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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 11, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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if you're eligible for medicare, you only have until december 7th to switch to anthem blue cross. so call today at 1-855-8-anthem. that's 1-855-826-8436. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. gavin, i'm franki'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. jean quan says to "occupy oakland" protestors, please leave now. she says the situation is unstainable and getting more dangerous. anne makovec is in oakland now
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where mayor quan spoke today. >> reporter: she wants the protesters to leave this encampment immediately. but not only are there still a lot of tents here behind me in frank ogawa plaza, they are now building pallets to raise them off the ground. so everybody is digging in for the long haul rather than leaving as the mayor has demanded. she was here making those demands last night. >> the risks are too great for having an encampment out there. i need to have my police resources out in the community and neighborhoods that traditionally had much more violence and need the police more. it is time for the encampment to end. >> reporter: the mayor's called for protestors to peacefully break up camp. it came after a murder outside of the camp last night. a man was shot after being beaten by a group of men. campers say the victim often visited the camp but that his
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killing had nothing do with them. >> he's a good kid, didn't bother nobody, just want something out of life, ended up at the bad end of the stick. >> reporter: regardless of whether it happened because of the camp, quan says it under scores a need for a clean-up of the whole area. church leaders aren't so sure. >> i support "occupy oakland." i have been there. i walked it. i have set in on generally assemblies. their principle is the principle of everyone who wants to be successful and victorious in the way they live in america. >> reporter: the oakland police officers association says oakland is in a state of emergency and sent an open letter to "occupiers" saying, quote, please, we ask you, leave frank ogawa plaza peacefully and immediately so oakland police can get back to work fighting the devastating crime that's occurring in our neighborhoods. it remains to be seen if the "occupiers" and others will agree. >> yes or no question. should the encampment be allowed to stay? yes or no? >> i'll leave that in the hands of the lord.
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>> reporter: now, we have also heard word from other agencies that they are not interested in cooperating with the oakland pd if they do come in and raid the camp. they are upset because they already raided it once and obviously the camp has regenerated so even alameda county sheriff's office is having some reservations about that this afternoon. grace? >> so it looks like the oakland police department is on its own should they decide to raid in the near future? >> reporter: , you know, that's not for sure at this point. we just know that other agencies have expressed major reservations and they would probably need some sort of guarantee of what's going to happen in the future before they would participate at the very least. >> all right. anne makovec live for us in oakland, thank you. that's oakland. how about san francisco? businesses in the ferry building say they are fed up with "occupy" camp in the justin herman plaza of the complaints of shop lifting and break-ins increase as well as human waste in the park and surrounding areas. the park's property managers
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have asked the city to provide more police supervision but it hasn't happened. "occupy santa rosa" protestors can keep their camp out decide city hall. each one has to apply for a permit to camp and to renew the permit every two weeks. santa rosa city council passed that plan on a vote of 5-2 at a special meeting. the city manager says she is considering hiring private security now to patrol the camp. richmond's mayor is under fire from veterans this afternoon. she skipped a veterans day event today in order to join "occupy" protestors. >> a good way to really support veterans is to promote the values that veterans -- many of them fought for, many of them died for. >> organizers of today's veterans day memorial say that the mayor has little respect for the country and its traditions. at this hour one of the nation's largest veterans day parades in the nation is getting way in san jose a chance for everyone to honor
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the servicemembers who have served our country. anser hassan reports from downtown san jose where ceremonies have begun. >> reporter: it's not the weather they wanted but even a little rain camp dampen the spirit out here. we are at the start of 93rd annual san jose veterans day parade. we have seen all kinds of costumes and uniforms, some dressed from colonial times or world war i, others in more contemporary fatigues but all in support of the red, white and blue. 96-year-old may was a nurse in combat uniform when she landed on the beaches of normandy at the and of world war ii. >> i was there on d-day. we crossed the channel on little boats from england over to france. >> reporter: a veteran of world war ii, she believes there are many reasons why we need to remember america's veterans of war. >> we're free, able to make our own decisions. >> reporter: that's in part why today's 93rd annual san jose
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veterans day parade has continued on for so long. >> if we don't treat our veterans well, no one will step up and serve their nation. >> reporter: gary is the grand marshal of today's parade. he served in countries such as iraq, kuwait and bosnia. he believes veterans day has changed since the vietnam era when soldiers were blamed for the politics of the time. >> i think everyone recognizes now that regardless of politics, that they are sacrificing, their families are sacrificing and they should be remembered and thanked. >> reporter: active soldiers say that support can be just as rewarding as the work they do. >> especially during this time with the economy the way it is, they see their supporters and they understand the sacrifices we make. it really makes me feel proud to see that we have so much support. >> reporter: the parade runs from now until 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon the if you decide to make it out, keep in mind there's lots of road
