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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  December 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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lights on? details in just minutes. good morning, everybody. tuesday, december 27. it's my sister's birthday. >> happy birthday to carol. >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. a major retail company is closing dozens of stores after a dismal holiday shopping season. anne makovec is in san mateo with why the chains are struggling. >> reporter: it's frustrating for some people because holiday sales numbers were up overall for the rest of the country. but apparently sears and kmart stores were down on: i'm here at kmart in san mateo. we don't know whether this is one of the stores that's going to be shutting down because the sears corporation hasn't made that decision yet. they just say that between 100 and 120 sears and kmart stores nationwide will be closed. they are citing dismal earnings for the last quarter, the one that includes christmas. kmart was down 4.4%. sears was down 6% for a total
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negative growth of 5.2%. between kmart and sears, there is a total of 4,000 stores in the u.s. and canada and again we're looking at closing between 100 and 120 of them 10 it's a small percentage. but for those who work at the closing stores, they could lose their jobs. kmart says they had lower clothes and layaway numbers, sears had lower electronics and home appliance sales. the plan going forward for the corporation, they will focus on better inventory numbers, basically having less stuff in the stores so they can promote that stuff and put that at the proper price point that hopefully consumers will buy. >> anne, have you had any word that they may change their marketing techniques? it seems like a lot of big box
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chains do a lot of advertising and sears and kmart don't really. >> reporter: the difficulty for kmart and sears is that they have had trouble settling themselves apart -- setting themselves apart from other stores. they face a lot of competition from the people that you do see the flyers in your mailbox every week. so i don't know what their plan is going to be going forward. but promotion is certainly going to be a large part of it. >> the internet is probably killing them, too. you think at sears i always think appliances and big things and you probably are not going to buy that on the internet. you have to go in and a lot of folks just aren't doing this anymore. thank you, anne makovec live in san mateo. lucky supermarkets is really working to assure its customers that it has taken care of a security breach. it was just last month that the chain discovered skimmers rigged to atm and credit card readers at two dozen bay area stores. lucky did take outline full-
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page ads in several newspapers assuring customers that the problem is solved but still recommends that they keep a close eye on their bank statements. the breach was limited to the store's self-checkout stands not the ones operated by cashiers. >> i just go to the regular checkout stand. i don't check myself out anymore. >> lucky says nearly 1,000 customers have reported losses or attempts to take money from their accounts. the company is directing customers to its website if you need information or updates. heartbreak for an east bay family. a relative backing out of a driveway in antioch ran over a 2-year-old boy. the child fell before he was struck and killed in a home on pembroke court. police still investigating yesterday's death. but they say it appears to be a tragic accident. a man hospitalized now stable condition after a late- night shooting in oakland. it happened just after 10:00 last night near 39th and international boulevard. so far there's nobody in custody. cyclists and pedestrians on the golden gate bridge will soon have to share the same
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walkway again because one of the sidewalks is going to be closed for up to three months. gil diaz is at the golden gate bridge to tell us a little more about the work and it's understandable, gil, that area narrow for both of them to pass each other. >> yeah. and essentially whenever they have to share the road, essentially 50% of their space is reduced. but this time it is going to be the western walkway of the golden gate bridge. it's tentatively scheduled to shut down january 9 which is happening very soon just a couple of weeks. but you have to consider that on weekends 10,000 bicyclists -- pedestrians and 6,000 bicyclists are on the golden gate bridge at the same time. and this western walkway shut down is going to force them to share the road again. but, you know, the western walkway has been shut down before. last year they shut down the western walkway for seismic retrofit work that is finished two weeks ahead of schedule
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making people happy but a few days after the western walkway reopened forcing frequent users to use a walkway together again. even though bridge officials painted lines on the walkway in the past to alleviate congestion, frequent users of the bridge are still unhappy because it is frustrating. it is unsafe. and half their space is restricted. but hopefully, with this fair warning grace, a lot of the pedestrians and a lot of the bicyclists will remember that on january 9 the western walkway will be shut down and hopefully, it will reopen by april 1. >> thank you. we have just one week before we toss it to weather. [ laughter ] >> are we doing weather? >> okay. no, okay.
