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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  December 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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they're only hurting us. they're hurting -- i'm going to lose a half a day, or a day's worth of work. >> the 99%. the massive shutdown of west coast ports. a race to clean up toxic fuel leaking from the cal campus and the threat it is posing to the bank. it is monday, december 12. ladies once again. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm okay with that. >> i'm grace lee. >> and every day, you should know, frank, is ladies day. >> and my wife is tuned in and saying you go, girls. you go. >> good to be back. >> i got some rest. and when i thought i would catch up, boom, it is monday. >> you weren't gone that long but. >> but it was nice.
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>> quick trip. >> nice to be back. >> and you have come back to the rain. >> what's up with that? >> scattered showers right now. so not a heavy downpour by any means but you probably want to keep the umbrella nearby as you're stepping outside and looking at high def doppler with showers all the way down to parts of san jose. and i will tell you how long that rain is going to last later on in the show. any traffic issues because of the rain? not yet? >> not really. it is still slick in spots as you can tell from the bay bridge toll plaza camera. be careful. we're not seeing any major problems so far. the overnight road work has been suspended because of the rain as well. a full traffic coming up in a bit. >> thanks, guys. it is 4:31 now. anti-war street protesting planned to block some of the ports up and down the west coast today. >> gil diaz is in oakland where protesters planned to march to that port in about an hour from now. he has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. yes, i was checking out the
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tweet from occupy oakland and they were saying it is extremely important for protesters to meet here at 5:30 here this morning at the west oakland bart station to kick the day off right. but there are three marches planned for the rest of the day. for the port of oakland. one at 5:30 this morning. one at 3:00 this afternoon. and then 5:00 this evening. of course, these marchs have been in the works for the past month. since the successful first rally to the port on november 2. and now that march attracted more than 7,000 protesters. and they were able to shut down the port temporarily. but today's marches are not receiving the same support, especially from the port unions, and city officials. now, the occupiers say shutdown is to show support for the long shore union. that's in a labor dispute in washington state. but the union's president says the union has not voted to support the shutdown. and truckers who need to get their loads on to the cargo ships this morning think the marchs are are a bad idea.
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>> you don't want to happen either. they are taking money away from everybody. the more they occupy, the less money everybody makes because imports and exports are so important to this country. our business dependses on it. >> mayor gene quan has written an open letter to the protesters and wrote the port of oakland is not the home of the 1%. rather, it generates over 73,000 jobs in the region. and is connected to more than 800,000 jobs across the country. and i just talked to one of the police officers here at the bart station, and she says that there is no plan to beef up security here, but as you mentioned, frank and grace, this is not just happening here in oakland, but throughout the west coast. so we will be having some planned protests at the port of los angeles, san diego, portland, seattle, tacoma, and vancouver and houston texas, planned for this morning. >> huge ramifications.
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with we will check back in with you. thanks. there are no more occupy protest camps in san francisco. police in riot gear closed the last encampment in front of the federal reserve building early yesterday. there were 55 arrests for illegal lodging. no injuries were reported. and that leaves berkeley as the largest occupy encampment in the bay area. it has grown recently to about 100 tents. some of the newcomers had been evicted when police closed camps in oak and in san francisco. berkeley's mayor say the city is allowing the camp to stay as long as it is nonviolent. he says they have not had any complaints, until recently. it is 4:34 now. uc berkeley is trying to determine if it is safe to open a large research and classroom building that was the sign of a diesel spill. the spill happened on saturday at stanley hall and crews have been working around the clock to clean up the toxic mess. the building has been scheduled to house final exams and
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700,000 gallons overflowed from a fuel tank and the fuel is used to power an emergency generate ner the building and leaked into the storm drains and surfaced in a creek on campus, sending out om noxious fumes. >> like a bunch of kerosene lanterns that poured out, you know, basically, just a lot of kerosene fume, or gasoline fumes. it really is pungent. kind of gives you a headache. >> and state and local agencies are monitoring the spill. because some of it could travel from the creek right into the bay. the coast guard has set absorbent booms to block the diesel. if it does begin to seep into that marine environment. and as soon as the sun comes up, the coast guard is expected to take another flight over an oil spill in the bay. this oil is coming from a decommisioned navy tugboat in richmonds inner harbor. the 205-foot tugboat was found to be found sinking and a salvage company tried to skim the oil off the water and a boom is in place to protect the
