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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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consumer confidence, new data shows consumer confidence climbing a whopping 10 points in december to 64.5. the number of people anticipating more jobs in the coming months jumped almost an entire percentage point from 12.4 to 13.3. >> i'm basically optimistic about it but guarded optimism. >> reporter: this economist author of closing america's job gap, says consumers are reacting to job growth. unemployment is 8.6% and this economy has turned out at least 100,000 new jobs for five months straight. >> if you see your neighbor has a job and you got a raise and your job future looks good, you feel fine again. >> reporter: monroe says the economy is vulnerable to europe's debt crisis. retailers cut prices sharply this holiday season. >> we're doing 75% off, good portion of the store. >> i don't think anyone in our family paid full price for anything that was given to anybody. >> the deals they provide
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online are better than stores. >> reporter: retailers feel it's the best business in years a experts believe there is nowhere now to go but up. >> even the most pessimistic economists feel the job growth will be sustained. >> i think it can only get better. >> reporter: the other threat to consumer confidence is gridlock in washington. they say if lawmakers can overcome some of the policy differences, next year could be better for retailers. >> i'm just thinking the deals just keep on coming because they must be good judging by what's going on behind you. >> reporter: absolutely. it's not just this store. we went all over bay street and emeryville and i mean, 75% off, 60% off, it's everywhere. >> thank you. governor brown says the key to convincing californians to raise their own taxes is to convince them that the alternative is worse. he is pushing a plan to raise an extra $7 billion a year. he wants to increase the state sales tax by half a percent and raise income taxes on people making more than $250,000 a
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year. an okay from the legislature will send it to the 2012 ballot. brown says if the voters reject it the cuts would be drastic. >> in my opinion, this is the minimum. this is what makes sense consistent with the law and even consistent with what i think the legislation can get to. >> the state is bracing for a projected $13 billion budget shortfall over the next 18 months. same-sex spouses pay significantly higher taxes compared to straight married couples. a new cnn study says the difference can be as much as $6,000 a year. the reason? the federal government does not recognize gay marriage. that means same-sex spouses cannot combine their income and deductions to take advantage of lower tax rates. utility crews in the east bay are working to restore water service to part of walnut
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creek. east bay m.u.d. workers were working on a water line when it ruptured around 8 a.m. some businesses near south main and olympic boulevard had water damage. a utility spokesman said the break wasn't called by the repair work -- wasn't caused by the repair work. it will be fixed tonight. a design flaw caused a big water main break in south san francisco the day after thanksgiving. that's the conclusion following an independent investigation into the million-gallon spill that flooded more than a dozen homes. investigators say the pipeline was missing a restraint on the coupling that holds two pieces of pipe together. >> there is no excuse. human error caused it. we are going to make sure it doesn't happen in the future with additional reviews. but it's as simple as that. >> the puc has identified six more of the flawed couples in the plans for projects that have not yet been built.
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the design is now being changed. police in one south bay city are taking drastic actions to eliminate costly and time- consuming false alarms of the joe vazquez where most burglar alarms will no longer generate an automatic police response. >> reporter: the san jose police say more than 98% of the alarms from homes and businesses here are false. and that it costs the police department more than $600,000 a year. the police chief says they can't afford it anymore. reporter: go ahead, set your burglar alarm but just so you know, starting next week, if goes off, there is a good chance the san jose police are not coming. >> we had 12,450 alarm calls in 2010. 98.4% of those were false alarms. so it's a huge drain on our resources. >> reporter: a police spokesman says that 98.4% false alarm rate is keeping officers off the street, away from real crimes. last year, after all those calls, only 2 people were ever arrested.
