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tv   The Early Show  CBS  December 17, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PST

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scandal at penn state. graphic testimony from the assistant coach about what he saw in the men's shower nine years ago. did he do enough to stop the abuse? and what does this mean for jerry sandusky, the man at the center of the scandal? busted. a wide receiver for the nfl chicago bears is accused of trying to start his own drug cartel. and having a list of players he allegedly sold to. how wide does this scandal go? it's a wonderful movie. the jimmy stewart classic "it's a wonderful life" turns 65' we
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will talk to the two who played jimmy stewart's kids and what it's like to be a part of a wonderful celebration. thanks to the post office, some kids could get a visit from mr. clause himself. how wishes do really come true "early" this saturday morning, december 17th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs saturday in new york city. welcome. i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i'm russ mitchell. rebecca jarvis is up, up, up today! >> up, up, baby. >> what is in that coffee cup? >> it's the holidays, i think. a deal has been reached in washington to extend jobless benefits and social security payroll tax cut but only for two months. nancy cordes will fill us in a
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bit. we will talk to actress claire danes on the thriller "homeland." and named for a global award nominee for her role in the show. who doesn't remember the music "rent"? the first musical i ever saw. it won practically every single award including a pulitzer prize. before it closed three years ago, obviously, that was a hard time for some people, but guess what? it is now back and better than ever. this morning, the cast will perform two of the songs that made "rent" an instant classic. >> it's a cast of thousands too. >> it is really great! first, to the latest on the tentative deal in the senate that could extend a payroll tax cut and help struggling americans continue to receive unemployment benefits. cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes is in our washington bureau this morning. good morning to you, nancy. what is the latest. >> reporter: the latest is that these benefits will not expire on december 31st but won't be
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extended for a year either. negotiators in the senate only come up with a two-month package and looks at extending the payroll tax at the current rate 4.2% and down from traditional 6.2% and that means a savings of a thousand dollars for 160 million americans and extends 99 weeks of unemployment benefits for long-term jobless americans. republicans did win a big concession here from democrats requiring the administration to make a decision on the proposed key dunn stos xl pipeline within a couple of months. this package will not be paid for with a surtax millionaires as democrats wanted but instead paid for by fees on lenders freddie mac and fannie mae. >> you say only a temporary deal. two months down the road they will be doing this all over again. what is going on? why not make this a longer deal? >> reporter: the problem they couldn't come to an agreement how to pay for this package.
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it was going to cost about $190 billion to extend these benefits for another year. democrats, as i mentioned, wanted that small surtax on millionaires to pay for it. republicans wanted a variety of things, including a pay freeze on federal workers. democrats were dead set against that. at the end of the day, all they could agree upon was about 30 to 40 billion dollars worth of this package which were those fees on freddie mac and fannie mae and so this is all they could do right now. >> nancy cordes in washington, thanks a lot. now to the dramatic testimony at a hearing on the penn state sexual abuse scandal. mike mcqueary the assistant coach took the stand yesterday and repeated in graphic detail what he saw jerry sandusky doing nine years ago in the men's shower. cbs news investigative correspondent armen keteyian is outside the harrisburg, pennsylvania, courthouse where he heard mcqueary testify. >> reporter: as part of a
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preliminary hearing for two former penn state officials charged with lying to a grand jury, mike mcqueary told a packed courtroom just what he saw during about 45 crucial seconds at the center of the scandal. clear commanding voice peppered with lurid detail, mike mcqueary never wavered. >> mike mcqueary told you in open court what he said, how specific he was who he told it to and what he believed was going to happen. >> reporter: it was march 2002 when mcqueary witnessed jerry sandusky with a boy in the locker room shower. the boy was up against the wall. jerry was directly behind in a very close position. jerry was sexually molesting him having some kind of sexual with
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him. he said he slammed his locker shut. they both turned their bodies totally looking at at me. they were four to fight feet away. i know they saw me. they looked directly in my eye. mcqueary said he told head coach joe paterno the next morning he had witnessed, quote, a sexual act between sandusky and the boy. ten days later, mcqueary met with tim curley and gary schultz, who supervised campus police. i thought i was talking to the head of police frankly. i conveyed to them i saw jerry with a boy in the showers and it was severely sexual. in a 70-minute cross-examination, defense lawyers repeatedly test mcqueary's memory. they also questioned his credibility in and out of court. >> we believe that at the trial in this matter, the question will be whether mike mcqueary has the credibility to -- to
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overcome the perjury high level of proof that is necessary for the commonwealth. >> reporter: now thanks to mcqueary, schultz and curley are headed to trial on perjury trials. the judge ruling there was probable cause that they had lied about the seriousness of what mcqueary had told them. >> armen keteyian, thank you. appreciate it. for more on the case we turn to casey jordan, a criminalologies. why now would the university or the prosecutors rather be going after these university officials instead of sandusky? >> well, of course, all eyes are on sandusky but, remember, the allegations that mike mcqueary were making these were observes ten years ago and they were never reported to the police and that, according to the prosecutors really left other children vulnerable. they are going after them not just for the perjury but for failure to report sexual abuse of a child.
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very serious. they want this to, i think, make an example for other if you are a mandated reporter, you have got to take this to the local d.a. >> did mcqueary go far enough in bringing this to the attention of campus security rather than moving it even higher up the food chain? >> remember, he did exactly what the law required. he reported it to his supervisors. first, he went to paterno. he described that in great detail yesterday on the stand. and then paterno said he would take it to schultz and curley which did he but things get muddy here. how much of his story, the one he told yesterday on the stand got watered down by paterno, as it got cold to schultz, vice president and head of university police, effectively he was making sure it was reported to police at that time. but schultz never took it the next step and took it to the local d.a. >> what are sandusky's attorneys doing as they listen to this and what are they listening for in mcqueary's testimony?
