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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 29, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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craig: did you bring her from los angeles? >> i'm visiting and she's here. craig: where are you from? >> north carolina. raleigh. craig: near charlotte. >> yes. claire and i are friends. craig: you're friends with claire danes? what the hell? does everybody in show business know each other? >> of course. craig: oh, i feel like i'm being used like you put your daughter in lesbian row so she could get in show business. [laughter] well, your plan back fired because she was on this show instead. [laughter] are you ok with her being in show business? >> yes. craig: are you in show business yourself? >> no. craig: what business are you in? >> i'm a homemaker. craig: that is a great business to be in. one that you might want to consider. [laughter] although choose your partner wisely. someone who perhaps is a little more job security than your bony friend right now. are you all right with the type of men that she dates?
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are you ok with that? >> sometimes. craig: are you out here to check up on anyone? >> not at the moment. not that i don't know of anyone. craig: i hear you. i hear you. athena, i've got kids. i know what you're saying. [laughter] anyway. i think all's well that ends well. i wish you good luck. look. here is $50. [applause] good night, everybody. captioned by the natio [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. >> force from their homes by a fast moving fire, witnesses describe the flames that moved through the berkeley hills tonight. >> it's happening right here in our nature loving bay area. pesticide use is up. why farmers say they don't have a choice. >> you hurt us, we will hurt you. iran's threat aimed at the gas pump and what our military is doing in return. >> and a hit and run may be easy for police to solve. the trail the driver -- that led police to his picture. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. firefighters still in the berkeley hills where a stubborn fire has burned two homes.
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it started about 8:30 on miller avenue near grizzly peak. more than a dozen homes have been evacuated. >> reporter: that's right. behind me is the intersection of keeler and miller. as you can see. this is still quite an active fire scene. a three alarm fire investigation as a matter of fact. eight engines, 36 firefighters here on scene from oakland, berkeley and alameda. i want to pay attention to the fire truck here on the corner. it's -- what happened was dangerous, an overhead dangerous line came down on the truck just ahead of the truck here on the corner. one that you see with the headlights facing us. all of the firefighter has to be evacuate from that truck. they had to bring in emergency truck with more water to start fighting the fire. fire crews are saying has been
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a fire of substantial damage to two homes. . the cause the fire is still under investigation at this hour but again, substantial damage to both of those homes, witnesses say it was a frightening scene. >> notice the big whoosh and the light of the flame. i thought i left the light on in the kitchen and i ran to -- to the fence line and -- went into the kitchen and saw it was on and looked out the window and saw what looked like a burning branch, called the fire department. >> there were evacuations, the police department assist in evacuating the buildings on this block, on miller as well as on grizzly peak. >> reporter: how many? >> the number they got was 15 homes that were evacuated in and around the structures. >> reporter: fortunate news despite the evacuations, there
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were no injuries. however, we are told that two berkeley firefighters were treated on scene for heat exhaustion. a number of firefighters still surround the property. that's the one you see live right now. they are actually we are told an active fire suppresant, they are checking for hot spots. the home next door still has firefighters in it as well, active fire scene. once again two homes here in the berkeley hills have sustained substantial damage due to a fire. 36 firefighters on scene. two of them have been treated on scene for heat exhaustion. the fortunate news out of all that you see here, no nobody has seriously hurt. al. >> did pg&e cut off power, is power out? >> reporter: pg&e was on scene and said that was part of the problem in getting new trucks here that they had to ensure
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that there was no power flowing with all the water on the ground that was quickly electric identified saying we know that the fire is out to the lower end of miller avenue but those behind us still have power at this hour. >> in the berkeley hills, great job. > the reoccupy oakland movement has been shut down by police. it's not clear if the protesters moved into an empty lot but the owner wanted them out. they argued the land has no legal owner. officers told them to clear out. 14 of them were sited released, one was arrested. >> california crops have been pumped with more pesticides lately than in years. 6million pounds more. why pesticides are up and what shoppers doing about it. >> reporter: produce costs a bit more but customers willing to pay because the food is called pesticide and herbicid
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free. >> they are always calling me and asking where did it come from or -- they want to know where it came from. >> reporter: they come from environmently conscious producers like her friend. >> carrot and fennell and wild mushroom, based in chicken stock. >> reporter: he said he has been selling crops to people for years. it's all about keeping natural. >> i don't put anything between me, as little as possible between they and nature. >> reporter: they are among the growing but still minority of american who try to make sure the foods they grow are pesticide free. they are shocked that last year california farmers put 173 million pounds of pesticides onto fields. a 10% increase after years of declines. they say pesticides help farmers generate more crops
