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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 29, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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dive for cover but the bullets hit seven, a woman now in critical condition and this one-year-old boy hiram lawrence, jr., shot in the head, also clinging to life. >> words can't explain how i feel like now. high. really angry. >> reporter: this boy is this man's cousin, bay area rap artist kafani. >> i didn't have anything to do with anything. >> we have persons of interest. >> reporter: oakland police confirm that kafani is not one of them and urged the dozens of witnesses seen dodging bullets in the surveillance video to come forward. >> we know for a fact that there are a lot of witnesses that saw what happened and we're asking that the public help us to identify who did this. >> reporter: flanked by faith leaders and city officials, mayor quan said the shooting happened in one of the 100 blocks in east and west oakland that the city has identified as oakland's most dangerous. >> we can change what's happening on these 100 blocks but we need the neighborhoods to join us. >> reporter: but family members worry for a toddler in a coma in children's hospital, it may
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be too late. >> just like crazy like that this even had to happen to a 1- year-old kid. i mean, let alone anybody but to a 1-year-old kid? that's like crazy. just the violence needs to stop. >> reporter: authorities are concerned about retaliatory shootings and one parent reported that at least one oakland school had been shut down because of that fear. authorities have a $5,000 reward out tonight and a special tip line dedicated just to this case. >> christin, maybe i missed it. the toddler is related to kafani the rap artist. is the woman related to him in any way? >> reporter: we don't know the woman's identity or her relationship to anyone. kafani said not only was his cousin the little boy shot but there was another victim also his cousin and the father the toddler shot in the hand. >> not as seriously hurt. thank you, christin. police hope surveillance video will lead to the suspects in a black friday shooting outside a bay area walmart. it shows a dar colored buick pulling into the parking lot of
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the san leandro store just before 2 a.m. two men then got out and confronted a group of shoppers walking to their car. police say they robbed the men of $5 and jewelry then shot one of them before speeding off. >> the three victims went to the walmart to buy videogames. they were out of stock. why they were shot appears random at this time. >> reporter: the manwas shot is recovering. police think this is the manshot him a 29-year-old from oakland. there is a warrant out for his arrest. another man was arrested at the scene. police are looking for two others in the car. the man charged with killing a vallejo police officer pled not guilty today. investigators say henry smith shot officer james capoot after robbing a bank earlier month. smith could face the death penalty if he is convicted. meantime, final preparations
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are under way for a public memorial for officer capoot. tomorrow's service will be held at vallejo high school. officers from around the state are expected to attend the memorial. two dozen cal students and community members are take their claims of police brutality to court. they filed a 41-page complaint today in u.s. district court alleging uc police officers used excessive force beating demonstrators during a protest. at a news conference attorneys accused the police of inciting the violence. >> all the violence was to deter students from exercising their first amendment rights and we are saying that's completely unacceptable. that's not the kind of country we want to live in. >> the suit also asks that charges be dropped against protestors and calls for a uc- berkeley chancellor resignation. for the first time we are hearing from an iraq war vet
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seriously hurt in the "occupy oakland" clashes. >> i was texting here something to a friend of mine and next thing i know, i'm down and i'm on the ground. and there are people above me trying to help me. >> in an interview with a not- for-profit media website indie bay, scott olsen criticized the police investigation into his injury. it's believed a tear gas canister shot by police hit him in the head while he was protesting on october 25. doctors say the impact damaged the speech center of his brain. olsen says he was unable to speak for days. despite two evictions by police over the past month, "occupy" protestors returned to frank ogawa plaza this afternoon. "occupiers" say they want to reestablish an around-the-clock presence in the area so they will have a central location for their movement. they also say there are no plans to erect any tents this time around. and "occupy sf" will meet
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in an hour it discuss the city's attempt to encourage them to leave their high- profile spot on justin herman plaza. mayor ed lee is offering to let them set up camp at a former school site in the mission district. but the deal comes with a list of 20 conditions which include keeping the place clean and it would have to be alcohol-free. other bay area headlines, the alameda county sheriff is investigate a deadly fire that happened just before 8:00 this morning in a two-unit apartment building on princeton street in and you incorporated part of hayward. one person died. there are no reports of any other injuries. it's not clear what started that fire. and there is light at the end of the caldecott tunnel. sometime this week, the east and west side of the tunnels are expected to meet and breakthrough. once that happens, that will mark the end of the excavation of the top part of the four bore. michael jackson's doctor learned his fate in a los angeles courtroom this morning. dr. conrad murray was sentenced
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to four years in prison. the maximum punishment possible for an involuntary manslaughter conviction. the presiding judge in the case had some harsh words for murray calling him a disgrace to the medical profession. >> he has absolutely no sense of remorse, absolutely no sense of fault, and is and remains dangerous. >> because of new state laws aimed at reducing prison overcrowding, officials say murray will serve about two years behind bars in a county jail. he could be the first major campaign casualty in the light of the affair allegations, what herman cain now says about his presidential run. lose track of time? you can still avoid a ticket. how some bay area drivers can get an alert before their park meter runs out. looking to chop christmas costs? the bay area park where you are correct get a free tree, with a catch.
