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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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that range is several hundred yards away. the fire department says that crews have cleared casada place. we are told that myth busters, which is shown on the discovery channel, films a lot of its episodes at that disposal range. now, from you not familiar with myth busters, it's a science show... and it's very, very popular. the host commonly uses artillery and other explosive devices during the demonstrations. we'll keep an eye on this and keep you posted. thieves have launched an all-out assault on one bay area city. they are going to extremes to get their hands on something that may only be worth a few bucks when they cash it in. but ann notarangelo tells us the cost to replace it is staggering. she is live in vallejo. ann. >> reporter: ken, this
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intersection behind me has had flashing red lights for two months now one of more than 80 either signal lights or street lights in vallejo that have been hit by these copper thieves. the flashing red lights are a sign something is wrong. this sign is another. >> signal lights are nonfunctioning due to copper wire theft. >> reporter: the intersection at wilson and daniels is one of seven signals hit by copper thieves and there have been 77 street lights this have gone out, as well. the relentless raids in vallejo started in may. it's dangerous work since thieves are dealing with live wires and the payoff on a signal light isn't that great. only 25 bucks in copper. but it costs the city $20,000 mostly in labor to reconnect hundreds of wires. the city's tried stopping the thieves by pouring concrete slabs over the pole boxes. >> by placing the concrete it makes it more difficult to get to it. but the thieves will take several days to breakthrough the concrete and then once they are through it, they will steal
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it the next night. >> reporter: they are also hoping to go after the people who buy the stolen wires. >> we're working closely with law enforcement to put controls in place at the recycling locations to make it more difficult for the recyclers and the sellers of stolen copper to be able to get their cash. >> reporter: in the meantime, there's a frustrated public. this woman didn't want to be identified but we watched together as people rolled through the light. >> what's happening is that people see the flashing lights. they don't stop. they just go. i'm very concerned about this continuing on. >> reporter: she also feels the signs are visual clutter and distracting to drivers. the city says it put them up to get people to understand why it's taking weeks and sometimes months to make repairs and also hoping people will be on the lookout for anything suspicious. but they have heard the complaints. >> people have become used to having their street lights and they feel that more secure when
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the street lights are functioning and less secure when they're not so we're sensitive to that and try to respond the best we can. >> reporter: the vallejo maintenance department is going to ask for $220,000 to court of materials and the labor because of these copper thefts. >> vallejo has had some problems financially. any talk about putting in surveillance video? >> reporter: not yet. but the point is even if they get it on the back end when they are trying to sell this copper. if they don't have proof that it's stolen from one of these intersections, they can't arrest this person and convict them. >> ann notarangelo, thank you. bart police on the hunt for some copper thieves, as well. they say they are risking their lives by stealing copper from the electrically charged tracks. early this morning a bart employee discovered two 20-foot cables were missing from a track in a bart maintenance yard in oakland. the third such heist in the past week.
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>> the danger is what people most oven think about when they think about the bart system is that high voltage cable that actually runs the trains. if somebody comes into contact with that during revenue hours when it's energized, they will be hurt or killed. >> bart harris identified a person of interest in the case. -- bart has identified a person of interest in the case. they plan to beef up security. luck aye supermarket says the damage from a security breach is growing. dozens of customers and employees are now reporting money is missing from their accounts. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us that number will likely increase. >> reporter: lurky is now advising all customers who have used that self-checkout line at any lucky store in the past few months to close their bank accounts immediately. at least 80 unlucky customers and employees have now reported money missing from their accounts. the typical loss about $500 which is the common limit of an atm withdrawal. about a week and a half ago,
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the chain announced it found tampering devices on the debit and credit card readers in the self-checkout lines at some of its stores. the device is called skimmers or sniffers. they allow crooks to copy cards as well as p.i.n. numbers and then access user accounts. security experts say they are easy for criminals to install, especially in a down economy. >> most of these retail establishments are understaffed. the stores don't have enough people to watch every, single point of sale device at every, single cash register. >> now, experts say skimmers are sold online and while crooks can buy them either new or refurbished, lucky originally said the skimming devices were found in the self- service lanes in 20 stores. but three additional stores in petaluma, novato and sunnyvale have now been added to the list. and this might just get worse. lucky tells us its toll free line was ringing offer the hook today. it's gotten 1,000 calls from people concerned they have been affected by the skimming problem.
