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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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it's starting to get busy and where it could slow you down. >> thank you, elizabeth. good morning. tuesday, november 15. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6 a.m. we begin with "occupy oakland" activists. they are regrouping and moving to a different park. kristy seifkin reports from snow park, where more tents popped up since they move out of downtown oakland. >> reporter: good morning. those tents are down in frank ogawa plaza but plenty of them at snow park after a notice came on sunday saying it's illegal for any tents to be pitched in any park. snow park was one of those specifically named in the notice. despite that fact, the police have yet to raid this particular park. now, yesterday evening, many of the protestors gathered at a library in downtown oakland to discuss a few options for where they are going to move to. of course, snow park one of those options. another is to move into some of the vacant buildings in downtown oakland and then a third option would be to move back into frank ogawa plaza.
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now, clearly, if campers choose this option it would be in direct violation of the terms that chief jordan laid down yesterday. but his message about where campers can simply be in the park is a little bit fuzzier. the city had originally said that protestors could only demonstrate during the park hours. but now there's a question about whether that grassy area in the plaza is even considered a park. >> until there's clarity about the grassy area, we're treating the entire area as a public space. and there is no time limit to when you can be in the public place. >> now, campers are obviously concerned about where they are going to stay. >> reporter: another concern in the community is the cost of this whole movement. the city released some new figures yesterday saying that costs up until this point in time were about $2.4 million. that's sense that first tent was pitched on october 10. and this includes a little bit over $1 million in police costs alone. yesterday when i was in a press
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conference, i learned that 13 law enforcement agencies that were called in yesterday to help with the raid, that's going to cost the city a half million dollars. and that doesn't even cover the cogs of oakland's own officers. and the cost of clean-up is estimated at $16,000 a day. it's still dark to tell how many tents are here at snow park but the question isn't if the camp will be raided. chief jordan says the question is when. >> kristy, isn't it also the question protestors may be in snow park right now but originally there were like 150 tents at frank ogawa plaza? are they still planning to pitch their tents today or tomorrow but somewhere down the line? >> reporter: that's a consideration. in the press conference, yesterday, jordan says that you can stay in the park 24 hours a day, no different than standing on the street corner in the middle of the night. but clearly, people aren't going to be able to stay there for extended periods of time especially as we see some of
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the wet and cold weather unless they have tents, unless they have sleeping bags. so we'll have to wait and see if they actually set up the tents and once again how the city will react. >> but they say no camping in the park. doesn't make sense. >> reporter: yeah. it's very confusing. certainly. >> i guess so. thank you, kristy seifkin live over in oakland. thanks. oakland mayor jean quan has a new nickname among the protestors. they are calling her "flipper" for flipping her position on the "occupy" protest camps. our exclusive cbs 5 poll finds 82% of oakland voters disapprove of how mayor quan has handled the protestors. 12% approve. and 6% say they are not sure. adding to mayor quan's troubles, the resignations of two of her top aides. legal advisor dan siegel says he resigned to protest quan's decision to raid the "occupy oakland" encampment. quan says deputy mayor sharon cornu has also resigned effective immediately although the reason was not disclosed. civil rights groups are suing the city of oakland to
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try to prevent police from suppressing protestors with violence. the aclu and the national lawyers guild are seeking an emergency restraining order against the police department. they want to stop the use of tear gas and our crowd control weapons. the lead plaintiff was hurt while shooting video of a recent skirmish. a dack of action with the uc-berkeley students with rally and marches. several students are suing the school for what they call excessive use of force by the campus police last week. they also want the chancellor to resign. anser hassan is in berkeley with a student activist and joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the rally is planned later on and there is already a strong police presence within one block of sproul hall. some students are already out here this morning including joe, an undergraduate at uc- berkeley. joe, come on in here. you're here early. why don't by start by talking about last week's event. there was confrontation between
