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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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we start with breaking news on wall str >> good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee.
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breaking news on wall street. stocks have taken a massive tumble. the dow down 378 points. the major stock indices fell more than 3% following big selloffs in european markets. analysts say investors are losing faith in italy's ability to repay its debt. clearly, they are selling off. >> tough day on wall street. back home, it's all about elections. they are all but over. but it's going to take longer for san franciscans to know exactly who will be running the city. ed lee leads the pack with the most votes but as anne makovec is about to tell you, it doesn't guarantee him a mayor's seat yet. >> reporter: that's right. nobody has that magic number of 50% of the vote plus one. it could be weeks until we have the official results. take a look at the preliminary numbers right now. ed lee in the lead with 31%. number 2 supervisors john avalos with 19 and city attorney dennis herrera with
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11% of the vote. lee's 12-point lead isn't enough yet. the votes are in. the results are not. today election workers are counting the final mail-in ballots first tallying voters' first choices and then applying the ranked choice formula. >> ed lee did well as a front- runner. but that lead is still precarious. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: lee was appointed mayor in january. if he wins he will make history again as the first elected asian-american mayor of san francisco. >> mayor lee continues to enjoy fairly broad popularity among most voters despite some of the nasty attacks. a lot of the other votes will get redirected. mayor legal will get a lot of people's -- lee will get a lot of people's second and third votes. >> nothing is final until the certification. until now, anything until 2 to 2.5 weeks is preliminary. >> reporter: on the other side of the bay last election
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season, the candidate with most first place votes don perata did not become mayor. our cbs 5 political analyst says we could see a similar pattern in san francisco. >> what's not known is whether any of the top five or six candidates with the meat of the votes in this race had side arrangements with one another like oakland where there, one candidate might say i'll tell my voters to rank you second if you tell your voters to rank me second. >> reporter: the man in second place, supervisor john avalos, we caught up with him in the mission this morning. >> we were shooting for number 2 and we got it. i'm shooting for number one week, got 2. we knew it would be easier to get number two based on our organizing. i'm proud of the campaign. >> reporter: this afternoon we'll see the first implementation of the ranked choice system that's going to include everybody's number two choices at least the people -- so that number is going to come out at 4 p.m.
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back to you guys. >> anne makovec live at city hall, thank you. two other major races here in san francisco will be decided by the ranked choice system, as well. for san francisco district attorney incumbent george gascon has the lead with 42% of the vote. david onek is 23%. sharmin bock has 21%. in the race to replace long- time san francisco county sheriff michael hennessey, supervisor ross mirkarimi is the front-runner with 38%, chris cunnie at 28% and not far behind paul myamoto27%. police officers and firefighters in palo alto will no longer have outside arbitrators for contract disputes. voters approved measure d which repeals this right. supporters of the measure say it will control costs while opponents say outside arbitrators are needed because officers cannot go on strike. san mateo county voters have said no to a bond measure
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for community colleges. 53% voted for measure h but it needed 55% to pass. it would have provided $564 million for upgrades at three community colleges. the east bay city of newark has its first new mayor. the first time in 33 years. veteran city councilman alan nagy easily won the three canada-data contest with 47% of the votes. he will replace david smith who after 33 years decided not to run. we have all the results at since the "occupy" protests began in oakland, some demonstrators have been crying police brutality. but now, oakland police are showing two sides of the story. videos from bystanders and officers' lapel cameras, you see them here, showing the crowd pelting officers with everything from bottles to paint. many protestors still blame the police including this man, who
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says he was hit in the leg with a rubber budget or a beanbag. >> there needs to be some independent agency that comes in and looks at the behavior of the police. >> meanwhile, the "san francisco chronicle" says oakland police have cancelled all training exercises this week. that's a possible sign that police may soon clear "occupy" campers from frank ogawa plaza once again. there is another occupy demonstration that's under way in the east bay. uc-berkeley students outraged over tuition hikes and budget cuts are taking their voice to the streets. kristy seifkin is live in berkeley with this new movement. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, grace and frank. none of the tents have been set up but the protest is under way a rally going on now and just a few minutes earlier we saw protestors marching through the streets and chanting and even before that, early this morning, people out with picket
