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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the golden gate. coming up, a check of mass transit. >> good morning, it's friday, november 18. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it is 6 a.m. we begin with a memorial growing for a vallejo officer who was killed while chasing down suspects. >> police just told us moments ago they are no longer looking for a suspect. officer james capoot was shot on janice street trying to catch suspects from a bank robbery that happened just a few miles away. gil diaz in vallejo where the gunman is in custody. gil, good morning. >> reporter: hi, frame. good morning. yeah, very somber morning for vallejo residents, frank. we are outside the police department. i want to show you a sign posted outside the lobby doors that says lobby closed due to an emergency, a very fragile scenario here. right below it on the ground outside the lobby doors are a growing memorial as you have been telling us about. and i want to show you a better vantage point of the balloons, the flowers, the candles, the personal notes. a woman just came by moments
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ago to lay down a single rose right there at the foot of those candles. but take a look at the fallen officer. now, this is officer james capoot. he was 45 years old. 19 years served with the vallejo police department. prior to this, he work for the chp and he is also a marine vet. he is survived by his wife and three children. now, here's the scene from an aerial shot of yesterday's tragedy. this is a 100 block of janice street. it started unraveling around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. capoot responding to a bank robbery at a nearby bank of america on springs road. he spotted the suspect's suv, chased after it for at least three miles. capoot did a pit maneuver and forced that suv to spin out of control. the suspect ran out of the vehicle and into the backyard. capoot, working alone at the time, chased the suspects and
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his backup officers say they heard shots fired and found their colleague down. sources tell cbs 5 that officer capoot was shot several times in the back. of course, a chaotic scene in this neighborhood. here's how residents reacted as cops combed through their block. >> i heard five or six gunshots. >> seen a lot of police and people running around, a lot of guns everywhere. >> i seen them tearing the blinds off the windows coming in my mother's house. >> i'm sure they were looking for a suspect but i don't think they had to do this type of stuff looking for a suspect. >> reporter: now, he was rushed to kaiser hospital where he later died as you can see here. his fellow police officers gathering at the police department giving each other support. they really need it this morning. as for the suspect or suspects, police say that they have the shooting suspects involved from yesterday's incident in
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custody. they are not saying right now if there are other suspects. but they have confirmed to us that everyone involved in yesterday's bank robbery is in custody. >> his body was removed in a procession for kaiser hospital in vallejo. he was beloved in his community of vallejo where he worked and vacaville where he lived. he received two medals of courage, two life-saving medals and a number of other honors in the vallejo police department. and he was a mentor and coach in the community helping out a number of young people. >> our prayers go out to him and his family right now because i know it's a tough time. i'm really go to miss him because he was there for me through a lot of stuff with my family. >> he helps raised me and he was like family to me. >> capoot was not coaching this year because he and his wife had taken in the two children of some friends who were both
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killed in a motorcycle crash. 6:33. it's official, the "occupy sf" encampment is a public health nuisance. now protestors are fearing a police raid could come at any time. anser hassan reports. >> reporter: san francisco police say the raid won't happen this morning. you can see the tents behind me are still up but for how long is the question. ed lee is promising a crackdown to enforce city codes. city authorities say justin herman plaza where "occupy sf" tents have been set up is now a public health nuisance. officials walked through the camp on thursday citing instances of feces and urine, tents that are too close together, even portable toilets that have not been serviced. the city says they have issued 11 demands including how to
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handle food and waste as well as rules regarding the use of illegal drugs. i spoke to some protestors this morning who say they are trying to make all the necessary changes. you're looking at video in this morning of a cleaned up camp. you will see recycle bins have been set up. they have removed a kitchen as required. they say they are doing whatever they can to get in compliance. even the public works director nuru says there has been progress and says it's a delicate balance between free speech and public safety. >> i think, you know, it's a very difficult situation in the city, the city's concern is the health and safety of the living areas. we understand first amendment rights and we respect that but when you have tents and living situation, as we have seen there, there have been all sorts of things that have happened. >> here are live pictures of market street. >> reporter: you can see the tents that were along market street in front of the federal building have been taken -- [ signal breakup ] >> reporter: they want this to
