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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  November 27, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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being distracted by a crossd puzzle. another occupy camp facing eviction... the trend now spreading from coast to coa. and a firefighter and young father critically injured ia hit and run... the evidence san francisco police are releasing to find a driver responsible. good evening... i'm juliette goodrich. dozens of residents in one h bay apartment complex are homeless tonight. that's afa three-alarm fire saturday damaged or destroyed 16 uni. anne makovec on the simple mistake that was the sourcef the blaze. ((89, 9:26:58 - scary)) that's how dozens of peoplen cupertino who lived at this . >> scary. >> reporter: that's how dozens of people in cupertino who lived
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at this apartment complex are describing the past 24 hours. >> oh, no! >> reporter: this cell phone video shows massive flames coming from that second floor apartment at around 6:00 last night, a fire that started when a woman was cooking french fries. >> got distracted, went into the bedroom. they were in there doing cross word puzzles. then all of a sudden the smoke alarm alerted them of the smoke. >> reporter: this picture posted on twitter shows the fire, after it moved from the pan to the cupboards to the entire kitchen. the '70s-era building doesn't have many windows and spread quickly. smoke and water damage, firefighters didn't know how bad this would get. the whole complex was evacuated for a few hours. 200 to 300 people, worried about what they would come back to. >> we're not from here. we're from other country.
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>> reporter: the red cross set up a shelter at a high school next door. >> we had nowhere else to stay. >> reporter: his family is one of 16 evacuated indefinitely. >> some parents are sick because their house is knocked down. they don't have house insurance and stuff. >> reporter: apartment complex managers are working to move people who lost their home in this building to some of the vacant apartments in other unaffected buildings. in cupertino, anne mackovic, cbs 5. a berkeley apartment building ravaged by a five-alarm fire will be demolished tomorrow. the five-story building has been red tagged since the blaze nine days ago. it was home to many cal students. nearby buildings and roads remain close until the structure is brought down. demonstrators at occupy protests across the country face eviction notices tonight. this is the scene in philadelphia, where police moved in after the mayor ordered people to leave their downtown encampment by this afternoon.
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midnight tonight is the deadline for demonstrators in los angeles. stephanie abrams on how protesters are responding there. >> reporter: juliet, many of the occupiers have been here for 58 days, saying they have become entrenched. they say living here on the south lawn of city hall has become a way of life for them. yes, they know the deadline to leave is tonight at midnight, but as you can see, police will certainly have their hands full. police cars surrounded the camp and officers surveyed the south lawn, but we found very few tents breaking down, despite the fast-approaching midnight deadline to obey the posted city ordinances. now spray painted, some with the words "cops" crossed out. the mayor gave notice friday. >> the long-term encampment is not sustainable. >> now they are trying back-handed ways to throw us out of parks in the middle of the night before we can get to judges. >> reporter: they say it's unfair to have to leave before
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addressing their grievances in court monday morning. but city councilman bill rosenthal visited them today, ensuring them the l.a. city council will continue to listen. >> we can work together, work together civilly. we'll form a committee that will address the issues and take it from there. >> we really believe he cares and he's trying his best. however, the city council itself passed a resolution saying that we had the first amendment right to remain here. now they are renying on that agreement. >> reporter: there are children and babies here, and signs that read "love, don't hate." at the kids village, some are breaking down. >> going to be a few hours. i have one dent for my boyfriend and my dog, one for my young irchildren and one for my 19-year-old son. >> we've been going over who wants to get arrested, who doesn't want to get arrested, coming up with bail money, getting anybody's individual information so if they do go to
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jail we can get them out promptly. >> reporter: for most, the beat goes on, and even more tents go up. >> here from san diego. >> why are you arriving here today? >> because we wanted to check it out. >> reporter: either way, closure begins at 12:01. we just got off the phone with the los angeles police who tell us the last thing they want to see here is violence tonight. they continue to assess and monitor the situation and they do hope to see these tents start coming down at midnight tonight, and occupiers assure me the children will certainly be gone by then. reporting live outside city hall, in los angeles, stephanie abrams, cbs 5. back to you. >> stephanie, thank you. the recent pepper spraying of occupy protesters at uc davis will be the subject of a general strike tomorrow on campus. the protest is also intended to send a message to regents over tuition hikes. the board is meeting tomorrow. supporters of the occupy movement have been camping out at davis all weekend and dozens
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of tents have been delivered, purchased with online donations. a firefighter is in critical condition tonight, a victim of a hit and run in san francisco thanksgiving morning. police say the calfire worker got into an argument with a man at a restaurant at 11th avenue and gary. minutes later, the firefighter was intentionally hit at a gas station two blocks away. the victim is identified as 29-year-old albert bartle, a five-year veteran of calfire. he is an iraq war veteran, recently divorced and raising a young daughter. he grew up just blocks from where he was hit. >> speaking from cdf firefighters, this is, this is a horrible experience that no fireman or police officer, nobody would ever want to have to go through this. >> police believe this is the man who hit bartle. he is described as a mixed race or latin male between 18 and 24 years old, with short black
