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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 9, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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brand-new baseball stadium by opening day 2016. >> we have experienced interest from very serious planners, large-scale developers, people had have managed, developed and run sports facilities in the past and all of them indicate that there would be private financing available for the kind of project we're talking about. >> reporter: the city is offering one of two sites, a downtown waterfront ballpark near jack london square or a massive sports hotel and entertainment complex at the current site which would be known as coliseum city. they say the community is on board. >> we generated about a half million dollars worth of deposits for luxury suites and corporate naming rights for a new waterfront ballpark. >> reporter: the as, however are not biting. a spokesman for the team says they are continuing to work towards a move to san jose. the warriors basketball team is also thinking about leaving oakland. on this first day of practice
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in the delayed season, the warriors say they have met with mayor jean quan. but they are also being tempted by san francisco and the giants offer to build a new arena near at&t park. >> and we're open to really talk to anyone who wants to engage with us and talking about a successful long-term solution for a brand-new arena for the warriors. >> reporter: but oakland says they are throwing everything they have to keep the as, the warriors and the raiders. >> we are working as hard as we can to make sure that oakland remains the home of major sports entities. >> reporter: major league baseball is expected to decide soon whether or not the oakland as can move to san jose. the warriors say they are still far away from making a decision on whether or not they will move. but allen, that's a lot of money at stake. millions of dollars in income and revenue coming to oakland and they will lose it if any of these teams leave. >> a lot of cities would love
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to have it. thank you, linda. despite improving numbers, most people in oakland are still unhappy with jean quan. our exclusive eyewitness news poll finds 64% don't approve of the job she is doing. a month ago that was 71% disapproval. fewer than half say they support the newly approved recall petition. about a third oppose it. a sudden spike in thefts in a quiet south bay community has police baffled. determined thieves are after a specific item. len ramirez tells us about the hot commodity that car owners are having a hard time holding on to. >> reporter: los gatos doesn't see a lot of crime but they are seeing a mini crime wave when it comes to catalytic converters. the town of los gatos all dressed up for the holidays but now seeing a spike in a certain kind of crime. theft of catalytic converters. >> in the last 12 days, we have
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had 11 stolen from the los gatos community and that's a very significant number of thefts for us and we wanted the public to be aware the ease with which these are stolen. >> reporter: at this san jose muffler shop it takes a mechanic just a few minutes to cut through exhaust pipes and remove the converters for replacement. on the streets, and in park lots, thieves are doing it almost as quick. >> fast crime, get a little buzz saw and cut the pipe in a couple of seconds it drops into your lap. >> reporter: catalytic converters help cars run cleaner by burning up toxic gases in the exhaust and thefts have been going on for years but the type of vehicles targeted mostly toyota pickups and suvs suggest thieves are taking advantage of increases in the price of precious metals contained in factory toyota models. >> that's the one they go for right here. this is the cat system. but this cat here has platinum in it and that's what seems to
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be worth the money. >> reporter: being higher off the ground makes them easier to reach. bob's customers have been hit in broad daylight. >> they come to the person's workplace while they're in the office and then then they come out to the car and it's loud. >> reporter: no one knows if thieves are getting more. replacing a stolen one can cost victims up to $1,200 depending on their car's make and model elevating this to a felony theft. >> salvage yards are also receiving these. it's part of our investigative follow-up to work with them to identify who is trying to off- load these catalytic converters. >> reporter: no one knows why this spike is happening right now. the chief speculates that like a lot of crimes this time of year it might have something to do with the need for cash during the holidays. >> thank you. san francisco police say they have nabbed the man suspected of stealing copper from bart. police say they found evidence
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including copper cable when they searched dennis mcguire's home. bart has been hit by at least three copper thefts recently. mcguire was also arrested earlier year for stealing from an underground electrical vault. the toddler left brain-dead in a shooting spree in west oakland has been taken off life support. 1-year-old hiram lawrence, jr., was critically wounded in last week's shooting at a liquor store parking lot. the shooting happened after the filming of a rap music video. 6 others including hiram's father were also wounded in the shooting. this week, doctors at children's hospital in oakland said the boy showed no signs of brain activity and he was taken off life support just this afternoon. it is one of the strange he was cases we have heard of lately. a woman is accused of faking her own rape to convince her husband to move to a new home. what's more, police say the woman involved knows about crime. she is a senior psychologist at
