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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  November 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it may be the la your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. he got up, was running, and they shot him three times. >> it may be the last straw for "occupy oakland." a man murdered near frank ogawa plaza. the mayor's plea to protestors. >> some new fallout over the penn state sex scandal. who is now getting death threats. good morning. it is friday, november 11, 11/11/11. that's pretty cool. veterans day. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. 11/11/11. should be a lucky day. >> it is our lucky day, we have some rain coming in!! [ laughter ] >> it's going to be good out there. couple of scattered showers trying to make their way in along the coast now. you can see that main band still off the coast that's going to try to rotate in later so going to keep things a little unsettled and possibly a little wet. we'll have more on the forecast
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coming up. right now, let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> pretty dry, no major problems. traffic very light this morning at the bay bridge. hopefully traffic will be extra light because it is a veterans day holiday. we have the veterans day parade going on in downtown san francisco so we will tell you more about street closures and muni delays coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. murder near the "occupy oakland" camp. this morning, mayor quan is calling for the immediate eviction of the camp. anne makovec at the camp where protestors are showing no signs of leaving. >> reporter: good morning. still several tents out here at the "occupy oakland" encampment. it doesn't look like any of them have thinned out overnight. in the meantime, you can see a vigil at the site of last night's shooting for the man who was killed who was identified at this vigil by a teen by the and a alex. there is tension in the air that an end to this encampment could be around the corner. the mayor and some councilmembers say that even if
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last night's shooting has nothing to do with the "occupy oakland" encampment, that underscores this place is not safe. they are asking campers to peacefully leave as of last night this as the investigation into that shooting continues. no one has been arrested yet. some protestors say the motive was a drug deal gone bad. >> the risks are too great for having an encampment out there. i need have my police resources out in the community in neighborhoods that traditionally have much more violence and needs the peace. it's time for the encampment to end. >> reporter: she is offering vouchers for homeless shelters for anyone who leaves this encampment on their own accord. but the question remains, what if they don't? police haven't given any indication as to when or if they may break up this
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encampment. they brought in lights last night. this is just another side of the flip-flopping here because they turned off the lights to the encampment and the electricity. now they brought in some artificial lights. so nobody knows exactly what is going to happen next. in the meantime, some councilmembers are calling for a no-confidence vote on mayor jean quan saying she is showing a real lack of leadership in this situation. frank and grace? >> anne, in this, is there any reason why they would wait? why not just move in? is the hope to avoid violence? >> reporter: yeah. the mayor says in needs to be done very thoughtfully and nobody wants to see a situation like we saw the last time they tried to break up the encampment with the tear gas and the heavy protests. so they are trying to do this in a thoughtful manner in a peaceful manner. but how that is possible still remains to be seen. >> all right. we shall see. anne makovec live in oakland, thank you. this afternoon, at frank ogawa plaza a group of veterans plans to protest police
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brutality. they are going to hold a news conference and then begin a protest march. two iraq war veterans have been injured apparently by police at the "occupy" protest site. an organizer of today's protest says he wants officers held responsible for using force against protestors. and this morning richmond's mayor plans to attend a rally to honor scott olsen one of the veterans who was injured at "occupy oakland." mayor gayle mclaughlin defends her decision to be at the "occupy" richmond gathering instead of a veterans day event at the richmond shipyards. >> a good way to really support veterans is to promote the values that veterans -- many of them fought for, many of them died for. >> organizers of the veterans day memorial in richmond believe that the mayor has little respect for the country and traditions. grace, several local cities are hosting events for veterans day today. a holliday with roots dating back to the end of world war i. now, one of the nation's
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largest veterans day parades is right here in the bay area and downtown san jose. now in its 93rd year, ceremonies will begin at 11 a.m. at the plaza de cesar chavez, the main viewing area for the parade, which starts at noon, running along parts of west santa clara and south market streets there. prepare for downtown street closures as well a little later this morning. and this of course is a special year for the annual veterans day cupertino ceremony the traveling vietnam veterans memorial wall is on display there. it's a slightly smaller replica of the permanent memorial wall on the national mall in washington, d.c. the ceremony at cupertino's memorial park begins at 11:00 this morning. there's also a veterans day event here in san francisco. a parade along parts of market, mcallister and polk street. that starts at 11:00 this morning. there will be some street closures there and some transit service could be affected. veterans day is a holiday at the federal, state and local levels. that means most government
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offices are closed today. the post office closed as well no mail delivery. no schools and banks are closed. transit agencies though are running on regular schedules. president obama has a full schedule of events this veterans day. he is going to take part in the traditional wreath-laying ceremony this morning at arlington national cemetery in virginia. these are live pictures before the ceremony begins. and then later today, he and first lady michelle obama will travel to san diego to visit the uss carl vinson. that's the navy aircraft carrier you might remember that carried osama bin laden's body for its burial at sea. they will attend a veterans day event at the ship, a college basketball game between north carolina and michigan state. cool. officials at penn state, though, say an assistant football coach has been receiving death threats. >> that would be mike mcqueary. he will not be at the football game tomorrow. he is the former graduate assistant who told head coach paterno he saw another coach sexually abusing a boy on
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campus. some believe paterno and top administrators should have done more in response. paterno of course fired this week and now there are calls for mcqueary to be fired, as well. >> i figure if you are going to fire joe paterno, you should fire him because he did exactly the same thing joe paterno did. >> penn state campus is calm since wednesday nights since riots on tuesday. penn state will play nebraska tomorrow. that should be an interesting ballgame to say the least. >> yeah. no kidding. a lot of people watching that game for all sorts of reasons. >> and it's at penn state, which makes it even more interesting. switching gears now. it is veterans day so we have a bit of a holiday. some folks have the day off. >> i was expecting rain but no rain yet that i see. >> we're going to get some four. just a few showers, not a rainout. but there is a chance we could see showers. we're going to get some for you. just some light stuff along the coastline. you see it there starting to move into san francisco and parts of the marin headlands.
