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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  November 26, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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saturday, ahead of cyber monday. how today is helping the mom >> black friday is over and now it is small business saturday, just ahead of cyber monday. how today is helping the mom and pop stores get back in the black. the woman suspected of firing pepper spray to clear out black friday shoppers turns herself in. why police let her go. >> one of three american students arrested in egypt is back home in the united states tonight. good evening, i'm grace wade. we begin with the line. the crowds and the craziness of black friday at the big box stores is over. today is the day for shoppers to show their appreciation for the small, the unique and the local. ann mackovic went shopping on small business saturday.
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>> reporter: it is a big day for small business. >> usually, you can tell how the year is going to be you know, next year is based on christmas. >> don't expect the flashy 50% off signs or other deep discounts you might see at the big box stores here at morning glory boutique. >> we typically don't which sounds crazy. >> this shop in downtown burlingame doesn't have to resort to saefplts. >> most of our clientele are boutique-base. so, they're not the type to want to go out and get these crazy discounts. >> reporter: today dubbed small business saturday two years ago is a time for shoppers thinking small to show their support. even president obama pitched in taking his daughters to a bookstore a few blocks from the white house. there are some distinct advantages. >> smart find to be in a small boutique. in a large department store it gets overwhelming. >> it is not all about
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competition. the storeowners that we spoke with say the arrival helps foot traffic along the entire corridor. >> just have to get them in the door. >> just have to come inside. >> it opened seven months ago on burlingame avenue. they're still struggling but hopeful customers will recognize the value. >> we compete because we bring fresh olive oil and people come here and taste it first. >> reporter: what's good for one of the shops is usually good for them all leaving hope for the start of a strong holiday shopping season. >> this year has actually been booming. it is much better. >> in burlingame, ann mackovic, cbs 5. the holiday shopping season got off to a strong start on black friday. initial stints show sales up 7% over last year. but the black friday figures with retailers offering huge discounts don't necessarily reflect what the seasonal figures will be.
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the national retail federation is only expecting about a 2.8% increase even with an extra saturday for shopping. >> the official numbers don't come out until tomorrow. anecdotally, it is very good. more people lined up at macy's in new york than ever before. but a cbs poll said four in ten americans say they're going to spend less this year than they did last year. when they get in the store and see the sales, they may act differently but that's not a great sign. >> online sales are growing but only make up about 10% of all sales. so, retailers still need to get shoppers into the stores. now, online shopping has been growing every year, however and this year, cyber monday could be the biggest shopping day of the year. on both thanksgiving and black friday. online sales soared up 39% on thursday. 24% on friday. that's compared to last year. this year, retailers are offering deep discounts as well as free shipping to attract those online shoppers on cyber monday. among the biggest sellers, mobile phones and tablet
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computers. a woman accused of firing pepper spray at black friday shoppers in los angeles has turned herself in. the unidentified woman was released pending further investigation. this after she refused to talk about the incident. police say the suspect fired pepper spray to clear a path to xbox video game players at walmart. she managed to get away in the confusion. ten people suffered minor injuries from the spray including children and the resulting chaos. investigators are scouring surveillance video after the black friday shooting at a san leandro walmart. the man and his family were walking to their car after shopping when suddenly, a group of men demanded their purchases. when the family refused, a fight broke out which led to the shooting. the victim is expected to survive. one of the suspects was arrested but police are looking for at least three more people who were involved in that incident. falling temperatures will be a major obstacle for the occupy movement. since they are antibig
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retailers, demonstrators are making their own winter wear. it is called knit-in for the sit-in. a group of oeurps in berkeley are busy knitting scarves, hats and mittens th-fpblt he will pay them to occupiers in new york city. they're also taking donations of warm clothes. >> things aren't as cozy at the occupy camp in los angeles. the city's mayor has served protestors with an eviction notice. occupiers have until midnight tomorrow to clear their campsite from the city hall park. there are close to 500 tents set up there. the mayor says there will be shelter beds available for campers who are homeless. and cleanup continues today in south san francisco. this is where an accidental urban geyser sent mud and water flowing into homes there. the water main break happened yesterday, shooting up plumes 60 feet into the air. more than a dozen homes were flooded. the pipeline serves more than two million customers delivering water from the hetch
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hetchy system. today, the san francisco public utilities commission told us repairs are expected to begin next week. but first, investigators had to figure out what happened. in the meantime, everyone does have water service. well, one of three american students arrested during a protest in cairo is back home in philadelphia tonight. a big sigh of relief for 19- year-old greg porter. he landed about three hours ago. the other two, luke gates and derek sweeney, are also on their way back to the united states. they caught flights out of egypt earlier today. the three were taken into custody from the roof of a building near tahrir square last sunday. they were accused of throwing firebombs at security forces, fighting with protestors. an egyptian court ordered their release on thursday. the crowd in cairo's tahrir square is smaller today but 5,000 people are still there. demanding the military quickly hand over power to its civilian government. the military council yesterday
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put a former prime minister in charge. but he served under ousted president hosni mubarak. protestors are preventing the leader from entering the cabinet building. more than 40 people were killed this week in violent clashes in the square. particle notary elections are scheduled to -- parliamentary elections are scheduled to begin on monday. pakistan has rocked vital convoys for troops in afghanistan. angry pakistani leaders are also demanding that the u.s. leave a military base that is used by american drones. this is after pakistan claims nato attacks targeting the taliban killed as many as 28 pakistani troops yesterday. this incident is further straining relations between the two countries. nato is investigating. if confirmed, it would be the deadliest friendly fire incident by nato against pakistani troops since the afghan war began. boldly going where no one has gone before. >> and liftoff of the atlas five with curiosity.