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>> we heard two hours yesterday on the stand was a preview of coming attractions what they can expect when sandusky stands trial. remember, they waived the preliminary hearing for sandusky so they didn't get the benefit of hearing all this. two things. the content wasn't terribly surprising, although very graphic. i think we were all really impressed with the incredible detail, the specifics but also the manner in which it was delivered. mcqueary was totally unflappable and he was confident and that is something which you can bet will really impress a jury if he delivers the same thing at sandusky's trial that he said yesterday at the hearing, the defense attorneys for sandusky have a lot of work to do. >> so do you think just seeing him testify yesterday makes them even more nervous that this, when it does come to trial for sandusky, is going to be even more explosive. >> what they are going to do is micro analyze and thin slice every single word he said yesterday. they are already zoning in on the idea he said he could not 1,000 percent sure that what he
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saw was actually to the level that he reported it to paterno. the real question is from yesterday's proceedings what got lost in translation between mcqueary, paterno, curley and schultz and event lip the university president? it gave the attorneys a preview of what they have to overcome, but it also allows them to really prepare in advance for cross-examining mcqueary in if he gets on the stand in sandusky's trial. >> thank you for being with us. >> thanks. now to campaign 2012. they are just 18 days left until the all-important iowa caucuses. the candidates are mapping out their strategies for the final days. when the first votes will be cast, it could pare down the number of republican hopefuls. whit johnson is at the white house it the latest developments. >> reporter: front-runner newt gingrich is taking a couple of days off for family events, telling "the new york times" he is, quote, pacing. in his absence during this crucial campaign stretch, other candidates are looking to steal
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some momentum. heading into the weekend, most republican candidates jockeyed for face time with iowa voters. not newt gingrich who is still the national front-runner but faces a confident mitt romney not far behind. >> i vetoed that bill. >> reporter: after another solid debate performance, romney picked up a key endorsement friday from south carolina governor nikki haley. >> he is already a leader that knows what he wants to do the first day he gets into office and he is ready to do it. >> reporter: governor haley could earn romney a second look from some reluctant members of the tea party. >> i respect your governor. she stands strong and tall. she stands for something. she has worked hard as the leader of this state. a lot of us stood? line at her door hoping to win her endorsement. >> reporter: south carolina will be the third state to vote on the republican field. it's also where romney finished fourth in his 2008 primary and where newt gingrich leads romney by 19 points in a recent poll. romney has eased off on his
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gingrich attacks in recent days. instead leaving that up to other candidates like ron paul and michele bachmann. >> i'm not a convenient conservative where i'm espousing of the tee partiers. i have lived this life and i think everyone realized i'm the genuine article. >> reporter: all eyes will be on the "des moines register" which will endorse a republican candidate later this evening. some qep the strength of that endorsement but it did go to john mccain the last time around. russ? >> whit johnson, thank you very much. joining us is a political commentator and correspondent for the nation magazine and speech require for bill frist, amy holmes and anchor of "the blaze." good morning. >> good morning. >> newt gingrich has the swagger thing going on and not even campaigning in iowa this weekend. is that overconfidence on his part? >> i think it's strategic. we discussed before one of newt gingrich's liabilities going into iowa is lack of money and
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lack of organization so he needs to raise that money, get those dollars, so that he can control his message because, remember, mitt romney has a pretty fat checkbook and he can write those checks to put up those ads and newt gingrich can't just rely on all of this great earned media is he is getting. he needs to control and shape his message to the iowa gop primary voters. >> if you look at the polls in iowa it's gingrich and romney and ron paul. let's say ron paul pulls out a miracle. only 9% right now but comes in second place. could that jump-start his campaign or do you think he would only be an iowa phenomena in that respect? >> i think ron paul has a strong base he is building. he's on the front page of "the new york times" today talking how strong his field operation is. in iowa, people say they have heard more from his campaign than any other. you can ask hillary clinton whether losing these kind of presidential races still allows you to have influence. i think he is more in that category, someone who has a following and will be heard but is unlikely to ultimately get
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the nomination. >> nicki -- i'm sorry, amy! how important is that nikki haley endorsement? >> i think it was important for romney. winning the hearts and minds of conservatives and nikki haley is a rising star in the gop but also among conservatives. it's also geographic. he gets the south carolina connection there for northeastern politician to be able to have some residence in the south and it's very important. >> how important are these endorsements in general? as whit pointed out the des moines register will endorse somebody tonight. how important is that? >> i don't think they matter any more any more unless your endorsements gives you something you did not have. mitt romney we know he is taken seriously and know he has run a business and know part of an establishment behind him. i don't think more establishment figures and governors getting behind him does a lot. if glenn beck endorsed mitt romney, i do think that would
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have an impact because a lot of people would go, wait a minute, i thought he wasn't down with the grassroots leaders. when governors do, i don't think in today's day and age it matters the same way. >> i think the governors have the ability to put the party behind that candidate, the machine. getting those voters out, that organization. i don't think that newspaper endorsements matter so much. just with the proliferation of the internet. "national review" came out with their editorial and people are getting so much information from so many sources and i think that practical campaign, that material can be very important to a politician. >> good stuff as always. thank you both so much. >> thank you. we want to remind folks at home that newt gingrich will be bob schieffer's guest tomorrow morning on "face the nation" on cbs. one year ago today, muhammad buse a fruit seller in tunisia protested his treatment by
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police and set himself on fire. public outrage over his death triggered a revolution that ultimately toppled the tunisian government and eventually spread across the arab world and now several regimes appear to be struggling to hang on to power what is next for the so-called arab spring? what does the year ahead look like? joining us with more on that is jamie ruben, the former secretary of state under president clinton. great to have you with us. >> good morning. >> what do you think it is? outside perhaps of social media or maybe it is social media that made this become so big this year? >> i think the real issue is that the middle east was the exception to the rule of democracy around the world. asia went through its changes, latin america and africa went through its democratic moments. the middle east was the last place on this earth that had no real democratic values in its government, so it was just a question of time. now the tunisia moment, the
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sacrifice the fruit seller made was dramatic and social media certainly helped send the messages out and got the speed of the revolution perhaps developed a little bit quicker than it might have otherwise. but i think these were inevitable and social media and the internet and television and modern communications brought it to all of us to see and i think help the world encourage it, rather than be afraid of it. >> what happens now for these countries that are trying to rebuild? in some cases, power vacuums. who takes hold of them? >> that is the real issue. the big country where the west made substantial difference was libya, where the western countries, nato primarily, the british and the french, with some help from america, overthrew moammar gadhafi using air power. libya had no real institutions. it had tribes but gadhafi's
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dictatorship was only the real institution in the country for decades, so now they are struggling to develop a way to work with each other, to negotiate with each other, to deal with each other without the dictatorship to put a lid on all of this. i'm hopeful because i think the libya revolution came about with the support of the world and i think the whole world wants it to succeed but it's not going to be easy. >> so if it's not easy, do you think then by 2012 the end of 2012 we will say this is a done deal or is this an ongoing thing? >> let's take the other big country, egypt, where, today, they are still battling it out on the streets with large protests against the military rule of the country that has been there since their president was toppled by the revolution. you have all of the crucial forces. you have the islamics parties that have a lot of power, you have the military, which is still ruling, and then, of course, you have the people who
5:19 am
have been so crucial to making political change. those three forces are going to battle it out, both on the streets in the minds of people and even -- this is important in the voting booth -- and that is what we hope that they can learn to resolve their differences, develop their society through democratic change rather than through violence. >> jamie rubin, thank you very much for being with us. >> you're very welcome. now for more of the rest of the headlines, here is betty nguyen. on this one-year anniversary, there are fresh signs of the arab spring in libya and egypt. this morning, defense secretary leon pa net has arrived in tripoli, the nation's capital. he is meeting with leaders two months after the killing of dictator moammar gadhafi. panetta says the u.s. will not interfere in the turf war that has broken out from libya's civil war. in cairo, egypt, a second
5:20 am
straight day of deadly violence. pro democracy demonstrators armed with rocks and demanding an end to military rule clashed with egyptian troops. soldiers were reportedly stationed on nearby rooftops pelting demonstrators with stones. at least eight have been killed in two days of violence. nearly 300 have been injured. egypt has been racked by clashes in recent weeks since the army refused to give up power following the oust of president hosni mubarak. florida officials are considering what charges to bring in the death of a college band member. his parents are also considering what action to take as we hear from correspondent mark strassmann. the incident shed light on a culture of hazeing in one of the country's most famous marching bands. >> reporter: florida a&m fall commencement last night began in sorrow. a moment of silence for 26-year-old robert champion. medical examiners ruled yesterday his death last month was a homicide linked to hazing.
