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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 14, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PST

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evicted. authorities across the nation crack down on occupy wall street protesters. now a major battle is looming out west. speaking out. herman cain's wife breaks her silence on the sexual harassment allegations against her husband. >> i know that is not the person he is. he totally respects women. the night at the ball. justin timberlake keeps his promise to a very happy marine. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, november 14th, 2011. good morning, everybody. appreciate you joining us. good to see you this morning. i'm terrell brown. we begin with the occupy wall street protests.
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trouble brewing again in oakland this morning for the third time in three days. city officials have warned demonstrators they face immediate arrest if they don't move in front of city hall. oakland has been the seen of clashes between police and protesters. meanwhile, the anti-wall street protesters in portland, oregon, are considering their next move. more than 50 demonstrators were arrested yesterday after police forced them from their campgrounds. danielle notingham has more. >> reporter: police in riot gear pushed anti-wall street protesters out of their camp site in downtown portland, oregon. officers carried out demonstrators who refused to leave on their own. authorities starting tearing down tents and cleaning the area, while fences went up to block protesters from getting back in. >> if they want to take it over, they can have the tent, just don't take me! >> reporter: portland's mayor ordered police to shut down the site, saying conditions were unhealthy. protesters started clashing with police early sunday morning when officers first arrived to evict them. >> it was actually a fairly controlled movement and although it was noisy and
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confrontational, our officers performed in an exceptional manner. >> reporter: after a day-long standoff, demonstrators marched to a new location to regroup. >> there is a large group of people who are saying just take a breath, back off, let's reboot, let's do occupy portland 2.0. >> reporter: this weekend, similar confrontations happened around the country. in salt lake city, police arrested more than a dozen people who refused to leave a camp they had lived in for three weeks. in denver, riot police moved in on demonstrators illegally setting up tents at their protest site. and in albany, new york, officers handcuffed at least two dozen people who refused to bay a curfew at a state-owned park. occupy wall street protesters say they are a peaceful movement, demonstrating against corporate greed. danielle nottingham, cbs news. the obama administration
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reportedly will announce plans today to spend a billion dollars to expand the health care work force. "the washington post" grants will go to doctors and community groups and others who work with patients and federal health care programs like medicare. the president is in hawaii this morning. the asia pacific academic summit just wrapped up there. mr. obama defended his efforts to contain iran's nuclear program. he said economic sanctions have enormous bite. the president also said that china should, quote, play by the rules when it comes to currency valuation and other economic affairs. leaders from 21 countries attended that summit. to politics now. for the first time herman cain's wife is speaking out. about the sexual harassment allegations against her husband, gloria contain says she doesn't believe the charges. susan mcginnis is in washington this morning with details. good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. >> reporter: gloria cain who that now been mostly out of the spotlight so far in this campaign is talking and she is defending her husband. herman cain's wife says she doesn't believe the sexual harassment allegations that have been leveled against her husband. gloria cain and her family
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talked to fox news' breta van sustern. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman and i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> reporter: four women have accused the republican presidential candidate of sexual harassment while he was in charge of the national restaurant association. but gloria cain says her husband of 43 years would have to have a split personality to do the things that were said. despite the allegations against him, cain remains a front-runner for the republican nomination, and some of his comments during the last gop debate grabbed the attention of president obama. during the cbs news national journal debate, both cain and congresswoman michele bachmann said they would reinstate waterboarding as a interrogation technique.
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>> i would return to that policy. i don't see it as torture. >> reporter: president obama responded while at a trade summit in hawaii. >> let me just say this. they are wrong. waterboarding is torture. >> reporter: a new poll out today says cain is still leading among republicans, but in a head-to-head matchup with president obama, people surveyed favored the president. same goes for mitt romney. in a head-to-head matchup, that poll shows the president would win but in a generic contest against an unnamed republican, terrell, it would be a tie. >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning keeping an eye on things, good to see you. thanks. yesterday, nfl great franco harris defended his college coach. >> he did his job. people higher than him. if it went all the way to the president, that is stuff they should do, they should take care of. the attorney for one of the alleged victims says he is preparing a civil suit against the university.
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pennsylvania's governor said he wouldn't be surprised if more alleged victims come forward. armen keteyian reports. >> reporter: the pat attorney general, department of education and the school itself have all launched investigations into the child sex abuse scandal, focusing on penn state's response to allegations that former star defensive coach jerry sandusky repeatedly molested, raped, or abused at least eight young boys over a 15-year period, dating back to 1994. interim president rodney erickson. >> we will be completely open, transparent, cooperative in any investigation that is launched. >> reporter: under heightened security, more than a hundred thousand fans wore blue in a blue-out in support of all abuse victims. a pregame gathering on the field by both teams leading to a moment of silence that stilled an entire stadium. >> the whole thing was very
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emotional. the prayer, i thought that the idea of nebraska to get together midfield was a very special moment. >> reporter: gone, but certainly not forgotten, legendary head coach joe paterno. one of five university officials either fired or sidelined over issues relating to their handling of the scandal. after a heartbreaking loss, paterno's son jay, an assistant coach, broke down. >> dad, i wish you were here. we love you! >> reporter: armen keteyian, cbs news, state college, pennsylvania. three fresh crew members are on their way to the international space station. they blasted off this morning from kazakhstan. they are aboard a soyuz. daniel burbank and two russian colleagues will arrive at the station on wednesday. a russian mars probe stuck in earth orbit is slowly losing altitude. the unmanned spacecraft will likely fall back to earth within two weeks. experts aren't sure when or where. take a quick break.
