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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  January 7, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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in new hampshire....trying to grab those undeicded voters... a live report fr next. >> presidential hopefuls stumping in new hampshire, trying to grab those undecided voters. a live report from the campaign trail, next. and a bay area lawmaker catches a break on shoplifting charges. what she says is to blame for her actions. mostly clear and a little bit chilly to start you off this morning, but we'll see sunshine by later on this afternoon, and warmer temperatures. how warm? we'll tell you, coming up. it is 7:00 on saturday morning, january 7th. thanks for being with us. a flurry re of activity in new hampshire, ahead of tuesday's republican presidential primary. polls show mitt romney with a lead of more than 20 percentage points but he'll be in the line of fire at two debates this
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weekend. susan mcginnis is live from manchester, new hampshire with more on that campaign. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. this is the count down to the nation's first primary. all of the candidates are here. they will be shaking hands, holding events, taking pot shots at one another, participating in two debates this weekend all in an effort to grab what is still a very large number of undecided voters. >> good to be here this morning. saturday morning. thank you. >> reporter: mitt romney hit the campaign trail early saturday. the latest polls give him a commanding lead in new hampshire with the primary just three days away. but the former massachusetts governor says he doesn't want to leave anything to chance. >> don't get too confident with those poll numbers. i've watched polls come and go. things change very quickly. it's very fluid. i need to make sure you get your friends to go out and vote and you vote as well. >> reporter: romney's closest rivals, ron paul and rick santorum are more than 20
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points behind in some polls. both men hope undecided voters will close the gap. >> there's still a lot of people out there thinking about it. there's a lot of room for change and improvement. >> reporter: romney is not only the favorite in new hampshire but also tops a new poll in the next state of south carolina. a win there could make romney difficult to stop. romney will face his rivals this weekend during two new hampshire debates. the other candidates will likely go after the front runner to try to slow down his momentum. >> reporter: newt gingrich has been taking shots at romney, calling the former governor a massachusetts moderate. gingrich is trying to convince voters that he has the best chance to beat president obama. >> i think romney will have a very hard time defending himself in a debate with obama. >> reporter: rick perry who has struggled in previous debates hopes a good performance can revive his campaign, and jon huntsman needs a good showing in the upcoming primary to stay in the race. so the first of those two debates happens tonight here in
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manchester at st. an sellsel college and the next one is tomorrow morning. again for romney it's all about holding onto the lead. and for others, about shrinking the gap. >> how important are these debate going to be given mitt romney's sizable lead? >> reporter: they could be important. it depends how they handle themselves during the debates. they'll be answering a lot of questions before a live audience and on national television. represent romney came out the most unskatessed unscathed, so he may not lose much of his lead. >> we've seen rick santorum come from behind recently. do you think he is gaining momentum there? >> reporter: well, anything could happen. he may have teeth as far as gaining momentum. remember that since the first caucuses, that santorum gained all of that momentum, romney has actually beaten him, romney
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has made a sidable lead in the poll -- sizable lead in the polls in south carolina. that will be the big one that will show us the way things are going. >> thank you, susan. keep covering it for us. >> reporter: thank you. an east bay lawmaker gave a surprising defense during her sentencing for a shoplifting case involving a high end department store. mary hey she represents the 18 -- hayashi represents the 18th district. yesterday she pleaded no contest to misdemeanor grand theft charges in san francisco superior court. back in october she was caught leaving a downtown nieman marcus store with thousands of dollars in unpaid clothing. at her sentencing hearing her attorney claimed a benign brain tumor was partially to blame for her actions but not everyone agrees with that defense. >> those are some of the symptoms, but in this particular case you're discussing, it's actually a
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tendency not to resist temptation. hayashi has to serve three years probation, pay $180 in fines and court fees and remain at least 50 feet away from the nieman marcus store. more bay area headlines. a 32-year-old man has been arrested, that they say raped three women in the mission district. officers say there may be more victims and they're asking the public to come forward with information. these violent assaults happened between june and december of last year on or near 24th street. more bay area headlines. dry conditions this winter raising concerns about the risk of wildfires. and officials are trying to make sure people are taking preventive measures. today the hayward fire department is holding what it calls a community defensible space training workshop in the ward creek area. this past december was one of the dryest on record here in northern california. police in richmond say violent crime dropped 14% in
