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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  December 4, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. . you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high
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definition. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. it is a tough sell in hard times, defending public pension plans that can mean six figure incomes for some retirees, they are continuing to work on the pensions, and focusing on some groups already cashing in. >> reporter: and the city workers average about 43,000 a year. but police, fire and top administrators are commanding a lot more. all of these pensions grow at a guaranteed 3% each year. the city says it can't afford it. a third of san jose's city's firefighters and police officers collect 1000 from the city, while more are checking out early, cashing in the retirement benefits. this week, the city council will begin work on a measure for the june ballot to cut san jose's pension costs significantly. >> the alternative is a city that falls apart. a city that looks like detroit. we can't allow that to happen
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here. >> reporter: two retired police chiefs and a fire chief top the list of pensioners, according to the paper, each collecting more than 100,000 a year. the top administrator collecting 169,000 a year. two others collect 149,000. >> so there is no doubt that over the past 10 years, we've seen not only an increase in the pension benefit but an increase in salaries. and the two of those have combinedded to create larger and larger pension benefits for the employees. >> reporter: but union leaders say the plan leaves their offers out of the process. >> i have done the records, we need structure reform within the pension system. >> reporter: one spokesperson said they submitted a plan to the council on friday. >> it means less money out of the officer's paycheck from our side of the table. but from the other side. their side, a lot less money. >> reporter: but the mayor and council are looking at other
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reforms. >> not necessarily, just about the numbers, reinventing the city. >> reporter: the city says they offered compromises. >> the city has told us now. we're asking them to negotiate with us, we understand how severe it is. >> reporter: the union says without their involvement, the city faces lawsuits that could delay pension reforms for years. >> we know that no matter what we do, there will be a legal challenge. but we do believe that it is time to stand up and do what is right for the residents of san jose. >> reporter: the council goes to work on tuesday to fashion a measure on pension reform. reporting live, san jose, don knapp, cbs 5. and oakland police department to get a variety of new officers. they will reopen the police academy tomorrow with the help of a 10 million federal grant. the money will be used to rehire the officers laid off last year, and later they will have another 25 officers on the
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street. and we're learning more on the accident last night, at at&t park. a railing on a temporary bleacher collapsed, spilling the fans onto the field. st. ignatius' high school victory over sacred heart. as the team rushed to the bleachers, fans rushed forward, collapsing the rail. some had minor injuries, nobody was taken to the hospital. and another impressive win for the 49ers, helping with the dreams on the world class stadium in santa clara, now with the financing in place, a move south looks likely. but will the fans follow? we learned about some candlestick park tailgaters. >> reporter: tailgating outside of candlestick park. it is a 65 year tradition that could be about to end. >> i feel great about it. >> i am a little sad. >> reporter: it looks like all but a done deal, the san francisco 49ers moving to santa clara within the next few years. whether that is a winning move
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or foul play, depends on who you ask. >> we love having it where it is. >> they have to move to santa clara, it will be the next level of excitement for the niners. >> reporter: santa clara has secured funding for the new stadium greater park. three banks pledging to help pay for the structure. the total price tag is more than a billion. it could be open for the 2015 football season. >> the south bay has all the demographics. everybody is coming up from the south bay a lot. >> reporter: she is right, only one in 10 season ticket holders is actually from the city of san francisco. >> but a lot of the others are coming from the north and the east. this man is from chico. >> we are wondering how much longer that will add to the drive every sunday. >> reporter: and speaking of driving, fans are hoping a new location will create easier traffic patterns. >> getting in and out of the stadium is horrible. getting in the stadium is a two- hour ordeal. >> reporter: to say nothing of the jam-ups on the 101 bay
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bridge, but fans say candlestick park is worth it. >> we like coming to the bay, we feel the team is a strong part of the city. >> reporter: but either way, most are willing to make the walk. >> the best thing is the stick right there, that will be just as good there as it is here. >> reporter: in san francisco, cbs 5. and dozens homeless tonight after a fire tore through their apartment complex in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. it happened this morning, quickly spreading in the walls of the 6th story building. the tenants say the experience was terrible. >> reporter: i could see there was fire raining down past the window. grabbed the cat, put on whatever things i could find and just get out. >> reporter: firefighters suspect a cigarette started the fire. the building has been shut down until repairs are made. nobody was seriously hurt. checking the bay area headlines. a wild robbery at the walnut
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creek nordstrom, stopped in its tracks. police say a man and woman tried to make off with 10s of thousands worth of purses last night. one shopper tried to find them, sprayed with pepper spray. when they tried to tackle the man. tonight, brian oakland is behind bars with a variety of charges. police say that black and a customer suffered minor injuries. and san francisco to become the first city in the nation next month to have a minimum wage above $10. the hourly rate increases 32 cents on january one. san francisco voters approved the automatic inflation increase in 2003, starting the first of the year, minimum wage workers will earn 10.24 an hour. and the postal service to announce three billion in cuts. but you can't do anymore through the mail. and a craigslist sting goes very wrong.