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be peaceful. the protestors have issued a declaration after the 11 demands that were made but the final warning has been issued and even though police say there won't be a raid this mornings the city wants it cleaned up. we'll see what happens. >> thank you. supporters of "occupy oakland" in the meantime plan to set up a new camp tomorrow after a rally and march through city streets. this will be the group's first rally since their encampment what the frank ogawa plaza was cleared out in a police raid on monday. tomorrow's march starts at broadway and 14th and end at the fox theatre on telegraph avenue. the group plans to set up a new camp there in an empty lot. are you ready for the weekend? >> so ready. >> i think we both are. that's definitely a plus. but weather-wise? >> i am ready to go, too. i think the weekend much cooler definitely around the bay area chance of some showers. doesn't look like it's going to
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be a rainout. we are seeing sprinkles outside light showers this morning but we have more to come as a lot of cold air works down from the gulf of alaska and things are going to be unsettled toward the afternoon. right now cloudy skies, numbers in the 40s and 50s, not much improvement by the afternoon, highs only in the 50s and the rain picking up in the afternoon, as well. we'll have more on your weekend forecast coming up in a moment. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and the roads are looking pretty good right now. in fact here's a live look at how great it is on the san mateo bridge. if you are heading towards the high-rise westbound 92 still light, 13-minute commute out of hayward toward 101, foster city and the peninsula. elsewhere at the bay bridge, we got kind. a busy start here. still no metering lights. you can see fastrak users get by okay but it is busy in the cash lanes backed up to the end of the lot on the far right and far left of those outer lanes. no major problems up the incline yet. westbound 580 a little sluggish slow coming out of the altamont
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pass. your drive time is almost 20 minutes between there and the dublin interchange. check of mass transit in a little bit. back to you. >> thank you. the drowning of an actress here in the bay area, a 30-year mystery. new this morning the yacht skipper who says he lied to police and who he is blaming now for natalie wood's death. herman cain, the extra entourage that no other presidential hopeful has. we'll tell you why. >> taking air hassles to new heights. why passengers had to pay $200 midflight. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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now says he lied to natalie wood's investigators 30 yeas ago.. and he's blaming he it is a shocking accusation new this morning. a yacht skipper now says that he lied to natalie wood's investigators 30 years ago and is blaming her then husband robert wagner for the actress' drowning. her body was found in the waters after catalina island in november of 1981. investigators concluded that she had hit her head while falling off a yacht after a night of the drinking, possibly while trying to board a dinghy. but the los angeles county sheriff's department says that it is re-opening the case after
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these new revelations from the coast guard as well as these recent comments from the yacht's captain. >> natalie would never in a million years take that dinghy out by herself. >> the captain told nbc that he believes wood's husband, robert wagner, was responsible for her death. wagner and actor christopher walken reportedly had an argument while on the yacht that night. wagner's spokesman released a statement saying that the wagner family supports the sheriff's department efforts but has not yet heard from any of the investigators. it is 6:12 now. a new child molestation case at an eastern college this time syracuse university in upstate new york. police now investigating allegations against this man bernie fine who has been an assistant with jim boeheim at syracuse university now for 35 years in basketball. two former ball boys for the team who are now adults have told espn that fine molested them for years starting in the
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late 1970s. this of course follows child sexual abuse scandal that just broke just two weeks ago rocking the country that at penn state. secret service agents are now protecting herman cain. cain asked and got the protection after receiving what the homeland security department deemed were credible death threats. normally the secret service provides help for each party's presidential nominee. but the service can be provided to any presidential hopeful before the nomination if there are threats. coming up, you know this. air travel not cheap. so why did one airline force passengers to pay 200 bucks midflight? >> and did they pay? that's coming up. plus, man versus machine how cal and some of the stanford students fared against watson in a game of big game jeopardy coming up. ,,,,,,
