates. it's slow from the incline to the "s" curve. looks like it's stacking up not quite to the maze yet, maybe to the foot of the maze, the 880 overcrossing. slower speeds up the incline. once you get past treasure island then things improve heading into san francisco on the upper deck. elsewhere, let's hit our maps and show you more live traffic cameras. first i want to let you know that mass transit is all on time systemwide for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries but once again, other freeways looking good this morning including the nimitz through oakland. more traffic coming up. back to you. >> thank you. 6:37. a fire at one of the most famous homes in the bay area. this at george lucas' skywalker ranch off lucas valley road. the large fire happened around 5:30 yesterday. there was a lot of smoke but not too much damage and no one was hurt. we still don't know exactly what caused it but firefighters believe it may have started in a fireplace or a chimney. lucas does not live there but the ran of has living quarters for guest -- the ranch has living quarters for guests and facilities for films.
6:38 am
brentwood police looking for a man who broke into a cop's house. the off-duty officer shot the suspect yesterday. he was airlifted to the hospital after being shot. the second guy was unhurt, not found yet. medical marijuana dispensaries in san jose are supposed to pay a special city tax but not all are paying their fair share. kcbs radio's matt bigler with one city councilman's push to crack down on san jose's pot clubs. >> reporter: yesterday, the san jose city council voted for an ordinance that effectively keeps pot clubs illegal. they repealed a land use ordinance and it effectively will keep all marijuana dispensaries here in san jose technically illegal. despite that, they are still required to pay a 7% city tax and they are still required to pay despite the fact that they are illegal. it's a little bit of a conundrum. nonetheless 90 businesses are
6:39 am
paying the tax right now. i city council needs to flex its muscle and crack down on the pot clubs that are not paying their fair share. >> no knock on finance, you guys are great, but big bad finance isn't scaring them as much as code enforcement could be given the fact that code enforcement already has the authority to shut them down whether paying taxes or not. so why don't we elevate that as a priority? >> right now there are three priorities for code enforcement when it comes to cracking down on problem pot clucks. the first is complaints from the public about pot clubs. second those in violation of state law for example if they are too close to a school or community center. and three, those that are not paying their taxes. the city only has one in enforcement officer to go after pot clubs as a result of city finances. there could be next be a citywide referendum on new pot
6:40 am
rules -- new medical marijuana rules, that could happen sometime next year. voters will be asked if they want to reduce the number of pot clubs from over 100 to 10 clubs. i'm matt bigler life in san jose for cbs 5. thank you. we appreciate it. 6:40 now. ranked choice voting put to the test in the race for san francisco mayor. we are going to be checking in with cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman. >> plus a new alliance forged with a silicon valley search engine. the plan to compete with google and facebook ads coming up. and the market opened just about 10 minutes ago and it is a rough day down 243 points below the 12,000 mark. apparently investors very concerned about italy's debt levels. we are going to get more from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. ,,,,,,,,,,,, p
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that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. good morning, bay area! gorgeous start to the day. lots of sunshine coming our way. let's get out there right now and enjoy it, the sun just coming up. from our mount vaca cam, looking good. a few high clouds there in the distance, but other than the cool temperatures it is looking like a great day ahead. looks like today we are going to see probably the nicest day of the week as we are going to enjoy plenty of sunshine outside and some very nice weather. temperatures right now concord
6:44 am
at 37 degrees. 47 in oakland. it is currently freezing in santa rosa at 32. and 41 degrees in san jose. still, if you're headed out the door, bring a jackets. we have those cool temperatures to begin with also patchy fog reported in the santa rosa area but by the afternoon, some great weather. sunshine all the way to the coastline, some 60s and also some low 70s. high pressure holding on for one more day. pleasant today, changes in the works tomorrow, probably back to rainfall on the latter part of the week. 60s today toward santa clara, 69 there. 68 milpitas. 65 hayward. 62 at the coast. inland 60s and low 70s in toward the latter part of the afternoon. sunshine inside the bay looking good there. numbers as high as 67 degrees in alameda, about 65 in san leandro. and about 67 degrees in santa rosa.