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we have a week before the caucuses in iowa. >> we wanted to show elizabeth. today republicans start their final effort to track some of the undecided voters in iowa. this man rick santorum the only candidate campaigning in iowa yesterday but others will hit the ground today in force. the latest poll shows the three- way race between mitt romney, newt gingrich and ron paul is doing well, as well. romney hopes the results thin out the field to roy a clear choice in the new hampshire primary. what's coming up, the following week so going to be interesting. >> it's always fun. politics is like a sport especially in new hampshire but you wouldn't believe the advertising. welcome to the granite state. it's wall-to-wall newt gingrich. >> frank just got back from new hampshire so he knows firsthand. >> we wanted to toss to weather and show you elizabeth. there she is. ladies and gentlemen? >> thank you. >> filling in for lawrence this week. he is on the evening show. we bumped him up to the
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evening, so we're working weather a little bit and we have switched over. we slid over a bit. taking a look outside, here's your current temperatures. mostly in the 40s. we have a few 30s out there and check out fairfield our cold spot 28 degrees so we are waking up to a little bit of low clouds and fog. we'll start off with a similar story to what we saw yesterday. hopefully by later on this morning, that fog will clear and our temperatures will start to? >> -- will start to warm up. seasonable temperatures. dry. san jose 59. morgan hill 58 today. east bay numbers, pleasanton going to be one of our warm warmer spots, 50s in the central bay. oakland 57. 56 anticipated high in hayward. coming up the seven-day forecast. in the meantime gianna has the traffic clicker today, so over to you. >> it's not too bad as far as the roads go. just a couple things to look
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out for. fog along the eastshore freeway. so solano county, those areas. chp has issued a fog advisory. use caution there. bay bridge toll plaza not too shabby. traffic crewing along. metering lights are still off. we were seeing some slight delays in the cash lanes. maybe a couple cars now but still looks like a nice ride at the pay gates. clear in san francisco. 880 both directions through oakland no delays southbound clear into hayward. if you are cutting across the san mateo bridge that looks good. and mass transit is right on time this morning for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:08 s.a.t.s and grades, not everything. how the university system chooses students, changing, coming up. >> the family plea to bring home a stolen dog and what's strange about the burglary. >> and a cupcake confiscated. why the tsa thought the sweet treat was a security risk. that and more coming up. ,,,,
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back found at 6:11, the man suspected of shooting a soldier in san bernardino in police custody. 22-year-old christopher sullivan was shot last friday.
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19-year-old rubin ray gerardo turned himself in yesterday. he was a guest at sullivan's homecoming party when he shot him twice. sullivan is now paralyzed from the neck down. he received a purple heart last year after being injured in a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan. an indiana man is due in court this morning to be charged with killing a neighborhood girl. the 39-year-old suspect was babysitting the girl and her two sisters when she disappeared last friday. her body has now been found but authorities are not yet talking about how she died. they may reveal that information sometime today. a family victimized by burglars in morgan hill really just wants their dog back. a 3-year-old chihauhau-terrier was dognapped along with wrapped presents under the tree. the family says nearly $1,000 worth of gifts were stolen. friends and neighbors have chipped in to replace those gifts. so now the family says what they really want is just for their dog sharkey to be brought back. >> we don't care about the
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presents. we don't -- that's stuff that can be replaced. but the dog is a family member. >> absolutely it is. the family posted photos of the dog and checking nearby shelters every day hoping to find a sign of sharkey. the thieves left behind expensive electronics and jewelry. no arrests. >> very sad. take anything but leave the dog alone. 6:13. coming up, mark zuckerberg unlikely holiday vacation. what he is doing in a place where facebook isn't even allowed. >> and fists fly in a food court mall. the celebrity appearance that set off this mall brawl in the midwest.
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the company that owns sears and kmart is let's get you caught up on the top stories for the day. the company that owns sears and kmart is closing at least 100 of those stores nationwide. the two chains have more than 4,000 stores overall. the closings come after what they are calling terrible holiday sales. and they have already demolished what was left of a connecticut home that burned on christmas day killing 5 people including three children. fire officials will hold a news conference today and they may disclose what caused that fire. today republicans are running for president. they will begin the final push to grab undecided voters in iowa. the state's caucuses are happening next tuesday and polls show that it is a very tight race among mitt romney, newt gingrich, and ron paul.