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island preserve south of the harbor. safety changes are coming to san jose's christmas in the park, this after a frightening ferris wheel mishap. an 8-fot strip of lights fell and hit the canopy of a carriage below. and that impact broke off a 10- inch piece of fiberglass. the accident is blamed on a loose rivet. two people on the ride at the time were not hurt. the ferris wheel is closed until the other lights are reinforced. grace, 4:36 now. the future of u.s. iraq relations will take center stage at the white house this morning. president obama, the iraqi prime minister, noury al maliki will have a joint news conference and the withdrawal of troops from iraq by december 3 31 will mark the end of the war that has lasted almost a decade. the president is making a push to convince voters he is the best choice to turn the economy around. in an interview that aired on "60 minutes" last night, the president says his potential
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republican opponents have come up with no solutions. >> do they think that cutting taxes further, including on the wealthy, cutting taxes on corporations, gutting regulations, do we think that is going to be somehow more acceptable? >> the president says his administration saved the u.s. auto industry and prevented a great depression but he did admit it will likely take more than one term or more than one presidency to get the economy fully back on track. the republican presidential hopefuls will not get much of a break with the iowa caucuses about three weeks away. front runners mitt romney and newt gingrich will be campaigning in new hampshire today, the site of the first primary. polls show romney still holds a strong lead there but not by the wide margin he enjoyed in the past and flat, and suggesting a bet during the weekend debate after rick perry
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accused him of supporting part of president obama's health care plan. >> rick, i will tell you what. 10,000 bucks. $10,000 bet. >> perry responded he is not in the betting business. critics say romney's slipped comment about so much money says he is out of touch with the american people. the 13th g.o.p. debate is scheduled for thursday in sioux city iowa. 4:38. if you haven't stepped outside, that is probably a good thing. stay inside. it is wet. >> and super early and it is monday. >> and it is cold. all of those things together. go back together. if you're watching right now. definitely an excuse to get back inside and enjoy warmer weather. seeing showers around the bay area this morning. scattered at this point. definitely not a down pour. but wet enough in several areas where you certainly are going to feel it. in fact, let's zoom in and take a look at some of those places where we're seeing more moderate showers and just to the south of san jose, toward saratoga and a little bit of yellow on the rather, indicating more moderate
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downpour and the rest of the grown on the screen is indicating scattered showers and we're seeing those through parts of our far inland valleys, past danville, and parts of the bay as well and stretching up to the north bay, and seeing more of the moderate showers to parts of santa rosa and that system continuing to move to the south. so we actually see heavier rainfall making our way down into parts of southern california but definitely leave the umbrella this morning, and i will tell you how long you need to hold on to the umbrella when we come back later. let's go to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> i saw kristy siefkin prepared. she has the umbrella. i had my jacket over my head. good call on that one. hitting the roads this morning, take it extra slow, definitely slick in spots. coming from the east bay, here is a live look at conditions headed to the bay bridge toll plaza right now. take it a little extra slow. give yourself extra time. fortunately we're not seeing any major accidents except one just coming in now, and we're not sure how serious it is and even blocking lanes, but westbound 580 right there on the eastbound connector and eastbound 80 connector ramp, a
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car apparently hit the guardrail in that area and that's what we typically see, when it does start to get slick in spots and the on and the off ramps and we see usually the most accidents and a live look at the golden gate bridge, and so far, everything is moving pretty well, out of marin and your other bridges are moving just fine, as well. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. a lot of the overnight road work has been suspended due to the overnight rain. that is traffic. back to you. >> one good thing about the rain. >> that's right. >> 4:40. hundreds of customers ripped off, and now this. how our troops have become the latest victims of a lucky security breach. >> and calls for a boycott against a major home improvement chain. why it is being accused of discrimination. coming up. and the biggest shopping days are behind us? think again. why green monday is a huge day for discounts. hi, it's dave. [ robotic voice ] if you are satisfied with your message --
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case. it inv 4:42. the u.s. supreme court will likely decide today whether to hear a key immigration case. now, this involves a law in
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arizona that requires police to question a person's immigration status if the officer suspects that the person is here illegally. the obama administration has blocked it saying regulation of immigration is not a state matter, it is a federal one but lawyers for arizona says the state has a right to address this issue. 4:43. lowe's faces a boycott threat from a california senator, after pulling ads from a reality show about muslim americans. lowe's announced it was pulling its ads from all american muslim after reaving complaints from the florida family association. and the southern california association ted lou made the boycott threat calling the decision unamerican. >> we were founded on a nation of religious freedom and religious diversity and for lowe's to single out this show and say we are pulling our advertising, and the show heaps to be about americans who -- happens to be about americans who are of the islamic faith is very bigoted. >> lowe's has issued an apology