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a state prison. >> she had injuries to her face, clothes were torn. >> reporter: it seemed to police that 36-year-old laurie ann martinez was the victim of a home invasion and rape when they responded to a 911 call last april. >> broken glass, there was things that were, you know, taken that things were moved around. you know, there was evidence that something had happened. >> reporter: but police say the whole thing was a hoax. they say martinez went as far as having a friend punch her in the face even urinating on herself, all to make things look real because martinez wanted her husband to move the family to a new home. >> she's a nut! [ knocking ] >> reporter: nobody answered when we knocked on the door at the martinez home. but her neighbor, mary ruiz, says she always thought that martinez's rape story didn't add up. >> why would you do something so stupid? why don't you just talk to your husband say, let's move somewhere, honey. i don't like it here. >> reporter: now martinez could face up to three years in prison, a place she is familiar
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with. she works at new folsom prison as a senior psychologist. since the investigation began, her position has changed. a statement from the california department of corrections and rehabilitation says, "she has no contact with patients and her current work is not directly related to patient care." yet martinez continues to work. not yet put on administrative leave, even though police say she has confessed to the whole thing. >> i told my daughter, i said, something doesn't seem right and she said i know. it's a mystery why they would target that house. the missing solano county teenager who tryingrds a statewide amber alert is safe tonight. now investigators are trying to determine if there was a crime committed at all. police say 17-year-old christina almanza was found in a vallejo home this afternoon with people she knew. she was allegedly abducted wednesday. family members told police that she had left a voicemail saying that she along with three other
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girls were being held hostage by several men. >> we are still investigating but it appears there is no crime at this point. >> she went wellly? >> we don't know that yet. >> i'm feeling good. because my daughter okay. [ indiscernible ] everything okay. >> almanza's father didn't comment on what happened. the former san francisco lab technician accused of stealing drug evidence is out of jail. a judge agreed to release deborah madden on $25,000 bond accused of stealing small amounts of cocaine from the now closed city drug lab. where she worked. it led to the dismissal of hundreds of criminal cases. a trial date for three men charged in the killing of the head of the san jose's hells angels. jeffrey pettigrew was gunned
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down in reno in september. a member of the rival game is accused of firing the fatal shot. another member and a hells angels are also charged in connection with the case. the trial is next october. wow. a minute later? that's -- that is really crazy. >> yup. gone in 60 seconds. the choreographed heist to steal more than hundreds of ipads from a bay area store. >> how does it taste, good? >> why a bay area kindergarten is being given medical marijuana. and how vineyards in napa are getting into the business of saving fish. ,,,,,,,,,,
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area best buy store.
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gone in 60 seconds. that's how long police say it took two thieves to steal hundreds of ipads from a bay area best buy. gil diaz is in san carlos where police say the heist was carefully planned. >> reporter: yeah. carefully planned and it was so fast that lieutenant luny believes that the store's alarm hadn't even gone off yet. it happened last night just before midnight. the store was closed. initially 125 ipads were reported stolen but after a better store inventory check, it turns out those crooks made off with more than 200 of them. the two suspects wasted no time. from the moment they pried open best buy's front entrant gate to the moment they snatched the rack of ipads, it was all gone in 60 seconds. >> wow. a minute later? that's -- that is still even -- even -- that's crazy. >> reporter: crazy as it sounds, it appears that this was a choreographed stunt. surveillance video shows the duo after entering through the front door making a right turn and heading straight to where
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the ipads were located. inside a locked four-foot by four-foot steel rack. the suspects both men dragged that steel rack outside a fire exit door and into their vehicle. >> it appears that they were well prepared and knew where the cameras were. we don't see them looking at any of the cameras. in fact, we see them looking away from all of them. >> reporter: initially it was reported that 125 ipads had been stolen. but after best buy did a complete inventory check, it discovered that two to three hundred were stolen. the lost estimated over $100,000. >> that's a hot commodity i guess right now. people want them for christmas. so they kind of figure, hey, steal that many ipads we can make a lot of money right before christmas. >> reporter: investigators describe both suspects as slim, one wearing a black jacket, black pants, black beanie and white shoes. the second suspect is around 6