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if you are heading out the door, the biggest issue is fog, low clouds and we just checked with the folks at sfo. there are right now one-hour delays on arrivals. so if you are waiting for someone to head into town, again expect delays and call ahead just to check if your departure time is off, as well. so out the door once again cloudy start, temperatures pretty typical in the 30s and 40s out the door right now. and our forecast for later on today clearing a little bit. hopefully by this afternoon, we are going to see some areas of sun and clouds, temperatures kind of typical so a little hohum for the next couple of days. actually kind of in the upper 50s and we may squeeze out 60 or two in some of the inland valleys. we are remaining dry. high pressure in place. now, we were predicting that there may be some light rain showers mainly in the north bay by wednesday. that's no longer the case. it is staying just to the north of us. so for the most part we are staying dry through the week. our next chance of rain is closer towards friday. stay tuned for ourself day
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forecast. we'll have more on that coming up. in the meantime, heading out of town, a lot of people may be taking some time off this week between christmas and new year's. 57 under partly cloudy skies in sacramento. 48 in lake tahoe. closer to home, temperatures in the 50s today. 57 oakland, 58 vallejo, 58 forecasted high in santa rosa. so as promises, in the next couple of days, mostly to partly cloudy. you can see that we remain dry on wednesday. we have pulled those rain chances out of there. thursday, partly cloudy skies and our next chance of rain is not until friday. and again, this is just a slight chance right now and it should remain just north of the golden gate so mainly sticking to the north bay. we are drying out on saturday so if you have any new year's eve plans, it should be dry on saturday and on new year's day and then more clouds roll in on monday. we'll have more weather coming up. in the meantime gianna has traffic conditions. >> if you are headed back to
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work this morning, you are in lurk. the freeways are looking good. no make snags to report. foggy conditions along the eastshore freeway and we are getting word of icy roadways possibly through the napa area so use caution but at the bay bridge, traffic moving along nicely. no delays into san francisco. golden gate bridge problem- free. we had no delays along 101 southbound. northbound no traffic or no roadwork scheduled today. san mateo bridge looking good in both directions as well if you are heading between foster city and hayward. 880 along hayward looks good. 101 through peninsula no delays. here's a larger look at the san mateo bridge. 14 minutes between 880 and 101. oakland clear both directions, northbound looking good all the way into the maze. southbound that's where we see most of our volume towards hayward but again, looks nice right now. it's a nice time to be on the roads and if you want to use mass transit instead, everything is right on time bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries and that's a look at traffic. frank? >> thank you. uc-santa cruz is
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implementing a major shift in its admissions process. it's urging an approach called holistic review with an emphasis on personal achievement including any kind of special talents and whether students from weaker high schools made the most of their opportunities. test scores and grades still a big factor but for the first time admissions officers will read every application instead of relying on computers. by now you may be wondering where is zuckerberg spending his -- where is facebook founder mark zuckerberg spending his holidays? he has been in vietnam. state-run media says mr. zuckerberg spent christmas eve at high long bay a popular tourist spot and christmas day in the north machine town. sapa and rode a buffalo. he must be posting. not many of us can say that. the communist country forbids citizens from using facebook but younger crowds find ways to bypass the restrictions. >> riding a buffalo. >> let's go to vietnam for christmas. >> it's beautiful.
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>> pretty country. 6:20. it's smelling like roses in southern california. we have a sneak peek at the premise for the big rose parade coming up. >> a cupcake a terror threat? why the tsa targeted a baked good. we'll tell you.