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what happened when a california woman tried to buy back her stolen stereo. well, after a chilly start to the day today, we'll look for warmer temperatures coming up tomorrow morning as the wind advisory returns to the bay area. gusty winds through today, tomorrow, i'll have the details coming up in the complete forecast in just a few minutes ,,
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the sacramento bee says the governor w help with bridging nex . taking the wrapping off the plans to raise taxes tomorrow. the sacramento bee says the governor will ask for help with bridging next year's budget deficit. among the ideas, the half cents sales tax, also a hike on the high income earners, people making more than 250,000 a year. in addition to balancing the budget, much of the money would be dedicated to schools. and last minute mailing, a thing of the past, the postal service ready to announce 3 billion in cost saving cuts tomorrow. it means more post offices will close, and first class mail service will end. for the first time in 40 years
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there will be no next day delivery, and mail order prescriptions, netflix dvds and check payments will take longer to arrive. and drivers saving more at the pumps, the new survey shows that prices dropped another nine cents a gallon, nationwide over the past two weeks. they're still high in the bay area, but not as high. san francisco leading the country at 3.67 a gallon, oakland down to 3.65, and san jose at 3.63. and a stockton woman learned a tough lesson about the potential danger of dealing on craigslist. her attempt to recover her own stolen stereo went very wrong. eric shore on the sting operation that ended in gunfire. >> all of a sudden, boom, boom, boom, like five or six shots. >> reporter: kevin durant heard the shots just outside the stockton smoke shop. the result of an apparent on- line sting. cops say it happened last night, a situation we have heard before. this time a woman saw what she
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thought was her stolen car stereo listed on line for sale. so she set up a sting. >> she went out there with three family members to try to get her stereo back. >> reporter: with some of the male family members with her, the cops say they confronted the seller. then things went bad. >> the suspect got even with a high level of violence. >> reporter: the suspect opened fire, striking one of them. a 33-year-old man, five times in the body. >> it was the part -- in this neighborhood like this, that is scary. >> reporter: kevin says that shoppers were sent into his store, ducking for cover. the suspect got away. then learning the victims set up a craigslist type sting is frustrating. >> you go that way to do something on your own, you don't know who you will face. it could be a set up for yourself. >> reporter: the feelings were agreed with again and again by cops. finding stolen stuff on line is okay, but going to get it back
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could end with somebody stealing your life. >> you just don't want to get involved in this predictable situation. >> reporter: so tonight the search is on for the suspect, and amazingly we're told the victim in all of this will survive despite the gunshot wounds. i'm derek shore in stockton, for cbs 5. and we're still getting over last week's wild weather, will stings calm down next week? jim has the forecast. and -- it was what was in it. the decoration they never hung, next a million fidelity customers are trading throughout the day. and advanced charting lets you customize your views and set up your own comparisons. our ipad app can help refine your strategy, or even find a new one. i'm velia carboni, and i helped create fidelity's next-generation ipad app. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity.
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coal this year. asey blaine was go . a christmas surprise that will make you wish for coal this year. right as casey blaine was going to turn off the christmas tree lights she saw something moving. her husband stepped in to remove the small snake off the tree. he and casey's daughter wanted to keep it. but casey said no way, they later set it free in the woods. all right, let's find out if jim has surprises in the forecast. >> well, no snakes in the forecast, a little bit of snake oil, maybe, but no snakes to speak of as we see. a cold start to the day today, patchy frost today, valleys here, northeast and south bay all seeing frost this morning. slightly warmer here tonight. so instead of these mid-to low 30s, we'll look for upper 30s to low 40s. for most locations due to the winds picking up across the bay
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area this evening. we have a wind advisory back up as once again winds will gust out of the northeast. in the 20-30 miles per hour range, heading from 40-50 miles per hour gusts again, through the wee hours of the morning, clear, breezy, above the freezing mark for most locations. south bay, santa clara valleys, still looking at potential frost down there, the northeast bay warming up, as the wind prevails through the day tomorrow. also a fire weather watch, and dry humidity through the region. a red flag warning up in the high country, in the sierra, the dry pattern continuing through the week as we continue with mild temperatures for the upcoming future. mostly sunny cool, up first thing in the morning, as the winds will be here to greet you. gusty out of the northeast, we do have the wind advisories up, winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour, over the higher terrain.