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police and students. you were there. what did you see? >> yeah. so first of all, i would say confrontation sort of implies equal and opposing forces meeting each other. i would say it was more of a violent crackdown with excess of force from police. i was over in this direction in the corner at the two separate occasions front lines. somehow i avoided getting too injured in any way, shape or form but i was able to witness personally a lot of people getting really quite messed up. >> reporter: to be fair, we reached out to you through berkeley police. they weren't available for comment. tell us about today. are students excited? are you excited about today's events? >> oh, absolutely. i think there's a dynamic energy on this campus that's really ready for something really big to happen -- not to get too large in the claim but i think this is something that might not be seen since the '60s. >> reporter: okay. all right. you're out here early this morning. >> i am. yeah, i have been out here actually every night since last wednesday as part of a small group of people that just feels it's necessary for some sort of
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bodies to remain on this area if it's going to be "occupy cal." we're not allowed to sleep so that's always fun. >> reporter: thank you, joe, for your time. the students plan an all-day action and general strike. they start -- teach-in starts at 8 a.m. rally 2 p.m. marching on the banks loud the city of berkeley, re-- around the city of berkeley, then a march, then they plan to regroup here. thank you. spca urges protestors not it take dogs to "occupy sf" camp. they could catch a deadly disease there. "the examiner" reports throw cases of a highly contagious parvo virus were diagnosed among dogs at the camp the experts also think some of the dogs might have kennel cough. the camp is growing beyond its boundaries at justin herman plaza. some businesses along nearby market street have barricades up to control the expanding crowds. big changes at the original
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"occupy wall street" protest in new york happened overnight. let's take a live look right now. you can see protestors there. they are marching the streets of lower manhattan after police evicted them from zuccotti park. now, the eviction was supposed to be temporary just so that sanitation crews could come in and clean up the area. but a lot of protestors refused to leave prompting police to arrest up to 100 people and dismantle their tents. city crews did finally get a chance to power wash the park. protestors say they will be coming back and they will be allowed back but not with tents this time around. >> got to leave the tents at home. tuesday, meaning good weather because monday was fantastic. >> we have to keep the trend going. >> that's right. >> we are going to get better i think around the bay area by the afternoon. a lot of sunshine coming our way, a few degrees warmer with high pressure strengthening outside. patches of valley fog early on. temperatures a little chilly in the north bay. 38 degrees right now in santa
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rosa. 37 in the napa valley. 46 san jose, 45 redwood city. high pressure holding on. continued mild conditions around the bay area. not only today but probably for tomorrow. after that, things change. temperatures this afternoon 66 san jose, 67 livermore. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. weather and roads looking great. no major problems. it's been an exceptionally quiet morning since 4:30. now we have gone ahead and launched chopper 5 for you. so here's a live look through hayward near the 880-92 interchange. starting to get busy. not too bad overall. northbound 880 all the way up towards oakland, not too bad of a drive. the east bay, these are your more popular drive times. mostly in the green this morning. starting to get a little sluggish out of the altamont pass. that drive time now 18 minutes towards the dublin interchange. check of bay area bridges coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. 6:08. grades hacked at a bay area
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university. >> how a former student noticed the grade changes. >> got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> a big oops. the question that stumped herman cain. ,,
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herman cain is in the hot seat. the welcome back. 6:12. another embarrassing moment in the republican presidential race. this morning, herman cain is on the hot seat. he stumble badly when the milwaukee journal sentinel asked for his thoughts on the president's handling of libya. >> i do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reasons. uhm... no, that's a different one. uhm... [ pause ] >> i got to go back to see, uhm.... -- [ pause ] >> got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> just see the uncomfortable thought bubbles there percolating. cain went on it explain that he would have didn't a more thorough assessment on the opposition before deciding how to proceed in libya. top aide said later that cain had not had enough sleep.
