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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 news in high definition. police tell the occupiers they've got to go. a cbs exclusive, the trusted advisor is pitching a solution. where the occupier should go? how they can make stock market riches in a way no one else can. and it's not your average block party. right now a whole pack of nerds took over one bay area city. and dogs on the witness stand. see how these courthouse canines help convict the bad guys. >> good evening, i'm dana. >> and i'm tim. what to do about oakland, how about put them in an enclosed
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property? >> other progressive activists in oakland. brainstorms the way to move the encampment without having to call police. at one point, he suggested that the camp move to an indoor site. quote, preferably private. might be good for the new owner to rent out and they can waive the monthly rent and everybody wins. he was among the people who marched to the port last week. we called dr. wen tonight and told us we're trying to keep the city safe. also tonight, obtained another letter showing just how dire the situation at occupy oakland really is. not only are police fed up, firefighters are furious. the plaza where occupy oakland's days are numbered.
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>> reporter: that's exactly right, dana. and adding to that, oakland police investigators say the shooter who killed the man here yesterday lived among these protesters here on the plaza. more ammunition for them to shut down this camp. oakland officers walk through the tent city to hand out warning notices. camping is illegal. leave now peacefully, they urge, or face arrest. >> this is about the camp and the city's expectations. >> reporter: the presence angered some of the protesters. one woman tried to tell the cops, they have rules. >> no guns here. >> occupy! >> reporter: a small group marched on broadway in defiance. no one was picking up stake. >> the police are just acting on the behalf of the chamber of
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corporate crime. >> reporter: the city is planning out to clear the plaza. the pressure is on. in a confidential e-mail to the mayor, obtained by cbs 5, called the occupy campers 99% homeless and crazy people and blasted the mayor saying she needs to allow police to do their job because the protests have now taken over the city. last evening, shooting death of a man by the occupy camp made the situation more critical. mayor jean quan met with oakland ministers and tried for peace. and to help negotiate with the occupiers. >> we're asking the campers to leave the plaza now and to leave peacefully. >> the police union took a step with a letter saying you sent the world a strong message.
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now it's time to go home. >> this is my home now. i just have to make sure my stuff is somewhere because this is all i own. this is my whole life. >> late this evening, the mayor met with the police chief and city council president lead to talk about the next steps. >> the mayor of richmond with the occupiers instead of going to the event at the richmond shipyard. but mayor gail mclaughlin. she went to an occupy richmond event instead want that's a slap in their faces. the mayor says, hear her out. >> freedom, liberty, justice for all. we stand with the veterans who are suffering also. >> the mayor told the bay area news group that she honored
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veterans every day, not just on veterans day. this next one is kind of a, why is this allowed story? insider trading is illegal except apparently if you're a member of congress. put nancy pelosi on the defensive. >> reporter: martha stewart got in trouble for lying about it. we could go to jail for it. but they can do it. only information they know and it's perfectly legal. former congressman brian. >> there should only be one thing in mind when you're drafting legislation, is this good for america? if you start to say to yourself, how is this going to affect my investments? you've got a mixed agenda and a mixed purpose for being there. >> 60 minutes report, her
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husband pall and nancy pelosi with credit card company visa. tough legislation was making its way through the house. the legislation made it to committee but not to the floor as speaker pelosi controlled what bills came to a vote. confronted pelosi during a news conference. >> do you consider that to be a conflict of interest? >> i don't know the point of your question. is there some point you want to make with that? ingly guess what i'm asking is it all right for a speaker to accept a preferential paper bowl of a stock deal? >> spent years trying to pass legislation to ban insider trading in congress. he coauthored a bill called the stock act, but the 400 plus colleagues didn't want to pass a law against themselves. >> how far did you get?
