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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 15, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: so you did pretty good. geoff: oh, thank you. craig: no, you were good. i think you came on a bit strong early on to me. i think that was just show business. you were just kind of flirting. geoff: no, i'm in love with you. craig: look, it would never work. i'm a man. you're an appliance. well, it might actually work. [laughter]
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i don't think so. i'm married. geoff: i don't care. craig: it is not really all about you, though. i -- i have people in my life that would care very much if they caught me cavorting with an electrical -- this might work. geoff: thank you. i think you're pretty too. [laughter] craig: thank you. and thank you patient viewers. good night, everybody. state farm. this is jessica.
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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>> announcer: you're watching "cbs5 eyewitness news" in high definition. we cannot wait to see them playing, walking, and running, and mixing with other children. >> a pair of twins separated weeks ago, now they are coming home. what mom noticed about her suddenly independent twin girls. after this morning's radon the occupy camp the people of oakland have a new nickname for mayor quan. and this berkeley grad helped two couples conceive. >> interview: they said they thought i was crazy. >> pretty, smart, and willing to donate her eggsgs
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whwhyoung women likekeher e e in such ghghemand. ththsmall rtune theyeycaca mama. . good eveningngi'i'k babaidid >> i'm dana king. when the girls started fighting with each other that's when doctors new they were going to be just fine. >> just a few weeks after they were surgically separated the 2- year-old twins are getting ready to head back home to san jose. kit dough shows us mom is already noticing one big change in what they want. >> reporter: with their public debut angelina on the left and an gel caon the left were carried out by their aunt. gina deis a book oh remembers the moment they awoke from surgery. i knew. >> reporter: the doctors cut apart their diaphragm and mostly liver. but the girls are healing faster than expected, eating, sleeping, playing just fine.
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lead surgeon gary hartman saw them doing what 2-year-olds do. fight over a toy. >> interview: it's going to be stressful like any family that had twins would be experiencing. but that's a good experience. >> reporter: ever since they have born they have slept and even walked sideways. now that they are separated they must relearn everything and what's more, they were shy when they were conjoined but their distinct personalities are coming through. angelina is shy and an gelica is aggressive. >> interview: we cannot wait to see them walking, running, playing with other children again. >> reporter: finally, after two years of being joined at the for some their mother says they do not actually like being together. the girls are sleeping right now and staffers say they actually prefer sleeping on their sides much like they have been all of their lives.
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and even though they are enjoying their newfound alone time once they get home they'll have course be sleeping in the seam bed. in palo alto, kit dough, cbs5. a pioneering bay area stem cell research company is getting out of the business. geron cited financial problems and says that it will lay off more than 60 employees. the menlo park company says it will focus instead on cancer research. this is an la hospital reports a breakthrough stem cell treatments. stem cell treatments can repair the heart after a heart attack. doctors deposited the stem cells grown in a lab into areas of the damaged heart. all 17 of the patients in the test had their heart attack scars reduced. on average, almost 50%. >> interview: people have been talking about stem cells than their reagain ratliff potential for a long time but most of it has really been wishful thinking. this is where the rubber
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actually hits the road. >> the doctors say this patients' heart looks almost normal again. tonight the occupiers are out of the plaza but that dose not appear to be helping mayor saskatchewan regain the respect of her city. not only does a new news 5 poll find fewer people happy with the job she is giving but the people in the streets have given her a nickname. robert? >> reporter: that's right dana. here is the deal. when it comes to occupy oakland and oakland's mayor, one thing is certain. there is no certainty. a raid this morning and protestors were back tonight. now as i step out of the way you see that a line of oakland police officers are keeping the tents out of the plaza but they have been repitched just a half mile way at snow park, apparently at city approval. that is why some are no longer calling her mayor quan, but
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instead, flipper. from the sky and on the ground occupy oakland appeared under siege. especially as an estimated 2,000 protestors rallied outside the public library. >> interview: i was arrested with a small group. >> reporter: in fact, our cbs5 group found 45% polled support the occupy oakland protest. but 41% now express disapproval of the protest that snarled the evening commute. >> interview: we've got bailed out marching down 14th street toward their bait will field. does that mean you you support leok buying the plaza. >> interview: i definitely support leok buying the plaza. >> reporter: it was deemed a crime scene and hundreds of officers raided it before dawn. they have now declared camping illegal here and that was the shot heard round the bay area.