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assessing his candidacy. cain told his top aides that republican presidential candidate herman cain says he is reassessing his candidacy. cain told his top aides that he is considering whether the latest allegations that he had a long-term extra marital affair will, quote, create too much of a cloud over his campaign. cain has denied that he had a 13-year affair with a georgia woman. he has previously denied sexual harassment claims by several women. drivers in san francisco could soon avoid costly parking tickets by simply sending a text. the new pay by phone parking program is being tested in the city's castro district. now, when the meter is about to expire, drivers condition opt to receive a text message warning for a 45-cent fee, the user can then refill the meter with their phone. if it's successful, the program could be expanded to other city neighborhoods. the parent company of american airlines is filing for
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chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. amr also owns a regional carrier, american eagle. the company has been saddled with rising fuel costs and a heavy debt load of nearly $900 million. american promises its customers things will be business as usual and will continue to honor tickets and its frequent flyer program. and facebook will have to get approval from its users before it changes how it shares their data. the palo alto company settled with the federal trade commission which accused facebook of deceiving customers because it shared user information it initially promised to keep private. facebook does not face any fine. meanwhile, facebook could make its ipo as early as april. the company reportedly hopes to raise $10 billion, which would put its value at $100 billion. it's a hot seller but one iphone got really heated. what a passenger says it did right before it spontaneously combusted. they booked a crew and ran
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into rough seas. what happened when consumerwatch stepped in. it has been an extremely foggy day around much of the bay area. now we have a windstorm on our hands. the areas highly affected as eyewitness news continues.
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stormed the british embassy in today. demonstrator closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original.. iranian student protestors stormed the british embassy in tehran today. demonstrators tore down the union jack, torched an embassy vehicle and threw firebombs. in fact, they took six employees hostage at one point but eventually released them. the protests began as a government-approved show of anger after britain imposed new sanctions over its nuclear program. the iphone is the hottest phone on the market and one of them was literally on fire. a passenger on an australian flight says that his iphone spontaneously turned red, started smoking and then shattered. flight attendants extinguished the red-hot iphone. nobody on board hurt. earlier month, apple recalled its first generation ipod nanos because of overheating batteries. it's a win-win situation. families want the holiday experience of cutting down their own christmas trees, and
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marin county park officials want to get rid of some trees that are encroaching on plant life in the ring mountain open space preserve. mike sugerman shows us how both groups can get what they want this weekend. reporter: >> people have to drive all the way out to nowhere and waste a whole saturday. >> reporter: if they lived in marin county, rusty might have had a much better attitude. how big do you think that is? >> that's got to be 15 feet. >> reporter: maybe a bit big for your house but you can trim it. after all, it's free. >> this looks like an invasive species that has been encroaching more and more so on the preserve lately. >> reporter: that's what it looks like to sam. to you, mr. and mrs. bay area -- >> some might call this a very nice christmas tree. >> reporter: the hills of marin county have a bunch of what look like very nice christmas trees but you can't just cut them down except this weekend. 100 monterey pines have been marked or have already been cut awaiting family fun. >> the important part is we're
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moving invasive species from the preserve. >> reporter: the county doesn't like monterey pines. they aren't supposed to be here. and they prevent the tiburon mariposa lily from thriving which gross here on ring mountain and nowhere else on earth. so officials figured, why not let people come on up, though it's kind of a schlep, cut them down and take them home. you probably wouldn't want to take everything from the mountain home this. looks like it might be good firewood or a wreath. poison oak. avoid this. girl scouts will be here saturday to help guide you around ring mountain. officials will even have all the tools you need. in marin, mike sugerman, cbs 5. pg&e is planning ahead for some wild winds coming our way that may cause some power outages. a powerful windstorm expected to blow in tomorrow and pg&e is trimming trees with dangling branches that could take out power linings. eucalyptus trees are being given special attention as they can start fires when their oils