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so as of january 1, the police department will only respond if the alarm is verified. >> if they have some indication that the suspect is there or even if the suspect is gone but we --we believe that somebody has burglarized the house or forced entries, we're going to go out to that. >> that's a good way to save money. >> i don't think it's right. i think they should show up no matter what. >> reporter: but they have a 98.4% false alarm rate. >> it doesn't matter. i have a daughter and infant child. if my alarm went off, i expect them to be there. >> reporter: this man installs alarms for a living and worries people might put themselves in harm's way trying to verify the alarm. >> if i have a neighbor walking over to a client's home checking at large and it's ringing and who runs out the back door, an intruder, that's a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: the california alarm association sent out an alarm today asking the mayor to delay a dangerous policy. a spokeswoman for the mayor says
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that's just not going to happen. it will take effect january 1. it was passed by the city council and the mayor as a budget provision back in june. >> you know, joe, when fremont did this, it was like six years ago, i think, they said it was about resources, not savings. yet three years later they were saving about $600,000. so there is significant money to be saved in the budget here, isn't there? >> reporter: yes. it's not just about the budget here, according to the police. they say it gets more cops on the streets so they believe believe, they say, they would be able to prevent burglaries presumably because they would be patrolling streets and see action as it happens instead of getting tied up for half hour or more on all these false alarms. >> thank you, joe vazquez. a walnut creek woman is in jail tonight following her sixth dui arrest in a decade. police say that ruth catherine fielding tested at more than twice the legal limit when she
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was pulled over in petaluma last month. this despite having an interlock device on her suv which requires a sober breath sample to start the car. police say fielding was also drunk when she went to retrieve items from her car at the impound lot. a small plane crashed in concord today at buchanan field. two people were pulled out of the single-engine plane this afternoon. the faa says the pilot declared an emergency immediately after taking off then tried to make it back to the airport. the plane as you see went down in a gravel area near the runway. just 30 minutes ago, the pilot and passenger, we're told, are going to be okay. the antioch toddler killed in a driveway is identified. police say 2-year-old malcolm norris was struck while his father was backing a truck out of the driveway on pembroke court yesterday. norris was pronounced dead at children's hospital in oakland. police are still investigating but they say this appears to be
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a horrible accident. other bay area headlines. both lanes of devil's slide have just reopened. highway 1 was closed in both directions earlier after a crash that killed a motorcyclist. that happened at around 3:00 this afternoon. both lanes were closed for about 2 hours. a san francisco man accused of posing as a doctor and performing liposuction on a woman pleaded not guilty today. carlos guzman garza is charged with practicing medicine without a license and other felonies that could get him 12 years in prison. he is accused of performing at least two illegal procedures out of an office in the mission. cyclists and pedestrians on the golden gate bridge will soon have to share the same walkway again. the western walkway is set to be closed january 9 for construction work that could take up to three months. the western and eastern walk ways were also closed temporarily earlier this year for another construction project. the air quality in the bay area is so unhealthy right now,
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it's like it was after the big wildfires in 2008. that's according to air quality district which blames the pollution on people who burned wood during the holidays. we were warned not to do that because of the stagnant air which prompted several "spare the air" alerts. the district says that soot levels skyrocketed on christmas night to almost twice the federal limit. from the air to the weather -- >> hard to blame those people. it's the holidays, people like to get the fire going at christmastime. we need a good storm but we won't see one so the air will stay stagnant outside. high pressure has been semi persistent through the better part of fall and even into winter now. it looks like it continues to sit there, even just a weak ridge but we're seeing hazy sunshine. but when you don't get much mixing in the atmosphere, a lot of those pollutants get trapped down below and that's exactly what we have been seeing. still, it looks like for tonight, going to keep things fairly quiet out there again. we are seeing a couple of passing clouds. otherwise, temperatures right now 55 degrees in concord.
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53 in san francisco. and 54 degrees in san jose. still a cold night in spots. not as cold as it's been but temperatures still dropping off into the 30s and 40s all around the bay area. i think a little warmer than last night just because we'll see a little more cloud cover and then tomorrow we have more clouds on the way. it looks like that rain is staying away. those temperatures expected to be in the 50s and 60s for highs toward the afternoon. so yeah, couple of passing clouds but no rain for tomorrow looks like we have another chance though, a dry day come thursday, as well. by friday, there is a slight chance of showers mainly north of the golden gate bridge. saturday and sunday looks like a return to some dry weather and then maybe a chance of some more rain as we begin the new year at least on monday anyway. that's the latest forecast. back to you. >> thank you. it's landed the support columns and split in -- it slammed into the support columns and split it in half. what happened before the big rig burst into flames.
