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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 26, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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craig: it is almost as if we have incorporated the awkward pause throughout the whole show. [laughter] it has become awkward and creepy from the beginning to the end and i'm talking a little bit like william shatner. not too much but a little bit. geoff: why -- are -- you -- doing -- it? craig: sometimes -- you -- talk -- a -- little -- bit -- like -- william --shatner -- too. geoff: it -- is - weird -- but -- you can call me bones. [laughter] craig: ok. bones. can you do anything about this? geoff: damn it, jim! i'm a doctor! not a bricklayer. craig: i know. i would like to thank danny devito and the lovely olivia munn and, of course, the fabulous ladies and gentleman of
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hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. prot all in the same you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. a perfect storm in the making, black friday shoppers, occupy protesters and critical mass all in the same place at the same time. egypt at the crossroads, the biggest protests yet just days before a major election. one holiday tradition faces an uncertain future, why the christmas tree growing industry is coming under fire. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. it has the potential for a real mess, the combination of holiday shoppers, occupy protesters and critical mass converging in the same place at the same time. >> but even though protesters
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blocked some streets things stayed relatively calm. don knapp is in union square on the elements for the perfect storm. reporter: that's right, liz. merchants and shoppers may have worried somewhat about the occupy protests here in downtown san francisco, but it turns out they need not have. it seems when the police blocked off the streets and the shoppers were in the streets walking with the protesters, they were ignoring them and everybody was in a pretty good mood. union square was already near gridlock with black friday shoppers when a relatively small group of occupy protesters brought things to a halt. moving from intersection to intersection and blocking them. police barricades closed down streets rerouting traffic, but the impact on foot traffic was nill. shoppers walked in the streets alongside the protesters. some shoppers had their pictures taken with a
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protester. if the protesters' message was to avoid retailing's single most important shopping day, they weren't having much success. >> i think the cause is lost when you have people out occupying because people were going to shop. their message was lost. reporter: meanwhile a perfect storm was in the making, a possible collision of black friday crowds, occupy protesters and critical mass all building unat about the same time, but the monthly rogue bicycling crowd headed in another direction and few downtown paid much attention to the occupy protesters. an overflow crowd gathered to watch the annual christmas tree lighting. >> three, two, one. [ cheering and applause ] reporter: with the message of the 99% was not -- but the message of the 99% was not falling entirely on deaf ears. >> even though it's inconvenient and i get a nyeed sometimes, i think finally -- annoyed sometimes, i think finally people are talking about it. >> i'm still not sure what they're protesting and if they're protesting something important, i would like to know what it is.
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i'm still unclear on what the message is. reporter: shoppers came early and stay late, but it may take a few days to figure out if they actually bought stuff. don knapp, cbs5. >> merchants and neighbors in downtown oakland ohed a black friday shopping street -- held a black friday shopping street day today. some shops suffered damage during riots three weeks ago. people in the area decided to help merchants by appealing to locals to skip big box stores. they called it blackout oakland, an effort to keep businesses hurting in the black this holiday season. some of the down >> they did fantastic and i have to attribute that to the great people of oakland coming by and checking it out. >> some of the downtown merchants supported the occupy oakland movement and occupy is returning the favor expressing support for local businesses and for the blackout local event. black eye on black friday
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shopping, police arrested an oakland man for shooting a wal- mart shopper in the parking lot. 20-year-old tony phillips is one of three suspects who tried to rob a group of shoppers outside the store in san leandro early this morning. the shoppers fought back. that's when someone shot the victim. phillips was actually caught by the victim's family. the others got away. that person shot is in critical condition tonight. black friday shoppers stunned by what happened. >> well, for a holiday and everything, it just doesn't make any sense. everybody should be getting along. >> i'd probably put up a struggle, but at some point i'd probably run. >> police are trying to determine if the man in custody was the shooter. police are still looking for the other two systems caught on surveillance camera. -- suspects caught on surveillance camera. egypts military leaders are hoping the unrest will call
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this weekend. elizabeth palmer on the deadly fight for democracy still continuing in the middle east country. reporter: the start of the muslim weekend meant tens of thousands more people were free to join the crowds in tahrir square in the biggest turnout this week. they all want the same thing, an immediate end to military rule. s but across town the military -- rule, but across town the military supporters came out, too demanding the general stay in power until a new president is elected next summer. two demonstrations, two entrenched catches that have paralyzed the country. -- camps that have paralyzed the country. their international newspaper says it's a dangerous crisis. >> i hope that there will be sort of consensus quickly in this country because i guess the country is going down the drain. reporter: the man appointed by
