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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  November 13, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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you're watching "cbs5 eyewitness news" in high definition. designed to keep bay area motorists safe during the next major earthquake. tonight, there are qu good evening, i'm ann
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notarangelo. it's a $6 billion project designed to keep bay area motorists safe during the next major earthquake. tonight there are questions about whether the new eastern span of the bay bridge will do that. that's because the man also responsible for safety tests on the other state projects apparently affected some test results. linda yee in oakland to explain. linda. >> reporter: well, anne, it was an anonymous whistle blower who contacted cal tran saying that one of their safety technicians affected some of his test results that same technician did some of the work on the span of the bay bridge. now, tonight, caltrans announced that safety worker has been fired. caltrans technician with dwayne wilds was responsible for critical safety tests on the foundations for the new bay bridge span. but a sacramento bee report questions the integrity of his safety errors after learning wiles had a habit of falsifying caltrans reports. caltrans insists everything is
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safe. >> interview: we checked everything he worked on back to 2 by 4. because there was an allegation there was falsification on the bay bridge, we went down and checked all the testing and we have related this to three structures not related to the bay bridge. >> reporter: thee safety reports, including a foundation for a sign on interstate 580, but they insist none of the safety tests he conducted on the foundation piles of the bay bridge were compromised. >> interview: there are multiple tests and procedures that go the into doing a foundation and a structure. this is one technician on a team of technicians that were doing testing on the foundations. this test is a verification test after we have done everything else to ensure that it's of good construction practices. >> interview: we saw a lot of consistency among all the testing done for all 13 piles involved in this foundation structure. at the bottom of all of this, quality is not dependent on any one particular individual on this project and that's the nature of the beast with
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respect to the bay bridge. >> reporter: caltrans investigated this worker for the past three years, they said, during that time, he was cautioned out to other jobs that did not have any anything to do with any safety inspections. but, anne, tonight they are not ruling out the possibility that criminal charges could be filed. >> all right. linda yee, thank you very much. well a san francisco pedestrian has died after being hit and minted una muni bus. witnesses say a man in a security guard uniform was struck crossing the street at 5th and mission and was trapped under the rear wheels while people attempted to free him. the driver has been placed on leave pending the investigation. and a man has been killed in a hang gliding accident near milpitas. santa clara county deputies says the aircraft crashed into the side of a hill at ed leven county park t winds were light at the time which may have contributed to the crash. they say the man was conscious for about 15 minutes when they arrived on the scene but he
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then collapsed and died. a third plea by the mayor to occupy oakland, it's time to leave, and at least some of the campers are packing up. don knapp is in oakland where some community activists are trying to mediate. don? >> reporter: anne, rumors are rampant as oakland gets closer to that expected forced eviction of the people outside city hall. but a group of activists have stepped up trying to negotiate a compromise that will end this peacefully. as occupy oakland residents brace for what appears to be an inevitable forceful eviction this group of outside activists called for a public forum on the camp on a plan to harm nice the occupy oakland protest with the oakland community at large. >> the last forcible eviction was an absolute fiasco, and another one -- only be worse. we're asking the police and the mayor to take off the table any
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forcible eviction of thissen camp. mere. >> reporter: name swift says she supports occupy goals and runs a business downtown. >> interview: the city of oakland is not an eve ill power, it's just a city, and these two groups certainly can work together. >> reporter: long time community activist wilson rice also seeks a middle ground. >> interview: hopefully we can resolve a lot of the concerns on both sides of the issues through dialog and discussion. >> reporter: oakland city leaders have already delivered two eviction notices to the occupy oaklanden camp. while offering a promise of warm beds for any who leave it. >> interview: we're offering assistance to the city and the women and children cross roads. >> reporter: but the stick and karat approach was getting a little interest from the homeless in the tent city. >> interview: i don't want to live in a shelter, i'm a vet, i'd rather be outside right now. i mean -- >> reporter: we don't have -- >> interview: i only been back two months from iraq and i'm
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adjusting right now but i'll tell you what, this is beautiful right here. >> reporter: vickie mcgwire, a psycho therapist who volunteered in the environment camp. says she believes in the goals of the movement but says it needs a broader range of the 99%. >> interview: so come together and create numbers and broader range of voices and try to make this happen together. >> reporter: is there time for a proposal mice before police move in? well that's a question everyone is asking. asking us. there haven't been any answers available so far tonight. >> don knapp in oakland, thank you much. two protestors who injured two police officers during an occupy march in san francisco are still on the loose tonight. police say the officers were trying to prevent the marchers from taking over an intersection yesterday. they say a woman emerged from the crowd and slashed an officer's hand with an exact toe knife. the other officer suffered cuts to his face and a torn uniform, both suspects disappeared into the crowd. checking other bay area
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headlines, two people suffered injuries in an apartment fire in san francisco's inner richmond district this morning. firefighters managed to keep flames to the one unit but several were sacked. they think the fire was accidentally started. no arrests in the robbery of a verizon wireless store in pleasant hill last night. two masked gunmen held up the store on contras to take boulevard 7:30 when customers were still inside. they demanded cash from employees and wallets from two customers, no one was hurt and the robbers got away. and the all-clear has been given for that pg&e pipeline that failed a week ago. it ruptured during pressure tests, blue rocks, mud and water on to 280 in wood side. after repairs and more tests this weekend the pipe held up and it has been deemed safe. a memorial service under way at this hour in san francisco honoring an officer who died in the line of duty. these are live pictures of a ceremony remembering james gelf