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feet tall wearing black hoodie and black pants, as well. it's possible they could be tracked down through the serial numbers. there is a feature on the ipad called find my ipad that locates the device through its built-in gps system but that only works if the user manually turns it on. and it may sound tempting to find those stole-ipads and buy one but if you do that, you could get in trouble. reporting from san carlos, gil diaz, cbs 5. a teenager is behind bars accused in another apple caper this one in los gatos. police say an officer was taking two people to jail when he saw broken glass and a large pick axe in front of an apple store overnight. he looked inside and saw a masked burglar stealing apple products. police arrested the thief, who they say is 15 years old. and just in, we are learning a fourth suspect involved in a black friday shooting outside a walmart store has been arrested. in fact, the "chronicle"
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reports it was the mother of the 18-year-old suspect who turned him in. the man from oakland allegedly drove the getaway car. police say he was with three other suspects who tried to rob three men outside the san leandro walmart. one of the victims was shot in the neck. he did survive. all of the suspects face charges of robbery and attempted murder. "occupy" protestors are planning on causing a major disruption next week. the west coast busiest port. they are planning a blockade at the port of oakland on monday. very similar to the protest last month. this is all part of a coordinated effort stretching from los angeles up to vancouver. while labor union officially opposed the action, some members expressed support for the "occupiers." >> if it were not for labor and working people, we would not have the 8-hour work day. children would still be exploited. we would not have healthcare benefits and the only way we
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got that was through struggle. >> protestors hope it highlight unfair working conditions at major ports. now, the port of oakland has issued an open letter in responsible to these planned blockades saying in part, another shutdown will only make things worse diverting cargo, tax revenue and jobs to other communities. it will hurt working peek and harm our community. now in new york, "occupy wall street" protestors raided a tv location shoot depicting their former encampment at zuccotti park. more than 100 showed up overnight on the set of "law and order svu." the crowd was dispersed but not before the production was shut down. the "occupy" movement is with about to take over the classroom. new york university plans to offer two courses on the subject next semester, an undergrad class called by "occupy wall street" the history and politics of debt and finance. it will examine economy and
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culture. there will be a graduate level seminar. lecturers will include members of "occupy wall street. it's that time of the year, many people making new year's resolutions to get into better shape. but at what cost? julie watts tells us two viewers spent more time working out their problems at the local gym than working out. >> you think something as simple as working out, you're look how complicated can that be? >> reporter: but. >> reporter: rhonda it was complicated. when she bought personal training sessions at this bally's in san leandro they were supposed to be paid at three installments automatically withdrawn from her account but when she noticed a fourth withdrawal -- >> i contacted them and the representative said, well let me research it. and i'll get back to you. >> reporter: tired of waiting
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she cancelled the payment. when she heard from bally's five months later wasn't the call she expected. >> i get a call from a collection agent representing bally's saying, you owe us $272. >> i have a question regard, my membership. >> reporter: audrey had similar problem at the same san leandro bally's but she was double charged for her entire membership. >> so i was out $600 for one year. it was supposed to be $299. >> reporter: show good 299. i call them 2 or 3 times a day. >> reporter: both women turned to consumerwatch and our volunteers went to work. bally's tells us says it responds within 48 hours. due to the nature of credit card refunds there may be a slight delay. bally's couldn't explain why that slight delay turned into a month for audrey and six for rhonda. but thanks to our volunteers -- >> everything was involved.
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and actually probably in a matter of a day. >> julie watts, cbs 5. all right. switching to ro now we sure had fun. it was a beautiful day helping the salvation army today. >> it was a perfect day as far as stats are concerned. 58 degrees in san francisco. that is spot on for this time of year. we were ringing the bell for salvation army in union square. thanks to all of you generous in your donations. clear skies, it's our live cbs 5 weather camera looking toward san francisco where again today mid-50s and currently numbers are trailing off very rapidly as the sun officially set at 4:50. we are now in the 40s and 50s for friday night. now live view, get a good picture of this, transamerica building of weather headlines, fourth straight day tomorrow of a winter "spare the air" day. very hazy day on tap. chance of rain returns monday scrubbing out the haze and more
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rain on wednesday. areas affected about the pollutants close to the surface eastern portion of the district as the pollutants line up against the diablo mountains and calaveras mountains and north of the golden gate bridge. tomorrow looks like we'll have highs very seasonal after lows in the 30s and in the 40s with crystal clear skies. tomorrow with that hazy sunshine, seasonal in the 50s and 60s. extended forecast does call for that chance of an umbrella to be used on sunday, then again on wednesday. next time we'll talk about you can see a full lunar eclipse tomorrow. that's your pinpoint forecast. i'm don ford in the napa valley. why are some vineyards voluntarily giving up some of the most expensive agricultural land in the nation? i'll have that story coming up. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original.