6:45 am
next couple of days changes in the works as we'll see more clouds coming our way for thursday. chance of rain returning toward friday. partly cloudy, slight chance of a few showers over the weekend. then it looks like a return to some dry weather next monday and tuesday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. right out to chopper 5, live over the eastshore freeway. we sent them towards golden gate fields where you can see westbound 80 traffic is definitely starting to get busy through albany into berkeley. sluggish actually towards powell street into emeryville and the macarthur maze. let's go to our live traffic cameras. elsewhere at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that drive time is now 26 minutes actually on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so again, really bottleneck there is by golden gate fields. the bay bridge toll plaza at last check stacked up towards the 880 overcrossing but again, that was about 10 minutes ago. so likely those delays have gotten farther back closer towards the foot of the maze
6:46 am
now. sluggish up the incline. 880 in oakland looks great past the coliseum no delay towards downtown oakland. central freeway coming into and out of san francisco right now, looks okay up and down the peninsula and westbound 237, your silicon valley ride just starting to get a little sluggish there. this is near 880/237. slow towards san jose from milpitas. golden gate bridge looks great. traffic is free-flowing this morning either direction across the span. no major delays for your drive time southbound 101 to novato, san rafael and all the way towards the golden gate bridge toll plaza. getting a check of the south bay now, we had some earlier roadwork in the south bay stretches of 880 near 280 between 280 and old bayshore driveway all picked up. from downtown san jose this is the northbound lanes of 280. and your drive time for the east bay more popular routes you can see it is only sluggish down the eastshore freeway and westbound 580 coming out of the altamont pass. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads.
6:47 am
they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 6:47 now. three leading tech companies are ganging up on google. here's jason brooks with kcbs and with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yahoo and microsoft got together a couple of years ago to fight google when it came to search. and that really has not panned out. google still dominates the market. now they are enlisting the help of aol together. in agreement to help each other on their sites to take on google and facebook really climbing high when it comes to the display advertising market. now, we'll focus on nontargeted ads. those are not as highly sought after by marketers so it remains to be seen how effective this initiative will be.
6:48 am
750 jobs are going to be cut in the bay area. the company says it will instead focus more of its time and energy on digital media and digital marketing, adobe cutting 14% of their workforce. they are also halting development on its mobile apps for flash for both android and research in motion's playbook tablet. adobe shares hit hard after that announcement. right now, they are down by 11%. it's an overall ugly day on wall street. european deb worries especially about italy. portugal and greece when their bonds hit 7% their yields hit 7% this year, shut them out of financial markets forced them into bailout mode. right now there's not enough money set up to bail out italy if that should happen. dow down by 264 points. nasdaq is falling by 64. and the s&p, frank, is down by 30. looks to be another rough day ahead. >> just another day on wall street really don't you think? >> reporter: can't break out of
6:49 am
it yet. >> these 250 point swings. thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and have a great day. we want to check back in with our cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman to talk more about elections, particularly the ranked choice voting here in san francisco. and i'm just starting out, we still don't have an exact result. how long do you think this is going to take before we know who is going to be our next mayor for sure? >> based on my experience in the oakland election of the same, first thing we should say probably and i'm not positive about this, but i'm going to think that what i'm about to say is correct that the numbers we're quoting you now are based on the turnout at polling places yesterday. i don't believe the mail-in ballots and absentee ballots which also have first place choices have been counted. in most elections, there are more of those than there are people who actually show up on election day so it's very possible the numbers you're looking at right now those percentages will change. indeed, the position order. probably mayor lee will stay in first i'm guessing giving his lead but second and third could switch, somebody else could move into the top three we
6:50 am
don't know until the ballots are counted and they have to be authenticated. we won't know the result for that. that's something they do by hand. it takes time. it will take several days. the registrar will tell you it takes as long as it takes. >> is there anything about the interim mayor ed lee that would benefit him in this instant runoff? >> being the front-runner is always helpful. but if you can't get to 50% plus one in a ranked choice setting you are in a slight disadvantage because you're the one person that nobody is going to make an arrangement with in terms of offering to encourage his or her voters to support you for the second or third place vote. you don't want to give that option to the first place lead winner. if you are someone who is a front-runner an incumbent also a polarizing figure meaning people love you or hate you, they are not likely to rank you first or second. they are likely to rank you first or tenth.