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are holding the suspect in e back now at 6:16. let's take a look at some of the top stories for this friday. vallejo police holding the suspect in the murder of police officer james capoot. the veteran officer was shot to death while chasing a bank robbery suspect yesterday. and the "occupy sf" encampment on the embarcadero is now being called a public health nuisance by city officials. campers at the justin herman plaza are bracing for a possible police raid. and downed power lines may
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be the cause of a massive wildfire burning right now outside of reno. at least a dozen homes have been destroyed and one man has died of an apparent heart attack. how about some weather now? >> hey, we got some changes coming our way today. we have some scattered light showers showing up around the bay area, most of that confined to the north bay. as we're satisfying some of the showers on the high-def doppler radar, we're seeing some on the hi-def doppler, you not much rain yet. toward the afternoon, a better chance of rain and scattered showers around the bay area. it's going to be cool starting out with 40s and 50s, partly to mostly cloudy right now but by the afternoon, not much improvement in those temperatures. it will stay in the 50s for highs today. and the showers will be on the increase in the latter part of the day. you have that cold air now moving in the from the gulf of alaska. you see most of the rain is in the far northern parts of california. winter weather advisories in the sierra nevada so watch out if you are heading there. snow levels expected to drop below 3,000 feet overnight. all that cold air diving in going to keep things unsettled,
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much cooler outside. and then today, maybe some showers, kind of a break on saturday. but as we head in towards saturday night, sunday, this low drops down and spins along the coastline an dice south so a chance it could spin up a couple of showers saturday into sunday. clouds move by this morning, not too bad, maybe a couple of scattered light showers but i think they become more numerous toward the afternoon. you see that band moving on through then. continuing in through the evening hours. so pop-up showers and then looks like it will settle down tonight into tomorrow morning. temperatures expected to be in the 50s for the most part around the bay area, staying nice and cool outside. so bundle up. it will be chilly only about 55 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days we are going to keep things a little unsettled into latter part of the weekend as those clouds will roll back in looks like late in the day on saturday and a chance of showers overnight saturday night into sunday. dry on monday and tuesday. maybe some more rain for the holiday. that's a look at weather. let's talk to elizabeth about traffic. >> we started noticing some slower speeds on southbound 880 from hayward and union city. this is why.
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chopper 5 is over the scene. there is some roadwork going on. caltrans crews are out there. this is southbound 880 past the alvarado niles exit there in union city. it looks like the off-ramp and possibly that right lane are blocked day to construction. not sure if it's running late. but check out the backup on southbound 880. it is pretty slow from at least highway 92 there in hayward. so yeah, expect some delays on southbound 880. it looks like northbound traffic is getting by okay. but again, we're checking in with caltrans now to see what's going on and why they have that roadwork there past the alvarado niles exit. all right. elsewhere let's go to the south bay. we have another camera there, 101 near the mckee exit. everything looks great here. no delay on 101, 280 pretty quiet, as well. a busy morning at the bay bridge. first i want to show you a live look at 880 through oakland. so farther north up the nimitz. this looks okay near oracle and quiet towards downtown. bay bridge stacked up early this morning. i think some commuters are
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getting a head start towards maybe sfo or taking a longer break for their thanksgiving holiday. so far no metering lights. so actually looks okay in those fastrak lanes. but coming up, we'll take a check along the peninsula as well if you do have a flight to catch this morning. back to you. >> thank you. 6:20 now. a lot of people are just sick of the hassles of air travel, speaking of that. but this may be a first. hundreds of passengers traveling from india to england were stranded for six hours in vienna on wednesday. that's not that unusual until their comtel airline stopped for fuel. the charterer service then asked passengers to kick in more than $31,000 to buy gas. even asked some of them to get off so they could hit the atm [ laughter ] >> my god. you have to be kidding! >> this isn't a road trip. [ laughter ] >> it's not bad enough you're stuck for six hours on the tarmac although vienna is a lovely place, but not at the airport. >> $31,000. >> a lot of do re mi. big game week of course.