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season... bad behavior at shopping centers. one of
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the latest was it is an ugly scene repeated too many times this holiday season. bad behavior at shopping centers and one of the latest was at the largest mall here in the country. a brawl was yesterday at the mall of america. that's in bloomington, minnesota, it involved about 50 people in a food court. after the original melee there were other incidents scattered throughout the massive shopping center. they have reported live started after rumors that rappers lil wayne and drake were doing some shopping there. be careful the next time you fly with baked goods. a woman says her cupcakes couldn't get past security when she was flying through las vegas recently. the cupcakes came packed in mason jars from a bakery near boston. >> we went out with two cupcakes in a jar tsa in boston said these look delicious. but tsa in las vegas thought they looked dangerous! he seems to have some concerns about the frosting being a gel- like substance. >> you're the one who bakes this. is there a liquid or gel in
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that jar? >> no. no. it's just cake filling and frosting. >> hm. the tsa says cakes and pies are gently okay in carry-on luggage and it will look into it. but interesting difference from boston to vegas. >> those are called wicked good cupcakes. christmas is barely over but it's almost time to get rid of the tree i guess for some folks. they are sagging a little bit. christmas trees will go into a giant wood chipper right in front of city hall in san francisco for their annual chipping ceremony. then next week curbside tree collections will really get going so if you want to throw out your tree, put it next to your trash bins on regularly scheduled garbage pickup days. trees will be collected january 3 through 7 and also 9th through the 13th. it's an end of the year tradition in a town known for a little old lady. volunteers in pasadena are getting floats ready for the 123rd tournament of roses
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parade. so they are working feverishly putting fruits, seeds, bark, grass and flowers on the floats. a lot of work goes into this. this year's grand marshal is iraq war veteran and soap opera actor jr martinez who also won "dancing with the stars." >> you know those floats are amazing because they are made with flora and fauna and vegetables and all that stuff. and they zip by you and then they get torn up. [ laughter ] >> they come, they go. >> it's cool. it is 6:26. coming up, a shake-up in the travel market. it's now easier to find cheap airfare deals. but not everyone is all that happy about it. >> plus, it's a holiday tradition. what bay area residents hope to accomplish by counting every bird they see in 24 hours. take this as a warning. a portion of the golden gate bridge is going to get crowded in just a couple of weeks. we'll have more details about an upcoming construction project. and anxiety over possible job losses after two major
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retailers announce they are closing stores. the story coming up. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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and i'm grace lee time is 6-- let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. here's elizabeth. good morning, it's tuesday,
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december 27. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it's 6:29. let's check traffic and weather. >> it's chilly but temperatures mostly above freezing. you will notice fairfield our one exception to that. 27 degrees. we have actually dropped a couple of degrees here in the last half hour or so. otherwise, mostly in the 30s and 40s. we also have some patchy valley fog. we'll tell you where, plus how warm we're going to get by later on this afternoon the in the meantime, let's go to gianna with a check of your roads. >> thank you. looks like a lot of folks still have the morning off. we're still very quiet on the freeways. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major snags there, just a little bit of foggy conditions as you work your way along the upper eastshore freeway. we'll check the south bay coming up. 6:30 your time. two of america's biggest names in retail are closing some stores. sears and kmart say slow sales prompted the move. anne makovec is in san mateo with the money problems that
6:31 am
these chains face. a little surprising, anne. >> reporter: yes. definite disappointment after we have heard a lot of good sales numbers come in for the holiday season for retailers as a whole. but apparently, kmart and sears did not do so well and now the corporation is talking about closing up to 120 stores. i'm here in san mateo now at the kmart. we don't know whether or not this is one of the stores closing. the corporation hasn't announced the list yet. people are wondering if they will be losing their jobs. dismal earnings for the last quarter. kmart down 4.4%. sears was down 6% for a total negative growth between the companies of 5.2%. there are 4,000 kmart and sears stores total in the u.s. and canada. and again, they are only looking at closing between 100 and 120. so it is a small percentage. the company blames kmart's
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losses on fewer sales and electronics, clothes and lower layaway numbers. sears' losses are blamed on electronics and home appliances sales being down. so the sears corporation, which owns both of the chains, is planning on watching its inventory a little better, having fewer items remaining to boost the numbers. >> has the store opened yet? i saw someone go in. >> reporter: yeah. workers are arriving this morning and a lot of them had not heard about this. they are certainly concerned this morning. the store is not open. i think it's either 8:00 or 9:00. >> thank you, anne makovec live in san mateo. lucky supermarkets are increasing their public relations efforts in the wake of a security breach because last month the chain discovered skimmers rigged atm and credit card readers at two dozen bay area stores. so lucky took out full-page ads in several newspapers. it assures customers that the problem has been solved but
