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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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see the camera turned around right there partially kind of like in the midsection of the incline just past the area where they have been doing a lot of overnight construction near the metering lights where there's sometimes a lot of confusing for drivers because there's a lot of merging. so for about an hour maybe a little less they had three of the left lanes closed on the incline section of the upper deck so for a while traffic was beginning to stack up. initial reports told us that there was a stall and then another driver came an hit that stalled car so that's what caused the accident and then again it was a rollover injury crash. we're still not sure about the extent of injuries. but for right now it looks like there should be no lingering impact as far as the commute goes. looks like once again they have all lanes reopened and any sort of activity is off to the shoulder now so again we'll continue to watch that plus the rest of traffic conditions across the bay area. back to you. >> thank you. muni metro trains are on schedule this morning. service was stopped for part of the day yesterday on the k, l
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and m metro lines between van ness and west portal but it was fixed a few hours ago. a train somehow pulled down the overhead electrical lines near the church street station, and then a large semi truck took down some other lines and made a mess of the evening commute. even with a bus bridge in place. the j and n light rail lines were unaffected but muni running on its regular schedule. the north bay man goes to court this morning over an incident that caused a big muni delay last month. you may remember 40-year-old scott mitchell from sebastopol scheduled to be arraigned in san francisco here on dui and other charges. he was arrested after his suv ended up a half a mile into a muni tunnel. that's what's left there. it took more than two hours to get that suv out of the tunnel and repair the system. he is in considerate today. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is going back to court this morning fighting for the right to see his 2-year-old
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son theo. today's appearance will be in family court. the judge in has domestic violence case issued a stay- away order until his trial is over but she told him that family considerate was the place to challenge that order. police and city leaders in walnut creek are taking steps this weekend against bar brawls downtown. the number of fights has been on the rise. gil diaz is in walnut creek to tell us about the measures police are taking and they are starting tonight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is going on just in time for super bowl weekend. the city's police chief says that patrons can expect to see more officers on patrol this weekend. he hasn't said just how many more there will be or whether they will be going undercover. but city leaders and some residents are concerned about the city's upscale reputation. this past weekend three fights broke out, nine people were arrested. a couple more put in the hospital. even some officers got hurt
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while breaking up these fights. the police chief says rowdy party-goers has been an ongoing problem downtown but these fights spiked becoming bigger and more violent. >> successful and everything but when you get a lot of people crammed in together you don't know what can happen. sparks can fly. >> reporter: one factor leading up to these fights, some bars overserve. the city right now is writing up and ordinance that would give the city more control over some of these rowdy bars. there are over 100 bars in the city of walnut creek that serve alcohol but city leaders want to stress that only a handful of these businesses breeds this type of violence. >> thank you. a gun battle outside a taco truck was recorded by a surveillance camera in east oakland. the shooting happened early yesterday morning at foothill boulevard and fruitvale avenue. police say omar casillas, a co- owner of the truck, was
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sweeping the parking lot when he was confronted by three robbers. he was shot in the back while trying to get away but he managed to make his way back to the truck and get his own gun and fire back. >> an exchange of gunfire, man, sounded like, you know, like somebody had just like their tv on playing videogames loud. >> that witness says he saw another robbery attempt on casillas a few weeks ago and casillas managed to pounce on the suspect's back and hold him until police arrived. as for yesterday's morning shooting, casillas and one of the suspects are being treated for wounds not considered life- threatening. the two other suspects are also in custody. it is 5:04. big weekend is here. super bowl sunday of course we need to know what our weather is like. >> oh, yeah. let's check in with the man. lawrence. >> the man. hey, we have been doing it pretty right the last couple of days. >> it's been nice. >> it's been very nice the last couple of days. a little chilly outside this morning but looks like a fantastic afternoon as we'll
