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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  March 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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leaders want to change altered in another ravens and california were a teenager died. some legislators tried unsuccessfully to been raves at public arenas. any temporary mass gathering has inherent risks. that the emergency medical response for the fly to that put on this weekend. expense of 200 events. and one unfortunate incident 2010. cannot areas this time last time there were complaints for a water was a premium. in new era's the texting system and
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promoters say it tends to shut down their festivals that to love as the 1930's 30 is a dangerous drugs like lsd were consumed. a daytime when the next big thing in music or counter culture, long like electronic dance music faces now must like hip-hop in the '90s and even elvis presley and going for a further back to blues and rock and roll. doctors say the real problem of course is the drugs and the fact that many of the people here really kids aren't really hard-core drug users. they get their hands on powerful stuff and there is trouble so the real key is keeping the drugs out. republican presidential minor to replenish his campaign reserves. in redwood city were his fund- raising event is being met by
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protesters to. as far as the traffic of the gas are concerned most of them are inside by its mere protesting corporate greed there is a part of the dream that legislation that romney said he would veto the became president messages saying that they're here simply because rummy is " out of touch with mainstream america and and that may be difficult image to change as romney said-for cash it in california is that to events in today's uncertain sacramento pete wilson tonight here in redwood city dinner is not cheap cost rain from 1000 to $25,000 enron is expected to hobnob with some type giants like hewlett-packard meg whitman and microsystems ceo scott mcnealy and if you talk to political analyst many say that romney really needs is infusion of money with four gop candidates still competing for that nomination. governor romney and santorum but the longer they
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stay and raise the more they will raise more. romney has had a surgery california and the latest u.s. the l.a. times poll 42 percent of registered republicans say they would support rahm emmanuel 23% say they would support for santorum and california is really a cash cow for all the candidates up with no losses under santorum is expected to be here in the bay area on thursday for his own fund-raiser as from irani continues from here to stockton to be with the developer in san diego chargers owner alex spanos then obviously and l.a. for even more money. it was apparently ordered out of the country into thousand six actor robin restaurant immigration officials had to let them go because his native vietnam wouldn't take him back 35 year- old then type who could make his first court appearance in that
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murder is as early as tomorrow investigators say he has some sort of relationship with the victims but it would not say what it was. all five were found dead friday morning in a home on health street near city college investigators say there were murdered so savagely it was difficult to determine how they actually died. they say some sort of the alleged weapon was involved but it is not been recovered. is in one month and an honor and florida team was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch cap and the rows around the country today protest the shooting of 17 year- old trail on martin robert lisle is that one of them outside city hall and oakland. as you just mentioned terrebonne martin may have happened 3,000 mi. away but that 17 year-old murder has triggered rallies and almost every corner this country including behind me here at 14th and to broadway. inside this crowd of about 100 people is the oakland city mayor gene klein
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city council member does the brooks representatives from a number of churches and the members of the naacp get this they were all brought here by a 16 year-old to ask supporters to come to city hall " with three things, a heady, and that of skills, and a can of soda. marin henry is a junior berkeley high school and president of the and delays cheapies youth group. he says he and from martin in the same grade and encouraged everyone to wearing heavy to tonight's rally because it is what martin was wearing one month ago tonight when he was shot in the chest by 28 year-old george zimmerman. its intent on martin's tans say henry was not a gun but a bad of skills and an arizona iced tea. when the sap is not just the black community needs to stand up by think every committee needs to stand up a special the city of oakland because stuff like this has happened for example in the oscar grant case stuff like this happened in the city of oakland's. across the nation as