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who was fatally shot by a carjacking suspect 17 years ago today. san francisco's s.w.a.t. team killed the suspect who was reportedly wielding 5 semiautomatic weapons. the man was wearing afflack jacket and a bulletproof vest but was described as a drifter. now it prohibits felons from owning body armor. desperate efforts in desperate times. how some are profiting from the bad luck of others. >> young it's possible for a speaker to benefit from a special deal. >> interview: we didn't. >> how a california lawmaker is trading in on a double standard. a lovely fall weather pattern this weekend across the bay. we'll hang onto a few more days of that before we see colder air head our way towards the end of the week and possibly some snow in the high country. we'll be talking about the details coming up in your complete forecast in just a few
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minutes. closed captioning is sponsored by palo alto medical foundation, a part solve sutter health. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a report about elderly people taking the groceries they receive at food pantries --and re- selling them. this next story caught our eye in an sf gate blog this morning. a report about elderly people taking the groceries they receive at food pantries and reselling them. we went out to see for ourselves and found what appeared to be donated groceries for sale at the heart of the city's farmer's market at un plaza. a security officer told the gate block blogger that the resellers scatter when approached and no one would talk to our photographer. it's another example of how these times are for some families. for most americans insider trading is a federal offense. but if you're a member of congress, that federal law doesn't apply. tonight, 60 minutes investigates the legal double standard. one that sharon chin tells us has former house speaker nancy pelosi on the defensive. >> reporter: according to sunday's 60 minutes report house speaker nancy pe lows ooh and her husband paul took an
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insider opportunity to invest millions of dollars in credit card based company visa just as tough legislation against credit card companies was making its way through the house t legislation made it to committee but not to the floor. as speaker, pelosi controlled what bills came to a vote. 60 minutes correspondent steve croft confronted pelosi during a news conference. >> reporter: would you consider that to be a conflict of interest? >> interview: the -- i don't know what your point is of your question? is there some point that you want to make with that? >> reporter: well, i guess what i'm asking, is do you think it is all right for a speaker to accept a very preferential favorable stock deal? >> interview: but we didn't. >> reporter: former congressman barrett spent several years trying to pass legislation to back insider trading in congress. he coauthored a bill called the stock act but his 400 plus colleagues didn't want to pass a law against themselves. >> reporter: how far did you get? >> interview: we didn't get anywhere. it flat died. went nowhere. >> reporter: how many
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cosponsors did you get. >> interview: i think we've got 6. >> reporter: 6 doesn't sound like a big amount? >> interview: it isn't steve. you could have national commissioner repie week and get 100 could sponsors. you can see did whole story on 60 minutes coming up in 20 minutes on cbs5. here in california the state legislature has passed or changed dozens of laws to help increase animal welfare, since voters passed proposition 2 in 2008. now it includes things like giving chickens more room in cages could soon come to an end. the u.s. supreme court heard arguments last week from the national meat organization trying to overturn prop 2. no rule on when the justices will rule but the observers say the questions asked during the hearing seem to favor the meat association. the week's weather not too
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view. you' "eyewitness news" is brought to you by anthem blue cross. learn more at anthem blue cross/anthem. check out this view. you're looking at what crew memberse see aboard the international space station. a man in germany took nasa photographs, made them into this time lapse video. the images were apparently taken by expedition crew members between august and october of this year. and that is spectacular. jim is here to look at what our forecast is going to be like,
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spectacular or not, the workweek ahead. the workweek is pretty spectacular as we saw drying conditions and temperatures near seasonal norms this weekend. lovely across the bay. we'll continue that pattern into the beginning of the week as we see basically no clouds on the golden gate at this hour, just some high, thin cloud cover across the bay here, partly cloudy and cool tonight, we'll see some patchy morning fog, mainly in the inland valleys, the result of radiational cooling, high pressure to pre-sail off the coast through mid-week, that will keep us high and dry here through wednesday before we see this pattern change as we see today's highs again pushing 70 degrees up in santa rosa, 69 there, 68 in fairfield as well as livermore and mountainview. a little warmer today than yesterday. but, still, very near seasonal norms for this time of year. right at the bay, mid-to low 60s, prevail across the region with upper 50s and low 60s at the beach likes where you expect them to be. tonight we'll look for cool overnight lows in the north
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bay, upper 30s to low 40s, warming as you come umbrella back to the water. all the way into and through the south bay as well. as we see skies beginning to clear out, the moisture has all moved off to the south, some over running high cloud cover from a weak front up to our north, but that too is pretty thin at this point, and shouldn't be much of a factor for us as we see this high pressure system continue to prevail through mid-week and then, by thursday, this cold air drops out of the gulf of alaska and approaches the region. it will likely be a glancing blow for us so we won't see much in the way of precipitation. however, the cool air will prevail. here is a look at the futurecast through mid-week as you can see. it is just fog playing touch and go with the coast here, mostly clear, should i say, warm? upper 60s to low 70s, much like we saw today across the region with tomorrow's highs in that mid-to upper 60s range for the interior while we see mid-60s prevailing back at the bay and upper 50s to 60s at the coast. the change appears on thursday.
