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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. way too young for a driver's license. but a group of bay area kids manage to carjack several people. the scary trick they used on drivers. >> and this kid can forget about the tooth fairy. >> we're just going to see how many wiggly teeth you have. >> why his mom and others are paying dentists to pull their child's perfectly healthy baby teeth. what they're banking on. >> good everyoning, i'm ken. >> a group of friends, 13 and 14 years old out for some fun. problem is, police say fun for them was carjacking. >> police tell us the kids forced at least four people out of their cars at gunpoint and drove off. kit shows us the kids even took turns at it. >> here at the bay fair mall in san leandro last week, a boy carjacked a victim at gunpoint. the boy looked young.
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he was just 13 years old. at first, the victim thought it was a joke. >> based on the age of the person on the other end of the gun, the suspect, and asked him, is this a joke? and the first suspect said it wasn't. >> the carjacking spree started here. earlier that day on november 12. at the corner of marina boulevard and aurora drive. police say the teens terrified victims with this, a bb gun replica of a bareta pistol. over the next five days, they carjacked four people at various locations, including the mall and two bart stations. police say the teens took turns with the bb gun and each got a chance to carjack someone. two victims told san leandro police the kids were fairly calm. >> neither of them faced any profanity. pointed a gun at them and demanded the keys.
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>> just a matter of fact. >> a combination of in a minute , tips and police work led to the arrests of four teenagers. two are 14 and the other two are just 13 years old. >> i was pretty shocked. >> the motive? police say the teens wanted the cars to take on joyrides. they are now at the juvenile justice center. >> they are sorry they got caught, but in some of the kids, i didn't sense any remorse. >> and one of the most interesting details was the fact that one of the suspects was a girl and she provided the bb gun to the boys. these are not your average 13 to 14-year-olds. they stand 5 1/2 to 6 feet tall t. will be up to the district attorney to charge them as adults. kit, cbs 5. right now oakland occupiers are in a standoff with oakland
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police. about an hour and a half ago, the officers ordered them to leave a private vacant lot. at 18th and lyndon streets in west oakland. at first, the occupiers refused. they have been there since last night with about a dozen tents. and just within the last ten minutes, the occupiers took down those tents, but they are still hanging out in the lot and in the street. crowd has mellowed quite a bit. officers are still there. >> he has become a villain. the uc davis police officer that pepper sprayed peaceful students. tonight, we're hearing from another police officer who says he, too, was a victim of that officer's bad behavior. robert lyles is at uc davis tonight. >> nearly 1200. >> i want to know why you didn't feel like you had to address the media. >> packed this auditorium with almost all of their verbal
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venim. >> i want to know what you're doing right now, today, to make sure that students have the right to protest. >> campus rages on high boil following the pep r spray incident that has been seen around the world. giving uc davis police the green light to spray an obviously peaceful demonstration. he since placed the police chief on administrative leave. more about them in a minute, but listen at her apology. >> i am requesting that those charges against the students who have been arrested be dropped. >> yet watch as the chancellor's efforts to apologize to occupy protesters is shut down. >> can i ask a question? >> i'm sorry. >> the chancellor may have been silenced, but calvin refuses to be silent. >> that did not surprise me. the body language of the officer was consistent with my experience with him. >> the former uc davis cop says the university knew the cop behind the pepper spray
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trigger. john pike was a loose cannon, because chank chang sued him. >> university did nothing about it. they promoted john pike up. >> in fact, lieutenant pike is in charge of nearly 1/3 of uc davis' police officers, including investigators. >> these officers knew what the rules of engagement were and what was obvious there is that they violated the rules. >> calvin's lawsuit settled against uc davis for $240,000 back in 2008. as for that pepper spray event, there are now four separate investigations. including the local district attorney and a new one announced tonight that will be headed by the lapd's former police chief. reporting live, i'm robert lyles, cbs 5. a college students usually go overseas to experience a new
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culture. three american exchange students in cairo are experiencing what it's like to be arrested. and for joining egypt's protests. they are all studying at the american university of cairo. 19-year-old gregory porter from pennsylvania, 21-year-old luke gates of indiana, and derrik sweeney from jefferson city, missouri. the school spokesperson says it's not known if they have been charged yet. and more than 100,000 people braved tear gas in tarir square. four days of clashes with police left four people dead. the military rulers yield to a civilian government. the generals have offered elections next june, but the protesters rejected that offer. >> nearly a thousand people turned out in danville tonight to honor a hometown son killed in action in afghanistan. they met at the veteran's memorial in oak hill park to
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remember lance corporal, joshua corral. friends and family say that they hope everyone thinks about the troops serving overseas this holiday season. >> every year that he did live in danville, he made a difference to so many of you. especially at thanksgiving for those prayers that you asked for, for all the people he served with. >> this was lance corporal corral's first tour of duty in afghanistan. he was 19 years old. afghanistan was front and center at tonight's republican debate. randall shows us the candidates did their best to flex their national security muscles and kick a little sand in president obama's face. >> thank you. >> the republican candidates wasted no time taking swipes at president obama's foreign policy record. >> the obama policy of keeping your fingers crossed is not
