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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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officer. officers are moving door to door guns drawn searching for any sign of a second suspect on the loose. all of this started out with a bank robbery this afternoon at a bank of america on springs road in vallejo. two black men reportedly robbed the bank and took off. their car was spotted and a police chase began. witnesses said the suspects were pursued into a residential neighborhood. >> they came around down marsh street, made circles around each block and ended down on janice street. >> i seen a brown yukon coming towards i-80 and a lady pulled in front of himful he clipped the lady's bumper. so i turned around and started to follow after him. >> reporter: that yukon was
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towed away a short time ago. one officer followed the suspected bank robber on foot into the neighborhood at some point when the gunfire erupted. the suspect opened fire on the officer and shot him multiple times in the back. there is a perimeter in the neighborhood, cops talking to neighbors urging them to stay inside. and that investigation continuing tonight. there continues to be a strong police presence here tonight and again just waiting a few minutes here to hear from authorities about that manhunt and about whether or not they have been able to locate that second suspect. the first suspect is in custody. that officer is dead tonight. >> christin, things are changing by the minute and officers are digging into everything they can and it's a fluid situation. but has anyone spoken of possible surveillance video from the bank that might, you
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know, give us an indication of what these two gentlemen look like? >> reporter: you know, we did -- there are several people who have -- did actually witness that chase. you have to believe that at a bank of america they are going to have surveillance video. we have heard that the suspects were masked and possibly wearing halloween masks. so unclear whether they would be identified. but once the chase began, some witnesses did say that they spotted one of the suspects. they had very vague descriptions of one of the men described him as a black man with a scraggly facial hair. so certainly, people did see this chase happening. it was very public and lots of witnesses around. so you have to imagine they did have some good information to go on. >> all right. i'm also wondering, has mutual aid been called in? i know vallejo had to lay off a lot of officers recently because of budget cuts. >> reporter: that's true. we have seen agencies from all over the bay area. we have seen vacaville and fairfield police, lots of sheriff's departments out here.
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this area has actually cleared up. not many officers that you can see at this time. but it was absolutely choked with law enforcement officials a little earlier here, lots of k-9 units out here, crime scene investigation out here, just a huge effort obviously with one of their own fallen tonight. >> absolutely. all right. thank you. juliette goodrich is at kaiser hospital in vallejo where the officer was taken. juliette what can you tell us? >> reporter: allen, it is a sad day here in vallejo. we are not releasing the name of this officer. we are waiting for a news conference. but we are learning so much about this man. he was on the force more than 20 years. a father of three just adopted two children. we are at the hospital now where friends are gathering outside sharing condolences, hugging one another, talking about this amazing officer. we have learned that this officer just got legal custody of two young children after their parents were killed in a motorcycle crash this year.
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friends and even vallejo citizens can't say enough about this officer who was killed today. >> you know, you can do nowadays, you know, it take in someone else's kids after a tragic loss of a friend of ours, you know, is just like super, you know, human, you know, it's just like hey, you know, he can step up to the plate, you know, and do this for a family that's in need, you know, what else can just be said about him? i'm just really like hurt about this, you know, because since like i said good people they just go too quick. >> reporter: a veteran police officer a father of three, newly father to two adopted children, coach of a vallejo high school team. he didn't coach this year because he had just adopted these two young children. obviously, a huge loss for this town. again, we are not releasing his name. we are waiting for a news conference that will happen anytime in vallejo. this is the first time in more than 11 years that a vallejo police officer has been