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see plenty of sunshine again. patchy fog in spots. 34 degrees now in fairfield. it is 35 right now in santa rosa and 35 degrees in napa. 40s elsewhere inside the bay. it looks like high pressure holding on now. you can see a couple of systems off the coastline that continue to creep closer but not going to ruin your weekend just a few high clouds moving through. otherwise we are going to keep things nice and dry and above normal again by the afternoon. 67 degrees in santa rosa. about 66 in san jose and about 61 in pacifica. should be a good weekend too. we'll have more on that coming up in a couple minutes, guys. back to you. in a developing story, authorities are searching for a crab fisherman. he was supposed to come home wednesday but hasn't been heard from since. the coast guard said he had and 18-foot white boat with a red stripe. crews are searching waters south of half moon bay to pidgeon point outside santa cruz. sacramento is also sending a c-
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130 fixed wing airplane to help with that search. people looking for help with their mortgages are lining up outside the cow palace this morning. the nonprofit group naca is hosting its american dream tour today through sunday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. if you need help the group promises to create new homeowners by approving new mortgages with no down payments, no closing costs and no fees. naca has held similar events across country in recent years. it is 5:06 now. add another person to the race. the actress and comedienne hoping to be our next commander- in-chief. >> we have had actually two calls that have been very angry and we had a written death threat. >> a bay area backlash against the susan g. komen foundation. the open revolt after a controversial decision. and who would you pick for the super bowl? eli manning or tom brady? i think it was a date. madonna is going to weigh in. coming up. ,,
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top speeds once again on the upper deck of the bay bridge after a very early- morning rollover crash. we'll have the latest on tracks plus a check of other bay area bridges coming up. the full traffic report in just minutes. 5:09 now. planned parenthood is getting an outpouring of support after the susan g. komen foundation stopped giving grants to planned parenthood to pay for breast cancer screening referrals. the komen grants have paid for 170,000 breast exams over the last five years. komen says it's stopped the grants partly because congress is now investigating planned parenthood. >> this decision as unfortunate as it is was a result of a
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political pressure campaign kind of bullying effort against the komen foundation. >> this strategic shift will affect any number of long- standing partners. but we have always done what is right for our organization. >> some businesses are calling for a boycott of the komen race for the cure. you see the facebook page there. and alameda firefighters plan to donate money to the breast cancer fund though instead of komen. in campaign 2012, tomorrow is nevada's turn in the political spotlight as our eastern neighbors caucus in the latest republican presidential contest. mitt romney is a heavy favorite in the silver state. yesterday he picked up an endorsement from celebrity billionaire donald trump but just hours earlier there was widespread speculation that trump would endorse newt gingrich. rick santorum and ron paul have also been campaigning in nevada. the latest person with some white house dreams take a look, former sitcom star roseanne barr. she has submitted paperwork to run for the green party
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nomination. she says it's no joke claiming long-time support for the green party. she says democrats and republicans have not been working for the best interests of the american people. >> come one, come all. who says winter isn't here? big, big snowstorm pounding colorado. we'll have the very latest. >> and a super bowl treat like no other. the chicken wing cupcake. >> ew. >> beat that, lawrence. >> that looks tasty! we managed to get snow in the sierra nevada this week. if you are heading up to the high country to do a little skiing, here's your snow report: >> we'll have the rest of your forecast coming up.