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working in pakistan. >> president obama's foreign policy is saying america is another nation with a flag. >> why don't we mind our own business? >> beyond foreign policy, the debate focused on slashing the federal budget, including military spending. >> they are cutting programs and cutting their capacity of america to defend itself. >> the defense department is going to be on the table. >> it is clear there are some things you can do in defense that are less expensive. >> they aren't cutting anything out of anything. all this talk is just talk. >> the congressional supercommittee means the pentagon would see its budget slashed. those cuts kick in after the 2012 presidential election. governor rick perry criticized president obama's hands off approach to the supercommittee. >> we had a president of the united states who is not a leader. he pitched this over to them and said here, figure this out. >> former governors romney and huntsman over the u.s. courts
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in afghanistan. >> we haven't done a very good job defining and articulating what the end point is in afghanistan. >> this is not a time for america to cut and run. we are winding down. the afghan troops are picking up the capacity and the mission is straightforward. >> gop candidates have less than two months before voters in iowa and new hampshire cast their ballots. cbs news, washington. in vallejo tonight, officer jim capoot was remembered as someone who made a difference. he coached girls basketball at vallejo high school. many of the young women who he mentored attended a prayer vigil. officer capoot was shot and killed last week while chasing a bank robbery suspect. >> we here if a community recognizes and realize that no one goes unscathed if this horrific incident. all of us are in pain. >> pastor says they have been
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canceling adults and young people traumatized by his death. his funeral is next week. other bay area headlines now, muni is catching more cheaters. the agency's new police commander says officers have written 20% more fare evasion tickets. they started checking tickets all over the city and not just in high traffic stations. taxpayers lost half a billion dollars when solyndra went bust. now they'll pay millions more in federal unemployment aid. that's because the labor department ruled that overseas competition led to the bankruptcy and not a bad business model. and congratulations to san jose's, mohan. the 14-year-old is the youngest person to do a one year internship in particle physics at the center for european nuclear research in switzerland. she is 14. she already has all of her high
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school requirements and 40 college credits under her belt. people in one bay area nursing home, including many grandparents may be alone this thanksgiving. not because friends and family don't want to visit. juliette tells us it's because they are not being allowed to. juliette. >> ken, we're outside the country villa nursing facility. and what happened is there was a nirovirus outbreak. those are flu-like symptoms. it can be very serious to the elderly and unfortunately, sometimes fatal. during this timing right before thanksgiving, it's hard for folks not to have visitors. >> i talked to them daily on the phone and he is angry that this is keeping him from having visitors. >> janice hasn't been allowed to visit her husband since last week after a norovirus outbreak. >> my daughters who only get to see him now and then are
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hoping things are back to normal and he can go out to have thanksgiving with us. >> but you don't know yet? >> i don't know yet. >> public health closed the nursing home to visitors after 65 residents and 16 staff came down with a gastrointestinal illness. >> we are restricting visitors as much as possible and working with public health. >> staff members have been wearing masks. janice wore a mask to visit before the facility was closed to visitors all together. >> i would like to see my husband and that's frustrating. but i come over and drop him off his favorite things and then i come back and visit and bring some more things. >> this nursing facility is working closely with the county health department hoping to open its doors very soon to visitors. in fact, they hope to have that done before thanksgiving. juliette goodrich, cbs 5. they invented a product
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that pure purifies water. going after a scientist and his girlfriend. see what else their invention can be used for. mass layoffs, a silver lining. what is paving the road for a bay area hiring spree? forget the tooth fairy. why some parents are paying a dentist to pull a child's perfectly healthy baby teeth. what they are banking own. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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invented som r. they are both in their 80s. retired scientists who invented something to purify water. >> now drug enforcement agents are breathing down their necks. joe vazquez shows us little do the scientists know their invention does a lot more than purify water. >> we think this is a very practical product. >> it's called polar pure. for the past three decades, backpackers have been able to stave off disease by using this water purification product. earlier this year, people worried about nuclear purification, ordered polar pure in big numbers. >> two cap fulls. >> the inventors, a retired couple. his 85-year-old girlfriend, march, a chemist. now the drug enforcement agency shut bob and marge down. as it turns out, iodine is a
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key ingredient for cooking meth. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> you may have heard of smurping, deeming huge quantities of the blue tablets to make methamphetamine. it turns out, meth heads are smurfing polar pure. buying box loads from camping shops. so the dea over the last few years has made them jump through huge hoops. forcing them to pay a $1200 fee. also requiring them to keep a list of all the customers of the product. >> i am enjoying what the d.a. is supposed to be doing. why should i be in the middle of the meth heads buying my product? i have nothing to do with it. >> the meth heads also news water. are we going to require the water companies to get details on everybody who uses water? >> bob has refused to comply.