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>> interview: traders $10. >> reporter: bill hunter came from petaluma hoping teargas would fly. >> interview: this is an attempt to help through capitalism. >> reporter: it only helps if there was flying asbestos, he sold undertake b ought recall petition. >> interview: they call her flipper on the streets. she's got a new name because she flip-flops back and forth. >> reporter: our exclusive poll now finds a whopping 82% of oakland voters disapprove of how mayor saskatchewan has handled protestors and 78% approve of how the mayor is running the city. that's a 7% jump since our last poll. do you also support kent tents returning to the plaza. >> interview: i definitely supports tense returning to the plaza. >> reporter: instead, they faced police who have turned more silent sentinels than storm troopers. now, despite the mayor's, or i should say in spite of the mayor's increasing disapproval
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rating, key staff members are also jumping ship, namely the deputy mayor and the mayor's chief legal advisor, dan segal. in fact, he points out this mornings' raid is the reason for his resignation today. as for the mayor, she is saying that she is actively reorganizing her administration. now that could mean that she is cleaning house or other staff members stand ready to also bail. reporting live from franco gal oh plaza, robert liles. cbs5. uc regents canceled their meeting in san francisco after what police called credible threats. police say anarchists were planning to attach themselves to peaceful protests and take violent actions t meeting has not been rescheduled. now while the camp at franco gala plaza is gone occupy oakland is growing by leaps and bounds, it's getting so busy that businesses along market street had to set up barriers.
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he says he does not support camping but wants to negotiate a peaceful solution. another oops moment in the presidential race. this time from herman cain. elizabeth cane on the question he had trouble answering and how his wife is now standing up for him publicly. >> interview: okay, libya. president obama. supported the uprising, correct? >> reporter: kahne was sitting down for an interview with the milwaukee sentinel editorial board. he said he would have done a better job than president obama handling the situation but had trouble getting out his answer. >> interview: i do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reasons. no, that's a different one. >> reporter: his poll numbers have already taken a dip as he fights back against sexual harassment allegations. monday a former boyfriend of accuser susan bialek spoke at a
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news conference with gloria allred. jim zuker man confided in him about an alleged unwanted sexual advance from cain in the late 1990s. >> interview: she said that something had happened and that mr. cain had touched her in an inappropriate manner. >> reporter: cain's wife gloria granted a rare interview to fox news channel to help defend her husband. >> interview: i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> reporter: cain has denied all sexual harassment allegations the candidates are now shifting more of their focus to iowa. the next debate will happen there and the can caw kiss are set for january 3rd. dana? >> interview: all right have the thanks elizabeth. thanksgiving is next week and maybe that's why these guys are so feisty. >> interview: you're gonna need one. >> reporter: wild turkeys attack motorcyclists outside an
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office complex. it happens to dan braun about once a week. >> interview: they'll circle me and get closer and closer on each revolution and then they'll start hitting me with their wings and jumping up in the air and trying to bat me with the wings on me. >> reporter: the turkeys have been known to stalk motorcycle police officers when they are giving tickets. wild turkeys are common this time of year in many parts of the bay area. and another bay area headline. the f.b.i. is questioning people santa clara university after a cyber intruder changed grades belonging to current and former students. the unauthorized access happened between june of 2010 and july of this year. police are looking for a man who offered to give a -- 17-year-old girl a ride near the los gatos trail. when she refused he tried to jump out and kidnap her. parts of the car were painted blue and black. the girl used her martial arts training to break free.