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2011. that is the third consecutive year that violent crime has gone down. armed robbery dropped 33%, carjackings, 35% and attempted robberyings, 65%. but assaults with a deadly weapon and firearms assaults were about the same in 2011. passengers seem to be paying a little more for convenient parking at the lark spur ferry terminal. they're considering charging a $65 monthly fee for about 160 parking spaces closest to the docks and near the parking lot exit. it's part of an effort to reduce the agency's $87 million deficit. a teenage girl from texas who was mistakenly deported to columbia is back in the u.s. with her family. 15-year-old jahede loriz had claimed to be a column jan woman with a different name -- column jan woman with a different name after she was arrested for theft in april. despite tensions between
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the two countries this week, tu s. navy rescued more than a dozen iranian fishermen being held by somali pirates. an american search and seizure team responded to the iranians' distress call in the arabian sea. 15 pirates are now in u.s. custody. a two ship convoy is making its way through ice to gnome, alaska. the trip is the first of its kind to deliver fuel from russia. an american ice breaking hip is leading the way -- ship is leading the way followed by that russian tanker. they're expected to arrive in western alaska tomorrow or monday. a pretty nice weekend around here, despite the lack of rain again. >> i know. we're not seeing any rain at all in the seven day forecast. so -- you have a little cold too, don't you? >> i do. it's the winter weather but it feels more like spring. >> yes. especially later on today. wait until tomorrow. let's look at current conditions outside right now. mostly in the 30s and 40s. yeah. we'll warm things up by later on this afternoon. we'll tell you how warm in just
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a few minutes. and tips for parents as kids whip out the smart phones and i pads, common sense media89 us next. i'm allen martin, why downloading illegal copies of tv shows, movies and other copyrighted material may get harder and harder to do. in a closer look.
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needs a transplant. >> a bone marrow drive happens today in san mateo, aim at helping a four-year-old boy who needs a transplant. kyle crawford has a bone marrow disease that makes him fatigued and at risk of infections. he needs a donor with multi etc. nick or asian ancestry to match his bone marrow or stem cells. registration drives happening today in san mateo and next weekend in san francisco. it's 10 after 7:00. and a gorgeous sunrise out there. elizabeth is live with our weather forecast. the rest of the weekend. >> i know. it's actually going to be a pretty nice weekend. unfortunately we won't get rain and we need it. if you like sunshine we'll see plenty this weekend. tomorrow temperatures will
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really soar. sunday will be the warmest day. right now outside, you see the sunrise, a little bit of blue skies. mostly clear out there right now. there may be a little bit of lingering fog in the north bay valleys but the cameras are showing us beautiful pictures. this is the sunrise. so let's look at some of the current temperatures outside right now. mostly in the 30s and 40s. like i said pretty clear skies out there. maybe a little bit of patchy valley fog. 39 in vallejo, 37 in concord. 43 is the current temperature in mountain view. by this afternoon we'll reach temperatures up to the 60s all across the bay area. 66 in some inland valleys, areas like santa rosa could reach 66 by this afternoon. we could see some pretty breezy conditions, though, especially in some of our east bay and north bay hills. watch out for that. a look at our satellite and your radar picture. mostly clear skies and we're looking at that for the remainder through next week.
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high pressure, it is not going anywhere and it's keeping us in this dry holding pattern. if you're doing any traveling around northern california this weekend, you can see mostly sunny skies like tahoe reaching a high of 45. 64 out of eureka, 62 in sacramento, and a little closer to home. our temperatures pretty mild. 60 in vallejo, 60 in san rafael. a warmer spot is 66 in santa rosa and 59 in the pacifica area. the next couple of days, we threw up a lot of sunshines in the five-stay forecast. looks good saturday and sunday, looks to be the warmest day of the weekend so far. monday kind of the same thing, and then tuesday a few clouds could roll in bringing the temperature down by a couple degrees. but overall not too bad through the end of next week. all right. that's the check of your weather. ann, back to you. >> thanks, elizabeth. >> if you thought i tunes and google music put an end to free downloading of copyrighted materials on the internet,
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think again. paying for digital music might be the norm ever since napster was shut down but piracy still thrives. a closer look at the s.o.p.a., the stop online piracy act. >> reporter: it's not hard to find the so-called rogue websites where you can download current movies for free. but just as apple co founder steve jobs didn't believe the majority of people wanted to steal music, many others believe people really don't want to steal other copyrighted material, either. >> they don't want to be a thief. they just want to get things that technology allows them to get, especially the younger generation who's grown up having easy access. >> reporter: julie samuels is an attorney for the electronic frontier foundation, which opposes both the s.o.p.a. bill in the house and similar legislation in the senate called p.i.p.a. >> it's almost like using a sledgehammer when really all we need is a scalpel. >> reporter: the e.f.f.