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why the biggest travel website accuse going of flight interference. wonder why there are big farmhouses in this town? because there were farms. some are coming back. i'm mike sugerman. that story is coming up.
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out a line of telephone pol. police in marysville say a single driver manage to take out a line of telephone poles. it happened this morning along highway 70. police say a suspected drunk driver hit a telephone pole and kept driving and ripped down six more poles. witnesses say the man wove in and out of traffic before crashing. a big rig that crashed and burst into flames shut down a san joaquin county freeway for several hours. it hatched o.j. 99 at the luis -- it happened on 99 at the louise avenue exit in lathrop south of stockton. the chp says a semi hit a civic then careened out of control before slamming into the support columns of an overpass. a medical assistant visiting relatives nearby ran to help the truck driver. >> then the tires kept exploding and every time the tires would explode, i would hide like
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behind the door and i'm like please, i'm keeping the pressure, please don't let it be the gas tank because i'm not leaving him. >> the driver is in the hospital with serious injuries. all lanes of the freeway are open. online travel sites are claiming google is unfairly skewing search results to favor its own flight search service. now, earlier this month google began displaying data from google flight at the very top of the results pages. that has angered competitors such as orbitz, expedia and others who rely on google for with 20% of their web traffic. the mountain view-based company has promised to continue to provide better access to other travel sites. from high finances to the farming, all for a good cause. mike sugerman introduces us it a hayward man known as the gentleman farmer. reporter: hayward, suburban, industrial, wasn't always described by those
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words. early last century it was also prime farmland and now it is again. meet scott terry, urban and urbane gentleman farmer. >> yeah, but that feels normal to me. it's sort of where i came from. >> reporter: how many people do you know have tractors? >> okay, none. [ laughter ] >> one, me. that's it. >> reporter: terry is normally a financial planner, not a planter. but he recently bought land in the cherry land section of hayward and aims to improve the area. he aren't out the two houses on it. he still has a quarter acre farm in the backyard. >> get excited about good dirt. you know? that's weird. [ laughter ] >> i do. >> reporter: here's the dirt on scott. in the winter he grows cauliflower, beats, bok choy, onions, the spring and summer apples, avocados and other fruit. >> i was looking for a place i could afford. >> reporter: he found it in the
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area where a previous owner grew cherries on a 2200 estate before it was subdivided into homes for returning g.i.s of world war ii and all of what grows this is back-to-the-soil movement goes to the davis street family resource center. >> we donate about 1500 pounds of food to the food bank this summer and it was the first summer. that's just getting started. i expect we'll double that next summer. >> reporter: this is part of the back to earth movement of urban farming led nationally by an oakland person and in hayward it's back to the past. it may become more popular. >> there's people who enjoy playing in the dirt. property values have dropped so much that the math makes sense. it works mathematically. it doesn't cast anything to do this. >> reporter: as he gets paid in satisfaction, and the community in free fruits and vegetables. in hayward, mike sugerman, cbs 5. it's the sound of a holiday tradition. [ chipper ] >> starting next week, curbside
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tree collection begins in many bay area cities. in san francisco, christmas trees will be splintered into chips for biofuel and trucked to a facility in tracy. >> biofuel plants actually generate energy, electricity and typically by burning a biofuel to make electricity. >> this san francisco's 25th year chipping trees. each season produced more and more chips. around 500 tons on average. while, the holidays may be winding down for most of us the fun isn't over for bay area bird watchers. today was the kickoff for san francisco's annual avian extravaganza. don ford reports. >> reporter: the golden gate audubon society's 29th annual christmas bird count starts today. there are a lot of birds in the bay area and thank goodness i don't have to count them. but i've met someone who does.
