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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  November 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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police are preparing to movn on occupy campers. and cbs 5 bracing for the occupy eviction. these are live pictures overhead. right now, police are preparing to move in on the occupy campers. we have cbs 5 crews stand big. already a busy morning. good morning to you folks. it is monday, november 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 4:30 this morning. >> oakland police could make their move at any time now. >> they are expected to close the occupy camp and we have live chopper aerials that we are showing you. you can see how crowded it has gotten. police cars are standing by. you can see people have been milling around, most of the night, hundreds of protesters have gathered at the plaza. not a lost people getting sleep tonight. >> kristy siefkin is standing by at snow park. but we begin with anne makovec at the plaza where protesters
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have ignored repeated warnings to get out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there about 500 people as best as i can count on frank aga with wa plaza, blocking the intersection. a lot of folks wearing masks and some wearing goggles and some carrying shields and others waiting around and waiting to see what will happen. they have been crowded for several hours at 1th and broadway waiting for police after police were rumored to be showing up in the early morning hours. there is no sign of them. but a half hour ago, we saw that vehicle pull up here at 14th and franklin. and they are also staged all around the square right now. so the raid does appear to be imminent. and take a look at some of the pictures that we took a couple of hours ago. at the oakland coliseum. police officers were staging there early this morning. hundreds of them. from the oakland pd and
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surrounding departments as well. and they had white vans. and buses. standing by. lined up there as well. preembly to take them here to downtown oakland frank aga with wa plaza. the camp here has been here for more than a month. about 100 tents remain even after four written eviction notices from the city. a lot of the people are supporters of encampment. representatives from local unions as well. >> they are are representing what a lot of people have been feeling for the last 20 years, that it is harder and harder for a working person to get by in this country and the system doesn't really work for most people. >> we need money for schools, health care, and housing. not for wall street and the banks. and the corporations that are running america. >> and taking a live look again over the scene from chopper 5. it looks like the group that was
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here on 14th and broadway is now moving west. on 14th. towards clay street. that is all surrounding the encampment. so it is the goal obviously to protect the encampment. and that appears to be the strategy at this point. again, with we are continuing to follow the crowd and watch what happens. as police appear to be moving in on the encampment at frank aga wa plaza. >> and we could hear people screaming around you and not sure if they're excited or upset. and ha is the atmosphere like? i can imagine it is tense right now. >> reporter: the guy was saying occupy the media and a lot of people are against the media and they feel they haven't gotten their message out properly. and there are different demeanors and you heard from the union representatives and if things get crazy they're out of here and they just want to represent their point of view and there are people who are here in full riot gear and some
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people wearing body armor and helmets, and masks, as well. and so they seem to be are ready for who knows what. there does seem to be different feelings if you ask different people but i would say there is certainly anticipation. very heavy in the air right now. >> unlike the last time, ann, two or three weeks back when they raided the camp, a lot of people were asleep and it was a bit of surprise attack. but this seems to be, mayor quan laying it out, giving the notices saying leave and did they sleep last night? they were up singing and chanting, almost anticipating or waiting for these guys to arrive. >> reporter: the rumors that police were going to move in, started coming late yesterday. and they really made their with way around the twitter-verse. and what not. so people didn't know what to expect. and they were even called, people from other occupy camps to come here and support them. i don't think a lot of people got a lot of sleep here last night. >> ann, we will check back in
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with you but we are hearing that police and fire trucks are leaving the coliseum. that is where they had been staging. so we will check on that as well. and in the meantime, dozens of protesters in oakland have been camping out in other parks near frank ogawa plaza. signs right now that some are are leaving. kristy siefkin is at snow park, one of the places where camping is officially prohibited. good morning, what is the latest there? >> reporter: good morning, grace and frank. a little quieter scene here at snow park but that's in part because people are packing up and leaving, when we arrived an hour ago, some campers were closing down tens and loading up backpacks because they received word that those police officers were getting ready at the coliseum, as many as 500, through a stream of text communications is what they had gotten and one man said that he like many campers are homeless and can't afford to have his few belongings taken away during the raid and packing up those belongings and just probably about 10 minutes ago, we saw two
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cyclists who had come over from frank agawa plaza and cycling and yelling head over to the plaza and recruiting more individuals to head over to the main encampment and show their solidarity for the raid that is going to happen there or that is going to happen. there and there was a notice issued by the city yesterday, telling campers at any park that they're not allowed to stay here and snow parks was named within the notice. the campers have been cold, -- told, if you do not leave, your tents and belongings will be taken and you will be arrested. only a dozen tents left here. we still see some tents that have people sleeping inside and some people deciding not to leave, and the kitchen has not been torn down yet and perhaps people are waiting to see what happens at the main park yet. one gentleman who we spoke to a little bit earlier said that he certainly is in solidarity with with what is going on at the main plaza. here is what he had to say.