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cal and stanford fans gearing up for the annual rivally football game this saturday but last night students from both schools had a common goal, to beat the machine. top students from both universities squared off for a good morning of jeopardy against watson. watson is of course the ibm computer that bested jeopardy's all time champion. students said they wanted to see someone tack down the machine. >> just a good morning of jeopardy. there's football to be played. there's hockey to be played. we'll tray to beat stanford at those. but if stanford wants to beat watson i think that means a lot more. i think that's a lot bigger. >> they tried but failed. watson won by $1,000. cal finished second. stanford finished third. >> you did say cal was second. >> yes. >> ucla played, i'm sure they would have beaten watson. >> oh, yeah. not. [ laughter ] 6:21. a road to nowhere. the latest roadblock for california's high-speed rail project coming up. >> plus, we are checking out the tasty treats here in the bay area with of course liam
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area. >> reporter: first up, let's venture north to ad hoc in yountville and addendum where you will find lun snatch bag. that lun snatch bag it is a buttermilk fried chicken lunch check it out. delicious. couple of herbs on top. there i am doing the taste test there at addendum. chef dave cruz at the helm and that chicken is the tastiest you will find anyplace anytime. the brown bag lunch served for just two more weeks. enjoy it while you can. from yountville to san francisco and the ferry plaza market where you will find the jewish deli. the sandwiches are stacked to the gills. they know how to make a killer ruben. the tasty tow malice go no further than donna's tamale stand. there is the lovely donna and
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tasty treat. a quick nod to a restaurant in san francisco. a shrimp poboy with lashes of red cabbage, see their daily twitter feed for daily specials. planning a com >> join me weekdays on "eye on the bay" weekdays at 7:00 on channel 5. >> buttermilk fried chicken looked good. "occupy oakland" planning a comeback over weekend. >> the new location protestors plan to set up camp. a bombshell in a 30-year- old mystery. this morning a yacht skipper admits he lied about actress natalie wood's drowning. who he is blaming for her death when we come back. a tragedy this morning in vallejo. an officer fallen in the line of duty. the first time in more than 11 years, i'll tell you exactly
6:27 am
what happened coming up. and the final straw for the filth at "occupy sf." why campers fear they could be kicked out at any moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. happy friday. i'm grace lee. >> good morning.
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november 18th, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. our weatherman is going to be doing a little rain dance later this afternoon. >> well, the rain is coming either way, lawrence, no matter how bad the dancing is. >> nothing is wrong with my dancing. >> we've seen it. [ laughter ] out the door scattered showers most of that really in the north bay and widely scattered, not too heavy but things will pick up this afternoon. we'll have more on that and your weekend forecast in a bit. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: out live towards milpitas, chopper 5 is live over 880 and 237. everything looks good through this stretch but we do have some problems through hayward and parts of union city. it's all because of late running roadwork. details coming up. a memorial growing for a fallen vallejo police officer and this morning, police tell us the search for suspects is now over. >> officer james capoot was shot on janice street. he was trying to catch suspects from a bank robbery that happened a few miles away. gil diaz is in vallejo where
6:31 am
police are holding that suspect for the killing. >> reporter: we just got off the phone moments ago with the vallejo police department. they are confirming and saying that everyone involved in yesterday's bank robbery and shooting is in custody. they would not expand as to how many suspects they have in custody or if there is even one but they did say that everyone involved in in custody. we are outside the police station. a growing memorial, flowers, candles, balloons, a solano counties deputy came by just moments ago and paid his respects and prayed right here at the memorial. now, take a picture, take a look at this picture of officer capoot who was 45 years old, 19 years with the police here in vallejo. prior to that he worked for chp and is a marine veteran. here's the scene from yesterday afternoon. this is janice street. the tragedy started unfolding around 1:30. capoot responding to a bank robbery at a nearby bank of
6:32 am
america on springs road. he spotted the vehicle, the suspect sufficient chased after it for a -- the suspect suv chased after it for a few miles. he did a pit maneuver, it spun out of control and here's what happened next. >> shortly after exiting his vehicle and chasing the suspects officers who were arriving just moments later heard several shots fired. they discovered our officer down in the backyard and he was mortally wounded. >> and capoot was rushed to kaiser hospital where he later died. as you can see here, his comrades from the police department also probably family and other friends gathering and giving each other hugs and supporting each other which they will need this morning and he is survived by his wife and three kids. back to you. >> gil, i understand that the officer was wearing some sort of bulletproof vest or some sort of body armor, is that true?