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>> nowhere. >> how many cosponsor as many cosponsors? >> 6. >> not much. >> you could have national cherry pie week and have 100. >> why? a loophole. normally, it's illegal when it violates the confidentiality of the source of the information or since the information source is the federal government, members of congress don't need to be confidential with the government, so it's not liable for insider trading. kim? >> people think we make this stuff up. >> no, we don't. >> sure, thank you for that. a couple of boys in the neighborhood enjoying a day off from school for veterans day were skateboarding and a garbage truck hit them. they rolled in front of the
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moving truck. neighbors came out when they heard screaming. one boy called for his mom. >> she's on the ground and asking and the baby, stay with me, only thing i could do was cry. >> the 12-year-old was eventually pronounced dead at the hospital. the 8-year-old is in serious condition tonight. the truck driver did swerve to try to avoid the kids. he was taken to the hospital to be treated for stress and not clear if he'll be facing any charges. settle a lawsuit by employees who claim the company denied them overtime pay. 1700 workers share the money and after lawyer's fees, about $13,000 each. here we go again. uni says it may have to raise fares again. may have to cough up extra 25
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cents. even if you don't take uni, it could still affect you with parking fines and meters for nights and weekends. anan alcatraz landmark. the marine environment ate away at the structure. million dollar renovation and work expected to be finished by next april. today, november '11, 2011. 11-11-11. you heard about this. brand new san jose dad said he'll play the lottery after his daughter was born at 11: 11 this morning. tanya rays. it was a long 11 hour of labor at kaiser at san jose. everyone was checking the time
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except for mom. she was doing something else. isabella aurora rays at 13 pounds, 17-ounces. >> let's look at the time. in about 28 seconds, it will be 11: 11. but right now, big party under way. waiting for 11/11. in redwood city they're counting it down. liz? >> that's right. the count down is on. let me move out of the way for 11/11/11. we'll see some fire dancers here at nerd. numerologists, mathematicians. the new year here about the charity, 11 hours to raise money for 11 charities. an event called nerd new year, see who we met. >> every time i got empty box or any kind of box, i would
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turn it into something new. >> reporter: 7-year-old valerie spade was born to build. >> when i heard about making robots, i was like i really want to make a robot. i love building stuff. >> reporter: so she brought it. >> and it's here, 11/11/11. the protection prediction, is that you have to make a wish. everybody is celebrating with a band. fire dancers getting going right now. exciting here in the city, for cbs 5. >> what was your wish? >> i can't tell you, then it won't happen. >> okay. >> right? >> you? >> i was wishing there was a 7/11 across the street. that's a different story.
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>> roberta? raining hard in san francisco, is it over? >> it's still raining. let's see our high-def doppler radar with this particular time with the pinpoint forecast. the president and first lady go to a basketball game. why the players would get too wet if they went out of bounds. >> overweight times, crucial adults get what kids should start getting too. but tonight: another candidate why one judge says it's no place for canines. next. ,,
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closed captioning sponsored by palo article to medical foundation. herman cain still in the lead. new york times poll shows cain can 18% support among republican voters. newt gingrich is rising. both tied for second place. meanwhile, president barack obama attended a basketball game between the university of north carolina and michigan state, played on the deck of the aircraft carrier.
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u.s. carrier vincent on the first carrier classic. >> with first lady michelle obama by his side, the commander in chief, barack obama, a huge college basketball fan, watched the carl vincent. on the tar heels and spartans, tossed in the arabian sea. >> i get the unique deal of playing the number one teem tampa in the country and deservedly so but i'm at a place with the number one team in the world and that's our military. so i get a double dose. i think it's a celebration of the united states of america and we can do some darn good things and we can say thank you and we can feel good about each other. >> no matter what team dominate it is board, who pounds the ball inside, blocks out better
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and stops the dribble penetration, the historical contest will be money, especially for those who think it's important to play on veterans day. >> it's important to celebrate everyone who has served us and serving us today. >> reporter: parents awe at the temporary change. >> more proud of my country. >> it's fulfilling. it means a lot to me. to be able to have as much as this, our organization. it's great. it's great. >> it's good to see they're doing something and there's a lot of people that actually don't get to make it back home. to see that the people here, everybody enjoying themselves, it's a good feeling. >> the good veterans day to all of them. new federal guidelines that