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killed in the line of duty. the last time was april of 2000. jeffrey azuar was killed -- shot and killed while trying to serve an arrest warrant for grand theft. the 50-year-old vallejo native was a vietnam veteran and had 21 years of experience on the force. again, we are waiting to hear from vallejo police. they are setting up a press conference. it should be just in a few minutes and we'll get right to it when it starts. general electric one of the largest companies in the country is setting up shop in the east bay and creating hundreds of jobs. linda yee on why the company chose san ramon as the home of its new billion-dollar nerve center. >> reporter: it's a concrete shell but this time next year 400 workers will fill four floors of general electric's new world headquarters for its software center. san ramon was chosen because
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it's by the silicon valley. >> we want to tap into the bay area talent and innovation for software. >> reporter: the hire started with the first 50 employees working in temporary space and even that space is being expanded for the second wave of hires. local business owners are thrilled. >> that's wonderful. that's going to be a huge boost to our local economy. >> reporter: every community in the bay area has been hurt by the crippled economy. only recently has business this san ramon started to pick up. >> we did have tough times back in 2009. pretty much what happened is the companies -- we do a lot of catering and companies stopped ordering food. >> reporter: this man leads the new industrial software division. they will focus on software to make ge-built equipment into intelligent minutes. g.e. jet engines will connect with the net with a facebook page. >> what we have done is created
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pages for a g.e. engine and it collects data in realtime about where is the engine, where is it going, how does the engine feel? and then maintenance people can in realtime "friend" that engine see what's going on and can be more productive in how they service the engine. >> so, in other words, troubleshoot before there's a problem? >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's a $1 billion investment that g.e. says will not only help operate jet engines but trains, power plants and medical systems throughout the world. in san ramon, linda yee, cbs 5. they are just as fed up as students. faculty members from the california state university system are staging their own protest. it's their own show of force against the administration over dwindling paychecks and the increase in cost of higher education. len ramirez on the faculty's strike. >> reporter: quiet has returned to the campus. people are attending night
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courses but it was a busy noisy day today as students and faculty came together to protest and strike against cuts to education. >> we are taking a stand to say enough is enough! >> reporter: with fists and voices raised, hundreds of cal state university and students stood together staging a one- day strike. they blocked off roads leading to the campus of csu east bay while a similar protest was happening in southern california at dominguez hills. >> we are here because for three years we haven't received a raise. >> reporter: it's part of the faculty and students' ongoing battle with dwindling pay and spiraling fees that they say is making higher education more difficult to achieve for students like this one. >> can you easily afford tuition here? >> no. i have had to take out a loan. my mom had to take out a loan. >> reporter: tuition has gone from $5,500 for a full-time
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student to about $6,000. >> i'm really worried that if fees continue to increase, i will have to transfer or completely leave the university. >> reporter: the strike is the first-ever for csu faculty. >> the trend of defunding education has to be undone. >> reporter: they notified students that today's classes would be cancelled and even though the university was still open, the campus was mostly abandoned. the csu chancellor's office, which is criticized for awarding salary increases to top administrators, blamed the problem on sacramento. >> all of this frustration has been focused inward when it really needs to be targeted at trying to increase the resources available for everyone. >> reporter: faculty members will be back in the classrooms as normal tomorrow. meantime, union leaders will be in sacramento on friday for another round of contract negotiations. reporting live in hayward, len ramirez, cbs 5. well, right now hundreds are marching through san jose showing their support for the
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"occupy" movement. a few hundred labor union members marched down 4th street in san jose. they are gathering at city hall. the demonstration was a sign of solidarity with "occupy san jose." over the past few days that south bay city has cracked down on "occupy" protestors including a new ban on tents. at cal, "occupy" protestors are holding a general assembly rally as we speak. but things were much different overnight. this is what happened this morning. officers were clearing out protestors and their goods camped out at sproul plaza. a student and nonstudent were arrested. protestors were back at the plaza at sunrise. oakland "occupiers" are planning on setting up a new camp on a vacant lot at 19th and telegraph avenue. demonstrators will hold a day of action on saturday and then plan to move to a new location. the lot is surrounded by some pricy high-rise condos and city leaders say that location is a public place and camping is not allowed.