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we'll see that cool air and chance of showers moving to the north bay, better chance in the bay area on friday, and cool and unsettled conditions likely to continue through the weekend with the possibility of snow levels in the local hills down to about 2500 feet. won't be much precipitation left at that point but it should be much colder. time now to get our sports update, here's dennis. >> that's right jim. nothing cold about the 49ers. could they beat the new york giants without frank gore? and it was up to alex smith and the offense, next. ,, ,,,,
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latest opponent is the one the 49ers have to beat to "prove" they are among the nfl's elite te he the 49ers have answered every challenges. still, it seems that every week, the latest opponent is the one the 49ers have to beat to prove they are among the nfl's elite teams. that team today was the new york giants, nobel cow today, four field goals gave the 49ers a 12-6 lead but then eli manning to mario. manningham for the game's first touchdown, 13-12 giants in front. fourth quarter, alex smith to vernon davis, can you say blown coverage, 31 yards for the touchdown. tack on a two-point conversion making the score to-13. san francisco, check out the leap by vernon davis. carlos rogers spent 6 seasons in the n.f.c. east and it showed today. he intercepted manning twice. this one in the fourth quarter
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deep in giants territory, manning completes 26 passes for 311 yards, but that hurt because kendall hunter goes around left end for a 17-yard score, 27-13, gunner had 140 yards in gore's absence. buddy lie and the giants make it interesting and the key miss comes down with the pass in double coverage, 36-yard touchdown, 27-20, the lead is cut in half. same core, 3 minutes, 33 seconds to go. manning to manningham. a first down, to get the ball to the 10-yard line, manning to throw, the pass batted away by justin smith, the 49ers win their seventh straight and improve to 8-1. it's no longer who can they beat, it's who can beat them. >> all week we talked about it, we've got 8 men and joe buck do doin' the game you know, first time in a long time, number 1
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fox crew, all that, national media here. so now as we continue to win we're getting on a bigger stage and that's exactly what we want. >> tim tebow, only completed two pace against the chiefs today, that is an amazing number for an nfl pro quarterback. but one of them was the perfect pass to eric dekker. 56-yard touchdown, denver wins on the road for just the second week in a row. they beat the chiefs 17-10. they are now 3-1 since he became the quarterback. the division is clearly up for grabs, san diego, kcs, denver, all a point back. stanford has lost two games in the last two seasons, both coming against oregon. the cardinal dropped to ninth in the bcs standings after the 53-30 loss to the ducks last night. andrew luck's heisman hopes also took a hit. he threw two interceptions. this was returned for a touchdown. stanford committed a season
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high 5 turnovers. on the other side the duck offense explodes, they ripped off three scoring plays from over 40 yards. beating >> i don't know, i think it was going to be a cake walk, i had no grand illusion for showing up and things falling four team because we show up on saturday. and you know, we gill got football left, for that i'm grateful. hopefully, you know, more games after the conference season is over. so-- but i -- i understand, there is still goats out there for us. >> but the pac-12 team still in the picture is oregon, they move township fourth in the bcs, the top three remain the same, lsu, oklahoma state, and alabama. the band wasn't on the field but they were at mains pa till von, stanford women taking on gonzaga, had no answer for neck a argument eye kay. looked fine after missing the season opener with a knee injury. she finishes on the other side of the lane, two of her 33
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points, also had 18 rebounds. they beat gonzaga. tony stewart led for 150 laps but had to pit for gas with 18 laps left. so kasey kahne in the number 4 car taking the checkered flag and snapping an 81-race winless streak. in the big picture. carl edwards leads tony stewart by 3 points heading into the final race next sunday at homestead. golf down under, final round australian open, towards started 6 strokes back, got to within one after the eagle on 13. he shot a 67 and finished third, his best finish of the year. greg chalmers won the ozzie open back in 1998. 13 years later he did it again. he shoots a 69 to finish at 13 under, one stroke ahead of john section done. coming up tonight on "gameday," the newest member of the hall of fame, roger craig, joins us in studio and of course all the reaction from candlestick park. roger craig came into the studio with his two sons. >> yes.
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>> and i hadn't seen those kids since they were this high. >> he is one proud dad. >> a proud man, yes. >> all right. look forward to that. we need to get breaking news in the central valley, chp officer shot in central valley and highway 99 is shut down in the area. initial reports indicate the officer may have been shot several times during a traffic stop. his condition is not known. on the cw at 11:00, that will do it for us, 6230 minutes is next. we'll see you right here on cbs5, good night. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,
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