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>> i've been in contact with with them. and they suspect something is about to happen. we have scouts out there. we know what is happening. there ain't nobody in place. because i believe in a cause. >> the lines of communications are open this morning as people are talking between each other between the many encampment and the snow park encampment. and police raided the main plaza first the last time and then headed to snow park. and those people staying are perhaps waiting to see what happens at the main plaza first. >> tell our viewers again how far is snow park from the main encampment. and if you had to do a head count, how many people are there, be it asleep? do you have any idea, at snow park? >> from the distance between the two parks, it is not far. we're talking maybe a half mile to a mile. not very far at all. and with we have actually some
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campers between the two places and there was a gentleman walking past who i recognized from the encampment at frank agawa. and it looks like some are coming here as well. and as far as head count, be between 10 to 20 people probably and many have left during the overnight hours as they got the message about the police getting together as early as yesterday. >> thanks, we will check back in with you as with well and you of course are seeing the live chopper pictures. we do know once again that fire and police seem to be leaving the staging area from the coliseum, heading to downtown oakland at this time. >> it would seem the raid is imminent. perhaps in the next half hour. and traffic will be a bit of a mess especially over in the oakland area. let's check in with elizabeth and find out what is going on. >> no surprise. our best recommendation for sure is to avoid downtown oakland for at least the start of the morning commute. as you mentioned there are street closures in that area. it seems like people have mostly left frank aga with wa plaza.
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and the chopper 5 pictures, they're milling about in the streets. broadway is shut down for several blocks between 11th and 15th and also shut down 14th between clay and franklin because it seems like people are walking toward the 14th and clay intersection. mass transit, we're dealing with bart delays this morning. in fact they went ahead and as a precaution shut down that 12th street station. in oakland. right there by the city center. so you can use 16th but, or 19th rather, but again, that's just to avoid the area. expect delays on bart if you are heading no san francisco. as well. transit delays, likely detours and reroutes in that stretch. and show you 880 in oakland. freeway traffic looks like it gets by okay. and from the coliseum, out toward downtown. we will have much more traffic coming up. in the meantime, back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. the man shot and killed near the occupy oakland encampment last week has been identified as
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25-year-old coyote foster. police say foster was involved in a dispute while staying at the camp and attack and beatens before he was shot. and police are searching for two men. witnesses say one of the suspects was a frequent resident at the camp. police are offering a reward for any information. and the former u.s. marine who was injured during the occupy oakland protest last month is out of the hospital. 24-year-old scott olsen said online that he is feeling a lot better and friends say olsen can read and write but still having trouble talking. oakland police are investigating the head injury that was reportedly caused by a tier gas canister. uc berkeley police chief is interviewing witnesses, reviewing the video and looking for cases of unnecessary force during occupy cal protests and youtube video shows dozens of officers in riot gear ramming protesters with batons during last week's demonstration. an associate vice chancellor says the authorities will work very hard not to repeat the
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violence at a student walkout which is planned tomorrow. and a chp officer is recovering from surgery after being shot during a traffic stot near sacramento at highway 99 at elk grove boulevard. it was closed until early this morning for the investigation. the chp says the officer was shot around 5:30 yesterday evening as he approached a car that he had pulled over. he with was able to call for backup. elk grove police responded. they chased and fatally shot that suspect along highway 99. the suspect died at the scene. the wounded officer was shot in the wrist and the hip but he is expected to survive. we had a wet saturday. we had a nice sunny sunday. and monday looks more like sunday. than saturday. >> good way to start the week. >> right, lawrence? >> oh, my goodness, i have to desaver -- decipher that whole thing. i started getting confused myself. >> a pretty nice day around the bay area. a lot of sunshine coming our way. partly cloudy skies. if you're stepping outside right now, watch out for that, and some of the fog is a bit thick