5:21 am
their report revealed championship had extensive contusions of his body and his both was hemorrhaging and he went into shock and bled to death internally and his parents have demanded full prosecution. >> the one that put his hand on him, did the beating, should be dealt with harshly. >> reporter: a hazine culture i the band. the director compared them to gangs and said champion had been punched repeatedly in a hazing ritual. >> did he run on the bus? >> that's what i'm told. that the initiation was running from the front of the bus to the back of the bus. >> reporter: on monday the board of trustees will vote whether to suspend the school's president and ruling champion's death a homicide means his attackers could be charged with murder.
5:22 am
mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. here is lonnie quinn with our first check of the weather. >> good morning, everybody. right to my weather headlines. another quiet weekend basically across the entire country. the least likely place to rain, wouldn't you know it? it's going to get the rain today. i'm talking about the desert. phoenix to albuquerque and san diego looking like quarter of an inch to possibly three-quarters of an inch. radar picket so quiet for this time of of the year. make it a great saturday.
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over to the double r ranch, russ and rebecca. >> i like that. coming up, actress claire danes is working on the best new show on tv and nominated for a golden globe award. before you take another sip of that drink on the desk here, becky, we will tell you what holiday drinks are safe to drink. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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coming up, we are going to talk about this bizarre story from the nfl, pro football is reeling this morning after the arrest of chicago bears wide receiver sam hurd. he's accused of trying to sell a lot of drugs. he allegedly had a list of nfl players he sold to. hurd was busted in an undercover sting operation. federal officials said he wanted enough drugs to set up his own cartel. coming up, we will talk to a writer from "sports illustrated" who has written extension sievesiev extensive disturbing story and what it could mean. >> something like a thousand
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it is the holiday season. >> i've been to three parties already. >> just for cbs, right? >> we know how to party around here. we really do. >> bob schieffer, at our holiday party earlier this week, bob schieffer gets up on stage in this red sparkle shirt. >> bob schieffer? really? >> gives an amazing performance. >> he sings country western. he has cd out. >> he sang "friends in low places." and he was fantastic! >> he has a lot of friends in that industry. it's great. you can literally walk into his office and he'll be on the phone with tobey keith or somebody like that. >> he had backup singers and backup dancers. it was really a show!
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he is a professional at this, apparently. >> he is having so much fun. you can see he loves doing that. >> you know what is a big hit at our family christmas parties? is all of the nephews and nieces will be around and love it when i go up to a light bulb like this one around you and i can grab the light in my hand like this and transfer it to that hand and this hand. i can put it in my ear. the light is going to go in my ear and pull it out of the other ear! >> no way! >> isn't that cool? >> how are you doing that? >> here, catch. >> i didn't know you were a ma circumstanc magician? >> he is available for children parties. >> the nephews and nieces love uncle lon in the house. let me get another one over there. >> see what happens when you have too much egg nog at the company party? >> he takes credit cards.
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the sun is rising. looking good out there. >> that, it is. looking very good. >> welcome back to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis. >> you cannot fool her one second. >> i call has sun. i call it like i see it. >> i'm russ mitchell. in a moment the latest on the football player busted for trying to set up his own drug cartel. plus, call her the great dane. actress claire danes talks about her golden globe nomination for buying a bipolar "csi" agent who might also be in love with an al qaeda agent. the season finale is tomorrow night and we will talk to her about it. the holiday drinks can look tempting but did you know some
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contain more fat and sugar and calories than most desserts? we will tell you what to drink coming up. pro football wide receiver sam hurd has been released from jail and jail. he is accused of trying to buy cocaine and marijuana for resale. as wbbm reports he could trade his football jersey with another uniform. >> reporter: sam hurd was wearing orange instead of the bears orange and blue. he headed to his home friday night cut from the people and out on bond after arrest on federal drug charges. his attorney spoke for his wife stacy and the rest of his family. >> disappointment. disappointment for sam, disappointment for his family. sam is a football player. he wants to play. >> reporter: the 26-year-old receiver just signed to the bears this year. but on wednesday night, hurd was arrested outside this rosemont, illinois, restaurant. complaint he met with undercover federal agent and purchased a
5:32 am
kilo of cocaine and said he would pay for it later. he was interested in purchasing 5 to 10 kilos for of cocaine for distribution every week. >> i'm in shock over it. never saw it coming. >> there is a choice that he made and, you know, you have to -- there are consequences with the choices that you make. >> reporter: for cbs news, i'm pamela jones in chicago. >> joining from us boston to discuss the hurd case is michael mccain, a legal analyst for "sports illustrated" and he is in newton, massachusetts, near boston. good morning to you, michael. >> good morning, rut. >> sam hurd, a five-month investigation. were the chicago bears aware back j july this was going on? >> no, they warraneren't. if they were aware of this they wouldn't have given him a three-year contract and has a 1.3 million dollar signing bonus which is difficult for the bears
5:33 am
to get back even though hurd has run into these legal problems. >> he is known for perhaps being on the cusp of doing something great but it never quite happened for him. what is his reputation in chicago? >> russ, it's interesting. hurd actually has a good reputation. this is someone who wasn't drafted by an nfl team. this was someone who had to make it to the nfl through hard work and through diligence. he also married his college sweetheart and he's a father. he's not a player who people would suspect would run into legal problems. and certainly not someone who you would imagine would be a drug dealer of the kind that the police are now saying. >> chicago police allegedly have a list of the nfl players that hurd allegedly supplied with drugs. is the nfl conducting its own investigation? >> yeah. the league is conducting its own investigation. and the league is certainly troubled by the fact that it didn't know about this. if, in fact, it's true that a number of nfl players are part of a drug network, it would suggest that teams in the league aren't doing enough to figure out what is going on with
5:34 am
players. >> what are the implications do you think to the nfl if, in fact, this all proves to be true and there were a number of players who were purchasing drugs from hurd? >> it's very concerning for the nfl. this is a league until recent years had a real problem with cocaine and players. back in the '80s, it was reported that perhaps as many as half of nfl players are tried cocaine. the league doesn't want to go back to an era of where players were associated with this very dangerous drug. under commissioner roger goodell's leadship, the image of players has improved. for league they may have to change the way they test players for drugs and the way they are investigated in their personal lives. >> the nfl does, in fact, test for drugs. how did this slip through the cracks if, in fact, that is what happened? >> well, russ, nfl players are tested for cocaine and other drugs of abuse during the preseason and if they test positive, they can get tested again during the regular season. the problem, though, is that for most of the year, players aren't tested for cocaine and not only
5:35 am
that, a lot of critics will say that the players get too much notice of an upcoming test so they can adjust for it. so the testing policies aren't that tough. >> as you said, the possible implications down the road for the nfl would be great. at this point, allegations are taking place, how do you think the nfl is reacting to this? >> i'm sure the nfl is embarrassed and calling the bears, hurd's former employer now that hurd has been cut and also call the cowboys. how could this happen and how could no one have seen, if, in fact, it's true, not only one player but dozens of players involved in this how could this go under the radar? i think it's a soul-searching moment for the league, a league that has focused on a rigorous personal conduct policy, a league that has focused on improving the market ability of players so that fans like them. a league that is coming off a very contentious lockout over the summer. this is not a good time for the league to render this problem. >> michael mccann of "sports
5:36 am
illustrated," thank you for your insight. take care. >> thank you. about 25 minutes before the hour. lonnie quinn is here with our first check of the weather of this half hour. >> more coming up throughout the next hour. first, let's get to the here and the now. really there is only one storm system in the u.s. today and that is around the southwest. that means rain for the desert, believe it or not. a spot that doesn't get the rain gets the rain today. windy for the rich and famous. look at the towns you'll have winds 35 to 45 miles per hour. hollywood, malibu. russ you hang around in malibu? >> all timt. >> beverly hills, your town, rebecca. >> burbank. >> i talk about how no big story? look at this. lots and lots of sunshine all over the u.s.