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believes while both bills, while intends to target over53s websites -- overseas websites that break u.s. law goes way down that. >> sites potentially in the united states, that aren't based abroad, they shut off advertising and access to those sites. >> reporter: the legislation has created a great divide in silicone valley. tech companies such as adobe, del and sony are backing the bills. others such as google, facebook and twitter are opposed and recently after an online bash lack and boycot, reversed its position and publicly stated it no longer supports s.o.p.a. supporters of s.o.p.a. include dozens of entertainment companies, the major t.v. networks including cbs which owns this station. also the national association of manufacturer wise believes online piracy is a threat that goes beyond hollywood movies. >> it's moved from the street corners where you used to see hand bags and d.v.d.'s where more sophisticated groups of the website.
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>> reporter: steve davis has been a high-tech security expert for 25 years, much in the video game sector. >> no one likes piracy. it's more about realizing that it's real and out there. and in many cases, it's because the games aren't available in some markets. >> reporter: he doesn't believe s.o.p.a. would work. comparing it to laws passed to control internet gambling. >> it created a bunch of non- u.s.-based internet gambling businesses. and a bunch of shady payment processors, and a bunch of fraud that has actually turned into now congress's seriously trying to legalize and regulate internet gambling and bring it back to the united states. >> reporter: when asked about what formula would work for distributing copyrighted material, both davis and samuels point to comedian louis c.k. >> who just in the past month produced his own comedy special and sold it for $5 a pop on the internet and he's made tons of money. >> he said if i had done it through a big producer it would have cost you $20 and people would have pirated it like mad. >> reporter: the latest rumor
7:16 am
that's swirling through the blogosphere is a coordinated blackout on the internet to protest s.o.p.a. imagine a day without google, facebook or twitter. if you have a story for us log on to, hit connect and send us an e-mail. 7:16 now, and speaking of technology. we're seeing plenty of people playing with new smart phones and gadgets after the holidays. jim with common sense media on this year's media resolutions for your family. did you get any techy gifts this year? >> did not get any techie gifts. >> you probably have everything. >> in my business you need to have most of them. just watching the segment we were just watching and saying there could be a blackout of google, facebook and twitter for a day. >> is that possible? >> it is possible if they decide to do it. it might not be such a bad idea. let's talk about that in terms of new media. >> it's hard to say. because once these kids get
7:17 am
these new gifts, how do you pry them out of their hands? >> take them away, very simple. try having four kids like i do. you take them away and say that's it. honestly, there's a classic phrase among parents called timeout. that's what you do, ann. >> >> i remember those. >> do you remember that? so you give your kid a timeout. one of the most important things about keeping a balanced media and technology life which is the point of this show today, is that you really do need to do timeouts. and you need to make it clear to your kids and to yourself often times if you think you're a little addicted to your blackberry, crackberry, take time out. it's a very important part of the overall balance we need. i hope the new year's resolution that all our viewers will make today is you want media and technology to assume a proper and balanced place in your life. not to dominate all aspects of your life. we're in the center of silicon valley, the place that gave us
7:18 am
the ipad and all the newest coolest smart phones and created google and facebook and twitter, etc. you know what? that that's only a part of your life. if you are particularly a parent with children you need to remind your kids. >> the whole divide between personal interaction and looking at a screen. of course we have the consumer electronics show vegas coming up next week. >> right. >> new gadgets will be coming out, 3d tv's, and new tablet computers. what do you think? >> i think it's all about balance. at common sense, we rate everything. we're basically the consumer reports guide of immediate i can't. look at any kid with their smart phone or look at kids who want the latest tv, or whatever. the whole key is balance. also as a parent, being involved in your kids' media and technology experience. for example if you have a teenager who's spending two or three hours a day on facebook it's too much time. you need to go on there with them. you need to be on their
7:19 am