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meanwhile, lucky says it is safe to use card readers in itself-checkout lanes now and it says those lanes are being monitored but again, it says anyone who used the lane in the last few months should close the account or at the very least keep a very close eye on it. >> i would imagine that lucky is it doing an extensive investigation. >> reporter: absolutely. and the secret service is involved. we have many, many different outlets looking into this at this point. >> i think what bothers people is that this has gone on at 20 stores. >> right. >> nobody caught on before -- you know? >> reporter: it's still unconfirmed but people say often times in this situation a company which installed these machines maybe somebody who alwaysed to work for the company has come back and tampered with the machine, somebody who used to work for the company. a major backlash about banks people upset about bailouts and foreclosure made this is day they tried to take a stand. christin ayers is in oakland with how some homeowners are willing to break the law to get
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back in. >> reporter: in the 3rd quarter the number of foreclosures climbed statewide and now some residents taking some drastic measures from breaking locks on foreclosed homes to breaking up foreclosure auctions. [ chanting ] >> shame, shame, shame! >> reporter: a foreclosure auction interrupted on the steps of the alameda county courthouse. >> enough, shame on you! shame on you! >> reporter: activists against auctioneers. >> this is a crime scene. these homes should not be sold. people should be living in them. >> you should be going after them, not us. we're just doing our jobs. >> reporter: on the line about a dozen foreclosed homes that activists say are symbolic of an epidemic of the problem in oakland. >> sheriff's evicted me on december 7 and i watched them strip everything out of my house. >> reporter: it happened almost a year ago to the day. she said what saved her home was strength in numbers activists risking arrests until wells fargo agreed to a modification, the kind of miracle the lawsons hope for.
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>> we thought we were doing the >> we went. went in with a large down payment, a prime loan, 800 credit score, and in turn i received a subprime loan. >> reporter: here they are facing foreclosure their only option to join the protest but buyers and auctioneers say their actions are misguided. he says he is doing the work of a principal buyer and is not to blame. >> these people should be talking to the banks. >> reporter: protestors claim this is the only way the banks will listen. they say last year wells fargo agreed to modify a loan after one of their activists broke back into her own home. they say the bank wanted to avoid bad press. live in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. san francisco state university now home to an "occupy" encampment. there are about a dozen tents
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set up outside the susan center. protestors there say they are demonstrating against state cuts to higher education that had led to fee hikes. across the country thousands of protestors went after congress today calling it take back the capital. demonstrators waited outside the offices of congress members to protest the government they say favors the wealthy. a debt demand from the state is sparking some outrage tonight. california is trying to recoup past overpayments to welfare recipients. and what it's doing is perfectly legal but ron jones tells us the issue is who is being asked to pay up. >> reporter: children the target of the state department of social services? >> because we think it's absolutely outrageous. it's wrong. we don't think it's legal, either. >> reporter: the office of senator darrell steinberg confirms it. >> we were appalled by this. >> reporter: cbs13 has learned that dss has an active policy on the books that if the state overpays a parent's welfare
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benefits and that parent can't repay it, then when their children are old enough to work, they will be required to do so. >> so essentially the children were being held responsible for the debts of their parents. >> reporter: it's legislation that was approved by lawmakers years ago. >> well, we think they wrongly interpreted the law. >> reporter: the center on law and poverty, an advocacy group for disadvantaged people, is now suing the dss. they say hundreds if not thousands of these children entering the workforce are having their wages garnish, tax returns taken or a reduction of calworks benefits making them liable for the sins of their parents. >> it's almost like being born in a debtor prison or something. >> reporter: what makes this law even more bizarre is harold says the policy even targets the unborn. >> but no one assumed or thought that anyone would go after children. some of them not even born when these debts were incurred. >> reporter: the lawsuit is asking the dss to stop it and -- >> we're also going to ask for
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any money that was taken under this policy and had to be paid by a child is returned to the child. >> reporter: senator steinberg's office is asking the governor to intervene. >> the governor does not intervene or doesn't think that he can intervene without legislation, then we're prepared to provide that legislation. >> reporter ron jones says right now it's hard to put a dollar amount on how much the state could end up paying back to the children. there could be thousands out there who don't even know about the lawsuit. coming up, the 49ers clear another major hurdle in moving the team to santa clara. who they convince to play ball. a test drive turns into a joyride at a california car dealership. how the sneaky thief was busted. he said, well, you're getting off. i said, you have to be kidding me. >> they hardly look like troublemakers. who a therapist, a lawyer and a retired travel agent blame for getting them kicked off a plane. ,,,, it's about building cars in america.