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for managing to make some people very unhappy and they have not announced whether they will reinstate the ads though. if they don't, the senator says he will make good on his promise to boycott that store. members of the u.s. military are the latest victims of that skimming that stole money from lucky supermarket customers. the south bay blue star moms, an organization that sends care packages to u.s. troops overseas found unauthorized draws on their account. the money was donated to send packages to troops, as well as to help homeless veterans and local shelters. the moms say so far they've found $3,000 in withdrawals. skimmers were installed in lucky self checkout lanes in a number of bay area stores. new tv ads with president obama and focus on the failed government loans to solyndra. a $500 million add campaign will start running on cable this week. the republican leaning group cross roads blasts the ad as
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cronyism and the obama administration says the sponsors want to keep america depend on fossil fuels. a lot of initial public offerings have expected this week and the zinga, the social gaming company is expected to go public thursday, with up to a billion dollars in stock offerings. also expected to go public, palo alto giant software is expected to offer 12 million shares at $10 a piece. and today, grown monde. big day not only for retailers but for the economy. >> and for us to start ordering i guess. second monday in december is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year and also means a lot of work for shipping companies. online tracking firm come score says sales today are expected to hit 1 billion bucks. that's much higher than in previous years. >> we need the music to keep grooving. >> that's right. they are trucking here. several online retailers are preparing for green monday. with online discounts and cyber
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deals. >> that's fast speed. a shipping record is expected to be set today while fed ex says this is the busiest day in the company's history, expected to move 17 million packages today, and the shipping company has been 1800 officers here in the united states and serves more than 200 countries and territories. 4:46. a new twist in that penn state abuse scandal. the report raising questions about a key witness. >> that's it. a bench-clearing brawl has two college basketball teams on damage control. this morning, the punishment for the players involved. and he came face to face with jaws. lived to tell the tale. look at his board. what one surfer says is the scariest part about that shark encounter. and we're seeing some scattered showers as you're stepping outside this morning, i will tell you how long you need to hold on to the umbrella coming up. on your hands and knees. use new resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets. just three easy steps for beautifully clean carpets.
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the country for the first t, since he was forced from por r-old 4:48. manual norieg. a a is in a prison in panama. back in the country for the first time since forced from the country 22 years ago. he was extradited from nance. noriega faces three 20-year prison terms for the murders of political opponents during his rule. and there is house arrest, sighting age and partial pral paralysis from a stroke. a preliminary hearing for jerry sandusky at penn state. the former assistant football coach at penn state university charged with sexually assaulting 10 boys. and in a related development, a local newspaper reports conflicting stories from the assistant coach mike mcqueary who claims he witnessed him assault a boy in 2002. a family friend telling the harrisburg patriot news, mccreery told him he didn't see the assault and boy peering out
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of the stall and jerry sandusky leaving that stall shortly afterwards. and joe paterno recovering in the opt after falling, he broke his pelvis. 85 years old, but won't need surgery and expected to make a full recovery. he is also undergoing radiation and chemotherapy right know for a treatable form of lung cancer. paterno was fired from penn state in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal last month. eight players are suspended after a basketball game ended in a brawl and you won't believe this video. >> you will see this. this happened during the cross- town rivalry between the university of cincinnati and xavier. >> there i go. it was a game that was filled with a whole lot of trash talking. cross-town rivals. with just nine seconds left. it turned into a fight that ended the game very early. >> it is a basketball game that sickened a lot of us, including
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me. it has no place in college athletics. >> i am going to decide who is on the team going forward. that is what the university of cincinnati is about. period. i told them the way i feel, i have never been this embarrassed. >> you seldom see this in college basketball. players from both teams have been suspended. some for multiple games. and xavier won the game, 76-53. but they are going to be sorting through this day for quite a while and wait until the ncaa gets involved and it gets pretty ugly because college students don't normally do that kind of thing. one punch and they're usually done. >> it looks like they were taking a hard stance right away with the coaches. >> they have to. they can't have this at all. how about some weather? >> how about that weather? kind of rainy. >> wet weather. not a down pour by any means but wet enough that you probably need the umbrella stepping outside this morning. temperatures on the cool side and most of the bay area seeing scattered showers as we look at high def doppler and the light showers indicated by the green on your screen and those areas
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of yellow are more moderate showers. we're seeing some of those in santa rosa. and also down in san jose. and then a little bit farther to the east. because of the cold temperatures, we're seeing a mix of rain and some snow, just a dusting, in the mount diablo range. grab the umbrella as you're stepping outside this morning. a wet start to your monday. and temperatures in the 40s for the most part and cloudy conditions. this afternoon, we will continue to see cloudy weather, and we will keep that chance of rain in our forecast. the chance for rain is diminishing throughout the afternoon and the temperatures warming up a little bit into the 50s. when we hit our highs. so a wet start this morning. as we see the low that is sliding to the south. both of the wet weather that we are going to see, it is monterey, and then even farther down in los angeles. the bay area is just getting a dose of that moisture, this morning, not a down pour but enough that we're seeing it show up here on future cast and certainly cloudy conditions, as we're starting the morning and then as we get later into the day, lunchtime and then not evening, look at all of the clouds clearing out and not