facebook page from time to time and checking out what they're doing if they are a teenager or preteen on facebook. >> what other tips do you have? >> the biggest tips, start in center with playing games with your kids, because you know that they're going to be playing games, that is the biggest thing now. we want to be able to understand how those games work and they can be fun. fundamentally, set balance and use rules. there have to be time limits. simple rules are very key for kids of all ages and so, set those rules and stick to them all year long. i think the third is, remind your kids that life doesn't just revolve around a screen. get outside. we just heard a weather forecast of another week of sunshine. >> gorgeous. >> in the bay area. if your kid is in front of the tube or inside on their cell phone or facebook, they're missing this very warm winter, summer, out in the bay area. and so, balance is critical. i think that's the center piece of this year's media resolution
7:20 am
and new year's thoughts and common sense, is don't let media and technology dominate your life. have it assume a problem place, make it -- a proper place, make it positive and be a good guide through your own behavior. >> something we can all empire. thank you, jim for -- all incorporate. thank you, jim. a new g.m. takes over the oakland raiders and the golden state warriors can't stop kobe bryant and the lakers. the losing streak continues next in sports as we go to break, a beautiful shot of the moon over oakland. david fair sent that photo to our own roberta gonzalez. share your photos was at and on our facebook page.
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heavy, and the netting is nice and tight all the way around. grape tomatoes. i love to cook with them. they make a great sauce. even great on pizza. just great tomatoes all the way around. when you buy them make sure they're nice and red. very important. 99 cents a tray is also a great deal. a few examples of this week's best buys, east fresh, stay healthy and save some money. i'm tony tantillo your fresh grosser. the early show is getting a make-over in two days. the new name will be cbs this morning. going to have to get used to that new name. we spoke to the anchors charlie rose, gayle king and erica hill about monday's big debut. >> not only a great challenge but also an opportunity to do things in a unique way, because of the coming together of all of us. none of us have done this program as we are going to be doing it, because none of vice come together at this moment, in what is going to be one exciting year.
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>> well, the new show debuts on monday morning, 7:00 right here on cbs 5. going to be exciting. the raiders are set to introduce nare that you general manager in -- introduce their new general manager in three days and we already know who it is. elsewhere, the warriors try to get a rare win against the lakers down in l.a. kim coyle with more on sports. good morning, everyone. the warriors have not beat the lakers in los angeles since 2008, and the way kobe played in the second half, that streak may continue for a few more years. andres joining steph curry in street clothes, both out with sprained ankles. nate robinson made his warriors day beauty. he had 9 points off the bench. kobe bryant took over in the 3rd quarter. the mamba torched the warriors with 17 of 39 points. the lakers win 97-90.
7:26 am
the warriors have now lost four straight. the raiders have made it official. reggie mckenzie is their new general manager. the former packers director of football operations will be introduced at a press conference on tuesday. 32 ball games down, three to go over arkansas beat kansas state -- after arkansas beat kansas state 29-16 in the cotton bowl. can't throw a deep ball any better than that strike. the alabama wins 11 games for the first time in school history. that's a look at sports. we'll see you tonight at 5:30. 7:26. in the next half hour, a gourmet business blooming from old tea leaves. plus, a new push to relax california's rules on marijuana. we'll be right back.
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pictures. presidential hopefuls stumping in new hampshire this weekend....trying to voters... >> shaking hands and taking pictures. presidential hopefuls stumping in new hampshire this weekend. trying to grab those undecided voters. plus, california voters may decide on the new proposal to relax the state rules on pot. and a bay area lawmaker cash cans a break on -- catching a break on shoplifting charges. what she says is to blame for her actions. welcome back. it's 7:30, january 7th.
7:30 am
beautiful sunrise out there about a half hour ago. i'm ann macovic. >> it's a beautiful sun set. this is a live look. >> sunrise >> sunrise. what did i say? >> sunset. >> what time of day is it? all right. the sunrise over mount vaca this morning. yeah, beautiful picture this morning. mostly clear skies, and temperatures are mostly in the 30s and 40s out there right now. we are going to see some pretty mild temperatures by later on this afternoon. it's also pretty breezy out there especially in the east bay hills so we'll have much more weather in a few minutes. meantime back to you. thank you, elizabeth. republican mitt romney appears to be in a commanding position ahead of tuesday's g.o.p. primary in new hampshire. polls show him leading by at least 20 points. he will surely be a target in two debates this weekend happening in a span of less than 12 hours. it's going to be exhausting. ron paul and rick santorum are hoping undecided voters will help them draw close canner.