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francisco. but before that happens, dozens of businesses the america's cup is going to bring money and jobs to san francisco. but before that happens, dozens of businesses are going to have to give up their prime waterfront locations. joe vazquez is in san francisco where the city is trying to find new locations for these displaced tenants. joe. >> reporter: dana, the crowd is shuffling in here for the 7:00 performance. it will be one of the last shows of the year as this and more than 70 other businesses will have to relocate. >> congrats to everybody. >> whoo! >> reporter: it's a parking lot now. but this port-owned property at broadway and the embarcadero -- will soon be the permanent home
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of the legendary teatroth sinzani. >> it was going to be heart to city it through our tent walls so it was going to ham. and you just need to move with it. >> reporter: the circus act with some 200 employees has been suspended in midair for most of the year. they received their eviction notice in january. so they knew they would have to leave pier 27 but they weren't sure where they would land until a deal was finally reached yesterday. it is one of two businesses at pier 27 that relocated today. bowers limousine service with 100 employees will move to pier 50. the america's cup is projected to bring in $1 billion and more than 8,000 jobs to the city so the mayor says it's worth it to negotiate with the 75 other businesses in the pier that is still need to be relocated. like this soccer field between piers 27 and 29 that will soon get the boot. >> there's a lot of disappointed parents. we're looking for new fields.
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>> we're in contact with them of the we are going to do our best. and everybody has to be reasonable just as bower and others, i think they have been extremely reasonable. >> reporter: the city is still negotiating with those other businesses as to where they will go. they will get some money from the port for the relocation. the theater will have its last performance new year's eve and i'm told it's going to be a blowout. >> thank you, joe vazquez. san francisco 49ers have cleared another hurtle for the proposed stadium. the owners of the great america amusement park which is next to the stadium site has reached a deal with the team about parking concerns. they had been opposed to the stadium. details of the deals are not released but the 9ers president jed york says it's an important step in the project. fbi a new poll shows californians are having second thoughts about the stays' planned high-speed rail
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project. according to the field poll, two-thirds of registered voters say the bonds they approved in 2008 should go back on the ballot next year. new cost estimates show the project will cost $57 billion more than originally thought and take about 13 years longer to complete. today the transportation secretary defended that project. >> we are being outcompeted right now today all over the world. we used to be the leader. we don't catch up here pretty quick, we're going to be in second place. >> if the project goes ahead, trains would eventually link northern and southern california by 2033. a test drive turns into a joyride at a car dealership near sacramento. police say a man jumped into a luxury sedan and took off. how that brazen thief was busted. >> reporter: it started out as a test drive and turned into a joyride for a 42-year-old man
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that police described as a transient. it happened here as the hyundai on north sunrise avenue on november 27 when a customer was going to take a car out for a test drive. that's when police say scott edward flat jumped in the car and took off. he was gone until december 1st. that's when police spotted the car, the tags from the dealership and description matching that of flatt. he was arrested. they also found a woman's purse that was reported stolen earlier that morning. >> so this arrest actually happened by an off-duty officer here for roseville pd who was simply astute enough to know to look for things when he is off duty, also. >> reporter: flatt was booked in jail and held on $185,000 bail. a therapist, a lawyer and a retired travel agent walk onto a plane. sounds like the beginning of a joke. but the three strangers are not laughing about what happened
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next. the women were boarding an airtran flight from florida to new york yesterday when one says she complained to the flight attendant that he was mishandling her bag. a second woman says that she asked the same attendant for some help with her broken seat. that's when they say he had them both removed. then a third woman apparently complained about the first two being kicked off. they kicked her off, too! >> i said, this is crazy! they didn't do anything. why are you doing this to them? and he said, throw her off, too. >> my seat was broken and it really was. her bag was being mishandled. and this other woman just came to our defense. i mean, those are hardly causes to throw us all off the plane. >> the women were not charged with any crime. southwest, which owns airtran, says the women were booked onto new flights and given compensation. as a quote, gesture of good will. all right. we're going to check in with lawrence in for roberta.