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the fbi is joining the probe in a computer hacking scandal at santa clara university. agents are questioning people at scu after someone broke into the computer system and changed the grades of more than 60 current and former students. the unauthorized access happened between june of 2010 and july of this year. now, no other personal information that was compromised, but apparently it was a nice hacker because it gave them better grades. today santa clara county is is expected to give the go- ahead for initial construction work on a new 49ers stadium. it will cost $10 million in current and future taxes. but the cash-strapped city will have to borrow some of the money from the team. time now 6:13. courtside concerns. how players are putting the nba season in jeopardy. jerry sandusky is a big overgrown kid. he's a jock. >> going on the defense. how the attorney for jerry sandusky is shooting down claims of sexual abuse. ,,
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can now be enjoyed in your coffee only international delight puts the real flavours from your favourite treats inside park in oakland, after police removed them from fr in the headlines, tents are now set up at snow park in oakland after police removed them from frank ogawa plaza. the city says protestors can stay at the plaza 24 hours a
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day but cannot set up tents. thousands of cal students are expected to take part in a strike today. they will hold a rally on campus and later march from oakland to the uc-berkeley campus. wall street is bracing for a possible plunge for the second straight day. overseas markets are down today as are u.s. futures amid continuing concern over the debt crisis in europe. not so bad in the bay area, lawrence. >> looked good morning. lots of sunshine, high pressure holding on for another day or so, then we'll see some changes. looking good over the bay. clear out there but seeing patchy fog showing up in some of the valleys so watch out for that early on this morning. and the temperatures cool in spots, 30s in the north bay, 50s and 40s elsewhere. by the afternoon we'll have sunshine and mild temperatures outside. well into the 60s in the afternoon inland, mid-60s inside the bay, 50s and patchy fog at the coast. that ridge of high pressure strengthening somewhat today. so that means temperatures coming up a couple of more degrees and it's probably going
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to hold on for one more day after that but then things change toward the latter part of the week. the jet stream dips and we talk about the possibility of a return of rainfall. for today continuing mild conditions outside and looking good into the afternoon. sunshine in the south bay temperatures as high as 66 in san jose,677 cupertino. inside the bay, 65 oakland, 61 in san francisco. next couple of days, beautiful around the bay area. starting out with patchy fog early on and mild temperatures in the afternoon. thursday the clouds roll back in late in the day. chance of showers overnight thursday night, looks like the weather becomes unsettled possibly wet and much cooler as we head in toward the weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. raffic now >> thank you, lawrence. >> thank you, lawrence. first a check of chopper 5 and see where they're at in oakland right now near the 880-980 interchange.
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everything looks okay past the coliseum towards the macarthur maze. the downtown oakland commute is fine as well as the freeways. on the maps word of a problem in concord southbound 680 there by concord avenue. we are learning from chp there is an overturned van blocking one right lane. no slowing on your sensors yet. down southbound 680, expect some possible delays here coming up. so again, sounds like they are sending emergency vehicles and chp heading to the scene. one lane is blocked. at the bay bridge slight delays. no metering lights yet. but i just checked a few minutes ago so they may have just turned them on. here's a live look you can see some lanes are backed up to the end of the parking lot just in those busiest lanes. otherwise you're looking at a few minutes to get on the span. and here's one more live look at 880. again near the oracle so 15- minute drove time or so in the northbound lanes between 238 and the maze so looks okay all the way from hayward. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:19 now. the former assistant coach at
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the center of the penn state football scandal has given his first broadcast interview since his arrest. jerry sandusky told bob costas on the phone he is innocent of the charges against him but admitted some details in a grand jury report are accurate. at one point he said, "i have horsed around with kids, i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them and i have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact." the "new york times" reports up to 10 more potential victims are now telling authorities about their contact with jerry sandusky. little hope that the nba games will be played anytime soon. the strike and the lockout continue. players rejected the league's latest contract offer yesterday. it had called for a 50/50 split of the basketball revenues- related income and a shortened season starting december 15. players are now in the process of disbanding their union and forming a trade association instead. two years of negotiating and
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they are still at ground zero. well, a san jose man got a little more than he bargained for i guess when he bought a used minivan. >> i guess you could say it was fully loaded. charles preston bought the 2008 chrysler town & country from a santa clara sales lot. when his mechanic tried to fix a stuck window they found a huge load of cocaine standard in the door. preston says they didn't even know what it was at first so they cut one of the packages open. >> he stuck his finger in it put it on his tongue. he said his tongue was numb. i went numb. we both stared at each other for a long time. and it's like, we have to call the police. >> police found 19 kilos standard in the doors and body panels. it's worth half a million dollars. investigators say the van used to be a rental in texas and smugglers had obviously used that car. i'm sure they are still looking for that. >> they are looking for it.