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so the feds ordered the supplier to stop shipping iodine to bob and marge. >> his product has been on the product for years. he's an unfortunate product of the craze. >> bob and marge plan to appeal their case. joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> electric car maker is about to give the local job market a jolt. it is gearing up to hire 400 workers thanks to a half billion general loan. the company will begin production next year at the new plan in fremont. many layed off workers are hoping to return to the site. and while they won't be making as much money, they will have some job security. >> already placed orders. the cars will get paid for. they are waiting to get built. >> there are a lot to be built.
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it has already sold out of next year's production. more than 6500 of them. so how much do kids get these days from the tooth fairy? $1, a couple of bucks? some parents are skipping the whole tooth fairy thing and paying doctors instead to pull out perfectly healthy baby teeth. the doctor shows us they are banking on those teeth for future good health. >> the newest way to extract stem cells is jaw dropping. >> we're going to see how many wiggly teeth you have. >> it requires having your child's baby teeth pulled by a dentist who packages them. >> it's a very, very easy way to collect stem cells. >> you want to play with your brother? >> ban by is collecting the teeth hoping one day they will help treat his type 1 diabetes. >> as a parent of a child, you
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want to grab on to any hope you can. >> her son os dentist offers the service. >> well the research indicates right now that it's good for spinal cord injury, repairing the heart muscle. alzheimer's, parakinson's disease, and other diseases just from dental stem cells. >> peter verlander is the chief scientific officer. he says while the research is preliminary, parents should be given the option. >> they would like to have the tools available for their kids if and when they need them. >> it's always a shame to hear statements like that where people say potentially without any real scientific basis. >> he says possible applications for dental stem cells are limited and how they are stored and quality provide other problems. >> to know that this stem cell offers that potential is not
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only a leap of faith, it's a leap over the cliff. >> offer help to parents. >> absolutely. there's no guarantee in anything. >> what if? they aren't deterred by the cast. $650 to sign up. plus, $10 a month for storage. >> i think it's a good thing. why not use it? >> for adults, wisdom teeth can be stored as well. no dental stem cells are being used anywhere but in the lab. >> union scare sr. all a glow tonight under a mostly cloudy sky. rain and the effect on the holiday travel as comby eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good evening, everybody. highs across the area was 59 in sonoma. here we go. let's set up your holiday travel because clouds are on the increase. rain will develop in the north bay.
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gradually spreading into the san francisco urban area by the afternoon hours and the heaviest rain will come wednesday night through thanksgiving morning and up to an inch of rain is anticipated. future cast, this has been a difficult forecast. it is changing hour by hour. 10:00 a.m. in the morning. some rain showers. this is a moderate, intense band of showers. it is still well north by 7:00 p.m. the tail end of the commute. slicing through the bay area about this time tomorrow night. there you have your thanksgiving. most of the rain moving due east and digging to the south and a stray shower throughout the day. maybe even a shower on friday morning. showers early. heading to the high sierra. have the chains. on thanksgiving, tomorrow's highs similar to today. it's not a degree or two cooler. 50s and 60s. they are uniform across the eastern portion of our district and digging ashed the bay from
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san leandro to 10 degrees cooler than that at 54, winds will be out of the south 20 to 25 mimes per hour. the extended forecast, check it out. the rain developing tomorrow and it tapers off and another batch of rain by next tews. >> that's the pinpoint forecast. we'll billion right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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e jim harbaugh well, you remember jim harbaugh's handshake heard around the world? one raven player hopes to try that on his brother, john, when the ravens host the 49ers on thursday. >> it's going to be exciting. it's going to be fun. all of the politics that have to do with this game between the two coaches and you know, hardless of the end result, i can't wait to see the handshake. >> that's funny when i think about it. two brothers going up against each other. i hope they don't start a fight. >> you better scarf down that turkey. game starts at 5:00. we'll see you at 5th quarter after the handshake. the look on his face says it off. 13 times in the first half alone. the bears got blown out by the
11:30 pm
21st ranked tigers. marcus had 19. 92-53 the final. good news for usf fans. they have signed extension with head coach, rex watters for the 2016 season. they were 19-15 last year. 10-4 in the west coast conference. congratulations. ryan braun is the national league's mvp. he voted 111 be thed in. give me the top five through three chairs. >> those terrible. >> this is terrible. look at lucile. >> looks like lincecum. >> okay, i want to show you. dana, look at that. look at the curvature. >> how old was that boy? >> you have to count the teach this one. >> we're showing you the top five tonight because in all
11:31 pm
everybody who had a strike, one turkey went for each strike. >> there's a fryer there. >> who has the fryer room. >> and $1, 222 strikes that were made. they will be donated as a result of that echt. >> good for them. >> you would be there because you're from the book twice. they have dip it for many, many years and always a good thing for charity. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what are you doing? >> the two young kids and a bag of flour. mary just had to go to the bathroom for a few minutes when she emerged, she found out it was snowing in her house. of course she pulled out the camera and turned the kids handywork into a youtube sensation. >> she didn't sound very shocked to me. she was not shocked. >> she was not upset. what would you do? >> ism going to ve


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