5:37 am
happy saturday. >> happy saturday to you as well, lonnie. coming up next, she has come a long way since my so-called life. claire danes on her golden globe award nomination for her role in the show time thriller "moham d "homeland. she is right here on "the early show" on cbs. " she is right here on "the early show" on cbs.
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claire danes first won a claim on a golden glob award as a 15-year-old in the tv series "my so-called life." these days she is cap captivating viewers and she snag add golden glob nomination for her role in "homeland." here is a sneak peek. >> i know i'm not wanted. i know it's just us in the stupid van, but i'm the same person i've always been and i need you to be on my side now! i need you to say yes!
5:41 am
>> okay. sorry! made a wrong turn. >> and claire danes joins us now. great to have you with us. >> so good to be here. thank you. >> congratulations on the golden globe. >> thank you. >> how big of a surprise was that moment for you? >> well, i mean, it's -- it's always anxiety producing, but, no, it's a great thrill and i'm just -- it really is a cherry on the sundae. it's exciting to think that people are really invested and curious about, you know, what the final note is going to be. >> yeah. even the president is saying this is must-see tv. i know i'm hooked.
5:42 am
>> that made my life! >> is that bigger than the golden globe? >> yeah, i would say so. that was a profound honor. that was a great thrill for sure. >> a great thrill. i mean, watching it, it is the edge of your seat drama. watching your role, your character, a bipolar cia agent who may be in love with a guy who basically has been turned by terrorists? >> it's totally preposterous. >> do you look back? do you ever take a step back and say, wow! there is a lot of layers to all of this. >> i do. and it's just amazing how elegantly the writers have interwoven all of these different story lines and grounded something that seems, as i said, you know, completely impossible and absurd, but once you're in that world, it really does seem plausible. but, yes, i do have these moments. even when i'm acting in these scenes, woe! what? what? >> how do you get into that mindset to be ready to be playing such a huge character?
5:43 am
>> well, it takes a lot of work. i mean, and it's a process. a layering process. i read a lot of books on both the cia and bipolar order and met with kind of authorities in both fields and just called from whatever roux source i could. halfway through the season, i started to be sort of fluent in both of those languages and they're different so it was kind of like patting my head and rubbing or whatever, you know? i was a little -- clumsy initially, but i kind of found a rhythm. >> it didn't show. what can we expect from the final episode? have you seen it? >> i actually haven't seen it. i'll be seeing it for the first time along with anybody else. i know we shot it in its final form but i can't give anything away! >> is there anyone who dies who we should know about? >> is there anyone that dies?
5:44 am
yeah, somebody relevant and critical dies. >> somebody relevant and critical dies? >> somebody always has to go. >> the next season, are you back? is brodie back? >> i am back for sure. >> glad to hear that. >> and i'm going to come back swinging. >> i want to ask you about the characters you've chosen from angela chase and now this role. who is advising you? do you have a mentor in your life who is saying, claire, these are the smart roles, take them and don't take the roles that other actresses your age are taking? >> yeah, i have a lot of help. i have quite a big team. my partner of many years, manny s my manager and friend and collaborator, so i think we make a lot of these choices together, but i also rely heavily on my agents who are brilliant. but, ultimately, it does come to
5:45 am
me and if a character resonates with me and speaks to me, i go to it. that maybe sounds a little pretenseus but it works that way. it's largely intuitive. although this script was so excellent. it's very rare to find writing of this quality, so i was very privileged to have a chance to take it on. >> you portray it and you do an incredible job. is there another role, a female role that would really draw you in for your next round, the neck thing you would do? >> i love carrie. but she's intense. and she's troubled. >> you need a vacation from carrie? >> i would love to do something light and maybe something farceical and silly. i'll take smart/silly comedy. but, yeah, it would be nice to just not play somebody who is maybe not saving the world. >> we appreciate you being here
5:46 am
with us. >> thank you. >> thanks so, claire danes. >> thank you. >> awesome. the season finale of "homeland" airs tonight on cbs at 10:00/9:00 central on cbs. check out the seasonal beverages that will pack on the pounds and the ones you can enjoy with a sip and a smile is coming up. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail. justice! countless discounts. now that's progressive. call or click today.
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v8 v-fusion. ♪ one bourbon one scott one beer ♪ ♪ >> in this morning's "healthwatch," drink this, not that. you may be tempted this holiday season to consume a few festive beverages and please be careful. each has fat and calories than most desserts. here to tell us what to eat this and not that is matt. egg nog, you say no, skip it. >> egg this and nog that. egg nog is a sneaky sours of calori calories. it's heavy egg and cream and sugars. almost 500 calories.
5:50 am
instead, make your own hot toddy. a lot of of bourbon and whiskey and cloves in there or other spices and you need lemon juice and honey. 160 calories. >> a big difference. egg nog includes the whiskey? >> that is extra on top! >> that is extra if you put booze in it? interesting. coffee drinks. >> a couple of options here from starbucks. they are about choosing the right option. first off we have got a calorie and fat delivery system. 640 calories in this peppermint white chocolate mocha! the equivalent of many, many fudge sickles. instead grande cap chi that and couple pumps. peppermint flavors so 190 calories with that option. >> and no whip cream on top of it. >> that is optional. beer. you got a dark beer here.
5:51 am
typically, are dark beers more caloric than light beers? >> not usually. it's not that bad. i would say enjoy your beer and take the stairs. but in this case when you compare it against the light option this is one of our favorite light beers. sam adams light about 119 calories. about half as many calories as the heavier went beers and a lot of these winter beers are boozier and lay them down and age them. in that case that is where the extra calories come in. >> this broke my heart. dunkin' donuts hot chocolate. >> it is 450 calories and got as much sugar as 21 cocoa glazed munchkins in it! 21 ingredients in it. you don't much in there.