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>> so glad to see you survived the deep freeze. >> lucky to be here. >> you made it through, no frostbite. cold outside, chilly temperatures, some areas in the mid-20s in parts of the north bay valleys. it was a cold night got down to 26 degrees at the napa airport, 29 in santa rosa. 31 in vallejo, 27 in fairfield. and even 28 degrees in livermore. there was widespread frost around the bay area. even out along the coastline we had some patchy frost. temperatures tonight not as cold. a little warmer than at this time last night 5. 2 degrees right now in concord. 57 in oakland. 52 concord. 53 in santa rosa. 50 in livermore. chilly start, frost around the bay area tomorrow morning but by the afternoon looking good. temperatures running up into the 50s and 60s around most of the bay area. should see sunshine all day long and looks like it's going to stick around. that high pressure ridge is
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going to hold on over the next couple of days. may actually warm things up a little bit with more of an offshore wind into thursday and friday. looking good. over the weekend though we'll notice some changes, cloudy sunday and monday. don't want to put rain in yet but we have to watch it as the low swings along the coastline. cooler temperatures for all. i'm mike sugerman at sharp park golf course. frogs and snakes? or birdies? san francisco city hall has to decide. that story is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but it could be game over tonight, for a popular golf course. well, it's been call the poor man's pebble beach. but it could be the final round tonight for a very popular golf
6:24 pm
course. today the san francisco botched of supervisors passed an order -- board of supervisors passed an ordinance about taking over sharp park in pacifica. as mike sugerman reports, the news has a lot of golfers teed off. >> reporter: here at sharp park golf course it's a battle to the death between the -- >> california frog and the san francisco guarder snake. >> larry, mo and can you curly. >> reporter: san francisco duffers. >> sharp park has been here for 80 years. the notion that one is going to rip it out of ground is ridiculous. >> reporter: sharp park is located in pacifica but owned by the city of san francisco. it's known as a poor man's pebble beach designed by a golf architect. >> this is a work of heart. >> this is one of the key habitat areas for some of the
6:25 pm
most imperiled species in california. >> reporter: the california red legged frog and the san francisco garter snake. environmentalists say both could disappear if the golf course isn't closed and given over to the national park service. >> we can have something really wonderful and beautiful this will create recreation opportunities everyone can use while saving these two species at the same time. >> if they didn't have this, i wouldn't have anything. >> reporter: don and his buddy roger are typical. they aren't youn or rich the they said they couldn't pay golf if the park wasn't here. >> i couldn't afford it. >> reporter: nor the camaraderie. who is the best golfer in the group? but sharp park loses money every year and it's seen better days, frankly. frogs and snakes or birdies? the future likely won't be settled even in this latest round. the loser will likely find another course to keep up the
6:26 pm
fight. at sharp park, mike sugerman, cbs 5. a bit of california lighting up the u.s. capital tonight. >> yup. this year the capital christmas tree is from california speaker of the house john boehner did the honors with the help of a 7- year-old cub scout also from the golden state. the sierra white fir will remain lit until january 1. well, forced out of her home after 41 years. >> the door opens an there's three sheriffs... >> how a cancer patient's lawyer says the bank stole her home right out from under her. questions about mitt romney's record. allegations that he tried to hide computer files from his time as massachusetts governor at taxpayer expense. his mom says the punishment doesn't fit the crime. why this 9-year-old was suspended for calling his teacher cute. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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our top story here at 6:30, you hear all kinds of stories from homeowners facing foreclosure.
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but this one ranks at the top of troubling. len ramirez on a south bay woman's fight to reclaim the home that she once owned free and clear. len. >> reporter: we hear a lot about people trying to reoccupy their homes going through foreclosure. that didn't happen today but a group of people did come to this front lawn to tell about the cruel eviction of an elderly sick woman. >> we ask your bless, comfort the afflicted but more so afflict the comfortable. >> reporter: clergy and community members gathered around 68-year-old darlene in the front yard of what was her home for 41 years. >> before you know it, the door opens and there's three sheriffs. >> reporter: that is, until last saturday when she was evicted by wells fargo bank. >> wells fargo was out here waiting standing right on the
6:31 pm
watching me and watching them move my stuff out. >> reporter: she has spreading breast cancer and is stepping forward to say enough is enough. >> this is how you steal a home in broad daylight. >> reporter: she once owned the south san jose home free and clear but had in 2005 she borrowed against her house to fix her floors. she signed up for a world savings pick a pay loan that started out with low payments but escalated when she only paid the minimum. >> all of a sudden i owed more money than i borrowed. the loan broker said just refinance. it won't be a problem. >> reporter: she refinanced and then again and again to keep up with ballooning payments and cancer treatments. her attorney blames her loan broker for stating her income to be five times what she actually made from her small janitorial service. by the time wells fargo took over the loan, she owed $370,000. >> eventually, all the equity is used up. >> reporter: wells fargo declined an on-camera interview but a spokesman said wells fargo worked with the woman for some time to find an
6:32 pm
alternative to foreclosure. >> i feel very connected here. >> reporter: she has a civil case against wells fargo bank and new cal financing for predatory lending and elder abuse. all she wants is her home back. >> this was my life. >> reporter: wells fargo says it is working with many homeowners going through foreclosure. they say in 2009, 716,000 home loan modifications were given out throughout the country, 135,000 of them here in california. but dana, they also made record profits in 2010 and this year is going well for wells fargo, as well. wells fargo say they will stop doing evictions on people during the holiday period from december 19 to january 2. but once the year starts up again in 2012, apparently it's going to resume.