6:33 am
and it didn't help, i guess , huh? >> reporter: that is true. a sergeant confirmed he was wearing body armor. cbs 5 sources say he was shot in the back. so even though he was wearing the body armor, maybe the shooter wars at close range or just essentially ambushed the officer. >> thank you, gil diaz live in the east bay. dozens of law enforcement officers and members of the community watched as the van carrying the body of officer capoot drove away in a procession. he was beloved in the communities of vallejo where he worked and vacaville where he lived. he received two medals of courage, two live saving medals and other honors in the vallejo police department. he was a mentor as well and a coach in the community helping a lot of young people. >> he was an amazing person. everybody who needed help, he was there. if you needed protection, he would be there. anybody hurt you, he would be
6:34 am
there for. >> i had some hard times. i went to jail before. at the time he was a total mentor to my son. he took care of him of he offered to raise him. >> clearly had a huge impact of. even in the last year, officer capoot and his wife had taken in the two children of some of their friends who were killed in a motorcycle crash. "occupy" encampment in downtown san francisco is now a public health nuisance. the director of public works did his latest walk-through at justin herman plaza yesterday. he and other officials found human waste, tents that were too close to one another for people to move around safely, and cramped conditions that can lead to illness there. but he also cited some progress in one respect. >> we have not seen any pets here. that is a huge improvement from what we are seeing in previous weeks. >> no pets? >> no animals. i don't see -- does anybody see any dogs or cats? a few weeks ago there were as many as 25 here. that's a huge improvement. >> we talked with police just a short time ago. they said that despite the new
6:35 am
public nuisance declaration, no police raid is imminent. tomorrow "occupy oakland" will be setting up a new camp in the city after a rally and march. this will be the first time since they were cleared out from frank ogawa plaza on monday. tomorrow's march will start at broadway and 14th and end across the fox theatre at telegraph avenue. they plan to camp there in an empty lot. meanwhile in downtown san jose the standoff continues between city officials and a man atop a 36-foot-high wall at city hall plaza. sean o'kelly first climbed up there almost four weeks ago as "occupy san jose" protestors began camping below. yesterday, city wrote him a formal letter telling him he is trespassing. o'kelly vows to stay up there for 99 days. the "occupy san jose" voluntarily removed their tents after they said they would be evicted if they didn't.
6:36 am
some of them are going to have endure the rain this weekend. >> not too bad. not a washout. lawrence? >> just some scattered showers out there right now. i think toward the weekend more of the same going to be picking up toward the latter part of the day. still we are seeing some showers in the north bay this morning. out the door most of the wet this morning toward the afternoon most of the bay area going to see some scattered showers. that cold air pouring down from the gulf of alaska going to bring some unsettled weather and cooler temperatures outside. numbers into the 50s and 40s right now. by the afternoon, highs only in the 50s in the afternoon, a brisk 55 degrees with some showers into san francisco. about 58 in livermore. more on the weekend forecast coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you. i want to show you these problems that chopper 5 showed us. they took these pictures a little while ago. this is -- well, i was going to try to show you some video. there it is. this is southbound 880 through hayward. now, the problem is some late running roadwork that's it
6:37 am
right there from caltrans. southbound 80 by the alvarado niles exit. they have the off-ramp blocked and what sounds like two right lanes. some paving work didn't set correctly. we just got off the phone with them and so they are saying 8:00 possibly to get this situation under control. you can see them out there. they are hard at work in the meantime. it is pretty much jammed solid from highway 92 in hayward so definitely expect some delays for at least the beginning of our morning commute. now, as you saw from that map we also have some slight ace train delays. number 3 is up to 10 minutes late. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 6:37. a major bombshell in a 30-year- old hollywood mystery. this morning, a yacht skipper admits that he lied about actress natalie wood's death and is pointing the finger at her husband actor robert wagner. kirk hawkins reports from l.a. where the sheriff's department is re-opening the case. >> reporter: good morning. right now we're live outside the sheriff's department
6:38 am
headquarters where they are planning a news conference later this morning at 11 a.m. as you know, the focus on the death of natalie wood has been a point of intrigue for decades now. people really have been speculating about exactly what happened and now this new interview and this new book that the skipper is behind has really caused the sheriff's department here to reopen the investigation. l.a. county sheriff's deputies say that they are taking another look at the drowning death of actress natalie wood. wood drowned while boating after catalina island nearly 30 years ago on november 29, 1981. at the time the l.a. county coroner's office and the sheriff's department ruled the drowning was an accident. homicide detectives say they are re-opening their investigation because of new recollections from the ship's skipper. he says all new this morning that he lied to investigators about events leading up to the death. he says he believes wood's
