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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  March 12, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that i take a plea and that is what i agreed to this morning. >> reporter: mirkarimi and the prosecutor agreed to drop the previous domestic abuse charges, then the d.a. added a new charge of false imprisonment to which mirkarimi agreed to plead guilty. he also agreed to a punishment of three years' probation, one year of counseling, he has to take parenting classes, and he has to pay a $590 fine. he is still not allowed to see his family until a judge decides otherwise. >> i haven't spoken to my wife in nearly eight weeks. it's been completely torturous. i have been able to see my son for two hours a day. i want to reunite with my family. and i -- i -- i so look forward to that process and look forward to continuing on with the great work of the department itself. >> reporter: his wife has said the sheriff did not abuse her despite the bruise on her arm
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and a tearful diatribe on video where she blamed her husband. nevertheless, through her attorney, she said she is satisfied with today's plea agreement. >> my client's position is he is a great politician. he's a great sheriff. and also, the sole source of income for her right now. so she was -- was hopeful that they could work a deal out that would do this that wouldn't result in any more personal carnage to any of the many, many, many people that have been affected by this. >> reporter: mirkarimi is scheduled to be formally sentenced next monday march 19. after that he says, he plans to continue in his elected position. you will remain sheriff, you have made that clear? >> yes. i mean, that's my intention, absolutely. the department's been going strong. the plea that i shall take on the charge doesn't inhibit me legally, constitutionally, from being sheriff.
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>> reporter: still, mayor ed lee is trying to figure out whether to begin an effort to boot mirkarimi out of office. he says the charge of false imprisonment now makes his decision difficult. >> i have to be very careful about this. but, you know, amongst the earlier charges, you can kind of separate in the past the issues of domestic violence as well as the function of the officer was kind of a little separation. in this case i'm not sure about the separation. >> reporter: formal sentencing is next monday. and then the ball is in the mayor's court. at that point, the mayor has several options. he could do nothing at all. he could suspend the sheriff. he could call for an ethics commission investigation which then, dana, could ultimately result in the entire board of supervisors voting on whether to oust the sheriff. >> the mayor is setting himself up at this point it looks to me that he is conflicted on which way to go. do you think that he will push this forward and try to move the sheriff out? >> reporter: it's not clear. he's not telling us. but, you know, there could be something else going on in the background.
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he may be, you know, having talks with the sheriff and just saying, look you don't want this ethics commission investigation because dana, there are no rules in that investigation as i understand it. they do bring all this stuff back up again, the ex- girlfriend, his wife and the bruise and the whole thing and they may be telling the sheriff you don't want that just, you know, just quit. but we're not clear on whether that's the direction they are going in. >> okay. joe vazquez, thank you. it's been a dream that commuters have had for decades bart to san jose. today transit leaders cleared the final hurdle $900 million in federal funding. the berryessa extension project would build 10 miles of track and two new stations. one in milpitas, the second in northeast san jose. len ramirez on the savvy way transit leaders pushed this project through. len. >> reporter: that's right, allen. when voters passed the bart-to- san jose tax measures the grand plan was to have underground bart stations all the way up and downed east santa clara street and alum rock avenue such as we have in san francisco on market street.
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but the funding for that wasn't coming through and so backers of this plan had to regroup come up with another plan and that's what we have today. bart-to-san jose has a foot in the door now and that's reason enough to celebrate. a few strokes of the pen... >> yeah! [ applause ] >> reporter: -- a popping of the cork. and finally, a solid answer to the bay area's long-running question: when will bart come to san jose? >> segment 1, ten miles from fremont to milpitas and berryessa and san jose will be done by 2016. >> reporter: just four years from now, but decades in the making and for many commuters, way overdue. >> i just want to be able to make it to work. i'm tired of driving to san jose all the way to fremont in order to be able to make it to work. it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: it took that long to secure the project's $3.2 billion. today's gathering at san jose city hall was to celebrate the last big piece snapping into place a $900 million grant from
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the federal transit administration. >> these are big infrastructure projects that are going to be good for 100 years so the fact that it's taken us 10 or 20 years to get here shouldn't be a surprise. >> reporter: but bart to san jose almost came off its own rails despite two tax measures that voters passed on themselves in 2000 and 2008. the project had to be slice need pieces when the fta said no to funding the full extension into downtown san jose. >> instead of looking at the entire project, we chunked it out in small chunks so we go from warm springs to berryessa and just worry about that segment records the rest of the way into downtown six miles and another $3 billion remains uncertain. >> it will be tough. it was tough to get this far. >> reporter: groundbreaking for the first extension, the 10 miles from fremont to berryessa in san jose, will happen sometime next month. it will be under construction for about four years with test trains running by late 2016.