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>> all right. len ramirez, thank you. president obama is pushing congress to act now on a proposal to extend a popular tax cut. the payroll tax break for the middle class is set to expire at the end of the month. the president says if that happens 160 million americans will see their taxes spike by an average of $1,000. >> this is a make-or-break moment for the middle class and for all those who are fighting to get into the middle class. because what is at stake is whether this will be a country where working people can earn enough to raise a family build a modest savings, own a home, secure their retirement. >> both parties say they want the extension but they are at odds as usual over how to do it. tough times are even hitting buckingham palace. the queen is take a pay cut. the british government plans to freeze funding for queen elizabeth ii as part of a
6:34 pm
series of austerity measures. but she will still be able to draw 50 million a year in public funding but that's about half of what she got before the economy went south. toy-to-make a few extra pounds, she is -- to make a few extra pounds, she is apparently going to rent out rooms in saint james palace during the next olympics. newt gingrich has a sizable lead in iowa just four weeks before the state's republican caucuses. a new cbs news/new york times poll out tonight shows that the former house speaker has a double-digit lead over mitt romney and ron paul. that's among republicans who are likely to vote. house minority leader nancy pelosi says that she will release what could be damaging information about gingrich if he wins the nomination. she promises to provide details into the 1990s ethics probe surrounding gingrich. the records are public but haven't gotten a lot of attention. gingrich says he has nothing to
6:35 pm
hide. mitt romney is facing some stuff new questions tonight. bryant todd reports they center on allegations that he spent thousands of taxpayer dollarshide records from his term as -- to hide records from his term as massachusetts governor. >> reporter: aside from newt gingrich, new hurdles from mitt romney to clear in the republican race questions about records from his term as massachusetts governor that disappeared. questions about whether he would be transparent as president. democratic massachusetts government deval patrick's office said they found no e- mails from 2002 to 2006 in our possession which covers romney's term as governor. patrick's office says the computer is used during romney's term were replaced right before patrick took office. governor patrick's team gave us copies of leases for the computers indicating it costs romney's administration, massachusetts taxpayers, nearly $100,000 to replace those computers near the end of his term. patrick's team says all the computer files were removed and
6:36 pm
the server used during romney's administration was taken out of service. an advocate for government transparency says those records should have been preserved. >> clearly, in massachusetts, it's not illegal to do that. i mean, that has been made clear in the press reports anyway. but because something is not illegal doesn't mean that it's right or ethical or acceptable to the public to do so. and we believe that the records of political officials, elected political officials, belong to the public. >> reporter: governor patrick's office also showed us records of cancelled checks indicating romney' aides paid the state to buy the hard drives they used in their government jobs. the director of administration in massachusetts under romney and several previous governments said in all those years, no one had ever inquired about or expressed the desire to buy their hard drives. john o'keefe, a former romney aide who was in charge of archiving all the records when
6:37 pm
romney transitioned out of office, says he was allowed to go any where to gather any records he needed for the archives but with romney's third floor office -- >> the so-called third floor was actually really office- specific so you had the chief of staff, the communications director, the deputy chiefs of staff. they archived their own offices. so it was handled differently than the rest of the governor he was office. >> reporter: o'keefe does not believe this was a directive from romney. it was just, he says, how it worked out. the story was first reported by the "boston globe." romney's campaign cells cnn the decision to erase most electronic files is not illegal or unusual, that several other governors have also done that. >> we actually put in 700 boxes of information to the archives that weren't required. so we followed the law exactly as intended and written. >> that's brian todd reporting. a tragic end to a luxury cruise. a california woman plunges off the queen mary. what witnesses say happened
6:38 pm
right before she fell. first "occupiers," now foodies. why they took over oakland's frank ogawa plaza. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
queen ma investigators say alcohol may have played a role in the death of a woman who plunged off the queen mary and died. she fell over at the pier in long beach last night. investigators say it appears to have been an accident. witnesses say the 26-year-old was arguing with her boyfriend when she slipped and fell 75 feet into shallow water. the boyfriend immediately jumped into the water trying to save her. so did a queen mary tour guide and two long beach police officers. oakland is debating about whether to allow popular food
6:41 pm