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the military to build consensus is kamul ganzuri, an old veteran of hosni mubarak's regime. he said i wants to name a broad based unity cabinet. i hope he says the youth and all political parties will submit names, but that didn't impress demonstrators in tahrir. >> in a country with more than 50% young people, so does he rate real change? of course not. reporter: tonight -- represent real change? of course not. reporter: tonight there's political stalemate in egypt after a week of turmoil that's left some 2,000 people injured and over 30 dead. it's an ominous prelude to the first round of landmark parliament elections which the government says will go ahead as planned monday. the elections here have been organized in stages, about 1/3 of the country will vote monday
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and tuesday. everything depends on turnout. if it's well over 50% that, will legitimize the process and probably calm things down. outside of cairo, which is a pressure cooker, millions of people here not only want a return to stability, but a real shot at democracy. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, cairo. found this morning bay area head lines, an 8- year-old boy found dead in a house in concord. he was found this morning by his foster mother. one neighbor says the couple who lives in the house is known for taking in special needs children. police are releasing little information except to say the incident is being investigated and an autopsy will be done next week. it could take days to clean up the mess and weeks to figure out what caused this massive water main break in south san francisco. the 60-foot tower of water unleashed just before 10:00 this morning. the break sent the torrent of water and mud flowing down into local streets.
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it actually flooded dozens of homes, so far no estimated cost of the damage and clean-up. not just a family portrait taken on thanksgiving. this is the first picture of bryan stow released by the family since he was attacked outside dodgers stadium last march. the picture was posted on the family's website. it says it's been a long time since our whole family was together on thanksgiving and we could not feel more thankful and blessed. a man has passed into the bay area tonight walking from montana to los angeles with a broken foot. steven mill house was raising money and awareness for homeless vets by walking 1,460 miles, the distance the average homeless person walks in a year. he fractured his left foot near the nevada/idaho state line and it slowed him down. the former marine used to be homeless himself and says there are more homeless vets than ever before. >> i'm kind of like a johnny apple seed, but i'm planting
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awareness. i have all these marvelous little stories of people i talk to via my blog, e-mail about getting involved. >> millhouse has been blogging and fundraising on his website myonemanmarch point org. his goal is to raise $1 million so far he has $3,000. it's a life saving drug that will soon be very cheap but not for everybody, why you could be forced to buy the br,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is going generic. it's the best selling drug in history and now lipitor is going generic. >> this could be big savings for millions of people or as wyatan drews explains, they could still be -- wyatt andrews explains, they could still be forced to get the drug by brand name. reporter: it's not every day the best selling drug in history goes generic, but it's happening for 3.3 million patients like roz chicora who depend on lipitor to lower their cholesterol. >> this is a life saving drug in some ways. reporter: a life saving drug that's about to get cheaper. starting next thursday most copayments for lipitor will drop from $25 per month to a generic copayment of $10, an average savings of $180 per year. historically when a brand name
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drug goes generic, the price drops 90% within a year. based on lipitor sales of $7.2 billion last year, this one generic drug could save the healthcare system $6.5 billion, but that kind of money has led pfizer, the maker of lipitor, to launch an aggressive marketing campaign. >> if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop. reporter: pfizer is offering discounts so large some drug benefit companies have told pharmacies to keep filling prescriptions with brand name lipitor warning that the generic will not be covered. pharmacists like stacy schwartz, owner of the neighborhood pharmacy in alexandria, virginia, will in some cases make more money for dispensing lipitor instead of the generic. a patient could come in with a generic script and you would still fill it with branded lipitor? >> absolutely. it will be interesting to see just how many plans are on
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board. reporter: an advocacy group called pharmacists united for truth and transparency says pfizer by freezing out the generic could cost the insurance industry and the federal government an extra $35 more per prescription. pfizer rejects that telling cbs news its new prices for lipitor are at or below the cost of a generic to both payors and patients. >> it's a little bit high of. reporter: if that's true, the cost of lipitor is about to plummet for patients, the insurance companies, medicare and medicaid as the blockbuster drug of all time starts to deliver blockbuster savings. a new study is showing that for some women it would be better for your health if you enjoy that glass of wine with your next italian meal. a new study in the american journal of clinical nutrition finds middle aged women who eat large amounts of refined carbs and drink moderately have a 30%