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all americans should have their cholesterol levels checked, even children. they have the roots in childhood. all kids should now have their cholesterol checked at least once between the ages of nine and 11 and between 17 and 21. >> when you think about a courtroom, what comes to mind? judge, jury, lawyers? but tonight, grace lee shows us how dogs are helping to convict the bad guys. >> he's very popular. >> reporter: once you get inside a courthouse, you go through security. it's no different for reggie, even if he is a poodle. >> he goes right behind here and waits for his treat. >> good job. >> reporter: while reggie knows lots of tricks, he is here to work. >> all right, buddy, let's go. >> reporter: he's one of a
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small but growing number of courthouse dogs, canines who provide comfort to children, adults, and sexual abuse victims. nationwide, you can find them in jurisdictions in ten other states. reggie handler, marcia christian, believe they are very effective. >> someone will start crying and he'll go over and press his body against them, kind of lean them. so he kinds of knows. >> crista gave a demonstration. he usually sits in the audience with victims, he's been on the witness stand. >> it's horrifying for people to try to prepare them emotionally to come and face their abuser. some people are just horribly
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scared and frightened. >> reporter: certainly helped the willcox of sacramento. convicted in 2009, serving for shooting michael in the head and nearly killing him. michael still remembers the night of the attack. >> shot in the back over here. >> reporter: his mother says as traumatic as the night was, being in the courtroom with the killer was just as difficult. >> you feel like your son's life has no value to other individuals, it was nerve wracking and heartbreaking. we have reggie. i thought i was going to rub him bald. so much, it was soothing. >> it's not easy to get reggie on the witness stand. the judge decides on a case by
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case basis whether he or she will allow it. the problem is how it affects the defendant. that's why ted believes dogs have no place in the courtroom. >> what do you think a dog conveys to the jury? >> loyalty, friendship, innocence, openness. so this is not the sort of person who would be lying to you. >> reporter: katherine says the effect of a dog on a jury can never be truly measured, but no doubt it will bias a jury. >> will it help them tell the truth or lie or be comfortable in their confusion? there's no scientific proof. >> reporter: for the willcox family, it's not about science. >> having him there is a component of comfort for me, which was a god send as far as i'm concerned. >> grace lee, cbs 5.
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def doppler radar. when you see rain on the screen, we have current rainfall. let's zoom on in here and take a better look at the precipitation encompassing with the american canyon and one more view this time around, let's swing over to the city of san francisco. it's got a slippery bay bridge. you see the rainfall wrapping towards at&t park. >> tenth of an inch in livermore. people out and about on this friday night even though we've needed the umbrellas. rain continuing to taper off, continue in the early morning hours. becoming partly cloudy with sun clouds mixed on sunday. look at this area of low pressure as it wraps around the waters and barrels in with the
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frontal boundary. future cast, cause for the rain showers to taper off. it will be partly cloudy for the stanford football game tomorrow with 50 degrees. bottom line, tomorrow we'll have some sunshine. 55 san jose, east of the bay with 67 degrees. winds kick up northwest at 20. 50s and 60s by the golden gate bridge. extended forecast calls for warmer temperatures as high pressure sets in and clouds on thursday and friday. oh, we're going to play some football sunday. lots of sunshine. enjoy your weekend. that's the pinpoint forecast. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew.
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2009, no one would have predicted he'd return to sydney in 2011 winless since then.... when tiger woods won the australia open in 1999, no one thought he would return winless since then. he bogeyed the first three holes and never got on track. finishes with a 3 over 75 and now 6 strokes back. john with 5 birdies.
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the most long 18, shoots 63 and takes a 1 shot lead into the final round. vanderveen with the 5th ranked cardinals. indicated that was an injury, but led the cardinal with 16 points and 14 rebounds. amber going to be an exciting player to watch this year. stanford beats texas 72-59. eli manning and the giants with the 49ers 6 game winning streak on sunday, 6-2. new york will be the third team with the winning record, the 49ers see this season. it is time for your friday night top 5. at number 5, desmond wells made a good impression with the home crowd. the alley oop.
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number 4, doran lan to davis with a huge dunk. number 3, adam scott, second shot for the par 4, 13. check out the back spin. rolls in for an eagle. scott is 7 shots back. number 2, walker may be gone, but still has jeremy lamb and might be a good idea to get out of the way. huskies hold off columbia. number 1, 7000 fans including president barack obama and the first lady, john henson with the tar heels at michigan state, 56-55 in the ring just long enough to have contingency plans. only be able to see 3000. >> 5000 live there. >> that's right, that's right. i know. it was true. >> everything. it was a city.
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>> they should do that every year. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, big! big.
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