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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a new twist in the debate. now a five-year-old boy is the latest patient of medical marijuana. >> hundreds of shoppers hacked. why it took so long for a grocery store chain to notify the customers and how the breech went undetected. >> for the first time the epa links a drilling method to the pollution of ground water. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich, dana is off tonight. >> marijuana dispensaries are under heavy fire from the feds. >> why would they fuel the fire for giving cannabis to a kindergartener. robert lyles found out. >> weed wars, it's a new reality tv show getting blockbuster ratings. of course because tonight's episode shows dispensing cannabis to a five-year-old. but oakland's harbor side
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clinic says what you're about to see is an attack on patients rights. >> weed wars is only in its second episode, but already buzzing. >> christmas morning, four months after he was born, he had his first grand mall seizure that lasted an hour long. my whole life changed. >> jason is a bay area dad. his five-year-old suffered from a rare form of epilepsy. his seizure lasts at least an hour, he says. >> he is twitching right now. come on, jayden. look at dada. come on, jayden. are you out of it? okay. relax. >> jason told weed wars no pharmaceutical works. desperate, he turned to harbor side. >> we introduced him to cannabis, which we deliver for this young patient. >> he's not the first child that you treat. >> no.
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we have treated several children here at harbor side health center. all of whom had extremely grave illnesses. >> all treated with cbd. it's a nonintoxicating cannabis because the thc has been removed. cbd is administered like baby aspirin, tastes like honey. >> young brains don't need psychoactive substances. >> and in weed wars, jason says valium is what he was forced to give his five-year- old, so this dad gave jayden cannabis drops. >> open. how does it taste? pretty good? i just gave jayden cbd for the first time. doesn't look like it bothered him. >> critics aren't convinced. five kids were hospitalized after eating cannabis brownies at school. america deserves to see how a
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new medicine is helping patients. especially children. that's why they agreed to do reality tv. but, there is a real risk. >> we didn't know a year ago when we agreed to do this show that the federal government was going to reverse their policy on medical cannabis. it's a very scary time for us right now. >> and that is because the feds are pursuing $2.5 million in back taxes against harbor side. that case is set for court. meanwhile, harbor side says doctors recommended the cannabis for baby jayden and now he is being monitored by several physicians. i'm robert lyles, cbs 5. >> tomorrow, doctors will take an oakland toddler shot in the head off life support. tests on 23-year-old harum showed no brain activity. his family made the difficult decision after his pediatrician agreed with doctors at children's hospital about the boy's condition. >> initially the family, of
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course, you know, thought that maybe there was hope and we all hoped. we all hope for miracles. i think at the end of the day, everyone came to the conclusion that the baby was only breathing and that's it. there was nothing else going on. and based on that, the baby will be taken off life support. >> hyram was shot last month in east oakland when a group shot. so far, no arrests. the majority of oaklanders are still pretty unhappy with mayor jean quan's job performance so far. despite a recall effort, her numbers may be improving. our exclusive eyewitness news poll finds 64% disapprove of the job she is doing, but a month ago that number was 71%. and fewer than half say they support the recall petition.
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34% oppose it. this afternoon, the mayor held a press conference to defend her record, calling it devicive and distracting. an indictment on her ability to lead. >> i think i have done enough leadership in those 11 months to take on the tough problems. oakland expects me to resolve them i don't think is fair. >> group behind the drive has five months to gather the 20,000 signatures that they will need for a recall election. >> how much money will you make this year? tonight, we learned the bay area's middle class is shrinking. the public policy institute of california reveals that local incomes have declined 12% over the last three years. that's double the national average. the poorest families in the state took the biggest hit dropping 21% with an average income of $15,000 a year. and this word late tonight from europe. european union leaders failed in their attempts to get all 27
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countries to change the eu treaty, to solve europe's debt crisis. now the 17 countries that use the euro will likely reach their own separate deal to tighten rules. now this is a big blow to the idea of european unity. we'll have to see what it does to the american stock market tomorrow. >> and there's new information on the security breech that affected hundreds of lucky supermarket customers in the bay area. cbs 5 learned the chain waited days to tell anyone about a credit and debit card reading scheme. julie watson what made this breech so hair to uncover. >> when i looked at my account, i saw a withdrawal for $300, which i knew i hadn't made. >> and barry blames lucky's. he frequently uses the self- checkout lane. one of the 24 stores targeted by crooks who installed skimmers on credit card machines. >> what i have seen so far doesn't, to me any way, represent the way you handle a
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crisis, a financial issue that could have affected untold numbers of customers. >> so far, that number is more than 500 and growing. and many customers are wondering why it took the chain so long to figure it out. lucky's executives say it's because the crooks installed the latest generation of skimmers. devices that are able to capture and transmit financial data with blue tooth wireless technology. security experts say once the data is captured, the criminals are able to access customer information wirelessly. so, they don't need to return to the store or retrieve the skimmer to access your bank account. >> i don't want to call an 800 number. the 800 number is only for people that have lost money. >> dan didn't lose any money, but he is losing patience. the city councilman is a frequent lucky shopper and has had a hard time getting information about the breech from anyone at lucky's. >> my frustration right now is that lucky's should be in my