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>> shut down wall street!! hundreds of "occupy" demonstrators tried to disrupt the new york stock exchange by blocking streets today. at least 175 people were arrested there. one man was taken into custody for throwing some sort of liquid into the face of a police officer. seven officers were injured. new york protestors were mark the two-month anniversary by holding a day of action. the presidential candidate getting special protection from the secret service. >> the secret to landing a job. which social networking site and exactly how many connections you need to increase your odds of getting hired. so determined that i was like a horse with the blinkers in the kentucky derby. >> he always wanted kids but never found mrs. right. so he did what many women do. the extraordinary way he fathered a child and became a single dad. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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suspected of firing shots at the white house has been charged with trying to assassinate president obama. the man suspected of firing shots at the white house has been charged with trying to assassinate president obama. oscar romero ortega hernandez appeared in a pennsylvania court today. he is accused of firing the bullet that struck the white house last week. the feds say heeled to friends that the president was, quote, the antichrist and that he, quote, needed to kill him. the first family was not home when the shots were fired. ortega hernandez faces life in prison if convicted. herman cain is the first republican presidential hopeful to get secret service protection. cain asked the homeland security department for protection after receiving death threats. his request was granted and agents began their duties today. secret service protection is
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given to each party's presidential nominee but the service can be provided earlier if there is a credible threat. presidential hopeful rick perry is picking a fight with nancy pelosi challenging her to a debate. now, she declined but she did take the opportunity to get in a jab about perry's recent brain freeze. >> monday i'm going to be in portland in the morning. i'm going to be visiting some of our labs in california. in the afternoon that's two, i can't remember what the third thing is. [ laughter ] >> i chuckled a bit when nancy pelosi, she may have forgotten all the reasons that she can't debate me on over hauling washington, d.c. but the american people sure haven't forgotten. >> perry went on to accuse pelosi of resisting reform and guarding the status quo. thousands of struggling homeowners' getting a helping hand today. bank of america held a three-
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day outreach event in sacramento. the bank sent out more than 20,000 invitations to people living as far away as 100 miles. koula gianulias shows us the help that they are getting. >> i'm a little nervous but hopeful. >> reporter: tyra fell behind in her mortgage payments because of a pay cut at work. she says phone calls to bank of america didn't get her anywhere. so she hopes a face-to-face meeting will lead to a solution. >> like a forbearance where they forgive the portion that i have missed and behind and then they will just move forward. >> if you think that you're about to go past it, this would be a good opportunity to come talk that us. >> reporter: the bank spokesman says 22,000 bank of america customers were invited to the three-day event at the sacramento convention center but walk-ins are welcome. you're encouraged to register at the bank of america website, bring along your opinion id and a series of documents also listed on the web. similar events are being held around the country responding to frustrated homeowners desperate for relief. >> the reason why we're here is to make sure our customers have
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that face time with our specialists. >> they said they couldn't help because they didn't have no equity. we're upside-down. see what they got today. >> reporter: an event spokesman says clients from a 100-mile region are encourage to attend the event. it goes until 8:00 tonight all day friday, and saturday, as well. in sacramento, koula gianulias, cbs 5. the jobs report out today shows more americans are finding work. but many of them are not searching the old-fashioned way. social networking helped 22 million people find work in the past year. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us exactly what it takes to make your search successful. reporter: jessica katz is a stay-at-home mother of two. >> i have loved my time home but i also feel a little bit like my brain is turning to mush. >> reporter: so after two years, she is ready to rejoin the workforce. but is learning these days landing a job requires more than career fairs and resumes. the new job search has gone
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social as in social media. jessica enlisted the help of a guru valerie brennan who says she is off to a good start thanks to her popular mommy blog. >> she has been able to write about things that are relevant to her life but this doing that she created this huge following of people. >> reporter: which brennan says is her number one job hinting tip. brand yourself and make as many connections as possible. those with more than 150 social network connections with most successful in finding a job. >> facebook is still powerful because even if the person who is your friend might not be the exact person you who might hire you they might have a friend who would hire you. >> reporter: in fact, according to the survey a social media software company, 83% of those who got a job credit facebook. nearly double of that linkedin. 36% attribute their job to twitter. and 31% say they used all three. >> if people don't know you're searching for a job, how can they help you? >> reporter: an author who wrote me 2.0 encourages people
