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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 11, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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say they have with people from ot . the only occupy camp left in the bay area is in berkeley. the problem these protesters say they have with people from other cities joining in. another raid in san francisco, people occupying the sidewalk in front of the federal reserve. the tense moments occupiers say they faced. republican candidates, back on the campaign trail after last night's debate. the shift in focus now for the democratic national committee. around the bay area have been shut down. but q . good evening. one by one, the occupy camps around the bay area have shut down, but quietly, the occupy camp in berkeley has grown. now the city and even occupiers themselves are becoming weary of growing violence and drug use. anne mackovic, with the newest battle growing over occupy.
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>> each occupy represents and reflects the community it represents. >> reporter: welcome to occupy berkeley, the only remajor large scale camp in the bay area, but it wasn't always large. what started with a couple of tents in october has ballooned to around 100, after absorbing people from other occupy camps. >> there was no other place to go. >> reporter: she used to camp at justin herman plaza before san francisco police raided it last week. before that, there was a raid at occupy oakland. >> they came here. what we discovered, we were literally being invaded by a bunch of meth heads, crack heads, drunks. >> reporter: this man calls himself an old hippie occupying martin luther king, jr. park for two months. >> to me, it's a continuation of the peace revolution. >> reporter: but he's finding things aren't so peaceful. he even got heckled during our interview. >> 4:00 in the morning!
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>> get off the crack! >> good, wonderful, we love ya! >> reporter: this camp is in a unique location, flanked by berkeley high school on one side, city hall on the other, and the berkeley police department. this man lives across the street. >> it's very disruptive. this is a public park. the public can't use it. it's loud and dangerous, i think. >> reporter: so he complained to the mayor. >> is camping there illegal? >> it is. >> then why are you allowing it? >> well, because our city basically fathers and mothers figured as long as it was nonviolent, as long as it was a protest that was contained, and in this one particular area that we have a park and it didn't have problems until recently. >> but he sees things changing. >> we see more homeless in this encampment. >> you want to call us homeless? yeah, we're homeless. we're looking towards being homeless! >> reporter: after all, the divide between the rich and the
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poor, the disdain for corporate greed is what it's all about. >> it's about reclaiming the terrain basically. >> we're still struggling to figure out what to do about this. >> reporter: and the city is, too. in berkeley, anne mackovic, cbs 5. >> 55 occupy sf protesters were arrested in a raid early this morning. it happened around 4:00 a.m. in front of the federal reserve building. police in riot gear moved in and some officers were spat on and one was pushed by demonstrators. no one was hurt. two flatbed trucks were loaded with belongings. before the arrest, a stand-off on wednesday, when officers interrupted an assembly at the plaza and then backed off. tomorrow, occupy protesters plan to disrupt the port of oakland again. it's part of a coordinated effort to shut down west coast from los angeles to vancouver. protesters want to highlight
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unfair working condition at major ports. labor unions are against it. but some members support the occupiers. >> where am i going to take it? >> for labor and working people, we would not have the 8-hour workday. children would still be exploited. we would not have healthcare benefits. and the only way we got that was through struggle. >> the letter says in part that closing the port would hurt the very workers occupiers are trying to support. a dramatic scene at a police chase. a woman tries to get away and nearly steps on live power lines. >> don't move! >> live wires! >> she was a passenger in the car that crashed into a power pole. it happened around 2:30 in the morning on regatta boulevard. the driver and three others got
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away. it's not clear why the chase started. chp crews were caught briefly under the lines as well. pg&e were called to clear the power lines. more than 2000 people were without power this morning. another dramatic chase in concord put these three 19-year-olds behind bars. police chased them after they were reportedly involved in a fight at a party. i apologize, we don't have the picture for you. police say one suspect jumped out of the car and ran, pulling a gun on an officer. police say the officer fired in self defense. the suspect immediately surrendered. the two owners were arrested a short time later. well, a wheelchair-bound man crossing a street has been hit and killed by a van. it happened around 9:30 last night at gomer street and patrick avenue. someone driving a van made a right turn and hit the man in the wheelchair as he was crossing. drugs or alcohol do not appear to be involved. less than a month until the
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iowa caucus. republican presidential candidates continue their attacks on frontrunner newt gingrich on the sunday talk shows. and drew levenson reports democrats have gingrich in their sights. >> reporter: democrats are now going after newt gingrich. >> we don't get rid of it in round one. >> reporter: sunday, the democratic national committee, attacking the new gop presidential frontrunner, calling him the original tea partyer. >> i invite you to a party. a tea party. >> reporter: the dnc shifted focus from mitt romney after gingrich surged to the top of the polls. that lead has his opponent taking jabs at all sides. michele bachmann took to the sunday talk shows, sticking to saturday's debate. >> it's very clear there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two of them. >> reporter: romney is getting hammered over the healthcare exchange during the abc news iowa debate. >> rick, i'll tell you what,
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10,000 bucks? $10,000 bet? >> reporter: in iowa sunday, perry said romney, who is worth millions, is out of touch. >> we suggest to you the $10,000 is pocket change,. >> reporter: romney campaigning in new hampshire didn't talk about the bet. he did, however, discuss the economy. >> i know what it takes to make america the most attractive place in the world for job growth. >> reporter: with the iowa caucus three weeks away, the candidates are running out of time to distinguish themselves. drew levenson, cbs news. >> more than 32,000 people died on american roadways in 2010, according to new data from the department of transportation. that is the lowest number of highway deaths in more than 60 years. that's despite the fact people are driving more now than in 2009. huge leaps in automobile safety are credited for the decline,
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but fatalitities rose among pedestrians, motorcycle drivers and occupiers of large trucks. large boost for the economy. a billion dollars in sales expected tomorrow. and a sit-down with president obama. what he says about rebuilding structural problems with the economy. and clouds increasing around the bay, with the smell of rain in the air. looks like it's confined to the coastal sections, as we see high-definition doppler beginning to pick it up. we'll talk more about it, coming up in a few minutes. ,, and tea to choose from.