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>> there it is. >> reporter: dan murphy is leading a group of dedicated bird watchers on pine lake and stern grove. they are identifying and counting every bird they see. think of it as a census for birds. >> by putting data together from a number of counts, we find out trends and populations. >> did you see it? >> reporter: it's a lot harder than you think. even the experts need help once in a while. the slightest sound or movement commands their attention. and every bird is carefully logged. >> put down one robin. >> reporter: after a while i too started to recognize what was flying around. this is a mallard. this is a red-tailed hawk. and this is united airlines. is this social or scientific? >> in my group it's both. [ laughter ] >> reporter: an avian researcher, this is her first christmas count. >> the young birds were my childhood friend in the woods in michigan and i never knew their names and as an adult and
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as a researcher i wanted to understand birds. >> reporter: sometimes dogs can be a problem but the audubon group takes the disturbance in stride. and dan has a secret weapon to get the birds to come out. , an ipod with bird calls it works and makes the count easier. of all the birds that i have seen today, my personal favorite still is the chicken. [ cluck cluck ] >> reporter: in san francisco, don ford, cbs 5. our retirement paycheck? [ laughter ] >> doesn't mean a lot to me right now. >> that's a dangerous way to think. the formula to have a more comfortable life after work. why a store worker suddenly punched a man he had never met before.
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the dow dropped almost 3- d 6 and a ha stocks barely moved in very light trading today. the dow dropped almost 3 points. the nasdaq gained 6.5. s&p up just a tenth of a point. most of us are probably afraid to even open our 401(k) statements at the end of the year provided we even have a retirement plan. tonight, a closer look at why financial planners say we all need to be thinking more these days about what they call our retirement paycheck. >> ah, retirement paycheck. [ laughter ] >> doesn't mean a lot to me right now. >> reporter: most of us probably worry more about paying off our credit cards after they fuel our holiday fun than saving for retirement. >> i still got 20 years. i don't know. just not having enough money to take care of myself. you know? but i think that's everyone's problem these days. >> reporter: he is not alone. in general, americans carry only about $50,000 in a retirement account. we put off saving for that rainy day, the one that many
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experts say because of these bad economic times is here right now. >> well, i think it's more human nature. we in we should do it and we're going to get around to that maybe next year. we know we should do it. >> reporter: this financial analyst says it's important by abide by the tried and true philosophy of paying ourselves first even in this dismal economy. every month we need to save something even if it's as little as $10. he says the old rule of planning to spend 80% of your current yearly income in retirement, forget it. find a way to live on less in retirement and what you do save will go further. >> your 80%. that's really dangerous to do it that way. you really need to sit down and decide how much am i really going to need in retirement? factor in things like taxes. >> reporter: it's taxes and other expenses that can hide out in a retirement budget. so giving yourself a retirement paycheck can be a good plan. decide how much you think you're going to need a year. multiply that amount by 25. plan on drawing it down by 4% a
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year and that amount will be your paycheck. >> you say it's essentially to live within your means and saying whatever that is, that is what you have to adjust to and you who especially it work out the way you planned it. >> you don't want to outlive your money. there is a private nonprofit that runs a website called, gets you started with retirement plan. send me an email if you have an idea. a broadway love story that started in san francisco more than 70 years ago ended. carol channing's husband carry kullijian has died. a family spokesman said he suffered an an europery . at aneurysm. kullijian first dated her for a few years while they attended aptos middle school in san francisco. they both married other people
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but reunited in 2003 after channing left her third husband. kullijian would have been 92 tomorrow. hard times for sears and kmart. they will be closing more than 100 stores nationwide. i'm linda yee. i'll have that story coming up. how a christmas day crime robbed a woman of a priceless gift. you got a parking ticket? why you might not have to pay that fine.
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is closing 100 sears and k-t stores. linda ye american retaili sears is suffering. so much so that it's closing 100 sears an kmart stores. linda yee on why a pillar of american retail is crumbling. >> reporter: because their customers are the middle income population, those are the people who have to be careful about spending. that means sears and kmart are taking a big hit. reporter: sears was where america shopped. >> not anymore. [ laughter ] >> america shops online. >> reporter: an industry analyst suspects sears middle income customers don't have the money to spend as much. the corporation revealed it's
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had a dismal year. they will close 120 stores including some of its kmart stores. it needs to reduce costs by $200 million. this comes as a shock to faithful customershave relied on the sears brand for generations. >> we do all our major appliances, big-screen tv, washer, dryer, refrigerator, everything, because they have good promotions where you can get things interest-free, which nobody does anymore. >> reporter: sears says it was the huge drop in appliance and electronic sales that caused most of its problems. >> it's kind of sad. but times are hard all over. >> reporter: kmart blames declining sales on fewer layaways and a drop in clothing and electronics sales. it's not clear which bay area stores will be closed, nor how many employees will lose their jobs. some customers have their own guess as to why sears is struggling. >> probably lacking is the customer service is a little slow.
