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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  November 16, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a big wake-up call for "occupy sf." police make arrests at a small camp near justin herman plaza. the tense moment with anarchists. and bracing for another clash over at cal. the warning from police to more than 100 protestors all camping out. good morning, it's been a busy morning so far. it's wednesday, november 16. i'm frank mallicoat. grace lee has the morning off. an overnight raid on "occupy sf" ends with several arrests. police cleared out a small encampment near justin herman plaza after getting a lot of complaints. anne makovec is in san francisco and anne, i guess these protestors were warned a
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number of times, too, right? >> reporter: yes. they have been being warned by the city for weeks that this is illegal, it is time to pack up your tents and leave. and most of them have not. police only focused on one of the small encampments here, kind of an accessory encampment that was here along market. this is by the one market building. and right now, they are cleaning up the street where there were several tents earlier. you can see several officers there standing by. they cleared out about a dozen tents from this block of market, an operation that led to seven arrests. and some protestors weren't cooperating as you can see here moving some of the police barricades. police moved in after midnight and surrounded this block of market street putting up those barriers to keep other protestors from flooding the area. and then they moved out and confiscated the tents and cuffed those who refused to leave. some protestors, though, are
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complaining of brutality. >> i was cooperating. i wasn't saying anything, you know, mean. i was talking in a completely normal tone. alls i did was say, sir, cane go get my kitten? and he just grabbed me and threw me into the fence. >> very quick we were in here and done in 11 minutes. it was a collection of 15 tents and seven people who didn't want to leave and actually, if you look at it, the tents were actually the bigger problem than the folks here. >> reporter: now, the main encampment at justin herman plaza remains this morning, although a lot of the protestors there have been spooked by this. and many of them are packing up overnight and leaving. back out here live now, you're taking a look at justin herman plaza. you can see there are a few protestors there hanging out, trying to find what's next. are police going to move in and raid their main camp? at this point, it looks peaceful and it looks like the raids have ended overnight. we're also expecting mayor ed lee to meet with some representatives from the encampment today and try to
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figure out some sort of happy medium between the city wanting them to pack up these tents and the protestors wanting to stay. >> how far are these camps from each other, the major encampment and the one raided last night? and were the folks in the bigger encampment worried? did they wake up and say are we next or what? >> reporter: yeah? they were very worried. a lot of them just left. they don't want the drama. but the main camp at justin herman plaza, that's the one that you can see there across the street, and then we have on the next block here this is the one market block. this is the one that was cleared, an entire block and there is another encampment there on the 101 block of market and that one remains. that that's the one that's been there for several weeks at the 101 block outside the federal reserve. so they only broke up one of the satellite encampments with a dozen tents and that's the one a lot of businesses were complaining about saying it was
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impeding sidewalk traffic. at one point the sidewalk was 30 feet wide and businesses say that with the tents, it had been narrowed to about 6 feet wide. >> that isn't good for business. okay, anne makovec life over in san francisco, thank you. and tensions escalate at the "occupy cal" camp. just within the last couple of hours, police have told more than 100 protestors they need to leave. anser hassan is in berkeley now with the developing story over at sproul plaza. it's buy busy there. >> reporter: it has been but it's calm right now. let's show you live pictures at sproul plaza and uc-berkeley campus. most the students seem to be hanging out now. i spoke it a few of them this morning. there doesn't seem to be any clear plan at the moment as to what to do next. but the students are determined to stay. there's about 20 or so police on scene, as well. they are not dressed in riot gear, which suggests they are not about to raid the tents, at least not yet. students have been out here
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since late last night. but at 1:30 a.m., campus police arrived on scene and they ordered them to disperse by this morning. the 150 or so students were still here, held a meeting and decided they're staying. the uc campus police have called on alameda county sheriff's department for assistance but again, no one is dressed in any riot gear and i would think they would also need a larger group of officers to clear the students out of the plaza. but the school has made it clear, the students cannot stay. >> 1,267 people voted yes for the encampment. 88.5%. >> the campus policies are clear that you can't set up a tent, you can't sleep, you can't have a sleeping bag, camp, and all that. >> reporter: now, gren it seems to be pretty calm -- again it seems to be pretty calm again at this moment. a lot of students still camped out, still hanging out. behind them, there's a number