trucks to roll into town. john ramos reports on how the city is trying to please the lunch crowd and still not hurt regular restaurants. >> burgers for two. >> reporter: oakland's frank ogawa plaza was occupied by a different group at this lunchtime. this time, it was the foodies. several gourmet food trucks were allowed to set up in the plaza to show public demand and to raise public support for a proposal before the city council to permit the production legally -- to permit the trucks to legally operate in oakland. >> the goal is to enable the growth of this vital industry in key areas of particular demand and allow for the job creation and opportunity that this can bring. >> reporter: the plan is to allow food truck pods, groups of preregistered trucks to set up in places with few or no existing restaurants where there are a lot of people around such as during public events or gatherings. each pod would have to be approved by the city planning department. >> they have to identify where they are going to be what time
6:42 pm
and with each vendor maybe given 40 times a year. >> reporter: some restaurant owners say there is an issue of fairness. they employ more people and pay higher costs just to keep the doors open. and unlike a restaurant on wheels, they can't pick up and leave when the crowd goes home. >> because they just come and go and we stay here and we have to pay a lot of taxes, you know, all kind of stuff. >> i absolutely see their point, i do. but it's nice to have the taco trucks here so i mean, from my standpoint, this is a win-win situation. >> reporter: proponents aren't sure it will pass but one truck owner says he just wants a chance to succeed. >> we live in oakland. we employ people who live in oakland. we have a business less than a year old and we're dying to do business in oakland. >> reporter: but the brick and mortar businesses in oakland hope they won't have to die for that to happen. john ramos, cbs 5.
6:43 pm
a 9-year-old accused of sexual harassment, what he said to a teacher that got him kicked out of school. get rid of a hangover in 15 minutes? the pill just approved by the fda. clear but not as cold tonight. but there are some clouds coming our way. will we see some rain? we'll talk about that coming up. it could be the biggest contract in baseball history. i'm dennis o'donnell. we'll tell you who and where he might be going and the plane crash that killed a hockey team still haunts one san jose shark. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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says he doesn't even know what that means. a 9-year-old north carolina boy suspended from school for sexual harassment says he doesn't even know what that means. the boy's mother said that she got a letter that he had been calling other students a derogatory word. but his suspension came because he supposedly said a teacher was fine. he said he called her cute. >> a child been accused of sexual harassment. a 9-year-old.
6:47 pm
what happened to be sexual harassment? i mean, he said she was cute. it wasn't like he came after her. >> following news reports of this incident, the school issued a statement saying that the boy did not engage in sexual harassment and apologized to the family. you ever wish there was a pill for that holiday party hangover? well, you're i luck. the fda approved a pill called blowfish. they say it will get you back on your feet in 15 minutes. the alka seltzer style effervescent tablet has aspirin, caffeine and a stomach calming agent. it will be store shelves after the first of the year. >> i bet a lot of folks hoped it would be earlier. if you are heading out the door tonight, it is cold again in spots although not as cold as it's been. doesn't look like temperatures are going to drop off quite as drastically as last night. still, got mostly clear skies out there tonight. temperatures still going to be cold in spots inland. down to about 38 degrees in san
6:48 pm
jose. 45 in san francisco. patchy fog and the bay area. winds fairly calm outside for tonight. by day, looking good. hazy sunshine, about 58 degrees in san francisco. about 62 in san jose and just a gentle breeze in the afternoon out of the northwest at 5 t 10 miles per hour. 48 degrees in livermore. 49 in san jose. so these numbers down but i don't think it's going to get quite as cold. a little more moisture in the atmosphere tonight will keep the temperatures up a bit. 50s in the central valley, sunny skies there. heading to the high countries, 40s and 50s in yosemite. 59 in monterey bay. minor fluctuations in the ridge over the next couple of days know. cold. it's couple of days, just chilly. some isolated places in the
6:49 pm
upper 20s in the valleys of the north bay but not a cold. 45 degrees in pacifica. so as we look around the bay area tomorrow afternoon, we are planning on 50s and 60s and plenty of sunshine outside. east bay numbers also running up into the 50s and low 60s. and as you get inside the bay you will find plenty of sunshine and some very mild temperatures for this time of the year. not bad. looks like it's going to hold on over the next couple of days as that ridge looks like it will settle in overhead. maybe weak offshore kicking in on thursday and friday but toward the weekend we have some changes that are coming out way. likely going to see low swinging along the coastline bringing with it a few more clouds. doesn't look like we'll see rain, just cloudy. that's a look at the forecast. back to you. ,,
6:50 pm
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating.
