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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  March 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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something over in the battleground of ohio. but this morning, both front- runner are claiming victory. i'm tyler suiters in washington. i'll have that story coming up. still a bit breezy around the bay area but the winds calming down. it's going to be heating up. we'll talk about that coming up. and those windy conditions may affect your drive on some bay area bridges. i'll tell you which ones good morning. it's wednesday, march 7. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. grace has the morning off. time now is 4:30. and we begin with a developing story. no suspects and no arrests after a double homicide in a sunnyvale home. officers found two people shot inside a residence on the 800 block of nectarine avenue last night. police interviewed one person in connection with the shooting. officers have not identified the victims or released any information about their gender. they are checking out whether this was a murder-suicide.
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mitt romney has emerged as the republican super tuesday big winner but not a complete knockout. cbs news estimates romney has 361 delegates less than one- third of what's needed for the nomination. he won in six of the ten states that held contests yesterday. as tyler suiters reports, one of those states was especially hard fought. reporter: mitt romney squeaked out a victory in ohio. he fought a tough battle with rick santorum to take the critical swimming state. >> we're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good and we are counting down the days until november and that looks even better. >> reporter: with super tuesday victories in five other states, he is already talking about the gop nominee. >> as president, i will get our economy back on track and get our citizens back to work. and unlike president obama, i actually have the experience to deliver on that promise. >> yeah! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: evangelical voters helped rick santorum finish on top in tennessee and oklahoma. he also put north dakota in his
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win column. >> we have won in the west, midwest and the south. and we're ready to win across this country! >> whoo! >> reporter: the candidates will divide up the super tuesday delegates. they are chasing the magic number to clinch the nomination, 1144. mitt romney leads. santorum's camp says it's a two- man race saying they would rally behind the former senator if gingrich would quit but last night he won georgia the state he represented in congress and the former speaker says he is not dropping out. >> i'm the tortoise. i just take one step at a time. >> reporter: and ron paul is slowly collecting delegates in caucus states. >> we're on the right track so make sure they hear our message all the way to d.c. >> reporter: paul still hasn't pulled off a victory but says he is going all the way to the convention. tyler suiters, cbs news, washington. president obama hits the road to talk about the economy
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today. this afternoon, he will visit a truck plant in north carolina. the president is expected to address signs of rebounding economy. north carolina is a swing state in the upcoming presidential election. and, of course, for aller election coverage and what's next, just head to our website, oakland's latest move to keep their sports team where they are, gil diaz reports the city council getting behind the effort. reporter: later today the city will be making a formal announcement about these redevelopment plans. basically, the city would be spending millions on plans to build a new stadium, hotels, even a conference center, on 750 acres around the coliseum. now, this might be exciting news for sports fans who want their east bay home teams to stay where they are. the as are eyeing a move to san jose. the team is just waiting for a
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ruling from the major league baseball on whether they can move there or not. the warriors are considering a proposed arena in san francisco. now, that team has been talking with mayor ed lee about building within near at&t park. and the raiders are threatening to move to santa clara or even back to los angeles. the plans alone will cost $3.5 million. an additional $1.6 million to a development team to begin talks with the teams. and nearly $2 million will be spent for an environmental review. with oakland being cash- strapped, where is the money coming from? it seems like all that money is the last chunk of redevelopment funds that the city has. the project itself, its construction, will be privately funded. back to you. >> thank you. >> a shoutout to my cousin alec watching right now. he has been texting me for the
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last hour. >> his phone keeps beeping. who is calling you at 4:30? >> go to bed. lawrence karnow is delivering wind today. >> we are a big fan of you, frank, one of the best anchors around. how about that, alex. >> oh, my gosh. >> you'll get so many texts now, never hear the end of that. >> there it goes. [ laughter ] >> still breezy this morning but a sign the winds will calm down and turn offshore and we're in for great weather. temperatures 37 degrees in santa rosa. still gusting into fairfield at 26 miles per hour. they are checking in at 42 right now. 44 in livermore and 44 degrees in san jose. it looks like high pressure is trying to sneak in behind that system that brought us light showers last night and looks like as that begins to build in we are going to watch those winds calming down and beginning to more of a northerly pattern. we'll see the offshore wind kicking in. temperatures bump up around the bay area so let's plan on highs