6:39 am
husband robert wagner is responsible for the death and tried to keep the investigation low profile. now, that skipper spoke out in an exclusive interview with cbs news program 48 hours. >> natalie would never in a million years take that dinghy out by herself. >> wood was with her husband robert wagner and friend christopher walken the night before she died. the trio ate dinner on catalina island and then had drinks on the couple's 60-foot yacht. all three had a fight. after the fight calmed down and he went to bed, wagner said wood wasn't in their bedroom. he told investigators he tried to search for her but couldn't find her. her body turned up the next morning a mile from the yacht. a dinghy was found beached nearby. and we reached out to wagner yesterday and he released a statement where he expressed support for the new investigation but he questioned the timing of it 30 years almost to the day of his wife's death. live in monterey park, kirk
6:40 am
hawkins, cbs 5. now back to you guys. >> kirk, frank and i were just talking about this. we are curious about the timing of this! is it just based on daven's testimony now? is he trying to sell books? why now? >> reporter: you know, initially the sheriff's department told us it was because of new information that came from a third party source. it sounds like to us that is a question that we'll have to get answered as part of that news conference later this morning but, of course, you have the book, he made a national television appearance here earlier this morning. and so it all adds this kind of cloud of suspicion where you really wonder what his motivations are behind all this but, of course, there has been intense speculation about this for decades. >> my guess is you're going to be very busy the next few weeks, my friend. ha ha. >> reporter: i think you're right. here we go again. >> kirk hawkins life in l.a., thank you. the cbs series "48 hours: mystery" will have much more on this saturday night at 10:00
6:41 am
right here on cbs 5. it is 6:40 now. the u.s. senate has approved legislation that eliminates future funding for the high- speed rail projects including right here in california. the house previously had a similar vote. it adds more doubt to california's project with an estimated cost that is now ballooned to $98.5 billion. but governor brown says he intends to let the voter- approved project move forward. it is 6:41. the filth at "occupy sf" now a public health hazard. >> is it time to close up camp? phil matier and willie brown are live at justin herman plaza with what police plan to do next. and the market opened just a few minutes ago. let's take a quick look at the early numbers. it's been a tough week so far before you so far a mixed bag but the dow is up 28. we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 am
good morning, bay area! if you are just getting up, we have a lot of clouds outside, some scattered showers have begun, most of that located in the north bay right now. these are very light precipitation coming down right now. but in toward the napa valley, petaluma, and novato seeing some light scattered showers there. i think things will be picking up toward the afternoon. and the temperatures are definitely going to be cool.
6:45 am
right now 40s and 50s, partly to mostly cloudy skies and sprinkles showing up. by the afternoon numerous showers around the bay area and temperatures going it stay cold highs in the 50s around the bay area for today. all this cold air coming from the gulf of alaska dropping in. the majority of the rain so far in far northern california a lot of the moisture ending up in the bay area toward the afternoon hours. so things becoming unsettled much cooler as a lot of the air drops in not only today but over the week especially. the good news is it's going to see showers move in today the better part of saturday okay with partly cloudy skies but by saturday night into sunday this next low drops in along the coastline going to scoot south along the coast maybe spinning up more showers late saturday night into sunday. showers toward the afternoon. you see the rain moving through pretty good band toward the afternoon hours so a wet commute. scattered showers through the evening commute, settling down on saturday so not a rainout for the weekend but chilly. highs today only in the 50s around the bay area. and by tomorrow, more of those
6:46 am
50s outside with some partly cloudy skies. a chance of showers toward sunday morning. after that things dry out monday and tuesday. maybe more rain into the holiday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we have a new accident just coming in, in fremont. northbound 880 right there by alvarado road. we have an accident there not causing any major delays but just a heads up. we are seeing delays through portions of hayward and union city because of late running caltrans roadwork. southbound 880 around alvarado niles exit southbound lane closes. some paving work is problematic so the backup will be until 8 a.m. elsewhere at the bay bridge a busy start at the bay bridge this morning maybe some folks getting out of town for the holiday next week. right now it's in the too bad. metering lights are on backed up to the first overcrossing.