6:22 am
it's locked up as evidence at the police department down there. so if they want to knock on the door -- that's ours, excuse me. [ laughter ] a big find at 6:22. a storage unit surprise. the pirate treasure that turned up at a bay area auction. >> we cannot wait to see them playing and walking and running... >> conjoined twins enjoying their newfound independent. the one problem, they seem to be walking into. we'll tell you all about it. ,,,,,, [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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girl trapped in a car for two days survives on only pop-tarts, water and gatorade. it it is an unbelievable story of survival. a 9-year-old girl was trapped in a car for two days, survived on pop-tarts, a little bit of water and a gatorade. happened friday night in north carolina. jordan landon riding with her father in a car when it crashed. her father died in the wreck. but jordan managed to live on the snack the pair had just bought at a local gas station. 2-year-old twin girls are expected back at their san jose home this week just two weeks after they were surgically separated in palo alto. lucille packard children's hospital says angelina and angelica sabuco are recovering better than expected. it's truly remarkable because doctors had to cut apart the girls' chest bones, diaphragm and separate their liver. >> can't wait to see them
6:26 am
playing, walking and running with other children again. >> nothing will ever be the same for these twins. they are having to learn things differently including walking. the girls had to do it sideways when they were conjoined. now they are upright and look happier for it. >> probably don't even realize it. forget the bottom of the ocean. all you have to do is head not east bay if you want pirates treasure. >> who knew. a san jose man reportedly uncovered half a million dollars worth of gold booty. this is in a contra costa storage locker that he bought at auction last month. >> according to the "chronicle," the man bought the items in the abandoned locker for $1,000 sight unseen. lockers can be auctioned off if the owner doesn't pay rent for three months. i guess they uncovered coins that date back hundreds of year's worth half a million dollars. >> we buy one of those lockers has a rotten banan in it, mops
6:27 am
and a bucket. it would be the first in santa clara county, how the water you drink might be changing. >> and a real-life karate kid. how a teenaged girl managed to fight off an alleged kidnapper. >> first they are told they can't stay and now they are told they can. more on the mixed messages that protestors continue to receive in the city of oakland coming up. uc-berkeley students call for a general strike and rally as part of "occupy cal." the full story just ahead. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. so glad it's not monday! it's tuesday! >> well, you're getting there, grace. >> i know. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. 6:30 on your tuesday. i like to say it's going to be 70 degrees today but i would be wrong. >> yeah. >> that's true. >> but close. >> yeah. >> going to be nice, lawrence? shall we talk to lawrence and find out? ah, forget it. [ laughter ] >> upper 60s in warmer parts around the bay area. looking good out there right now. neat shot for you sun coming up near moraga. mount diablo we have some patchy fog, watch out for that early on but that's going to be long gone by the afternoon. a lot of sunshine and nice weather coming our way, more on that in a couple of minutes. let's check the roads right now with elizabeth. >> we have this developing
6:31 am
traffic story up in concord. we are seeing delays now on southbound 680 near concord avenue. an overturn injury crash. emergency crews are on scene and traffic is backing up. we'll show you how much coming up. "occupy" protestors are regrouping this morning. kristy seifkin is at snow park, has been all morning long in oakland where a "no tent" order is being ignored. for the life of us, we can't figure out why. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of mixed messaging out there, you know, for the past month as mayor quan has been flip-flopping and more recently as there are mixed messages about where campers can stay. lots of tents here at snow park. no raid here despite the raid that happened just yesterday morning. it was just last night that many protestors got together at a library this downtown oakland and discussed where they are going to set up camp now that they have been kicked out of
6:32 am