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ross mirkarimi goes to family s mo here are your top stories for this friday. ross mirkarimi is going to family court in san francisco this morning. the sheriff is seeking permission to see his 2-year- old son after a stay-away order. the labor department will have the jobs report for january this morning. the unemployment rate fell for four straight months but this time economists expect it to stay at 8.5%. and sources say that israel will attack iran sometime this
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spring possibly in april, may or june. israel wants to destroy iran's suspected nuclear weapons program. iran says it will retaliate. a major winter storm barreling down on parts of colorado right now forcing at least 150 flights cancelled at the denver international airport. forecasters say the storm could dump a record 2 feet of snow in the area, cancelled flights including some out of san jose, sfo and oakland so check with your airlines. so many snow plows will be in use in the denver area some public works employees with desk jobs will be driving them. >> we have 126 pieces of equipment that will be hitting all the side streets in denver. >> scary, actually. totally. >> not sure i would want them driving. many schools in the state have cancelled classes for the day. grocery stores say customers are stocking up and started to run out of items like milk and
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bread. they always go for milk and bread. >> why don't they do it for the twinnies? >> that's a great question. got to go to the twinkies, health food. >> you're stuck in your house for a day and all you have is milk and bread. heading out today? here's a reminder of what winter looks like. a live shot from denver. you can see the snow coming down there. it is coming down big time. dangerous conditions they will see snow all day mabel a couple of feet in th colorado area. here, just patchy fog early on temperatures in the 30s and 40s. by the afternoon though enjoying sunshine above average temperatures 67 degrees inland and 60s and clouds at the cost. strong ridge bringing us mild conditions a couple of systems bumping over the top of the reg but not strong enough to break it down but that will change throughout the weekend. sunshine into the central
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valley today, some 60s there. 53 degrees and sunny skies in yosemite and around the bay we are expecting plenty of sunshine. temperatures popping up into the 60s about everywhere you go. looking good. and hey, how about this. we have some 60s into the livermore valley also 64 in pleasanton and 63 in vallejo. inside the bay sunshine in the afternoon just a few high clouds. 67 degrees in santa rosa again this afternoon so looking good today and over the weekend looks like we are going to stay dry so got plans? go to it. looks great. monday the clouds will gather once again late in the day and chance of rain developing monday night and into tuesday. it looks like that will start to give way to dry weather toward the middle of the week but i have to say you guys in the red you look fantastic! i'm amazed. >> american heart association. >> i'm glad i wore my tie. >> i forgot to text elizabeth. >> she still looks good. >> i have red on.
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you just can't see it. [ laughter ] >> oh!! >> all right. let's go outside -- that's right. all right. let's go out live towards the dublin interchange. westbound, 14 minutes out of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. so it's getting busier out there but overall not too bad. let's check the bridges across the bay area. the san mateo bridge looks great so far in the commute direction. westbound 92 still only about 13 or 14 minutes. off the high-rise once again this is eastbound 92 so should be about a 13-minute commute in either direction. golden gate during one of our commercial breaks i watched them do the lane change so overall things are moving to top speeds all the way across the deck so no issues this morning from marin into san francisco. it was a different story earlier this morning from the east bay into the city. we had a bad accident. we can see it in the camera about mid incline a rollover injury crash. extent of injuries we're not sure but they were able to
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clear those three right lanes -- three left lanes, sorry. they were shut down for almost an hour. it was so early that there was no lingering effect. metering lights are off. things moving at top speeds this morning so no need to use alternates. bay bridge traffic is fine. there is some roadwork against the commute eastbound 80 between 4 and willow. it will wrap up by about 6:00 this morning. we are seeing slowing on our sensors in that hercules area so watch out for that eastbound 80. westbound is fine. 18 minutes on the eastshore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and mass transit looks good no issues for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. city of hercules is on the verge of financial ruin. the city defaulted on its bond payment and owesambeck
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insurance company $4 million a quarter of the city's budget. if it orders an immediate payment city leaders say hercules could go bankrupt. there is another hearing next month though and now the city does have a plan. there are a number of parcels that the city owns that can be sold. we still try to work out a solution so that we can avoid being backed into a corner where we just can't pay. >> the demise of redevelopment agencies which took effect this week is a major cause of the problem not only for hercules but a number of cities and towns. there are unresolved questions of who owes the debt that's left, the city or the state. it's hard to picture the academy awards without the name kodak up on theater. but get used to it. the troubled film company has filed a motion in court asking to pull its name from the theater that has hosted the oscars for years. it's a money-saving move. the sponsorship costs kodak $4 million a year. they are more than $6 billion
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in debt and trying to reorganize under chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. 5:20 now. buyer beware. the phony super bowl gear seized in a massive federal operation. we'll show you. >> it's not your ordinary cupcake. the chicken wing dessert for sunday's big football game. now it can stop pain from any angle, with no mess.