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prosecutor acre and make possible high quality affordable foods, and they are regulated and safe. >> i think we are experiencing the longest -- ever on the face of the earth. i'm not that concerned. >> reporter: another shopper is concerned. >> i carry around the dirty ten list when i shop and i try to avoid as much as possible. >> reporter: do you buy organic? >> yes. >> reporter: he says his old seed stock grain. >> it's eyeletsl crude. it's roughly ground by hand. it's difficult but i now have ten tons oft. >> reporter: eating well takes work, especially if you want to avoid the chemicals. in sonoma. cbs5. >> a hit and run driver who hit a teen on a sidewalk left a trail of evidence that could lead police right to him. investigators say the late model maroon toyota sideswiped
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a 16-year-old as he walked to his grandmother's house. he is in the hospital but wasn't seriously hurt. the suv left a trail of fluid that led to the target store. cameras captured the driver entering the storm police are now trying to figure who he is. fremont police are searching for two drivers involved in a deadly hit and run. happened off arden wood boulevard in fremont monday night. a man had just finished pushing his friend in a wheelchair across the street when he was hit by two cars. police say both drivers kept going. he died at the scene. >> got me over to the corner and i stayed on the corner and then he walked across the street and that's when he got run over. >> his friends say lately he was often hanging at that corner. they hope someone can come forward with information. >> fines for speeding on a
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stretch of bay area road will double starting on sunday. vasco road is called blood alley by some of the number of deadly crashes. one and a half times higher than in the state -- than the state average. the new fine is designed to get people to slow down. we asked driver itself they think it'll work. >> i tend to doubt it. i think they just drive the way they want to. >> people taken their chances. >> no anything that will make it safer. >> the county has made improvements to the road and the number of crashes is do. the double fine zone traffic signs have been put in. >> drunk drivers not the only reason chp and police are out in force during the holidays. this year they are looking for drivers doing something else that's just as bad a federal agency is now calling for a
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nationwide ban. >> >> people think cell phones don't kill, they do. >> reporter: the main focus of the officers during the holidays did notes to be dui's. these days they aren creasingly looking for others who appear to be drunk. >> we pull people over for weaving and suspect them for dui and then find they are on the cell phone. >> you aren't admitting guilt. >> driving on the cell phone is just as bad as alcohol. >> reporter: it's a growing problem according to stats the california office of traffic safety a. of all the deaths in 2010 distanted driving accounts for 10%. it was thought to be less than 5% a decade ago when stuffing your face was more likely the distraction. it's a major problem nationwide this wreck last year that killed two and injured 38 has
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been blamed on driving while texting. officials cited this accident as a reason for a ban on cell phone use. there are still 15 state that only limit the use or don't ban it at all. >> we have a saying the chp, drive to arrive. if you have to wait to answer that text message, until you get to where you are going so be it. you can be cited for using both your buds at the same time. >> you need to pull over and wait. that message, that phone call can wait a wait. >> the police will be out in full force looking for dui's and also folking driving using their cell phones. >> in the season of peace on earth and goodwill toward men a holy brawl. what had dozens of religious leaders throwing punches. >> the fact is snitches get
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results. what's in the air that has neighbors turning against each other. >> and invite can only get you so far. why bay area students invited to sing at olympics may not get ,
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police stormed the basilica of . even men of god can't keep their cool. police storm the nativity in bethlehem to break up a fight between greek and armenian clerics. this is the spot where jesus was believed to have been born. the dispute started during
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preparation of christmas. officers say a clergyman accidentally pushed his broom into space controlled by the other group. brooms, fists and insults flew in every direction. at least 100 priests and monks were involved. >> the funeral for the north korean leader drew hundreds of thousands. people fell to their knees crying, the 69-year-old died early their month of a heart attack. the three hour procession just part of what's going to be a two day statewide funeral. his youngest son, will succeed him. >> the united states has a warning for iran, don't think of blocking the world's most strategic oil channel. they have been doing war exercises near the strait. they are threatening to close the waterway if the west
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imposes new sanctions on their oil exports because of its suspected nuclear program. 70% of their income is through oil. >> it doesn't help them to shut the strait because those barrels -- travel through there. >> the threat would cut off a 5th of the world's oil supply. the navy said it's ready to counter any attempt to block the freedom of navigation. oil closed today at $99 a barrel. >> air quality here is the unhealthiest its been since the 2008 wildfire. mostly because of people ignoring the spare the air day. mike shows us all that smoke they are putting out has our neighbors fired up. >> reporter: lisa isn't doing well. >> sorry. >> reporter: she has asthma and the air has been bad.