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closures throughout the downtown area. this is a big deal. this is one of the largest and longest parades in the nation right here in san jose so don't let the rain fool ya. come out, still lots to do. back to you. >> we'll get you an umbrella. enjoy. thank you. president obama today honor the nation's veterans by placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. [ taps ] >> first lady michelle obama joined him for this ceremony at arlington national cemetery. in his remarks, he paid homage to veterans and their families. >> you are part of an unbroken chain of men and women who have served in country with honor and distinction. on behalf of a proud and grateful nation, we thank you. >> right now, president obama is en route to san diego where he will attend the first-ever college basketball game on an
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aircraft carrier. >> might be a little damp, too. veterans day is a holiday at the federal, state and local levels. that means most government offices are all closed today. the post office is closed and no mail delivery today. many schools, banks are closed. transit agencies are running on regular schedules today. and we're track doppler radar this afternoon lighting up with another round of wet weather coming in. >> we're not tracking it but that guy is. >> i'm watching. >> it's been busy this morning. we have been seeing showers spinning up from this area of low pressure off the coast continuing to see some showers right now. some of the heavier amounts moving a little further to the east but you can see in toward san jose where they are having the parade there. we have some scattered showers there. the good news, kind of moving out of town. it's sliding through and going to be showery like this all day. scattered showers continuing then another band moving along the coastline. in through the central bay more showers there as well if you are headed in that direction. we have a couple of raindrops
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in richmond and hercules. light showers pushing by now. in the north bay we are also look at scattered light showers at this hour and this is going to continue probably right into the evening hours and then things are going to settle down. what about your weekend? we'll have that weekend forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank you. vallejo police say a man was shot and killed this while driving on eastbound 80 overnight around 11 p.m. just east of tennessee street. the chp and vallejo fire found the car in the bushes along the freeway. inside was a man with fatal gunshot wounds to his upper body. police believe that the man was targeted. the identity of the 28-year-old victim has not been released. muni considering higher fares to deal with a budget deep in the red. under a plan being discussed right now, riders using cash could pay an extra 25 cents and another quarter if they use the transfer. drivers could face higher parking fines and may have to pay for meters on nights and weekends now. the hikes would help cover an
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$80 million budget deficit. coming up, new numbers are out in the race for president. where the gop candidates stand heading into tomorrow's debate. >> plus, riots and death threats. more fallout over the penn state sex scandal. who some say should be the next person to be fired. coming up. what do you like about hockey? >> i like the goals. >> think your kid could be the next wayne gretzky or kobe bryant? how an at-home dna test could give you that answer. >> closed captioning is sponsored by palo alto medical foundation, a part of sutter health. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in italy and greece -- the two countries at the center of europe's debt stocks soared and new governments get ready to take over in italy and greece, two countries at the center of
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europe's debt crisis. the dow up nearly 235. now all three major stock indices have now turned positive for the year. we have a new cbs news poll that finds herman cain with a slight lead in the republican presidential race. newt gingrich and mitt romney are tied for second. but the poll also suggests cain's lead could be in jeopardy in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against him. 30% say they are less likely to vote for him because of those allegations. 4% say more likely, 61% say it makes no difference at all. but after stumbling badly in last night's gop debate, it's rick perry's campaign in full blown damage control. perry showed up on david letterman's stage last night giving voters his top 10 excuses to explain the flub. >> hey, listen, you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you.
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that's one handsome dude. >> perry gets another chance saturday in south carolina's debate. a key figure in the sexual abuse scandal at penn state has received death threats. assistant coach mike mcqueary won't be in tomorrow's football game because of the threats. he is the man who told coach joe paterno that he saw another boy raping a boy in the showers at penn state but didn't go to the police. the board of trustees launched its own investigation. >> we are a university that will rebuild the trust and confidence that so many people have had in us for so many years. >> trustees want to know what crimes former football coach jerry sandusky may have commit against children on campus and why no one reported the matter t police. coming up, a daring rescue what one man did for the love of his dog. felt like somebody was stabbing me right in the middle of my chest. >> not one heart but two.