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bowl"... and it's getting some back now at 5:23. the nfl is very protective of the name super bowl. and it's getting some help from the federal government. the feds announced that they seized nearly $5 million worth of counterfeit super bowl clothing and other merchandise. it's all as a result of a four- month nationwide sweep in advance of sunday's big game in indianapolis. also seized were some phony items with nhl, major league baseball and nba logos. you can't have a show that says super bowl you can't say super sunday. that's all their gig. forget the fight on the field i guess on sunday. >> the real battle bringing the most sought after treat at the super bowl party. so feast your eyes on this. it's a chicken wing cupcake. we have seen cupcakes of all types. this is a bakery in new york serving it up. it's cornbread topped with a bleu cheese frosting and finished with an actual chicken wing on top. >> i was thinking about the super bowl, what goes with the
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super bowl but chicken wings. i tried five or six recipes and actually the last recipe when i was ready to call it quits i think we kind of nailed it on it. >> the other than says it's a sawry cupcake not typical chocolate or vanilla, it's a savory. the orders are pouring in. >> sweet and salty. sounds good the million-dollar question for almost any woman. who would you pick, eli manning or tom brady? >> and? >> oh, for me? >> sure. >> uhm....... >> hold that thought. >> one reporter asked madonna who of course is performing during the halftime show of here's what she said. >> eli or tom, you have to pick one. >> oh, that's not fair. >> well you are madonna so i guess you can do whatever you want. >> well... i -- hm. i have to say eli because he lives in new york. >> yeah. >> and i don't want him to
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waste gas. >> that's a copout. i'm sorry. that's lame. >> that's tough. >> you know, tom brady is more of a pretty boy type. i'm kind of over that so i would probably picky lie, too. >> tom has giselle bunchen. the supermodel. eli is more down to earth. >> that's my type. >> set you up. >> easy. >> he's busy this weekend. >> i'm waiting for his call. i don't understand why he is not phoning me. >> he's busy. let him win first. it is 5:26. a commercial with a cause. how one company is using its pricy super bowl ad to make a big difference. >> it could be the key to stopping alzheimer's. we are now learning how exactly the disease spreads in the brain. >> and a lifeboat for homeowners under water. they have been lined up all night looking for mortgage help. we'll have the latest on the big event this weekend coming up. >> walnut creek is fed up with all these bar fights. coming up, find out what the city expects to do this weekend.
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the housing crisis isn't over. a your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a true sign that the housing crisis is not over. we have a live look as you see cars lining up in the very early hour in san francisco homeowners who are desperate to
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get some mortgage help. patchy fog in the bay area. what does it mean for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> it's "friday light" at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. looking much better than it was just an hour ago. we'll tell you why coming up. happy friday, everybody. february the 3rd, super bowl weekend. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm going. it is 5:30. people are lined up outside the cow palace this morning hoping to get help with housing and their mortgages. anne makovec is in daly city where a nonprofit is offering assistance all weekend long and she has the very latest. ann, good morning. >> reporter: there are dozens of cars outside the cow palace. a lot of people have been here since last night and they are just hoping for some sort of relief on mortgages that new mortgages are also being offered here today at the cow palace. this is all being put on by the nonprofit naca which stands for
5:31 am
the neighborhood assistance corporation of america. they are doing mortgage relief for homeowners a lot of modifications they will be doing today. they say they have legally binding contracts major lender on site here at the cow palace and some are offering no closing costs, no down payments with fixed rates as low as 2%. >> if i come out with some kind of deal with the bank you know something where we'll both be satisfied i know the bank never loses but i want to keep my home. i have had it for 11 years like, youknow,, it's home. i want to keep it. >> reporter: this event is opening at 8 a.m. they will be letting some cars behind me come in. it's open until 8 p.m. and it's also open through this monday. frank and grace? >> anne makovec life for us in