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>> reporter: retail analysts say sears also isn't keeping up with the competition. stores are shabby and not up to date. some customers agree. >> i think kmart's okay but it looks like it's a bit rundown. sometimes you go in the stores and a lot of times there's not a lot of variety. >> reporter: and customers are finding more reasons to shop at competitors like target. >> and every time you use their target card, you get 5% off. >> it has everything and it has groceries. so i can do everything in one stop. >> reporter: sears an kmart stores are usually considered the anchor stores in malls like this one here at tanforan in san bruno. so if they close down, it's going to affect all of the smaller stores that are supported in this mall. elizabeth? >> sure. >> reporter: bad news. >> absolutely. too bad. linda yee, thank you. lucky is trying to assure its customers that a security breach has been solved. lucky took out full-page ads in several big newspapers yesterday. thieves hooked up devices called skimmers on checkout
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stands and they stole customer information. lucky says nearly 1,000 customers have reported losses or attempts to take money out of their accounts. it says that although the problem is fixed, customers should keep a close eye on their bank statements. meantime, the south bay bluestar moms a group that sends c.a.r.e. packages to troops overseas and had money stolen out of its account received about $11,000 in donations. the countdown is on for the 123rd tournament of roses parade. volunteers are working around the clock get all the floats ready by next week. theme this year is just imagine. meanwhile, "occupy l.a." members are planning to make their presence felt at the parade. they even say they will have a float of their own. but parade official may not let that float in. >> the tournament of roses exclusively issues the parade and they have not been issued a parade by the tournament.
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>> demonstrators want to protest the corporate money involved in the parade. a trio of republican presidential hopeful launched bus tours today in iowa with just a week before that state's caucuses are held. terrell brown breaks down the candidates' last-minute plans as the gop searches for a front- runner. reporter: mitt romney began his day in new hampshire before heading to davenport, iowa, for a final week of campaigning for the state's first caucuses in the nation. the latest polls show the former massachusetts governor is locked into three-way race with ron paul and newt gingrich. but many iowa voters say they are still undecided and that's giving hope to bachmann who was born in iowa and rick santorum who has visited the state more than any other candidate. >> i almost consider myself a resident here. >> reporter: the former pennsylvania senator was hunting monday and hit the campaign trail. he visited all 99 iowa counties and is looking for a surge. bachmann will travel to ten counties today on her bus tour.
6:33 pm
gingrich three stops in dubuque. texas governor rick perry is also on a campaign bus tour through iowa at a running a new ad that takes aim at washington lawmakers his rivals bachmann and paul. >> if washington is the problem, why trust a congressman to fix it? >> if we replace a democratic incider with a republican insider, all you think -- you think we're really going to change washington, d.c.? >> reporter: many analysts believe ron paul has the best shot at winning. the texas congressman has a loyal base of supporters in the state. some who have not stopped working since paul's bid for the presidency in 2008. but in a race that has cycled through several front-runners, iowa is still anyone's to win. terrell brown, cbs news, washington. the burglars took practically everything. the christmas day crime and the one thing the victim really wants back. how a store worker turned the tables on a man who tried to rob him. p
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maria medina on the christms
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's left a in this season of giving, it's about as selfish as you can get. maria medina on the christmas day burglary that left a widowed grandmother heartbroken. >> out of all the items stolen in her home, there is only one belonging she is asking for. her late husband's wedding ring. >> they were just the sweetest people would you meet. >> reporter: the happiest day of her life, marrying her one and only love frank. >> there is a card for their 50th anniversary and my grandfather, all my love for 50 years and always. >> reporter: after more than half century. marriage frank died. his wedding ring tucked safely in their home. >> it's gone. >> reporter: until christmas day. crooks broke into the home going through everything. >> this closet was open. >> reporter: stealing anything they could. >> they took her silver from here. >> reporter: a computer, a tv, even family pictures. then coming back to stuff her