5:52 am
you don't need 21 ingredients! instead of going with their hot chocolate, we are saying the mocha hot chocolate and get your chocolate fix and half as many calories. >> the cosmo here. >> we like cosmos all day long but stay away. this martini with the fruit juice in it has sneaky sources of sugar. instead of going with 200 calories for the cosmo, we say go with the champagne. it's great because it has the built in portion awareness glass. 75 calories and a gram of sugar and no fat in there. >> you're at a party a while. you're going to have one or two of these. >> certainly. you got to be careful. all of these drinks if you drink or eat poorly the holiday season the average person gains a pound. if you had the white chock la mocha every day between thanksgiving and new year's, you would gain eight pounds right to
5:53 am
the gut! >> matt, thank you so much. for more tips and how to enjoy the holidays or keeping your wasteline in check, go to and search healthy holidays. up next, a dream come true for fans of michael jackson. a tour of the contents of his last house just before they go up for auction. this is "the early show" on cbs. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurance... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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[ laughter ] ♪ [ male announcer ] for tim and richard smucker, giving a gift of their family's delicious jam
5:56 am
always made the holidays just a little bit sweeter. we forgot to put our names on them! richard, i think they'll know who it's from. ♪ thank you boys. you're welcome. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] happy holidays from our family to yours. i love christmas! ♪ even the woinindows are dec out in new york city. got to love it. remember the line every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. loif th i love that line. coming up, as the movie turns 65 years old, "it's a wonderful life," we will speak with karolyn grimes who played zuzu and what it was like to work with jimmy stewart.
5:57 am
>> i will get her to say that line for us today. for some of you, your local news is next. the rest of you, stick around. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. it's a wonderful life" is one of the greatest holiday movies around. >> it's my favorite. >> we talked about every time a bell rings -- remember what she says before? teacher says every time -- >> teacher says? >> the teacher told that to her. >> i wonder if she was quoting lonnie, what she would say. >> we can't say that on television! >> you have to turn to hbo for that one. >> other favorite holiday movies, betty? >> gosh. i like "the grinch." i always love "frosty" and "rudolph." >> herbie wants to be a dentist! >> i love "miracle on 34th
5:58 am
street." and i like "home alone." >> "love actually" you have to see that. >> everybody is raving about it. >> i guess it's like, what, seven or eight years old? >> you're a huge romantic comedy guy. >> that's it. we are big. this movie, it was so charming and so sweet. it's now one of my all-time favorites. how about you? >> i would probably pick -- look. i do love "it's a wonderful life." but i like e"elf" with will farre farrell. >> "bad santa." have you seen it? it is so funny! >> you're getting some insight to russ! >> he plays a boozy santa. don don't see it with the kids! >> not your role model.
5:59 am
>> you'll bless me.
6:00 am
♪ wollman rink on a saturday morning. rebecca jarvis brought in mack roo macaroons for everybody! >> i'm glad you enjoyed it. a lot of people ice skating this morning at wollman rink. >> what is up? stay at home and watch our
6:01 am
karolyn grimes who played zusu hawkins and tommy bailey played by jimmy hawkins, they will be coming up. musical "rent" won a tony and pulitzer prize and it is now playing off broadway. this morning, the cast is right here to perform two classic songs from the show. we begin with this story. two former penn state university officials will stand trial for perjury and failure to report a crime. the judge's ruling follows a preliminary hearing on the child sexual abuse scandal involving the football program. investigative correspondent armen keteyian is outside the harrisburg courthouse where he listened to graphic testimony in
6:02 am
the hearing on friday. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> how prominent was coach joe paterno in the testimony? >> reporter: that's a good question, rebecca. coach paterno was not at the preliminary hearing yesterday, but he was certainly a central figure. mike mcqueary, the former assistant coach who was the star witness at the hearing, testified that he went to coach paterno's house the day after mcqueary said he witnessed this sexual asack by former assistant coach jerry sandusky in march of 2002 on a young boy about 10 or 12 years old in the shower. mcqueary testifying saying he told coach paterno of a sexual act between sandusky and the young boy, but did not go into any graphic detail out of respect for coach paterno. coach paterno's testimony before the grand jury back in january of 2011 this year, was then read in the afternoon session to the courtroom. in it, coach paterno said that mcqueary had only told him on speaking of fondling or
6:03 am
something of a sexual nature but he did not press mcqueary any further because he said mike was upset. coach paterno said instead he turned mcqueary forward to tim curley, the athletic director at the time, because coach paterno testified, i'm quoting here, tim would handle it appropriately and i had confidence in him. curley's testimony was read in the afternoon session which he said mcqueary only told him and spoke to him about horsing around, some wrestling and some body contact but nothing of a sexual nature. judge william winter, who is presiding over this probable cause hearing yesterday, ruled that there was probable cause that both curley and gary schultz, the senior vice president at the time had committed purgery and pushed it toward a trial. >> for more of the headlines, let's head to morning news anchor betty nguyen at the news desk. >> good morning.
6:04 am
more than 200 people are dead and many more are missing in flash flooding from a tropical storm in the philippines. about 100,000 people were forced from their homes. that storm dumped heavy rains in the southern philippines. residents were actually caught offguard by the intensity of the flooding. a young man whose criminal antics were followed and even admired by some people will cool his heels in prison for the next few years but at least a pair of shoes will keep the heels warm. correspondent ben tracy reports. >> reporter: his sometimes shoeless thefts and two-year run from the law earned colton harr harris-moore the barefoot bandit. >> what is your plea? >> guilty. >> i find you guilty as charged for all of the counts. >> reporter: the 20-year-old admitted to a string of burglaries and thefts, including cars and boats, many of which were caught on security cameras.
6:05 am
the judge sentenced him to more than seven years in prison. prosecutors wanted him locked up for ten years. yet harris-moore's attorneys argued had he a troubled childhood. his mother drank during pregnancy and a witness testified. >> out of necessity, he has become resourceful. this is a guy who is essentially hungry and is doing what he can to get food. >> reporter: in 2010, colton harris-moore to flee authorities garnered international attention attention. he stole a plane and crash land the defendant in the bahamas. many called him a hero. his victims don't agree. >> it's very uneasy. you've been violated and these people that think he's a hero, they have, obviously, never been violated by something like this. >> reporter: ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. in other news.
6:06 am
a nebraska meat packer is recalling more than 40,000 pounds of ground beef. the problem is e. coli bacteria. there are most reports of illnesses. time now for another check of the weather with lonnie quinn who is here with that. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. right to my weather headlines. only eight days to go until christmas but only two spots will be getting snow today. the great lakes and the southwest mountains. if you take a look at the satellite picture, i'll talking a little bit of snow around the great lakes. maybe 3 inches at best. look at this swirl that we see coming onshore here. out around the southwest. that could be dumping up to a foot of snow around flagstaff, arizona, and speaking of snow. got to talk white christmas, because currently here is your snow cover. it's from the northern tier of the country into the rockies. i just want to quickly show you new york city right now running 11 to 50% of chance. widespread and watch out next friday.
6:07 am
announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by macy's. happy saturday, everybody. fans of michael jackson are expected to flock to beverly hills today. the context of the mansion where he died will be up for aukion. the paintings and antiques and even his daughter's chalkboard have been set up to look like the rooms of his house in nearby holmby hills. joining us is darren julien, the ceo and president of julien auctions. great to have you with us.
