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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  November 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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dozens of arrests overnight. the protester's next move. a violent standoff between police and cam students, dozens of arrests of cal students. >> the outbreak of violence over the penn state sex scandal. good evening, it's november 10. the weekend is close. [ laughter ] >> hello! >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. i know. it's tough on thursdays sometimes, elizabeth. you can see the weekend right there. >> it is so close, i'm feeling it. are you right there. >> are you bringing it. >> we're going to bring some nice weather.
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we are going to see some sunshine. temperatures are chilly in the valleys but not as cold as it's been. 35 degrees in santa rosa, 39 right now in fairfield, and 37 in livermore. inside the bay temperatures 40s and 50s. we are seeing a little patchy ground fog developing so you're going to watch out for that early on but i think after that not bad. we'll have temperatures in the 60s and a few low 70s. but there is a chance of some rain, guys. rain. >> rain? >> sorry, we had other people talking to us about other stuff. chance of rain back to veterans day tomorrow and bring a chance of rain then. looks like the weekend should be okay. so we're doing all right in the weather department and drying out next week. >> so you think it's going to rain during the morning commute? that's what we care about? >> tomorrow we'll probably just miss it. >> even though it's a holiday
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for some. >> go to the movies. >> you want to do the half hour by yourself? [ laughter ] >> let's talk about this accident. this is a car versus deer. it's in alamo southbound 680 at lavorna road. most of the slowing is in the northbound direction. there is a lot going on in the north bay so we'll check on that in a little bit. >> thank you. >> he's still messing with me. >> you have no idea what it's like off camera. [ laughter ] we begin with a developing story. dozens arrested from the bay area's latest "occupy" protests. uc-berkeley isn't letting the campus turn into a
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camp anne makovec reports. >> reporter: you can see several dozen protestors camped out here behind me. you have about four tents set up as well as other protestors wrapped up in sleeping bags right now. the police standing in a line as you can see there in riot gear behind them. police said they wouldn't allow people to set up camp like you see here but they are trying to prevent a full-on "occupy" camp like we saw in berkeley outside city hall. here was the scene as police moved through the crowd at around 9:30 last night to remove the tents that had been put up. several students complained of excessive force saying they were injured by jabs from officers' batons. 32 people were arrested in this confrontation with officers from uc-berkeley, sheriff's office and the oakland pd. they confiscated the tents and supplies. this what you're look at now was the second big melee of yesterday. the first happened around 3:30
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p.m. take a look at that. this is youtube video from inside that confrontation. police pushing through a line of protestors to bust up the first encampment. 6 people were arrested during that earlier clash and university officials say the protestors can use sproul plazas a gathering spot for one week but again, they say that they cannot camp out. they are protesting the rising cost of higher education. they are planning to gather in force today at noon and again at 6 p.m. >> we do see the one tent behind you. so i guess some of the students actually did spend the night last night, anne? >> reporter: yeah. they did. we see several tents actually. i can count three right now and several students also wrapped up in sleeping bags and police have said they weren't going to allow either of those items here at the camp but they do
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seem to be standing by and not taking action at this point. >> okay, anne makovec live this morning in berkeley. thank you. cbs 5 has learned that a second raid is imminent to close the "occupy" camp in oakland. >> a number of -- [ chanting ] >> we are the 99% of oakland! >> some city council members held a news conference to say "occupy oakland" is killing business and must be shut down. our sources say plans are made for a raid with a substantial number of officers. the protestors will not go quietly. >> these are individuals who are not by and large from oakland. they do not care about oakland. and they have -- [ screaming ] >> i am not your councilmember. >> we doesn't want them to bring back thousands of police officers into our streets. >> mayor jean quan was blasted for allowing campers to return
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after the first raid. she says she wants "occupiers" to leave immediately. and across the country another campus riot. thousands of penn state students are furious with the decision now to fire their football coach joe paterno. as susan mcginnis reports, there is now a federal investigation into that child abuse scandal that tainted his 46-year career. [ scream ] >> reporter: police in riot gear moved in after thousands of outraged penn state students took to the streets. [ screaming ] >> reporter: they packed downtown state college wednesday night to show their support for ousted coaching legend joe paterno. students shook lampposts and toppled over a news van after the university trustee board made its shocking announcement. >> dr. spannier is no longer president of the university. in addition, joe paterno is no longer the head football coach effective immediately. >> reporter: officials fired
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paterno and university president graham spannier over their handle of child sexual abuse allegations against former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky. after the announcement, paterno said, "i am disappointed with the board of trustees' decision but i have to accept it. a tragedy occurred and we all have to have patience to let legal process proceed." there is now a federal investigation into the scandal. the department of education is looking into whether school officials broke the law in failing to report incidents of sexual abuse on campus. outside his home, paterno with his tearful wife at his side thanked the supporters. >> i love you all. you're great. >> reporter: earlier wednesday, the 84-year-old tried to ease growing criticism announcing he would retire at the end of the season. but now, this saturday penn state will take the field for the first time in 46 years without paterno as head coach.
