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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> have a happy friday and happy veterans day. >> caption colorado,llc good morning. the latest cbs news poll shows herman cain is still the gop presidential leader despite of the sexual harassment charges while rick perry far down in the polls turns to david letterman to laugh off his debate debacle. >> you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. >> the poll also shows newt gingrich gaining serious momentum. we'll talk with him as he gets ready for this weekend's big debate in south carolina. the fallout in penn state continues this morning. the coach that first revealed the abuse from joe. we'll bring you the latest on that and tell you why texas officials are opening their own investigation.
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and all aboard for basketball. after playing a major role in burying osama bin laden at sea, aircraft carrier "carl vinson" is back home for the big college basketball matchup right there on the flight deck. history in the making early on this friday morning, this history in the making early on this friday morning, this november 11, 2011. captioning funded by cbs and good morning on this friday morning, november 11. it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast i'm chris wragge. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. >> we begin with the presidential race where herman cain is still going strong according to a new cbs poll that came out just this morning. more voters support him than any other candidate. he is at 18% right now compared to 15% for mitt romney and newt gingrich. >> rick perry is behind them.
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jan crawford has the latest on the race. good morning, jan. >> good morning, guys. republicans will be here tomorrow night for their next debate which is hosted by cbs news and the national journal and all eyes, undoubtedly, on rick perry who stumbled big time in the debate wednesday night and people also are going to be looking at herman cain, who has been fighting off those allegations of sexual harassment for more than a week. now, in our poll, we asked voters whether those allegations would affect their vote 30% said they're less likely now to vote for cain but 65% said that it would make a difference or they would be more likely to vote for cain. battling sexual harassment allegations, herman cain tried to reassure supporters in michigan thursday he's still going strong. >> over the last couple of weeks, i've been through hell. now, here's the good news -- >> you're on your way out. >> it didn't kill me or slow us
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down one bit. >> reporter: cain says he's the victim of a smear campaign and wednesday night's debate supporters hissed when a moderator raised the issue. >> in recent days we have learned that four different women have accused you of inappropriate behavior. here we're focusing on character and on judgment. you have been a ceo. >> yes. >> reporter: the sentiment was the same in michigan. >> he seems honest and true, even in light of what is going on this last week. >> reporter: the campaign says the money's still coming in. $9 million in the past month, a quarter of that in the last ten days. some of the heat in the next debate will be off cain following a huge gaffe by governor perry wednesday. >> the third agency of government, i would do away with education, the commerce -- and let's see. i can't, the third one i, can't. sorry. oops.
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>> reporter: perry's been in full spin mode since then trying to use the mistake to poke fun at himself. >> number two. >> yeah, i wanted to help take the heat off my buddy herman cain. >> okay. >> reporter: now, perry has been trying to excuse his poor performances in all the debates by saying he's not slick and he's not a smooth debater, but he has plummeted in the polls since he got in this race. he was up at the top and now in single digits. 8 pe in our poll. rebecca? >> cbs jan crawford. thanks, jan. also in spartanburg major garret. he'll moderate the event along with scott pely. great to have you with us, major. jan just laid this out in her report. you have cain and perry grabbing the big headlines here. when you look at the cbs news poll the person in this group that is pulling ahead that is gaining momentum is neither of
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them. it's newt gingrich. >> that's right, former speaker gingrich has doubled his support in the last month and a half. if i were to predict who is going to come out really aggressively in this foreign policy national debate, that's an important part of looking at this debate. yes, it's the tenth but in my mind it is the first and only one dedicated entirely to national security. understandably, the previous debates have focused quite a bit on the u.s. economy, but every president knows and every candidate on that platform knows that once you become president, the second you take that oath, foreign policy, national security become preeminent concerns. we'll really try to find out what these candidates think about a wide variety of issues. i expect newt gingrich to be very well prepared and bring his a-game, if you will. a lot of voters, republican caucus voters that look very carefully at what luherman cain mitt romney have to say about these issues. >> you bring up mitt romney because he was the perceived
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frontrunner and now he's neck and neck with newt gingrich. is he looking vulnerable and what does he have to do in tomorrow night's debate to reestablish himself as this frontrunner? >> if mitt romney has been the same candidate all the way through, slow and steady. but if you look at the poll data that jan just talked about, 70% or more of republican caucus voters still haven't made up their mind. mitt romney has been around for a long time and people have been evaluting him for months and months and they're still not sold. foreign policy, national security an issue he has not talked about a lot. he has history of talking about it in the previous campaign in 20 2008. we'll bring up those comments to governor perry, but all these candidates will have, what is fair to say, a unique opportunity to distinguish themselves on an issue that most voters haven't heard yet and that applies across the board. rick sanatorium, governor huntsman all will have a chance to tell the country not only what they think about these
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issues, but what they would do differently about president obama. >> thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. all right, one of the gop contenders we'll see in saturday night's debate is house speaker newt gingrich. the latest poll show imup in the race. mr. speaker, good morning to you. >> good morning, chris. >> let's talk about this real quickly. you're moving in the right direction, like we mentioned. our new cbs poll has you climbing 15% and tied with governor romney, just behind herman cain. a few people that a few months ago when you had the campaign shakeup with your staff, kind of wrote you off. what do you credit this latest resurgeance to? >> let me say first of all, it's great to be back in contention and i'm very grateful to the voters who are supporting me. i think substance really mattered. if you go to, my first name dot org to see all the things, it's probably the most substantive campaign in modern
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history. i think that's mattered because people are really worried about jobs. they're worried about the economy and worried about the deficit and let me say, you could not have timed your debate tomorrow night better than the week the report comes out in iran and nuclear weapons and all the different things going on around the world and the challenges with greece and italy and the economy and i think people are looking for a serious potential president because they see the issues as being so very serious to their own lives. >> i know, obviously, with your campaign and with all the debates you've seen so far like we mentioned. we talked about jobs and the economy and focused solely on foreign policy. this is really right in your wheel house. do you see this as a prime opportunity, you talk about good timing especially with the new poll numbers out this morning. do you see this as a new opportunity to show you're most prepared to be commander in chief over the people on the stage with you? >> i think people have to make that judgment themselves. the only candidate that has been
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working with the u.s. army since 1979. the longest serving teacher in the senior military for one and two-star generals and admirals. i was one of the key people in intelligence as speaker of the house. so, i have a background in that area. but i think for the country, it's really good that you're hosting the debate on foreign policy and national security because as was mentioned earlier, these are much bigger issues. this isn't a governor's race. this is the president dacy and you start thinking of worldwide economic security issues the question of american sovereignty in a world where a lot of other countries would like to entangle us in their laws which are very often different than the american constitution, there's some really big issues at stake and i think people will watch all of us and try to think differently because when you think about these things, you have a different yard stick for being president than when you think about domestic policy, which governors could do pretty easily. >> those issues brought to light on saturday night.