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signs, writing signs on the sidewalk with chalk, a marching band, a lot of activity here this morning. occupy cal isn't just about students. it's a cross-section of students, faculty, staff and union members all protesting hikes in tuition and demand changes to all public education. chopped from the top that's what occupy cal demonstrators are demanding from public school administrators and the big banks. >> what the regents are doing and the administration is doing is increasingly private advertising what should be a public university. and by doing so, they are excluding many people disadvantaged from race, social economic status. >> reporter: tanya smith is one of many who is carrying picket signs this morning. school budget cuts put her job with cal on the chopping block last year. >> i was an editor for 22 years at the berkeley campus. and there's not a lot of jobs for people my age. but unfortunately, there's not a lot of jobs for students,
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either. >> reporter: student ricard go doe messes says he had to stay a fifth year at cal because of class size reductions. gomez says he is not the only one who felt the financial effects. >> it's ridiculous that students have to for any little -- any one semester they are going to be tens of thousands of dollars in debt. >> reporter: student debt, faculty and staff cuts and a potential 81% fee increase are all reasons "occupy" cal is marching on bank of america this afternoon. demonstrators want the csu board and the uc regents, including bank of america director monica lozano, to sign a refund california pledge. a promise to make big banks pay their fair share to stop cuts to higher education. representatives from cal weren't available for on camera interviews this morning but i just got off the phone with two spokesmen before we sent in our package and they said they are supportive of the students exercising their right to freedom of speech and that they're drawing attention to the need for more public school funding. but they say they are concerned
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about the students setting up tents. they said that they have told students multiple times this is against school policy but as we have seen at other encampment this doesn't stop people from staying overnight and additionally, a spokesman said that this 81% tuition hike that students have been talking about so much he said that's not on the table right now and in fact regents now have turned to the state for additional funding. they are asking them for $411 million which if they receive would prevent the school from having to increase any student tuition. back to you. >> berkeley has a history of protesting. could be difficult. all right, thanks, kristy. csu students could face another tuition hike. the csu system is proposing a 9% increase next year. that's $500 a person. unless state lawmakers give csu at least $200 million. trustees are expected to meet next week and vote. if approved this would be the sixth year in a row that tuition goes up. legendary football coach joe paterno is stepping aside
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from his position at penn state university at the end of the season. drew levinson has the latest from college state, p.a., where a sex scandal is rocking that university. reporter: penn state football coach joe paterno is retiring at the end of the season. he says, this is a tragedy. it is one of the great sorrows of my life. with the benefit of hindsight, i wish i had done more. >> reporter: paterno relayed the news to his players this morning. >> this is the first time i have seen him cry and i almost cried myself. >> reporter: many questioned why paterno didn't go straight to police in 2002 when a student assistant told him he saw former assistant coach jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in a campus shower. paterno passed the information to higher ups as the law requires. the school's board of trustees is expected to appoint a special committee to find out who is responsible for not calling police immediately
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after the allegations surfaced. the board meets friday and pennsylvania's governor and former attorney general will be there. >> he who preys on a child is the worst type of person in the world as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: sandusky is charged with sexually abusing eight boys over 15 years before and after he retired in 1999. news that the scandal cost coach paterno his career raced across campus. >> i'm sad. but i'm just glad that he can do it on his own terms to finish out the season. >> for all the good he brought to the university over all the years, it's a shame he has to end like this. >> reporter: the pressure is now on the university president to also step down. drew levinson, cbs news, state college, pennsylvania. >> and there's still plenty of football, too. penn state playing nebraska this weekend at home. so it will be interesting to see what kind of reaction the crowd gives joe pa. nba deadline day. who has a big decision day and what the consequences will be if the answer is no.