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susan mcginnis for cbs news, washington. debates have not been a strength for republican presidential contender rick perry. >> i would do away with education, the, up -- >> commerce. >> commerce? let's see. the third one i can't. sorr whoops. >> whoops. >> well, perry later said it was the department of energy that he was trying to recall. the texas governor and other republican candidates took part in the forum in rochester, michigan. they spent most of the time criticizing the democrat currently in the white house. >> you want to get america's economy going, we know how to do it. it's do almost the exact opposite of what president obama has done. >> president obama's plan for job creation has absolutely nothing do with the true people who know how to create jobs. >> less than two months remain before the first caucuses in
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iowa. in bay area politics, the interim mayor of san francisco is declaring victory. >> that would be in the new ranked choice runoff system. ed lee has a 61-39% lead over supervisor john avalos. it took 11 elimination rounds for lee it get the needed majority and avalos was only other candidate remaining. about 32,000 late arrival ballots still need to be counted before a winner is officially declared but lee is very confident he is the one. >> the numbers are fairly accurate right now. i'm confident that we can use the word victory right now. >> if those numbers hold up, lee would be the first asian- american mayor elected in san francisco. he was appointed as you remember as interim mayor this past january. also in san francisco, the district attorney's race appears to be decided after three elimination rounds, appointed incumbent george gascon leads second place david
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onek by 32%. and, of course, we have complete election results online all over the bay area at check out our website if you would like more information. if you are watching as world markets tumble today, investors are worried about a setback in europe's efforts to isolate a debt crisis before it blows into an all-out recession. [ bell ] >> on wall street yesterday, stocks suffered their biggest sell-off in nearly two months putting the major stock indices into negative territory for the year, dow down 389. a tough day as the financial crisis in europe continues to rattle the world. >> i don't know when they're going to get that thing fixed. it's going to take a long time. >> much better news on the weather front. should be a decent day around the bay area. we have some rain coming. >> well... >> not too bad. it's not going to be a rainout
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but a chance of showers. still, things a little bit gray around parts of the bay area. starting out with a couple of patches of ground fog early on this morning but not a bad start to the day. temperatures fairly cool in spots but not as cool as they've been. 35 degrees is one of the cooler spots in santa rosa. 40 in concord and 37 in livermore. by the afternoon, it looks like we'll see temperatures you in the 60s, even some 70s again. we'll see a few high clouds across the skies. that's because an area of low pressure is going to be spinning off the coastline that could bring some showers as we head in toward the beginning of tomorrow. looks like we could see a couple of scattered showers around the bay area but doesn't look like a rainout for tomorrow. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. overnight roadwork is what caltrans is very busy with so far this morning. eastbound 4 we have all lanes -- we'll get to that in just a moment. in the meantime, first alamo all lanes are open, car versus deer. this accident happened overnight. southbound 680 all labels are open at livorna road. that's good to go.