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mid-60s into san jose, about 66 in concord, and about 61 in san francisco. next couple of days, more sunshine and 70s on thursday and friday. how about that, gianna. >> not bad. well, because of that wind, chp has issued wind advisories on some of our bridges this morning including the bay bridge. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic light but gusty wind across the upper deck into san francisco. other wind advisories are in effect for the dumbarton bridge. use caution there. looks like they are wrapping up construction there, as well. that overnight roadwork is expected to clear at least by 5:00 this morning. san mateo bridge also windy as well so use caution in both directions. only 1 minutes from both sides of the span. we have wind advisory across the richmond/san rafael bridge. israel's president has
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technology in mind when he visits the bay area today. this morning, shimon peres is scheduled to open the launch conference in san francisco a gathering of high-tech entrepreneurs and investors and then this afternoon, peres returns back down to the silicon valley. he will get a tour of the google headquarters. israel's president spoke last night at temple emanuel in san francisco addressing his country's troubles with iran. >> today, iran is the only country on earth that calls for the destruction of israel that denies the holocaust. >> also yesterday peres visit facebook headquarters. he praised the company as a tool for positive social change by allowing citizens of different countries to connect. this morning, the domestic abuse trial against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is on hold. an appeals court is deciding on a video showing bruising on eliana lopez's body taken by her neighbor ivory madison.
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her attorney argues that footage violates attorney/client privilege. she says lopez believed she was talking privately with a lawyer since madison is a law school graduate. >> on madison's website she says, juris doctor trained as an attorney. i think any reasonable person would think that that's what the person is. >> madison has never practiced law or passed the state bar exam. legal analysts say a person needs to be specifically seeking legal advice to ensure confidentiality. oakland police have released a sketch of a man suspected in a robbery, kidnap on sexual assault. investigators say the suspect attacked two people on sunday. the male victim was robbed at gunpoint. the female victim was then forced to drive to an isolated area where he raped her. san jose police are looking for a trio of suspects involved in an east side home invasion robbery on the 2100 block of
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huran drive yesterday afternoon. three men broke into a home, tied up a woman who was inside. at least one suspect was armed with a handgun. the female victim was not shot. three teenagers are now under arrest for an attack that injured a man and killed his dog last month. san jose police say two of the suspects were already in custody on unrelated charges. the miniature yorkshire terrier shadow died after the attack at winchester and colonial. police say the suspects thought the dog owner was a rival gang member. that story got a lot of pub. very sad. time now is 4:39. it is now or never in san jose. the fate of the city's pension battle coming up. plus, the day is finally here. the big announcement today about apple's newest ipad. and taking on tinseltown, one man's lawsuit over the high price of popcorn.
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we' back at 4:41 now.
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it's faster, sharper and more addictive apps. that's what analysts expect from the new ipad to be unveiled in san francisco this morning. many think it will have a quicker processor plus an option for faster wireless access. no details have been released. one clue is in the product launch invite, apple says, quote, we have something here you really have to see and touch. 5:20 coming up this morning, cnet editor-at-large brian cooley joins us live with more on the announcement. stocks had a big setback, dow down 204 points while the s&p and the nasdaq both dropped by more than 1%. investors are worried about greece's future and high oil prices. by an 8-3 vote, the san jose city council has approved
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a modified pension reform measure for the june ballot. retirement costs for the city have more than doubled over the last decade to $245 million a year. yesterday both retired and active city employees made desperate pleas to preserve the current pension s mayor reed pension system. mayor reed says the time is now. >> it's time to act to give the people of san jose the opportunity to make the decision of whether or not we should continue draining money from services and pouring them into retirement benefits or make changes to bring down the costs. >> and if city voters pass the measure it would put new employees into a lower cost retirement plan. existing staff would have the option of paying more to keep their current pension plans. the state attorney general is warning californians about the potential for home loan modifications scams. crooks might try to take advantage of the state's $18 billion settlement with five