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and commuters and people riding bart by 2017. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. well, the state isn't making as much money as governor brown hoped. new numbers show february revenues fell about $146 million short of what he had budgeted for. >> well, we try to make the best judgment we can. but we live in a global economy in the american economy. it's not like counting peas in a pod. we do our best and if we have more, we probably spend t if we have less, we cut. just that simple. >> despite the shortfall, the state controller is confident california won't have any problems paying its bills through the end of the fiscal year. it is a landmark settlement. pg&e said today that it has agreed to pay the city of san bruno $70 million for pain and suffering caused by its devastating pipeline blast. phil matier reports, now the city has to decide how to spend that money.
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phil. >> reporter: that's right, dana. and that's on top of the $50 million that pg&e has pledged to rebuild this neighborhood. but the folks up here, well they have a message about spending the money as well for city hall and this is it. >> that's fine. but i think they ought to take the money and spend it in this neighborhood first. >> reporter: and have they been doing their job of taking care of this neighborhood first? >> uhm....... somewhat. >> reporter: that was san bruno blast victim carol reacting to the news today that pacific gas & electric had just agreed to give the town an extra $70 million to spend any way they like. >> i agree with carol and the rest of the folks who lost their homes. they would like to get everybody back in and, you know, take care of all the streets and everything rather than giving the money somewhere else up here. >> for 18 months i have heard the frustrations. >> reporter: city officials however say pg&e has already pledged up to $50 million for
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the neighborhood alone. this extra $70 million is for the whole town to share. >> this is a bedroom community with a lot of families and a lot of them have been scarred. >> reporter: there's been talk of a new library for the town or expanding kids' programs. >> depends on what the citizens want to do with it. it could be a combination of a number of things. >> reporter: so where do the people say the money should go? >> it really first needs to focus in on what happened up there make sure those people are whole before they do anything else. >> they should help the people who lost their homes. >> reporter: audrey can'tly is one of the lucky ones in the neighborhood to survive the blast with her home pretty much intact. her suggestion? >> i'd like to see some sort of memorial put up, small, not anything too ostentacious, maybe expand the park. >> get all those people back in here. let's get this going. >> reporter: that seems to be a little more difficult than people expected. obviously, we have some red tape. we got some permits. we have questions about pg&e's liability.