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underway in the napa valley. it comes after years of trying to control floods a major restoration project is getting under way in the napa. it comes after years of trying to control floods along the napa river. as don ford tells us, what people did to help actually hurt. >> reporter: the napa valley has some of the most expensive agricultural land in the nation. for years the vineyards have been flooded regularly by the nearby river. chris says the old way that vineyards tried to protected their land didn't work. >> they would take bulldozers up and clear it out thinking that was the which too reduce flooding but that caused it to have steeper banks and the river go faster. >> reporter: faster water washed out the banks and it caused another problem that you can clear see under water, silt and dirt coats the river bottom where salmon once laid eggs.
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the fish population declined. >> taking all your time. >> reporter: the vineyards are announcing a new partnership with napa county and the federal environment protection agency to restore the river. the epa says that it is here to help. >> the vintners, the farmers, the community, have already come together and had been doing so for the last five, 10 years. and epa's really coming to support that effort. >> reporter: the epa is awarding a $1.5 million grant that is being matched by napa county to complete the river restoration. to get this many government agencies to all agree on a restoration project was no easy feat, either. >> i think you hear an alphabet soup of epa and fish & game and a bunch of terms that comes together and everybody shudders when they hear that. now you put a face on it. >> reporter: a face with a hand- holding permits and three million dollars. now that the ball is rolling,
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managers predict that the entire rutherford section of the river can be completed in the next five years. in napa valley, don ford, cbs 5. >> a new twist in the medical pot debate. >> we introduced him to cbd- rich cannabis. >> the bay area 5-year-old who is the latest patient of medical marijuana. and the this used to be a self-contained city inside the ghost camps left behind as the final u.s. troops pull out of iraq. >> girls on top, boys on the bottom. >> and adoption scam that stretches from kansas city to california. the woman accused of preying on more than a dozen couples desperate to become parents. how she was finally caught. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dispensaries are already under our top story at 6:30, california's medical marijuana dispensaries are already under heavy fire from the feds so why would one bay area provider choose to fuel the fire by giving cannabis to a kindergartener? robert lyles reports. >> reporter: weed wars is only in its second especially so but already buzzing.
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>> christmas morning four months after he was born he had his first grand mal seizure that lasted an hour long. my whole life changed. >> reporter: jason is a bay area dad, his 5-year-old jayden has suffered from a rare form of epilepsy since infancy. his seizures last at least an hour he says. >> he is twitching right now. come on jayden, look at da-da. come on. come on. out of it? okay. relax. >> reporter: jason told weed wars, no pharmaceutical works. desperate he turned to harborside. >> we introduced him to cbd- rich cannabis, which is we delivered in a tincture for him for this young patient. >> reporter: so to be clear, he is not the first child that you treated. >> no. we have treated several children here at harborside health center all of whom have had extremely grave illnesses. >> reporter: all treated with cbd says steve d'angelo a
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nonintoxicating cannabis because the thc has been removed. cbd is administered using an eyedropper and tastes like honey. >> young brains don't need psychoactive substances of any kind whether it be cannabis or valium. >> reporter: and in weed wars he said he was forced to give him valium. we watched as he got the drops. >> open. how's it taste? pretty good? i just gave jayden cbd for the first time. didn't look like it bothered him. >> reporter: critics aren't convinced citing instances like albany last february, when five kids were hospitalized after eating cannabis brownies at school. but harborside says america deserves to see how an entirely new medicine is helping patients especially children. that's why they agreed to do reality tv. but there is a real risk. >> we didn't know a year ago when we agreed to do this show that the federal government was
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going to reverse their policy on medical cannabis. and so it's a very scary time for us right now. >> reporter: in oakland, robert lyles, cbs 5. harborside maintains jayden's cannabis was recommended by a doctor and he is being monitored by several mds. five bay area hospitals face hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for giving out bad medicine. state health investigators say they found mistakes in policy violations related to medications and vaccines at 14 california hospitals. they say the errors have been linked to at least two deaths atticizer foundation hospital -- at kaiser foundation hospital south san francisco. other hospitals include sf general, ucsf, sutter solano medical center and lucille packard children's hospital. desperate words from a retired fbi agent who disappeared in iran four years ago. >> i'm not in very good health.