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a man is being called a vigilante and arms neighborhood patrolman who allegedly chased the honors teenager even after being discouraged by 911. allegedly zimmerman racially profiled martin because he wore a heavy but now chairman martin's character is under scrutiny. lead report said the team had been suspended from his miami high-school for possession among the bags of marijuana. allegedly he had 810 heavy on and it was cold outside. santa the authorities say an early and newspaper it was a teenager who was the aggressor. plunging to amend the face police say that is the statement is a man has maintained in the same statement offered by witnesses. to spread
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the message that there needs to be justice portray bond. this rally is expected to become a prayer memorial again they're all calling for the rest of the accused shooter george zimmerman at this time the department of justice has opened a civil- rights investigation as state of florida have any sign heavy to sign eight special prosecutors saying it will remain in this location and will not be run double locks the streets of more than a hundred people here are all in support of trade on margin. as it back to you. and it was another small demonstration earlier this way in san francisco to protest the death of chairman martin the event was called it the screen now for justice. and volunteer was resumed the search for missing 50 year- old so this and areas around her home and the streets or herself on was found in an
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unincorporated morgan hill and unrest tells us this year's surge center here in burnett elementary school in the city of morgan hill is just now forming up is solidly behind its and the class kids foundation as this search for sierra cam stretches into its second week. an individual the school here where the first things the market crash did when he arrived in morgan hill was to pose information about the volunteer search efforts on his facebook page. social never again has of is great value to the missing child. your daughter hall was a first missing child to be sure is later found murdered his {but and twitter as well as traditional media can help finance your lamar alive and well. i think people always have to remember that the as bleak as things can luck their idealism is marred the j.c. de guard and
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mrs. sanchez is out there who have time to come home alive and can put their lives back on track. the foundation is setting up a fall of volunteer service headquarters in the multipurpose room at the elementary school not far from where the mark it is a tiered last week. the foundation is looking for volunteers to help search the area on foot as well as office supplies and support personnel. marina is on vacation from work and stepped forward to help. and a daughter instead dollar daughter and a good in them. and i have nieces that little soul i've been in this committee all my life. it's scary to think that happen here. the multipurpose room is expected to be filled with volunteers as people from drop the community like the volunteer you just saw come forward to help search for sierra and anyone wishing to join the search can come here tomorrow morning at 8:00 and that his
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ads regarding and live in morgan hill in cbs five. the man reportedly tried to kidnap a teenage girl in broad daylight. last friday police say them and attacked the 16 year-old with a stun gun in the willow glen neighborhood. he then tried to drag her into his car the division managed to escape from him that the suspect was seen driving away in a red compact car with tinted windows. today brought a brief break from our weight rainy weather but it will not last chopper 5 coppice mix of clouds over the east bay today and check this out a perfect day for ground crews to get ready for baseball over at oakland stadium. this did those raindrops are only hours away. is a high death doppler radar we're kicking up a little bit of green on the screen of the north coast but that is where is evaporating before it hits land mass though when you anticipate this next system?
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future cast was the clock to take on by daniel c. the we have the leading edge of the system million to the santa rosa arrows area after midnight to 3:00 in the morning your is your money communes and we are wed north of the golden gate bridge areas of heavy rain to the north of santa rosa on by lunch hour we'll have the essential they beginning to fill the effects of light rain and all this gradually slides into the santa clara valley by the evening commute to the tally of the numbers the rain and the amounts and areas that will see up to 3 in. of rain as we keep our eye on the sky. it's like a spending spree that but it is bay area drivers was feeling the building blitz our roadways. frustrations of bentsen on billboards. tonight we ask is the bay bridge, really 100% foreign steel? the,,
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there is a building blitz in the bay area roads. * analysis and big money. as patrick explains that is behind the biggest flurry of projects in decades. the move through 2012 there is sort of a deadline for projects to be funded. in may come as no surprise you these freeways initial attention it was not adequate. in the driver's century. instead bonds the voters in the bay area approved six years ago often begin. making your commute a little smoother. and it's not on the freeways. the new tunnels doubles lied about the bay bridge projects this judge by a team is the most congested freeway in the bay area.