6:37 pm
grandmother's van with stolen goods. >> they had the van loaded. >> reporter: even casually eating ice cream as they tried to hot wire the van. then the thieves showed just how heartless they are. >> this is my dad and my brother's ashes. my brother wes lost him in car accident in 2002 and my dad died in may. >> reporter: the burglar sifted through urns to see if lois stored anything valuable in them. they went through her grandson's rotc box put together after he died at 17. >> in the last 10 years my grandma lost my brother, my grandpa, my dad, her mom. >> reporter: when she didn't think her grandmother could lose any more. >> we searched every inch of this house. >> reporter: she had to tell her, her husband's gold wedding ring was lost forever. >> at least show could have one piece of him back. >> reporter: unfortunately, this is the only picture we have of the ring. her granddaughter says she will be visiting pawn shops today
6:38 pm
telling everyone she can to look out for it. in sacramento, maria medina for cbs 5. an employee took on an armed suspect with his bare hands and came out victorious. last friday night a man dressed in a hooded sweatshirt walked into a north carolina gold buying store and demanded money from an employee. store clerk derek mothershead had a surprise for the would-be thief knocking him unconscious. >> i was scared about the given. when up my mind up, i said, i got to hit him with everything. if he wants money, work like everybody else in the world. >> he then held the suspect and made him clean up his own blood while they waited for the police to arrive. the 25-year-old suspect has been charged with armed robbery. parking in private lots can get expensive. turns out some lot operators police their own lots issuing tickets for alleged violations. they look like the real thing but how legitimate are they 13
6:39 pm
on the consumerwatch, julie watts investigates after one driver got a big surprise. >> it's a convenient lot to where i work. >> reporter: so for years this cbs employee has been using a private parking lot in san francisco. >> there's a $15 fee. you pay at a machine and it spits out a ticket that you then take to your car and put it in the dash. >> reporter: it's a routine she knows well. she does it every day. but last month, she returned to her car to find a $40 parking violation for failing to show proof of payment in her dashboard. ann marie insists it was there. it was simply flipped the wrong way. >> i was in a hurry in the morning and i just threw the ticket in and didn't double- check. >> reporter: when she showed proof of payment the company said she still have to pay what ann marie feels is an unfair $25 fine for an upside-down ticket. >> at that point i was concerned that if i didn't pay the $25 fine, there might be -- it might be reported to the dmv or my car might be booted. >> reporter: so she turned to consumerwatch and we decided to find out just how much damage those private parking lot tickets can do.
6:40 pm
>> they have created a piece of paper that may resemble to many drivers an actual ticket. >> reporter: but this criminal defense attorney says these parking violations aren't enforceable by the city or the state. therefore, they don't get reported to the dmv. >> they want you to believe that this is actually a parking ticket but that's not what this is at all. >> reporter: although she does say repeat offenders could be towed and in some cases sent to collections, ann marie made up her mind. >> i'm not going to pay. i refuse to pay as a matter of principle. >> reporter: we called priority parking that issued the violation and agreeing it was an honest mistake, the company has now decided to waive that $25 fee. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. now, if you need help with a consumer problem, call consumerwatch at 1-888-5-helps- u or go to and send us an email. it's not the biggest bay area store. but it's suddenly bustling with
6:41 pm
customers. why people hope it could make them filthy rich. we are going to need to get lucky to get some rain around the bay area. staying dry outside right now. but that may all change. we'll have more on that coming up. coming up in sports, eight 49ers were named to the pro with alex smith one of them. and what do andrew luck's stanford teammates constantly tease him about? find out in just a few minutes.