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of police officers. now, what's planned for later today is around noon, a lot of students will be marching at justin herman plaza and through san francisco's financial district on the big banks. again that plan can change if things change here at uc- berkeley. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. frank, back to you. >> anceer, i'm look overruling your right shoulder. there seems to be some tents there, though, right? so some of the students it looks like spent the night out there. >> reporter: the tents are up. no one is sleeping right now. the students are you can see -- everybody is up. there's some teaching groups that are going on. a lot of these students are sleeping outside of the tent, a hand: but most of the students are up. as of right now, the tents are up. the police told them to take them down. we'll see what happens next. >> thank you, anser hassan at uc-berkeley. uc-berkeley police are trying to determine if there is any connection between the protest and an officer-involved shooting on campus yesterday afternoon. police were called to the
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business school computer lab after reports of a man with a handgun yesterday afternoon. officers found the man and then confronted him. >> my understanding is that he pointed the weapon at officers aggressively. >> when the man ignored orders to drop the weapon, one officer fired several shots. the suspect was rushed to highland hospital in oakland. nobody else was hurt. there is no word on his condition and no indication he is connected to the university or those protestors. "occupy" protestors in santa cruz are playing a waiting game with the police. the deadline has passed for "occupy" campers to clear out their tents there. the santa cruz county sheriff's department says deputies would cite or tokars that weren't moved by midnight and cite people for unlawful lodging. it hasn't happened yet. protestors say deputies may move in on the camp in less than 90 minutes from now. the original "occupy wall street" encampment is gone. but the protest continues in new york city. these are live pictures now, very quiet there.
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activists plan a day of civil disobedience, though, with marches tomorrow. police cleared out the camp early yesterday. some of them are back in the park where the movement began two months ago, but the judge says they are not allowed to have tents anymore. and in seattle, police used pepper spray to disperse a crowd of "occupy" protestors there. police say the only people who were sprayed have refused orders against blocking streets or had threatened officers. at least six people were arrested. california state university tuition could go up once again. the trustees meet in long beach to decide. the proposal is for a 9% increase for next fall. it would be the ninth increase in nine years. tuition went up 12% this fall. "mercury news" reports the increase is up for a vote today. it would be cancelled if the state comes through with more money. for the first time, we're hearing from the penn state football coach who said he saw former colleague rape a young boy but didn't call police.
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cbs news investigative reporter arman keteyian caught up with him. >> reporter: describe your emotions right now. >> uhm....... all over the place. just kind of shaken. >> reporter: crazy? >> crazy. >> reporter: you said what like a -- >> snow globe. >> reporter: snow globe? >> yes, sir. >> that's penn state's defensive coordinator mcqueary on leave since receiving death threats and heavily criticized for not stopping the assault that he witnessed. yesterday, a newspaper obtained an email that mcqueary apparent had sent to a friend dated november 8. mcqueary wrote, i did stop it, not physically but made sure it was stopped when i left that locker room. i did have discussions with police and with the officials at the university in charge of the police. no one can imagine my thoughts or wants to be in my shoes for those 30 to 45 seconds. trust me." "the early show" will have much more on this story beginning at 7:00 this morning. meanwhile, head coach joe paterno is among those who was
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fired over the incidents last week. now there is word he has transferred full ownership of his home to his wife for $1 and, quote, love and affection. "new york times" said the transaction took place in july months before paterno lost his job. prosecutors say paterno is not a target in a criminal investigation but observers say he could be a target of civil lawsuits and an attorney for paterno says the transfer of the home was part of the 84- year-old's estate planning program. santa clara city council approved $10 million towards prepare a site near great america for the new 49er football stadium. that phase of the project is set to begin in january. the work will include rerouteing electrical, water and sewer lines and other efforts to clear the 15-acre site. 49ers hope to begin actual construction of the santa clara stadium coming up in the year 2013. how about some weather
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today? we have had two glorious days. let's find out what's cooking on this wednesday with mr. lawrence karnow. >> frank, let's not stop here! we'll keep things rolling weather-wise. going to see a lot of sunshine around the bay area and really looks like a very nice afternoon. still a little cool in spots and seeing patchy fog at the coast this morning. fog showing up in the valleys but 30s into the north bay, 40s and 50s elsewhere. i think as we sail through the day these temperatures will warm up nicely. it will be a cool to mild day outside, cool at the coast, mild inside the bay and the valleys. high pressure in control, but you can already see that low up to the north. that's going to pay a visit as early as tomorrow. still, the temperatures in the afternoon going to be great. plan on 66 degrees in livermore, about 65 san jose, and about 60 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days big changes coming our way. clouds rolling in on thursday, chance of showers by thursday night. better chance of rain and unsettled weather, much cooler through the weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have some roadwork this morning overnight in oakland. southbound 880 between 16th and right around that 16th exit, we