6:33 am
recommends that customers keep a close eye on bank statements. the breach was limited to the store's self-checkout stands only. >> i just go to the regular checkout stand. i don't check myself out anymore. >> usually faster anyway. lucky says nearly 1,000 customers have reported losses or attempts to take money from their accounts. the company is directing customers to its websites for updates. it is 6:33 now. antioch police say it was apparently a tragic accident that killed a 2-year-old boy. the child run over by a vehicle backing up out of a driveway on pembroke court yesterday. malcolm norris fell before he was him. the driver was a relative of that young boy. and a woman who died in her burning home in san leandro was 45-year-old valerie rogers rump believed to have been killed by smoke inhalation in yesterday morning's fire. two dogs were also found dead in the home on broadmoor boulevard. the cause remains under investigation this morning. fighting for space on the golden gate bridge, there is a
6:34 am
new construction project that's going to make things even more crowded for cyclists and pedestrians who are heading that way. gil diaz is at golden gate bridge with more on what's happening out there. good morning, gil. >> reporter: hi, grace. good morning. well, starting january 9 coming up soon the western walkway of the bridge will be shutting down temporarily. so yeah, even though it's nice to know that bridge officials are maintaining the bridge, whenever they close a walkway that forces the pedestrians and bicyclists to use the same walkway on the other side. the western walkway has been shut down before at the end of may this year they closed it for seismic retrofitting, finishing that two weeks early. not sure how quickly construction crews will work on the western walkway this time of they are going to be working on the battery east bay trail improving it and beautifying
6:35 am
it. hopefully, they will have it reopened by april 1. but you have to consider that on a weekend, there's so many pedestrians on the bridge, so many bicyclists, 10,000 pedestrians and 6,000 bicyclists, that it gets very crowded sharing one walkway. now, the width of the bridge sidewalk is only 10 feet wide. so imagine having it cut in half for pedestrians and for bicyclists. so just a fair warning for frequent users of the bridge starting january 9. just be on the lookout and be patient for that construction project. at the end, grace, the new bridge work, there's going to be new lighting, new sidewalks, new bicycle lanes and new fencing around the western walkway. >> it will be much better but just in the meantime, a lot of collisions can happen and it can be dangerous. >> reporter: it is dangerous. it's dangerous especially when you have so many people especially on the weekend and tourists who don't know that they are supposed to be on one walkway and not the other but with this january 9 construction project they will all be on the same walkway and it makes it even more confusing
6:36 am
and frustrating for the frequent users of that bridge. >> looking around, taking pictures. >> slow it down because the bikes just -- sometimes you're driving going, wow that guy is going as fast as me. slow it down. gil diaz live in san francisco. lawrence has been out in the mornings working at night. >> he is doing something we all should be doing at this hour. >> sleeping! >> hello? >> do you think he is sleeping? >> he is. >> you don't think he is watching us? >> no. >> maybe at noon. >> if we're lucky. thanks, guys. we're filling in on the weather front today taking a live look from our roof cam of the we can see the bridge. this is a different story today than yesterday. it is obviously clearing here, but we still have some areas of patchy fog especially in our north bay valleys. the visibility is going to be an issue if you're in santa rosa, fairfield, yeah, temperatures are a little bit -- well, about normal for this time of the year. you can see temperatures mostly in the 30s and 40s. the past couple of days we have had temperatures near freezing
6:37 am
or even slightly below in some parts reaching in the 20s so we're not really seeing much of that right now. it's still chilly if you are in fairfield. so this ridge of high pressure remains in place. high pressure is still holding steady. we have seen a long line of high pressure meaning a lot of dry conditions over the past week or so. so we were seeing some -- we were expecting to see rain chances by the middle of the week. that is no longer the case. we have actually -- we'll see the low pressure system staying to the north of us. so our next chance of rain is friday. temperatures this afternoon, once again warming up to mostly the mid- to upper 50s. we'll check the seven-day forecast including with the new year's eve forecast coming up. gianna has the roads. >> we are getting reports of an accident from chp, southbound 880 at dixon landing. it's just past there. couple cars involved. four cars to be exact. injuries reported in the
6:38 am
accident. the right lane may be blocked. no delays on 101. northbound toward the maze no delays. over to you. >> thank you. in the headlines in the bay area, pacific herring in san francisco bay are having heart problems and it's being blamed on the cosco busan oil spill. heart defects in embryos are a common symptom to exposure to hotel. it's the only species commercially fished in the bay. it's like the census but for birds. today members of the golden gate audubon society will work from dawn to dusk counting the number of birds species that spend winters until the bay area. it's the 29th year in a row they have done this. counters will be at 17