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want to get back to our new cbs poll out this morning. herman cain, his numbers, still at the top of the list right now, but numbers eroding down from 25% on october 25th down to 18%. the sexual harassment claims. do you think he has done a sufficient enough job of explaining to the american people exactly what has gone on here? >> well, i think he's been answering each charge as it comes up and it depends on whether or not there are more charges. he's admitted himself if there are more charnels, he will have to answer them and he can't get out of them. it's a fact of life. up to now he seems to satisfy most people that the allegations arant proven and that having people who hold press conferences aren't the same as conviction. so, i think people giving him the benefit of the doubt. you know, i've known herman a long time, a very attractive, very articulant person and very bold in his campaign ideas and i think people admire that kind of boldness. you know, the big thing i take from your poll is that this is a wide open race and any of the candidates could make a surge
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and suddenly be in dramatically better shape. >> still 17% undecided in that poll, as well. rick perry, his debate performance on wednesday and i know he's now trying to make light of it, but michele bachmann even said speaking on behalf of all of you on the stage, we all felt bad for him. the campaign stop in detroit, how uncomfortable a moment was it being up on stage when that was going down. >> it was, it was very uncomfortable because i like rick perry a lot. i wrote the forward to his last book. and the thing that makes it doubly uncomfortable is any of us could have it happen. let's be clear. i'm a pretty good debater i had moments when i couldn't remember a name or a fact or something and i can imagine doing that in front of the whole country. so, i don't think any of us took any happiness or any glee out of that. we all felt very uncomfortable for rick and also before the grace of god goes me. i think we're a little cautious
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to jump to judgment. >> mr. gingrich, thank you very much. we do appreciate it and we'll talk with you shortly. just a reminder you can watch the republican debate tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern time 7:00 central right here on cbs. now, we turn to the latest on the sex scandal that has rocked happy valley. tomorrow, more than 100,000 football fans will descend on penn state for the final game of the season. it will be a very different event than fans expected just a week ago. >> armen keteyian is in pennsylvania where the board of trustees is meeting again at this hour. good morning. >> the board of trustees meeting for the third time in three days. rodney ericsson announcing the appointment of a special committee to do what he called a full and complete investigation into this horrific child abuse sex scandal. as the winds of change continue to blow through the penn state xhunlt.
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>> for the first time in 60 years, coach paterno will not be coaching saturday's game. >> reporter: as the end of the joe paterno era began to sink in at penn state, his temporary replacement, former defensive coordinator tom bradley took center stage. saddened, but resolute. >> i take this job with very mixed emotions. coach paterno has meant more to me than anybody except my father. >> reporter: one of bradley's first decision what to do about assistant coach mike mcqueary. he has been under fire for not doing more than just telling paterno in 2002. >> right now mike mcqueary will be coaching on saturday. that will be a gametime decision where he is. >> reporter: late thursday the university announced that mcqueary will not coach or attend tomorrow night's game because of multiple threats against him in what will
7:14 am
undoubtedly be a cauldron of emotion. penn state plays its final home game of the season against nebraska before more than 100,000 nittany lion fans. >> i think the message is clear, let's show them what penn state is really all about. >> reporter: as for paterno, he remained out of the public eye inside his home. a group of assistant coaches visiting him early in the day, but that was it. students still expressing anger that joe pa wasn't granted one more glorious afternoon in beaver stadium. >> they couldn't even let him finish his last game. i don't think that was right. >> reporter: pennsylvania governor and university board member tom corbt had a different take. he said the decision to fire a larger than life coach reaches far beyond a man and a game. >> we must keep in mind that when it comes to the safety of children, there can be no margin for error. no hesitation to act. >> speaking of those children, a candlelight vigil is set to happen on campus tonight in
7:15 am
support of what is now those nine alleged victims. chris? >> armen, word also the investigation is spreading to other states where penn state traveled when jerry sandusky was on the coaching staff. >> that's correct, chris. the san antonio police department has announced that they are looking into the possibility of sexual abuse by sandusky at the 1999 alamo bowl. actually, the last game he ever coached at penn state. the victim is victim number four in that 23-page presentation by the grand jury and just reading that just moments ago, there are multiple incidents of suspected sexual abuse of that young boy during that period at the alamo bowl, chris. >> cbs armen keteyian, thank you. a lawyer will look at the serious legal issues facing penn state at this moment. >> it's a really difficult thing. we're also here with terrell brown at the news desk who is
7:16 am
sitting in for jeff glor with a look at our first headlines. >> good to see you. good morning, everyone. veterans day, the day we honor the men and women who serve this country in uniform. a ceremony will be held here after president obama lays a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. veterans got a special salute from congress. the senate passed a bill to help unemployed vets. 850,000 veterans out of work. some 240,000 from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the deal passed the senate yesterday, 95-0 awards tax credits to companies that hire disabled vets who have been out of work for at least six months. the deal also boosts employment council and training programs. the house is expected to approve the bill next week. meantime, a mortgage settlement has b
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still ahead this morning, there's never been a game like this. michigan state and north carolina playing hoops on the deck of an aircraft carrier. >> so cool. we'll speak with sailors on the "carl vinson" making history, once again. it burns! it's singeing me. it's the sun. get out of the office more often, with chili's $6 lunch break combos, featuring texas toast half sandwiches. chili's lunch break combos.
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[ chef ] ♪ fresh tasting restaurant style ♪ the 11s. >> check your calendar. it's 11-11-11. coming up, why a lot of people are getting married today. relax, folks, we'll take care of you when we come back. ho, ho, ho!
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totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ mber of good morning of the it's 7:25. get you caught up on some of the headlines here in the bay area. there will be a number of veterans day observances in the bay area today. they include the annual parades in san jose, san francisco and petaluma. most government offices and schools are closed for the holiday. a man shot to death near the "occupy oakland" camp may have spent some time at the camp. police say there's no apparent connection between the killing of the man and the protest camp. witnesses say some of the protestors actually tried to help the victim who was attacked by five men last night. and a dramatic rescue on the san francisco waterfront. a dog being walked along the embarcadero last night jumped in a water into the bay. its owner stripped down and jumped in, too, you see him going up the ladder there.