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charged with child sexual abuse -- could face some of his accusers for the first time this week. . former penn state coach jerry sandusky charged with child sex abuse could face his accusers this time, facing 52 counts of sexually molesting 10 boys. he claims he didn't do it. a hearing to determine if the case will go to trial is set for tuesday. six witnesses, which could include some of his alleged victims are expected to testify.
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joe paterno is recovering in a hospital after falling and breaking his pelvis. he won't need surgery is expected to make a full recovery. he is undergoing chemotherapy for a treatable form of lung cancer. paterno was fired from penn state in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. president obama's approval rating is 44%, according to the gallop organization. no president since truman has been reelected when his approval rating was below 48%. tonight on 60 minutes, the president talks about the economy and his reelection campaign. >> did you overpromise, underestimate how difficult this would be? >> i didn't overpromise and i didn't underestimate how tough this was going to be. i always believed this was a
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long-term project. short-term project. for individual americans who are struggling right now, they have every reason to be impatient. reversing structural problems in our economy has been building up for two decades. it's going take time. it's going to take more than two years, going to take more than one term. probably takes more than one president. >> and you can see the full interview with president obama tonight on 60 minutes at 7:00, right here on cbs 5. is doing so we . the big boost for the economy tomorrow. plus, apple store is raking it in. one hint as to why the company is doing so well. cloudy and cool around the bay today, with a little warmer temperatures expected overnight. should take us down to the frost zone as the cloud blanket prevails. more clouds and a slight chance of showers coming up in your forecast, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for retailers, but also for the economy. the second monday ecember, has becom . tomorrow's green monday, a big day not only for retailers, but also for the economy. the second monday in december has become one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. it also means a lot of work for shipping companies. online tracking firm com score says sales tomorrow are expected to hit $1 billion. that's much higher than in previous years. several online retailers are preparing for green monday with online discounts and cyber deals. well, here's some insight into why apple stores do so
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well. analysts show each employee brings in nearly $300 per hour. heres the breakdown, each customer spends $45 per visit. if an employee sees six customers in an hour, that's $270. apple brings in $100,000 in sales per employee each quarter. compare that to a store like jcpenney which brings in $124,000 per employee per year. jim bernard, we're starting a new work week. any rain or fog in the forecast? >> a little bit of both actually, with a bit of lane approaching the coast, looking at cool temperatures, under mostly cloudy skies right now across the bay, visibility still pretty good. slight chance of showers mainly at the coast, and we'll see overnight lows a little warmer tonight due to the cloud cover. again, the pattern changes and the chance of rain lingers tomorrow.