7:31 am
>> there's still is a lot of people out there thinking about it. there's a lot of room for change and improvement. >> newt gingrich is saying that romney is too moderate, and will not be a strong candidate against president obama. rick perry is hoping to revive his campaign in these debates. the forums have not really been his strong suit so far. a new push to relax the rules on medical marijuana in california. the state says it would save hundreds of millions of dollars. it would essentially make marijuana legal for anyone over age 21. derek shore has more on the initiative that could end up on the november ballot. >> i don't do it, so i oppose it. >> i don't necessarily have a problem with it. >> reporter: opinions for both sides tonight, on a push to make marijuana, well, a lot like alcohol. >> someone of age, somebody more responsible, so 21 would be a good age. >> reporter: it's called the california hemp and health initiative, and it would force cops to change the way they see
7:32 am
the drug. >> the plant is de criminalized. there would be nothing for there to be a charge for. >> reporter: jose lara is with the group behind the initiative. he says the plan is simple. any amount of cannabis would be legal for anyone 21 and older. at the same time, since pot wouldn't be a crime, non- violent offenders would be released from prison and walk free. >> our job is not done until our people are let free. and undo this unjustice that has been done to us. >> reporter: it's a move that state analysts say would save hundreds of millions of dollars a year. with california's prisons and jails filled to capacity. >> i don't think it would be a good thing. >> it's not right. to legalize it, to make it so easy. >> reporter: others willing to listen. >> what you do is your own business as long as you're not hurting other people. >> they figure out a way to regulate it like alcohol, then maybe that would be the best thing to do. >> reporter: the initiative now many need of more than -- in need of more than half a million signatures before voters can decide just how they
7:33 am
see marijuana. >> it all comes down to choice is one of the big principles i believe. >> that was derek shore reporting. organizers need to get those half a million signatures by june. an east bay lawmaker gave a surprising defense during her sentencing for a shoplifting case involving a high end department store. mary hayashi represents the 18th assembly district in hayward. castro valley and part of the tri valley area. yesterday the assembly woman pleaded no contest to misdemeanor grand theft charges in san francisco superior court. back on october 28th, hayashi was caught leaving a downtown nieman marcus store with thousands of dollars in unpaid clothing. at her sentencing hearing, hayashi's attorney claimed that a benign brain tumor was partially to blame for her actions. not everyone agrees with that defense. >> those are some of the symptoms, but in this particular case that you're discussing, it's actually a tendency not to resist
7:34 am
temptation. it's a cleptomania behavior. >> hayashi will have to serve three years probation, pay $180 in fines and court fees, and stay at least 50 feet away from the san francisco nieman marcus store. one of the country's mortgage giants will soon be offering struggling homeowners a temporary break. beginning february 1, anyone with a freddie mac loan that loses their job can have their payments reduced for up to a year. critics claim the lender's only made this move after politicians and investigatorses began demanding answers. in any case, home owners will get valuable time. >> it makes a huge difference, allowing that extra time to be able to go on more interviews, submit more applications, and hopefully, something would come up that offers them that stable income. >> previously reduced payments were only allowed for up to six months. borrowers will still have to pay back the loan in full, including interest. during a recent armed robbery, a florida jewelry
7:35 am
store clerk went from being nearly a shooting victim to a hero. one of these masked men tried to shoot the store employee, but the gun did not fire. so the clerk then took the gun and shot at the thieves. the trio escaped in a stolen van union leaders in nigeria are calling for a nationwide strike to protest high gas prices. there have been protests for days since the government removed a gas subsidy last weekend. now an industrial court is ordering unions not to hold that strike. that means authorities are break up any work stoppages. it's 7:36. well, it's dry. that's the bummer. but it's going to be gorgeous. so nice around here. >> it is really gorgeous. temperatures definitely above average, today through tomorrow looking to be a beautiful weekend. looking live at the transamerica building over san francisco. we're seeing blue in the skies, mostly clear. how warm will it get? we'll tell you coming up. >> and cal business students find new life for old coffee
7:36 am