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fewer pieces left behind. i go in peace. yes, you do my little alien. [ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? in health news this morning, a new report warns of a looming explosion in diabetes worldwide. international diabetes federation says by the year 2030, 1 in 10 adults could have one of the two forms of the disease. that would come to more than 520 million cases compared to about 366 million today. the report says people age 40 to 59 are most at risk. it blames high calorie diets and sedentary lifestyles. cbs "moneywatch" time now. ashley morrison has more in this morning's cbs news "moneywatch." >> reporter: asian markets finished higher today as europe moved closer to revolving its debt crisis. in italy this morning, incoming prime minister mario monti is
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putting together work on a new government to tackle the country's finance problems. silvio berlusconi submitted his resignation over the weekend. asian markets were encouraged by this news. japan's nikkei gained 1% and hong kong's hang seng was up almost 2%. on wall street this week, more on the housing markets. last week stocks finished higher after a big rally on friday. for the week, the dow gained almost 1.5%. the nasdaq edged down a fraction. just because banks are backing away from debit card fees, it doesn't mean they won't get their money. "the new york times" is reporting the industry is quietly putting new fees into place. there are new charges and higher fees for everything from cash withdrawals at atms to wire payments to higher charges for checking accounts. at the movies, greek gods conquered the competition.
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"immortals", the 3d action adventure took in $32 million to win at the box office and a stronger than expected debut weekend. adam sandler's drag comedy "jack and jill" opened in second place despite brutal reviews. last week's number one "puss 'n boots" slipped to third place. this photograph sold at an auction for a staggering $4.3 million. that is the most ever for a photo. the artist is famous and the photo is lovely, but many are wondering just what makes this one so special. i don't think i would have paid more than 4.2 million for it. >> not at all. ashley, not even a little bit. by the way, i thought that was your picture and what you charge when you take photos. >> oh, yeah. 4 cents and something. >> ashley morrison in new york, appreciate it. thank you so much. this is cool here. an invitation that made headlines around the world. this summer, justin timberlake got a youtube invitation to
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attend a marine corps ball. >> i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12th in washington, d.c. if you can't go, all i have to say is -- >> reporter: called him out! the 12th was saturday and timberlake kept his date with 23-year-old corporal kelsey desantis. he escorted her to the ball in richmond, virginia. timberlake said it was one of the most memorable evenings in his life. another marine invited mila kunis to another ball and hers is coming up on friday. coming up in sports this morning -- or we will have your weather later on. i love that ball story. it has me messed up in the head. in sports, the patriots and the jets got so physical, not even the refs can escape the madness. we will be right back. and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup
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prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows clouds rolling down the west coast and moving up from mexico toward the great lakes. light showers are moving into the ohio valley and the pacific northwest. later on today, montana and idaho with a couple of inches of snow. a cold front will push to the ohio valley bringing hail, wind, and a possible tornado. some thunderstorms are likely later today in south texas. in sports, a big day in the nfl. the new england patriots take control of the afc east and do
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it on the arm of tom brady who threw for 329 yards including three touchdowns. on the other side, new york jets quarterback mark sanchez had a tough night. intercepted twice and sacked five times. new england stopped the two-game skid. they dominated the jets 37-16. another hard-fought game in san francisco. in the fourth, kendall hunter made a nice 17-yard run to give the 49ers the lead over the new york giants. with the clock running, giants quarterback eli manning could have tied it but his pass there swatted down. the 49ers held on to win it 27-20. in atlanta in overtime, play call cost the falcons the game at fourth and inches, the falcons went for it from their own 30, but the new orleans saints stopped them cold and it led to john kasay's game winning field goal from the 26. the saints squeak by atlanta 26-23. in chicago, the bears devin hester did it again. detroit made the mistake of punting the ball to him in the second. he broke through the line and did a little sideline tight rope
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and took it 82 yards for the score. that extends hester's nfl record for punt return touchdowns to 12. the bears stump the lions 37-13. finally, a little sideline romance during the cowboys home game against the bills. in the second quarter, buffalo's david nelson makes a nice three-yard grab for the touchdown and then he runs to the other end of the field and gives a big hug and givers the ball to his girlfriend, cowboys cheerleader kelsi reich. i bet the other girls were jealous! that about the only good news from the bills, by the way. dallas smoked buffalo 44-7. that was the best part of the game! when we return, another look at this morning's top stories. and he went to libya to join the fight for freedom. but ended up in gadhafi's most notorious prison. his story is coming up next. the fiber supplement that's taste-free and dissolves completely. so you can put it in whatever you like, even water. benefiber. makes taking fiber easier.