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tonight's mega millions jact is over 200 million dollars. lotto fever is spreading across the bay area and allen, you're looking flushed. >> we got it. but the my ticket. tonight's mega millions jackpot over $200 million. patrick sedillo talked to people hoping to strike it rich. >> just because the lotto, man. >> reporter: if you haven't already heard, the mega millions jackpot has surpassed the $200 million mark. lotto fever has people lining up to buy in. >> people would spend $2 are spending $10. the $10 ones are spending $50. >> reporter: the mera loma market in san francisco is extra popular because it sold not one but two winning tickets. >> 60 million one time and 20
6:45 pm
million another time. >> put the ticket in. just like it's supposed to. the little flag comes up and said winner. >> getting some quick picks for my coworkers and i. and there's about 12 of us. >> reporter: how does the jackpot divide by 12? >> 12 goes into 100 million a lot. >> reporter: so we asked, what would you do if you won? >> bahamas. maybe cancun. >> reporter: could you spend $206 million? >> try me, dog. trust me, if i can't, the wife sure could. >> pay off all my bills. >> donate to the church. >> help my family. >> reporter: helen is turning 98 tomorrow. she made time to get her ticket playing the same number she played for a long time. >> the quick picks before you were born. >> reporter: the last question what would you say to your boss? >> won't get two weeks' notice. i'm sorry, but i --it would be that day. >> reporter: california lottery officials say if you do win, sign the back of your ticket immediately and find a safe place to keep it.
6:46 pm
reporting from san francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. >> what would you do if you won. >> i would have my own island. >> would you let us all live there? >> absolutely. you're invited. around the bay area, a lot of sunshine. if we can't have the rain, we might as well have days like this. chopper 5 up checking out golden gate. beautiful around the bay area today, just a couple of high clouds cruising in overhead. we are going to see a few more clouds as we make our way into the evening hours. we have a cold front bearing down on california falling apart in the bay area. flat ridge breaking that system up. that means most of that energy is going to be moving north. tomorrow a few clouds continuing to move through your skies probably on the increase in the afternoon hours. temperatures not bad. it looks like tonight a quiet
6:47 pm
night outside again. air again stagnant. but it looks like no "spare the air" for tonight. temperatures dropping off now. 49 degrees in concord. 49 in santa rosa. 52 degrees in san jose. 50 degrees in san francisco. if you plan to travel around the state the further north the better chance to run into a couple of raindrops into eureka. expecting showers there. redding at 60. high country not much chance. a slight chance of snow flurries across some of the higher peaks. they can use snow and not much coming our way. looks like high pressure in control. this is a weak ridge but strong enough to bounce these storm systems enough to the north that we're all we're left with are a few clouds in the skies. another near miss from the storm system. wednesday not much green. it's staying to the north. then maybe more fog returning to the bay area as we look toward thursday. overnight lows tonight, not
6:48 pm
quite as cold as they were last night still chilly in spots mid- 30s into santa rosa about 39 in san rafael about 46 degrees in san francisco and 39 in san jose. around the bay highs tomorrow a few clouds and temperatures in the 50s and low 60s in the south bay. east bay numbers very similar, 50s and low 60s into livermore. about 59 degrees in pittsburg and about 59 degrees in the napa valley. you get inside the bay, you'll find 50s and a couple of low 60s as well so yeah, looks like this one going to be a near miss. showers north of the golden gate bridge on friday. and then a return to dry weather onus yeary and new year's day -- on new year's eve and new year's day. after that a chance of showers the following week. that's the a look at weather. let's send it back to news. >> we have one question. will it rain on kornopolis island? >> it has to i'd have to have something to talk about. >> rain, snow, sleet. >> thank you.
6:49 pm
coming up tonight, water was tinged with clorox and a landlord who didn't want to fess up. tonight at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs 5, the punishment for a bay area landlord busted for treating well water the cheap way.