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we have suits working their way through the courts. so it's time that's frustrating up here as well as money. in terms of a settlement this was one for the books an unheard of $70 million to be spent by san bruno for everybody in san bruno for the blast that happened here. dana? >> phil, i'm wondering if the city of san bruno has identified the person or people who will administer this money? >> reporter: they are talking about a nonprofit, a group that's outside of city hall so that it doesn't necessarily go to city expenses. but they haven't named anybody. they are going to do that after the money winds up in the bank. >> thank you, phil matier. and new at 6:00, a bicyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian in san francisco has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. last july, randy eng ran a red light on the embarcadero and hit a tourist from washington, d.c. the 68-year-old victim was crossing mission street with her husband. now, as part of the plea deal, eng was sentenced to three
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years' probation and 500 hours of community service. also new tonight, one of the "speed freak" killers is revealing a possible new burial site. in a letter to our sister station in sacramento, wesley shermantine talks about bodies buried up and down california. derek shore reports there may be more in come. >> i tend to believe wesley shermantine. >> reporter: but in his third dispatch from death row, "speed freak" killer wesley shermantine taunts just what he knows. >> we have a long way to go yet in the recovery process of victims, he writes. and to prove it he gives another location. not only do i know about herzog other wells and victims, i know about the person they buried on fine road in the back of or chart. >> fine also has come up in conversation on several other times. >> reporter: bounty hunter leonard padilla says herzog used to live on fine road in linden close to where deputies have recovered more than 1,000 bone fragments of suspected
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victims. and in a twist, shermantine also taunts information not even connected to the "speed freak" killings claiming to have information as to where victims of gang murders are hidden. taunting, it's so simple, i can't believe the cops have never figured it out. but the information hinged on money. no, i have received no money from leonard. in fact, i was told that was a media stunt he pulled. padilla says money for the info was sent but returned by the prison. >> we have every intention of, you know, keeping our end of the agreement. we have to. otherwise he's just not going to continue to talk to us. >> reporter: shermantine writes, i really want to believe in leonard but i have these doubts he will come through which is a shame because i have been holding the best for last. well, what is the best? padilla thinks it's simply an agreement to give up all his information. >> i would assume he is talking about, you know, he has alluded to as many as 70 bodies. >> reporter: in sacramento,
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derek shore, cbs 5. it's really heavy. it probably weighs 80 pounds or so. >> well, it is about the last thing you would expect to find floating in the bay. how a piece of military history finally found its way back to its rightful owner almost 40 years later. crimes in the world: it's one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. now a new way to stop human trafficking to the bay area that's never been used before. >> and looks innocent but don't let those big eyes fool you! how that owl is terrorizing dogs on a popular hiking trail. >> it's going to be raining cats and dogs, it's true! good evening, everybody. rain is coming. how much and when, as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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concord to protest potential layoffs and right now, east bay educators are gathering in concord to protest potential layoffs amid an ongoing contract stalemate. these are our live pictures from chopper 5. the mount diablo school board expects to approve about 90 preliminary teacher and staff layoffs tonight due cash constraints. that's despite a generally positive budget outlook for the next three years. teachers plan to pack the school board meeting after the protest outside. a sunnyvale woman vacationing in hawaii died after being swept out to sea. police say the 58-year-old slipped and fell in on kauai. her body was found four miles off the coast. sheng was traveling alone. she was visiting a conference
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in kauai. a domestic dispute was likely behind a bomb scare that diverted a commercial jet this morning. the jetblue flight from boston to chicagolanded in buffalo after the airline got a call the woman on board might have a bomb. she did not. other passengers said the woman spent most of the flight crying. the caller turned out to be another woman. charges are pending against her. the fbi is not saying how the two know each other. new at 6:00, human rights advocates launched an effort at sfo today to help fight human trafficking. ann notarangelo reports that their goal is to teach airline personnel how to spot traffickers and victims. >> reporter: human trafficking conjures up figures of images of people lurking in the shadows. >> girls on the street are being exploited. so it's so in your face. >> reporter: sometimes, sitting next to you on a plane. today at sfo, they began
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training airport personnel to stem the tide of human trafficking on commercial airlines. >> on every flight we left, on delta, jetblue, american, u.s. air, there was a human trafficking incident. >> reporter: it's believed to be the third largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world. petra hensley was only 16 when she became a victim. >> they ship items that they -- they take away everything you have left and you just been exposed to what they want. >> reporter: increasing awareness about human trafficking is welcome news to community violence solutions which just last week here in san pablo opened a drop-in center for commercially sexually exploited use. >> anybody walk through your doors? >> yes, we had participants come in. >> the first day? >> yes. >> reporter: they say it would be a tragic mistake to believe all victims are brought in from exotic locations on planes.