7:26 am
they were both out of the water within about 15 minutes thanks to the fire department ladder there and a little bit of help. both are doing just fine this morning. we'll have your traffic and weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:27 am
good morning. it's definitely a veterans day holiday out there. it is friday extra light on the
7:28 am
roads including at the san mateo bridge. there was a stall reported eastbound 92 going against the commute but you can see here traffic is so light it's not making much of a dent not causing much slow traffic east- or westbound 92 looking good in the commute direction toward foster city. the bay bridge no metering lights. really no delay behind the pay gates. looks good all across the upper deck and same thing for silicon valley commuters, westbound 237 only six minutes out of milpitas towards 101. that is traffic, for your forecast on this friday, here's lawrence. >> elizabeth, we have some rain moving in right now. let's check the high-def doppler radar. you can see some of that rotating in along the peninsula, the coastline, some showers into pacifica, south san francisco, san mateo, and even daly city right now. not a real heavy rain today but occasional on-and-off showers throughout the day so keep the umbrella with you. temperatures expected to be in the 50s and 60s. the good news is the weekend looks safe, it should be dry over the weekend, partly cloudy tomorrow, mostly sunny sunday. ,,,,,,,,
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it ifall it is a fall friday, bottom of the hour here on "early show." welcome back to the program. erica hill is off. there may be something to it. did you notice today's date? >> 11-11-11. >> some people hunkering down, erica is one of those people hunkering down. she's in a tent in central park. >> with a flashlight. we're only kidding. a lot going on today. some people getting married, but some people think this may be the end of the world. >> i have to be honest, i didn't realize there was any significance to today's date, but some people do. why this unique date in history has a lot of people acting a little stranger than usual today. >> don't go crazy, folks.
7:31 am
first, the explosive scandal at penn state that cost joe paterno his job could turn into a huge legal fight. jerry sandusky and others may have known about the crimes. >> in short, penn state's legal troubles are just beginning and joining us mitchell garabedian and he's won millions of dollars of settlements with boston roman catholic archdiocese. great to have you with us, mitchell. obviously, this is a case that we continue to get new details on every day and during the break you were saying this is just the beginning. how widespread do you think this is? >> this is the tip of the sexual abuse iceberg. you have children at the very young age reporting this, but the accounts, children have come forward over the course of 15 years. they'll be coming forward for decades. individuals who have been sexually molessed have coping skills to allow them to come
7:32 am
forward when it's time. individuals will come forward when they're 40, 50, 60 years old to report this abuse. just recently a man who was 86 years old said it is time to do something about it. >> one of those things now, though, with the number of cases and i'm sure you experienced this. more are compelled to come forward. >> yeah. >> takes a little time, but really opens up. >> once the victim comes forward, it empowers other victims to come forward. they feel as though they're not alone. victims of sexual abuse feel alone. they feel like they're the only ones it happens to and they feel isolated and embarrassed and ashamed, even though they shouldn't. just like in the catholic cases. but once one victim comes forward, they feel empowered. >> strength in numbers. >> what do you do with that information then among the victims? should they be filing their own civil cases and do you expect that they will be filing them against the university? >> victims should be going to police department. and reporting these crimes.
7:33 am
don't go to the university. it's a kangaroo court in and of itself. go to the police department. go to your therapist, file civil claims, if you can. but, obviously, penn state has failed in the biggest game of its life. and don't go to penn state. >> let's talk about penn state for a second. with them firing their head coach, joe paterno, who is a college football icon. a massive figure on a number of different levels, is the university sending the message we're trying to basically isolate ourselves from potential civil cases down the line by just firing everyone who was involved with this situation? >> it's been control. they're trying to control their image. they want to look good. this is what institutions do in these sorts of cases. they distance themselves from all the participants. from all the supervisors who knew, from the purperator and they act as though while we did the best we could, we have gotten rid of everybody and let's move on with life and
7:34 am
maybe 10, 20, 30, 50 years down the line, this will be fine. >> when you read the grand jury report, it becomes a question of who knew what when. mike mcqueary is one of the names coming out because of what he saw psaw. >> there is a potential. and that's why he is not speaking. he doesn't want to contradict anything he said in the grand jury report at this time. >> let me ask you this. victims who are sitting and watching all of this unfold. do you think they feel like, you know, this is a joe paterno thing. this is a college football thing. what about us? >> exactly. t penn state is talking about themselves and they're not talking about the victims. it's all about the victims. you hit the nail right on the head. they're sitting and saying, again, they've made it about themselves. just like the catholic church made it about themselves. why aren't they telling the truth and why aren't they holding educational classes.
7:35 am
why aren't they reaching to us and they're not doing so because it's all about penn state and it's all about money and power and all about self-preservation for penn state. >> mitchell garabedian, thank you. terrell brown standing by with another check of our news headlines. good morning. >> thank you. a new cbs poll released in the new presidential race shows newt gingrich is gaining ground and herman cain holds the top spot with 18% and 15% of the voters say they vote for gingrich now tying him with mitt romney for second place. that same poll shows rick perry is in fourth place. perry in full damage control mode yesterday after his gaffe during wednesday's debate. he appeared on late show with david letterman and top ten excuses for failing to remember the top three federal ajs agencies he would eliminate. >> three reasons i messed up last night. one was the nerves and, two was
7:36 am
the headache. and three, um, uh -- >> and michele bachmann had her own problems. she was
7:37 am
coming up next on this veterans day, 7,000 people will be out on an aircraft carrier watching basketball. >> we'll tell you why this historic location was chosen for a most unusual matchup. this is "early show" on cbs. for the veterans who protect our freedoms working with today's va i can use my license anywhere in the u.s. in the city or the wide open spaces it's amazing how you can grow as a doctor a nurse a pharmacist you grow as a person it's the quality of care our veterans deserve this is what i'm called to do.