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in some of the valleys but heading toward the afternoon, sunshine and comfortable weather and right now looking at 49 degrees in san jose and 45 in santa rosa. and 52 in concord and 53 are degrees and partly cloudy into oakland. and the temperatures by the afternoon, should be running up into the mid-60s in some spots as we see more sunshine there. and up toward the coast loin, 50s and at the beaches, a little cool at the coast and not bad at all. the next few days looking very nice as we stay dry it looks like through wednesday and probably the better part of thursday, too. although as we head in toward thursday, we will notice some clouds gathering. overnight on thursday night, it looks like the storm door could open back up. a chance of showers returns to the bay area late thursday night and into friday and maybe next weekend, too, guys. that's the latest from here, back to you. >> 4:42. the occupy protesters are on alert. >> we have live pictures. you're watching frank agawa plaza as police prepare to clear out the campers. we will have the latest on that imminent eviction. coming up. plus the bay bridge
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inspector fired for faking safety reports on other state jobs. why one man's work is raising questions about the new span. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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encampment at any time. in e last hour, police have set p barricades n occupy oakland police protesters are expecting police to descend on their encampment at any time and police and fire have left their staging area at the coliseum and headed this way. last hour, police have set up barricades at the camp at the plaza and police warned the protesters several times over the weekend that they were not allowed to camp there. they have been given fair warning. and there could be arrests if they stay. and the city offered protesters the opportunity to go to homeless shelters for the night. the raid is imminent. we have three reporters in the
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area. and we will continue to follow the breaking news and as soon as anything happens, we will certainly bring it to you live. meanwhile questions over the safety of the new bay bridge project. an anonymous whistle blower told caltrans that the man assigned to perform key inspections has falsified reports on other projects and caltrans has fired him. duane wireless had tested the foundation pilings for the new span and cal trans is checking his work going back some seven years. >> we went back and double checked everything he had worked on back to 2004. with because there was an insinuation that there was falsification on the bay bridge. >> they discovered that he failed to testify the testing gauge he used was operating properly before testing the bay bridge tower foundation but caltrans engineers say they are confident the foundation pilings are safe because multiple tests are performed by several different people. bart board members are putting off asking voters to put off a partial tax because of a
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weak support. and bart had been considering the ballot measure as soon as next noveer to pay for the replacement of a number of their aging cars but now it won't happen until 2013 at the earliest. board members say the ballot next year will be too crowded with other bond measures. and the partial tax would need two-thirds approval. this week, the next bay area city to abandon the police department. >> the city will decide whether to contract out police services to the san mateo county sheriff's de department. >> and they could save $2 about 5 million a year by letting the sheriff's office patrol the city. police moving in on occupy oakland. stay with us for continuing coverage of that eviction process. and i know that's not the person. >> we've heard from the accuser and now herman cain's wife breaks her silence about the sexual harassment allegations
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against her husband. it made him more than pack on the pounds. ow a couple of sodas a day could be putting women at risk. when grace and i come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from oakland this morn we have breaking news, going live back to oakland where people are milling alive and they are awake and with we are are expecting oakland police to be moving in on frank agawa plaza at any moment now and you can see multiple crews are on the scene. we will be checking in all morning long in oakland. and in the meantime, in other news, herman cain's wife says that the sexual harassment accusations against her husband, quote, don't ring true. gloria cain told fox news gretta van susteren her husband would have to have a split personality to do the things he has been accused of. >> to hear these allegations, and to know that would be
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something that is totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and i know that is not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> at least three women claim cain harassed them when he was the head of a national restaurant association back in the 1990s. a new trade deal is in the works for north american and asian countries. the ground work was laid in honolulu at the annual apac summit of 21 countries and president obama says the u.s. will not be able to put people back to work and expand the opportunity unless the asia-pacific region is also successful. the summit ended yesterday. the man chosen to be the prime minister of italy starts talks today, to create a new government. mario monty plans to tap nonpolitical experts who will have the difficult task of overhauling an ailing and aging economy. he nicknamed the name super mario because of the success of jack welch and bill gates.