6:39 am
locations. last year they saw 177 different birds species including the ever popular tennessee warbler and the black leaded kitty walk. >> that was the belted kingfisher i mentioned before. >> we're all familiar with that. google is ruffling feathers in the online travel industry. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us to explain why some giants in the industry are a little ticked off. he joins with us more. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about google's new fare finder which the search giant unveiled this month. say you wanted to find a fare from san francisco to new york. a lot of people have been going to online travel sites like expedia, travelocity, orbitz to book the fares and to find the cheapest flights. now they can simply type into google's search function san francisco to new york and then you will see results that include the lowest fares and the airlines offering the lowes
6:40 am
fares and can book it directly with the airline. those results will show up before ahead of the websites like expedia and travelocity. online travel websites worried about this. we talked to larry magid, saying more and more google is getting involved in industries that go way beyond search. >> google is very good about driving people to the website that is answer questions. but now google is answering the questions directly which bypass those very websites. so it definitely is going to upset a lot of web operators in this case the travel sites when it's doing things like this. >> now, the federal trade commission is currently investigating google's business practices. but according to the wall street journal which did an article on this, this morning, consumers are not being harmed by this. it makes it easier in some cases to find those lowest fares. one group not complaining are the airlines because they stand to save money by not paying the
6:41 am
online travel websites for those bookings. currently if someone books a flight through expedia, for example, then american airlines would have to pay expedia about $11 for that booking. and now if google is simply linking to those airlines directly, then they are going to bypass those third party sites. that's the latest in here in silicon valley. back to you guys. >> thank you. it's a win-win for consumers. >> that's for sure. >> thank you. 6:41. 83 miles per gallon, frank. it is true! >> yeah. >> when you can get your hands on toyota's latest prius. >> plus the candidates making their final push. who stands the lose the most with the poor showing in iowa. all coming up. of the hospital today following
6:42 am
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6:44 am
the hospital today following good morning. if you are just waking up and headings out the door, we have areas of low clouds and fog, but these temperatures are actually five to 10 degrees above what we saw at this time yes, i did, sir. so we are mostly in the 30s and 40s out there but fog is an issue throughout the morning especially in the north bay valley so fairfield, napa, santa rosa, that's where it seems like fogg is the thickest. we could see 60s especially inland. we are remaining dry today and tomorrow. if you are watching earlier this week, we were forecasting a slight chance of rain mainly in the north bay by wednesday but that's no longer the case. this low pressure system will
6:45 am
remain north of the bay area. so next chance of rain is friday. we could see a few more low clouds moving through our area. that's why we're off to a foggy start this morning. more clouds are rolling in this afternoon the temperatures not too bad, warming up to the upper 50s in some spots, 58 in santa clara, 59 out in mountain view and checking some of the east bay numbers, you notice 60 is one of our forecasted highs there in pleasanton. so a couple of 60s here and there. 57 in walnut creek, 58 in danville. 58 in napa. some of your other north bay numbers, 58 is your forecasted high in santa rosa. and 55 out in sausalito. so once again, checking temperatures in your forecast over the next couple of days, we are remaining dry today and through tomorrow. a few more clouds roll in there on thursday. but then check out friday. once again, we have a slight chance of rain again this is going to remain north of the golden gate bridge. so mainly in the north bay. by saturday, we are drying out. so if you have any new year's eve plans for the weekend, we should be dry all across the
6:46 am
bay area under partly cloudy skies. and then a few more clouds roll in on monday. but once again, happy new year, 2012. partly cloudy skies and overnight lows should be in the upper 30s to upper 40s. we'll have more weather coming up. in the meantime, i guess we're hitting the roads with gianna. >> you might have trouble on 880. reports of an accident south of dixon landing. chp is on scene. it's blocking the right lane. traffic light due to the holiday so we are seeing green on the sensors but injuries may have been reported in the wreck. so might take a few minutes to clear it to the right shoulder. that's south 880 at dixon landing. the rest of 880 problem-free. here's 880/237, no delays there. also 880 into oakland northbound you're clear towards the maze. southbound looking good towards hayward. foggy spots continue this morning mostly along the upper eastshore freeway. fog advisory is in effect through portions of solano county, vallejo, so use caution. limited visibility. once you hit the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. metering lights are off. clear into san francisco.