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we have a bigger band of moisture off the coast and we're waiting to see if that will come onshore getting things going on and off with a few light showers throughout the day. the main area of low pressure off the coastline is sagging to the south. that's a big concern as far as rain is. if it sags too far to the south too fast it will hold this rain off the coast. we'll still see some of it come onshore but it will just be scattered showers around the bay area for today. numbers, yup, you bet. not too bad. temperatures warmer than they have been as we are seeing some cloud cover out there, as well. we have some 30s into santa rosa but you have 40s and 50s elsewhere along the coastline some good winds to go along with that. today highs are going to be cooler. 50s maybe some mid-60s in the warmest spots. and here's the good news. we are going to see a couple of showers for today. toward the weekend, partly cloudy into saturday, becoming mostly sunny on sunday. and should be dry throughout the weekend. then some warmer weather come monday and tuesday. starts to get a little unsettled, maybe we start talking rain toward the latter part of next week. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we're not expecting a whole lot
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of cars out there this morning, no huge backups but today looks to be extra "friday light" because it is the veterans day holiday so here's a live look at bay bridge toll plaza traffic. everything is fine towards the pay gates. now, you mentioned a couple of parades going on for the holiday. veterans day parade in san francisco from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. so expect delays on market between second and eighth. muni delays, s, 2, 5, 6 and 9 will be impacted, check their website for the latest. they will be impacted in the area. mass transit is running on a normal schedule today including bart on time systemwide. one quick look now at the golden gate bridge where everything is great this morning out of marin. no delays into san francisco. >> thank you. pittsburg police are looking to facebook for clues about a murder-suicide that ended with four people dead. a man apparently stressed about money killed his family and then himself yesterday morning.
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police say the man called 911 telling the operator that he was suicidal. a patrolman found the bodies and officers say that the man posted a message on his facebook account and left a note mentioning concerns about losing his house. no names have been released but neighbors tell us that the man lived with his wife and helper parents. nearly 100 people took part in a candlelight memorial for a san jose teen who was murdered two years ago. two other teens are accused of killing michael russell. investigators think it may have been part of a bizarre ritual. fellow students say that the two suspects believed in satanism and kept pictures of animal torture. police say it's important to speak up. >> it turns out to be nothing, fantastic. if it turns out to be something, then maybe we won't be at a vigil like this next year. >> he was a kid that didn't deserve this. [ crying ] this should not have happened to him. he was a good kid. >> the trial of randy thompson and jay williams is set for
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next february. it is 4:40. beale street is open between market and mission streets here in san francisco this morning. the street closed for a while last night after a pg&e crew broke a 16" gas pipeline. they hit the steel pipe with a backhoe while working on the transbay terminal project. there was a temporary shelter in place. but police say there was never any serious threat from that gas break. and pg&e is laying off 225 workers. the "san francisco chronicle" says the utility began the cuts wednesday and made the announcement to staff yesterday. the company is doing some reorganizing in the wake of last year's disaster in san bruno when an exploding pg&e gas pipeline killed eight people. 4:41 now. facebook under fire the new changes it's making involving your privacy. and rick perry laughing it off. how he poked fun at his embarrassing debate moment on late night. >> and the king of twitter. is this guy logging off? the controversial comments that
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have ashton kutcher apologizing. that and more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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candidate rick perry wants people to laugh with him... not republican presidential candidate rick perry wants people to laugh with him, not at him. so the texas governor now poking fun at his own performance during this week's debate in michigan on the late show with david letterman. he delivered the top 10 reasons why he forgot one of the term agencies he would eliminate. >> number 6. >> you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you, that is one handsome dude. [ laughter ] >> i know. i know exactly what you're talking about. >> yeah. i wanted to help take the heat off my buddy herman cain. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> oh, it was all good stuff. the letterman gig was one of eight television appearances perry made yesterday doing his mea culpa. he actually cancelled a day's campaign schedule and it may