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so, you're looking at this youtube video that shows an amazing transporfagz. workers are turning the flight deck of a aircraft carrier to a basketball arena. >> hopefully you have a bunch of balls to play with. "uss carl vinson" who took osama bin laden's body to sea. hey, bill, good morning. >> the aircraft carrier "carl vinson" behind me is an incredible ship. more than 1,000 feet long with more than 5,000 sailors and
7:41 am
airmen. the first to launch airstrikes during "operation enduring freedom" and the first to respond to the haitian earthquake. today, another first. let's call it first in fun. this is what the flight deck of the u.s. aircraft carrier "carl vinson" usually looks like. and it was from this deck that osama bin laden was buried at sea. this is the carl vinson today, the flight deck turned into a polished, floating basketball court with seating for 7,000. where this evening in the shadow of downtown san diego, a first of a kind event. number one university of north carolina plays michigan state, a rematch of the 2009 ncaa championship. that game won by unc. the winner this time, the crew of the "carl vinson". >> we all can't believe this is happening. >> reporter: ship servicemen jason petty. >> now that we're here, the
7:42 am
goose bumps are popping up and everybody can't wait for the popcorn to come out. >> reporter: excited about the game, excited that basketball fan in chief barack obama will be on. navyman and basketball fan petty can't believe his eyes. this flight deck -- >> it's dangerous. when it's wartime, this is a mris where you can easily die. >> reporter: but today -- >> we get to enjoy ourselves. >> reporter: service officer tammy was first in line to get a ticket for the game. >> any bets going on on this ship? >> not allowed in the military service. >> reporter: indelible memory for the crew and incredible experience for the college players. unc's john henson. >> we're fans of them. so, it's kind of cool. >> reporter: a world away from what this crew did on deployment six months ago they were part of the effort to kill osama bin laden, yet no one on this ship
7:43 am
is boastful. that was huge. the whole country was paying attention to what you guys did. that was a big deal. >> it is for everybody. but it is a job that we do every day. you know, when called upon, we'll do it again. >> reporter: michigan state forward, dramen green. >> we can all say we're playing this game, but at the end of the day, what does that amount for them putting their life on the line. >> reporter: remember serviceman petty. this is his special day. he gets to watch his wife's cousin play on his ship. and after 18 years in the navy, he's reenlisting today in front of president barack obama. >> our biggest wish or hope would be to see the president. he's an inspiration to the people who lead us to where we want to go. >> reporter: it is all fun and games today, but very soon in the next few weeks, this ship,
7:44 am
this crew will be deployed, once again, to do what this country s asks of them. bill whitaker, cbs news, san diego. a day that won't happen again for 100 years. >> we'll tell you why it's important, up next on "early show." oh boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay downalance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger. chase slate with blueprint helps you save money on life's little surprises. trip...lets... start your path to saving today, call 855-get-slate.
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weda well, today is not just another november 1th, this is really big. today is 11-11-11. >> that's huge. huge. there's a lot of hype over that because 11 is a lucky number for a lot of people and others believe it is a sign of doom. we went out and got a special opinion from others. >> on 11-11-11 we will be married. >> it's an incredibly popular wedding date. >> we just thought it sounded like a great date. something we'll never forget and sounded like something that felt special. >> when 11 comes up anywhere, it's a master number. now you have that 11 three
7:48 am
times. and the three times 11 is a 33. and the 6 represents the heart. >> astrologers don't take numerologistolo numerologistology into account. on 11-11-11 i mentioned there is a golden triangle in the sky linking jupiter, mars and pluto. >> people can't help but think there must be something special about the day 11-11-11. >> once you go online and ask google what does it mean, people are going to start telling you and it is going to get weird and creepy. >> scientists call this phenomenon apophenia. >> the applying of significance to random data. thinking things mean something whether they mean something or not. or as i like to call it, the stock market. >> you can read it the same forward, the same backwards when and when you multiply 11 times 11 you get another 121.
7:49 am
>> a horror movie "11-11-11." the greatest marketing campaign ever. a horror movie taking advantage of the scary things that might happen on 11-11-11. because it's the same forwards and back wards, that means a portal will open to another world and then one can walk through this way or that way. >> i do think it's hype, however, i also think it's fun. >> i think 11-11 is a pretty spectacular date. >> added boost of luck. >> in astrology we realize time goes through our fingers. marks a moment, remember certain days, have fun with it. and, be creative. >> i had no idea. >> and, you know, you had the opportunity, too, instead of putting your wedding off, you could have done it today. >> doom or fabulousness. going into tomorrow's gop debate, we'll look at it, when we come back. what am i thankful for?
7:50 am
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7:55 am
vallejo police say a man was good morning. it's 7:55. time for news headlines. i'm frank mallicoat. a man was shot and killed driving eastbound on interstate 80 around 11:00 last night between tennessee street and redwood parkway in vallejo. police believe the man was the intended victim. big crowds will line the streets of downtown san jose this morning for the city's annual veterans day parade. it is one of the nation's biges parades in honor of war veterans in an event that dates back to 1919. opening ceremonies will begin at 11:00 at the plaza, the main viewing area for the praise which gets under way at noon by the way. expect street closures downtown around south market and west santa clara street. and because of the veterans
7:56 am
day holiday, a number of government offices are closed as of many schools and banks. post offices are also closed. and there is no mail delivery today. got your traffic and weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
a slow spot now through oakland. northbound 880 about a 23rd exit. we had an accident there involving a couple of big rigs. everything is off to the shoulder. it is jammed past the coliseum
7:58 am
in the northbound lanes. southbound traffic is fine but everywhere else across the bay area is quiet. it's a veterans day holiday. no metering lights in the bay bridge. in fact, they were never turned on so no delay now into san francisco. and same thing for silicon valley commuters. westbound 237 still looks great leaving milpitas towards san jose. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> we have mostly cloudy skies, seeing some showers making their way across the bay area right now. hi-def doppler picking up on it. most of that located along the peninsula. you have some moderate amounts of rain showing up as you make your way towards san mateo, south san francisco. not a real rainout today but we'll see occasional showers on and off throughout the day so be prepared for that. temperatures going to stay fairly cool 50s and 60s. we dry out over the weekend, partly cloudy skies for tomorrow, looks like mostly sunny slightly warmer toward sunday. by next monday and tuesday, high pressure builds in could see 70s return to the bay area but clouds later in the week with a chance of rain returning. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> top of the hour. welcome back to "the early show," everyone. i'm chris wragge along with rebecca jarvis. erica hill is off this morning. coming up as we honor american men and women on this veterans day. it's also armistice day. a much more solemn day, honoring the nation's war dead and recognizing world war i. we'll take you to london for that coming up. >> and later, we are getting into the christmas spirit right here on "the early show" with the macy's believe campaign. part of that is new technology helping make wishes come true for children. we'll show you how the old story "yes, virginia, there is a santa claus" is coming alive for a new
8:01 am
generation of kids. >> first a look at the debate presented by cbs news and the national journal. one of the key issues for voters in the campaign is job creation. >> south carolina has worked hard to attract new business, some people there say the obama administration's policies are standing in their way and political correspondent jan crawford is back with us at the debate site in spartanburg, south carolina, with more. good morning, jan. >> good morning. when this dream liner factory goes into full production, it's estimated that about 11,000 new jobs will be create ed at the factory and at spin-off businesses. but it's a ruling by the national labor relations board to move this plant goes into effect, many people won't be working at all. >> you're welcome. enjoy it. >> reporter: it's lunchtime in north charleston, south carolina. opened just three months ago the locally owned restaurant owes its success to dream liner
8:02 am
boeing. >> when they opened i saw an immediate increase in business. you could see it across the board. >> reporter: manager stephanie o'rourke estimates as much as 20% of her business comes from the plant's 1,000 new employees, a number expected to increase fourfold when the plant starts churning out airplanes next year. >> they are always in their shirts with the dreamliner logo on it. >> reporter: o'rourke's dream and that of tens of thousands of others here might be short-lived. a pro-union ruling by the national labor relations board could force the aerospace company to leave town. the ruling angered state lawmakers. >> not only are they putting jobs in jeopardy in south carolina, but they are putting jobs in jeopardy across america at a time we need jobs desperately. >> reporter: according to union representatives, the jobs already exist in washington state and the company shouldn't be allowed to move them. >> the problem is those jobs will be taken out of everett, washington. those employees need those jobs, too.