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accused of faking tests on t projects. the questions it's raising about the safef the new span. herman cain's wife speaks ot for the first time. how she really feels about the sexul harrassment claims against r husband. plus.. the new health wa,,,, on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. the ohio valley will see gusty winds and small hail and a possible tornado. severe thunderstorms will range across southern texas. the southeast will have warm
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temperatures under partly cloudy skies. here is another look at this morning's top stories. more than 50 anti-wall street protesters were arrested in portland, oregon, after police evicted the demonstrators from two city parks. the city of oakland is preparing to soon kick out protesters there. herman cain's wife is breaking her silence about sexual harassment allegations made against her husband. gloria cain says her husband respects women and she doesn't believe the charges. an american who helped fight rebels in libya is back home this morning. matthew van dyke is a writer who left february to join the fight against moammar gadhafi. the problem here. he never told his mother or his girlfriend that he was going. our affiliate in washington, d.c. talked to this rebel with a cause. >> people say why did you do this? and i say why didn't you do it? >> reporter: matthew van dyke, happy to be home where he grew
4:21 am
up in south baltimore. but not for long. >> my girlfriend made me commit to three months. and when she said three months, i was thinking that's it. yes, no problem. i got off easy. this is the lock off my prison cell. >> reporter: van dyke was captured by gadhafi's forces a week after arriving in libya to fight with his rebel friends. >> when i went missing, my friend nori, who i had gone to fight with, he had these posters made that he put up. >> reporter: he spent five and a half months in solitary in gadhafi's notorious abu salim prison. >> i heard late at night, sounds of people being violently interrogated. i thought my might was coming so i trimmed down my fingernails and toenails with a piece of broken plastic spoon so they couldn't pull my nails out. >> reporter: his mom desperate to find him. most people were convinced that he was dead at some point. >> it never entered my mind. >> reporter: but when he got out. >> it was a prison break. >> reporter: he went right back to the front.
4:22 am
>> i came to this country willing to take people for freedom. yeah, it's something i struggle with, you know and i hope i don't have to -- maybe i just did. i don't know. >> reporter: van dyke was on the other side of sirte when rebels captured gadhafi. >> it was sad the way that -- s that the world had to see his death. he put people through hell for 42 years. >> reporter: with libya freed. >> i'm a hundred percent confident that it will be a democratic capitalist country. >> reporter: his mom and girlfriend reassured. >> better get a book written first so he has some money, but he'll do something else, i'm sure. >> reporter: van dyke is preparing to join the next rebellion, perhaps in syria. >> i'm very patriotic and i'm a citizen of this country primarily, but i'm also a citizen of the world. >> reporter: a world on the march, he thinks, towards freedom. >> pretty amazing story. this morning, on "the early show," doctors say kids should be screened for high cholesterol.
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i believe that number should be zero. believe in zero. fewer people are expected to fly this thanksgiving holiday than last year. according to the air transport association of america, about 23 million americans are expected to travel between friday, november 18th and the 29th. that's a % drop from 2010. meaning that 37,000 fewer people will be flying each day during the 12-day period. planes will still be packed because airlines are cutting back on flights. speaking of air travel, we want you to meet someone you probably heard many times at the airport. her voice floats over the crowd warning you to watch your bags or telling you not to park in the loading zone. here is lee cowan to put a face to that familiar voice. >> welcome back to new york kennedy international airport. >> reporter: in a way, she's a lot like your luggage.
4:26 am
>> welcome to charles dugall international airport. >> reporter: everywhere you go. >> there is uptown train. >> reporter: there she is. that gentle, but authoritative voice, echoing in the center of chaos. >> it's a soothing voice. >> she says it in such a nice way. >> reporter: that american midwestern accent hails from northern maine. >> thank you for your understanding. >> reporter: where that voice has a face. carolyn hopkins' face. >> while on the moving sidewalk, please stand to the right. >> reporter: at 63 years old, she e-mails those little greetings from her modest office. >> ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. >> reporter: and most, she says, she does with a smile. >> traveling can be such a bummer nowadays, that people need a friendly voice. >> reporter: she started almost by accident. she worked at innovative electronic designs, the company that sells paging and public address systems. they had a product. she had the secret ingredient. >> my father had a big, deep,
4:27 am
booming voice and i always kind of imitated him. it was a little strange for a girl, but that's all right. >> reporter: her voice has gone places she, herself, has never been. 200 airports all around the world. subway stops. train stations. she even does weather warnings. >> this is a tornado emergency. >> reporter: but she's not perfect. there are some things even the voice can't quite spit out. >> two words -- similarly and regularly. i just die when i see them in a piece of copy! >> reporter: so the next time you hear an announcement that isn't such good news. >> departure has been delayed due to. >> reporter: just remember, she's only the messenger and a jolly one at that. lee cowan, cbs news, los angeles. >> not the face i was expecting. coming up later on "the early show," members of congress
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can get rich while in office doing something the rest of you would go to jail for. the lay-away plans could cost you much more than using a credit card. we go along on justin timberlake's big date. all that and much more coming up later on this morning on "the early show." that will do it for the "cbs morning news" on this monday. appreciate your watching as always. i'm terrell brown. take care, everybody. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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