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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 3, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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[ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. don't you have enough? >> why you are putting a flier in front of the camera. >> that's enough. >> oakland mayor lashing out at a cbs 5 camera crew as the toddler who was shot in the head earlier this week clings to life. the economy is on the upswing. unemployment at its lowest level in years. why the numbers may not tell the whole story. >> oh my gosh, gorgeous. >> they didn't thank this army vet returning home. what his neighbors did for him to thank him for his service. >> good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook.
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a huge reward offered, but still no leads tonight in the shooting of seven people, including a one-year-old boy in oakland. >> so city leaders are going door to door hoping that a knock will be answered with a lead. robert lyles tells us, not everyone is willing to open the door to the city's mayor. robert. >> it has been a fight tonight. first, a fight for life here at children's hospital with the mother of little one-year-old hyram now pleading for an attorney and back on the west open streets where her son was shot, listen, there are fighting words for mayor gene quan. >> fighting tears, brittany, mother of one-year-old hyram reached an impasse of reaching doctors. >> we have come to a cross ward and we are unable to agree on care. as a result, we are seeking
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support from patients right to an attorney. >> houston and her attorney are tight lipped on what doctors are recommending for her baby and what they are rejecting. their anguish is loud. so are the knocks on the door by interim police chief, howard jordan. >> are you frustrated? >> very frustrated, disappointed. >> disappointed that neither a $35,000 reward nor anonymous tip line generated a shooting suspect. hoping to drum up leads. and dispel rumors that his father is not aiding in this investigation. >> i spoke to him, visited him at the hospital. he was very welcoming. you know, they are emotional right now and so there are times when he doesn't want to talk, and i understand that. >> door knocking and leaving fliers on west bottom doorsteps. >> we need to stop the code of silence around these kind of shootings. >> some refuse to open their
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door. >> she's not doing nothing. >> when you say who? >> the mayor of oakland. >> what do you think she should be doing? >> she should be down here like she should have been down here. she should have been involved. she ain't involved in nothing. >> others sued the mayor away as well. >> what angers you walking the sidewalks now? >> it's all publicity. >> i caught up with the mayor and asked. >> they think you are posturing or see this as publicity. how do you respond? >> i didn't expect you all to be here when we did it before. we didn't have a lot of media. people can believe what they believe. >> what's the truth? the mayor's office put out a press relief inviting cameras to follow her. when we attempted to record her door knocking, an aid blocked us. back on the sidewalk, watch as fliers were no longer used to elicit unanimous tips. >> don't you have enough --
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>> now a spokesperson for children's hospital tells me tonight that she cannot comment on baby hyram's condition or the cross roads in treatment. as for oakland police, they announced tonight that they have detained five suspects of interest, but neither of those individuals have been arrested or charged with baby hyram cease shooting. i'm robert lyles, cbs 5. >> well, it came as a surprise to many, including the economist. labor department says the unemployment rate dropped last month to its lowest level in more than two years. 8.6% and that is down nearly half a percentage point. anthony mason shows us what's moving the economy forward. >> private hiring improved last month as businesses added 140,000 workers. 20,000 government layoffs cut the total slightly, but job gains in earlier months were revised sharply higher, too. september, which first reported
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100,000 job gains have been revised up to almost 200,000. october was also revised higher and economist says that shows -- >> that the labor market after deteriorating has stabilized again and looks like it is beginning to move forward. now we're moving forward in a traffic jam. of course we aren't speeding along, but it's better than the alternative. >> a new survey shows hiring intentions at their highest level since 2008. a design in brooklyn, james robertson is looking to hire next year. >> i hope, the plan if we can find good people we'll bring him in. >> robertson who builds scenery says business has been improving. >> we have, i'd say we are 19 full-time employees now and a few part-timers and that's up three people from last year. >> it's been a week of encouraging signs for the economy. on monday, retail sales from the holiday weekend set a new
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record. tuesday consumer confidence spiked up sharply. wednesday, pending home sales jumped 10%. and thursday, auto sales soared 14%. >> it means the economy is regaining momentum at the end of the year. the question is whether that can be carried. in 2012 will be stronger than 2011. let's face it, that's an easy threshold to cross. >> easiest threat is the european debt crisis. the stakes are so high, treasury secretary geitner will head to europe next week. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> hundreds of protesters marched loudly in san francisco this afternoon for a day of action to fight for a living wage. marchers started at the federal building, then made their way downtown. their mission, to send a message to government officials. jobs for all economic fairness, no cuts to medicaid and expand
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social security. after the march, the protesters joined the occupy protest at justin herman plaza. and today things were just a bit calmer at justin herman plaza. despite a big uptick in the anxiety level over the last 24 hours. yesterday, protesters were outraged when police officers showed up and set up barricades around the occupy sf encampment. fewer tents were spotted in the wake of yesterday's police action as tensions among some demonstrators obviously have increased. mayor ed lee explained while officers made a tactical retreat yesterday, patience with the protesters is running out. >> in fact, i told them when we do come in, you'll know. there will be no question you'll know. >> when you say when we come in, it will happen? >> we have said it time and time again. they are in some type of anxiety state that time is a limit. >> to help bolster support, a
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statue incorporating yesterday's abandoned police barriers as a symbol of their resistance. it's still not known, will gop presidential candidate, herman cain drop out of the race? today he said stay tuned. >> tomorrow in atlanta, i will be making an announcement, but nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely. there's all there is to that. >> cain will talk with his wife to determine whether he should continue his bid. this after allegations of a 13 year extramarital affair. something cain denies. he does admit he gave the woman money without telling his wife. >> san francisco fire department is under scrutiny from state safety investigators. firefighters, vines perez and tony valerio were killed in june. blame the tragedy on serious mistakes made by the fire fighting team. investigators say there was lack of constant visual and or
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voice contact among the firefighters. >> there was not clear communication between the firefighters who are inside the structure and those who are outside the structure. there was not clear communications between the firefighters in the structure that day. >> something happened in the building that killed them. the last communications were there for them and for us, at one point lost communications. we want to know why. we are learning why. >> and san francisco fire officials are disputing the findings. in fact, they are conducting their own information. the state is recommending the fire department be fined $21,000. other headlines, the woman accused of murdering nursing student, michelle lay, recently gave birth to a child while in custody. esteban's attorney revealed the news today saying the baby was healthy. the 26-year-old defendant will not enter a plea until early next month.