6:08 am
good morning. >> good morning. good to be here, rebecca. >> where is here? set the scene for us, the room you're standing in. >> we are in our gallery, beverly hills gallery here and a room we re-created. michael jackson's bedroom. this is a room nobody was allowed in, even michael jackson's children. >> tell me about the excitement for that auction. >> obviously, a lot of things. michael jackson, all of these things surrounded him the latter part of his life. this is one of the most interesting pieces that has the most interest. armoire that michael jackson wrote on. he wrote train, perfection, march, april, full out may and michael would stand in front of this mirror and a motivational message to himself. >> you know that for a fact it was michael who wrote those things on that mirror? >> yes. because it's his handwriting. we know michael jackson hired us in 2008 to clear out neverland. so we noticed up there that michael often wrote on mirrors
6:09 am
and furniture and often he did in hotel rooms. >> look. that armoire could be between $6,000 and $8,000 but with his handwriting on it, how much do you think it could fetch at auction? >> well, the 6,000 to 8,000 is if you or i owned it but because it's associated with michael jackson, i'm anticipating it could sell for possibly a hundred thousand dollars. >> what about the bed in the room that michael slept in? >> we estimate that 3,000 to $5,000. it's conservative. we have sold celebrity beds before. and this is a piece that we anticipate could sell possibly $50,000. >> wow. let's hope it's very comfortable. two pianos. he had these two pianos you're going to show us in another room. what is the significance of those? >> well, michael jackson loved to play the piano and one is a
6:10 am
victorian baby grand and we estimate $6,000 to $8,000 and it's well tuned so it's something that michael jackson would have played and it was in his carolwood home. >> then there is this medication room? >> yeah, this is a room that was just down the hallway from his private bedroom and this is where he would, obviously, meet conrad murray. these are the items that were in the bedroom that surrounded michael jackson and then over here, we have -- we were going -- we did have the bed in the auction. because we have a close relationship with the estate of michael jackson and the family, katherine asked us if we would remove the bed so we did. the fans set up a tribute and in the place of the bed, can we bring items to honor michael jackson and katherine asked those items could then be brought to the kids after the fact. >> that is a really nice gesture and a nice element in all of this. darren julien, thanks for giving us the inside world of michael jackson and people are going to
6:11 am
own a piece of it soon. thank you. coming up next, the can't miss movie of the holiday season, "it's a wonderful life," it turned 65 this week and we will talk with two members of the original cast about making that film. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] the day
6:12 am
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6:14 am
this time of year santa has a lot of helpers to give everybody a wonderful life and the u.s. postal service gets inundated with letters to santa. >> what happens next is a christmas miracle. the letters are sent to operation santa. >> dear santa. >> dear santa. >> on any given day, we can receive 20,000 to 25,000 letters this time of the year. this is a special time of the year for me because i get to work in operation santa claus and all of the letters that are written to santa claus, most of them come here and we make them
6:15 am
available for the public to come in and read and sponsor and play santa. in essence, they take these letters, go home and go out and buy the gifts and mail them to these families so they will have gifts under their tree this year. >> my name is evelyn and i'm 7 and i've been a good girl. >> i hope you aren't eating all of the good cookies without me. my name is melanie and i am 4 years old. >> the letters vary a lot in what the kids and the families ask for. one kid wrote dear santa, give me 1 million dollars in small bills. the barbie dolls are popular still and never gone away. sometimes, they ask for almost nothing for themselves. >> this is for my nanny. she is 78 years old. she has never gotten anything on christmas. plis bring her something. >> i wanted my family and i this christmas to receive a camera so we can send our photos to my grandparents. >> it recharges my batteries and it makes me happy to see people like this in the world, to see the good people in the world
6:16 am
that come in here. >> thanks, santa. >> thank you, santa. seasons greetings. my whole family appreciates everything that you can do. sincerely, evelyn. >> wonderful. and, of course, 'tis the season for "it's the wonderful life." 65 years ago this week, the holiday classic premiered in new york city. the movie is about redemption and is perfect for this time of the year. >> merry christmas! >> merry christmas! >> merry christmas, george! >> merry christmas! >> that, of course, is one of the most memorable scenes from the movie. carolyn grimes who played jimmy stewart's youngest daughter zuzu joins us from los angeles and we are joined by jimmy hawkins who was tommy bailey and is the author of "it's a wonderful life a color book to kids. >>." karolyn, you recited that great line. every time a bell rings, an
6:17 am
angel gets its wings. a line that still gets me today today and every time i hear it. when you were 6 years old and doing that part about you or anybody there have any idea that would become one of the iconic lines in movie history? >> no, not at all. the movie was not a great success when it came out, so it was really a surprise when several years later, it started getting shown on tv and people sdorch discovered not only the movie but that famous line that means so much to so many people all over the world. >> karolyn is right. it was not a hit when it first came out. why do you think the movie was resonated with so many people over these years? >> i think the movie has something for everyone. it has messages that give us hope. we identify with george bailey and all of the adversities that he has to go through and we feel like that, you know, we're like him and he finds what is really
6:18 am
important in life, faith, family, friends, and, you know, those things are really important and we discover that when we watch the movie. >> jimmy, why do you think the movie was become so popular over the years? >> well, i think it's frank capra's message. that message is each man's life touches so many others. if they weren't around, it would leave an awful hole and that is an important thing for us to all know that we are important and why i wrote "it's a wonderful life for kids coloring book," so the kids get a pint-sized version of the movie and they realize they are important and they mean something. >> we are seeing a picture of you now when you were 4 years old making movie in 1946. jimmy, what do you remember about making the movie? >> i remember getting up real early and it was dark and taking a bus and a street cars out to the studio and watching -- walking onto the big set and there was real snow outside the house on the set and then you walk into the living room and
6:19 am
there is this big christmas tree and it's 90 degrees outside, and everybody was running around doing their work. it was just great. it was terrific. it was christmas in ju. it was great memories. >> karolyn, i understand you didn't see the movie in its entirety, we see a picture of you when were 6 when you made the movie. you didn't see the movie in its entirety until 1980, is that correct? >> that is really true. somebody knocked on my door. i was living in kansas. they said were you the little girl zuzu in "it's a wonderful life" and i said, i was. they said could we have an interview? i said, sure, why not. i did one that week and the following week i did another one. pretty soon, another one. and then fan mail began to come in and i thought, what is this all about? and i thought, maybe i better take a look at this film! so i did. >> very quickly, will you indulge me and give me that famous line, karolyn? >> daddy, teacher says every
6:20 am
time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. >> got me every time and gets me this time too. karolyn grimes and jimmy hawkins, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. merry christmas, everybody! >> we will be back. amily thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate. paid for postage online and arranged a free pickup. and i'm gonna track them online, too. nice. between those boxes and this place, i'm totally staying sane this year. do i smell snickerdoodles? maybe. [ timer dings ] got to go. priority mail flat rate shipping at a simpler way to ship.
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♪ on this morning's trendbenders, the big buzz and hot topics burning up the web. here with that is scott stein, senior editor at this is a new web series making a lot of people laugh and getting a lot of views this w week. >> it started off a twitterer account. they have a twitter feed called stuff girl feed. it's not stuff. substitute the other word for that. they have over 200,000 followers and a debut video, of course. >> let's take a look. >> do you know anything about computers? what is wrong with my computer? >> are you near a computer? can you read this and see if it makes sense? >> could you do me a huge favor? could you not do that?