8:03 am
>> reporter: the ruling says boeing can't move the factory from washington to south carolina because south carolina has laws that make it difficult to form. they are helping the state attract business. >> south carolina has got the right idea. we need president obama and the nlrb to get off our back so we can do business. >> a republican sponsored bill is now before the senate for worker s like o'rourke keeping jobs in south carolina where the unemployment rate stands at 11% is at the top of everyone's mind. >> definitely lost jobs is the big fear if anyone's going to talk about anything. >> reporter: as you can imagine job creation is of course really important to south carolina voters like it is to voters across the country. polls show the economy is the most important issue for voters and a majority of voters don't approve of how president obama is handling the economy. this issue republicans believe
8:04 am
is a good one for them. chris? >> jan, good piece. i want to ask you about the debate tomorrow. we spoke with newt gingrich earlier in the broadcast to talk about his rising poll numbers by virtue of our poll out this morning. this debate is focused on foreign policy. how can it help newt gingrich? >> in his interview with you, chris, he set a high bar for himself. he said this is not a governor's debate. it's a president's debate. he emphasized his experience dealing with foreign policy issues when he was speaker of the house. i think he expects going into the debate to own it. i suspect based on his past performances and command of the issue he'll do well tomorrow night. voters like newt gingrich in the debate. tomorrow is a big opportunity for him to continue building on the support our poll shows continues to grow. >> jan, how about perry? coming into this debate he's really undermined himself. the polls show it, as did his performance on wednesday night. foreign policy is not his strong suit. is there concern among his
8:05 am
campaign over him faltering again tomorrow night? >> well, talk about the flip side to newt gingrich. i think perry has set not a high bar but a low bar. they have expectations low for him. based on that performance wednesday night it's hard to see how he could do worse tomorrow night. tomorrow night, people aren't expecting a lot from rick perry. he's got nowhere to go but up. but foreign policy is not his strong suit. it could be a real challenge for him. and the problem also for him is that voters are starting to make up their minds. when they see him in the debates they are not confident on what he's saying. so tomorrow night could be a challenge in that regard. >> we'll look forward to it. jan crawford in spartanburg, south carolina, for us. jan, thank you. and a reminder that you can watch the national republican debate tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern, 7 central right here on cbs.
8:06 am
and we rejoin terrell brown at the news desk with another check of the headlines. >> good morning. a bill to help unemployed vets was passed by the senate yesterday 95-0. the legislation would award tax credits to up to to vets that have been job hunt ing for at least six months. there are 850,000 unemployed veterans in the country. 240,000 serve in iraq and afghanistan. the house is expected to pass it next week. >> mike mcquery will not be on the sidelines for tomorrow's game. there have been multiple threats against him. this morning penn state's trustees appointed a committee to investigate the scandal. >> my heart aches and
8:07 am
8:08 am
this morning as we remember our veterans the people of britain are marking an important anniversary honoring all the nation's war dead. >> armistice day is similar to our memorial day in the united states. correspondent charlie d'agata reports from london. >> reporter: every year on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month all across britain, people stop, pause and reflect for two minutes in silence to honor those killed in war. it marks the moment the armistice was signed and guns fell silent bringing to an end world war i in 1918. armistice day has come to mourn the loss of british soldiers and their allies i colluding hundreds of thousands of
8:09 am
americans in every war since. britain's last remaining soldier of world war i private harry patch passed away in 2009. he lived to 111. throughout his long life, he said war was never the answer. >> reporter: when he died there was a sense the country lost a vital hold on the past people were determined never to forget. there was one enduring symbol of remembrance you see everywhere this time of year. it goes back to world war i. it's the poppy. it's worn by everyone from school children to celebrities, politicians to royalty. poppies were one of the few things to survive on the battlefields of northern france. their bright red color brought comfort and hope to the soldiers fighting there. do you know why you are wearing the poppy today? >> um, to remember all the people who gave their lives for
8:10 am
us to keep us in peace. >> reporter: on the eve of this year's commemorations, the 385th british soldier to be killed in afghanistan made his final journey home. a potent reminder, if any were needed, the lives lost in the line of duty. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> yes, charlie d'agata reporting. >> we remember. >> of course. this veterans day in the states all our men and women in uniform, thank you for your service. it's amazing what these men, women of all ages do. up next, we look at your health questions. everything from gall stones to stress in your life. >> and we'll have answers for you when we come back. this is "the early show" on cbs. "early show" on cbs. ah! hurry up. you're heavy. are you sure these letters will get to santa? yes, of course. hold still. almost there. a little bit higher. i can't hold you up much longer.
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8:14 am
>> dr. holly phillips is here to help this morning. ready for this, doc? >> absolutely. let's go for it. >> our first question comes from kevin. take a listen. >> hi. my question is does coffee actually dehydrate you? >> so, doc, does coffee rehydrate you? >> it's a controversial topic. we used to think any amount of caffeine called diuresis so you urinate more often and get dehydrated. symptoms are headache, dry mouth, dry skin and tierdness. last year the institute of medicine said it takes between five and seven cups of coffee to cause dehydration. i experience it after two cups, but i'm not --
8:15 am
>> i have tested that five to seven theory. it works. >> you should stay hydrated either way if you're having caffeine. >> facebook, we have a question from sally. other than surgery, what are the treatment options for gall stones? >> good question. gall stones are small, pebble-like substances that build up in the gallbladder, a small organ in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen right under the liver. gall stones can be treated without surgery. there is a treatment called lithotripsy where we try to use ultrasound to break up the stones. there are chemicals that can be inserted into the gallbladder to try to dissolve the stones. by far the safest, most effective treatment is surgery. it's extremely minimally invasive. just a couple of incisions. most people go home the same day. >> what causes it? >> there are a number of causes. some of the stones are cholesterol stones which can be from people who have high cholesterol. others are bilirubin stones. it can hereditary as well. diet plays a role.