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san jose's financial outlook looks a bit brighter. new pension costs projections are expected to slash the city's $80 million budget deficit next year by more than half. mayor chuck reid canceled next week's vote on declaring a fiscal emergency. there were fears that the city would have to close libraries and community centers. the last of the california national guard soldiers are out of iraq and back home to the bay area. over 60 soldiers from the 297th medical company arrived earlier today to the national guard armory in san mateo. the group is made up of doctors, nurses, and dentists. they spent ten months serving in the middle east. president obama promised a complete troop withdrawal before the end of this year. >> for one of those soldiers returning from the battlefield, a piece of home is getting a whole new makeover. kit shows us the people who donated their time to make one humble veteran's homecoming a
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little more special. >> it is likely the most exquisite 96 vox wagon on the road. the refurbished body and new paint, it has never looked better after 89,000 miles. it belongs to anthony who bought it off craigslist. it was a beater and at $1300, he got what he paid for. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> anthony came home from iraq two weeks ago. he has not seen the car until now. >> wow. that looks amazing. >> over the past four months a small army of craftsman, painters, and mechanics donated the materials and hundreds of hours of their time. g oh my gosh, it's gorgeous. >> anderson's body shop in santa clara did the paint. >> i have a huge appreciation for the soldiers that are on active duty and those that served in the past and so i think i got the easy part. painting somebody's car. >> fcc collision center in mountain view says the 15-year- old car had a lot of problems.
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all together, it was $7,000 of work. >> would you do it again? >> do i have to answer that? sure, i'd do it again. >> in iraq, his job was to plan helicopter missions. the 26-year-old is now unemployed looking for work in computer science. he was reluctant at first to accept the car because other soldiers are more deserving. >> i didn't do anything special. i didn't do anything courageous, i just did my job. >> sometimes, it takes a whole community just to say thank you. in mountain view, kit do, cbs 5. >> spy ware tracking your every move has some cell phone users concerned. that concern reached the courtroom. don't date americans? a new ad campaign at the center of an international controversy. and why be dateless over the holidays? one bay area man',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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recording cell phone users' the mountain view software company under fire for allegedly recording cell phone users where abouts is now facing multiple lawsuits. carrier iq has installed its software on 140 million smart phones. an app developer claims that software captures key strokes and user locations. carrier iq denies the allegations they claim the software is only used to monitor performance. now there are three class
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action lawsuits filed against the bay area company. meanwhile, wireless carriers such as sprint and at&t deny any involvement. >> israel has pulled an ad campaign aimed at luring isrealis living in the u.s. back to israel. the isreali government spent nearly a million dollars on billboards and online ads. they suggest that isrealis living in the united states could lose their jewish identities. especially if they are looking for love or trying to raise children. they created an uproar for many isreali americans who call the ads offensive. >> two people are attracted to each other, the parents say don't do it, the government says don't do it, it doesn't matter. it felt like you watch those commercials that isreali jews and american jews are basically people from different planets. >> reports say isreali prime minister immediately ordered his government to shut down the campaign as soon as he learned about it. >> the holidays can be a
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lonely time if you're single. no one wants to be left standing alone at the stroke of midnight on new year's eve. one san francisco man who is used to flying solo is hoping to change that this year and here's how. >> he doesn't want to reveal his name and he conceals his identity by wearing a santa suit. but what this singleton wants from the real chris crinkle this holiday season. >> that would be a holiday girlfriend. >> he knows the perfect girl is a lofty request for santa. he decided to post his desires on craigslist and he didn't hold back. he went into lengthy detail. to sum it up. >> let me be clear. i want a girlfriend. but i don't really want a girlfriend. i just want one for the holidays. >> he says he is used to being the single guy at parties, but wants thissier to be different. >> a lot of people don't like being alone on the holidays. i am one of them. >> he's an expecting a story straight out of hollywood and like any romantic comedy, he
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expects this to end. >> we'll date until 11:59 p.m. january 2, 2012. >> so far, almost 300 eligible holiday girlfriends have applied. >> 80 to 100 have been people from as far away as australia. >> he is optimistic and not totally opposed to continuing on the holiday cheer, even after the new year's ball drops. >> what happens happens. >> valentine's day is just around the corner from the holiday season afterall. >> well, he is taking his request beyond craigslist. twitter account dedicated to finding him a holiday sweetheart. >> the wind died down and people all over the bay area are cleaning up after the most powerful wind storm in years blew through our state. tree trimmers spent much of the day today working in the east bay to prevent more damage than future storms.