6:24 am
>> why is this doing this? why is everybody paying attention to this? >> i don't know. maybe because people feel it's true. it's kind of fun and jump cutting fast and feels like one of those "snl." it adds that kind of celebrity outtake feel you feel pops up in these anyhow. it's got over 3.5 million views and it aired december 12th. >> wow. i'm sure they will come up with other stuff that girls like. >> i feel like this is just the beginning. it's clearly an introductory taste. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. so explain to me how dragonons and twitter and smart phones all got together this week. >> it's the holiday time. people are getting sleepy and happy and animals and electronics are always popular. people want to look at simple things. >> this is pretty simple right here? >> this is a bearded dragon licking a smart phone playing a game called ant crusher and trying to eat. >> trying to eat the ants?
6:25 am
>> licking the ants. >> the phone is okay? >> he is looking once in a while like they are going, seriously? seriously why am i in this video and why am i eating and why are you trying to feed me digital ants? >> we have a big, big trend benders update that we have to bring everyone up to speed on. because, obviously, we showed you the young lady, the 10-year-old girl singing adele. let's take a listen. ♪ i'm >> we showed you her a couple of weeks ago getting millions of hits this video. but now she's out with a new christmas video? >> yes. angie vasquez and her family they signed with sony music a few days ago. there we go. it did actually happen. all i want for christmas is the new cut that they have done and it's in some other part of this place they are singing at. >> family man? >> the hat might be a little
6:26 am
much for me. >> really? if you were producing this video you'd do it differently? >> i like the simplicity of the first one when it looked like they were hanging out in a rec room and singing. this already has a feeling it's produced professionally so i imagine they will get better from here on out. >> how does this video compare to the original? >> over a million and a half views. >> probably rising. what is the future of this family? >> i feel we will see them at madison square garden soon enough. they about him professional and then you get the tickets to go see them and she is young so 10 years old, i want to be critical but she is very young! so there is a lot of room for growth and they are making very professional stuff. >> very professional, scott stein, thank you, as always. >> thank you. >> keeping it real for us here on "the early show." thank you. it's been at least 525,000 and 600 minutes since you've
6:27 am
heard the musical "rent." in a few moments the off-broadway cast will perform seasons of love here live in our studio. "rent" cast of thousands coming up in a bit. >> hearing that makes me so nostalgic. the first musical you ever saw in new york? >> yeah. it was fantastic. the music sticks with you. i will be singing it all day long now. >> i remember my first trip to new york we saw that musical can my family and i was just singing the lyrics and there's so much energy in the cast and in the music. i love it. >> jessie l. martin came out of the original cast. >> rosario dawson as well. >> good stuff. >> you first one was "rent".
6:28 am
how about you? >> "jelly's last jam." of course! >> it was a great play. gregory hines was in it and that was my first. awesome play. >> prior to doing this news thing i had had done a lot of acting and what i am came to the city initially so i see everything. today i'm going to see a 2:00 show, thumb's up, i'll say. >> will you be signing autographs outside? >> yes. because i have nothing to do with any of that! >> just checking. >> you know what i love this year? i loved "memphis." i thought that was great. billy elliott is closeing in january and it's fantastic. >> so glad you said that. >> see that one before it closes. always be those national tours that go out. never quite the same as seeing it on broadway. >> you saw "book of mormon"? >> it was hysterical and we had the cast come here on the show. it was a great show. >> good stuff. >> very funny. >> so nice to see. >> check out a broadway show if
6:29 am
you come to new york. >> you got to. quintessential new york. >> come on down.
6:30 am
♪ welcome back to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i'm russ mitchell. we look at the empire state building. if you look way down there, that is the freedom tower. >> it's cool to see it coming up a few more steps every day. >> yeah. a cool sight. coming up, fun gift ideas for the foodie in your life. >> yeah. everyone knows a foodie. plus award winning chef andrew carmellini is here to dish about his amazing fried chicken and sour orange pie. award winning musical "rent" is back. off broadway revival, the cast is here and ready to perform two classics from the show.
6:31 am
it's all coming up. first, lonnie quinn has our final check of the weather. are you okay over there? >> fine and dandy. a transition for you. like the weather in new york city today. talk about my weather headlines. the deserts will be getting the wane in the southwest, fog blankets the west. everyone else, it's fairly quiet. talk about the fog out there. it is thick this morning. fresno, portland and spokane. take a look at where i see the rain, i talked to you how it's around the desert and i think seeing maybe up to three-quarters of an inch around phoenix and albuquerque and san diego. but the big picture for the most part, i mean, look at that. one end to the other. a lot of sunshine. enjoy it.
6:32 am
i'm trying to write eight days to go, people. santa claus on his way. rebecca, over to you. >> the countdown is on. thank you, lonnie. appreciate it. by the way, you might be stuck this holiday season looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life and what do you know? amy goodman, lifestyle expert and author of "wear this, toss that" is here with inexpensive and fun food gadgets. i'm excited about this. there are a lot of foodys out there. what do you get them that is new and inexpensive? >> we have great ideas here. start off from bloomingdales called preparea. an oil mister. you put in your favorite oil and fuse it with oils and spices and hand pump aerosol and lets you mist on to your salads or pasta. so full of flavor but less fat because you're going to use less oil in the end.
6:33 am
>> light on the calories. if i recall correctly from russ' segment on drink this and not that, wine is okay? >> absolutely. >> you have something for wine? >> i'm all for red wine. talk about that as well. this is from you freeze this for two hours in the freezer and you place it into an already opened bottle of white wine and it keeps it child without having to dash back and forth from the refrigerator. a room bottled wine at room temperatures it will bring down the wine down to below temperature. next up is the tipping tea cup from uncommon goods. you can put the loose tea leaves there in the small strainer. you pour the hot water through and it brews the perfect cup of tea. when you get it to your desired steepness, then you actually tip the cup the opposite direction and then drink. that's $20. >> that's cute. what is this? >> this is also from uncommon
6:34 am
goods. fork, knife set that has chop sticks and hook together to make the fork and knife separate and have the chop sticks. this is great. no one will be on to you because they are hinged if you're not great with chopsticks. i think this is great for parties where a variety of different foods will be served. >> what is this little guy? >> this is from macy's. a rotary peeler. have you three peelers in one. >> smart. >> for juliens and then you put down the tab in the middle as a safety feature so you can have basically three peelers. >> 12 bucks for one gift that really is three? >> exactly. here we have -- this is called the catcher. and it's available at sir letabla. it makes juicing neater and easier and it catches the seeds here in the catcher so that the seeds don't go down into your cooking dish. >> these tops look like they would come in handy. >> from the container store
6:35 am
these are called bag caps. you put them on to any open bag of snacks or sweets and pour out your snacks instead of dirty hands going into the snacks and keeps them fresh inside. >> fresh cheese and herbs here? >> this is mike ol plane company, a company i love. you use it like a pepper mill. throw your cheese in here and grates it beautifully and two different graters to choose from and 20 bucks for each. why get out a big food processor when you can do herbs here with the herb mill as well. >> one more. >> yes, this is from williams-sonoma and a fabulous digital measuring device with measuring cup and weighing your food and ingredients instead of eyeballing it. and this is from bed bath and beyond and makes great sorbets and ice cream without the fats and nutrition of real fruit. >> for more on these items and
6:36 am
where to get them head to we know there is great detail from you here but more on the website. coming up next, chef andrew carpal leaney will "dish." you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people came to louisiana... they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose...