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seeking clues. >> a rover of monstrous proportions zooming toward the red planet. what scientists hope to uncover this time around on mars. saving your hands from writer's cramp and main permission to daydream in class. the new app that can make paper obsolete in the classroom. >> the mild weather pattern to wrap up our thanksgiving holiday weekend here. we'll look for dense fog to form in the inland valleys and the bay first thing in the morning giving way to partly cloudy skies. i'll have the details coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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life. a message for the well, it seems earthlings have hraufrpged another mission to mars to look for signs of life. a message for the alien planet, we come in peace. >> and liftoff of the atlas five with curiosity. seeking clues to the planetary puzzle about life on mars. >> 13,000 people watched nasa launch an extraterrestrial explorer today in cape
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canaveral, florida. the six wheeled one armed robotic rover nicknamed curiosity will search for evidence of life on mars, the planet that is most like earth in the solar system. it will use several scientific instruments to sample martian soil and rocks. >> they know water was still in the past. it is still there in the form of ice. by looking for organics and try to answer the habitability question, they're hoping to focus future missions to go and see if life ever actually evolved on mars or even still exists. >> it will take unmanned curiosity eight and a half months and more than 354 million miles just to get to mars. the takeoff was flawless. the landing, however, could be tricky. worldwide, humans have launched more than three dozen missions to mars but fewer than half of those quests had actually succeeded. batteries in electric cars that catch on fire. federal officials are investigating safety issues with batteries used in general motors chevy volts. the national highway traffic
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safety administration crash tested three volt lithium ion battery packs. in one instance, it caught fire after the crash. in another, the battery smoke and sparked. last may, a firer started from something checked three weeks earlier. >> pencil and paper have been staples in the classroom for centuries. there is a new digital system that can make those items as obsolete as an an abacus. >> when it comes to using notes in school -- some students are getting some help. >> i know that a lot of my friends use laptop device or -- i know if i did that, i would zone out. >> when i was student, you would show up with a pencil and paper and take notes verbatim. those days are gone. now, there is an app for that.
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>> i do remember sitting in many lectures after a really hard swim practice and having a hard time concentrating on the lecture. >> fred mitchell of ginger in palo alto has come to every daydreamer's rescue. >> kept the microphone here. we've started recording. >> it is called notability. it combines writing, recording and web sharing. >> only in the last month has it become really popular. >> how popular? >> very popular. >> in fact, it is the number one best selling ipad app in the u.s. and several other countries. >> we expect to have a half a million sold by the end of the year. >> some students we found think the old way is better because of the physical act of writing something down instead of recording it. of. >> i found when i write things, it not only helps me digest information, but helps me stay focused. >> others embrace the new technology. >> to help them learn better, i think i'm all for it. >> in palo alto, cbs 5.
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school seems like a long time ago. coming up, gamers no longer have to pause to take care of business. how creators have come up with a way to let gamers keep playing without taking a potty break. a bit of a warm-up around the bay today. that trend will continue as a dry and mild weekend takes shape. mostly clear out there tonight. look for dense fog in the early morning hours. we'll take a look at it coming up next. ,, [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice.
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it turned out to be a beautiful saturday afternoon. blue skies. pretty nice. >> warmer, too. >> yeah.