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to tweet about their job search and suggest turning to linkedin for free interview research on those interviewing you and to use your connection for an introduction before making a cold call about a job. but brennan warns avoid contacting high level executives. >> you might want to work at microsoft but don't friend bill gates. he is not the one who will get you a job. >> reporter: advice jessica took to heart hoping her next tweet will land her next job. a survey found nearly all hiring managers and recruiters use social media to research job candidates. it could keep from you landing one if you're not using it. julie watts, cbs 5. keeping an eye on the sky because things are changing. >> i have to tell you as we kick-start this rainy season, it's very difficult. computer models are never solid in total agreement with these systems. and that generally is the case. however at the beginning of the season when you have a lot of dry air mass in place, okay, we'll get to that, we'll explain that but right now here's our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards the transamerica building where the
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clouds continue to gather and lower so therefore we have airport delays now at sfo up to 44 minutes on some arriving flights. cloudy, breezy, cool night, light showers tomorrow. an unsettled weather pattern through the weekend. tonight overnight with the clouds, 39 in santa rosa to 50 in san francisco. by the a temperature span -- quite a temperature span there. futurecast, watch it carefully. overnight it does have a little bit of light precipitation across the santa cruz mountains. spotty hit and miss scattered showers north of the golden gate bridge for the morning commute. and then most of the activity comes in about this time tomorrow night and then gradually moves out. only about .25" of rain. saturday will be mostly cloudy and dry. and now it appears as if that system for saturday night wants to hang offshore, as well. again, computer models are differing with that scenario. but nevertheless, 49er game will be dry albeit cloudy and cool. tomorrow daytime high temperatures going down into the 50s. 50s across the board really
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everywhere. we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up later. >> thank you. airline passengers asked to cough up extra cash to pay for fuel in the middle of the flight. [ laughter ] >> and help wanted? in outer space! that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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passenger ever accounts for. yesterday, hundreds of people were stranded in vienna, austria when their "comtel air" jet didn here's a new fee not accounted for. yesterday hundreds were stranded in vienna, austria when their jet didn't have enough money to refuel or pull up to a gate. passengers on the india-to- england flight eventually gathered together more than $31,000 of their own money to continue their journey! angry travelers demanded a refund from the travel agency
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that booked their flight and their tickets. so far they are striking out. the sagging economy has left us with a terrible job market. how about this for an out-of- this-world opportunity. mike sugerman shows us the search for the next generation of astronauts. >> meet george jettison ♪ >> reporter: here's a team of junior space man. the u.s. space program is limping along. just days ago a u.s. astronaut had to get to the international space station on a russian rocket. $50million one way! we don't do rockets anymore. but nasa has big plans. >> we are going to send humans farther into space than ever before and eventually, to mars! >> reporter: looking for work? nasa has openings for astronauts. but these days has to work hard to find them. this is a pitch on youtube for the latest generation.
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>> your space flight experience begins right here right now. >> reporter: interest is not skyrocketing. >> anybody want to be an astronaut? think or dream about it? >> reporter: i went to galileo science and technology high school in san francisco and there were few takers in the chem class. one guy? >> do they still have the restaurant program? >> reporter: junior has no idea we even needed anymore. >> we want to really encourage folks from the bay area to a employee. >> reporter: rex waldheim was on the final shuttle fly. he is a native of san carlos. >> from the pure adventure standpoint, think about going outside the international space station 200 miles up traveling 17,, 500 miles an hour. >> reporter: he is not in space. he is speaking on skype. applicants between 20 and 40 with a bachelor of arts in a science and have good people skills. the application said you should enjoy travel. >> you see the first astronaut walk on the moon and it's just
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no gravity? that seems like something that everyone would want to experience at least once in their life. >> reporter: apparently not like the old days. mike sugerman, cbs 5. put in the hot seat but he is still refusing to apologize. >> the final decision on solyndra were mine. >> how the obama administration is defending a $500 million loan to the east bay solar company that went bust. and we understand that the press conference is just begun in the city of vallejo about the police officer who was killed in the line of duty. let's join that now. >> the area. officers en route to the call were able to locate this vehicle, attempted to stop this vehicle. we were led on a vehicle pursuit at roughly three or four miles which terminated in the 100 block of janice street. the pursuit was terminated because