8:16 am
>> final question is from facebook as well. shawna asks, with the state of the economy, what's the best way to fight anxiety? it's hard to turn off the stress and the gym isn't helping! >> you know what? it seems like stress is at epidemic proportions. i see patients in the office. i say, so, how's it going? everyone goes like this. [ sighs ] well, you know? everybody is stressed. there are techniques. the first is acceptance. there are things that we simply cannot change and we have to live with. the economy being one of them. of course in addition -- it's a good thing he's working out but in addition to working out, relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga are important. sleep has never been more important. it helps fight off stress and prevents immune problems, even cancer. finally, socialize. we are all in this together. so try not to have lunch alone at your desk if you can get out and talk to other people, you
8:17 am
will see we are all stressed. maybe that will lower some of it. >> it's the living in limbo. you say to accept what you can't do but there is limbo and no one has the ultimate control over what will happen to them. >> i agree. it's easier said than done when you say, just accept that we can't do anything about it. it is important. you know, psychiatrists look at how we can choose not to bottle up the emotions and just accepting, well, we've got to live with this now. >> what does it say about society that they have to go to a doctor's office in order to relax? if that's where you take your deep breath, that's a problem. >> nothing wrong with doctor's offices, chris. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a magical experience for kids at macy's believe station. >> we'll be right back. >> announcer: cbs healthwatch sponsored by breathe right. it's your right to breathe right. sponsored by breathe right. don't let a stuffy nose get between you and your sleep. it's your right to breathe right. and the next day i pay for it.
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8:20 am
look at that. a little fire in the background. nice job. >> perfect. sets the mood. >> virginia wrote to the new york sun asking, is there a santa claus? to this day the answer, yes, virginia, there is a santa claus, reminds us of love and generosity. >> macy's believe campaign is sharing the message through technology which brings virginia and her friends to live. debbye turner bell checked it out. >> give me a bill big smile. say "merry christmas"! >> merry christmas. >> we want to experiment with technology. we try to bring something new to the believe campaign. >> reporter: this season it's the believe-o-magic app where kids pose with their favorite characters. it's a new technology where fantasy and technology come together. all you need is an ipad or android to get it going.
8:21 am
>> we launched the application. here are the characters you can choose from. we have chosen charlotte. we just line up the camera with the markers. we want charlotte to stand still so we touch her belly and take the shot. >> put your arm around charlotte. there we are. >> once you have taken the photo what are the possibilities? >> endless. upload it to your facebook page. you can send it as an e-mail and you can make cards. >> reporter: for these kids it's a magical experience. >> what do you think about that? >> cool. >> that's cool. >> you have the character right there next to you. >> and you don't even see the character. >> reporter: while the believe-o-magic app is the latest addition to macy's believe station, one tradition remains. >> i love you. love olivia. >> reporter: what do you think santa will think about the letter? >> he's going to love it. >> reporter: i think so, too.
8:22 am
for every letter written to santa, macy's donates a dollar to the make-a-wish foundation. how do you feel that your letter will help a sick child? >> it feels good. i really want to help so they get better. >> reporter: this season, macy's is mixing old fashioned letter writing with new technology to make wishes for all come true. what does christmas mean to you, sydney? >> it's about sharing, having fun and caring. >> reporter: do you believe? >> i believe. >> everybody has to believe. come on. >> believe. it's a good message. >> everyone is encouraged to drop by a macy's believe station to test out the believe-oh-magic and write a letter to santa. macy has so far collected more than 22,000 letters. >> that's a lot. also the macy's celebrity tree auction. learn more about it on our website,
8:23 am
>> yes, there is a santa claus. still ahead, baby boomers ready to change our world by not retiring. why so many of them,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
police are investigating a murder just yards from the good morning. it's 8:25. i'm grace lee with your news headlines. police are investigating a murder that happened just yards from the "occupy oakland" encampment outside city hall. witnesses say that five men attacked a young man in his early 20s known as alex. police say there appears to be no connection between the shooting and the demonstration. this afternoon at frank ogawa plaza, a group of veterans plans to protest what they call police brutality. they are holding a news conference and then they will do a protest march. two iraq vets have been injured reportedly by police at the "occupy oakland" protest sites. beale street is open this morning. the street was closed last night after a pg&e crew broke a 16" gas pipeline. they hit the steel pipe with a
8:26 am
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8:27 am
good morning. well, things look great out there. no big issues on th roads. be careful of slick conditions on the golden gate bridge. earlier problems northbound 880 near the 23rd exit is gone. we had an accident with a big rig. for a while it was backing up
8:28 am
near the coliseum, not the case anymore. looks good in both directions northbound and southbound 880. at the bay bridge they never had to turn on the metering lights today. still no big delays heading into san francisco. that's your traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> smooth sailing on the roads. we have some rain though that's making its way onshore right now. let's take a look at our high- def doppler radar. you can see some of that moving in along the peninsula. got some bands of yell although and orange beginning to move on through that's moderate amounts of rain beginning to fall into parts of san francisco right now. that's what we are expecting on and off throughout the day today, chance of scattered showers to continue throughout the morning and into the afternoon. and probably the evening, as well. not a real heavy rain but enough to get ground wet. so out the door, bring your umbrella with you. temperatures will be cooler today. 50s and 60s for highs. but as we look toward the weekend, here's the good news. it looks like we are going to dry out, just partly cloudy skies as we get into saturday. but dry should be mostly sunny by sunday. and temperatures beginning to warm back up into monday and tuesday with some 70s in the warmest spots. clouds roll in late in the week
8:29 am
with a slight chance of rain.
8:30 am
today . a little early to b a little early to be skating. >> there's a little early to be skating but if you want to be in the olympics, you have ice and central park, start early. welcome back to "the early show." >> happy friday. >> all right. i'm chris wragge along with rebecca jarvis. erica hill is off this morning. guess who will be on the next
8:31 am
half hour? >> i don't know. tell me. >> curt loder. he's a movie reviewer with a sharp pen ready to strike out at bad movies. if you have a movie that stinks guess what? this guy's going to write about it. >> he'll tell you. >> we'll talk about the movies he liex and doesn't and why he's so fascinated with nick cage now. >> the first of the baby boomers turns 65 this year, the traditional retirement age. you won't believe how many of them say they are not ready or able to quit working. we'll also tell you what to think about financially if you intend to keep working after 65 which so many of us are thinking about. >> first on this veterans day we want to show you a special group of vets that have gone from the battlefield to the ice rink. >> whit johnson has the story of a team of wounded warriors recovering by playing a game they love. >> reporter: it's not your typical friday night hockey
8:32 am
game. the team in white is georgia washington university. but take a closer look and you will notice something unique about the guys in blue. >> every time i walk it's fake leg, fake leg, fake leg. when i skate it's glide, glide, glide. so it's liberating and almost like an equalizer. >> reporter: army captain mark little is a double amputee, the result of an advanced roadside bomb while serving in iraq four years ago. he plays left winger, standing up for the usa warriors. >> it feels as if i have been armored up now! >> we have guys missing parts, missing eyes, with metal body parts, all because they went out to do what the public needed them to do to defend the country. >> reporter: we first caught up with the warriors at a practice
8:33 am
in laurel, maryland. the 40 players, all wounded vets, meet once a week. >> take that touch pass and go in. >> reporter: running drills and scrimmaging. >> you can see the confidence grow. >> absolutely. >> reporter: army staff sergeant drew hill fell out of a blackhawk while coming under enemy fire in afghanistan. as he recovered from a broken back and other injuries he founded the program in 2007. he's launched a second team in minnesota and hopes to create more across the country. >> you break them out of a shell, make them experience who they were, not what happened to them. >> reporter: why ice hockey? >> ice hockey itself is an aggressive sport. you look at our job in the military, it's aggressive, contact. this is the closest we can get to a battlefield. without actually being there. the best thing is if you're here digging for a puck, digging for the aggression of it, you're not feeling pain. you're worried about getting the puck. >> reporter: the program is a therapeutic experience that helps wounded warriors transition from military to civilian lives. some of their wounds you can see.