6:51 am
so if you are a front-runner who is not going to get 50% plus one, you want to be a warm and fuzzy. like vanilla ice cream. not everybody's first place choice but if they serve it after dinner you would have a taste. ed lee is probably vanilla ice cream in this case. i don't know that he is passionately hated by everybody. i think he is probably in the mix of the top three, four or five candidates. so i think he has a reasonably good chance of being elected in a ranked choice system simply because of his personality. >> before we go, the sheriff race you said is a good example of how this ranked choice voting can have an effect. >> onek finished with 28% and others lower. this will be a classic example of how rank choice votes. the third place candidate, the second and third his voters gave him their first place votes when most seconds and probably thirds get distributed that's going to decide who is going to win between cunnie and mirkarimi.
6:52 am
it's possible that seconds and thirds could make up the difference. it's going to be interesting. it will be a classic example of how to express preferences will allow all those votes to count. >> thank you, cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman. we have new video of the occupy violence movement in oakland. officers may be prepping for another raid. that and much more coming up. d by officers... now for the first time police release ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
a rollover crash in san francisco, chopper 5 is live over the scene of a bad accident. there it is. you can see emergency crews on scene. this is at mariposa street and indian street. it looks like two cars are involved. one of those cars ran off the road into the fence and another one as you can see there completely overturned. so obviously this is an injury crash. to what extent those injuries are we're not sure but you can see a couple of fire trucks out there, an ambulance. that intersection remains closed right now. this is also affecting traffic
6:56 am
coming off of the off-ramp of northbound 280 at mariposa. so again, expect delays mariposa street and indian street injury crash, rollover accident in san francisco. let's get a check of the bay bridge where things are quickly stacking up here. it is backed up almost to the maze this morning so about a 20- minute wait to get you on the bridge very crowded by the way up the incline towards treasure island. a bright spot the nimitz 880 through oakland has been giving us no problems this morning towards downtown and mass transit remains on time. back to you. >> thank you. this is just across the wires. we have an update on the penn state sex scandal according to the "associated press." >> just coming down right now. joe paterno, who of course has been the coach there since the '60s, 40-plus years, won two national titles, a lot of pressure on him because of the sexual abuse scandal with his former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky. they want him out and he has decided to retire. he will retire at the end of the season. he was facing increased calls to step down.
6:57 am
obviously because of that abuse scandal. it sounds like he will retire at the end of the year. he is 84. he has been there forever. university has a special committee now investigating the whole situation. >> really a huge icon. you have seen students rallying around joe paterno even during this time of crisis. but looks like -- >> i think it's a moral thing because he was privy to this. he took it to the athletic director, who took it to the president. but they never took it to the police. and i think that penn state people want to clean house, clean up the program and move on. but i mean, there are statues of him everywhere there. he is the winningest college football coach ever. and, you know, quite a man. but tough, tough situation. especially to go out there way. >> penn state football coach joe paterno will retire at the end. season. that just from the "associated press." joe joe paterno will retire at the end of the season.
6:58 am
police have released video from october 25th at "occupy oakland"'s raid. >> reporter: good morning. both protestors and the police coming forthwith their own video footage trying to tell their sides of the story. and the intent is to demonstrate each side is in the right and that they were the victims. now, oakland police department released some footage that was taken on october 25th the day that the camp was raided. and this video shows officers at 8th and washington being pelted by what they say are bottles and also with paint. alameda county sheriff's department also just released its own video, that shows a protestor, a war veteran getting sick in his jail cell after a demonstration arrest. and it appears in that video that a deputy and a nurse are trying to help the protestors and give him medicine. but he is refusing that assistance. and then we turned the tables a whole new different perspective. scott campbell a citizen
6:59 am
journalist shared this footage. he said that he was attacked by police, that they fired either bean bags or rubber bullets at him even though he said he was not provoking police. all this footage coming out at a time that mayor quan said, we have to control the violence and the vandalism. police officers in oakland saying they are canceling next week's training and indication they might be back here for another raid at frank ogawa plaza. back to you. >> thank you. >> let's check with lawrence and the weather. >> a lot of sunshine around the bay area, probably the nicest day of the week. temperatures up in the 60s and 70s. toward tomorrow, though, the clouds begin to move in. and things get a bit unsettled, maybe some showers move in toward friday. partly cloudy and yes, there is a slight chance of showers, not a big deal, over the weekend. >> it's okay because it will be friday. >> just one day, right? >> right. just one day. >> then sunny forever. [ laughter ] >> that's all the time


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