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this is eastbound 4 closure i had mentioned at loveridge road should be wrapping up around 5:30. use the on- and off-ramps to get by. we have roadwork in marin county. southbound 101 -- actually both directions of 101 between novato and all the novato exits between atherton and highway 37. and if you are coming down towards the golden gate bridge, everything looks good. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. nearly 30 grand on granola. >> you will not believe how much taxpayer money is getting spent on snacks for state lawmakers. also ahead -- >> he said, paul, i want my life to be who i really am. >> on the run from the fbi for 40 years. one of san francisco's most wanted fugitives finally decides to turn himself in. and two titans facing off here in the bay area. the new shopping option for you techies out there all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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opening fire on two south san francisco police officers an attorney for ronald stanley bridgeforth says his client plans to plead guilty to "assault with a deadly an attorney for ronald stanley bridgeforth says his client plans to plead guilty to assault with a deadly weapon for opening fire on south san francisco police officers in 1968. he plans to fight charges that have been pending against him in the 1971 slaying of a san francisco police officer. bridgeforth is now 67 with a wife and two grown sons. last week he resigned from his teaching job. there is no free lunch but there's what's been going on for years in the state senate in sacramento. the "l.a. times" reports the state senate was spending more than 10 grand in taxpayer funds a year to stock the coffee room and cover meal expenses when sessions
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extended into lunch or dinner hours. last year during the budget standoff, the senate spent $23,000 for food, another $2,900 a month spent on granola, yogurt, fruit and sweet snacks. a committee compared meal spending to double dipping because senators get $143 a day for meals and expenses. the complete voted to en that free ride. microsoft is marching into enemy territory with its first bay area retail store. it opens at 10 a.m. this morning at valley fair mall across from the apple store. the microsoft layout similar to the shop across the way but it's selling pcs along with its xbox consoles and the new windows phone. shoppers are excited to see the two tech titans square off. >> hopefully, it will be great
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competition. >> it will be an all-out battle. >> microsoft has opened 12 stores since 2009. the company says it goes out of its way to make sure it's never quite far away from the competition. well, the bay bridge celebrates its 75th anniversary this month. >> so bay area and state leaders are going to be marking this milestone with the unveiling of a new sign at treasure island this morning. visitors can see a multimedia display that highlights bridge history and design plans for the new suspense span. caltrans invites themshare photos and memories on their facebook page. it's linked on our facebook page for cbs 5 "early edition." 4:47 now. we have always been told to skip the salt. you know why cutting back could hurt your heart. we have a report coming up. and the buzzer sounded but no one is budging. the next move on the nba talks as they head into overtime.
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>> a stolen puppy is returned. coming up. not quite as cold around the bay area this morning. and we do have an area of low pressure off the coast. when will that move in? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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another earthquake in eastern turkey. rescue workers are searching for survivors this morning of another earthquake, this one in eastern turkey. at least eight people were killed in yesterday's quake which had a magnitude of 5.7. it hit the same area that was devastated by a 7.2 quake which killed 600 people just last month. more than two dozen people were rescued in the city of van where a collapsed hotel left an unknown number of people trapped in the rubble. an afghanistan veteran showed up at his child's veterans day rally. >> what a reunion. >> makes me want to cry.