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drip on the lines. roberta, we better get ready because it's coming in strong. >> we have been talking about it a couple of days because the key element is just being prepared for the winds, that will be increasing hour by hour right here in the bay area. good evening. fog is lingering. this is our live cbs 5 camera. you can see the saturation of the fog as it continues to push under the golden gate bridge and lie on top of the bay waters. we are still socked in, in many parts of bay area. you can tell look at that temperature. 52 degrees in san jose. that's it. so far today, only making it to 54 degrees. meanwhile, tonight overnight with the areas of patchy dense fog anywhere from 38 in santa rosa to the mid-40s around the peninsula. it will be 46 overnight in concord. so another view of the bay area at this hour as the sun does set. anticipate the patchy dense fog. your weather headline for tomorrow is batten down the
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hatches. we will see some gusty winds all the way through thursday morning. the areas highlighted in red, that's where we have a high wind warning in effect. and this primarily encompasses any area above 1,000 feet. the blue area is an advisory for the entire bay area. we will see some northeast and northwest winds 20 to 30 miles per hour at the sea level. but gusts up to 70 in the higher elevations. it's a beautiful dry short wave. look at that. you see it coiled up. not a lot of precipitation. but as it butts up against our ridge of high pressure, providing us with a sunny sky, it causes what we refer to as a pressure gradient and that is what indeed causes the wind. now, tomorrow with the increasing winds, again just a breezy start to your day downright windy this time tomorrow afternoon. the gustiest winds by tomorrow night. there's a look at your temperatures. 66 degrees in pleasanton and in san jose. warmer than today. temperatures very uniform across the bay area. the extended forecast, that high wind warning and the wind
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advisory. it's in effect all the way until thursday night. meanwhile, offshore flow contributing to nothing but sunny skies. a string of temperatures each and every day in the 60s pretty much across the board. so again, tomorrow the winds will begin in the morning hours just breezy. especially hardest-hit areas will be the coastline where we see northwest winds 20 to 40 miles per hour. above 1,000 feet wind gusts from 55 to 70 miles per hour. that's right now at this particular time what our computer models are slating timing-wise. >> okay. >> you have to be aware because there are going to be power outages obviously. you don't know how long a power outage will last, so check your batteries in your flashlight and get a block of ice and get that ready to put in your refrigerator so your food doesn't spoil if your power goes out. >> security on those christmas
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decorations. put them away. >> they will end up in the bay. >> or in stockton. just in time for the holidays, dozens of website have sold fake designer goods are out of business. federal officials announced they have shut down 150 sites that were peddling illegal knockoffs. the items for sale included imitation replica football jerseys, popular brands of boots, golf clubs, designer purses. u.s. attorney eric holder says there's probably a lot more fake stuff out there and consumers should be careful. >> exercise caution when looking for bargains and discounts on the internet. and to put it simply, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. >> the feds say overseas counterfeiting operations are bad for the u.s. economy because they take away businesses and jobs. there are also concerns profits from some counterfeiting operations may be financing other more dangerous crimes. the travel bargain you're offered may not be the one you
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get. >> that's what some bay area travelers learned when they signed up for the dream cruise offered in a brochure. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains something was missing in the fine print. the expiration date. [ laughter ] >> reporter: sheila likes to have a good time so when she saw this brochure from a modesto travel agency, advertising a celebrity cruise to australia and new zealand for $2,500, she liked the idea. >> it would be nice and warm there. >> reporter: but what really sold her this line in the ad offering a special perk. >> it said free prepaid gratuities and that popped out. >> reporter: that's because she knew she and her husband would save some serious money if they didn't have to tip the people who served them because those tips would already be included in the total cost. >> sometimes it was four service, get $200, $300, $400 by the time you tip the cabin boy, the waiter, the bus boy, the maitre 'd. wine stewart. >> reporter: she got a friend and her husband to sign up,
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too. but that's where their smooth sailing ends. the women say after they made their final cruise payment last month, the travel agency told them the free gratuities offered had expired. >> i felt cheated. >> reporter: especially because there's no expiration date anywhere on the brochure. >> if this is a time-dated factor then should be on their brochure for the average person to be able to see. >> reporter: but after making numerous calls to the travel agency and getting nowhere ophelia called consumerwatch and we called the travel agency. the company admitted it had accidentally omitted the expiration date from the flyer and just this morning the owner told us she has decided to make good. both couples will get their prepaid gratuities allowing them to set sail stress-free. legal experts say, due to the policy change they had a refund but in this case the company stepped up.