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it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. i know you're a big albert pujols fan. he will be now known as albert the rich. >> he doesn't need this contract but the strategy by what was a low budget team is very interesting right now. when the cardinals could not sign albert pujols to a contract extension a year ago they knew they had come to
6:53 pm
this. facing multi-year multihundred million-dollar deals from other teams, they just didn't think it was going to come from the marlins. that's right. the miami marlins have offered the three time mvp a 10 year dealed. the dollar amount hasn't been announced. but it's clearly over $200 million. maybe more. the cardinals are trying to hold on to him. the marlins have a brand-new stadium. they have already signed jose reyes and bell. this is a team that wants a winner in a brant new stadium. the green bay packers are 12-0. most experts think they will be 13-0 after they play the raiders on sunday. even oakland coach hue jackson had to catch himself. >> they are really good. they're 13-0, right? that's what they are. they are as good as they are, 12-0, 13? gave them an extra game. let me not do that. they are 12-0. don't want to do that yet.
6:54 pm
>> spoke too soon. dating back to last year and the play-offs, the packers have won 18 in a row. the record is 21 straight set by new england in 2003-2004. green bay is also the only publicly owned nfl team. today they put up 250,000 shares at $250 per share. they expect $22 million from the offering to help pay for the renovation of lambeau field. if you would like to buy a share go, to i think it would be kind of cool say you own your own football team. that's right. i own the green bay packers. the raiders get their shot at the super bowl champs and end their undefeated record. game time changed. they are going head to head with the 49ers, i don't know, i think this is a big matchup, we'll see who wins the rating. fifth quarter after the game. perhaps the only job worse than being a quarterback for the texans is the drummer for spinal tap. still, jeff garcia will take it, the 41-year-old from gilroy is signing with houston. >> come on. >> i think this is a great move.
6:55 pm
houston lost its top two quarterbacks for the season. and it's currently starting a rookie. this is a good insurance policy. the former 49er quarterback hasn't played since 2009 in the nfl. he joins a texas team that's 9- 3 he could end one a rick. the hockey world was rocked three months ago when' plane crash killed 44 people with a russian hockey team. shark center michael hans sues was nowhere near that crash. but it did hit close to home. >> my wife told me that kind of she had like a weird voice. she said did you find out what happened? i was like scared something happened to her. >> reporter: outside of his wife, there are not many closer to michal handzus it. that pavel demitra. he was one of 44 killed on the flight in september. demitra was just 36. >> he was a loveable
6:56 pm
guy. >> he met him a decade ago. they played for various teams and were grooms in each other's weddings. >> i didn't believe it but it's true and you read or see his picture you always kind of get mad, it's true. >> i can tell you that it's probably tearing him up inside. when you lose your best friend the way that happened, it can't be doing anything other than that. >> reporter: sharks brass allowed handzust to attend the funeral to be with demitra's wife and children. >> my father died when i was 7 so i know what it's like and i know his wife very well. she helped me a lot, too, cooking for me so i know very well. >> reporter: handzust and some other nhl teams are trying.
6:57 pm
wristbands are on sale for $10 each with 100% of the proceeds going to the families of the victims. >> a lot of players over there they play in the kh will. but they were supporting their families in russia and all over europe. >> the community is one. and those young children and those wives that are on their own right now theyed into as much help as possible. >> and the nhl will give it to them. let's ends on a different note. when is a game winning touchdown not a game winning touchdown? watch the quarterback for cathedral high school in massachusetts keep the ball. this is a game winning touchdown to give him team the state championship. game is over, ladies and gentlemen, state champions, one small problem. when he put his hand up? the play was disqualified for taunting. >> caption colorado, llc while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy.
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