8:34 am
some you can't. here on the ice, none of that matters. >> what was the hardest part of lack of depth perception and my equilibrium was very unstable. >> reporter: this army sergeant lost his right eye and suffered facial injuries in baghdad in 2008. he was sent to walter reed for rehab. >> were you improving, getting better? >> i hit a plateau. i had gotten come flay play sent with it, bored. it wasn't pushing myself anymore. i felt i had gotten to a point where i was never going to get any better than that. >> reporter: then he heard about the warriors. >> the first couple months i was doing it, i was probably one of the worst hockey players in history. >> reporter: not anymore. josh, who played when he was younger, is now competing with college teams like george
8:35 am
washington and george mason. on this night g.w. beat the warriors 9-6. but each time these vets take the ice, it's a victory. >> one, two, three -- >> warriors! >> reporter: whit johnson, cbs news, laurel, maryland. >> such a great program. even wounded vets who cannot walk have a place on the usa warriors, as sled skaters they play hockey using sort of a wheelchair on blades. good to see. >> next up is terrell brown at the news desk with a check of the headlines. good morning. >> good to see you guys. good to see you guys. in the latest cbs news poll in the race for the republican nomination it finds newt gingrich is making a move. herman cain has the top spot with 18% of the vote. 15% of voters asked said they would vote for gingrich who is now tied with mitt romney for second place. gingrich told chris voters want substance and will pay attention to the debate on foreign policy. >> this isn't a governor's race. this is the presidency. when you think about worldwide national security, economic security issues, the question of american sovereignty in a world where a lot of other countries would like to entangle us in their laws which are very often different than the american constitution, there are some
8:36 am
really big issues at stake. >> you can watch the cbs news national journal republican presidential primary debate tomorrow night, 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central here on cbs. italian prime minister berlusconi may resign tomorrow after the approval of an economic reform bill. the former european commissioner took part in the v
8:37 am
well, for generations 65 has been america's traditional retiring age. but for the baby boomers it may not be realistic. >> a vast majority of boomers
8:38 am
plan to keep working when they turn 65. if you are one of them, financial contributor carmen juan ulrich joins us. great to have you with us. i want to look back at this and you can lay it out for us. how many people are we talking about here? >> a lot. the boomer generation. we are talking 77 million people in this country. remember, only a generation before that, retirement was considered a given. we all retired. we could all take time off to golf, whatever. now 73% of boomers say that they will work in retirement. that number is up 6% just since march. so it's a shocking number. the majority of us and if you think of younger folks this is what we can assume. >> 80 may be the new retirement age. >> you heard a gasp nationwide. >> that's how it looks. >> it's true. especially since march with the fluctuation of the markets. people say, all this money i once had doesn't go as far as i thought.
8:39 am
>> in 2008, we didn't have such recovery that this could fall back in memory. we have short-term memory. since the poll was taken in march and then the next poll was in october before the gains of october the dow was down 10%. it's an additional big hit. 62% of the surveyed said they took a big hit with one or many retirement vehicles. for example in terms of ira and work iras, they have lost on average 42%. 41% personal investment and real estate. we don't necessarily think about real estate as an investment. but that's something we have depended on as a foundation 29% have lost value and equity there. >> a lot of people think of moving in retirement or moving somewhere else. all of the sudden if you have a home that's decreased in value either you can't or you get less to retire on. >> almost a third of respondents said they will have to move in
8:40 am
retirement to downsize to be able to afford to retire. there are things you can do especially if you are close to 65. the usual plan is to withdraw 4% of the retirement savings. this is what people tell you to do. you've got to be more flexible with the plan. that's the first step. understand that you can kind of react and adapt to what's going on in the market. so if 4% doesn't work maybe you can go to 3% for a year. when the market recovers, go back up to 4. make sure someone runs simulations for you at least once a year to see if you are on track. also, what about your asset allocation? people think 65 is when the time bomb goes off. everything by 65. guess what? you have another 10 to 20 years, hopefully that you can keep the money, recover it, even grow some. with a ten-year window that you need the money, the money should not be exposed to the market. you have more time. make sure the assets reflect the time frame for retirement. >> another thing the poll showed was 53% of baby boomers have
8:41 am
anxiety of not being able to live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. why? were they not good savers? what happened? >> what about this crazy credit boom? we had a good decade or so plus where we could depend on the market going up, depend on the home increasing in value. that's changed. the reality has changed. you have to continue to adapt. adapt your spending and saving habits. hunker down. backup on technology. use all the technology at your disposal to cut back on costs. make sure you save automatically. those are things you can do instead of sitting back staying with the same program. >> good advice. up next, kurt loder's world of movies. >> the good, the bad and the specia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:42 am
8:43 am
welcome back,,,,,, welcome back to "the early show." i'm sorry. >> not at all. i was going to say this is
8:44 am
refreshing. kurt loder doesn't mince words writing about one comedy he said, watching it is like watching a wall. then there was last year's "charlie st. cloud". >> i thought we had a deal. >> we do. we do have a deal. we'll meet here every day. rat sunset. >> and loder's review said, i'm quoting here, charlie st. cloud sees dead people which is the ideal audience for the movie. >> the former mtv host has his most entertaining reviews into a book called "the good, the bad and the god awful." who was the actor from "charlie st. cloud"? >> i don't even know.
8:45 am
>> just not a good movie. another movie you thought was terrible was based on a "saturday night live" skit. there have been a number of "saturday night live" skits that made bad movies. let's look at "mcgruber." i know you love it. >> colonel. >> hello, mcgrubber. >> how did you find me? >> you forget, i taught you everything you know. >> not everything, colonel. >> how can you not like that? >> what was it about the movie? >> everything. it's remarkable that it achieves excellence you don't see because everything about it is bad. it's derived from a one-minute sketch stretched out to 90 minutes. why? no reason. production values are terrible. the actors. just everything about it was very bad. >> on the flip side what you define as good is "in bruge" a colin farrell movie. we'll take a look.