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that goes to show you the value of self defense. one bay area gym is teaching that and a whole lot more. juliette goodrich shows us trainers are grooming a small army of world-class karate kids, including one boy who is headed for the world championships. >> reporter: meet bobby sceron io iii. world champion. he is winning world titles at a record pace, he is 13 years old. >> interview: i practice every day. >> reporter: so does his younger sister malia. don't mess with her, she is also a champion. >> interview: people say malia is like a nice girl but when i go in and i perform they call me bubba. >> reporter: maleah and bobby have been fortunate enough to be trained by their father. >> interview: they started off in the garage. >> reporter: but, now, they have moved from a garage to a
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small studio in valet oh, called cero night o's martial arts, he is breeding other champions as well like 12-year- old kyle george. he just won the state grand champion title and is looking ahead to world championships in sacramento next month. >> interview: i love to fight and it's fun. >> reporter: his main message? >> interview: quitting is not an option, whether in martial arts or in life. >> reporter: it's paying off, not just for his offspring, maleah and bobby, but for his other students as well. >> interview: everyone thought i had one bobby out there and i brought out the whole national team. >> reporter: and let's not forget about this trio. they are also headed to the world championship next month. so call it something in the water or just true dedication, one thing is for sure, this studio in vallejo is turning best karate kids. in vallejo, juliette goodrich, cbs5. talk about fully loaded, why this bay area minivan is
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worth a half million dollars. the new york times reports that ictims have come this berkeley grad helped two couples conceive. >> interview: eh i just sold some of my genes. >> reporter: why ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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victims have come forward, saying former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky molested them. the new york times reports that several more victims have come forward saying that former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky molested them and tonight for the first
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time we're hearing from sandusky. this is a phone interview that aired on nbc. >> reporter: mr. sandusky, there is a 40-count indictment, the grand jury report contains specific detail are, there are multiple accusers, multiple eyewitnesses to aspects of the abuse. a reasonable person says where there's this much smoke there must be plenty of fireplace. what do you say? >> interview: i say that i'm innocent of those charges. >> reporter: innocent, completely innocent and falsely accused in every aspect? >> interview: well, i could say that, you know, i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids, i -- i have shourd after workouts, i have hugged them and i have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact. >> and sandusky was charged last week with 40 counts of
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sexually abusing 8 boys. a san josi man got a little more than he bargained for when he got a used minivan. you could say it was fully loaded. charles preston bought the 2008 chris here town and country from a santa clara sales lot. the only problem with the van was that the window was stuck and when the mechanic tried to fix it they found out why. there was a huge load of cocaine stashed in the door. preston says that they didn't know what it was at first so they cut one of the packages open. >> interview: he stuck his finger in it, put it on his tongue and said his tongue was number, i went number, we both stared at each other for a long time, and it's like "we have to call the police. >> police found a total of 19 kilos stashed in the doors and body panels. it's worth a half a million bucks. investigators say it used to be a rental in texas and smugglers had obviously used it. well couples who can't have
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kids on their own often turn to fertility treatments, in many cases, egg donors. but turns out asian couples, in particular, are shelling out big bucks these days to find out what they think is a perfect egg. linda yee shows us why it's so hard to find. linda. >> reporter: it's an amazing story. couples have been spending tens of thousands of dollars just for the perfect asian egg. we meet one young woman who many couples believe is pretty close to perfect she is barely 21 and lynn honk is in demand. >> interview: they said they thought that i was pretty and i was tall and i was a berkeley graduate. >> reporter: she has got a 3.6 grade point average and she is young and asian. the ethnicity in demand. wong is an egg donor. two couples are expecting babies right now because of her. her parents don't know she dose
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that. partly because it's taboo. >> interview: you're giving up a part of yourself to create a child, i think the whole, the biological parental aspect of it would be very upsetting. to most asian parents. >> reporter: which makes asian egg donors rare. but having that perfect baby is every infertile parent's dream. a dream that spawned an expensive industry. hundreds of egg donor databases are offered on the internet. the demand for special ethnicities widely advertised. >> reporter: so you're kind of a commodity. >> interview: designer jeans i call it. >> reporter: designer jeans that can command unbelievable fee, when the fertile grounds include such schools such as stanford university. this ad is currently running, a couple looking for just the right asian eggs. >> interview: they are willing to pay 20,000 for a donor with characteristics that they are looking for.