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i am running very quickly out of diabetes medicine. >> now, this videotape was sent to the family of bob levinson last year. it was just released because the family feared that it would hinder rescue efforts if they release it before this. today levinson's son made his own plea to his father's captors. >> i'm sending this message because we need to know what you want our family to do so that my father can come home safely. >> eleven son had been in iran -- levinson had been working as a private investigator. the iranian government said it has nothing to do with the disappearance. at the peak of the war the united states had more than 50 0 bases in iraq now less than a handful. the once sprawling american cities lie empty there. martin savage has a look at a base that's becoming a ghost
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camp. >> reporter: this year it looks like a truck stop where convoys departing for kuwait car away the war. >> we are taking it south due to the draw down of iraq. >> reporter: like all the remaining u.s. bases here its days are numbered and it shows. away from the truck lots lies a ghost camp. checkpoints sit abandoned. sandbags slowly return to the desert. housing trailers are silent. more than 14,000 troops lived here. for security reasons i can't tell you how many remain. let's just say a lot less. the last hot meal was served before thanksgiving. laundry service ends today. so this is interesting. this appears to be a very substantial battle first aid kit. you can see you have your airway trauma kit here, turn kit, even splints. and it's abandoned out in the
6:34 pm
open. apparently you can take what you need right by emergency sign. this is where the px used to be on the left closed a month and a half ago. over here, over by the t walls right here used to be the barbershop. for those still here there's less to do. satellite tv and internet are all gone. what's left will ire, either be handed over to the iraqis or dumped. it's all here, office chairs, satellite dish... it's like they should have had a good garage sale. we found the doctors still in. like an emergency room back home. >> someone gets injured or sick, they would come here. >> reporter: the medical team will stay until the very end. but others are leaving every day as more and more at at this camp the war is becoming a
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memory. a new poll shows president obama has his work cut out for him if he wants to be re- elected. 54% of americans say they don't think mr. obama should be elected to a second term. the economy clearly a major factor. the president believes that he can bring unemployment numbers down by next year. >> do you think that you might have the unemployment rate down by the time the election rolls around? >> possibly. but i'm not until the job of -- of -- of prognosticating on the economy. i'm in the job of putting in place the tools to allow the economy to thrive and americans to succeed. >> you can see the interview on 60 minutes right here on cbs 5 coming up on sunday evening. you really want to get your twins up for adoption? >> yeah. i can't afford them. >> an adoption scam targeting desperate couples. and the california husband and
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wife caught in the middle.
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a california husband and wife are among more than a dozen victims, of a high- priced adopti preying on couples desperate to become parents a california husband and wife are among more than a dozen victims of a high-priced adoption scam. the hidden camera investigation of a con artist at work. >> reporter: you're watching hidden camera video of a woman from kansas city, missouri, who says she is pregnant with twins. she wants this woman to adopt them. >> you really want to give your twins up for adoption? >> yeah, i can't afford them. >> reporter: natalie and mark a couple from canyon country who spent thousands on fertility treatments decided to adopt last february. >> we wanted two children at one time. it was wonderful. >> reporter: so when they received a call on a friday
6:39 pm
night from that same pregnant woman who said she chose them to adopt her unborn twins, they felt their prayers had been answered. >> oh, my gosh this is amazing. we're going to be, you know, parents in five days. >> reporter: they immediately began bonding with the birth mother. >> within five minutes of talking to us she was like oh, you're the ones, you guys are perfect, i love you for the babies, the girls are going to be in a great place. >> reporter: but within hours of the initial phone call, the excitement gave way to concern. the family received warning from their adoption facilitator to investigate further. and what she found online would shock her. >> they said holly, please be careful. i was scammed by kayla supposedly pregnant with twins from kansas city. she got three other people. >> reporter: cbs news later learned she had scammed at least 10 other families beginning in january of 2011 using six aliases. luckily the family quickly became wise and refused to send the money requested to help pay
6:40 pm