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the plan here is not to install more lanes of the most advanced lights available for better traffic flow. a cecily 880 needs to be fixed up a lot. '80 was pretty ready for long. time and lots of trucks rolling on it. he says. none in his car can take as they are. tick. belittle and it's not does it ready to begin with. he welcomes the opportunity from the other side because it will keep people like him working every million dollars spent to create more than 19,000 jobs. at the parents have this see my kids. patrick cbs five. to airways dispute almost as old as the project himself denies commuters are getting an eyeful of its new billboards in the east bay from the alliance for american manufacturing with the chinese flag in the background there the bay bridge 100% foreign steel. there's to be an obligation
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for public officials to try to employ a americans and their spending tax dollars rather than subsidizing jobs in china it was a stupid short-sighted decision and one that we hope is not repeated a buy any governor anywhere at anytime. obviously the nuances of american steel manufacturing capacity as complex as the bridge itself but what about the basic message on this billboard? to that charge street caltrans. this topic is one that is important to get right. so you have to start off with facts. there's over 250 metric tons of steel on the bridge and 200,000 t of that steel comes from america. over 70 percent of the seal was fabricated right here domestically this deal that needs the earthquake first was right here in america. some of its mind on some of vallejo. challenge for american steel fabrication and its capacity. some of the larger
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portions of the suspension bridge we didn't have the capacity here in the united states to do them with the time thought some parts that had to be fabricated the tower and the deck or fabricated at a chinese firm the same company that makes the port of oakland and then the cable also was fabricated and shanghai. some groups want to make enemies out of key members are steamed when the real enemy is the earthquake that this bridge is being billed for this is primarily an american fabricating bridge for the entire east bay sellout the billboards are inaccurate. and as for the bridge itself crews have now pulled 117 of the wire strands that will ultimately make up the main cable caltrans is already drawing up plans for a grand opening next year. by design was
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supposed to look like a real- life tragedy today in san as a international airports emerges response exercise tested first responders. volunteers at the this is this passenger's and people with injuries and their loss of police cars fire trucks and ambulances the goal was to test emergency plans and the coordination between various agencies. they spoke employees took a decorating contest of their new menlo park headquarters to level about 30 days book employees painted a 42 square foot q. are caught on the roof of one of the corporate buildings aerial pictures and into the mouth of the bar code can be scanned by smart phones unveiling a web address that see the web page currently has a coming soon noticed some believe the incident well trigger a new wave of advertising. did waves yearlong break is over for struggling homeowners would banks are suddenly getting,,,,,, after being on hold for the
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past year banks are moving ahead on foreclosing on homeowners to aren't paying their mortgages to a loss to the consumer want to the sudden uptick in foreclosures and was behind that. after 12 years michael border can no longer call this place home. but his cat many still does. when the sheriff came to evict and she ran away and hid. to stop gang is mortgage in the 2010 was locked out of its home news locked in. they say this blew through amount that they also to the route to a dozen other delinquent homeowners in contra costa county. the church told me that there were 25 different
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homeowners that's they foreclose on today. were definitely seen signs dark plum quest to the listed web site to attract says after a one-year break because of questionable practices banks actively moving for foreclosures again one reason is last month's big mortgage settlement with five of the nation's largest banks. is creating a set of ground rules for how to foreclose nationwide that is accepted by the authorities the attorneys general and to but the lenders now can follow. last month of the county side 20% increase in foreclosure activity over the previous year in contra costa county was up 17%. michael boyd is fighting back suing wells fargo and federal courts alleging it least seven mistakes or irregularities in his foreclosure paperwork. my title was never transferred to the trust there is no approved the wells fargo has any ownership of my home.
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boss friday expressed sympathy giving him more time to make his case. giveaways and chrysler have another chance. now he's made sure mimi has another chance even though he has to leave her behind she can now room three. wells fargo and says the have a consumer complaint give us a call or had to cbs sf dot com/consumer watch. thank you julie. bmw is recalling 1.3 million cars worldwide. the problem is incorrectly installed battery cable that could result in the cars into starts at the defect affects the series 5 and 6 bmw's built between 2003 to 2010 so far nine malfunctions have been reported but no fires owners will be notified of the repair which should take about 30 minutes. we have some more rain on the way let's check with the very latest and with greater shows us.