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it was still breezy, but no additional damage today. the wind storm caused a large tree to crash into a house in the oakland hills. experts say it weighs as much as 5-tons and will take about three days to get it off the roof. nobody inside that home was injured. talk about a tree house. all right, so we do have the winds now beginning to subside at sea level, but the wind advisory you now need to know about as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,
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good evening and welcome back to cbs 5. on this record breaking day in which we had eight record breaking high temperatures. including san francisco checking in at 73 degrees. established way back in 1958. live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards the embarcadaro. current air temperatures in the 50s and 60s and wind gusts have increased. santa rosa up to 40-mile per hour wind gusts.
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33 at sfo. 24 in heyward and because of these gusty winds, we have another wind advisory in effect for the north bay, east bay hills as well as santa cruz mountains. some wind gusts could reach 50 miles per hour. okay, pick out your community or a neighborhood near you and watch the clouds tick on by. this gives you an idea of when the winds will begin to subside. very breezy at the delta tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. by mid afternoon, we are talking about winds up to 20 in fairfield. well the city begins to see decreasing winds and that will be the scenario as the day wears on and that will set the stage for a windless sunday. we experience dense fog this week. on monday, tuesday, then the gusty winds rolled in on wednesday and thursday through today and ended up with record heat. so what can you expect for saturday? cooler by 10 to 15 degrees. but seasonal temperatures
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return. 67 degrees for one of the warmest conditions in santa rosa. low 60s at the coast. meanwhile, the cbs 5 and seven- day forecast cause for lited l temperature change each and every day. very seasonal. no rain in sight. that is the pinpoint forecast. we have kim in sight and she's coming up after this. >> thanks roberta. tiger woods isn't exactly playing the role of gracious host in southern california. ucla's quarterback may need a smelling salt, but oregon was smelling like roses. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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game... or this wasn't what the pack 12 had in mind when they decided to play a conference championship game. oregon with a 30 point favorite against the 6 and 6ucla team that fired their coach on monday. rick coaching in his final game with the brewens, oregon's michael james patted his heisman resume with 219 yards rushing and three touchdowns. the ducks offense racked up close to 600 yards. they beat ucla49-31. oregon is headed to the rose bowl where they'll take on the winner of the big ten either michigan state or wisconsin. high school football last year open division champs taking on bellerman and this year's championship game. bell's quarterback runs for three touchdowns and throws for another. top seeded bellerman blows out
2:06 am
palo alto 41-13 to become the first school to win three titles. >> sacred heart cathedral. it's the first time the rivals played in the post season and with big crowd expected, the game was moved to at&t park. >> it's pretty exciting. we all know at&t park has a lot of good memories. it will be terrific memories. >> couldn't get greater, you know, we are playing at&t park. playing for a ring. planning against our cross town rivals. i know all these guys, they know me. >> it hasn't happened before. and then for larry and the giants organization to be fantastic and to allow us to use at&t park for this game, christmas has come 22 dais early. >> the nba season will open up on christmas and the warriors will be a part of it. in the 5th and final game of
2:07 am
the day. >> lindsey taylor and stanford playing in soccer's version of the final four. >> back to the freshman in the back. the defender goes down. shot through the legs. >> the cardinals beat florida state 3-0 to remain unbeaten and advance to their third national title game. they'll take on duke sunday morning. give me the top five. number five, tiger woods shot a 5 under 67 to take a three-shot lead into the weekend in his own tournament in southern california. number four, he said he makes it behind to brian hamilton for the big jam. the defenders beat the sky force only 23 more days until the nba returns. and number three, back to eugene, kevin prince may have nightmares about this one.
2:08 am
he gets crushed by oregon's jordan. going to leave a mark. and number two, it wasn't all bad news for the brewens. he had a game high 98 yards receiving and two touchdowns. like randy moss. and shaq is 7'1" and weighs well over 300 pounds, but his girlfriend was able to lift him on the set of jimmy kimmel wearing heels, although she may have broke one. hoops, his girlfriend, she is only 5'2". and i bet she weighs under 100 pounds, but she's strong. >> tiger making his move finally. everybody thinks he can do it. >> looking for his first win since 2009. it would be nice to see him ,,,,
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