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daly city, thank you. some more good news here. jobs numbers for january just announced just moments ago. employers actually added 243,000 jobs in the month of january. that is up so it's pushing down unemployment now to 8.3%. how will it affect the market? we'll find out in a couple of hours. authorities are combing the open waters off the san mateo coast searching for a missing crab fisherman. coast guard says that he took off from pillar point in el granada wednesday and hasn't been heard from. he had an 18-foot white boat with red stripe. crews are searching the area near half moon bay to pidgeon point near santa cruz. a plane is being sent in to help with the search. this morning another court appearance for san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. this time he will be in family court. he is trying to get permission to see that little boy right
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there, his 2-year-old son theo. the superior court judge in his domestic violence case issuing a stay-away order until the trial is over from his family. his wife and son. but she told him he could challenge that order in family court. he will be in court today. former drug agent in the east bay is heading to los angeles to appear on the dr. phil show. norman wielsch was granted permission to travel to southern california this weekend. he was the former commander of the contra costa county drug squad. but he is now facing a list of drug and corruption charges. his attorney said wielsch will reach out to other law enforcement officers who may be under stress and encourage them to get help. shootout at a taco shop in east oakland is caught on surveillance video. it happened yesterday morning at foothill boulevard at fruitvale avenue. police say that the truck's co- owner was sweeping the parking lot when he was suddenly confronted by three robbers. he was shot in the back while
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he was trying to get away. he manage to make his way back to his truck. he got his own gun and fired back. >> an exchange of gunfire, man, sounded like somebody had their tv on playing loud videogames. >> that witness said he saw another robbery attempt on casillas the same man just a few weeks ago but at that time casillas manage to pounce on the suspect and held him until police arrived. casillas and one suspect from the shootings are being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. two other suspects are also in custody. drunken brawls outside bars are a growing problem in downtown walnut creek. now police are planning some extra patrols starting tonight. gil diaz is in walnut creek to tell us about those measures to cut down on escalating violence in the area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. city leaders want to emphasize that only a handful of bars get
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rowdy every time but still if you go out to walnut creek this weekend you can expect to see more officers out on patrol and that includes officers going into every bar. the police chief says that these brawls are becoming bigger and more violent each time. this past weekend three fights broke out nine people arrested, two more went to the hospital. and several officers even got hurt. cops had to break them up with pepper spray. the rowdy behavior has other businesses concerned. a new restaurant's windows already shattered during one of the brawls. >> more and more fights then you have more and more differing crowds of people come here specifically just for that. >> the city is drafting an ordinance for more control over the bars. the police chief says the city will hold these businesses accountable when they break the law just like individuals. despite these fight nights, interestingly enough the mayor
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says that crime overall is down 16% compared to the previous year. back to you >> thank you. last year at this time super bowl weekend i just arrived in town it was 80 degrees in the bay area. >> super hot. i remember thinking this is san francisco? this is fantastic! >> my wife same thing, is it always 80 in february? yes, honey, it is. >> we are not going to get to 80 but still above average in the 70s and i think it will be okay. temperatures a bill chilly now. we have 30s in the valleys right now. and some 40s inside the bay. but toward the afternoon, that ridge of high pressure going to crank these numbers up very nicely. 66 degrees in san jose. about 65 in milpitas and 64 degrees in morgan hill. it looks like as you make your way to the east bay temperatures also going to be soaring with just a couple of high clouds moving on by up into the 60s again and inside the bay let's plan on some sunshine and some very comfortable temperatures for this time of year. up into the 60s in san francisco. sunshine today all the way to
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the coastline again, elizabeth. >> i like it. got to make some outdoor plans. thank you, lawrence. let's take you outside if you are about to hit the road. driving conditions are great. it's nice and dry so hearings a live look at one of our "timesaver traffic" cameras across the san mateo bridge. and everything is moving up to top speeds either direction westbound and eastbound 92. same thing on the nimitz 880 through oakland. let's see. that drive time is about 14 -- 16 minutes? i need glasses. 16 minutes on those northbound lanes between 238 and the maze. bay bridge traffic moving better now. when we first got on the air at 4:30 there was a traffic alert, several lanes blocked on the upper deck of the bay bridge on the incline after a rollover crash. but as you can see, there were no lingering effects with it. everything is "friday light" now. no metering lights, really no delay at all behind the pay gates. just cruising all across the upper deck. so it's kind of a different story because of this roadwork in hercules. eastbound 80 between highway 4 and willow avenue, they still have three left lanes shut