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6:39 am
this morning, on i the dish" authentic american flavors. award winning chef andrew carmellini can do it all but he loves american cuisine the best. >> he has been named best chef in new york city and most recent restaurant the dutch opened to rave reviews both in new york and miami and he joins us now with his ultimate dish, fried chicken. great to have you with us, chef andrew. >> thank you for having me. >> you brought fried chicken and amazing pie. thank you. >> that is what american flavor is about, my life and my cooking life and growing up and traveling and kind of a reflection on what it is. >> growing up, was this a typical meal in the carmellini household? >> i'm american and i cook french a long time and have an italian restaurant and where the fried chicken comes in. carmellini is my last name so i'm italian also. so there was always pasta
6:40 am
around. my family is also from miami so southern influence in there. my mom's collards. >> it's spicy. >> a little spice inside. >> the pie you brought, so it's orange. sort of a play on. what would it be? a play on meringue or key lime pie? >> sour oranges, my mom had an orange tree. the oranges are not as sweet. you can do the same thing made with oranges and lime juice. she would make a lemon meringue pie or like a key lime pie or sour orange and where that comes from. >> the colonel will not give us his herbs and spices. i'm sorry, colonel, a moment of silence. but this is great. >> there's different styles of fried chicken. the age old discussion you can do it in a pan or kind of like in a deep fryer. i like to do mine in a deep fryer or a pot with a lot of
6:41 am
oil. i think it comes out the crispiest and soak it in a buttermilk brind. it's crispy on the outside and juice yif on the inside because you don't want it overcooked and that is my fried chicken. >> how long do you have to keep it in the brind to keep it juicy inside and crispy on the outside? >> it's overnight. salt inside and sugar inside and lemons and herbs and the buttermilk and spice on the outside. it's like how they do the hot fried chicken in memphis. i like to put the spice on the outside. >> so good. >> if you could have this dish with anyone in the world, except for us, who would you love to have this dish with? anyone in your life? >> just modern kind of living a little bit, family kind of gets spread out. it would be great just to get everyone together, you know, on both sides which that's why we have a cocktail also. >> what is in that? >> it's called the old georgetown. it's rum, kind of a nod to that
6:42 am
part of my life, and amaro, the italian part of my life and that combination with a little char chartreuse. >> can you sign our dish. take a break from your breakfast here? this is excellent stuff. boy. >> for more on the dish and to get chef andrew's recipes go to >> up next, "rent" heads rejoice. the musical "rent" is back. >> they are here to perform two classic songs from the musical. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon.
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♪ in our "second cup cafe" this morning, "rent" the tony
6:46 am
award and pulitzer prize winning musical is returning to new york. >> the cast of the off-broadway revival is here to perform the title song, ladies and gentlemen, "rent." ♪ how do you document real life when real life is getting more like fiction each day ♪ ♪ headlines blow my mind and now this deadline eviction ♪ ♪ rent how do you write a song when they were rare when where is the power
6:47 am
you once had to ignite the air ♪ ♪ we are hungry and frozen how are we going to pay how we going to pay ♪ ♪ last year's rent ♪ ♪ how do you start a fire when there is nothing to burn and feels like something stuck in your flu you can't feel your feet and they are turning blue ♪ ♪ you light up a place how we going to pay how we going to pay ♪ ♪ how we going to pay last year's rent ♪ ♪
6:48 am
♪ music ignites the night with passion fire the narration pops ♪ ♪ burn the past to the ground feel the heat the future glows ♪ ♪ how do you leave the past behind when it keeps finding ways to get to your heart ♪ ♪ it reaches way down deep and tears you inside/out till you're torn inside/out ♪ notes how do you connect in an age where landlords and lovers your ownself is betrayed ♪ ♪ what binds the fabric together when the raging shifting winds are drifting away ♪ ♪ camera it spy
6:49 am
use your guitar ♪ ♪ when you act tough you call their bluff ♪ ♪ we're not going to pay we're not going to pay last year's rent this year's rent next year's rent rent rent rent we're not going to pay rent ♪ ♪ because everything is rent >> wow. >> great work, guys. >> fantastic. >> thanks so much for coming in. fantastic work. i wonder ago you watch you guys performing and it's early in the morning. let's be honest this is earlier than you start singing but how do you get up the energy for a performance like that? >> i think the music speaks for itself. i think it's so great and so
6:50 am
easy to jump in and do it and we've been here since 5:15. >> you're ready for dinner now. this performance got a little bit of a makeover this time around. how is it different? >> it's a different world. the characters, you know, the circumstances that they live in, it's a different world that we live in now. our new production sort of addresses that and it's also a completely new physical production so there's a new sort of like video element that, you know, ties the show together in a really cool way. it's got like some cool things from the past version that everyone i think is kind of nostalgic about but it sort of rediscovers the piece. >> thanks so much, guys. great work. we're back with more "rent" after the break. ♪ at daisy, our family-owned company...
6:51 am
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♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. this among on "the early show" the local legend that inspires key chains and mascots. the search for champ, the mysterious monster of lake champagne. >> and the things can you do on christmas morning that can make a difference in people's lives.
6:54 am
>> fantastic performance by the folks of "rent." >> is there good news. we get to hear more of them! ! encore performance by the cast of "rent." >> they will sing the classic ballad, "seasons of love." have a great weekend, everybody. enjoy. ♪ 525600 moments rrg 5 525,600 minutes how do you measure by years in midnight and years in inches in miles and in stride ♪
6:55 am
♪ 565,600 minutes how do you measure a year in a life ♪ ♪ how about love how about love ♪ ♪ how about love measure in love seasons of love ♪ ♪ seasons of love ♪ ♪ 525,600 minutes 52 525,000 to play
6:56 am
525,600 minutes how do you measure the life of woman or man ♪ ♪ in truth she learned or times pride and bridges burned or the way she -- ♪ ♪ the story never ends let's celebrate and remember the life of rent ♪ ♪ think of love remember remember the love ♪ ♪ remember the love remember remember the love ♪ ♪ measure your love measure your life in love seasons of love ♪
6:57 am
♪ measure your life in love >> wow. blown away seriously. >> so darn humbling. >> it is. how much talent do these guys have? insane. >> i will say that is the thing about here in new york city. you go out to a restaurant or something and, look. i've been in the trenches before. all of those waiters, everyone can blow you away with so much talent and then to see them here in our studio. i love stuff like this. a restaurant here in new york city called ellen star dust diner where the waiters and waitresses will wing sing. our latest success story such and such is on broadway now. it's a great thing. especially broadway shows are so expensive now. >> so just go to the diner.
6:58 am
>> great stuff there. >> have a meal while you're at it. >> you were talking about how early they had to get up today. they got up at 4:00 this morning and did a show last night. >> late night people. >> two shows today. >> wow. wave, guys, give us a wave! >> they were nice enough to come in this morning and perform for us. that was just fantastic. >> it really was. . it was made me think if i measured my year in cups of coffee. please plus a day. >> i've never been a coffee drinker and love morning television but never been a coffee drinker. hot water. how lame is that? >> you drink hot water? >> i do. tha that's it. >> good for you, betty. enjoy your weekend, everybody. >> enjoy your minutes. >> nice piece of toast. >> announcer: for more about "the early show," visit us at
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