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>> foreign national issue is huge, as well. but i think right now in contra costa county, we're seeing more girls who are victims of domestic trafficking. >> reporter: the new center is open two days a week. they will get counseling, help passing the ged, pacic toiletries and food -- basic toiletries and food. another center will open in antioch in may. they see a growing problem. >> at any given time dozens of survivors are come through our doors. >> reporter: the people exploiting these girls are rarely stopped. so the focus is teaching these girls they are not property. they are people. in san pablo, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. it's official. yahoo is suing facebook. now, the lawsuit between the bay area tech giants is over patents. yahoo claims facebook infringed on ten of its patents including privacy controls and online advertising. today's lawsuit comes just weeks before facebook's anticipated initial public offering of its stock. facebook calls the lawsuit puzzling and promises to fight
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it vigorously. apple has already sold out of the new ipad in just five days. now, we're talking about preorders. now they are going to take two to three weeks to ship. it's supposed to go on sale on fridaying in the store. it will be hard to beat the ipad 2 release. apple sold more than 15 million in three months last year. with gas prices heading close toker 4.5 dollars a gallon, electric cars are starting to look more enticing. the newest all-electric vehicle to hit the u.s. market debuted today in the bay area and don ford on how the car, imported from china, got an ecofriendly makeover. >> please join me in welcoming our very first customer vehicle to come off the line. >> reporter: the latest all- electric car to enter the market has arrived. it's called the coda sedan, 100% battery-operated with a range of over 100 miles.
6:20 pm
executive chairman mark heller has some big plans. >> our founding mission at coda is to put an electric car in every garage in the world starting here in california. >> reporter: coda is importing the basic sedan from china without the original gas engine to here in benicia, where it is fitted with an electric motor and battery, inspected for quality and charged up. the customer will get a jolt from the cost, too. >> our focus is on bringing all- electric transportation to the consumer price segment. that's where the scalable nature of solving this problem comes in. >> reporter: coda says various government rebates will lower the nearly $40,000 price to the consumer. but folks at the gas pump weren't too sure. >> if an electric car is going to go up to $40,000, $50,000, why not get a honda civic? >> i can't afford that. >> that could be a nice regular
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car. better be a nice electric car, too. >> reporter: it has plenty of power. they claim it can hold five people, has about the same range as the nissan leaf, but not as sexy or as expensive as the tesla roadster. coda is very proud of their new all-electric vehicle and in fact their first retail outlet will be opening this coming friday. in benicia, don ford, cbs 5. look out above! yeah. the dive bombing owl preying on dogs and one popular hiking trail. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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hikers say the bird has been dive-bombing dogs walking by its tr watch out for that guy. that's what park rangers are
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telling visitors at an east bay park. hikers say that owl has been dive bombing dogs in the berkeley hills on the trail. our mobile 5 camera found it late this afternoon. it has nested in the same eucalyptus tree that a family of owls called home a few years ago. park rangers are asking that dogs be kept on leash in that area. it looks mean. >> not because it's going to rain, is it? [ laughter ] >> we should be happy about that. >> raining cats and dogs. so you know -- >> just stepped in a poodle. >> no more owl stories right? good evening. we got to do it, we got to fire up our live high-def doppler radar. but first off, let's head on outside. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera aboard chopper five. boy, we're finally getting some green republican up on the hillsides there. temperatures today a little unseasonably cool from 57 degrees in san francisco to 64 degrees in redwood city. and those clouds are all associated with a cold front that's heading this way. there's your live high-def doppler radar right now no
6:25 pm
green on the screen. so let's together see where we can anticipate the first round of rain for this week. there you have it right there. this is an indication by tomorrow morning's commute it will be awfully wet north of the golden gate bridge. slowly sagging to the south. and you see that area of yellow there? that is the frontal boundary associated with this slow- moving cold front. that's where the heaviest rainfall will be and that will be this time tomorrow night. the winds are also going to be aggressive along the coast and in the northern portion of our district. how much rain over the next 24 hours? we tally it up to like this. just about 1.5" in santa rosa. lesser amounts to the east and to the south. but nearly .25" across the peninsula. and we'll take the rain. we certainly need it. look at san jose right now. 25% of normal for this time of the year with just over three inches of rain in the bucket. this time last year, we had triple the amount. so your weather headlines tonight, partly to mostly cloudy skies, breezy south winds. tomorrow don't forget the umbrella.