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lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes. the results do not indicate researchers say those who don't drink should start. their definition offed no rate drinking was two drinks a week -- of moderate drinking was two drinks a week. turns out the number of christmas tree farms is dropping. mark sayer talked to a local grower who said the entire industry is in need of a major marketing push. >> like the smell, too. reporter: jason townsend and his family came to san martin from livermore to find that perfect christmas tree. townsend and his daughters say there's just no substitute for the real thing. >> the family tradition, we've been doing this for a good 10 years. after thanksgiving we come out and do a little christmas tree cutting, get a little family bonding going. >> you can put lots of ornaments on it and lots of other stuff on it. reporter: but the christmas tree growing industry is coming under fire from none other than
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the fake trees you can buy at most retailers. >> that's really our biggest competition is the fake tree industry right now of. reporter: paul batalia and his family have grown christmas trees more than 40 years. >> necessity have money to advertise and promote their product -- they have money to advertise and promote their product and we have lacked that with the tree farmers. reporter: in fact, statistics from the u.s. department of agriculture show the number of christmas tree farms is down about 44% nationwide. to fight back the industry has been asking usda to administer a checkoff program where the industry pays into a fund that is then used to pay for marketing. >> to self-assess our 15 cents per tree that we sell every given year to go into a pool of funs to market our product. reporter: even though other industry -- funds to market our product. reporter: even though other industries already do it like got milk, he says the efforts have got caught up in politics and are now stalled.
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>> would you take fake flowers to your wife on valentine's day? you don't do that. reporter: so for now the growers of real trees will count auto tradition to fend official -- count on tradition to fend off their artificial counterparts. san jose kicked off the holiday season with the opening of christmas in the park. >> three, two, one, light it up! open [ cheering and applause ] >> tonight they turned on the lights on the tree in cesar chavez park. this year the city could no longer afford to pay for the festival. so community and local businesses chipped in to save it contributing thousands in cash, materials and labor. l runs >> this is actually worth every smile. this morning when we were finishing everything off, you get to a point you're really tired. you see everybody smile when the tree turns on and it means everything to you. >> the annual holiday festival runs six weeks. the opening ceremonies included
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music, santa and a new mascot, blinky the reindeer. union square tree lighting in san francisco was a rather star sturdied affair. the 80-foot fir -- studded affair. the 80-foot fir tree wearing 20,000 twinkling lights. it's the most recognized in the bay area. for 22 years macy's has given the tree to the city as a gift. santa was there, of course. >> three, two, one. light that tree! [ cheering and applause ] day sp >> in another part of town our very own roberta gonzales was leading the holiday spirit with her friend in the red suit there, tonight the 47th tree lighting ceremony, an entire afternoon and evening filled with holiday entertainment, performances by city opera sf
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and yuletide carolers and the loyola toy shop offered a small gift for each child that was at the ceremony. >> held low. i'm lawrence car ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some cool crisp festive weather. >> i think it's time to decorate, right? the lights are going on on the trees. but there's some fog, that's right. i think that will be the major concern over the next couple nights as we're seeing a thick fog developing in some of the valleys, high pressure building overhead, no threat of rain in the forecast, but it does look like some of that thick fog developing right now, but that ridge causing the jet stream to lift well to the north now. we'll dry things out throughout the weekend, but the raindrops left behind are leaving pretty thick fog. starting out with fog early on tomorrow, but hazy sunshine by afternoon, a couple passing clouds, temperatures well into the 60s, almost 70 degrees in some of the warmer spots by afternoon. getting chilly in some of the valleys now, thick fog down to
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1/4-mile of visibility in santa rosa, 3/4 of a mile in napa valley. you're getting the idea. still should be a nice weekend as we'll see plenty of sunshine in the afternoon hours, high pressure strong enough to keep us nice and dry, looks like probably for the foreseeable future. overnight lows will run down to the 40s and low 50s. by day we're looking good as that ridge builds in, temperatures soaring up to the 60s in most spots as long as we clear out the low clouds and fog. i think we're looking at great weather the next couple days, going to stay nice and dry, warmer through monday. as we head in towards tuesday and wednesday, things cool down a little, but no rain in sight the next five to seven days, looking very nice throughout the weekend. >> good shopping weather. >> great shopping weather. my wife says it's fantastic to shop. >> all weather is good shopping weather. >> i've never found a bad weather for her to shop in. >> doesn't matter about the weather if you do it online. >> you don't have to hunt online, though. >> ever done ebay? it's a hunt.