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want to assure the your windshield wipers are working indefinitely its marron a beating everyone has today's banning from 54 degrees from happened basis 63 degrees in morgan hill and gilroy this is this this is are live have doppler radar. it looks like it is raining by this took a look at the very latest observation that is favored by where it is operating before his the land mass the when can we anticipate the raindrops when it is the increasing cloud cover and debitors holding pretty steady into the fifties the winds are pretty busy at the south up to 21 m.p.h. apollinaire future cast is pretty accurate what it does is get as our computer models and some bridges and together to unite into a good look of the presentation and timing the leading edge of the system begins to reach santa rosa after midnight here's your morning commute. all the precipitation basically north of the golden gate bridge and then all of this slow leak slides into this central day of red
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around lunch hour. and continues to dive into southerly fashions about evening commutes everybody is white and we see some heavier precipitation falling around the santa cruz mountains and into the willow glen area kerrey of wednesday morning commute still some hint as scattered showers on the back and the end of the frontal boundary and then during the day wednesday mostly cloudy skies will keep the clouds on the increase on thursday as well solace tally of the numbers. this is an impressive we're talking from tomorrow night at this time until wednesday at lunchtime an inch in san francisco dewey's to present an. in downtown san jose and over an inch of rain expected in fairfield drug adults them tonight with increasing cloud cover in the 40's tomorrow i will be windy that the saudis winds 20 to 30 near the coast temperatures in the '50s and otherwise we're
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talking the next full system to relish the bay area just-in-time for weekends. that's our pinpoint forecasts. history the high court. the beginning of our president obama's health care law reaches the u.s. supreme court. why some of the legal experts have already been proven wrong. he did we to do know is open. when president obama's, and a microphone. ,,,,,,,,
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and led to make the central issue if he is the republican nominee. this is the most important issue in this election. people lined up for days for a chance to hear this sort arguments. i truly believe this law troubles our constitution. it's really important, here in support the law that has
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already helped some americans court watchers expect the real fireworks to come tuesday when the justice is requires americans buy health coverage and 2014 and healthy. daniel lauding him cbs news the supreme court. the hastings college of law professor have been three days of arguments this is the most the court has put aside for oral argument since the mid-60s. the complex to risk the entire issue the so many cases. is a combination of the two. how many issues there are entirely the historical importance of the issues. backcourt is not supposed to be political but this is a very political issue. as daniel just said the rule is supposed to come out in june a political time. added a separate that. to get says in america all
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professions and up in court. the fact of the matter is that under the constitution where democracy. whether it's abortion or a voting rights in this case these issues eventually end up in the courts. is not unusual. you're telling me there were some fires today some of the justices couldn't get their questions out fast enough there were stepping on each other. small you expected and more fireworks? said it was the appetizer and from a constitutional standpoint people have a consensus that the court is going to push through tomorrow's release the action is. to impose individual mandates. this of us so when the rule in june it will be a separate ruling on each issue. basically that is correct. some of the
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issues could actually preemptory preclude the other issues but for the most ideal decide each issue individually but the commerce clause question individual mandates in the central issue for the a for blacks. it would make history of the hyde. the tomorrow might be different. this is an issue the feels very strongly about the bigger picture issue is the relationship between the federal government in the state. the central suit promises political and constitutional philosophy. professor thing to her much. the white house is trying to explain in comments from president obama's that was caught on an open mike. he was talking with russian president dmitri about how he would deal with issues like a missile defense after the november election. the white house says
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the president's comments reflect a political reality and that domestic issues are keeping the president is dealing with problems of russia. but republicans pounced on the remarks they say that the president has a hidden agenda that could include concessions to the russians if he's reelected. in campaign 2012 rick santorum is defending himself tonight after lashing out at york times reporter last night in wisconsin republican presidential candidates took on a reporter when asked to explain the attack on the run the cbs news, the exchange on camera. this hit and run is the worst republican in the country is that true? what speech did you listen to? stop lying. as it is the worst republican to run on the issue obama's care. could distort my words. if i see it is