frank ogawa plaza. one option is of course to stay here at snow park. another option to occupy some of the vacant buildings in downtown oakland and then a final option would be to rebuild the camp at frank ogawa plaza. now, clearly if campers choose to do this, it would be in direct violation of the terms that chief jordan set forth yesterday. he told campers that they can demonstrate in the park at all hours of the day, but they can't have any kind of structures or tents there. >> we really don't have any reason to keep people out of the plaza because it's a public domain. these people are coming here to break a law, cause property damage, then we intend to arrest them. >> reporter: campers are concerned about where to stay. the public is worried about the cost of the movement particularly for oakland taxpayers. just yesterday we found out that the total bill is estimated at $2.4 million. and this is the cost since that first tent was set up on
6:33 am
october 10. that cost includes a little over a million dollars for police forces alone. and in a press conference yesterday, we learned that the 13 law enforcement agencies that were brought in to help with yesterday's raid will cost oakland a half million dollars. that doesn't even include the cost of their own police officers and then there's the clean-up which is estimated at $16,000 a day. now, back here at snow park, the count of the number of tents was around 40 yesterday afternoon as we are starting to see the sun coming up, it looks about that numbers, maybe a few more. and the question is, when chief jordan will come in to raid the park, not a question of if according to the press conference yesterday. >> thank you, kristy seifkin. some protestors are using the nickname flipper for oakland mayor jean quan for flipping her position on the "occupy oakland" protest camp. our exclusive cbs 5 poll finding 82% of oakland voters disapprove of how the mayor had handled the protestors. 12% approve and 6% just aren't sure. civil rights groups are
6:34 am
suing the city of oakland to try to prevent police from suppressing protestors with violence. the aclu and the national lawyers guild is seeking an emergency restraining order against the police department. they want to stop the use of tear gas and other crowd controlling weapons. the lead plaintiff, a man who was hurt while shooting video of a recent skirmish. a teach-in, rally and march all part of a day of action today by uc-berkeley students. several students are also suing the school for what they are calling an excessive use of force by campus police. and they want the chancellor to resign. anser hassan spoke with the student activist at berkeley a short time ago. good morning. >> good morning, grace. yeah, about a handful of students have been out this morning showing you live pictures here at sproul plaza at uc-berkeley. these people -- these students are getting ready for today's day of action. they are calling for a general strike and rally as part of "occupy cal" but they are also hoping to avoid a repeat of last week's clash with police.
6:35 am
let's show you some video from last week when about 40 students were arrested. later today a lawyer representing seven of the students was failing a lawsuit against uc-berkeley police alleging use of excessive force against unarmed students. it's important to make it clear that campus police are not part of the city of berkeley's police department. and the campus and the school police department have both declined to comment. the students are planning for an all-day strike but they are also calling on the uc chancellor to resign. they say he needs to be held responsible for alleged mismanagement that's led to rising tuition costs. >> look the chancellor has already been cornered and knows he can lose his position, he wants to repeal prop 13. we have him where we need him. we have his administration and yet we can go so much farther. we need to hold him accountable. we need that pledge that things are going to change.
6:36 am
>> reporter: now, the uc regents are also canceling their meeting for tomorrow. investigators say they got reports of alleged violent clashes that were planned between anarchists and the regents so that meeting is cancelled. back for today at around 8 a.m. there is a teach-in that's scheduled. they have events planned throughout the day including a march and rally through the city and they will return back here at 5:00 to re-occupy cal. so big day here at uc-berkeley. >> thank you. it's going to be a beautiful day, that's for sure. >> it is, lawrence. are you going to tell us about it? >> i'm going to do my best to bring you a nice day. thank you very much for that folks. you are going to enjoy beautiful sunshine around the bay area today. we have a couple of patches of fog. let's get you out there right now. looking good from our mount vaca cam at 3,000 feet just a couple of high clouds in the distance. sun coming up on the bay area what looks to be a very mild day ahead. still we are starting out a little chilly in spots north bay temperatures in the 30s. reports of some of patchy fog around the bay area but by the
6:37 am