grounds. still to come, the gourmet treat that is being harvested in the east bay. but first, the new bay area food that's causing a buzz. we have more in today's segment. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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at&t. sailboat on san francisco bay on a beautiful day. and as sharon chin reports, this week's >> well, there's nothing like being out on a sailboat on the san francisco bay on a beautiful day like today is going to be. and this week's jefferson award winner is treating kids to a sailing adventure. >> all of a sudden the boat moves. if you're not holding on one hand to the boat you could lose your balance and fall down. >> reporter: captain richard gillette is leading a san francisco bay adventure. >> roger that. >> roger that. >> reporter: this is no ordinary sailboat ride. captain richard and his all volunteer crew take children on free trips, 60 to 100 times a year. >> cast off. >> reporter: to teach them to care for the bay. many of the passengers come from the berkeley boosters police activities league for a life-changing journey. >> we put them in a brand new
7:40 am
totally new environment for them. so that takes, you know, opens up their eyes, opens up their world, opens up their perspective. >> keep coming. >> reporter: often, the explorers are at risk, disadvantaged or sufferingal fromnesses like cancer. joshua pearl has brought his nine-year-old daughter roanne with leukemia. >> she's never been able to go sailing on the bay. it made her really happy. >> reporter: students like 13- year-old anna hernandez learn new skills. >> i can actually say that i know how to sail and how to manage a sail boat. yeah. so it's pretty cool. >> reporter: for captain richard, a former professional photographer, deciding to lead the volunteer expeditions was easy. >> my whole childhood was on boats, and i know what that can mean to a child to get out there. thed a venturer, getting the love for the is -- the adventure, getting the love for the sea and marine love. >> reporter: he spent more than a dozen years sailing a similar
7:41 am
journey with thousands of kids in berkeley. now he is launching his own nonprofit spirit of the sea. the berkeley boosters police activity league says he makes a difference. >> he really treats the kids well. he has great stories to share. so many years of experience on the water. he is very passionate about it and the kids get that. >> reporter: right now captain richards takes between 12 to 14 kids on one of these trips but coming soon he'll be able to take many more kids on a much bigger boat. captain richard is purchasing the ocean launch, a 64 foot cutter that recently circled the american continent. the larger vessel would allow longer trips with as many as 40 kids. >> i get to watch kids smile. i get every one of these kids, you know, like a family to me. >> reporter: for sailing free expeditions with thousands of bay area children, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to richard gillette. sharon chen, cbs 5.
7:42 am
and what a lovely day it would be to be out on the bay. anything you're planning to do outdoors, it will be gorgeous. elizabeth has more details on the weekend weather forecast. >> we definitely need the rain but while we have this dry weather, might as well enjoy it. >> let's. >> get out on the bay or take a walk. enjoy the mild temperatures. it will be pretty warm this afternoon. here is a live look over san francisco, and you can see the sun coming up. notice the blue to the skies. mostly clear this morning and another picture perfect camera. this is a view of the golden gate bridge. looks like there's maybe a few walkers out there. a look at temperatures outside right now. mostly the 30s and 40s across the bay area. 42 in pacifica. 34 in redwood city. 42 in san rafael and 39 in vallejo. later on this afternoon, yeah, might as well get out and enjoy it. check out the temperatures. reaching up to 66 in some of our inland spots, looks like santa rosa will be a warmer area. clear for most of the day, but it's a bit breezy, especially
7:43 am
the east bay hills. so watch out for stronger wind gusts, and it looks like it will be that same way through tomorrow. we're in a dry weather holding pattern. high pressure is not going anywhere, so rain is really not in the forecast for the next several days. temperatures, they are definitely on the mild side. mostly in the 60s across many areas, and across northern california if you're doing any traveling, a high of 45 in lake tahoe, 64 out of redding, 62 in sacramento, but a lot of sunshine. so under mostly sunny skies. temperatures closer to home. pretty much all the bay area should be reaching the 60s by later on this afternoon. 63 in oakland, 60 in vallejo. the only thing to really watch out for is some pretty breezy conditions, especially at the higher elevations. looks like the wind should remain pretty calm in front of the lower elevations but looks like winds and breezy conditions will be an issue through much of the weekend. sunshine will also be a main factor. saturday and sunday, looks like the warmest day is going to be
7:44 am