her bills. she retaliated with hurtful text messages. >> the girls were born today. i'm sorry you felt you couldn't be here. they are two very precious babies that are going to foster care. >> reporter: but it turns out her real name is roxanne jones, the same woman captured here on hidden camera in kansas city by cbs news weeks after she texted the couple with supposed pictures of her newborn twin girls. >> i'm pregnant, every part of my body and my toes. >> reporter: she stuck to her story even after cbs investigative reporters confronted her. >> i'm from cbs news. i just wanted to ask you a few questions. you aren't pregnant, correct? >> yeah. >> and a boy, girl two boys, two girls? >> a boy and a girl. >> reporter: but once her story began to crumbling, she bolted into the arms of police who arrested her. >> put your hands behind your back. get your purse. >> for what?! please explain. >> reporter: an adoption
6:41 pm
attorney helps families and says scams like this are not uncommon. >> when the economy is bad, you have to be more alert and aware. >> reporter: he recommends hiring a certified adoption attorney from the start and watching out for red flags from birth mothers who ask you to wire them money immediately, place their babies for adoption at the last minute, and already have children. >> sometimes they can talk a good game about wanting to place this child when they haven't placed their other three or four children for adoption. but when push comes to shove at the hospital, it's a rarity that they go through with it. >> reporter: mark and holly gonzalez are relieved they didn't fall for the scam. >> my friend said you will forget about this wait. all of this waiting will mean nothing to you once your baby is in your arms and i always held on to that. >> reporter: a very special birth mother chose mark and holly to be the parents of little addison grace last september. >> all the time that an all the heartbreak this we went through
6:42 pm
to little addie here is -- everything is worth it now. >> aw. the gonzalezes would like to adopt a sibling for the baby of as for jones, she pled guilty to swindling 14 couples and will be sentenced in march. >> what you would do with $50 million. how facebookers plan to spend their ipo riches. >> rain near the bay area generally means snow in the high sierra. if you are getting away this weekend carry chains. we a chance of snow by monday. your snow report: s make a move and an we have the pinpoint forecast but first gary sports. >> it's never too early to talk baseball. the as make a move and say good- bye to a top pitcher and let
6:43 pm
the games begin. the warriors opened up training camp today. hear from some of the guys. nba is here. it's all coming up in sports.
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poised to go public, and its employees are already thinking about how to spend their millions. facebook is poised to go public and the employees are already thinking about how to spend their new found millions. one former employee tells reuters he is planning to book a trip to space. the price tag for that? more than $200,000. another group of employees is planning a jungle expedition to the mayan ruins. analysts believe more than 1,000 people will become instant millionaires and they hit the "like" button on that. >> "like" button? we have had plenty of sunlight around here, haven't we? >> yes. >> all the way back to thanksgiving. that's the last time we have had any kind of measurable precipitation here in the bay area. it's about time we have some coming in. let's go ahead and head outside. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera look towards a moonlit night. can you see the moon at the tip- top of your screen there? it's a full moon. but we have some hazy skies and
6:47 pm
currently 54 degrees in san francisco. winds are nonexistent with that clarity out there. we do center on tap for tomorrow morning a tote -- we do have on tap for tomorrow morning a full lunar eclipse at 4:45 a.m. concluding at 6:57. conditions will be brilliant for all the clarity out there. hazy sunshine for your saturday. it will pan out to be the fourth consecutive "spare the air" day. chance of rain sunday and wednesday. it's about time. we have to clean out the atmosphere. look how far we're falling below rainfall stats. santa rosa at 50% of where we should be for this time of the year. just to give you an example, last year at this time they were at 135%. we have high pressure here, low pressure there, not enough of a pressure gradient to cause a wind. one more day of stagnation and
6:48 pm
then we have this area of low pressure out here that's going to blow out all the pollutants and thus the "spare the air" days will end. meanwhile adversely affected is the east bay and also north bay. we will see those pollutants just track very close to the surface. tonight overnight with that haze temperatures in the 30s and 40s but again a full moon lurking out there. tomorrow's daytime highs will be pretty similar to today and very seasonal. in the 50s and in the 60s. here you go with your extended forecast. we call for again tomorrow plenty of sunshine, then that chance of rain on sunday across the entire metropolitan district. another threat of rain returns on wednesday right here in the bay area. otherwise temperatures coolish dipping down below 60 degrees. my favorite part of the program tonight is "food for bay area families." and we have some guests from the east bay from the san ramon valle islamic center. rod is here with us today.