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said the women won't be needing refunds. remember, if you have a consumer complaint, call us at 1-888-5-helps-u. >> fine print. >> in this case, the fine print wasn't there. >> wasn't even there. all right. thank you. some people go nuts over the craze. that craze? coconut water. tonight we ask, is the health drink all it's cracked up to be?
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well, now a new ter - - is muscling in gatesser aid and power eight are part of a multi- billion-dollar sports drink industry. now a new contendish coconut water. dr. kim joins us to tell us whether it's all it's cracked up to be. >> reporter: it is certainly everywhere you look. it's found in health food stores. before you crack open a bottle consider this. people are going nuts over coconut. coconut water that is. >> i use it as a replacement
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as opposed to gatorade. >> reporter: coconuts have been around forever. the water harvested from young green fruit was actually used during world war ii as a substitute for plasma. now the beverage is found in high-end stores and gym bags around the bay area. >> most of my clients say they like have a coconut water after brisk workout. >> reporter: in fact, one small study suggests coconut water may rehydrate the body just as well as sports drinks and maybe even a little better than water. coconut water is packed with naturally occurred electrolytes without the added sugars, artificial coloring, preservatives or calories of a traditional sports drink. still, is it all it's cracked up to be? some experts say -- >> it's not a miracle drink. >> reporter: san francisco bay club registered dietician and personal trainer jay berman says while coconut water is a great source of potassium it's not a good sports drink for hard core athletes. it's low in protein, secondly -- >> it doesn't have enough carbohydrates in it. >> reporter: and while coconut
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water has fewer calories it's not calorie free. coconut water clocks in at 45 to 60 calories every 1 cup serving. most bottles contain at least two. >> if they are drinking, two, three, four serves a day, that he a couple of hundred calories leading to weight gain. >> reporter: if you like how it tastes and you feel refreshed, go ahead and go nuts. but bottom line? >> i'm not drinking it thinking that it's going to cure everything that it's going to make me this phenomenal athlete that it's going to help me lose weight. >> reporter: but where it may make you lighter is in the wallet. coconut water costs twice as much as the leading sports drink. it does provide more potassium than a banana. it's great if you're a high endurance athlete and need to refuel after a big workout but for yoga or pilates or that half hour walk with friends, you're probably taking in more carb than water. i say back to basics, water.
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>> i tried the chocolate one a couple of days ago and i liked it. >> and you? >> i wasn't a fan of the plain. maybe i would like the chocolate. that's something to consider. but the plain one, and it was room temperature. this is one you have to have it chilled. >> definitely. >> very important to have it chilled. >> it also works well in smoothies if you don't want to use milk. it adds that kind of sort of different flavor to it. >> have you tried it? >> i tried one. it was sort of a vanilla flavored. it was okay. >> you're not looking like it was okay. >> i'm a water fan. >> i'm a water fan too. >> stick with water. >> i'd rather have a banana. the disastrous drought isn't just affecting texas. we'll tell you how it may impact our global economy for years to come. that story tonight on the cbs evening news.
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for eyewitness news at 6. "...the recessio i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. -- here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. >> recession hit and the bottom dropped out. >> a northern california restaurant that owes the city 100 grand in back rent. why city leaders are letting the owner off the hook. and they are not allowed to see patients. so why are dozens of prison doctors still getting paid six- figure salaries to do nothing? we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> good work if you can get it. thank you, dana. see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watching us at 5:00. "cbs eveni


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