sunday, and then monday looks ok, and then tuesday, a few clouds roll in, keeping temperatures a little bit -- ok. we're dipping temperatures a couple more degrees on tuesday, partly cloudy skies there, and then continue dry weather there on thursday, and on into friday. so again, we need the rain, but it is not too bad until later this week. >> especially good to have nice weather on the weekend. can't complain too much. >> no, you can't. now we just need a sailboat. >> very true >> so you work on that. >> all right. one of the best things about the bay area, there's always a new restaurant to try. this week eye on the bay host and foody chap liam maclem takes a look at the dining scene. >> reporter: greetings pleasure seekers. yes, food in mind and two hot spots in san francisco serving up posh nosh in casual nettings. a new swanky brand new dining destination is here, palo 37,
7:45 am
serving up delicious food. it's a whisper of french, a little but of japanese -- bit of japanese and the all american, the pork sliders, wow. the bar or communal table the best seats in the house and the bar bites are very tasty. yes, please. thanks. next, the other new kid on the block, on washington scare. chef jennifer and anna weinberg have delivered on their promise to bring back the happy vibes and the great food left behind by moose's. the menu is ecclectic. check it out. deviled eggs with smoked bacon. yum. also, the salad, the saviche, so many dishes, so flavorful and colorful. park tavern, a hip hot spot in san francisco. not to be missed. >> and see more on those tasty spots, plus let me tell you, dine about town, it returns to the bay area next weekend.
7:46 am
set dinners a lot your favorite restaurants for 34.95, and proceeds from dine about town will go to meals on wheels. a quick recap, there you have it. a couple of my favorite spots right there. your parallel 37, a. q. restaurant, but also park tavern. dine about town, don't forget that. more on my twitter feed. enjoy the rest of your weekend, cheers. >> sounds fabulous. a pair of cal business students decide to leave investment banking and the corporate world behind. next, business plan to harvest gourmet mushrooms from old tea leaves, and their sustainable milestone. as we go to break. we have these photos of the high surf in pacifica. jan sent those photos to our roberta gonzalez. share your photos with us at and on our facebook page.
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7:49 am
mushrooms. they've hit their goal of diverting one >> some cal alums are transforming old coffee grounds into gourmet mushrooms. they've hit their goal of diverting 1 million pounds of coffee grounds away from the landfills and into a blooming new business. back to the roots joining us now. thanks for being here this morning. >> thank you for having me. appreciate it. >> such a cool idea. you're going to cal business school planning to be a suit and suddenly you're an urban farmer. >> the last semester in college, my friend alex was sitting in a business ethics class. i was going into consulting, he into investment banking. two months before graduation we're in the class and he had this idea to potentially grow gourmet mushrooms on entirely recycled coffee grounds. fell in love with the model. and said forget investment banking, forget consultant. full time mushroom farmer it is. >> and it's been working out? >> it has been. >> you're using coffee grounds
7:50 am
and tea leaves. >> primarily coffee grounds. we work with pete's coffee. from berkeley, oakland, emeryville, san francisco cafes and just hit 1 million pounds of coffee grounds we collected and diverted last year. >> you brought one of your kits here approximately r. tell us how this works. >> get a box like this. open the front panel up. >> what is in this box? >> all the recycled coffee grounds mixed with the mushroom seeds. see underneath it, all the roots and it's ready to grow. as soon as you open the front panel up, just midst it twice a day once in the morning once at night and that's day 10. they grow super fast. >> wow. >> at your kitchen counter, and really we're trying to get everyone to feel connected to their food. you don't need a green thumb or a big backyard. anyone can grow their food at home. >> do you grow and sell these mushrooms as well? >> we started off with fresh mushrooms and people kept asking me can we do these at
7:51 am
home. that's where the idea for the kits came about. i was really pumped about making this move and people across the country growing their own food. so really focused on the kits now. >> obviously you have a good education in business from cal but how do you even start something like this? it's very intimidating. >> a lot of trial and error. our first six, seven months alex and i just spent watching youtube videos, articles online, trial and error, because we had no background in food, let alone mushrooms or anything. one step at a time, chipping away. >> and do you think the business model will be for lack of a better term, sustainable? >> absolutely. we have almost 23 people now, and everyone on the team is so passionate about this. just moved from a 1000 square foot spot to a new 10,000 square foot facility in west oakland. it's a lot of fun seeing the momentum pick up. >> this is obviously working out for you guys business wise, getting money from the mushrooms, but also the diversion of the coffee grounds from the landfills. that would seem like that's not a horrible thing to have in the