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seeing moisture show up here. we could see a slight chance of some rain into the afternoon and evening, but certainly should be drying out by tomorrow. highs for today, just about where we should be for this time of the year. 57 for mountain view and for redwood city. and san rafael topping out at 55. fairfield a degree warmer. and napa will top out at 57 today. dry weather in store for tuesday. and for wednesday. and then another round or a chance of getting some more wet weather on thursday. and then a pretty dry and mild weekend in store. that's a look at your forecast. let's go to elizabeth with a look at traffic. >> thank you, and as you said, it is slick in spots on the roadway. so we will take you outside, this is a live look at oakland. right near the coliseum. and so far, it is a pretty good commute, all the way to downtown oakland, despite the rain and the slick spots out there. and just again be extra careful on the on and off ramps especially and we've seen a couple of accidents including one in the last traffic report, a car hit -- it sounded like the guardrail, it is already cleared in the macarthur maze on the westbound 580 and no
4:54 am
major accidents to speak of, blocking lanes, if you're about to start off your morning commute. and you can see the rain out there, a live look at the golden gate bridge, the traffic is overall moving fine. and out of marin and heading into san francisco, and so the other thing that we're watching, is occupy oakland, of course, they're supposed to be heading toward the ports this morning, but apparently they're all gathering around 5:30, west oakland bart station and seeming to expect possible delays as well as they're marching from there toward the port of oakland. possible delays, closer towards seventh and maritime, if you're traveling in oakland. and a heads up. of course we're following this later on in the morning show. other mass transit, including ace and muni and everything else is god to go and ontime and regular schedules this morning. a live look outside coming out of downtown san jose. not a lot going on in the northbound lanes. rick loves this camera. a little dark this time of the morning. sometimes you can make out a couple of headlights. busier late on. but if you're headed to cupertino, things look good so
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far. pretty much in the green, everywhere you go. coming down the east shore freeway. no problems. looks good. coming out of the altamont pass. kcbs, radio partners get the latest on occupy oakland stuff, weather, traffic and news, 106.9 f.m. that is traffic and weather back to you. >> do you know on a monday they're asleep. >> i know. >> people are kind of kicking back. >> yes. >> if i wasn't here, i would be in bed, too. >> it is 4:55 on your monday. we had a shark encounter. this was fit for a steven king novel but it was another steven king. this one an australian surfer who was riding waves yesterday, look at his board, off the seaside town of angori. out of nowhere a shark apparently jumped out of the water and came right at him. king was thrown in the air and suffered minor bite marks on his leg. his board was not so lucky. a nice sized chunk taken out of it. >> i'm probably the luckiest guy on two legs at the moment.
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unbelievable. >> king says the scariest part of the whole or deal was hours after the attack he spotted some kids playing in the water at the very same beach. no other attacks though were reported. >> just a scratch. the latest battle for control of alcatraz island is under way. organizers and national park officials are haggling over the role alcatraz will play during the 34th america's cup race. the park service submitted 22 pages of comments and concerns about the environmental impact on the golden gate national recreation area and alcatraz is part of that. the san francisco plan planning commission will consider the environmental impact on thursday. 49ers, cardinals and arizona. and tough area for the bay area teams and san francisco had won the last five meetings against this ball club right here, arizona. yesterday, the quarterback for the cardinals had to leave the game with a head injury. but his replacement john excellenten played well throwing for three touchdowns. the 49ers frank gore scored in
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the fourth quarter but the cardinals ended up on top, 21- 19. 49ers are 10-3. the raiders had an even tougher time going up against the packers. at lambeau field. green bay. 40 degrees at can kickoff. and green bay's ryan grant got through the line and a block, and see you later. gone. quarterback aaron roger, a cal product threw for 281 yards. and a couple of touchdowns. meanwhile the raiders carson palmer threw four picks and the final score green bay 46 and raiders 16. >> i'm sorry, did you hear that? is that the sign of lawrence crying at home because the raiders lost? >> we were texting back and forth. he said he was watching the game like this. please. >> understandably. >> yes. >> tough day all the way around. 4:57 now. a frightening moment on a popular bay area ferris wheel. the accident prompting some security change. coming up. we did all the right things to prevent a great depression.
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>> president obama on the defense. why he says he deserves re- election. prevent the clock is ticking as protesters have shown up at west oakland bus stations for a planned march to the port of oakland. we will tell you what they're up to now, coming up. and a toxic mess and a sickening smell. what is being done to prevent a diesel spill from spreading into the bay. when we come back. stay right there. ,,,,,,
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