afternoon, that is long gone. temperatures heating up into the 60s in milpitis, about 66 in morgan hill. as you make your way to the east bay temperatures well into the 60s and inside the bay looking good about 65 degrees in oakland. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go right out to chopper 5. you can see the tow crews they just arrived on scene at this rollover crash we have been talking about. you are looking live at this developing traffic story southbound 680 right there by concord avenue. you can see the car there on its roof. we are unsure about injuries at this time but you can see that chp is out there. they are working to remove the car from lanes. you can see it's also slow in that area, as well. southbound 680 couple of calls from the cwbs phone force. they are backed up to highway 4. we'll have more coming up. >> thank you. 6:37 now. a 17 yearly girl fought off an
6:38 am
attempted kidnapper using martial arts. this morning, los gatos police are searching for that attacker. it happened sunday afternoon on lark avenue near los gatos creek trail. he grabbed her and she used martial arts training to break free. >> she reverted back to her martial arts training. punched him in the face and kneed him in the groin causing him to double over in pain. >> that suspect driving a dark brown sedan with areas on the car painted blue and black. call police if you know anything. there is a computer hacking scandal at santa clara university and the fbi is questioning people there after someone broke into the computer system and changed the grades for more than 60 and current former students. all those grades were for the
6:39 am
better. it hand between last year -- happened between last july and this year. no other information was compromised. fluoride is long considered a good weapon against tooth decay but much of silicon valley doesn't have fluoride in their water. good morning to you, kcbs radio's matt bigler. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, san jose has the dubious distinction some would say of being the largest city in the u.s. that does not flouridate its water. health officials say that is having a pretty serious impact on the dental health especially for kids. check out these numbers. the santa clara valley health department did a survey and found that 48% of children between the ages of 2 and 4 have had cavities as compared to only 18% of kids of the u.s. population. the santa clara valley water district which controls the water for silicon valley is considering a water fluoridation program. we talked to district chairman don gauge. he says he doesn't have a
6:40 am
problem with fluoridation. his question is how to pay for the estimated $10 million in up front costs. >> the health trust could probably through its public- private partnerships come up with the installation of $10 million. but the issue would be the ongoing costs. that would be less than a dollar per person. >> reporter: a dollar per customer would likely mean an increase in local water bills here. later this morning the water district will take a vote on this whether to officially go on the record as for the first time supporting water fluoridation, then the question becomes, how to pay for it down the road. that's the latest from here in san jose. back to you guys. >> money is always a question. all right, thanks, matt. 6:40 now. it's 7" and half the price of an ipad. >> amazon's kindle fire, should it be on your wish list? brian cooley is going to show us how the tablet is stacking up. and the market opened about 10 minutes ago or so. let's take a quick check of the
6:41 am
numbers. we have those banking issues in europe and so far not so bad down just a couple of points. we'll get an update with jason brooks with kcbs and coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 am
out the door, chilly in spots. out the door, we are looking at some beautiful conditions over the bay at this time. couple of patches of fog showing up in the valleys. but other than that we are going to see mostly sunny skies beat afternoon. and some very nice weather. we have some 40s and 50s around the bay area, 30s in parts of the north bay valleys now. but by the afternoon, we are going to be enjoying 60s and mild conditions especially inland those temperatures stretching well into the 60s by the afternoon. 50s at the coastline, still a couple of patches of fog. high pressure looking to build in for today and it's going to strengthen a bit a couple of degrees warmer outside. it's going to hold on for another day. after that, things change and return to rainfall but continued mild around the bay area for today. and some very nice weather indeed. temperatures in the south bay with sunny skies as high as 65 in milpitas, 64 in union city, and about 62 degrees in palo alto. east bay temperatures up into the 60s by the afternoon, 67 very nice into livermore, 67 degrees in fairfield. and 67 degrees in concord.