6:47 am
chopper 5 is live over milpitas for the hi-5. we have a very christmas-y bunch out there. this is a family giving tree and they are launching the 22nd annual holiday wish drive. this season, the goal is to grant gift requests for more than 61,000 kids. so if you want to help these folks out and grand their wish online you can check them out at thank you so much. love the hats and christmas spirit a little early... [ laughter ] >> look at the guy on the left. he is enthused. >> he is on the phone right new talking to my producer gianna screaming, wave, you're on tv! >> wearing a ridiculous hat. >> if you want to be part of future hi-5s, email us at great job. >> like it. thanks. thanks for joining us this morning. good to see you. san francisco-based gap has posted some mixed results in the latest quarter. yelp also withdrawing $100 million from the market. let's talk about it with jason
6:48 am
brooks with kcbs and he joins us with a little holiday shirt on, as well. good morning. >> happy friday to you. >> you can wave, too. >> already in the holiday spirit. >> reporter: gap would like people to get into the holiday spirit more than the past couple of years. gap is struggling with all three chains, banana republic and old navy. the stock profit dived 36% in the 3rd quarter, sales down almost 2%. the company says it's going to engage in some heavy discounting as the holiday season approaches. that might put more pressure on its profits as a result. key tech company in the region disappointing investors after it lost money in the most recent quarter and its revenue gain of 3% was shy of expectations. the cloud specialist is having a big impact on the market this morning. its shares are down 10% as a result. yelp's ipo, the popular review
6:49 am
site hoping to draw more interest into internet companies such as linkedin and groupon and another similar site angie's list went public yesterday. difference there is that angie's list charges a monthly fee for its reviews whereas yelp is free. angie's list had a good solid debut yesterday shares pulling back a little this morning. europe on the minds of everybody again so that will influence the action today. right now the dow is trying to rebound up 17 points after heavy selling past couple of sessions. the nasdaq is down by 8. and the s&p is down a quarter point. >> all right. jason brooks with kcbs and thank you. have a good friday. >> reporter: you, too. higher education, taxes, take center stage for the "occupy" movement. cal students facing off against the police this week. and a serious health situation for "occupy sf." that's where we find phil matier and willie brown. does it smell better or look cleaner, phil? >> reporter: yes.
6:50 am
as a matter of fact, it does. take the camera over here. come on, mayor. they are trying their best to keep the place clean. they have cleaned out the bocce ball courts there which was one of the demands. they are limiting a bit of tents here and stuff like that. although they do have some new structures up. what's your impression? >> well, i'm really impressed. as a matter of fact, take a look at the structure there. >> which one? >> all the balloons. and then on the other side, you got what appears to be condos. double deckers. and they are well laid out. there are walking paths so that everybody can in fact move around if they choose to do. there are places to dump garbage. it's reasonably well done. >> reporter: but is it well enough for the mayor or is the mayor trying to squeeze them down? >> i think they are having good conversations with the mayor because obviously, the population, phil, has been substantially reduced from the time we were here a few weeks
6:51 am
ago. >> i think that's the goal. i got to tell you, i think what the mayor is doing i got to be honest with you mayor brown, i see the cops over here around 24/7, putting the barriers up, i think the mayor is squeezing them out. >> reporter: he would like to reduce the population to something far more manageable, i think. i think he would like to have the population not offensive to the people who are in small business all around here all with the idea -- >> reporter: or the big ones like the hyatt and the office buildings. that's yes took them off market street. >> reporter: well, as he told me yesterday the reason he took them off market street and i think that literally the people who are in front of the federal reserve, that's an unsightly place. it's not like it is down here. >> reporter: what about this -- frank? >> i was just going to ask you, mayor brown, of course, former mayor, what would he do if he was sitting in the big chair now? >> that's not a good question. >> reporter: why not? [ laughter ]
6:52 am