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and by friday, six inches of rain and more rain over the weekend. tomorrow's high temperatures in the 50s and 60s. nobody is going to talk about that at all. they are going to be talking about this. each and every day we have rain in the forecast. and that is your pinpoint forecast. we'll be right back. coming up, an officer and a journalist, a backlash after berkeley's police chief sent an armed officer to a reporter's door. why some say it was intimidation. >> the taliban vows revenge. the united states promises justice. new details about the american soldier accused in a deadly massacre in afghanistan. >> looking out on the water and saw some broken-up markers, some marble and things. >> found floating in the bay almost 40 years ago. how a piece of military history finally found it way back to where it belongs. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. 6:30: tonight there are growing calls for a bay area police chief to resign, after crit our top story at 6:30, tonight there are growing calls for a bay area police chief to resign. this is after critics say he crossed the line to correct a reporter's story. christin ayers with the latest on the top cop backlash in berkeley. christin. >> reporter: the police chief
6:30 pm
has apologized for sending an armed officer to a reporter's door urging the reporter to change his story but that has not silenced calls for resignation. >> really outrage, we're ashamed and embarrassed by the chief's action. >> reporter: berkeley's police chief under fire from his own officers. chief michael meehan's troubles began with this raucous town hall meeting thursday night. [ yelling ] >> reporter: but the controversy would not end with the meeting. after it was over, "oakland tribune" reporter doug oakley filed a story that the police chief says is inaccurate. berkeley police say what happened next crossed a line. the police chief sent an officer to the journalist's home here in this neighborhood in the middle of the night to demand that the story be changed. >> i was shocked! >> reporter: attorney and ex- police officer harry stern says the tactic gives the perception of intimidation. >> becoming an editor, an armed editor, if you will, is really concerning. >> this could erode that trust
6:31 pm
that the berkeley police department has built over 100 years. >> reporter: it's reminiscent of a first amendment fight back in 2002, when berkeley mayor tom bates admitted to stealing and trashing 1000 copies of the daily californian after the paper endorsed his opponent. meehan says, i take full responsibility for error in july. by email, reporter doug okayly tolder, of the chief apologized to me and my family and i accepted it and now i'm ready to move on but the community has not moved on. someone chalked this message calling for meehan's firing in front of the city hall steps. >> whether he can recover from that we shall see. >> reporter: the city manager and the police chief declined to go on camera today. the police officers association says they are now working on a resolution with the city to address incidents like this. >> what is the next step, christin? does this issue go to the city council or are we waiting to find out what's going to happen
6:32 pm
next? >> reporter: for the moment, they say they are working on this resolution with the city. i did speak by email to the affected journalist and he said he had no intention of going forward with any sort of legal action or any of that nature. >> all right. thank you. campaign 2012. a day before two presidential primaries in the south, donald trump is calling or mitt romney's rivals to step down. trump says it is disgraceful that they are still in the race. romney was endorsed by jeff foxworthy today. bigad shaban says his opponents have no intention of stepping down. >> reporter: rick santorum is downplaying expectations a day before alabama and mississippi hold their primaries. >> it's a one week campaign. the other campaigns have been here running longer than we have and spending time here before we did. >> reporter: he is still making a last-minute push with campaign appearances in both
6:33 pm
states. mitt romney who turns 65 monday is hoping the south will deliver a birthday gift. >> i just want to say thanks to you for giving me this birthday present. i'm hoping to unwrap it tomorrow. >> reporter: he stopped in mobile, alabama before taking time off from the campaign trail to celebrate his birthday. a new cbs news/new york times poll shows republican primary voters nationwide pick santorum over romney. but 73% of those polled say romney will be the eventual nominee. only 10% show santorum. newt gingrich and ron paul trail even further behind. the primaries are critical for gingrich who spoke at an energy summit in biloxi, mississippi. >> we need a profound change in washington and the reason i'm running is i'm the one candidate who has a clear consistent track record. >> reporter: gingrich is resisting calls to leave the race saying he will do well in the south. bigad shaban, cbs news. >> one other campaign note. although romney turns 65 today,