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the freak accident that sent this little girl to the hospital. cloudy skies, showers showing up around the bay area. what about your weekend? we'll let you know if that's safe coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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store with a happy ending. a man's best friend was rescued we don't get these stories very often with a happy ending. >> man's best friend was rescued from an unplanned
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chilly dip in the bay. san francisco rescue crews at the embarcadero got the man and dog out of the water safely. >> gentleman was walking his dog and the dog went for a swim. when the dog went over, the gentleman quickly doffed most of his clothes to save the dog. >> left his bvds on. despite the water temperature in the 50s, they are doing just fine. >> that's called love. >> big hit in the newsroom with the rates. >> you know, any kind of hero, any kind of person who savessist had dog, right, lawrence? >> kind of like me. we're going to save the weekend. today could be a different story. >> you could be our hero. >> not today. we have a lot of rain in the bay area today. plenty of clouds right now. looks ominous over the city a few scattered showers there. but hi-def doppler picking up on the scattered showers. the main band has moved on through. still we are seeing periods of showers going to be on and off as we head into the afternoon hours. some scattered showers in
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toward the san jose area. you can see another band just about to make its way along the peninsula here to bring some more rain in that area. also, in parts of the north bay we have some more scattered showers in through mill valley near san rafael and also into vallejo. still, i think toward the afternoon, we can plan on the showers continuing on and o temperatures are going to be cooler. only in the 50s and 60s. tonight maybe a few leftover showers but the storm system should wind down. temperatures into the 40s and looks like this low will begin to sag to the south and move out of town hall meeting but not before more rain today and moving into southern california. a chance of rain through tonight but the weekend looks good. we have some sunshine coming our way. computer models are pick up on the system as it rolls through again. nothing real heavy. we have seen about a third of an inch of rain in the santa cruz mountains and that's about the heaviest but toward tomorrow morning it looks like the skies begin to part just
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some partly cloudy skies, and guess what. we have some temperatures warming up for the weekend. numbers for today plan on about 58 degrees in pacifica. 64 santa rosa. next couple of days we have great weather coming our way temperatures going to be warming up through sunday. looks like come monday and tuesday, it looks really nice. we'll see beautiful weather under high pressure and maybe 70s making a return and then late next week the clouds come back in and we start to talk about the possibility of rain but this weekend looks good. a little wet around the bay area today. >> i don't really want to talk about monday right now. >> i'm getting ahead of myself. >> although the weather looks great. >> thank you. there's a new dna test that could tell you if your kid will be the next big thing to hit the sports world. the test measures a gene called acton three. having a lot means having the potential for having super fast react muscles perfect for high impact athletes. those without it are more suited for endures sports like swimming and cycling.
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the ultimate sign of a star athlete is passion for the sport. i must have a lot of actin3 because i can't go very far. there's a young girl in kentucky thanking a pothole for helping her life. 8-year-old lacy davis was choking after she swallowed a small heart shaped lockett. you see it in the x-ray. she explains how it happened >> i was trying to put my hair up and i had my locket in my mouth. i was laughing and when i went up like that it went down my throat. >> there you go. the locke. it got stuff in her esophagus but during a ride to the cincinnati children's hospital the impact from the hospital dislodged it but it dropped down into her stomach and the pain was gone but they had to remove it. she is doing fine though. >> the first time somebody was probably glad for a pothole. >> coming up wedding bells will
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keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. he needs no introduction but we're excite because he is actually live in studio with us today. tony tantillo from new york. how are you? >> i'm doing great in new york but san francisco is my home. >> yeah? >> it's great to be here.
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we did a special recipe for everybody here who likes fettucini and bolognese. >> reporter: this is one of my favorite restaurants. a wonderful bolognese what kind of pasta? >> we are going to use fettucini. homemade fresh with bolognese. that's a match made in heaven. okay, chef, what do we do first? >> let it warm up. then we are going to put onions. celery. and carrots. >> reporter: the chef adds some ground beef and seasons it with salt and pepper. we'll cook this until it's lightly brown then he adds some bay leaves which he leaves in the sauce and calls it his secret ingredient. then he adds a splash of red wine bringing all the savory flavors together. use the wine you want to drink. don't buy cheap wine. he adds chopped tomatoes and tomatoes paste and the mixes it well. the sauce takes about two hours
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on low heat. simmer all the flavors together. they use fresh pasta here that takes about two minutes. but you can use dried pasta if you want. now he sautes all the flavors together with olive oil. parmesan cheese. and it's ready to be plate. is this beautiful? i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. , and this is tony's table. >> that's a tough job i got. for the recipe going to and click on watch and list n. one thing about the bolognese. every town in italy has its own recipe. >> watching you every day, i don't think there's a meal that you ever said wasn't delicious. you pick the right places? >> i try hard to. i have to eat it, too. get the recipes. >> looks for delicious. thanks for joining us in studio. we are going to talk to frank now. >> he is the king of restaurants in the city. eleven is a lucky number in vegas and many are betting that getting married today will make their day more special.
12:27 pm
more than 35,000 people planning to get hitched in sin city today. it's even affecting local law enforcement who have to put out extra staff for the entire weekend. >> we have been looking forward to 11/11/11 all year. we knew it would be a very busy day because not only is it a lucky day, it's also a federal holiday and a three-day weekend for a lot of people. >> not first time something like this happened. more than 4300 couples were married july 7, 2007. 7/7/7. >> happy veterans day. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,
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