5:38 am
down. scheduled until about 6:00 this morning. so we were seeing some red sensors before some really slow speeds so things are improving a bit. maybe they have been able to reopen a lane but in the meantime, in the commute direction westbound 80 looks great 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and mass transit no issues for bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:38 now. donations are pouring into planned parenthood and the susan g. komen foundation is getting threats. the backlash comes after komen stopped giving grants to planned parenthood to pay for breast cancer screening referrals. they may have paid for 170,000 breast exams over the last five years. komen is stopping the grants because congress is investigating planned parenthood. >> this decision as unfortunate as it is was the result of a political pressure campaign kind of a bullying effort against the komen foundation. >> this strategic shift will
5:39 am
affect any number of long- standing partners but we have always done what is right for our organization. >> some businesses are calling for a boycott of the komen "race for the cure." alameda firefighters plan to donate money to the breast cancer fund instead of komen. and one of those donating to planned parenthood this week, new york mayor michael bloomberg pulling out big bucks. he has pledged as much as $250,000 to match future donations. a family foundation from texas also putting in $250,000. and since the komen announcement about 6,000 other donors have contributed $400,000 to planned parenthood. it is 5:39 now. both republicans and democrats in sacramento are blasting california's high-speed rail authority for spending money to lobby the state legislature. the rail authority paid $161,000 last year to a big public relations firm to lobby lawmakers over billions for the rail system. the "mercury news" reports taxpayers will pay even more
5:40 am
for the lobbying because the money was borrowed. it is 5:39. a famous tv personality joining the race for the white house. plus this. >> we're aiming for 15 but we are hoping if things go well you can have a '14 opening. >> it's practically a done deal. big score to bring the 49ers to santa clara and why san francisco is not saying good- bye just yet.
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5:42 now. the race is on for the white house. it's now focused on the west as nevada holds its republican caucuses tomorrow. mitt romney won the silver state during the last presidential primary season. heavy favorite this time around, as well. yesterday, picked up an endorsement from celebrity billionaire donald trump.
5:43 am
>> he's smart. he's sharp. he's not going to allow bad things to continue to happen. >> just hours earlier, though, there was widespread speculation that trump would endorse this man, newt gingrich. former house speaker downplayed the disappointment. rick santorum and ron paul have also been campaigning in nevada. well, here's somebody else who wants to be president. rose san barr the wise cracking actress comedienne best known for her rather embarrassing ren days of the national anthem. barr has submitted paperwork to run for the green party's nomination. she says it's not a joke claiming long-time support for the green party. she says democrats and republicans have not been working for the best interest of the american people. time for weather. how's that for a segue? >> no joke. we have great weather come our way! yesterday fantastic! we saw some temperatures in the low 70s. probably not going to be quite as warm today but close. out there now we have a couple of patches of fog to start out your day. some ground fog into santa rosa and fairfield. but by the afternoon lots of
5:44 am
sunshine, just a little breezy over the hills. otherwise some very, very mild temperatures and it looks like a dry weekend ahead. high pressure overhead now and it's going to hold on through the weekend. a couple of systems out here going to break the ridge down over the weekend but strong enough to bring nice dry conditions. if you plan to head to high country the sierra nevada looking good lots of sunshine temperatures in the 40s maybe partly cloudy into sunday. but still staying dry so the roadways should be great getting up there and getting back. temperatures around the bay, looking at 66 degrees in san jose, about 61 in pacifica. about 63 degrees in freedom in the afternoon. as you make your way to the east bay, those temperatures should be up into the 60s in the latter part of the day. and inside the bay, highs running up into the 60s all the way to the coastline. and the north bay expecting those temperatures in the upper 60s into santa rosa. about 65 degrees in petaluma. and about 6 degrees in novato. how about these next couple of days? the weekend included we're looking great if you want to enjoy the sunshine and the mild
