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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 news in high-def high definitio. >> wild fire. >> programs that inspired. >> good evening, i'm dana cain. >> we have pictures coming into the studio. berkeley fire. two blocks from the campus on dana. started at 8:45 tonight. the word went out just moments ago that all firefighters should get out of the building. part of the building may be on the verge of collapse. all fire crews have been
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accounted for, we're told, so far, no reports that anyone has been hurt. there are about 40 units in the building and we'll keep you updated on it. >> thanksgiving, snow, but right now a wild fire threatening 2000 homes in the reno area. >> the city of reno is under a state of emergency. how the fire seemed to come out of nowhere. sharon? >> reporter: ken, dana, the fire was enough to topple a semi truck. a mountain of soaring flames errorred through the nevada foothills, driving nearly 3000 people from their beds in the middle of the night. some are relieved to find their homes still standing. some helped find the flames! what did you use?
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>> garden hose. grateful that we have a good fire department to help and i'm sorry for the people who didn't turn out as well. >> reporter: fire crews say the worst is over now. but if the winds let up, it won't take much for the flames to flair up again. the early morning fires around 60 miles per hour with fires. first, it was too windy to drop retardant. >> we want to get it in the air but can't because of the high winds. >> we have crews leapfrogging from one area, one neighborhood to another. >> whoa, that just got big quickly. i didn't even see that. >> giant flames cut unpredictable paths, licking up at least 25 homes. firefighters managed to save
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nearly 4000 homes near the subdivision. >> hit and miss with the homes. my home is okay, i just don't have any power. >> 16 people suffered injuries from mainly smoke inhalation. firefighters suffered from burns and a man died o of a heart attack trying to evacuate. >> snow is helping the fires but do not have a line around the flame. crews do not know what start it had fire but could have been a powerline or encampment. >> thank you, sharon. check your refrigerators. a bad batch of lettuce is being recalled. california company recalled more than 5000 cases after e. coli was found in the lettuce. sold at safeway, trader joe's, and ray leaf. sale date after today, november
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'18. so far, no illnesses have been reported. tomorrow, oakland occupiers plan to pitch their tents at a new location. but some neighbors say, hey, wait a minute. check out what happened today. >> this is not an appropriate place to have this happen. this is a public space. >> neighbors interrupted an occupier's news conference. frank ogawa plaza say they'll resettle 5 blocks north on an empty city lot next to the fox theater in the area known as uptown. >> people messing up the place with tents is not what i'm looking forward to at all. >> i think it's a good thing. >> trespassing on the lots, not clear. it's the leaders plans to set up the tents tomorrow.
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yeah, that's what happened at uc davis today. that's not spray paint, it's pepper spray at the students. protesting tuition hikes. refused to leave the encampment on campus. 200 shouted at police to back down. arrests were made. they say they gave the campers ample warning to bring down the tents and leave. south bay man killed in afghanistan. specialist sean walsh died in afghanistan wednesday. fire. fellow soldiers say he was on patrol when he was hit. specialist walsh was 24 years old. the suspect's name is henry
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albert smith, 23 years old from fair field. shot james yesterday after robbing a bank and after a high speed chase. the suspect's friends say that they are overwhelmed by this news. >> i don't know what happened but i love my brother. we're praying for him and we're praying for the kapoot family. brokenhearted people all around. >> he acted alone in the murder of kapoot. other headlines around the bay area. religious leaders gathered in oakland to call attention to the 100 murders in the city so far this year. they hope it is a call to the
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community to fight crime. a wild chase in oakland today after officers said they tried to stop the suspect's car near grand and mcarthur. what followed were two crashes. the carjacked vehicle, the red suv slam food a lamp post. at least 2 people taken away on stretchers. you know it's the holiday season when the white lights go up. this is the 25th year of the lighting ceremony. roberta gonzalez was there and tells us the 17,000 lights are energy efficient leds. time is running out for the washington super committee to reach a deal on cutting the deficit. the deadline is wednesday. the 12 member committee will work through the weekend but
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democrats and republicans can see they're stuck. the job is to slash $2 trillion or face cuts. >> we're divided on taxes and whether or not the wealthiest americans should share in the sacrifice that all of us have to make. >> republicans say democrats rejected their offer for $542 billion in spending cuts and higher tax revenues. also, the house of representatives defeated a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. job numbers are not great, but they aren't getting any worse. that's the good news. california's unemployment rate dropped two tenths of a percent. more people going back to work. bay area unemployment rate jobbed to 2.1%. one industry that's putting a
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lot of californiaens to work these days but at risk of being collateral damage to federal policy. >> there's no big parties here, black lights or posters on the wall. it's all destroyed as we test it. >> at an undisclosed secure location in oakland, dr. robert martin enters a pass code and escorts us into a high-tech highly specialized laboratory. >> a flamer, check. >> reporter: what's this microbiologist and his team of ph.d.s really doing here? >> provide assurance to the medical marijuana industry. pesticide and potency. >> reporter: in a state desperate for job growth.