6:45 am
inside the bay you will find mid-60s into oakland, about 64 in kentfield and 69 degrees one of the warm spots in santa rosa. next couple of days going to be beautiful around the bay area just some patchy fog and cool starts to the day but after that, plenty of sunshine, by thursday the clouds moving back in, could see some showers toward thursday night. unsettled possibly wet and cooler weather coming our way toward the weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have been monitoring these live chopper 5 pictures from concord. check this out southbound 680 by concord avenue clearing the freeway in the area but as you can see that car landed on its roof, rolled over. tow crews are working hard but in the meantime they still have the two right lanes blocked off and as chopper 5 zooms back you can see the backups. they continue to grow while crews remain on scene jammed from pacheco boulevard and
6:46 am
growing. we'll let you know when they clear southbound 680 before concord avenue. in the moon time, we have some good sized backups through that stretch -- in the meantime, we have some good sized backups through that stretch. metering lights turned on a half hour ago at the bay bridge toll plaza so jammed to the 880 crossing, 15, 20 minutes to get on the span. starting to see brake lights at the altamont pass westbound 580, drive time 26 minutes towards 680 and the dublin interchange. slow through antioch from hillcrest towards railroad. then speeds improve through pittsburg. and to the south bay now, things look great actually coming out of downtown san jose on 280 no major issues this morning towards cupertino and we just checked in with mass transit. all bart trains on time. that is traffic. back to you. >> thanks. 6:46 now. five months in a row retail sales have grown. here's jason brooks with kcbs and with more. with the holidays en route, it has to be good news? >> yes. all the attention these days is on the debt crisis in europe a
6:47 am
massive problem but we have been getting steadily improving information on the u.s. economy. retail sales, for instance, which makes up 70% of the u.s. economy, with the consumer, they were up last month by .5%, stretching out auto sales up .6% the biggest gain outside of auto sales since march. being that it's october and the beginning of the holiday shopping season that's a good sign heading into the beef of the shopping season which is november and december of course. also have more information on inflation on the wholesale side. it fell last month 5.3%. core rate unchange, the drop mainly coming from falling gas and oil prices. wholesale gas was down 2.4%. however, that's probably going to come back up a little bit in november. lately oil prices have been on the rise. also got a decent signal in manufacturing. the empire state index had a positive reading to start out november after 5 straight negative months so all of this
6:48 am
information is good news there. wal-mart posting a 3rd quarter earnings report and for the first time in two years it's saw same-store sales rise. profit was down with a conservative fourth quarter forecast. home depot beat profit and revenue. profit up 12% thanks to more people doing home improvement. that's a good sign for home depot. stocks are positive after losing some ground yesterday. the dow is up by 25 points. nasdaq is gaining 8. the s&p is up by 3. home depot shares up 1% on their earnings, wal-mart sinking 2% this morning. >> well, i'm sure that will change, too, when the holidays are approaching. thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and the new kindle fire that you have been waiting for is out today. the question is will it light a fire under the high-tech holiday wars with all the pricing going down.
6:49 am
cnet editor-at-large brian cooley is here. >> reporter: fresh out today. if you're a lucky person to order one in advance you might have gotten one early but this is a smaller device. couldn't hold an ipad. this is a 7" device. so you can hold it either sideways and you obviously get the panorama view or you go this way if you want to do book reading. you can see my books are up there right now to give you an idea that one of the things this is meant to be is to be a book reader hence it has the kindle brand around it. >> $199 you can't beat that. >> that's the biggest part of the story is this is cheaper than even the cheapest ipad which starts at $500. and goes t $80. >> it feels sturdy. you have to bang them around. >> it's heavy. >> there's a lot in there. the device gets smaller but you can't take out things like a battery and memory and all of that so in feels dense. i was surprised by that.
6:50 am
i thought it would be light like a kindle. it's more dense like an ipad touch. >> but you said it's actually lighter than the ipad. >> weighs a little less but less footprint to put that weight in so it ends up with this denser feeling. the other thing about this is that you do have only 8 gigs of storage on it which is pretty slim by today's standards and you can't expand that. instead, this thing connects to the web all the time for media which are stored on amazon and brought down as you need it. that's great until you don't have a connection. and then all of a sudden you can't stream stuff and you're living only on the 8 gigabytes on it. we like it. it didn't get a cnet editors choice because it doesn't go email really well for example, it's not meant to run all the android apps. it runs the android operating system but you can't run all the apps. you have this special app store which has only a few apps that amazon lets you run so it's a media consumption know a do-all
6:51 am
like the ipad. >> this isn't only cheaper version coming out. >> two more days we get the barnes & noble nook tablet. $250 somewhat better specks. it has more storage, twice as much and you can expand it with a little card. that's going to be a big difference for consumers plus you buy it in a store. a lot of folks like to go to a store, see it and get some help. you can't do that with the kindle. >> interesting. all right. the war has just begun. >> reporter: the cheap tablet war finally is here so these are suddenly affordable. >> cheap. i like that. >> well, affordable. >> thank you, brian cooley. >> amazon would prefer a portable. 6:51. they won't be silenced. a day of action in berkeley today. the legal fight that pits students against the police when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
um, miss ? you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must. action. at the same time, several students , alleging excessive for thousands of uc-berkeley students will take part in a day of action. time, several students are suing the school now at the same time alleging excess ever force by campus police. anser hassan in berkeley with more on what's happening at cal and quite a bit apparently, anser. good morning. >> reporter: good morning it's been a busy day this morning already. a handful of students this morning at sproul plaza preparing signs for today's day of action which includes a
6:55 am
general strikes and rally against big banks. but they are also hoping to avoid a repeat of last week, when students clashed with campus police. last week 40 students were arrested after a confrontation with police. and this morning, a lawyer representing seven of those students is filing a lawsuit alleging excessive police force against unarmed students. well, today's "occupy cal" event starts at 8 a.m. with a teachin. they are planning for a 2 p.m. rally and march throughout berkeley returning to the campus around 5:00 for a general assembly as they "occupy cal" here at sproul plaza. and that's not all. they are also calling on the uc chancellor to resign. organizers of "occupy oakland" cal say the regents need to be responsible for mismanagement, cuts to the budget cut which will be much of the focus for today's event. live from berkeley, back to you guys. >> thank you.