8:46 am
>> i suppose you have a gun up there? >> yeah. >> what are we gonna do? we can't stand here all night. >> why don't you both put the guns down and go home? >> don't be stupid. this is a shootout. >> what's good about that? >> it's the first movie directed by martin mcdunough. he is an irish play write. great story, very well written. the dialogue is wonderful. you have ralph fiennes, colin farrell and brandon gleason in it. it's shot in brussels and has a toy box fairy tale quality. more people should see it. it's so good. >> you're saying that's better than "mcgruber"? >> angioplasty is better than "mcgruber". >> when you're mad, especially with an e-mail, take a break before you write. do you ever think about that.
8:47 am
you walk out of the movie and you're so furious that it was so bad, do you pause before you write? >> you have to think about something before you write. but some movies marinate in the anger and become even more seasoned. you think, this is really bad. i see a lot of good movies, too. let's talk up the good as well. some movies, you hope people aren't suckered into seeing them. >> do you ever ask for your money back? >> no. you get revenge back in other ways. >> i like that you have an entire section to in this case -- nick cage movies. i am assuming that is not because they are great movies? >> the man is a genre unto himself. he's a great actor. leaving las vegas, he's great. because of his problems with the irs. he owes them so much money he's been forced into doing terrible movies. yet he's still great in them. the tension between the two
8:48 am
things is mesmerizing. >> how do you combine the two? how can you be such a good actor in bad movies? do you have one that you hate most that nick was in? "leaving las vegas" was every blind squirrel finds an acorn. >> "bangkok dangerous" was very bad. he was great in "kick ass". >> many people didn't see it. i thought it was good. do you have favorites? ones you sit back and say, god, i love this one. >> i try to highlight independent movies a lot of people haven't seen. there are pictures like "the fall" is great, "the brothers bloom" by ryan johnson is great. they don't make $100 million and they go on. you have to seek them out. >> you love "transformers," too, right? >> yeah. >> thank you, kurt. the book again is "the good, the bad and the god awful". >> time to warm up a little. we have hearty winter cooking from south beach. always hot down there.
8:49 am
we have a perfect pairing of spicy and sweet at miami's hottest new restaurant. even the name helps you work up a sweat. 1500 degrees. it's hot. >> there is a lot of history here at the eden rock. >> there definitely is a lot of history here. from back in the day, this hotel was a place to be seen. the rat pack used to hang out here. >> they shot "i love lucy" here, too. >> they did. they sure did. it's quite an iconic place with history. >> now your restaurant is the hot spot. >> i don't want to drag any of these here tonight, okay? >> paula de silva came to the u.s. in 1986 with her family from brazil speaking no english. her parents opened a restaurant in massachusetts. now she's at the helm of one of the hottest restaurants in all of miami beach, 1500 degrees. it smells so good in here. what are we making? >> today we're going to be doing some roasted pork chops with a special hickory rub that i have. roasted root vegetables, a
8:50 am
creamy polenta and pear chutney. we'll start with the beautiful root vegetables that we have here. >> those look great. >> beautiful, right? we have radishes, beets, turnip, carrots. toss it with olive oil, salt, fresh black pepper. these are going to go in the oven for about 10 or 12 minutes at 350 degrees. while the vegetables are roasting, we're going with the pork chops next. >> the spice rub is made in a coffee bean grinder with smoked sea salt, a few different kinds of paprika, fennel, coriander, garlic, all kinds of good stuff. >> you want to rub it liberally with a little bit of salt as well.
8:51 am
a little bit of black pepper. and here what we are going to do is go ahead and get it right in the broiler. >> i wish i had one of these at home. >> don't you? next we'll go ahead and move to the polenta and the pear chutney. >> why a pear with the pork chop? >> you know, pears are, again, in season right now. they're beautiful, very sweet on their own. to bring something sweet to the pork, you know -- >> it's a balance. >> yeah. balances it out fiesly. >> the chutney is made of pear, cinnamon stick, cayenne pepper for a miami spice and chardonnay vinegar. >> let's get it on the stove to move on to the polenta. i better make it good. >> my grandpa made it every morning. >> we'll check on the pork, pull out the veggies and i think
8:52 am
we're ready to plate. >> best part. wow, look at them sizzle. >> they are. ready to plate it up. >> oh, look how juicy it looks. the pork chop was heavenly. pork chops get a bad rap for being dry, not this one. the hickory spice on it with the creamy polenta and sweet pear chutney hit every sensory taste bud in my mouth. >> awesome. thank you very much. >> so good. so good. >> nice to see some of the good restaurants in south beach for the people who frequent south beach. now they have an idea where to eat. >> it's tough. there is nothing to choose from. >> so many great restaurants. i'm going down in a few weeks. >> lucky you. rub it in, chris. >> i'm going to sample some places. katie lee did a good job telling us where to eat. >> you can find the recipe on our website. >> have a wonderful weekend. okay? >> eat something good.
8:53 am
>> tomorrow morn something saturday. >> tomorrow morning on saturday. >> you'll see us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
today several bay area cities good morning. it's 8:55. i'm grace lee with your cbs 5 headlines. today several bay area cities are holding veterans day events. one of the nation's largest parades is in downtown san jose an event that's now in its 93rd year. ceremonies start at 11 a.m. at plaza de cesar chavez followed by a parade at noon. in his a special year for the annual veterans day ceremony in cupertino. the traveling vietnam veterans memorial wall is on display, a slightly smaller replica of the permanent memorial wall on the national mall in washington, d.c. ceremonies begin at 11 a.m. at memorial park. and "occupy santa rosa" protestors can keep their camp outside of hall. but each camper has to apply for a permit to camp and they
8:56 am
have to renew it every two weeks. the santa rosa city council passed the plan on a 5-2 vote at a special meeting. and we have an update on your traffic and weather on this veterans day coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. an accident in concord, westbound 4, it sounds like it's near port chicago highway. there was an accident there and now several garbage bags are spilled all over the road so chp is head there is now. you can see our sensors are pick up some slower speeds in from pittsburg. elsewhere to the south bay we go now coming out of downtown san jose got to stay it is definitely lighter than normal across most stretches of the bay area freeways. mass transit, however, even though it is a veterans day holiday, continues to run on a regular weekday schedule and bart has been running systemwide on time. that is traffic. for a check of the rainy forecast, here's lawrence. >> storm clouds moved back n showers in the bay area right now and you can see the pockets moving in. some pockets of moderate rain too in the yellow spots so yeah, if you are heading out be extra careful, bring that umbrella with you. we'll see scattered showers on and off throughout the day today. keeping things unsettled. good news toward the weekend, things look to dry out partly cloudy skies on saturday, mostly sunny by sunday. beautiful sunshine, warmer weather the beginning of the next week. ,,,,,,
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