6:34 pm
he says he will not enroll in medicare. instead, he says, he will keep his private health insurance. the u.s. soldier accused of gunning down afghan civilians is reportedly a trained sniper who suffered a traumatic brain injury before the rampage. more than a dozen people were killed in southern afghanistan yesterday. as danielle nottingham reports, the area is now bracing for retaliation. >> reporter: on the streets of kandahar, afghan military forces are on guard. the taliban is vowing revenge for sunday's deadly attack. eyewitnesses say an american soldier went on a shooting spree in two villages killing 16 people including nine children and three women. >> i cannot speak, this local man says, before wiping away tears. >> what happened this weekend is absolutely heartbreaking and tragic and i expressed directly to president karzai how the
6:35 pm
american people feel anytime innocent civilians especially children are -- are -- are killed. >> reporter: the soldier is in u.s. custody. the pentagon isn't releasing his name but cbs news has learned he is a 38-year-old army staff sergeant, a veteran of four tours in the middle east. president obama calls the shooting tragic and shocking. this is the third incident in several months that has stirred anti-american feeling. in february, afghans rioted after u.s. troops burned copies of the koran. six american soldiers were killed in retaliation. and a video surfaced in january purporting to show u.s. marines urinating on taliban corpses. >> this terrible incident does not change our steadfast dedication to protecting the afghan people. >> reporter: the u.s. strategy remains to turn the country's security over to afghan forces
6:36 pm
in 2014. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. late last week, we told you about an effort by the veterans administration to correct mistaken grave markings at cemeteries all across america. and that includes two cemeteries here in the bay area. well, our report drew a rather mysterious email from a viewer in oakland. and tonight, we bring you this remarkable story of lost and found nearly 40 years in the making. david arbogast is dusting off an adopted family heirloom. >> my dad was a carpenter and he was working on a restaurant somewhere near the bay early '70s, '73, '74 perhaps and while he was on break one day he is looking out in the water and saw some broken-up markers, some marble and things and upon closer inspection he found one intact and i guess just got to him that it didn't belong there. so he put it in his truck and brought it home to oakland. and it's been in this yard this
6:37 pm
front yard for 35 years. >> reporter: we did a little checking and found that for all those years, mr. gul dbo rg has been rezzing here, golden gate national cemetery in san bruno. >> this is john guldborg's gravesite, section 8, 217j. >> reporter: for starters how did the corporal end up with two headstones? >> well, when his wife died the following year, the headstone was replaced so would include her information. so a new headstone was set at that time. and the old one was then discarded. >> reporter: and why would a military headstone be discarded in the mudflats of san francisco bay? >> national cemeteries were run by the army prior to 1973. and for whatever reason, they did not appear to have a very standardized means of disposing of headstones. >> reporter: over the years, those discarded headstones have made their way to some unlikely
6:38 pm
places. >> foundations for houses. patio decorations in backyards. >> i saw the news story it seemed like i might want to follow up and try and get it back where it belongs. >> and generally speaking whenever va becomes aware of them we attempt to reclaim them. >> reporter: so we decided to get these two gentlemen together. and after nearly 4 decades, david arbogast was able to honor the wishes of his late father and to see to it that corp john guldborg's headstone is disposed of properly. now, proper disposal means that the headstone will be broken into pieces small enough that you cannot read the engraving. now, if you or someone now has come into possession of a similar piece of military property, contact the va because they would like to take it off your hands. we have put that information on our website, >> the families want to know that it's properly done, too. >> exactly. that's a great story.
6:39 pm
all right. how will they go? what some bay area crooks stole from a group of kids. >> camped out just to get into kindergarten? why the competition at one california school is so tough, parents are willing to spend three nights outside. >> spring ahead, fall back. repeat, evidence all that switching back and forth for daylight saving could be messing with your brain. ,, [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love.