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>> absolutely. as well as the federal government. >> reporter: that's the same federal government put it can heat on histrio. martin is one of thousands of californians making a living off the cash crop without growing or selling it. >> not trying to send it out of state or do the things they're claiming the profiteering aspects of the industry. >> reporter: the same goes for james who launched outside of san diego. >> as you can see, the bottles, it's a considerable investment. pretty much my life savings in this building. my son works here with me and we have five employees. saw steady growth every month because people responded to the venture like medicine. >> reporter: now with the feds cracking down -- >> between 45 and 50 of our
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customers have shut down. >> people of california have voted and say, they want this. did our elected representatives work for the government or for the people who elected them? >> reporter: what they share. >> it's going to go back in the dark and be in the black market. >> what does that mean, no jobs aboveground and taxes. >> their messages. >> i want them to know i'm out here trying to help, trying to do it like california wanted us to do it. >> reporter: more proof the feds are moving in. the irs formed the fight of dispensary. can no longer deduct marijuana related business expenses. it's like buying champagne on a beer budget.
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what has fashionistas lined up? >> as a teenager, charlie was one of thousands of californianess sterilized against his will. the state program inspired by hitler. next. ,,, [ elevator bell dings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] sometimes, a hint is all the wrapping a gift needs. is that what i think it is? ♪ [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time.
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off the animal holiday adoption event at union square. in the past six years, the holiday windows helped the aspca raise thousands of dollars and find homes for 2000 animals. is it worth spending the night on a sidewalk to look cool? >> for dozens of people tonight, the answer is most definitely yes. with a group of people, robert, what should we call these folks. >> fashionistas. >> you might be able to call it fashionistas or profiteering with the sagging economy and that is the exactly what's under yards and all in sleeping bags. they have been camped out here for hours. they say they'll be here until 8:00 a.m. they're trying to score what they say is italy's top
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designer versace at rock bottom prices. profiteers in the midst. >> reporter: union square don't know what to think. >> are they here for occupy san francisco? >> reporter: yes, there are tents. >> i love versace. >> reporter: form add line around the building to be their first to lay their hands on versace at hm prices. >> reporter: they'll rye lie to get it. >> i said i would go christmas shopping. >> reporter: you lied to your date to go do this in matching
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trousers for men. >> $200 range for items whereas for versace you'd be paying in the thousands. >> crazy. >> reporter: crazy? here's what crazy. when versace went on in london last week, a fight broke out. >> people keep taking pictures of me whiff a reputation to maintain. >> reporter: but you're on a sidewalk so what reputation are you trying to maintain? >> a multimillion dollar. >> reporter: i found they rated h and h london already. retailing on ebay at double or triple the price. >> reporter: you know people might think you're slightly -- >> yeah, i know, i know.
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>> reporter: this is crazy like a fox in this shrinking economy. how does versace do that in go after a younger cloud. they're more willing to spend a hundred than a thousand. black friday frenzy because once the items are sold, they will not reorder anymore and that's what's created all the hype on ebay. back to you. >> genius. i think i know the woman with the multimillion -- it's lady gaga, right? >> reporter: i'll leave that to you. >> dropping egg supplier. workers swinging chickens by their feet and male chicks suffocated in plastic bags.