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have helped out. >> he had great delivery, as well. let's talk about world markets getting a boost with signs of progress in solving europe's debt crisis. it started in new york with the dow recovering 113 points yesterday after wednesday's huge losses. asian and european markets joined the party and this morning u.s. stock futures are higher. stocks will be traded on this veterans day but the bond market is closed. facebook appears to be near a settlement with federal trade regulators about privacy settings. the ftc investigated complaints that facebook unilaterally changed settings making public some personal information. now published reports say all new privacy features will be optional and facebook would have to allow independent audits for two decades. ashton kutcher is taking heat for his tweets about the penn state sex scandal. >> he is. and one message wednesday he tweeted the firing of coach joe paterno was in poor taste. followers immediately blasted him for it. kutcher later apologized and
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said he didn't know the circumstances. he is now handing off his twitter account to his publicist. he currently has 8 million followers. billy crystal to the rescue for oscar night. the comedian will host the awards show for the ninth time on february 26. his reason for doing the song and dance once again, well, he tweeted, i'm doing thes who scars so the young woman in the pharmacy will -- i'm doing the oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when i pick up my prescriptions. he is taking over for eddie murphy who stepped out when a producer stepped down. starbucks going beyond coffee. the healthy new stores it plans to open. >> devotion to man's best friend. how one man braved the chilly bay waters to go under water to save his dog. >> 11/11/11 seemed to be the right timing for us. >> stars are aligning from vegas to the bay area.
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the mad rush to get married on this lucky day. plenty of clouds around the bay area. what can we expect? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bay. it happened along the embarcader a man and his best friend, quote, unquote, are okay after an unplanned dip in the bay. >> it happened along the embarcadero near red java house. san francisco rescue crews got both the man and his dog out of the water safely despite the water temperature in the 50s. the two are okay. >> well, the gentleman was walking his dog out here this wonderful evening down here in the embarcadero and his dog decided to go for a swim. the dog went over, the gentleman jumped in to save him. >> that's love i tell ya. the water -- they went in about 10 feet below the walkway. the fire department has crews available for water rescues all around san francisco. a leash, maybe, huh?
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[ laughter ] it's back to the drawing board for california's high-speed rail authority now that a superior court judge has rejected a proposed route from san francisco down to san jose. the judge said more studies need to be done on potential negative effects on traffic here in the bay. the concerns include the reduction of lanes on a monterey highway from south san jose to morgan hill. there are also concerns along the existing caltrain corridor from cities in san mateo county in northern santa clara county. time to check in with lawrence for a look at our weather for the weekend because it's friday. >> it's time for the rain dance. >> yeah. it is. it's time to go. we have some rain out there this morning. but most of that just some light showers right now. the weekend is looking great but yeah we have to get through today first and headed outside right now on our high-def doppler radar, we have some green on the screen. and most of that is hang off the coastline though as that area of low pressure at least the center is off the coast and dragging to the south. we'll likely see showers spin up out of that but not bad. let's talk about the weather as we make it through the day
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today. chance of showers this morning. by the afternoon, still a chance of a few showers around the bay area. temperatures going to stay cool. 50s and maybe some mid-60s in the warmest part. here's that low that i was talking about off the coast right there. you can see it headed to the south right now bringing rain down to southern california. it will also drag a lot of the moisture with it so looks impressive off the coast but all this is not going to get here. some of this will spin up throughout the day today. let's plan on a chance of showers, best chance near the coast and into the santa cruz mountains. the low spins off the coastline but then continues to drag on out of town so yeah, showers left for today but i think as we get through today tomorrow is looking good with partly cloudy skies and dry conditions. forecast models show you the moisture moving onshore but not that impressive just scattered showers on and off throughout the day today so keep that umbrella handy with you and maybe a light jacket, a little bit cool outside. otherwise not too bad. temperatures as high as 58 degrees in pacifica about 64 degrees in san jose. and about 62 degrees inives
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lover. next few days we are going to dry things out for the weekend. partly cloudy, dry on saturday, mostly sunny sunday and the temperatures look like they are warming up as high pressure builds in monday and tuesday. it starts to get iffy next week, chance of rain. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go out live towards the bay bridge toll plaza. everything is fine, quiet on this friday. elsewhere the veterans day parade, as we have been mentioning in san francisco from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. so various lanes blocked along market between second and 8th. you may find muni delays later on this morning. mass transit is on time even though it's technically a holiday today. let's go live toward 880 in oakland, 15 minutes out of hayward towards foster city. southbound traffic looks good, as well. and pretty much everything moving at top speeds this morning. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 great out of