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earlier this month, the fory niners clinched the n-f-c wt kim decided if she could buy an island there would be no rain but there would be lots of sports. >> there would be lots of football. it would be football would be year round for me. >> oh, okay. >> yes and everybody would be a pro bowler. unfortunately the 49ers had to say good-bye to one of their pro bowlers today. earlier this month the 49ers clinched the nfc west for the first time since 2002 but the moment was bittersweet for braylon edwards who was sidelined with a knee injury. >> trying to watch it anymore, clinching going on -- i was a little 50/50 to watch. >> working through some things. >> reporter: edwards won't be around for future celebrations. the 49ers released him today. edwards missed seven games and was never a big part of the offense when he was on the field totaling just 15 catches and zero touchdowns. it turns out the rest of the league didn't agree with jim harbaugh's opinion that alex smith is a pro bowl
6:53 pm
quarterback. aaron rodgers, drew brees an eli manning were selected as the three quarterbacks for the nfc. but the 49ers did have a league high 8 players picked for the pro bowl. >> wow. >> it's five straight years for patrick willis while carlos roj earnings and others will be going for the first time. on the raiders side, the franchise's all-time leader score very sebastian janikowski has finally made his first pro bowl. can you believe that it's taken this long snell be joined in honolulu by two other players each named to the team for their 7th time in their careers. saints quarterback drew brees threw four more touchdowns last night but the fourth one will be the only one people will remember. he broke dan marino's 27-year- old record for passing yards in a single season and still has one game left to add to his total. >> i can't tell you how much i love you guys and i wouldn't
6:54 pm
want to be on this journey with anybody else. you make me so proud. it's going to be about us as we continue to win and continue this journey. because it's all about the prize at the end. so i'm just happy to be on it with you, man, love you. >> play-offs? don't talk about play-offs! >> despite the saints win the 49ers still have the inside track on securing the number two seed in the nfc. they can earn a first round bye with a win over the rams or a saints loss to the panthers. as for a race with no play- off implications, either the colts or rams will get the number one pick in the 2012 draft and the chance to take andrew luck. i recently sat down with luck as he prepares for his final game in a stanford uniform. when you think of everything that you have accomplished here in the four years you have done so much, what are you most proud of? >> most proud of, you know, i think to be honest, you know, the 23-2 record and hopefully a fiesta bowl win, as well.
6:55 pm
but to win and with the guys, the relationships i have made at this university, it's been a lot of fun. >> looking ahead, i know we're not allowed to look too far ahead but everybody has you picked -- talk to anybody in the nfl -- as the number one overall pick. i talked to jon gruden the other day and i mentioned your name and he got those chucky eyes. he just lit up. >> i get all excited when i talk about andrew luck. he is a can't miss sure fire i think pro bowl quarterback at the next level. >> when you hear people say stuff like that, what runs through your mind? >> obviously it's nice when someone aspected as coach gruden has a nice opinion but. you know, that being said, you know, i realize, too, that it's -- people's jobs to make opinions good or bad so i'm not going to put stock -- obviously i'm going to listen to my parents, coaches and teammates. it's not that i don't respect people making opinions but i don't want to get caught up in a good or bad opinion and get freed or too happy yadda yadda yadda so i try not to listen too much about what's said
6:56 pm
about me. >> you said your teammates, though, however keep you grounded? >> absolutely. >> what are some of the things they can tease you about? >> oh, everything. facial hair being one of them. [ laughter ] >> well, you know, it's a great group of guys. everybody gets along real well. so of course razzing and you know, all the fun stuff will occur. >> what is wrong with your facial hair? >> i don't know. i guess it's a neck beard they say. so... [ laughter ] >> i'll take it. >> the warriors beat the bulls last night for their first win. season. steph curry filled up the stat sheet 6 steals. midway through the fourth he sprained his right ankle again. he missed practice today. and he had an mri but hasn't been ruled out for tomorrow's game against the knicks. the x-rays that he had last night were negative so that's good news. they say they have four days off until they play the sixers so he could -- don't be surprised if he sits out tomorrow. >> one of your earlier stories, lawrence has been trying to report a crime for years. >> has. >> he janikowski being out of
6:57 pm
the pro bowl. i mean, the guy has been a tremendous kicker. this year he tied -- >> the nfl record. yeah. and he is kicking like 70- yarders in practice and imagine if he kicked in denver though his entire career. >> oh, my. >> can you imagine what that would be like? how does it take 11 years for that guy to make the pro bowl? >> glad to see he is there, though. >> there should be more raiders there. >> all right. >> one at a time. >> thank you. >> mcfadden had he stayed healthy definitely would have seen him there. >> that's true. >> so... absolutely. >> thank you. that's it for us at 6:00. "eye on the bay" next. >> and throughout the evening the latest is always on our next newscast at 10:00 on the cw, channel 44 cable 12 and we'll be back tonight at 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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