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kindergarten competition in one northern california town. doze budget cuts have forced some pretty cutthroat kindergarten competition in one northern california town. dozens of parents in lincoln have been camping out for days to snag their kids a kindergarten spot at lincoln crossing elementary school. a second elementary school was supposed to be finished this year. but budget cuts put those plans on hold. >> it is frustrating when i'm paying tax dollars especially living in this community to not
6:42 pm
be able to have my kid immediately go into this school. >> feel cheated. you know? we were promised a school and when we bought into this community. >> children who don't get a spot in lincoln crossing will have to go to an overflow school. petaluma police are looking for thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth of baseball equipment from a little league team. those thieves broke into a shed over the weekend and they stole two pitching machines as well as umpire equipment and line chalker. still, parents say the incident can teach children that not everyone plays fair. >> nobody wants to wake up and come out here and have to explain to a group of kids that well, you know, we're -- things got to be a little different today because somebody came in and busted in and stole a bunch of our stuff. >> in total, that theft is going to cost the league about $6,500. some offers to help have already started coming in. so far police have no suspects. how close is alex smith to re-signing with the 49ers?
6:43 pm
he tells cbs 5 exclusively. and could the 49ers answer at wide receiver have arrived at santa clara this morning? breaking news coming up in sports. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st, polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space,
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when we sprang forward. it's something that's been done for centuries. but, is it necessary? mike sugerman asks: is time up, for daylight saving? our weekend was cut short when we sprang forward. we have been doing it for centuries. is it time for daylight savings to go the way of the dinosaur? mike sugerman reports. >> reporter: the idea of daylight saving was born in 1784. its father, ben franklin, thought we could save 64 million tons of wax and tal low if we went to daylight saving. but we don't need to save wax and tallow anymore, do we? energy, yes, but study show that daylight saving doesn't save much of that anymore. >> daylight saving is horrible. >> reporter: we went it a bar in brisbane to check the pulse in the community in these post- wax days. >> i think it's better for business. >> reporter: she said it doesn't matter that it's usually dark in here anyway.
6:47 pm
>> if it stays light later people stick around longer. >> my dogs are sleeping late, i'm sleeping late. >> reporter: then there's the accumulation of people all messed up because of the change. >> affects my biorythyms. >> i feel behind... [ audio ] >> that's a little editorial comment. >> that's what daylight saving dogs. >> good evening, we fired it up, it's live our high-def doppler radar. let's get to it because so far, according to our doppler sweep atop mount vaca, not a raindrop in sight. but that's going to change beginning in the overnight hours. right now we are looking out towards the increasing cloud cover at mount diablo where today's high temperature only in the upper 50s typically in the mid-60s and now, number- wise, sitting in the 50s and 60s. but it's breezy out there with those southwest winds 10 to 20 miles per hour adding to the evening chill. here you have our futurecast and you will notice as the
6:48 pm
night wears on we'll notice increasing cloud cover and there you have it well to the north of the bay area. by the morning commute, it will be wet north of the golden gate bridge. then gradually sliding across the bridge making its way to the south. this is a very slow-moving cold front and you see these pockets of yellow here. that's an indication that that's a front and that will have some heavy rain associated with it as it slices through our metropolitan area. so over the next 24 hours, we will see up to about 1.5" of rain north bay for the most part. lesser amounts to the south. over half an inch of rain at the delta but that's only over the next 24 hours. by the weekend, we should see up to 6 full inches of rain in the northern portion of our bay area. but we're still in a deficit about 11 to 12" of rain. this is a very impressive cold front. but it's taking most of the precipitation well to the north of the bay area. but nevertheless, as it gradually begins to descend south, it's going to increase the winds. this pool of colder air mass is
6:49 pm
not arriving until the weekend on saturday and on sunday. but one day at a time of the winter weather advisory in effect for the greater lake tahoe area, even though we have a winter weather warning in effect for the north slope and west plumas county. we'll start with snow and end with rain at lake level wednesday night into thursday. but between tuesday and on thursday, up to 6 inches of rain. tonight locally, partly cloudy skies, breezy southwest winds. don't forget your umbrella on tuesday. then the extended forecast calls for soggy cool conditions straight through the weekend. at any time temperatures overnight 40s with increasing cloud cover. tuesday, the temperatures won't even make a difference. but the numbers will stack up to the 50s and the low 60s with those southwest winds to 20. stronger gusts next to the coastline and also across the north bay. there you have the extended forecast. we have rain tuesday, wednesday a chance of rain thursday. more rain friday. and even a threat of thunderstorms on the weekend.