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mind a lot more open about what is going on. >> especially considering it took the company 20 days to notify customers about the security breech. lucky employees found the first suspicious device on november 3. but reportedly waited a full week to start inspecting other stores. and even though it had confirmation of a tampering problem three days later, lucky's waited to make a public announcement until november 23. the day before thanksgiving. >> lucky's affected all the consumers. and they should be the ones that are making it right for everybody. >> part of the reason for the delay, lucky says it thought it contained the issue by removing the devices, assuming all the information had been stored inside. on the consumer watch, cbs 5. >> one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world has to deal with traffic as if plans a major expansion. the social network is hoping to add thousands of new employees to its campus. kit with how the social website
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can grow without clogging up the roads. kit. >> ken, menlo park and facebook are talking about a deal that will allow the company to hire more workers. facebook would promise to limit the number of employees that drive to work alone. for a multibillion dollar company, the sign at their headquarters low key. that's the monotray as facebook looks to add 5800 employees in the area, pushing the total to 9,400 people. >> air quality, noise, and transportation. does tonight, neighbors came to talk about the 748 page draft environmental impact report. but being low key with nearly 10,000 employees will take some work. if facebook's expansion is approved, they will need hotel nights, more housing, and yes, traffic will get worse. the city will limit the number of solo facebook commuters with a car counting device.
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if facebook exceeds the cap, the city could fine them or revoke their permits. >> they have every reason to keeping those vehicle trips low and help mitigate their impact and be a good neighbor to the community. >> facebook says it has a culture of biking, shuttling, and car pooling to work and will not add parking spaces. >> we anticipate the impact is going to be limited. we put a lot of aggressive thought into how we can expand our commuter program. >> the 50 people at the meeting all have their own reasons for coming. >> right here. >> jim calhoun owns a wood working business. the white buildings on the upper right corner. jim might get bought out to make way for housing. >> do you think you are going to get a fair deal out of all this? >> ultimately i do, yeah. probably be a long process. i think so. >> dorsey is concerned about home prices. >> this could be a good thing for your property values, no? >> probably will be.
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you know, but will it enable my grandkids to live in a neighborhood i grew up in? >> whether that's a commuter program or thoughtful increased housing or stainability program, worried about environment. those things are benefit for neighbors in our local community. >> and so as it stands now, the cap is at 15,000 cars per day. there is a specific cap for the morning and the evening commute. live in menlo park, cbs 5. >> the epa says the drilling has put an entire town at risk. what was said in the ground water. and do the benefits outweigh the risks? the new warning that could be put on popular kinds of the birth control pills. >> and it's a spectacular site for this lava flow in hawaii. also sparks a very serious warning.
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natural gas may be a clean form of energy, but the way it was extracted in one wyoming town could have severely contaminated the ground water. >> nancy explains the method
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used to capture natural gas at the epa says put an entire town at risk. >> in the small town of pavilion, wyoming, water is a precious commodity. so the epa's findings are devastating for farmer john fenton. >> right now i don't know if i'm poisoning my family or not. >> ground water supplying his well contains benzene. methane at near saturation levels and a ph level of household bleach. fenton and 20 other families were warned by the epa last year to not to drink or cook with their well watter and use a fan while showering. >> we are trying to prevent the build up of explosive gases. >> today the epa pins the blame of by-products from fracturing, a method used to extract natural gas. millions of gallons of water,
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sand, and toxic chemicals are released into earth, shattering the stone and releasing the gas for collection. pavilion sits on natural gas rich sand stone and owns 200 natural gas wells within four square miles. the water from lewis meek's well smells like lighter fluid. >> every time i water my yard and water my garden, i'm spreading them chemicals all over. >> the state decided to investigate. delivers 65% of wyoming's tax revenue and 19,000 of its jobs. what's more, landowners in the western u.s. don't own mineral rights on their own property, so they have no control over where the drills go and they receive no compensation. >> we are paying the price for them to make a profit. i think that is wrong no matter how you look at it. >> today, wyoming's governor was skeptical of the, pa
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results. >> before we draw any conclusions, we want to make sure that we go back and do the review, do more testing, more analysis. and then whatever it is, it is. >> the epa notes its findings are specific to this one case of fracking in wyoming. nationwide, the industry supports more than 600,000 jobs and insists that it is safe and effective. nancy cortis. an advisory panel voted to add new warnings to some birth control. the hearing focused on a new generation of pills, such as yazmin and yaz produced by bayer. they may put women at a higher risk for blood clots. >> the pill can change how thick the blood is and increase the chance of clotting. that's all pills. specifically yaz or yaz-like pills increase that clot a
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little bit more. >> panel said current warning labels do not help women and doctors understand the risks or benefits of the pills. bayer sponsored some studies of not found any increased blood clot risks with yaz. >> a sight to see on hawaii's big island. the volcano is erupting more than usual right now. the strong flows reached an abandoned subdivision. there's only one resident there. he says he'll hitch a ride on a private tour helicopter if he hasser has errands to do. there could be a massive eruption any time. watch out michelle quan and cristie, there are some new ice queens stealing the spotlight. that's about a 5. some of the bay area's most famous divas took to the ice tonight.