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>> and the competition. speaking of competition. >> no kidding. you ready? >> red against orange on black friday, no deals at the garden. so stanford and syracuse win her to earn this one. if you -- winner had to earn this one. if you like offense, you'd like the asu game. pac-12 action from tempe and ,,,
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with a loss tonight, the bears woul their temporar cam has already played five
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games at -- cal has already played five games at at&t this season and with a loss tonight the bears would likely end back at their home for the kraft hunter bowl. 1st quarter asu up 7-3. he bursts through the hole and dives across the goal line finishing with 127 points on the ground. the sun devils scored twice before the half. brock osweiler fired to his tight end trevor cole to put asu up 28-27. 3rd quarter, zach maynard avoids the pressure and finds running back c.j. anderson who got behind the defense. anderson wins the sprint to the end zone for his third touchdown of the night, bears win 47-38 and finish the regular season at 7-5. top ranked lsu hosting no. 3 arkansas. now how is this one? lsu gave the hogs a 14-point
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lead. that was pretty nice there, but then the sale ended here on black friday. the tigers turned the tables and turned it on and outscore the hawks 41-3. lsu blows out arkansas 41-17 and take on georgia next week in the sec championship game. a little high school action for you, mcclimons high school won the silver bowl which decides oakland city city championship. it's punched in from 2 yards out. the warriors beat skyline 33- 19. there you go on the men's side now. a little stanford hoops action, johnny dawkins taking on syracuse, both coming in unbeaten. 2nd half josh won't missed the hook shot but anthony brown comes flying in for the putback, stanford up by seven with 7 to play but the orange close the game on a 22-8 run, kris joseph goes high off the
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glass, cardinal suffer their first loss of the season. usf taking mowry state. everyone do chest pump -- usc taking on murray state. cody dunan pushes it up the floor. murray state wins 70-67 snapping usf's five-game win streak. santa clara's kevin foster broke steve nash's school record for most career three pointers at 263, but it came at a losing effort. oklahoma finished the 1st half to an 18-0 run. it got close in the end but the sooners beat the broncos 85-73. a little soccer update, stanford women's team is headed to its fourth straight final four. the cardinal beat oklahoma state 2-1 in overtime. senior lindsay taylor scored the game winning goal. i'm sure there was some amazing plays in malls across
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the country during black friday. we can't show you those, but we can show you these, the friday night top 5. no. 5, utah lost to colorado and that means ucla wins the pac-12 south and will play oregon or stanford in the conference championship game. no. 4, some running backs like to run through the defense. others like to jump. nebraska with the leap over the iowa defender. a school record set with 38 carries and the win 20-7. no. 3, sidney crosby back in the mix after a concussion. no. 2, back in the silver bowl, this great catch by kline's austin chow, way to hang on. that is good and no. 1, jason woods gets pushed out of bounds and face it out a dallas cheerleader. it looks like he reached out and decided to grab her. maybe he needs some more
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cushion. >> i gave her an 8.5. >> she was okay. >> that's your top five, pretty good stuff. >> we'll be ,,,,,,,,


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