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>> the end of the thanksgiving weekend will be a little nicer than the beginning for all of the people traveling back home here. we'll look for mild weekend weather pattern here after the blustery conditions started the busiest travel day of the year last wednesday. we're looking at it again. in absence of weather to speak of. dense fog in the inland valleys and possibly around the bay. mainly in the east bay. partly cloudy, dry and mild through the day tomorrow. and midweek, we may get some wind. we'll continue dry for the most part to end your thanksgiving holidays here. looks like it will be nice throughout the week. temperatures slightly warmer than today with the overnight lows in the mid to low 40s for most locations. even back at the water and in the colder spots up in the north bay where the dense fog is likely to form by the first thing in the morning. the balmy temperatures may make skating a little slushy. they always refreeze it. it shouldn't be a problem. holidays kicked off in grand fashion. partly cloudy conditions at the coast. for tomorrow. with a bit of dense fog at the
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bay and in the inland valleys here. probably through midday. before that fog finally burns off. daytime highs will stay cool. the result is actually some of the central valley fog working its way back into the east bay here and through the carquinez straits. high clouds with dense fog mainly out across the interior as the storm track stays to our north, that means dry and mild weekend and probably through next week as well. again, breezy conditions by midweek. other than the early morning fog, we're not seeing anything in the way of major weather systems. however, keep in mind the fog could be very dense with reduced areas of visibility likely right on through next week. as we see temperatures peaking out tomorrow in the mid to low 60s across the north bay. mid to upper 60s as you head into the east bay. it will be cooler over in the tri-valley area as a result of the fog that will linger into midday with low 70s in the south bay. mid to upper 60s on the
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peninsula. again, east bay locations will hover in the mid to low 60s range with the dense fog likely through midday here as we take several trips through the temperature map here. we'll see again the conditions will remain partly cloudy. dense fog into the beginning of the week. after that, we can expect temperatures to cool down here as the winds pick up wednesday into thursday. again, i don't see any rain approaching on the horizon. we'll keep it dry and mild. >> no rain in sight? >> no rain in sight. and it is november. >> perfect for shopping. for all of the people out there. >> indeed. >> we'll enjoy it while we've got it. thanks a lot, jim. >> with men being the great multitaskers that they are, men have found a way to keep them playing while taking care of business. a london bar launched hands free urine controlled video games. yes, that's right. they're installed in the men's room. visitors can play one of three games while taking a potty break. the goal is to test the
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accuracy of their aim which keeps things clean as well. the idea has been both popular and profitable. >> a group of american servicemen were in the bar and i heard one of them coming out high-fiving his mate saying 12! they were saying no way, dude. >> i guess that's good. the idea is to make money. an ad for a drink appears before the game begins. no word yet on when the game will trickle down here to the u.s. but interesting idea. you know. as a woman, kim, i'm just going to say if it weren't for them -- >> i'm glad, jim, you're not getting one anytime. i'm glad we're not getting one in the lady's room. >> do we have a deal between the nba and players? >> oregon needed a whip to clinch it up north. sports is next. ,,,,,,
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for the n-b-a... the players and owners have finally agreed to a deal to end the lockout and start the season on christmas day... the players and owners have finally agreed to a deal to start the season on christmas day. >> literally thousands of people who are dependent upon playing of our games. at arenas, at parking lots, at restaurants around the stadium. we resolve that despite some
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even bumps this evening, that the greater good required us to knock ourselves out and come to this tentative understanding. >> the deal is expected to be finalized later this weekend, assuming there are no setbacks, training camps would open on december 9th. the 66-game regular season is set to tip off on christmas. the warriors open would be the next night against the bulls. >> oregon was a four t-fpb favorite to win the civil war against oregon state but if the beavers could pull off the upset, stanford would win the pac 12 north. >> duck fans not jumping off the bandwagon. sean manion dumps it off to stevenson. he's got plenty of room to run. 58 yards later, the tie game. manion throws for 289 yards and three touchdowns but it wasn't enough to keep up with oregon.
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darren thomas hits bomber for one of his four touchdown passes. the ducks gain close to 700 yards as they beat oregon state. it will be oregon hosting ucla next friday night in the first ever pac 12 championship game. the winner will earn a spot in the rose bowl. cal wrapped up its regular season with a win in tempe against arizona state. the bears won three of their final four games to finish 7-5 and will likely be going to el paso for the sun bowl or san diego for the holiday bowl. let's go down to the s.e.c. the crimson tide, mccarran throws deep to a wide open kenny bell. we'll have to wait a week to see if there will be a rematch with lsu in the national title
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game. >> one of the great traditions here. jump around headed into the fourth quarter. everyone getting in on the fun at camp randall penn state blown out. 156 yards and four touchdown run. theit inly lions have lost -- the nittany lions have lost two of three since joe paterno was fired. the raiders will be without mcfadden against the bears. it will be the fourth straight game mcfadden has missed since spraining his foot last month against the chiefs. chicago has injury issues of their own. quarterback jay cutler is out with a broken thumb. back-up haynie will make his first career start tomorrow. don't expect the raiders to be surprised by haynie. >> i'm expecting mike to be
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mike. and to come out and call his game and expect haynie to come in and do a good job of managing the game plan and not trying to win the game at the quarterback position. >> let me say this. this is one thing i know about the defensive staff. we know everything about this young man. we know what he eats. we know where he sleeps. we know exactly what he does. >> finally, the basketball team bounced back from their loss against missouri with an 80-59 win. the bears are now 5-1 this season. good for monti. i can't stop thinking about the video game toilet thing. >> we're trying to figure out if you have to pay for it, it is based in london. would men play this? >> you'll let me know? you're going to go to london and check it out for us. >> it is. >> thanks a lot, guys. we'll be back in about half an hour. stay tuned. we've got news updates at web with web in the meantime. have a great night! ,,
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