5:45 am
temperatures. it should be fantastic outside some beautiful weather. clouds gather on monday and by monday evening, a chance of showers returns to the bay area could be wet into tuesday as well. a return to dry on wednesday around thursday but this weekend looks great. get out and enjoy if you're not watching anything on tv. there's not much going on. >> not saturday. [ laughter ] >> right. you're going to like this one, lawrence. big-time snowstorm starting to -- oh, no. we're doing traffic. sorry. >> we forgot about elizabeth. >> it's always a little confusing we switch orders so yeah, traffic. all right. let's go on towards milpitas. everything so far is moving up to speed. no major issues across this stretch through silicon valley. your drive time is 6 minutes now in those westbound lanes between 880 and 101. so let's check other areas. the south bay "timesaver traffic" camera camera showing us 280 traffic and overall you can see it is "friday light" across the bay area. just a few headlights here so no major issues obviously in
5:46 am
the south bay. not seeing much roadwork. let's see. we are seeing a little bit of brake lights so slowing coming out of the altamont pass. this is usually right around the time we see it anyway, so nothing unusual here past the wind turbines. 15 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. starting to get sluggish through livermore. but overall just your usual friday traffic. this looks good across the san mateo bridge. this is westbound 92 headlight are moving eastbound toward hayward and not seeing any slowing up and down the nimitz either towards 880. so once again 13 minutes is your drive time across the span. some other inroads across the east bay. looks like we're going to show you 680. so from walnut creek to benicia, fine. the macarthur maze westbound 24 coming out of walnut creek heading through orinda looking like top speeds. and it looks like they probably picked up this roadwork a little bit ahead of schedule. eastbound 80 between highway 4 and willow avenue, they were doing some roadwork. we were seeing a lot of slowing on our sensors because they had three lanes blocked off for
5:47 am
this overnight roadwork scheduled until 6 a.m. but i believe they picked up at least a couple of those lanes because our sensors are turning back to green. we just checked in with bart and everything is on time for all bart lines including all those commuters heading into the financial district in downtown san francisco. that's traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. here's the story i was talking about for lawrence. we have a big-time snowstorm starting to hit colorado this morning. a lot of schools are being closed for the day much to the delight of kids. forecasters say that the storm could dump up to 2 feet of snow. about 150 flights though in and out of denver international airport have already been cancelled, bad for travelers. those cancellations are affecting flights out of the bay area, san jose, san francisco and oakland. so check your flights if you are heading to colorado. >> i so don't miss the snow. nice to walk out your door and not freeze. $200 million from the national football league. the san francisco 49ers are
5:48 am
getting that money in a loan from the league to help build its new stadium down in santa clara. crews started to work at the team's headquarters getting ready for construction to begin. >> we'll start site work very soon. we're doing everything right now. and we're aiming for '15, but we're hoping if things go well you can have a '14 opening. there had been some talk with the league that would require the 9ers to share the stadium with the oakland raiders. but that was not part of the original loan agreement. activists are trying to keep the 9ers in san francisco. they say they will be ready if the deal falls through. in other headlines, the san jose earthquakes are marking a milestone in their new stadium. demolition of a building of the food machinery corporation begins today. the structures are on the site of the potential new stadium on coleman avenue near san jose international airport. a ceremony with members of the san jose and santa clara city
5:49 am
councils quick off at noon -- kick off at noon. the golden gate bridge has digital sensors added so that cyclists know how fast they are going. currently they are sharing the sidewalk with pedestrians. the west sidewalk is temporarily closed. the bridge district said that the new equipment is not part of a plan to introduce a speed limit on the sidewalk but just to raise awareness. makers of the lap band will no longer sell their weight loss devices to companies affiliated with that number 1- 800-get thin. the move comes after state and federal investigation of surgery centers affiliated with the ad campaign. since 2009, five people in southern california have died following lap band surgeries at clinics affiliated with that 1- 800-get-thin number. there may be new treatments for alzheimer's disease. "new york times" says two studies on mice suggest it could be caused by distorted ta proteins that go from one brain cell to another.