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>> reporter: any takers? >> interview: no. >> reporter: attorney and "nurse jackie" gordon bought that ad for her clients. >> interview: have you posted the ad. >> reporter: she has a reputation for getting hard to find egg donors. gordon says she discourages premium fees because no one could be perfect. but sometimes desperation has a price. >> reporter: so the price range could go from what to what? >> interview: i had one intended parent who was asking me to place an ad and offer 40,000. which we did. and, again, we've got no takers. >> reporter: and, yet, some services have offered as much as $100,000 for the perfect egg. >> interview: so what we have is the beginnings of the specter of you againix. >> reporter: the making of a super race. stanford university etix professor david magnus. and, he says, a slippery slope. >> interview: what we have is an actual egg market, an egg- selling, not egg donation. >> reporter: he says there
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should be strict laws. >> interview: there's actually more regulation for the training of circus animals than there is for reproductive technology in the united states. >> interview: there are standards that are set by the american society of reproductive medicine. >> reporter: fertility doctors say voluntary guidelines are enough. the standard fee for donor services ranges from 7500 to $10,000 a cycle. >> interview: this is really not to pay someone for their eggs or to pay someone for a special attribute, this is really to compensate them for their time and effort. >> reporter: which includes a grueling series of shots, doctor's visits, and egg extraction surgery. but that's standard, and has resulted in a price fixing lawsuit in california. jackie gordon isn't part of that suit but she believes there shouldn't be hints to how much donors be compensated, just like doctors. >> interview: there is no restrictions on how much they can bring in, but then there is this, you know, emphasis on the donor. well she should only be making this much.
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>> interview: we try to do it to protect women from being induced to do something they might not otherwise do and what happens is we're being accused of price fixing. >> reporter: lynn honk is satisfied with the $15,000 she made for two donations, they helped pay for her college expenses and another cycle will fund post graduate art courses. besides, she did this to help two couples who couldn't have children on their own. >> interview: i don't really plan on having children of my own so -- but eh, i just saw some of my jeans, i've fulfilled my evolutionary quota. >> reporter: other countries like britain, canada, australia, do not allow payment for donor eggs so many couples come to the united states to find one. they also include ones from blonde, blue-eyed, smart women, preferably from ivy league schools. >> interview: it's interesting because these prospective parents are picking egg donors
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based on physical attributes. >> reporter: yes. >> intelligence is not hereditary. you can't breathe stanford into a kid. >> reporter: that's why you are going to be disappointed if ,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by denies. welcome back to "eyewitness news." we're just minutes away from calling this day done. in which we lad highs today from 59 in half moon bay to 68 degrees in santa rosa. i'm over playing the phones a tad there, but we'll have some patchy fog in our inland areas. dipping between 45 and 50, the winds are calm, becoming partly sunny on your tuesday, temperatures pretty seasonal. 63 to 67 degrees, northwest winds at 20 during the afternoon hours. i'm gonna go ahead and lead with our daytime highs expected tomorrow because that's the story. 68degrees in santa clara, true mountain view to the south, morgan hill and gilroy, going to go east of the bay, that's where we have some of the warmest numbers. flirting with 73 degrees,
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brentwood, discovery bay 68 in pleasanton, 69 degrees in santa rosa, 6 degrees above normal. now the story behind that mild conditions happens to be that there, that area of high pressure diverting the storm track to the north but that will change by the end of the week. we'll get to that. but with the drier air mass in place we do have the pollen count. blame it on the elm and the sagebrush, grasses coming in to play as well. a string of sunshiny days before we cloud up on thursday. that will lead to light rain showers likely on friday butch cooler air masses through the year. but again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today the players union rejected the owners latest offer, putting the entire seaso how do you split $4 billion? the nba and the players can't seem to figure it out. today the players union rejected the owners latest offer putting the entire season in jeopardy. >> interview: we're doing everything anyone can expect of us when you look at the number of give-backs and concessions. the players felt they had given enough. >> interview: but they seem hell bent on self destruction and i think it's very sad and we're about to go into the nuclear winter of the nba. >> in the nfl, tim harbaugh said the term "game manager" is a swipe at quarterback alex smith, implying that his job is just to avoid mistakes. but smith came up big against the new york giants yesterday and then delivered this postgame gem.
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>> interview: feels good to be 8-1. managed myself into a victory, that's all i really care about, so -- [ chanting ] >> reporter: i don't know. he better make that somebody. aaron rodgers and the packers are the only team with a better record than the 49ers. the vikings were no match for rogers who, hit jordy nelson for the touchdown. four touchdowns in the game for rogers tonight. green bay improves to 9-0, 45-7 was the final. and the big game kicks off saturday with stanford opening up as a three-touchdown favorite over cal. andrew luck probably knows more about the bears defense than he does the city in which they play. >> interview: i was there on a recruiting visit and for the games and maybe another athletic endeavor, that's about it. >> reporter: really? >> interview: yeah. >> reporter: you never had any like curiosity to go there? >> interview: you know, it's


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