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plus a warning for car owners. why toyota is recalling more than a half million of their vehicles. and they weren't cat burglars. they sure stole something. the little puppy stolen from a bay area shelter. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. it is looking like the nicest day of the week outside right now. but that means things are about to change. we'll tell you all about it coming up. >> closed captioning is sponsored by palo alto medical foundation, a part of sutter health. ,,,,,,,,,,
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default on its debts. rough day today. nba players now have just a matter of hours to accept a new deal from team owners. it gives players between 49 and 51% of revenues. owners say the players reject this deal? the next one will be worse. so far the nba has cancelled games through november and it could be much more. some bay area headlines that we're following. more arrests in a crime spree that has lasted for months. police say two teenagers suspected in a series of armed robberies at convenience stores in contra costa county are now in juvenile hall. a fire at a famous marin property is under investigation. about a dozen fire crews responded to flames at george lucas' skywalker ranch yesterday afternoon. firefighters believe that it may have started in the fireplace or chimney. this is in a building known as "the main house." well, a puppy about to be adopted was stolen from the san francisco spca. we have a photo of him. and he is the darling of our
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newsroom. i got news for you. eight-week-old james is light brown, white mixed breed. the spca has video of the thieves actually stealing this little dog. they are described as a latino couple in their mid-30s. they were accompanied by a little boy, as well. they are offering a $500 reward if you can bring james back home. poor little guy. >> cute. coming up, well, toyota announces a major. the vehicles affected and the potential problems. singer mariah carey is lending her voice to a new project. find out how it started with a loss in her life. that coming up. weather looking good now but we have changes coming up and, yes, we're talking about the possibility of more rain. we'll tell you when next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fireworks display. all the fireworks were set off at once! the show was supposed in scotland there was a mishap at a fireworks display. they were all set off at once. it was supposed to go off, but they all went off at once in 12 seconds instead of 20 minutes. there was a computer glitch. >> that's it, go home. [ laughter ] >> i like that. they started out with a grand finale! they went right to it! >> the whole enchilada. >> no waiting. if you are heading out around the bay area today, a gorgeous day. lots of sunshine out there now. really we are looking good as we sail into the afternoon. a few high clouds moving in
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overhead. otherwise, yeah, we're looking at these temperatures warming up now after a chilly start to the day. you have 57 degrees in concord. 61 in san jose. 60 degrees in livermore. working on a great afternoon outside. temperatures will be moving up into the 60s and even the low 70s in some of the warmest spots. plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline. tonight probably going to be chilly in spots again. overnight lows in the 40s, maybe isolated 30s out there couple of patches of fog as well, valley fog as well, but mostly clear tonight. high pressure in control. pleasant for now. but the low is digging off the coastline. timing is difficult but it's going to try to move in on the weekend. we are going to see some unsettled weather ahead as we are going to see that storm system approach the coastline and that will bring with it a chance of some rain. how about those temperatures! well, we are looking at numbers as high as 68 degrees in san jose, 70 in cupertino, about 68 in morgan hill. 64 degrees in pacifica. east bay numbers up into the
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60s and the low 70s. while you make your way inside the bay you will find plenty of sunshine and comfortable numbers as high as 67 in oakland and 62 in sausalito. these next couple of days we are going to notice those changes as high pressure will give way to the system off the coastline. we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day on thursday. chance of rain overnight on thursday night and into friday. and by the way, friday veterans day. and a chance of rain that day. temperatures running, though, in the 50s and 60s. >> can you turn to the side? what you got go on there? >> i have this whole thing. i did a wonderful thing to my back so i have this wonderful contraption. >> you guys have been enjoying that. >> lawrence is saying, thank you so much, grace. [ laughter ] >> major recall from toyota. more than a half a million vehicles worldwide are affected. the recall includes 2004 and 2005 camry highlanders and the sienas and som lexus models, as well. power steering problems could
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make it difficult to steer. no injuries or accidents have been reported. one way to stay healthy is to cut back on salt but a new study says that might put you at more risk. researchers say in their study those who cut back on salt ended up raising their cholesterol levels. that can lead to heart disease. other experts say the data is unreliable because the studies were too small or too short. singer mariah carey is adding another thing to her resume'. she is being named the new celebrity spokeswoman for jenny craig. she had twins in april and lost 30 points since july. but she says it's all thanks to the program. carey says she exercised four to five days a week. it's a pub where everyone is welcome including our four- legged friends. a business that's gone to the dogs. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's labeled honey. even tastes now, this is a very large pasta and loaded with flavor. hard to cook with. but you put the right ingredients with it, it's going to taste delicious. chef, how are you? >> good. >> good to have you here. >> one of the tallest italians i know. my son is this tall. this is cool. the chef starts with extra virgin olive oil and garlic, then removes the garlic from the hot pan. in italy a lot of chefs cook with the garlic and remove it,
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get the flavor but not garlic, right? >> yes. >> don't do it here too much. i kind of like the garlic. now the chef adds the rest of the ingredients, cherry tomatoes, more tomatoes and sauce, capers and olives. then he adds pressed chopped parsley and then adds diced fish and then seasons it with sea salt and cracked pepper. the fish he is using is called bacala, salted cod. the chef adds the pasta for six to eight minutes to the boiling water and removes it from the water, puts it directly into the pan with the fish and the sauce all cooking together. gives it a nice gentle toss then plates it with a dash more fresh italian parsley to give it that fresh flavor. i'm tony tantillo and this is tony's table. you're going to want this. this is good. >> never quite looks like that for me. >> me either. well, coming up tonight at
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5:00, it's labeled honey even tastes like it but it's not the real stuff. where it's being sold here in the bay area. >> plus, a new way to dell with stress that's so effective, soon bay area police officers will learn the new way to deal with stress. that's at 5:00. london is the home of the mucky pub a public for dogs. dog owners can enjoy the alcohol while pooches get nonalcoholic drink. >> caption colorado, llc ,,
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