5:50 am
doctors hope that down the road a tau blocking antibody could stop the spread of alzheimer's. coming up, stay here with us because we have captain jack sparrow cat woman and a can of pepper spray. >> that is a tease. the wild bra making a brawl on l.a.'s famous hollywood boulevard coming up. normally don't win things so i was in shock. >> plus, how a mother's luck turned into a dream come true for her soldier son. leep? can'? clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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5:52 am
with captain jack sparrow being pepper sprayed in the face. police say som a superhero brawl in hollywood with captain jack sparrow being pepper sprayed in the face. someone dressed as the character got in a fight last
5:53 am
night with cat woman and an alien. can't we all just get along? the sidewalk outside of the kodak theater as you might know is notorious for costumed characters who convince tourists to pay for photos. the man who looked like johnny depp's character was treated for minor injuries. no arrests though have been made. doesn't you miss l.a.? [ laughter ] >> i do. don't mess with johnnie. it may be a new trend in office meetings. >> have your employees stand. [ laughter ] >> the practice is gaining popularity especially in tech companies. standing meetings are typically brief an participants don't typically ramble on. the results, meetings are found to be more productive and efficient. i agree. sometimes when you stand, when i used to do sports, if you stood you were a little more animated and that kind of thing. >> sometimes you stand in between the stories. >> take a lap. we know those super bowl ads cost big bucks. 3.5million bucks for a 30- second spot this year. >> but one company is doing
5:54 am
something a little different. they are helping kids. is asking viewers to use the shazamm app to tag this commercial during the game. each tag will generate a dollar donation for one of seven charities on the site's facebook page. the organization with the most votes will receive up to $100,000. >> cool. >> yeah. good stuff. the best present for a veteran who wrapped up his tour in afghanistan, a pair of ticket to the super bowl. >> i guess. an added bonus the new jersey soldier of course is a giants fan. andrew hasn't missed a giants game while stationed overseas. his mom wanted to do something very special so with $5 and her fingers crossed she entered a raffle for super bowl tickets. and she won! and then he watched the nfc championship game against the 49ers. >> i have tickets like if this kick is good, i'm going to the super bowl to watch my favorite team. we saw it. >> we did, too. no offense but i wish he was
5:55 am
watching the niners. his mom cried when she got the tickets from the newark rotary club. his family and friends will cheer on the team and their soldier in indianapolis. good for him. >> i'm rooting for the pats. >> how much are those tickets worth? >> i think face value on the cheap ones are like $700. >> isn't it $1,000 -- >> skyrocketing closer to the game. weather-wise, what's going on. should be soup they are weekend. should be great outside soup they are weekend. patchy fog this morning, this afternoon 67 in santa rosa above average. 66 san jose. 60s at the coastline with sunshine there too. over the weekend looking good a few clouds passing on by, otherwise dry throughout the weekend. clouds move in and a chance of rain developing by monday night. better chance of rain into tuesday. but the weekend looks very nice ahead. >> make some outdoor plans.
5:56 am
thanks, lawrence. outside right now, show you a live look at the nimitz. 880 through oakland. there is a stall reported near 98th avenue that's blocking one lane. it's still early. it's not causing delays. heads up across the stretch. to the south bay we go now a bit busier now. seeing two headlights instead of one coming out of downtown san jose on 280. 101 looks okay. and the guadalupe parkway also in the green this morning. and just a few brake lights so far getting closer through livermore but your drive time there is 15 minutes to the altamont pass so "friday light." >> okay. coming up in the next half hour a firefighter responds to an emergency and finds his
5:57 am
stolen stadium. >> the bizarre coincidence in one northern california city. a dramatic shootout. the bold move a taco truck vendor made right after getting shot. people have been waiting all night here at the cow palace for mortgage loan modification help. we'll tell you about the big event put on this weekend. bar fights in walnut creek tarnishing the city's reputation. find out what the city plans to do this weekend to keep the peace just in time for the super bowl, coming up. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money directly to your friend's checking account. all you need is their email address or mobile number. don't worry honey, i'll show you. thanks everyone. so take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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homeowners have been lined up your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. desperate for help. struggling homeowners lined up four hours outside the cow palace looking for help. cracking down on bar brawls. the big test this weekend


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