6:49 pm
[ non-english language ] is that right? >> close. >> then larry sly executive director from the east bay, the contra costa food bank and thank you all for being here on a friday night. what brings you here tonight? >> we contribute to the food drive every year. we are here to talk about that tonight. >> is this your first time participating in this? >> our mosque has been doing it for about 10 years. and you know, since the mosque has been around during ramadan we have a food drive. during that charitiable month, we get a lot of generations. >> i hooked up with the islamic center in san ramon several years back. you made a generous donation. what do you have tonight? >> we have $3,754. [ applause ] >> whoa. >> thank you. >> larry, how's this going to help you out? >> it's great for us, roberta. this is a great example of how faith communities like islam strike really make a difference
6:50 pm
in our ability to feed people. >> you can make a difference. just visit us at we'll be right back. forget about cy young awards and
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all-star appearances.. if you're an a s pitcher, you know you've made it when billy beane trades you, fo vor cahill forget about cy young and all-star appearances. if you are an as pitcher you know you have made it when billy beane has you for a prospects. cahill and reliever craig breslow are headed to the arizona diamondbacks as part of a 5-player deal. in 2010, cahill won 18 games and was the team's only all- star. but struggled last year in the second half and finished 12-14 with an e.r.a. of over 4. in return, the as get jared parker, colin cowgill and ryan cook. parker was regarded as one of arizona's top prospects and cowgill hit .354 in aaa last season the warriors didn't make any big splashes on the first day of preagency but they released jeremy lind. he appeared in 29 games last season. marc jackson debuted as the warriors held their first
6:54 pm
training camp. the team practiced for 2.5 hours with a strong emphasis on the d, defense. wright is learning the new system but more than anything he is just happy to leave his playbook at home. >> i'm more of a guy that has to visualize what's going on other than reading a book. as you know, i wasn't the best student. so i would rather be out here and have the coaches walk us through it and catching on the first or second time and really learning it that way instead of having a big thick old playbook. i ain't no quarterback. >> it's been proving that they can score the basketball. we must buy in on the defense end and we'll find out which guys want to win and which guys is just, you know, giving lip service. >> emphasis on defense already in the weight room, no pictures of anybody with a ball in their hand. >> all right. the raiders will be without three of their biggest weapons on offense. hue jackson has ruled out darren mcfadden, jacoby ford and moore for sunday's game in
6:55 pm
green bay. richard seymour was find $30,000 for throwing a punch last sunday in a game that led to his ejection. the good news, he will play against the packers. green bay is a perfect 12- 0. they won 18 straight including last year's post- season but before their winning streak they were only 8-6 and on the verge of missing the play-offs. hue jackson hopes his team can be this year's version of the pack. >> that team is kind of where we were now. they went on a run and they are now 12-0. they have done a tremendous job. why not the raiders? why can't we do that? why can't we have that happen for us? you can see the raiders and packers sunday afternoon right here on cbs 5. and stay tuned after the game for all the highlights and reaction on the fifth quarter. the most popular quarterback believe it or not in the nfl right now is tim tebow. his broncos are 6-1 since he became the starter and are tied for first in the afc west. one guy who has heard enough tebow talk is of course charles
6:56 pm
barkley. >> please stop the madness. i'm just so tired. listen, i like tim tebow. he seems like a good kid. i wish him success, but i'm tebow-ed out. if i don't ever hear the word brett favre or tim tebow again it won't be enough trust me. >> what's a sportscast without chuck. panthers rookie quarterback cam newton lived up to the hype of being the number one pick. his 13 rushing touchdowns are the most ever for a quarterback but catalina is just 4-0 -- carolina is just 4-8. he can get it done. can his teammates? >> what happens when you take a lion to your safari and take him home to make a house pet? what you trying to say in it ain't going to happen. that's the time of person that i am. i'm that lion. you know? in the house that i'm in, it's somewhat of a tarnished house where losing is accepted. you know? but i'm trying to change that whether i'm going to have to turn that house into a safari
6:57 pm
or get out the house. i'm not saying i'm trying to leave this place. i'm just trying it get everybody on my level. >> all right. so wait and see what happens there. >> get him on the level. >> what? >> i don't think. how do you think the veterans feel about that statement? up to his level? see what happens. >> is the raider game in green bay? >> green bay. >> currently 14 degrees there. >> a little chilly. >> it will be warmer on sunday with a high in the upper 30s and sunshine. >> how about that. a week ago kim goes from miami, kim coyle, of course, now she is in green bay so like 80s to -- >> she can handle it. >> we feel her pain. >> she is traveling. she is on the sidelines. >> i don't feel sorry for her. >> caption colorado, llc cbs s - f dot com. our next
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