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and a 6.3 magnitude earthquake off indonesia's coast. and the depth and magnitude did not cause size able waves. 230,000 people years ago when the earthquake triggered a massive tsunami in that area. 45. let's get you out the door -- 4:52. let's get out you out the door with traffic and with weather. >> a good first part of the week. a lot of sunshine. cool temperatures and a little fog out there this morning. watch out for that. a little thick in some of the valleys. early on, we should be talking mostly sunny skies and really it looks like a very comfortable day in most spots inland. well in the 60s in many parts of the interior valleys. mid-60s inside the bay. out to the coastline, a mixture of sunshine and a few patches of fog and temperatures mainly in the 50s. it looks like we begin to clear things out and more of a northerly pattern with the clouds and that means we will try to clear out the clouds as the high pressure stays in
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control for not only today but the next few days and likely build. in and that means nice sunshine with seasonal weather for the next few and things begin to change in the latter part of the week and storm clouds look to make a return. and temperatures look like 65 degrees in san jose. sunshine there. 64 redwood city. and 63 in hayward. not bad in the east bay. numbers up in the 60s there. plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. and as you approach the coastline, maybe a couple of patches of fog in daly city. 63 mill valley and 67 in santa rosa. the next couple of days, lots of sunshine in the afternoon. and warmer temperatures through tomorrow. and then look for my late in the day, probably thursday night into friday chance of rain return to the bay area and likely to say unsettled into the weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check out your traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you. let's go out to downtown oakland where we're expecting to find delays, street closures and just waking up with us, a police raid is imminent this morning, and there by the occupy oakland encampment near frank agaw plaza. police have shut down about a
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six-block stretch of broadway. broadway is shut down between 11th and 17th. that's actually a bigger stretch than a little while ago. we have also shut down 14th near delay and franklin. so the freeway traffic actually gets by okay this morning. past the coliseum. all the way out toward downtown oakland. and mass transit, as far as bart goes, expect delays, they have shut down the 12th street station, and near oakland city center. and basically as a precaution right now. and there are about 500 people, according to our reporters estimates out on the scene, right there by 12th street, near 14th and broadway. you can use the 19th street station , that is acceptable but expect delays for all lines heading into san francisco. live team coverage covering this morning as we continue to bring you yip dates throughout the morning -- updates throughout the morning. live at the bay bridge toll plaza, wind advisory. be extra careful as you cross the upper deck heading into san francisco.
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all of the approaches look okay but a downed tree and it is blocking a lane of westbound 24 near the central lafayette access. so they may have to send crews out there to remove it and that sounds like what they're doing now and no major slowing on the sensors but something to watch out for. remember kcbs with the latest traffic and weather and news information once you hit the road at 106.9 f.m. traffic and weather. back to you. >> and 4:55. and health experts are predicting because of demographic changes one in every 10 adults worldwide could have diabetes within the next 20 years. and the world health organization says that there are currently 346 million people with diabetes around the globe. that number is expected to hit 522 million by 2030. and diabetes-related deaths are expected to double over the next two decades. and women who frequently drink sugary beverages may be more vulnerable to are developing diabetes. in the new study researchers, women who drink two or more sugar sweetened drinks a day are
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almost four times more likely to develop high tryglycerides. that increases the risk for the heart disease and the type two diabetes. you will need to win a lottery to go to the burning man next summer. the concert in the nevada desert, they had a record crowd of about 54,000 people this year. it is the first time in the 26-year history that the event was sold out. so for next year, organizers will sell tickets under a lottery system instead of first come first serve. it is 4:56. we are following oakland. we have team coverage coming up of that eviction. also ahead -- >> it looks like we are minutes away from police enforcing those eviction notices. they have been handing out at frank agawa plaza. we have a crowd at 15th and broadway. with the latest live coming up. protesters at snow park bracing for a raid. many packing up and heading over to frank aga wa to join the
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others in solidarity. a live report coming up. and allegations of falsified reports and an inspector fired, why one man's work is raising big safety questions about the new bay bridge span, all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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campers. the showdown at bracing for eviction. police close in on the occupy campers in oakland. the showdown at frank agawa plaza imminent. good morning, everybody. it is monday, november 14. a very busy monday indeed. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 4:59 at this hour. >> oakland police could make their move at any time. they're expected to shut down the occupy camp. >> that's right. we have live chopper pictures to show you. and protesters are lining up, early estimates are there are 500 protesters milling about the downtown oakland area and we know that police are staging nearby. we understand they are heading to this area. after giving them multiple warnings that they will be moving in this morning. and kristy siefkin is stabbing by at snow park where it a


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