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major banks. kamala harris says never pay up front for loan modification service and never get out personal information over the phone or online. an obese livermore man's call for help may be answered. he posted a video plea for help on youtube. he mentioned the dr. phil show. gibbs says the show plans to film him in his home today. he says he weighs between 6 and 700 pounds and wants help so he can live long enough to have a family. vallejo police have reunited a disabled student with their stolen van. christian roundtree noticed sunday her specially equipped van was missing from her family's driveway. police found the van after a tip from a caller. it was parked a few blocks from roundtree's home in south vallejo. >> the police called me and say the van was on 6th street and i needed someone to come to get up and as soon as i called my
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sister, called her and told her, it's on 6th street, get your butt there. hurry up. i want my van! >> simple. as that. she said she was preparing for life without her car and says she is once again going to be able to goschool and water therapy and if she had to replace it i guess it's $40,000. so good thing though found it nearby. >> she seems to have a great attitude. a bomb square at disneyland. >> the connection two that right here in the bay area with the suspect. >> and we have all paid for the high price of movie popcorn. this morning, how one man is trying to change that. and a 14-year marriage may be over for peyton manning. what he is saying about the colts coming up. still breezy around the bay area. temperatures not too bad 30s and 40s. much warmer days ahead. we'll talk about that coming up next. ,,
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calling for an end to violee in syria. there is another effort in the united nations security council calling for a resolution of an end of violence in syria. previous attempt have been vetoed by russia and china. the syrian president says they won't stop fighting rebels. the u.n. estimates more than 7500 people have died in the year-long uprising. an autopsy confirms one of the so-called speed freak killers hanged himself in january. loren herzog's body was found in the trailer he lived in. he had tatoos of skulls, skeletons and other things on
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his body. authorities say a rohnert parkman is behind the incident after he left a scroll of paper near the ticket booths on saturday. they checked it out. it turns out the man actually wrote a spiritual message on that piece of paper. he was actually trying to encourage his daughter and her squad in a cheerleading competition. crews are battling several wildfires in missouri this morning. strong winds are fueling the flames in mark twain national forest. there are no reports of injuries so far but two homes were destroyed in the community doolittle. >> there was an electrical fire in the house and spread from the inside to the outside structures into the woods and off it went. >> the causes of most of the fires are still unclear but investigators believe they vary widely from accidental to intentional. >> a giant avalanche swept away
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ski lift equipment at a french alpine ski resort. a visitor shot this video as a giant wall of snow slid off the mountainside. it swept away a chair lift and ruptured cables. the resort shut down two tracks to avoid more slides. >> that's the second or third one in the last couple of weeks. how about weather? it's windy outside. >> it is. wind advisories. >> you know, all these people so calm while they are doing these videos. that's what i'm amazed at. >> it was clear, too. >> i'd be scrambling in the other direction. >> hey, folks. heading outside today it's breezy out there this morning. a clear start but breezy inside the bay and some of the interior valleys. by the afternoon, winds calm down. and that sunshine going to start to warm things up very nicely. probably some mid-60s in the warmest spots inland. you will see 50s maybe near 60 at the coast and plenty of 60s
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inside the bay. the beginning of some much warmer weather ahead as high pressure is going to build in very nicely today as this ridge sets up. eventually we'll get that nice northerly component and see that offshore flow so likely going to see 70s return to the bay area as early as tomorrow and friday looking like the best days of the week. into the central valley looking at 60s for the most part into sacramento, 59 degrees in fresno. got to get up to the high country to ski on the fresh snow looking good up there. 40s and 50s up through lake tahoe and also yosemite. around the bay area today we can plan on temperatures being warmer and it will feel warmer too because of less wind. 65 san jose, 63 hayward. sunny skies in the east bay into the 60s by the afternoon. and looking pretty good inside the bay about 63 degrees in oakland, sunshine. 61 in san francisco. and about 66 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days we are going to hit the sweet spot this week. 70s on thursday and friday as we are going to warm up nicely with the offshore winds.