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very light shower activity. nothing very impressive out there. and it will mainly be confined to the coastal sections across the south bay, which we'll see in a second. slight chance of rain returns on thursday, still a very minor system with a gradual warming through the week. atmosphere stirring things up, looking at temperatures tonight in the mid to upper 30s across the north bay, less frost out there. back at the bay, mid to low 40s. warming slightly, but then tomorrow night, skies clear out. temperatures will once again chill and -- cooler back at the beach due to increase in cloud cover. cool, unsettled weather pattern out here, typical of rain shower-type activity, which so far is confined to the south bay and across the shoreline, which is where it's likely going to
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sit here through the week. the pattern has changed slightly, as i mentioned. high pressure weakening and backing actually offshore, allowing these disturbances out of the gulf of alaska to parallel the coast, and as they crosby, headed into sorn california, they do bring with them a slight chance of showers for tomorrow and again on thursday. but again, these are very minor events. rainfall amounts will be a few hundredths of an inch, maybe a quarter at most by the end of the week. taking a look at the radar, we see it's not moving at this hour, so not picking up any returns. right now, they are all showing up in the south bay here and rainfall amounts, as i mentioned, have been very, very light here. there it is popping up now. moving into redwood city and south, a few showers continuing on and off through the day tomorrow. taking a look at the seven-day forecast, as expected, we'll look for things to dry out through midweek. air quality also improving to moderate for all locations, out of the healthy range, and as we
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see conditions dry out again through midweek, we'll get a little bump in temperatures starting out in the mid to upper 50s tomorrow, headed into the upper 50s to low 60s through midweek. then by thursday, we bring back the chance of showers, which will continue into friday morning, drying it out just in time for the weekend. >> we like that. also we need the rain. i was checking, 39 degrees at lambeau field. >> that's not bad! could be a lot worse! would the good weather help the raiders? that was the question. can the raiders hand the packers their first loss of the season? could the 49ers avoid a division-clinching hangover? answers are next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the 49ers knew they have to keep winning to secure the seond overall seed in the nfc... . after clinching the nfc west at home last weekend, the 49ers knew they would have to keep winning to secure the second overall spot. they won the first meeting at candlestick earlier this year against the cardinals. quarterback kevin kolb hurt then, and didn't last long in this one either. first drive, fumbles after a hard hit, leaves with a head injury. his replacement john skeleton makes a nice debut and he does the rest. outruns the 49er defense, 50-yard touchdown, 7-6 arizona.
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third quarter now, 19-7 san francisco, scoring over a thousand yards for the fifth time in his career, but arizona wouldn't go away. skeleton finds a streaking larry fitzgerald, makes a great catch, turns on the jets. he would score and suddenly the 49er lead is cut to 19-14. early fourth quarter, the cardinals. game-winning touchdown, 49ers can't score in the fourth quarter. arizona wins and ends a five-game losing streak to the 49ers. >> i don't think anyone was panicking, got down deep in the red zone and didn't execute and convert, and looking back, really frustrating. so, yeah, guys want the ball, want to score. >> not very good on 3rd down or in the red zone.
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the six-game losing streak didn't appear in -- 39 degrees at lambeau at kickoff. scoreless in the first, but not for long. 47-yard score, grant who had not had a 10-yard run since september, two touchdowns in the game for him. he had 85 yards. aaron rodgers stepped on the gas. after a 10-play drive, finds taylor for his first career catch. rogers to nelson for another touchdown. 44-0. rogers had 84 yards to go along with 2 touchdowns. raiders turn the ball over five times, green bay wins 46-16 to
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improve to 13-0. >> it seemed like just from the get-go, things were a little off kilter out there. what was going on? >> we have to not lose it early, and if we find a way to do that and not get out of the game early, then we can play and we can do some great things. but for whatever reason, we find ourselves getting in the hole early all around the board and just shooting ourselves in the foot. raiders were hoping the bears could finally stop tim tebow and the broncos to stay tied, at least for the lead in the afc west. john elway wondering what heroics tim tebow would have today in chicago. fourth quarter, down 10-0, just over 2 minutes left, tebow time again. thomas in the end zone, broncos score a field goal and send it to overtime. this is how the game ended. >> from the left hash, from 51
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yards out, for the win, the catch is good. >> yep, tebow does it again, with a little help from matt prater. broncos win 13-10 in overtime. the lions will be at the coliseum next sunday, got refused up today against the -- touchdown detroit. and the lions led by 21 points. vikings come back, final seconds, down by 6. pressure fumble, recovers as the clock strikes zero. lions hold on to win 34-28. tom brady in an argument with offensive coordinator bill o'brien. patriots playing it to a 7-point lead in the final minutes. rex grossman to santana moss, can't hold on and is picked off. new england survives 34-27.
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jets had slow takeoff all season, not today. 21 points in the second quarter against the chiefs. mark sanchez to holmes, new york up 14-3. shonn greene ran for a season-high 129 yards and a touchdown. jets improve 8-5, 37-10. they are 6-1 at home. how about hoops, 7-2 cal bears hosting jackson state, and boy, did they continue to roll. second half, gutierrez drives the lane, scores on the finger roll, had 7 points, 10 assists. high score in this game, grab off the bench, game-high 17, including a fast break drive finish. cal goes to 8-2 on the year, 73-46. warriors owner will join us in studio. warriors are rumored to be making some big moves before christmas day. they did make one tonight. we will tell what you that is, with the warriors owner tonight. >> looking forward to that. see you in a half an hour for eyewitness news and game day
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