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that could cause issues out there. as we look for the high pressure system to continue to prevail, and strong winds developing as a result of the pattern, it will be with us until tomorrow night when the winds settle down. then that should just about do it through the week. taking a look at the forecast model here, again, the winds peaking out through early monday morning, gusty winds across the north bay, the winds less through the day, going away by mid-week as we see temperatures continue on the mild side. i think this will be the last wind event for a while as we see temperatures again -- mild to cool, upper 50s to low 60s, across the region tomorrow. we'll hang in that mid-to low 60s range through the middle of the week. and of course the elephant in the forecast, the lack of rain, we should be talking about that this time of year, the rain deficit to date looks like there, three and a half inches below normal, almost two inches of rain across the bay area, but again the season is early.
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and we still have that la nina in effect. so we'll probably see a pretty wet spring, once again, not the case today, as we see, mostly sunny through the week and into next weekend. continued dry and mild across the area. another gorgeous day out at candlestick park with great highlights that we have now. >> and in sports, tiger woods ends his victory drought, and could the 49ers put an end to the playoff drought? we'll show you how it happened and take you inside the locker room next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's how long it s been se the 49ers last won the nfc t . nine years and four coaches ago, that is how long it has been since the 49ers last won the nfc west and made the playoffs. a win today over the rams and the drought comes to an end. and just in case the good luck charm was brought in as a reinforcement, first quarter, bad news, patrick willis dives to make a tackle, right away grabs the back of his right leg, leaves the game with an injury, and doesn't return. frank gore passes joe perry to become the all-time leading rusher in 49ers history. 9-0, san francisco, with a break it open in a big way. alex smith, from michael crabtree, beautiful pass, 52 yards, 16-0, crabtree, dancing to the tune of 60 receptions in 96 yards, and williams,turns up
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field, leaving the ram defenders in the dust. 26-0, the route is on, alex smith, a career high rating of 142.3, the starter sam bradford injured, backup quarterback has no chance, sprints to the side, grabs a seat on the bench. and smith had two sacks, and he is a super rookie. about the only time they didn't connect, right there. the gatorade dash, the 49ers win 26-0, and clinch the nfc west crown. i was fine with it. got the all purpose black sweater, you know -- don't even need to change it, just rolls right off this thing. incredible fabric. >> that guy is so competitive, he barely touched him -- giving him a hard time about that
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shirt he wears, it was like a shamee, water didn't even stick to it. >> mclean today active after being arrested thursday for fight willing ing with a gun in alabama, and touchdown, 13-0 lead, second half, richard seamore and ritchie incognito, he was hit in the game, it gets worse from there. moore going in from six yards out, passes from 162, to go along with two touchdowns, 27- 0, the raiders give it right back, next possession, the pass to murphy, into the hands of burnett. miami wins after a couple of raiders touchdowns in garbage time. oakland drops to 7. they are six and five in the eastern time zone, first time since
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2002. >> touch to stomach right now, -- tough to stomach, we have a great football team, i don't think her our team showed up today in all phases, we struggled today. we have to figure out a way to get better right now. >> raiders and broncos tied for first in the afc west. now oakland goes to green bay next week. denver beats minnesota, 35-32, to improve with tim tebow as the starting quarterback. and san francisco going to the bcs bowl for the second year in a row. the cardinals take on oklahoma state in the fiesta bowl. cal plays texas. and san francisco hockey team with all the right moves in the third straight national title game, taking on duke, scoreless, setting up teresa noyola, cardinals finally break through and win their first ever national title. final round of tiger woods'
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tournament at sherwood country club, down south, down south, where? down south. and tiger sunk a birdie on 17 to tie zack johnson, trust me it was pretty amazing, you know the cardinals victory was pretty impressive we had to keep it until the very end. there is tiger woods at the sherwood country club, he sinks the birdie on 17, to tie zack johnson at 9-under. so it comes to the 18, and he needs this for birdie. [cheering and applause] >> and there it is, a w for tiger woods for the first time in more than two years. >> aren't you glad you waited for that? tiger woods birdies at, wins for the first time since november of 2009. really interesting day in the sports world. >> yeah, and we're watching stanford women? >> yes, they won the national title for soccer, third try, they finally get it after the
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third try. and tomorrow, we'll hear about winning the nfc west, a big deal for the 49ers ownership. >> all right, big game day, that time of year when people go to one of the most recognizable areas of san francisco, union square, dining, shopping, and lately fear has come over visitors. what is causing it. and more tonight at 10 here, we'll see you at 11:00, 60 minutes is next, good night ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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