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cooling down over the weekend more clouds on the way in fact a cold front dives in come wednesday maybe -- i mean come sunday maybe unsettled latter part of the weekend then things open up to bring us more rain next week. we'll see what happens. >> i miss 70s. >> enjoy it. next couple of days will be great. >> thanks. how about traffic, gianna? >> not too bad actually doing well as far as accidents on the road. the only thing are the wind advisories as lawrence said. it's windy out there so chp has issued advisories for the bay bridge, antioch bridge and richmond/san rafael bridge. i'll show you those in just a second. one of the bright spots now no official advisory now on the golden gate bridge. traffic light. they have done the lane changes. as you come out of marin county no major delays possibly some construction so heads up through there. now, north of there the richmond/san rafael bridge, we have a wind advisory in effect but so far no accidents no slow speeds everything moving along nicely as you work your way off 80 on the richmond/san rafael bridge over to 101. so no major snags. things looking good but gusty
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so use caution. elsewhere, the bay bridge toll plaza traffic very light 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. but a wind advisory is in effect for the bay bridge so careful as you work your way into san francisco. another one for the dumbarton bridge. no roadwork right now on the dumbarton bridge so that's good news. 61 miles per hour as you work your way across the span. high wind advisory as well for the san mateo bridge. traffic not too bad this morning through there but you can see our camera dancing around just a bit. so use caution, as well. that's the name of the game this morning. benicia benicia wind advisory there as well as well as the antioch bridge this morning. now, typically we see some slow speeds westbound 4 but so far, so good no major snags. we'll check the south bay coming up. back to you. >> thank you. well, an avid movie-goers is suing over the high price of popcorn. a michigan man has filed a class action lawsuit against amc theaters. he filed it after he saw a sign telling customers not to bring their own snacks to the movies. the lawsuit accuses movie
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concessions of price gouging on popcorn, candy and drinks and calls for customer refunds. the lawsuit was filed in michigan. if it's successful, it could spawn copycat lawsuits across the country. that's why people sneak in popcorn in their purses and don't have to pay. >> i use bottled water because it's like four bucks in the movie. >> ridiculous. another benefit of exercise. it can change your dna and make you stronger. swedish researchers found that exercise helps turn on genes in muscle cells. that ends up reprogramming them and making them stronger. they also found that caffeine may actually do the same thing. however, researchers don't recommend a couple of joe in place of exercise. it seems like colts quarterback and peyton manning and the indianapolis colts are parting ways. he will have a news conference this morning. manning and the team's owner flew into indy last night on a private jet. here's what manning said about the situation. >> we'll talk tomorrow. >> are you both happy though?
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>> we're good. we're good. we're going to talk tomorrow. we'll do it the right way tomorrow. >> everything is a-okay? >> we're good. >> how tough is this for you? >> we'll do it tomorrow. >> thanks. >> been there before, trying to get something. they are going to do it today actually. manning missed last season due to a neck injury. he was owed $28 million in a roster bonus if he stayed on the team. the colts of course have the number one draft pick and they are expected to take stanford's andrew luck quarterback from the cardinal. it's official, elizabeth. >> that's right. pro basketball is staying in sacramento. >> mayor johnson. [ applause and cheers ] >> last night city council agreed to build a $391 million downtown arena. just one year ago, their move to anaheim seemed like a slam- dunk but mayor kevin johnson
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convinced the city to kick in $255 million for the arena that's keeping the kings in sacramento for the next 30 years. >> of course, their mayor is a former nba great kevin johnson so i think he had a little something to do with that. >> all right. here is a new sport that you may find stunning. >> this is the international ultimate tech ball tournament in thailand. the unusual thing is not the giant ball but how players can lose possession of it. any player who has the ball is open to unlimited shocking by stu gun!! courtesy of players on the opposing team. you can imagine the games are short. each consist of three seven- minute periods and i don't think you last more than a season playing that. that's crazy! >> that is worse than dodgeball. and i didn't think anything was worse than dodgeball. that's pretty bad. 4:56. heads up for college applicants. >> how being too social could get you into a little bit of trouble. >> plus, saving the sport.
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oakland's plan to keep the athletics, warriors and raiders. a double murder in one of the south bay's safest cities. we have a live report coming up. the gop presidential hopefuls now looking ahead. how results from super tuesday will impact the long run. coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. two people found shot to death in a home in sunnyvale a city that hasn't seen a murder in five years. we have live report. we're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good and we are counting down the days until november and that looks better. >> mitt romney the big winner on super tuesday. how his main rival could soon get a major


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