7:52 am
landfill since they're kind of natural, or is it? >> it releases a lot of methane gas which is compositing. but the coolest thing is you can add so much more value to what was just being thrown away. our whole company really has been built off of trash in some senses. exciting to hope to show people you can take a second look at everything you're throwing away. >> anything else you think people should know about this project? >> we just launched a really cool school campaign, actually. to the roots, and we'll donate one to the elementary school of your choice. we're trying to get kids involved in growing your own food. >> and we will have all that information on, nico aurora with back to the roots, thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. one more look at today's top stories, including two big debates for presidential hopefuls, the most likely target at tonight's events.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
mitt romney is well in front in opinion polls... ahead o >> here's a look at this morning's top stories. mitt romney is well in front in opinion polls ahead of the new hampshire g.o.p. primary, coming up on tuesday. he's likely to be on the receiving end of plenty of attack from other candidates this weekend. state assembly woman mary hayashi pleaded no contest to charges of misdemeanor grand theft. her attorney says a benign brain tumor was partially to blame for her actions. begins next month, freddie mac will allow unemployed borrowers to reduce their payments for up to a year. previously the limit on reduced payments had been just six months. well, tomorrow here on weekend early edition, 7 republican candidates left standing in the race for the white house and our political insiders, on what may happen before the south carolina contest. >> i got to tell you what's going to happen.
7:56 am
in my opinion, the conservatives will consolidate by the time they get to south carolina. you may see newt resurrected, as the ideal candidate for the conservatives on a consensus basis. only ron paul will not join that group. because he's turning out to be the anti-war candidate among republicans. >> well, he's gone out on some limbs with that one. also tomorrow california republican chairman joins us live on the presidential contest and governor brown's budget cut proposals, all carting at 7:30 -- all starting at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow on cbs 5. and here is exciting news. tomorrow we'll debut our sunday morning news cho on our cw net -- show on our cw network. it will continue at 8:30 a.m. on cable channel 12 and channel 44. time for our last look at the weather now, at 7:56 before you head out into this gorgeous weekend. >> yeah. it's a little breezy right now, especially if you're in some of
7:57 am
the higher elevations like the east bay hills. but those temperatures are going to climb a bit. pretty much 60s all across the bay area. here is a look at temperatureses outside right now. mostly in the 40s and the 30s. 37 currently in concord, 44 in oakland and some of our cooler spots. right now 33 in santa rosa and 3:three in napa -- 33 in napa. mostly clear skies this morning. we had early morning fog in the north day valleys but that's pretty much cleared out and we're remaining dry through the weekend. high pressure, it is not going anywhere through the end of next week. your pinpoint forecast, temperatures later today, mostly in the 60s across the bay area. 62 in san francisco. 66 is your forecasted high in santa rosa. 60 in vallejo and 63 in oakland. once again, looking out over the next couple of days. saturday, today, looking good. mild, unfortunately, we need the rain but we might as well enjoy the nicer temperatures while they are around. sunday will actually be the warmest day of the weekend.
7:58 am
inland temperatures reaching a high of 67 degrees and it will be a little cooler, a few more clouds roll in on tuesday. not a bad looking week. >> and the summer seeming nights in the city. just fap lewis. >> it is really prase. well oski may be the mascot at u.s. berkeley -- u.c. berkeley, but the men's basketball team has their own unofficial mascot. his name is franklin. he has become a regular at the pavilion, even though he can't do much with the basketball. the two-year-old 50 pound pooch follows the cal senior forward around on campus. some players say all the dog needs is some attention and he'll be your best friend. according to the coach franklin is an acquired taste. >> no. >> he's awful cute. >> he just makes the ball all wet. one of the nasty things about dogs but we love them anyway. time for us to call it a morning. thanks for making weekend early edition part of your day. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 7:30 and then on the c.w.
7:59 am
at 8:30. our next newscast coming up at 5:30 tonight. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters.


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