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hair. this is a photo of the suspect's vehicle. it's a black mazda cx-type suv with possible front end damage and sports rims. people with information are urged to contact the san francisco police department. more people have died on california highways this holiday weekend. chp says the number of fatalities compared to a year ago nearly doubled from 12 to 21. the number of drunk driving arrests fell 1350 compared to 1419. the bay area saw one fatal accident and a decline in dui arrests. checking other bay area headlines now, tonight, people are gathering in the castro to honor the lives of harvey milk and george musconi. you're looking at video from last year's candlelight vigil. the supervisor and mayor were gunned down in 1978, 33 years ago today. and bart will be running
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extra trains tonight to help holiday travelers get to and from the oakland and san francisco airports. extended trains will run on the pittsburgh bay point line, which serves san francisco international airport, and in oakland, extra shuttle buses will connect the airport with the coliseum station. the numbers are in, and americans are in the mood to shop this holiday season. one tracking service says black friday pumped a billion more into cash registers this year than last. the total for friday alone was $11.4 billion for in-store sales. but online sales were even stronger, 18% higher on thanksgiving day, and 26% higher on black friday. and friday's total was a record for the year. $816million. of course tomorrow is cyber monday, but here are other numbers to keep in mind. about half of the workers say they will spend time tomorrow at work shopping on the internet.
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no surprise, but some 60% of companies say they plan to block internet access tomorrow and nearly a quarter of bosses say they will be monitoring worker activity online. high seas rescue at the hands of royalty's dramatic pictures aboard prince william's helicopter. >> the first evening was the most frightening thing in my life. back home safe and sound. the stories from three american students caught up in cairo's violence. widespread and southern fog prevailed around the bay, keeping a chill in the air today. it will be back tonight, with us first thing in the morning. we'll take a look, coming up in your forecast in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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. >> several more are actually missing. gale force winds are blamed for the rough seas that cracked the hull of the russian ship. afghanistan says they were . the airstrikes that killed 24 pakistani soldiers were no accident. afghanistan says they were retaliation by afghan and nato forces for gunfire from the bases in pakistan. that version challenges pakistan's claim the airstrikes were unprovoked. nato says it's investigating and the u.s. plans its own investigation. meanwhile, the attacks have sparked angry antiamerican demonstrations in several cities in pakistan today. the three american students arrested during antigovernment demonstrations in egypt last week are all at home with their families tonight. drew levenson on what they had to say about their ordeal. >> reporter: those american college students detained in egypt spent their first full day back in the united states. saturday, the three young men
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flew to freedom and into their families' arms. >> thank the world, and i love the world! and thank you! it's so beautiful and good! >> so thankful to be back in philadelphia. >> glad to be back with my family. i want to go home and have thanksgiving. >> reporter: the men were students at american university in cairo. that's very close to tahrir square, where upwards of 100,000 demonstrators have been calling for an end to a military government. egyptian authorities accused the three of throwing fire bombs last week at security forces fighting the protesters. derrik sweeney is a 19-year-old georgetown university student from missouri. he says the first night in detention, soldiers threatened them with guns. >> it was very, very frightening, especially, yeah, that first evening was the most frightening thing in my life. >> reporter: the incident comes amid unrest in the country, as egyptians elect their first
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parliament since february's uprising ended president hosni mubarak's 30-year rule. despite the ordeal, the students say they hold no grudge. >> i don't want this to play out like a negative experience for me, because i had a really good time. >> reporter: for the american students who could have witnessed the elections firsthand, they are fine with watching history unfold on television. drew levenson, cbs news. heavy fog shrouding parts of the bay area. will the skies clear for the work week ahead? jim's pinpoint forecast is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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everything fro . oh, yes, the 12 days of christmas are going to cost you even more this year. the people who add up the price of everything from partridges in pear trees to golden rings say all the items total more than $100,000 for the first time ever. the biggest price hike is not the gold. it's actually the seven swans aswimming, plus the shipping. so that's what costs you. it's the shipping costs! >> should have known. >> you should have known! >> i think they are endangered now. that might up the price, too. >> that might do it. we have some fog? >> quite a bit of fog around the bay today, and chilly weather day as well. we saw temperatures struggling in the valley to get out of the 50s here. again, the fog will be back tonight. looking outside right now, looks pretty clear in and around the bay. we'll look for dense fog to form in the north and east bay valley and move in around the bay. rather patchy here and there. as a result, temperatures will be cool again tomorrow, as we
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see mid to low 60s prevailing across the bay. partly cloudy, continued dry and mild through the week here, as we see by midweek breezy conditions develop. that will help mix out the fog. we'll have another day or two of fog and then that will clear out. we see areas of dense fog for tomorrow again in the north and east bay valleys. visibility will occasionally be less than a quarter of a mile. this is not a marine fog layer. this is the central valley fog. it's seasonal and has a tendency to get very dense and visibility is very restricted in that type of a fog pattern, as it was this morning in the north bay and the east bay. we saw temperatures there again in the mid to upper 50s. starting to move to the south, things warmed up a bit. still in the mid to low 60s. by the time you got down to monterrey bay, upper 60s, lower 70s there. santa cruz and monterrey, all very warm. we'll see temperatures tonight in the upper 30s to lower 40s across the interior. mid to low 40s right at the bay.