6:27 pm
our officer employed a pit maneuver which spun the vehicle out and he then pursued the suspect on foot into a residential neighborhood. shortly after exiting his vehicle and chasing the suspect, officers who were arriving just moments later heard several shots fired. they discovered our officer down in the backyard and he was mortally wounded. he was transported at that time to a local hospital and emergency medical doctors an technicians and nurses worked on him for about an hour with emergency medical procedures which were ultimately -- failed. the officer next of kin has been notified. he is identified as officer james capu of the vallejo police department. he has been with us for over 19
6:28 pm
years, also with the california highway patrol for a couple of years before that. and also a former united states marine corps service, as well. we have numerous investigators at the police department just finished a breaching. we are in the process of continuing our investigation after finishing a briefing. we have one suspect in custody. we are in the process of ferreting out and determining exactly what happened during the event. [ inaudible ] >> we have not eliminated that as a possibility. [ inaudible ] >> we have not eliminated that as a possibility at this point. >> during this pursuit, did the [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ]
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>> it's capoot. >> was he the only one in that pursuit? >> there were other officers. he was the one that was closest to the suspect vehicle there. were other officers attempting to catch up to the pursuit at the time of it. he's a highly decorated officers. that is handout. merit with the traffic safety patrol. he is a high school women's basketball coach. he coaches basketball in vacaville and some type of league as well. he is very involved in the community here and also in the community in vacaville, as well. >> does he have any children? >> married with three daughters. >> talk about the child he adopted. >> i don't believe that happened but he recently he was friends with a couple who were tragically killed in a
6:30 pm
motorcycle accident. i believe last year. they left behind two children. they were very close friends with this couple and for a short period of time, these children were living with him. he had done some additions to his house to accommodate them. i don't know what the status of that is right now. i believe the children are living with their grandparents. >> shot in the back? >> no comment on that at this time. >> how many officers were out in the field? were you short on officers today? >> we had our standard contingent of officers. i believe there were six patrol officers on day watch. all six were in the field. swing shift was coming on and i believe they had an additional six or eight officers. we did receive numerous officers from surrounding agencies responded to our call for help. vacaville, fairfield, benicia, solano sheriff's office, chp, among others. and so we had a lot of officers
6:31 pm
to help us in the subsequent search and the capturing of evidence and maintaining the crime scene. >> aware of the cutbacks this vallejo and other localities -- [ inaudible ] >> i'm not going to comment about that at this time. >> is the suspect in custody believed to be the shooter? >> we are not going to comment at this time. >> can you tell us how he was shot? like what happened? >> all i can tell you is that two or three shots were heard by the officers. the officer did not discharge his weapon. [ inaudible ] >> that's a possibility. we have not ruled that out. >> can you tell us more about the suspect that you have in custody? age? >> not at this time, no. this is an ongoing investigation. we just gotten to the point now where we made assignments to all the investigative teams. and so there's a lots of interviews to be conducted and i don't want to jeopardize
6:32 pm
that. >> were other officers close enough to witness this -- >> there were no officers who actually witnessed it. they were just a short distance away when it occurred. they heard the shots. they saw officer capoot giving chase to the suspect as he fled the vehicle on foot but didn't actually see him being shot by the suspect. >> was the officer wearing a vest? >> body armor? >> the officer was wearing body armor, yes. [ inaudible ] >> we have scaled back that search. we have not ruled out that there may be another suspect involved. >> janice street is closed. the area around the residence in which the shooting occurred is also closed. >> weapon recovered that fired the shots that -- the fatal shots? >> nocomment.
6:33 pm
>> haven't ruled out that another suspect may be involved. what does that mean? >> we have information coming in right now from various sources. we don't want to rule out the possibility officially at this point. we do have a suspect in custody but we're not at this point going to say we're not looking for someone else. >> i think that the recommendations the same as always just keep your doors locked. if you hear anything unusual, that's out of the ordinary, please call us. [ inaudible ] >> that part of the intense search is concluded at this point. >> others showed up moments after the collision and foot pursuit. they were there in seconds, less than a minute.