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bs. what are you doing?? centaurs says the reporter was taking him out of context and trying to make a broader attack on his opponent that it was. and remember the days when home buyers were competing against multiple bids and homes when for more than the asking price? angelo front of some bay area home buyers were finding that all over again. we just thought they're going to be a massive flood of homes available that we could just walking and basically not 10 different houses to choose from. the hefty down payments even bidding 50 percent over the asking price they've been outbid on three houses. it is was really depressed a bad market buyer's market. assaying but we're not finding that. throughout central contra costa county homes less than $400,000 are hot. we have suddenly had a
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rush of buyers. we've had more open houses with more buyers since coming through then we've had for three years. the contra costa association of realtors says there is no clear explanation but people are obviously right to buy but that doesn't make it any easier pamela mitchell is a realtor. even though i know how to write a contract and how to get the contract passed that and getting a bit. and it seems to be impossible journey. in addition to prop. getting offers they say banks continue to squash sales. it is no longer enough to have a willing buyer and willing seller. ultimately it comes down to the bank approved that loan in approving the sale. that is not happening. pending sales are through the roof of 60% from a year ago the actual sales are down 7% and a number of list listings remains low that low inventories ironically holding prices down. because you haven't had the inventory for a very long time
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the appraisals are lagging behind was the actual sale price could be. many eager buyers are being put on hold now i could find higher prices for their banks finally saying yes and conquered it cbs five. there's an expos for home buyers in contra costa county this weekend it's free and anyone can attend to from the end of the cbs sf dot com and click on link some numbers. it's a great way to get some college credits out of the way. slashing summer school. it will rescue of the california coast how the rescuers say,,,,,,
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nationwide sale, with flights all over the country starting at only 69 dollars one-way. hurry and book now, only at ♪ california state lawmaker pleaded no contest today in
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court after being cautious with a loaded gun at airports. back in january to his agent said an ontario international airport airport found a cool 45 and m l 6 and 10 dalis briefcase to claims that he forgot it was there. he was charged with a pair of misdemeanors, $2,200 on three years' probation and agreed to have his gun destroyed. federal charges were filed against the man who brought a small arsenal of weapons to the sacramental international airport. harold waller was arrested thursday when t.s. they found him carrying four loaded handguns. for eight more guns were found in his car along with three knives and 180 rounds of ammunition. this day he told investigators he did not intend to hurt anyone. the mother says her son was in sacramento being treated for depression. thousands of students will have to go about summer school this year budget cuts forcing bay area community colleges to slash
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and romance are even get a summer koses altogether. john ramose on the greater impact to for your college students. these are dark days as long college in fairfield. there'll be no cheering for the football team this fall. budget cuts have killed the program. in any future cuts could eliminate child care in theater. and now the announcement that there will be no summer school here as well. is a little bit frustrating because of to wait even longer down to transfer. did we needed because i wouldn't be able to get out of school sooner other schools are following suit soon francisco city college and is just decided to shrink its summer school enrollment by 60 percent. the college in pleasant hill is reducing its causes by it 4%. but is using reserve funds to maintain that level. did waves oppose my graduation back another semester. said herds.
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summer school is no longer seen as optional by many students as they struggle to get out in a reasonable time. competition can force him in good students to spend six years and more is to get their degree. it is the lid and a solid education. address along college's future advancement says the old rules are dead to get a good education students are going back to become more imaginatively and self motivated. to mr. ford. to very serious. but as educators asking is what happens to those who don't. in fairfield john bramah's cbs five. predicted that is free tonight amazing rescue was caught on tape take a look at this young california gray whale had a massive kill a bill that wrapped around the base of its sale of the weekend. it will
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watching boat captain, and that on the whale who then slam of to the boats and opened his mouth as if to say thank you. a little gratitude. the pope to visit to a communist country the preparations this started months ago to prepare for that trip. for the weather center good evening everyone i'm taking a look at the doppler radar since the little green on this green we advise on this storm will tell you when the rain will arrive dennis. you'll of coast a fun game tonight in good news fun game tonight in good news the giants' starting rotation
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get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. people are expected to greet pope benedict during his visit to cuba it's nice to the pope wrapped up a weekend visit to mexico to rise to hold an open air mass in santiago de cuba preparations began months ago to build a temporary altar in the city's main square and tomorrow he will go to havana to meet with cuban president raul castro and possibly his brother fidel.