6:50 pm
that's the pinpoint forecast. eyewitness news continues. we'll be right back. ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
give the 49ers the big play receiver they had hoped for... they don't call her "exclusive" coyle for nothing. >> he has been out of the nfl
6:53 pm
for years. a lot of people still remember him and a lot of bay area fans know him because he played with the raiders for so long and when you get that deep in the play-offs you need wide receivers. braylon edwards didn't give the 49ers the big play receiver they hoped for so the 49ers are going back to the drawing board. how about randy moss? >> jim and trent wanted to see if he can play. we need to add somebody that can stretch the field and it's up to those guys to figure out if he's a fit. >> apparently, the 49ers liked what they saw. multiple reports say the san francisco signed the receiver 30 worked out for the 49ers this morning. trust me he is there working out. it was a private workout with jim harbaugh throwing him passes. moss did not play in the nfl last season. in less than 24 hour, the nfl free agency period begins. alex smith says he isn't planning on hitting the open market. smith had his best season last year under jim harbaugh. he told me exclusively last night that reports that he was demanding a five-year contract
6:54 pm
to stay with the 49ers were completely false and that he was happy with the team's three- year offer. what can you tell us about negotiations and how are things going? >> you know that it's going. and i think it's a process. none of this stuff happens overnight. i think the encouraging thing is they know i want to be back. you know, i think they want me back. and it's just a matter of working out the details. so i'm excited about it. i'm not really thinking about anything else. just waiting for it to get done. >> that is great news for 49ers fans. will the fourth time be the charm after three trips to the final four? the stanford women are poised to make another run. >> the number one seed in the fresno region no surprise it is the stanford cardinal and tara vanderveer. >> whoo! >> the cardinal will face 16th seeded hanson in the opening -- hampton in the opening round
6:55 pm
saturday. that's a road game in virginia. >> not a lot of people can say that, oh, that's not a four or the one before that. it's not guaranteed. and i think our team knows more than anything that nothing is guaranteed. everyone is going to play against you as if it's the biggest game on the schedule. but you can't help but think about, you know, the memories that you have built and how you want to build more memories this year. and i really want everybody on our team to experience what i have experienced. >> the cal women are also dancing. they are headed to indiana as an 8th seed in the raleigh region and will face iowa in the first round. top seed notre dame would likely be next. cal men's team hits the court wednesday in a play-in game against south florida. tip-off scheduled for around 5:40 on trutv and st. mary's will also be on trutv, they play friday at 4:27. we'll have all the reaction and highlights on the post-game show. the as playing the white
6:56 pm
sox. colin cal gill delivers to the big blow in the 3rd. a bases-clearing double to deep right. the as beat the sox 9-4. while were you busy pulling your hamstring at the little league parade this weekend, true story, here's what you missed. champion, >> calvert for the win off the ice. it counts! >> an incredible tip-in to win the colorado boys 5a state title. former slam-dunk champ gerald green still has an impressive windmill jam and even more impressive when you see this angle. his head is above the rim. jerome scored over 500 career goals. a memorable assist. i whips on the shot and still pushes it to a teammate who scores the goal. and in golf, paul casey at the
6:57 pm
par 315th hole at doral from 166 yards out, his 8 iron is the right club for a hole in one of the they are giving away cadillacs for the ace but connolly in the green is thrilled. it's custom for pros to give their caddy the car but before he can get behind the wheel he is informed that the giveaway is only on the 13th hole not the 15th. >> come on. >> store sorry craig, no car. >> i have been with people who have hit holes in one and it's traditional get a car. a dozen golf balls usually from the pro shop. other people can verify t never happened to me. >> 19th hole, that, too. >> absolutely. >> didn't get the car. he was rubbing it in. we're coming back at 10:00 and 11:00. hope to see you then. >> pulled my hammy! poor dennis. [ laughter ] >> caption colorado, llc ep, . [ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom.
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