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>> best birthday ever! >> cody anderson wrapped up his final tour in afghanistan. >> he went to his brother's school after he got off the plane. >> there he is. >> veterans day is a great day to remember the people who have fought for this country and who are fighting right now. if you were here right now, thanks for serving us in our country. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> very cute. cody says it was tough to pull off this one of a kind birthday present but it will be something he will never forget. he was a little surprised. what do you want? >> whoa, wait a minute. i love the double-take. if you were here right now, hello! good stuff. lawrence is here right now. if grace doesn't fall over in her chair -- >> and i have regained my sobriety and i am ready to go this morning. >> it's an early morning for you, isn't it? >> yes, it is. if you are heading out the door today, we have some patchy fog
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showing up outside. mostly clear conditions. temperatures not quite as cold as they were yesterday. but cold enough still that we have some 30s and some patchy fog in the valleys, 40s and 50s elsewhere around the bay area. this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds. we have an area of low pressure that's going to approach the coastline. still not going to ruin your day today. 60s and 70s looking nice. it's track off the coastline and it moves by we'll see more clouds. we are looking at showers,showers toward tomorrow throughout the day. and it will be kinds of on and off throughout. computer models picking up on it showing you some clouds moving through today. overnight tomorrow that storm system sagging south. that low will drag off the coastline and take the rain with it. tomorrow at 7 a.m., cloudy, sprinkles, but through the day we'll just see some occasional
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showers on and off throughout the day tomorrow and things settle down. it dries out for the weekend. temperatures looking like this. 70 degrees in san jose, 67 degrees in san mateo and 66 in hayward. inland 60s and 70s. inside the bay nice, 68 in oakland, comfortable 66 in san francisco. 63 in daly city. veterans day chance of showers. towards the weekend partly cloudy and dry. then i think toward next week, temperatures warm up as high pressure builds in. back to some 70s as we look toward monday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we're talking roadwork in the north bay both directions of 101 through the novato exit between atherton and highway 37. you will find various lanes blocked. should be wrapping up shortly but there's actually more roadwork in the cotati rohnert park area. watch out for various lanes
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blocked. the roadwork should be wrapped up by 5 a.m. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. , looks good this morning through the waldo grade and everything is moving fine across the span into san francisco. elsewhere at the bay bridge toll plaza no delay heading westbound 80, roadwork eastbound 80 if you are heading off of the decline towards oakland. and we have a full freeway closure pittsburg eastbound 4 at loveridge should wrap up with caltrans about 5:30 this morning and westbound 4, that looks great through antioch. up and down the nimitz if you are traveling through oakland, once again we have our ongoing roadwork between fruitvale and 980 so watch out for that. passing the coliseum good to hayward. mass transit continues to roll along on time. no issues this morning with bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's traffic, back to yo. >> thank you. 4:54 now. women who abuse alcohol suffer
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a certain type of brain damage three times faster than men. the study finds women suffer a 50% reduction in the serotonin function in their brains after four years of excessive drinking. men show the same amount of damage after 12 years of abusing alcohol. the impairment impacts a part of brain that controls your moods, impulse and sleep. turns out eating less salt might actually hurt your health. doctors have long prescribed a low salt diet as a way to prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease but a study in the american journal of hypertension says it could also be bad for your heart. reducing sodium does lower your blood pressure but researchers found it also increases hormones and cholesterol which could hurt cardiovascular health. a puppy snatch from the san francisco pound is with the right family this morning. 8-week-old james was supposed to be adopted on tuesday. instead, the spca says a couple with a small child standard the puppy under a blanket and walked out.
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talk about timing. while our cameras were there yesterday, someone returned with a "hot" dog. >> we were getting ready to film another segment about the missing dog and just as we were about to start filming this woman came in and dropped james off. >> the woman who returned james left before anyone could ask any questions. no word on whether police will continue to hound the thieves. >> mike sugerman was the report. he was a happy guy. like wow, this is taking a whole different point of view now. the clock is now stopped in the only game the nba may play this season. negotiators for the basketball players and team owners plan to meet again in new york today after yesterday's marathon talks went past the deadline. the league had said if players did not accept the latest proposal yesterday on the table, that their offer would be replaced by one the players would like even less. the players are locked out for
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four months. you made my year. that's the message to her fans from country star taylor swift when she accepted the award for entertainer of the year last night. >> it's the second time she won the honor from the association. the 21-year-old singer and songwriter is the second woman to win there title. last night's big winners including blake shelton for male vocalist of the year and more reason in a lambert for female vocalist of the year. >> i stayed up late and watched in. >> great show, me, too. >> she is amazing. >> 21. that's what's amazing. >> she has been around it seems like for decades now. awesome. 4:57. markets plunged around the world. the outlook today after a brutal sell-off on wall street. >> and students unleash their fury on penn state. outrage after the firing of a coaching legend. and the "occupy" movement moves to uc-berkeley. the latest from the campus as a standoff with police continues.
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and cat got your tongue? the blankout moment for rick perry during the latest gop debate. we have that and more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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