6:47 am
lower deck no troubles. later on roadwork on the lower deck until 2 p.m. golden gate problem-free as well clear out of marin county. napa county reports of some icy conditions along the roads. san mateo bridge problem-free, 14 minutes between 880 and 101. 101 clear across the peninsula. mass transit on time. back to you. >> thank you. britain's prince philip got out of the hospital today following treatment for a heart problem. 90-year-old husband of queen elizabeth spent four nights in the hospital after having a successful stent procedure to treat a blocked coronary artery. for the first time in years he missed the royal family traditional christmas festivities and may have to scale back upcoming travel plans too. but he is heading home. it's the final push for candidates running for the republican presidential nomination. they only have one week until the iowa caucuses. that is the first race that could really narrow the field.
6:48 am
as duarte geraldino reports, it's still anybody's game. >> reporter: rick santorum campaigned in iowa monday spending part of the day if he santa hunting. -- pheasant hunting. but the real push starts at a. >> i'm going to make government simpler smaller and smarter. >> reporter: mitt romney released a tv advertisement in the state as he tries to sway undecided voters. with only a week to go to the caucuses, the latest poll show a three-way race between romney, ron paul and newt gingrich. >> hey, man. >> reporter: rick perry is trying to improve his position to launch a bus tour today. and also release a fresh ad in iowa. >> if washington is the problem, why trust a congressman to fix it? >> reporter: paul at the top of polls in iowa won't be campaigning there today. his next event is scheduled for tomorrow. gingrich and michele bachmann will make numerous stops on the bus tours today as they hit the
6:49 am
final stretch of campaigning. historically an iowa victory doesn't mean you get the republican nomination but it often forces some candidates who finish in the backof the pack to drop out thinning the field before new hampshire. duarte geraldino, cbs news, washington. >> santorum has spent. most time of any candidate in iowa but polls still show him way back. we are down to the final four trading days of the year. >> it's been a good year. the market is hoping to close in the black for 2011. here's drew levinson with your cbsmoneywatch report. drew, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and grace. asian markets were mixed today. japan's nikkei lost a .5%, hong kong's hang seng gain 1%. wall see the if wall street is still in a giving mood afternoon the long holiday weekend. the dow will try to extend its winning streak.
6:50 am
the dow is up right now 12. nasdaq up almost 4. the economy is expected to grow faster next year but experts say they don't expect the unemployment rate to change much. it's now at 8.6%. economists predict it will be 8.4% in november. for the second month, u.s. home prices fell in most major cities an indication that the housing recovery is bumpy. 19 of the 20 cities democrats revealed dropping prices. atlanta, detroit and minneapolis posted the biggest monthly declines. sears is closing between 100 and 200 sears and kmart stops blaming terrible holiday sales. sears reported poor sales in consumer electronics and home appliance. kmart's declining sales were blamed on a drop in clothing and consumer electronics. sears says closing stores and selling inventory will generate up to $170 million in cash.
6:51 am
and finally, even christmas could not slow down online shoppers. ibm found online shoppers used or jumped more than 16% on christmas day compared to last christmas. and nearly 7% of those purchases were made on ipad. that's your moneywatch report. for more, stay with i'm drew levinson. frank, grace, back to you in san francisco. >> i think all those procrastinators were shopping. >> that's right. thank you. 6:51. feeling some buyers remorse? what to do with tech gifts you don't want coming up. for anne w her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave.