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we'll get enough once in awhile but why did is not here tonight? because she's be recognized as one of california's limit of the year she was honored in sacramento today along with other california women chosen for a to the state's 80 assembly districts she was selected by assemblyman gerald kaufman of sausalito and that is for her work with the marin kids an organization that advocates equal opportunities for children. did waves isn't that wonderful. sacramento 66 degrees up for the average hike by locally it's been a cool march in the bay area whatever is averaging a good five degrees below normal and now we have rain on by high debt doppler radar as we take a good close look at 0.3 right now all of that is forever for the rate of operating before it hits land mass but we're kicking up a little bit of precipitation just off the coast we love cloud cover over mount diablo and has
6:48 pm
had been holding steady into the '50's as the current temperatures has today from to 87 in san francisco to 63 degrees in gilroy and morgan hill teacher cast we love this. take a look at the clock here and together we can plan on tuesday here you have the leading edge of the precipitation from this and coming storm that brings rain showers toward santa rosa after midnight here's your morning commutes all the rain is north of the golden gate bridge. end to this gradually slides toward the central day which means will have rain by a bunch our thereabouts drought the peninsula and for oakland in emeryville this is the evening commute to as the system takes a nosedive to the south their head in ms scattered showers all the way through our wednesday morning as the rain turns over to issue remics and then by wednesday afternoon mostly cloudy skies will keep the clouds filled during an to the horizon into the bay area through thursday as well. so the bottom line is every incoming and some impressive rainfall totals as well in fact we should
6:49 pm
pick up over an inch and three- quarters around this area about 7 t of an inch of rain from san francisco to least toward pleasanton nearly an inch in san as they will see over an inch in the delta says some hefty tolls coming our way and you'll get winded winds blow the southeast 20 to 30 m.p.h. best to 45 meanwhile a percentage of the most that that would take a good time to look at a san francisco right now 56 percent of normal for this time of the year with this last year. 122 percent of normal that has an azalea 35% one last year we were over 100% and area of low pressure it is taking a nose dived for the northwestern section of the state of california as a beautiful storm. it has a lot of energy associated with it not a lot of cold air mass to a local snow levels not affected at all but a lot of gusty winds as far as the snow is concerned the lake tahoe area we're talking red winter weather advisory and
6:50 pm
that to a foot of snow. ford is overnight lows tomorrows '50s and '60s that is not the story. the story is really coming this way and not at grant through wednesday and runs next system on top is upstream and,,
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given final game for tennessee's pat summit the legendary tennessee basketball coach who announced last year she was suffering from early onset alzheimer's disease. i love the game. and whether i am here or in an edta may or may not coach is what is. and this will and wont to get to the cuban ship for this group. did we see only goes to the ncaa with over 1000 wins it she would not add to that total tonight against baylor and the block short of a triple double. he went 19 and going to the final four for pat summit the role model for thousands who have lived with alzheimer's to leave the courts likely for the last time as a head coach. kentucky's lead over bill
6:54 pm
yesterday the ncaa tournament's set up a match up with louisville in the final four and it is to go to the national championship. one of the better rivalries in college basketball adlai's depending on which coast coach asked. i've been in kentucky three years. i said all along. we played one time you're in we're not in the same league are you getting worked up? and then they go crazy. did where you got your mind? i'm nuts i'm i don't know. there will be people in kentucky that will have a nervous breakdown of this west. del valle the defense is up on bridges. he's back. the tiger woods breaks jack nicholson's record of 18 major championships you'll look back on yesterday as the day the second leg of his career began. tiger woods in the final group it was a job loss of 923
6:55 pm
days in 27 tournaments without a win. on the cover the near post a big headline would says his personal struggles will never part of the problem of rabid the injuries. it's got to feel pretty good. does the good. it feels really very good. we spent a lot of hard work and said so thankful for lot of people are helping it us out along the way and we all know who they are. and look the odds to win the masters title goes over were mcelroy with the wind bill nicholson the west turned out a stop for them to be met within your media for the first time today in new york 200 and the members and 36 tv cameras pre the near-death quarterback and says i can handle the pressure. i really don't illegally to the destruction because i honestly will try not to pay too much attention to experience the reason we're doing this is because i have bosses do they
6:56 pm
want me to stand up and talk to you also can limit on them because they may do is. the waves of facing the world's rent asunder 39 struck out to give up one so he's looking dead but is probably going to start to see them on the disabled list angel went over four to play today he's only batting 176 and can still feel the giants went behind a walk off home run on public stand a ball. you're busy forgetting to get credentials for the final four tournament is the u.s. this weekend. bill is pretty grant had a second down to the tournament saturday night's if she is completely wide open on the fast break she has high energy levels and there is a decent margins so. but needs down 20 badland'' like this. mickey under the three sixties and as the clippers beat the grizzlies.
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