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have some roadwork going on various lanes blocked until about 5:00 this morning. so caltrans may be out there, may be picking up the cones a little early. as you can see closer towards the coliseum, everything looks great northbound and southbound on the nimitz. if you are crossing the golden gate bridge, one northbound lane getting by until 5 a.m. southbound traffic cruising into san francisco. there is overnight roadwork through novato, as well. at the bay bridge no metering lights of course not yet. too early for that. but overall, not too bad of a drive heading into san francisco on the upper deck. out towards oakland, there are various lanes blocked approaching the decline. and to the south bay we get a check now of traffic coming out of downtown san jose. still very light on 280 and we have a photographer also setting up on 101 so bring you some live pictures there coming up in a little bit. in the meantime, we'll check the ride on westbound 580 coming out of the altamont pass. so far looks to be a great one. 13 minutes is that drive out towards 680. and the dublin interchange --
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we just checked in with mass transit and so far everything is off to a great start for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 4:43 on this wednesday now. we are going to have much more on that overnight accident at the "occupy" camp in berkeley and san francisco. plus, taking a second look at the safety on the bay bridge. what's being done after an inspector was fired. he called my sister and then goes, is this the sister of the person's car that i got? >> the power of a text message. how a bay area woman convinced a thief to give back her car. and steve jobs, the movie. the lost footage of the apple genius coming to theaters near you. that and much morning when we come back. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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building plaza and the fedel building. officers arrested seven people and cleared ou1 tents overnight. officers sy this is what's left of the "occupy" camp camp at the ferry building. officers overnight arrested 7
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people and cleared out 11 tents. officers say the camp made it challenging for some of the businesses and the workers to operate. they had clogged up the sidewalks so much. protestors told cbs 5 that they tried to act reasonably with the police and complained about being treated roughly by officers on the scene. anne makovec is there. we'll have another live report coming up at the top of the hour. meanwhile, it is 4:46 now. a bay area woman found common ground with a man who stole a car and texted a thief to get it back. earlier monica came home in a rush left the keys in the ignition and in a matter of seconds a thief jumped in took off with her car and her phone was inside. so her sister decided to text the thief on the phone telling the thief that her mother had just passed away. well, that prompted the man to call monica. turns out his mother died recently and he was a drug addict. [ pause ]
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>> also just lost his mom and was scared and was hurt and was reaching out for help to a complete stranger whose car he just stole. so just imagine the risk he was taking. how hard was it for him to reach out for help? >> well, three phone calls later the man left her car at a kfc parking lot keys inside. later she invited him over for dinner. he refused. she says she hopes the man is now getting some much-needed help but she got her car back and her phone. san jose police are on the hunt for a woman who has been stealing gold jewelry from little girls. it happened at kennedy washington and grant elementary schools over the past month. police say the women are -- or the woman, rather, gained the girl's trusting by pretending to be a family friend. she persuades the 6 to 8-year- old girls to let her take their necklaces. sometimes she replaces them with cheap imitiations. the suspect is in her 30s accompanied by a little boy
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between the ages of 3 and 5. a new call to check the foundation for the new bay bridge. the issue came up because a caltrans technician was fired just last week for falsifying inspection data on three other projects not the bay bridge. but since the fired man did work on the bridge,s the "contra costa times" reports leaders of three transportation agencies want an independent review of the safety of the new bridge. and another big blow to oakland officials who were hoping a new parcel tax would ease the city's financial crisis. voters rejected measure i a temporary tax that called for $80 a year from each single- family home. it got only 38% yes votes in the special mail-in election, far short of the two-thirds majority needed. time now 4:48. a bullet hits the window of the white house. the disturbing find and what witnesses heard while the president was out of town. starbucks caught in the act
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of am the secret act. the secret fee it was caught charging. >> do you have an emergency,er? >> yes. my emergency is my [bleeping] phone doesn't work. >> one man dialed 911 five times over a broken iphone. a call you have to hear to believe when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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attacks today, on president bashar assad's military. they're turmoil in the middle east. army defectors have launched attacks on the military. they are targeting bases near the capital of damascus as well as nearby military checkpoints. foreign ministers from the arab league are expected to formaliz their weekend decision to suspend syria for crackdowns on anti-government protestors. president barack obama is in australia this morning finally. the president cancelled two prior visits to the country because of urgent matters here.