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really want. if so, you welcome back. 6:54. i always thought that regifting was taboo or at least you don't tell the person that you're regifting but apparently things are changing and it's different with tech gifts. sharon is here to tell us how to regift in the proper way. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so we are going to start with ereaders. so if you have an ereader you can give it away? >> ereader i would recommendfor a parent who can take advantage of an adjustable font size and a simple interfails. because it was used i wiped it clean, literally and i wiped the device down and i put it in
6:55 am
this fun case which i got at barnes & noble but you can get lots of custom hand made cases online. >> which is great for parents because a lot of times they don't want the latest new technology gifts because they don't take advantage of all the things that it can do, right? >> exactly. so this has one purpose, reading. >> and i thought a good tip she had was to include maybe a list of books to personalize it? >> just slip that list inside the case. >> mp3. you can give those away as well? >> mp3 players. like an ipod touch i would recommend for a brother or sister even a close friend whose music tastes you are familiar with. so for this mp3 player i put it in this fun blue case an included these angry bird headphones which are all the rage. i also included some albums and songs that my brother might like. >> so you personalized it with music and possibly apps if it's an ipod touch. >> regifting is all about personalizing.
6:56 am
that's how you get past being tacky. next, usb drives. how do you personalize those? >> this year's drive is a "star wars" usb drive, it's usually one of the those boring gadgets that you put data on or carry your documents on. >> is that yoda? >> that is. [ laughter ] >> head shaped weird as a usb drive. >> there you go. for usb drive, it's like the modernday burned cd. so what i did is put music, photos, put recipes in pdf format and event tickets as a surprise. so put that on the usb drive and add a note that says plug me in. >> you put event tickets on there? i didn't know you could do that. >> if you purchase event tickets online you can download the file and with that file you drag it on the usb drive. >> i love. that it's like the new mixed tape if you go back to the olden days when we used to do this. gifts cards. >> they are very popular during
6:57 am
the holiday season or anytime for that matter, they aren't always perfect. so you can take that gift card and go to a site like plastic jungle or and trade it in for a gift card that you think somebody else might enjoy. you sell it and purchase one at a discounted rate. >> right. but you don't get the full value so that's the only thing to remember about that. so some of great tips on regifting. who knew you could do it in a classy way. thank you for joining juice thank you. >> frank? >> so the gift cards for ballroom dancing i got i can give those away? >> i think you need some dancing lessons, frank. >> good to know. toyota is now selling what it claims is the world's most fuel-efficient hybrid car. the compact car dubbed the aqua, everywhere else it's known as the prius c. it's supposed to get more than 38 miles per gallon, wow! the japanese automaker hopes to launch about 10 new gas- electric models by 2015.
6:58 am
>> i like it gas mileage. >> 800 miles on 10? >> like 20 miles per gallon i think if that on a lucky day. >> how are you doing, elizabeth. >> i feel very short. i'm usually standinga box. i feel invest little. >> are you standing on two or three. >> i'm a little shotter. >> we know you're tall. it's not about your physical height. it's about your -- [overlapping speakers] >> nice. >> not quite as tall. all right. >> weather-wise? >> weather-wise, it's a little on the chilly side. this is a live look at some of our temperatures that we're going to be forecasting for later on today. let's see. mostly in the 30s and 40s right now but by later on this afternoon, we are climbing up to the mid- to upper 50s across most spots. we may see a few 60s just a few otherwise we see temperatures seasonable and we are staying dry today and tomorrow. earlier in the week we had forecasted a slight chance of
6:59 am
rain in the north bay. that is no longer the case. that system is going to stay north of the bay area so our next chance of rain is friday. and if you have new year's eve plans, it looks like we are staying dry saturday and sunday. and frank was strolling down market street yesterday caught this holiday pooch. his name is louis vuitton and he doesn't worry about being tall. >> no. >> he doesn't worry. he is the most fashionable one in the room i think at most times. >> south 880 at dixon landing a couple of cars involved in a wreck block be the right lane. you can see yellow there so traffic is slow. north 101 at hellyer avenue new wreck just reported possibly blocking lanes. bay bridge holding steady status quo no delays there. >> mega millions go out and buy a ticket. $206million. happy new year. >> drawing is


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