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clouds will move in here through the overnight hours. we saw mid and high level cloud cover as well, masking the central valley fog, snuck into the bay earlier today. again, the storm track will stay north all week long, as this high pressure system dominates in the offshore waters. as a result, we'll look for dry and mild week as the fog mixes out from midweek on. again, the next couple of days, it will be with us, clearing out by the afternoon hours, as we see once again breezy conditions develop by midweek. temperatures tomorrow, expected again to be in the mid to low 60s. cooler in the fog bound locations and then through the week, gradually warming up a bit. back into the mid to upper 60s, and by the weekend, a few more clouds. lot of wind develops wednesday and thursday and temperatures will fall slightly. as you can see, we will continue dry for the foreseeable future. >> kind of like that. >> good shopping weather. >> okay, jim. thank you.
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ey did have sebast . the raiders were without darren mcfadden, jacoby ford and moore, but they did have jankowski, who kicked a team record 6 field goals this afternoon. bears quarterback jay cutler, out with a broken thumb. backup kaleb haney made his first start and his inexperience showed right away. he puts one up for grabs and route comes up with it to set up a jankowski field goal. 6-0 raiders in the second, when palmer throws into traffic. bad idea, because graham picks it off. palmer was 21 for 37, for 301 yards, but no touchdowns. haney made the raiders pay for the turnover. he hits knox on the slant and runs right past stanford route and into the end zone. the first touchdown pass of haney's career gives chicago a 7-6 lead. now, 9-7 raiders after another field goal. bears were knocking on the door again. haney's pass is tipped by curry.
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haney's third interception of the half. he does get all the way down inside the 10. the raiders led 12-7 at the half, after the fourth field goal. less than 4 minutes to go, raiders up, finally punch it into the end zone. michael bush scores for the fourth straight week. the raiders hang on to beat the bears 25-20. . >> we had some chances and that was disappointing to me. but at the end of the day, we got the victory, you know. everything will be perfect. i wish it was. i'm still looking for the game when we score 59 or 69 points. it's coming. i just don't know when. i'm looking for it. the unstoppable force that is tim tebow in san diego. the broncos spot the chargers 10 points early. tebow with a touchdown pass to eric decker. this game goes to overtime and san diego missed its field goal try, but not denver.
5:55 pm
matt prater is true from 37 yards. tebow is 5-1 as a starter. broncos win 16-13, and the broncos trailing the raiders by just one game in the afc west. chiefs and chargers are fading fast. seattle have a fourth quarter lead, but washington takes a shot and keeps going into the end zone, running for 108 yards. redskins down 3. rex grossman is under pressure, sets up and throws it as far as he can. armstrong leaps and comes down with it. washington ends its six-game losing streak 23-17. good news for the niners, they only need one more win to clinch the nfc west. bills and jets fighting for their playoff lives. tied in the second quarter, ryan
5:56 pm
fitzpatrick, to san francisco native stevie johnson. he just gets started, then mocks santonio holmes jets celebration. mark sanchez from the pocket, looking for a receiver and finds holmes in the corner of the end zone. jets rally to win 28-24. syracuse university has fired associate head basketball coach bernie fine amid a child molestation investigation. fine has been with the school for 36 years has claims by two former syracuse boys. he calls the claims false. a third boy came forward today. fine had been on leave since the first accusations were made. stanford wrapped up its regular season with an 11-1 record. next stop, a likely bcs bowl berth. the cardinal moved up to fourth in the latest bcs standings,
5:57 pm
just released. lsu and alabama are tied. if the tigers win this saturday, sec championship game, there will likely be a rematch between these two for the national championship. that is huge, because they are guaranteed a bcs game now, stanford. definitely deserving of that. >> we'll have to wait less than two weeks to find out the heisman winner. keep your fingers crossed. >> thank you, kim. it was a getaway that's getting a lot of attention. several california lawmakers in maui at a time when legislative business was on the back burner. that question's now being raised and the reaction from one fellow lawmaker. we'll have that story and more, coming up at 6:30. and that's it for us at 5:30. see you back here in half an hour, then at 10:00 and 11:00. stick around. news updates always at see you for news in 30 minutes. thanks for watching.
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