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drag queens was the theme of the night at the ice rink. it was open to the public. drag queens participated before during open night, but this year the night was officially dedicated to them. there were individual performances by little miss hot mess and anaconda. >> weather could get messy by the tail end of the weekend. right now we have clear skies and a nearly full moon. the day the rain arrives as the news continues on cbs 5. ♪
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[ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ from delectable to amazing. there are over 20 affordable safeway select appetizers ♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be. ♪ only at safeway. ingredients for life. the first full week of december now coming to an end. absolutely rain-free. the last time we had any kind of rain drops have to go back to thanksgiving day. two full weeks. live cbs 5 weather camera currently clear skies. not a cloud in the vicinity. could see a hint of patchy fog later on. meanwhile, tomorrow for your
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friday, your weather headlines. third straight day of spare the air day. we do have a chance of rain returning to the bay area by sunday night. but that's from santa cruz to the monterey bay. another chance of rain returns for the entire metropolitan area on wednesday. it's about time because look at the percentage. we were 45% of normal in san jose. santa rosa at 50%. this time last year we were at 135% of normal. very healthy. tonight, clear skies, starry night. 43 to 50. tomorrow, hazy sunshine. 59 in san francisco. 60 to the south. 62 degrees in san jose. high pressure here. area of low pressure there. mix out the atmosphere. so therefore, the air becomes stagnant and that is why we have yet another spare the air day. haze in the atmosphere. especially around the range and the santa clara valley. tonight overnight, 33 in santa
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rosa. 42 san jose. temperatures pretty seasonal for this time of the year from the upper 50s to the low 60s. outside number will be 64. and penn grove, cooler conditions by saturday. especially by sunday with that slight chance of rain to the south. everybody has that chance of rain returning by wednesday. that is your pinpoint forecast. dennis, what's up with sports? >> went one on one with jim harbaugh. albert pujols has made his decision. is pujols coming to the giants? we're next. [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. really? [ male announcer ] kate uses her citibank debit card because kate knows there are some things you shouldn't be charged for. refill? i'm ok. [ male announcer ] so does that guy.
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titles...some believed his t was in s albert pujols was the face of the st. louis cardinals. some believe his heart was in st. louis. but in the end, his decision came down to four simple words. >> and the angels did just that. they signed pujols to a ten- year, $254 million deal. second highest in baseball history, and the spree didn't stop there. the angels also signed pitcher cj wilson to a five-year, $77
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million deal. the sharks taking on the stars. brian sets up logan. the first 11 goal of the season. they get on the board again. jamie comes out with the puck wide open. sharks up 2-0. dallas would tie it. san jose takes control with three goals in the second period. joe thornton stays with it. the last 14 games, sharks beat the stars 5-2. 49ers will be without linebacker patrick willis on sunday against the cardinals. willis injured his hamstring in last week's win against the rams. they'll be cautious with willis. now the team does not plan to rest its starters down the stretch. the 49ers have one game lead over the saints for the second seed in the nfc, which of course would mean a first round
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bye. >> pretty darn good if you haven't seen. >> i heard something about that. >> you guys are pretty good. >> rather have them see the golden gate bridge. see the trolley cars. >> scary moment for the steelers, big ben goes down awkwardly. and he would come back in the second half. men's medicine does an amazing thing. the knockouts were roethlisberger to antonio brown. 79-yard score. he throws for 280 yards and two touchdowns. pittsburgh beat cleveland to become the first afc team to reach ten wins this season. and i have in my hand, the thursday night top five. number five, basketball team is ranked for the first time in school history. uconn hands in their first loss tonight. and number four, rangers center, scores right in front of the net and then pretends to shoot the lightning goalie.
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take a guess how that went over. ends up with a ten minute misconduct. he'll likely be fined. nice shot. number three, no time for particulars. down goes frasia. number two, james harrison is no stranger to a big hit. lays out colt mccoy. harrison was flagged for roughing the quarterback. master of the obvious. the highlight of baseball wasn't pujols. this poor guy trying to break a story nearly broke his face falling into the middle of a hotel pond. fortunately, the only thing lost in that was his cell phone. >> he was texting at the time or something? >> of course. never text while you're walking. >> yes. >> lesson right there. >> i don't know. we'll be right back.
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david letterman is next with charlise. very good.


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