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there have been ten spare the air days so far this year and that's a lot. it's killing people like her. figuratively and maybe eventually lit era lly. a lot of people had fires on christmas which was a spare the air day though they weren't suppose to and the air was horrible. here is what it was like christ mass eve and on the day it balance all unhealthy for sensitive groups. lisa knows because she works for the air quality management district enforcing spare the air. they take reports neighbors. that's not always popular. take this, hey, i run my fireplace 24-7 when i cold. anyone turn me? i found out i burn his blanking house down. this put more smoke in the air than my fireplace. 2200 have turned in their neighbors so far. first time it's a warning. >> second time a 400-dollar ticket. >> reporter: in other stories she said i sounded snarky about
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snitches. maybe i have. she came out with a crew to show me how bad it can be. the specialist eric stevenson. >> the fire inside my house,. >> right now the level is -- very high. >> reporter: >> reporter: on its way to double the level. how about my barbecue and the smoker i use on weekends? extended exposure which i may have sometimes, eight times the federal standards. >> reactions in the body, harms your lungs, things like that. >> reporter: outside where my neighbors are exposed, it was just exceeding 35micrograms which is the standard. on a spare the air day it would have been much worse. by the way even on a spare the air day barbecue is okay. anything that to do with food
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is legal. >> a bay area children's choir has been invited to make the world their stage. they have been asked to sing at london olympics. the children are busy practicing for their performance on opening day. the group represents 35 different cultures here in the bay area. they sing in 20 different languages and preform for presidents. the trip is not a done dealt. will cost $4,300 a child to get to the games. about a hundred kids are trying to raise the money by march. >> a woman visiting the la zoo said she wanted to pet the elephants and was determined to do it. she scaled a few fences, walked through bushes and did get there to the exhibit as you see. once she got there she petted the elephants. later she said she has a mental illness, forgot to take her medicine. the do is calling isolated, has no plans to increase security.
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>> on the weather center, clouds move across the skies. no rain just yet but the air quality getting better. we will talk about that and let you know ,,,,
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. obviously none of us won the big mego lotto. even if you ran you couldn't buy rain. . >> count buy a drop. tried to get it tonight. we have another cold front moving on by. lot of clouds outside. the good news is it's keeping the temperatures up. no rain, and another good thing. we are seeing a little mixing from the cold front. i think the air quality going to improve into tomorrow afternoon. its been holding in the method raid category over the last couple days. tomorrow will be good in the bay and the south bay, even the east bay. in the moderate areas. still i think as we head toward tomorrow afternoon we will see sun and temperatures in to the 50s and 60s. otherwise it's going to stay
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dry tonight. temperatures running not as cold. 48 degrees in concord, 54 oakland, 54 in san francisco. so, you know we keep getting the storms trying to make their way through. high pressure persistent sitting to the south and by the time they get here we are just left with the clouds, rain staying to the north and temperatures not as cold tonight there. is hope now, the next system will make its way in to the bay area on friday. at least a chance of showers, computer models, not much in the way of restaurant middle of the day on friday this is as good as it get its. scattered showers a possibility into the afternoon. mainly north of the golden gate bridge. then it's gone again. tell you what the temperature also be in the 50s and 60s tomorrow. not a bad day. little cool toward the coastline. next couple days, maybe showers on friday, at least a chance mainly to the north on saturday and sunday looking toward the new year. we dry it out. looks like partly cloudy come next monday, tuesday and
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wednesday of next week. that's a look at weather. >> thank you. the a's send another all-star packing and no staffs, no problem. the warrior try to take down the knicks. ,,,,
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warriors to eat their vegeta 8 . mark jackson is like a parent with picky eaters. he expects his warriors to eat their vegetables and play 48 minutes of defense. , blocking fields, rush getting it done at both ends. final seconds he drains the three. game tied at 64, 19 points
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officer the bench for rush. that sparks ellis drive, dishes to wright for the jam. warriors up seven playing tonight without -- without an injured seth currie. later the give and go request lee, monte finishing, he scored 12 of his game high '22 in the 4th. the knicks down the seven, golden state goes on a 28-6 run. the warriors improve to 2-1 on the year routeing no, 92-78. sharks in all sorts of trouble early against vancouver. sharks to the rush. very good. later in the period, tied on the power play. who was it? >> number number 20-. >> kid knows his stuff. he also knows how to keep the lane with a goalie to see. redirects, that's the game
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winner sharks loose 3-2. college football, cal quietly won three of it's final four winning a bid to the holiday bowl. waiting for them in san diego the texas longhorns who work ronde their jumping. second quarter watch david ash, the longhorns with the reverse. jackson, shipley, goes in for the touchdown. horns take a 7-3 lead. bears have the answer. get together outside. take itself in from six yards up. cal up 10-7. it's ash finding goodwin for a 47-yard touchdown. texas takes care of the bears 21-10. hot stove. the a's trade away players like gift cards, today they sent bailey to boston along with ryan sweeney. bailey saved 24 games last season in oakland. in return the a's get 24-year- old out fielder josh reddick
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and two minor leaguers. it's time for the wednesday night top five. air force with the extra point to tie it in the military bowl. instead's call a fake. the pitch is wide and the kicker kick itself accidentally out of bounds. air force looses. number four, victor, on the break. the hoosiers loose the first of the year. chris bosh faking the jumper. goes hard to the hoop. throws it down. miami beats the bobcats. james gets no love. dunks on behinder son but the ball comes out, no basket. look again. james dinks on henderson's head. should have counted. number one, the texas defense forced five cal turnovers and sacked manured six times, kenny -- leaping over ee and then making the sack. >> so you can't block the shot
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with your head through the basket? >> no. it should have counted. >> you can't do that. >> it was impressive. >> it was impressive. >> good ]?2ñ#ñeñhz
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