>> i'm about to develop a herman cain moment. [ laughter ] >> i'm about to say, let me say... [ laughter ] i'm too close to the mayor to be giving any projections as to what i should or should not do or would or would not do. you might ask that of gavin if you some of i know what agnos would do. he would bring more homeless people in. >> i got a feeling what you would be doing is saying get them out of there. >> there is no question it's an eyesore no matter how clean it is. >> reporter: but your eyesore is a statement, a political statement to the people that actually support this group. and this includes don't forget, grace that includes a number of the board of supervisors. right? >> yeah. >> an labor groups which put up those porta-potties over there. so mayor ed lee, you know, he is having to deal with two things. one is what this is to people walking by and, two, what it means to the politics of city hall in the coming months. >> and if any kind of camp was acceptable, this would be one
6:53 am
of those that would be acceptable. it does not look like a junkyard. believe it or not. >> reporter: final question. are you going to go in there and join them? >> no. no, no, no. i've already prepaid rent for a couple of years. [ laughter ] >> willie is not going to be getting his suit dirty, new that, phil. >> they don't serve lattes, either. [ laughter ] >> phil and willie -- >> if it keeps going this way, i think they are going to start one in here, okay? [ laughter ] >> all right. phil and willie -- >> as a matter of fact it wouldn't surprise me to see a push cart coming through. >> all right, guys. >> talk to you later. >> enjoy your weekend. good stuff, thanks tributes are pouring in this morning for a vallejo officer killed in a bank robbery chase. what police are saying the jailed suspect. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
duty. cer james capoot ( a memorial is growing this morning for a vallejo officer who was killed in the line of duty. james capoot was shot on janice street trying to catch a us is effect respect from a bank robbery a few miles away. gil diaz is in vallejo where the suspected killer is now in custody. >> reporter: good morning. more people are paying respects outside the police department
6:57 am
and laying down flowers and candles for officer capoot. take a look at the fallen officer. this is officer james capoot, 45 years old. 19 years with this force. survived by his wife and three daughters. here's the scene from above. yesterday afternoon, above janice street it happened at 1:30. capoot was responding to a bank robbery at bank of america on springs road. he spotted the suspect vehicle, chased it, made it spin out of control, chased after the suspect on foot. the suspect shot at him. sources tell us in the back. now, one of the people who arrived at police station was a deputy from solano county. we asked him the danger of being in law enforcement and chasing suspects. >> that's the job. that's all or job. that's all we can do is just pray for his family. they are the ones that will need all the prayers now. >> reporter: now, as for suspects, we just got off the phone with the police moments ago. they have everyone in every involved in the bank robbery in
6:58 am
custody. they wouldn't say whether it's one or more but they say everyone is in custody. back to you. >> thank you. big weekend is coming up. a holiday next week. and you are delivering -- >> showers! [ laughter ] >> and rain and cold weather. but it's not too bad just yet. we have some scattered showers out there most of that just light and most of it so far confined to the north bay. now, that's likely going to change toward the afternoon. more showers south. highs in the 50s around the bay area it today not a rainout. partly cloudy on saturday, chance of showers overnight saturday night into sunday. chance of rain on the holidays. speaking of a big weekend, we have the big game cal and stanford playing this weekend. heading out there bundle up. forget about the records. this is a rivalry anything could happen this weekend. >> good to see you're leaning towards the cal side, anyway.
6:59 am
i'm not. it's my wife's birthday and the cal-stanford game wasn't on the docket. i'll watch it on tv. big problems going on through hayward and union city in traffic. it is all because of this, late running roadwork with caltrans. some of the paving work they were doing overnight didn't set correctly so until 8:00 this morning. the off-ramp is blocked. it's hard to tell up to two lanes blocked by southbound 880 near the alvarado niles exit but check these backups. this is really putting a number there on the morning commute. it looks like it is jammed from at least washington avenue all the way to san leandro. so southbound 880 is backed up from san leandro all the way down straight through until you get to union city. and then past alvarado niles, we see speeds improve again but yeah some big backups. all that darn paving work didn't get set correctly and they are saying 8:00 when they hope to get lanes open. >> we have a little birthday. >> yes. happy birthday


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