6:34 pm
>> no comment on that. we have a suspect in custody. we are not prepared to comment on exactly what's his involvement in the crime. >> do you know the officer who fell on a more personal level? >> yes. we're a small police department. officers don't come and leave here over the years. i have worked with him for all 19 years that he was with us. he's a guy that's, you know, loved by everybody. he's a guy that was a trainer in almost all aspects of police work. driving, shooting, tactics, communications, arrest and control. he was a motor officer, s.w.a.t. member. we are a small police department now and we're a tight family and so there's nobody at the police department that isn't deeply affected by this. >> do you have any information
6:35 pm
about the bank robbery? >> no. we -- just the fact that we were notified of it. we went through our standard procedures and confirming whether or not the alarm was genuine or not. officers were given updated information as they responded to the bank robbery. >> were they wearing halloween masks? >> i'm not prepared to comment on that. [ inaudible ] >> incidentally our current staffing level is 93, i believe. [ inaudible ] >> the officers did not pick up the suspect vehicle until it was a short distance away from the bank. >> can you describe the vehicle? >> it's i believe a silver suv. it was out on the scene. i think you folks probably have pictures of it. it's been photographed is the proper -- i believe it's a silver suv a tahoe or suburban or something like that. >> did the officer have another
6:36 pm
officer in the car with him when he was pursuing the suspect? >> no, he was a solo officer [ inaudible ] >> during heightened periods of criminal activity when we take a lot of of calls for service and at nighttime we typically have two officers in a car at a time. during the day typically it's all solo. there is no hard and fast rule though. >> where was the officer when he was shot? in a yard -- >> in the backyard of a residence in the 100 block of janice. >> the suspect you have in custody, do they have a criminal history? >> i cannot comment on that right now. >> what's the status of the suv? registered to the -- >> well, we are in possession of it. i don't have that information at this point. >> possibly three suspects? >> i can't comment on that. we may -- there still may be other suspects involved in the original robbery and/or chase that were just not aware of at
6:37 pm
this point. the investigation is ongoing. we may determine at a later point there is another suspect and someone we're looking for. at that point we'll be prepared to bring that person's name forward. >> how many suspects... [ inaudible ] >> i don't have the answer to that. >> we are not going to release the suspect's name yet. has he been charged? he was arrested. he was arrested near or at the scene of the crime. i should say not the scene of the bank robbery but the scene on janice. [ inaudible ] >> i don't have that right now. >> the bank of america had been targeted a number of times by bank robbers. >> it's been robbed several times. >> ... news conference from the vallejo police department. they are explaining the situation reinvolving around an officer that was shot and killed today pursuing a suspect
6:38 pm
in a bank robbery and chase. it ended up on janice street. the officer was shot immediately upon pursuit. the police department -- a small department -- they said they had a few -- six officers on call at the time. the officer that was shot, his name is james capoot. he is a 19 year veteran of the vallejo police department. he was also a chp officer and a former marine. >> those three young -- well, those three children, three daughters, two of them young girls, adopted, we have been told during this press conference because close family, friends of the capoots died in a motorcycle accidents and they took the children in and adopted them i guess. christin ayers is near the shooting scene tonight. what do you know? >> reporter: well, obviously hearing from that press conference right now the identity of the officer who was
6:39 pm
killed here earlier this afternoon. that man identified as james capoot, a 19-year veteran of the vallejo police department. a highly decorated officer who had been awarded the medal of courage two medals of courage and a medal of merit. someone who was active in the community, who was a basketball coach, appears to be well known and well liked in this community. shot down just a few hours ago at this scene behind me. they have finished a search for a second suspect in a robbery. there was that robbery happening earlier today at a bank of america here in vallejo turned into a police chase later on that ended here with officer capoot pursuing a suspect on foot here. we are just learning details here that he was in fact shot down apparently by that suspect
6:40 pm
in the backyard here. other officers reported hearing two or three gunshots. officer capoot himself never actually firing his own gun. he was shot down in that backyard and a suspect arrested just a short time after that, that man taken into custody, capoot taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. so the vallejo police department in mourning tonight after hearing that a 19-year veteran that they have truly lost one of their own tonight. back to you. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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including starbucks. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew!