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a short time ago he met with the prime minister and members of parliament. they are expected to announce and expanded military presence by the u.s. in that country. bullets at the white house. the secret service says it found one bullet that hit an exterior window but was stopped by ballistic glass. another bullet was also found outside the white house yesterday. those shots may have come from a shooting in the area on friday. police are looking for a man believed to have been involved in that shooting. and without further ado... [ laughter ] >> how about some weather. let's kick it over to lawrence right now and find out what's going on. >> that guy thought he was in trouble now. taking shots at the white house! the secret service is going to be all over you! around the bay area today, we are look at just some patchy, dense fog early on this morning. a lot of sunshine coming our way today and it is going to be a decent day. that fog a little thic,
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especially at the coast. watch out for valley fog, cool temperatures to begin with. this afternoon, cool at the beaches, mild once you as you make your way inside the bay with sunny skies and plenty of sunshine. temperatures moving well into the 60s in many interior valleys. high pressure holding on for one last day. but look at that system rolling out of the gulf of alaska. starting to get the idea that changes are on the way so yeah, cool to mild day outside around the bay area, then we start to shift gears and here it is big changes coming our way, not only with the chance of some of rain, but the temperatures are going to be much cooler as we head in toward friday and the weekend even tomorrow we'll start to see that change happening. numbers looking like this. plan on lots of 60s in the south bay today, 56 in san jose, 67 in cupertino, 57 cooler in pacifica, as you make your way into the east bay those temperatures up into the 60s by the afternoon. but should be comfortable and sunny and bright inside the bay, looking good. 63 degrees in oakland, about 66 degrees in santa rosa and about 57 in daly city. next couple of days, changes in the works, we'll start to cool
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things down tomorrow. the clouds roll in, chance of showers overnight on thursday, better chance of showers, much cooler weather. get all that wintersy weather gear as we head in toward this next weekend. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. i thought i did a christmas theme today so i'm getting ready. let's go live to the south bay a live look at san jose near the alum rock exit this morning where our photographer is standing by. you can see headlights and taillights, everything fine this morning on northbound and southbound 101. thanks for the live traffic shot. in the meantime a check of mass transit. we have 22 bart trains all running on time. ace train number one get a great start. muni, caltrain, your ferries, everything mass transit-related moving fine this morning. silicon valley westbound 237 looks okay towards milpitas towards san jose no delay there. same thing at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see no metering lights no big problems this morning heading into san francisco. on the other side on the lower deck, various lanes blocked, should be wrapping up shortly if you are heading towards the
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east bay. speaking of oakland and the east bay here's this live look at the nimitz. there is some overnight roadwork as well just southbound 880 between broadway and 16th avenue. various lanes blocked, should be pick up shortly if not already. and a live look at the golden gate bridge, only one of those northbound lanes is getting by. they have not done the lane change yet. they are doing some roadwork there as well across the span and to the south bay, we get a check now of traffic coming out of downtown san jose. so far everything looks great. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. -- that's a check of traffic. back to you. >> thank you. starbucks, they are in a little hot water this morning. they have stopped tagging on a 1.50 fee for coffee under a pound. 75,000 consumers paid that fee. apple has a new chairman to replace the late steve jobs. arthur levinson first joined
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the board in 2000. the president and ceo of walt disney will join the board of directors, as well. a film about the late steve jobs opens for a limited run across the country today. it's called steve jobs: the lost interview. the cofounder of the cupertino- based apple agreed to a rare interview for a documentary way back in 1996. and that's basically what the film is all about. the film will only be shown today and tomorrow in san francisco cities nationwide but will have a seven-day run at the aquarius theater in jobs' hometown of palo alto. cell phone problems are so common, you would think no one would consider them in an emergency? wealthy again. >> do you have an emergency,sir? >> yes. my emergency is my [bleeping] phone don't work. >> in the a good idea. the manwas so upset with his iphone he called 911 i
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illinois. the dispatcher was patient. it is assumed the man was drunk and law enforcement caught him. no word if his phone is work. it is 4:57. a tense night for the bay area "occupy" camps. we have team coverage of all the police action overnight. >> police raided a camp in san francisco. but the main camp remains this morning. the latest from market street and justin herman plaza coming up next. campus police tell students to clear out sproul hall but students say they are staying. a live report from berkeley with the latest just ahead. the key witness in the penn state investigation speaking out. mcqueary's death threats and e- mails defending his actions all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a tent takedown at "occupy sf." police make arrests at a small camp near the plaza over night. the heated confrontation. po


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