6:56 am
"occupy oakland" protestors meanwhile will meet tomorrow as to decide what's next. >> the city says they cannot set up camp anymore. tomorrow they are expected to decide between three options: rebuilding the camp that was closed at frank ogawa plaza yesterday, occupy the growing camp at snow park or take over some vacant buildings. right now "occupy wall street" protesters are marching the streets of new york. here's a live look as you can see just how many people are involved. this after police evicted them overnight from zuccotti park. looks like they are still being peaceful at this time. crews removed them to power wash the park. a lot of protestors refused to leave prompting police to arrest up to 100 people. the national lawyers guild says it has a court order that prevents the city from enforcing park rules on "occupy wall street" protestors. a computer hacking scandal at santa clara university. the fbi is questioning people there after someone broke into the computer system and change the grades of more than 60
6:57 am
current and former students. all the grades were changed for the better. the unauthorized access happened between june of last year and july of this year. scu says no personal information was compromised. but it could be nice for some students to get better grades. >> not very good grades, yeah. >> the right direction. weather-wise, we have just a gorgeous day out there. >> should be fantastic around the bay area today. lots of sunshine if you are headed out the door, beautiful shot for you this morning from our mount vaca cam. the sun is coming up what looks like a gorgeous day with very mild temperatures outside. highs in the afternoon will be soaring well into the 60s in many spots. even into the upper 60s in places like santa rosa, about 67 in the napa valley and 67 degrees in livermore. a little cooler towards the coastline with a couple of patches of fog. looking out over the next couple of days, more sunshine on the way but by thursday the clouds roll back in. showers thursday night, unsettled and cooler on the
6:58 am
weekend. >> sounds good. thank you, lawrence. right out to chopper 5, over concord. this is southbound 680 by concord avenue. well, it looks like they got the flatbed tow truck out there. they were waiting for that. looks like one lane is partially blocked right before the exit but you can see that traffic is still stacked up. for a moment there the car was on its roof so looks like they did right it but again, still have these really big backups through concord. in fact, at last check it was jammed solid from pacheco boulevard and growing. so we will let you know during the traffic cut ins when they open the lanes during "the early show." injury crash southbound 680 in pleasanton, we took a couple of calls from members of the kcbs phone force. they say it is pretty backed up from 580 and a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where the metering lights have been on now for about 45 minutes. and it is jammed solid to about the 880 overcrossing. what are you guys doing?
6:59 am
[ laughter ] >> doodling -- [ laughter ] [overlapping speakers] >> he used his hand -- [overlapping speakers] these guys are feisty! [ man yelling at wild turkeys ] [ gobble, gobble ] >> couple of wild turkey attacked people outside an office complex in walnut creek. one man says the birds circle him and attack with his wings. wild turkeys... it's not uncommon for turkeys to get feisty this time of the year. they know what's coming. >> looks just like them, frank. >> did you do that as a kid, put your hand down -- >> have to hack into the computer and give you a better grade. [ laughter ] >> my kindergarten teacher had it kids do this every year. >> i didn't


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