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he wanted his own baby, but the right woman. so well, what was the guy supposed to do? he wanted his own baby but he never found the right woman. so he thought, why not do what many single women do? linda yee shows us with the will and the means, he now under the way to be a -- he found the way to be a dad. >> reporter: he is impossibly cute but even more extraordinary is how 8-month- old santino came to be. >> say hi. [ laughter ] >> say hi. >> reporter: his dad, 50-year-
6:44 pm
old dino runs a popular pizza parlor in san francisco. he is a confirmed bachelor with no plans to marry. but he really wanted a son. so he looked for parenthood in a petrie dish. he needed two women one for her egg, the other to carry his baby. >> hard at the beginning like i said he was not that internet savvy but once i get a grip of it i was so determined that i was like a horse with the blinkers in the kentucky derby. >> reporter: it's a complex way to make a baby but it's happening more often! and success rates are way up! according to the pacific fertility center's dr. carl herbert. >> pregnancies rates have gone from 5 to 10% per cycle in some cases to now 60 to 70%. >> reporter: the key he says, a good egg. he used the donor source to find one. >> they can be pretty and crazy and i'm already crazy so i don't need a crazy one running around. so, you know, i asked her questions, you know, what were her sleep patterns, what was
6:45 pm
she like as a baby, just as much information as i could get, you know. >> reporter: you were designing your son. >> i was just shooting for the happiest and healthiest kid. >> reporter: he finally chose 27-year-old shayna parise of florida. was there ever any emotional attachment to this child? >> there was never any resentment or regret or any animosity there. it's pure happiness that goes to him and this child and i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: add his sperm in a test tube and santino was almost here. he just had to pick a womb for hire. he found dusty of los angeles to carry his child. having santino this way wasn't cheap. $135,000. why is this so expensive? >> the biggest expense is the carrier. because that's a woman who is going to carry someone's baby, go through a delivery, donor gets paid, it's an agency, they
6:46 pm
have a fee. we have a fee. >> reporter: an he paid even more to make sure his baby would be a boy. scientific advances in fertility labs now make that possible. >> it's $10,000 more. >> to pick the sex of the child. >> reporter: yes. if i looked at the cost a greek wedding, big diamond ring, god knows what else, you know, so i'm way ahead. game right now. >> reporter: he has no regrets. the baby's family includes the customers of his dad's pizza parlor. the man isn't shy about telling everyone how santino's life began. he can't wait to let santino know. >> i want him to know everything. and he's really well adjusted. he's an old soul. [ speaking greek ] >> reporter: in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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64 degrees that was the temperature across the bay area today. good evening. today we clouded up and cooled down so now the big question when does the rain arrive? this is the morning commute. rain showers begin to the north of the golden gate bridge. by this time tomorrow night, everybody is wet. and then over the weekend this is the big change. rain wants to stay offshore. so the extended forecast, everybody is going to be in the 50s each and everyone day from friday through saturday into sunday. we have unsettled air mass with maybe a hit-and-miss scattered shower on saturday. overall dry skies monday with the next system on wednesday. the pinpoint forecast, eyewitness news continues after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
sunday against the cardinals. gore was slowed by knee and injuries against the frank gore expects to be back on the field sunday against the cardinals. he was slowed by knee and ankle injuries against the giants. andrew luck will suit up in the final big game saturday against cal. he is 1-1 in his career against the bears. he has two more chances to show
6:53 pm
national writers he is deserving of the heisman trophy and despite all the attention, luck knows his place on campus. >> people are very respectful of everybody's privacy on campus and it should be told that people are doing more important things for the world than playing football trying to cure cancer and great musicians and all that. so it's not hard to, you know, walk around and be yourself. >> baseball now. dodgers lefty clayton kershaw wins the national league cy young award today by receiving 27 of 32 first place votes. kershaw led the league in wins, e.r.a. and strikeouts. 5 of his 21 wins were against the giants. tim lincecum finished 6th in the voting. watch the run and pass. >> got to love high school football. san francisco high school play- offs between washington and the lincoln mustangs. the mustangs led in the 3rd quarter but mayberry rips off a
6:54 pm
touchdown. the eagles win 21-10. and water bath for carl finley headed back to the turkey game and will play mission high. the chase for nascar spring cup comes down to the wire on sunday with drivers tony stewart and carl edwards. they are separated by only 3 points and is there anything these guys won't do to win? >> i'll wreck my mom to win a championship. i'll wreck your mom to win a championship. >> i'm keeping my mom away from him. we'll be right back. ,,
6:55 pm
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6:57 pm
department -- sh before we go we want to update our top story tonight. a highly decorated 19-year veteran of the vallejo police department shot and killed this afternoon. officer james capoot was in pursuit of a bank robbery suspect when he was shot several times in the back. >> we are told there is a possibility there is another suspect who may not have been found yet. they are still out there looking in the neighborhood. we'll have a complete update for you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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