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minnesota based sparbo farms is going to investigate. a northern california man breaks his silence about a secret he kept hidden for most of his life, even to his wife. he talk abouts what happened to him and thousands at the hospital. elizabeth cook has this man's story. >> reporter: california has a reputation for being cutting edge but years ago, progressive california pioneered what is now considered to be a barbaric act. it's been 15 years but charles still remembers the sound. he said he was forcibly sterilized, given a vasectomy, he was only 15. in 1942, charles and his sister
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were placed at an orphanage. he said without any explanation, sent to this state run facility in sonoma county. it was originally started to help children but ended up hurting instead. in the 20s, 30s, and 40s in the sonoma state home. doctors systematically sterilized thousands of children and adults against their will. california was one more of 30 states based on a now discredited science called eugenics, the idea to manipulate the gene pool by breeding out undesirable traits. >> between who was fit and unfit. >> reporter: in 1929 and 1947, forcibly sterilized more than 20,000 people more a wide range
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of reasons including premarital sex, true anisi, alcohol, low iq, physical deformity, even masturbation. >> the only thing that was deviant. passed on to generations. california was considered the epicenter of the eugenics movement. >> it was to create a perfect society of blond blue-eyed people. >> that caught the attention of nazi germany. they passed their own sterilization law and according to scholarly program, went to california for praise. >> hitler got his whole notion of eugenics from california. >> reporter: introduced legislation to finally repeal the california law. he said we need to remember
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what happened. >> so that we never repeated again. >> reporter: it doomed his adult relationship. >> three years it ruined with, as it turns out, i couldn't have children. they took off. >> reporter: once married, he never told his wife. she died never knowing the truth. he now lives in a care facility in stockton. >> if i wasn't sterilized, probably wouldn't be here now. probably be having a family somewhere. >> reporter: in 2003, the at a time of california issued a blanket's apology to all those involuntarily sterilized. charles says that's not enough. wants compensation. but they say there's no fund
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for reparation. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to eyewitness news here on cbs 5. welcome back, everybody. what a day we had yesterday. our microclimates, in fact, tonight people were out and about in their raincoats and in their umbrellas and now the showers are tapering off. commuting an end. no need for the high-def doppler radar but you may need it this weekend. 50s in san francisco. weather headlines, showers now tapering off. tomorrow, a cloudy and cool day and then another chance of rain by tomorrow night. even possibility of snow in our local mountains. sunday will be a cloudy and cool day. this is interesting. all week long, the computer models are in disagreement for the saturday night storm. now look what it's doing. the edge of the storm now wants to push on shore instead of just playing tag with the coast. sunday morning, we wake up a little bit on the west side.
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bulk of the precipitation to the south and then it looks like it will be dry for 49er action. at candle stick, playing host to the arizona cardinalles. 56 degrees with a slight chance of a shower. temperatures in the 50s across the board. 50s all day long. extended forecast has called for an unsettled weather pattern until monday. and then a moist wet thanksgiving. eyewitness news be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and assistant miranda serna were both killed in a plane crash late last night... the two were ruiting oklahoma state women's basketball butkey were in a plane crash. national title game. iowa state jeff scored the touchdown in double overtime with the cowboys and perfect season shake-up to dcs.
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49ers 8-1 and won seven straight game. haven't been able to get rid of everybody's favorite motivational character. >> he comes in with the media and stand on y'all's backs and stay away from him when he jumps on y'all's backs talking to y'all too. >> day 3 of the president's cub, this guy not invited to the kpix invitation. what's he doing? trying to win his first match of the tournament, but after justin johnson lost, u.s. has a 12-9 lead. 3-0 with a convincing win at uc davis. white town goes baseline. cardinals beat 72-49. play at madison square garden
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in the season. we'll be right back. you ready for your present? yeah. all right, i'll be right back. okay. ♪ [ male announcer ] sometimes the giving can be just as amazing as the gift. what do you think? [ laughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers like a complimentary first month's payment
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