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hayward toward foster city. south bay no major roadwork so out of downtown san jose not one headlight on 280 so looks good toward the 880 interchange. westbound 237 your silicon valley ride is fine here as well out of milpitas towards san jose heading towards zanker road. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. medical marijuana advocates are having a convention this weekend at san jose. it runs today through sun at mcenery convention center as the city moves ahead with new regulations to better control the industry including a limit of 10 dispensaries in the city. there are currently well over 100. starbucks is diving into the juice business buying the california juice company evolution fresh for $30 million. the first juice bars which will be separate from starbucks stores will open on the west coast next year. well, the raiders look sharp in their game against the chargers in san diego last night. runningback michael bush gained 146 yards on the ground, 85
4:54 am
receiving. his touchdown made it 7-3 raiders last night. palmer 14 of 20 passing, 299 yards, a touchdown pass here to denarius more giving the raiders the 17-3 lead. they hooked up for another score in the third. lawrence is happy. raider nation is happy. the final score, raiders 24- chargers 17. for the moment, raiders now have sole possession of first place in the afc west. we'll see what the chiefs do this weekend. >> even i was watching. >> cool. >> i know. >> i'm watching the raters! >> and they won. >> and they won. >> maybe i should always walk. >> power. some people may buy a lottery ticket for two today. >> we should go in. >> i think we should. >> definitely go in. >> going to vegas. >> it's because of the date. 11/11/11 is supposed to be lucky. this day also very air. the next time you will see anything like this is january 1, 2100. i don't think we'll be around then. >> i'm ambitious. >> you are? maybe in frozen form.
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the city of alameda picked today to launch its expanded wedding services at city hall and the good samaritan hospital in san jose also expects to see more newborns today. they are dubbing today birthquake. >> cool. >> sin city bracing for a crush of couples today. newlyweds hope eleven will be their lucky number in las vegas. a lot of roulette tables will be today. >> i bet the craps tables, 7- 11, baby. >> can't forget the date, either. 111,11/11/11. more than 4300 couples got married on 7/7/7. clark county's marriage license bureau will have more people working today for the wedding rush. >> been looking forward to 11/11/11 all year. we knew it would be very busy because not only is it a lucky day it's also a federal holiday and three-day weekend for a lot of people. >> wow, that's right. a normal day in las vegas
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involves about 1,000 marriage applications. so a lot of rice being thrown, a lot of champagne. >> if you want to wait until next december, you can go 12/12/12 which doesn't quite have the cachet of 11/11/11. but you won't forget guys. that's the important part. >> i'm for that next year, big wedding. 4:56 now. the battle for black friday shoppers, how one retailer plans to one up all the others. >> and a penn state coach sidelined by death threats. the new backlash over the sex abuse scandal. and after a shooting outside of the "occupy oakland" encampment, new calls for the encampment to shut down. the latest from frank ogawa plaza coming up. and honoring america's bravest. the bay area hosts one of the largest veterans day celebrations in the country. the street closures you need to know about when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. he got up, was running, and they shot him three times. >> a man's murder may be the final straw for "occupy oakland." the mayor's desperate plea to
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the protestors. >> honoring veterans across the nation. this is a live look at arlington national cemetery in virginia. we'll tributes and street closures here in the bay area. plenty of clouds moving through our skies now even a few light showers, too. what can we expect today and the weekend? we'll have that coming up. >> so far, so good in the east bay on 880 through oakland. a full look at your traffic coming up. >> thanks, guys. good morning, everybody. it's friday, november 11, happy veterans day. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm grace lee. just a little bit before 5 a.m. we begin with oakland as latest murder. it is renewing calls to close the "occupy oakland" camp. >> a man was gunned down near the protest site. anne makovec is in oakland now where a memorial for the victim is growing this morning and the mayor wants everyone out. anne, good morning. >> reporter: but as you can see behind me the encampment, "occupy oakland," is still in full effect here right now in frank ogawa plaza. that vigil that you mentioned is several yards away here at the entrance to the bart station. you can see the candles lit there right now. the victim identified


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