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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  April 18, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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cellphone. his mother says the images still play in her mind like a movie. >> when he was murdered in play on television almost every other day, we saw it in the court room, over and over again. >> now history will become a movie. and this bay area director confirm to cbs 5 that a feature film is in preproduction. it will detail the hours leading up to issue bank. at the hands of bart police officer johannes mehserle. during his trial the officer said he meant to use a taser instead of a gun and was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to two years. >> we want to humanize oscar, is like mattered. >> early word is that octavia spencer, the academy award winning actress will play wanted johnson. >> maybe we will get to know each other and she will be able to really works the role because of what she learned from a. i'm sure that i will learn something from her also. >> actor michael jordan is
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slated to play oscar grant in this movie that will be produced by forest whitaker. johnson, who has been in talks with a film maker for the past year will consult on the film. her hope is that it will keep her son's memory alive. >> this is not over. his life is not going to die. we are going to continually put it out there along with trayvon martin and those accept have been murdered. >> johnson said that she may have a cameo in the movie but we do not yet know who will play johannes mehserle. but we do know that something is expected to begin in july. >> thank you. >> the city of san bruno has gone through major rebuilding since the 2010 pipeline disaster. but now the community could lose another vital piece. joe vasquez tells us that itits elementary school could soon be shut down. >> they saw the fireball and had ashes rained down on them. and thankfully we did have a school to come back to. >> but now parents at this
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elementary school are worried that their school will close. >> our schools specifically because of what happened on september 9th should stay open. >> many were inside of the classrooms for a back-to-school night when the explosion happened on september 9, 2010, ground zero where the pg&e pipes ruptured killing eight people and destroying dozens of homes, that is half a mile behind the school fence. >> i was here and i help evacuate parents. >> she says that she is upset that a committee appointed by the school board has put them on the top of a list of schools to be shut down to save money. >> you come to school and you feel attitudes are changing. teachers are more about their job. parents are worried of what will happen to their kids. i don't think they're being very sensitive about it. >> it is absolutely a major change. >> the superintendent says the committee made a decision on nine different criteria including how disruptive it would be for other schools to have to shut down. >> i myself live in that neighborhood and went through
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the explosion and fire, i was evacuated from my home. my wife was injured. so the sensitivity, i get that. but as being a sort of the school district, we do have an interest upturning the school districts as a whole. >> will talk about tonight at 7:00 at a school board meeting right here at roland would. no decision expected anytime soon. you may also remember that pg&e paid the city of san bruno $70 million in a settlement over the last week. i spoke to the mayor today and he says that the money will not be available to the schools. >> thank you. faugh >> the report of a gun at oakmont high-school this afternoon turned out to be a fake. police responded but the school was not placed on lockdown. last week the student accidentally fired a gun in class at that high-school, no one was hurt. an oakland man caught on video punching a high-school athlete. it happened during last summer's
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championship game between the oakland rebels and the oakland soldiers. witnesses say that the man, possibly a coach, jumped off of the soldiers bench and punched get a 16 year-old lawyer because he thought that he had elbowed a soldier's play ear. some people even say that he has punched players before. it is unclear if he was arrested. >> a troubling twist in the disappearance of sierra lamar. while the teenagers missing, someone is tapping into her twitter cats. the hacker is posting crude messages on her private accounts. search teams continue to look for her more than one month after police believe that someone kidnapped the morgan hill teenager. police confirm the recent twitter messages on her private page are the work of hackers. >> a group of bay area high school students can claim credit for scrapping a national advertising campaign. the students were not find the ads that had been posted on store windows. here is what had them so
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upset. >> they were ready to come down here and protest this window display but then they found out that the display had already been changed so that came out to thank the company. >> this spring break campaign was " this is the time to get tanked, with plastic cups strewn about. the national retailers clothing is popular with teams. these kids and adults and that does not mix well. >> it just promoted binge drinking and that is not something that we want. >> the red style cup is immediately associated with spear and binge drinking. the word tank, the only word that it is defined in the dictionary is to get drunk. >> when this all the displaced from marin county they decided to take action. >> any and all i knew, anyone in the community, i told them about it and i told them how often it was. >> under aged drinking is a big concern here. >> we have some of the highest under aged binge drinking
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statistics in the country. and we're trying to change that. >> according to the 2010 california healthy kids survey, 30 percent of 11th graders and 14 percent of ninth graders reported binge drinking. the students and listed the help of county leaders and nonprofits to email a letter to the company and generate publicity. it clearly had an effect. the window display at the vintage oaks mall is much more plan than the one and walnut creek that we saw earlier today. >> this is a huge triumph for the community. >> today the vice president of marketing pulled cbs 5 " we really appreciate feedback from our customers, we're taking out the spring break promotion. clearly we did not intend for something negative. she said the promotion would be told that all of the 145 stores nationwide that use the display. >> that is awesome. >> i was very happy that what we did actually did something. >> the students are making a documentary about under aged drinking and their victory will be part of their movie, you can
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bet. >> great to bleadership on the part of the students to read >> for years it was a flag bearer for the marijuana industry but tonight's a bleak future for this university. >> i can only hope that the sacrifice and struggle here will help end the war sooner. >> the school's founder says that he will have to retire after the raid by federal agents earlier this month. they will also and all their business tied to growing and dispensing of the plant. that means closing most of their downtown operation and laying off about 100 employees. michael parker is one of them. >> it does not make any sense when we are contributing to culminating unemployment. we are contributing to the betterment of the downtown oakland industry. the economy of oakland. i'm not on a street corner selling stuff. we're doing this the right way. we're not criminals. that is why we are doing what we're doing. >> taking over the downsized
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operation will be the schools chancellor. dale scott jones. in its the road ahead is uncertain. marijuana activist call for a day of protest is friday which happens to be 4/20. >> marking the 106th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake, hitting a snag. how san fransisco landmark lost its golden hue. >> he told orange county " no ". that is not enough to stop the effort to get george lucas film production facility there. tom orange county is trying to woo him back. ,,
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>> he told orange county " no
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thanks ". but it is not stopping the county from making a last-ditch effort to get george lucas to expand his own production facility there. don ford tells us that it may be too little too late. >> george lucas has been making films here in palookas valley for decades. it now looks like the hopes to revise his plans to expand his film studio may be dead in the water. fed up with delays, he built on the project last week. but supporters and county supervisors are not taking no for an answer. >> i think that when he sees the death of the support that came before him, there's a good chance he will change his mind. >> at the county supervisors meeting there was lots of support. still one neighbor did complaint. >> the neighborhood was never notified of this project. >> but speaker after speaker beguin to reconsider. the supervisors even passed a resolution of support.
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>> never give up, never give up, we have to have him stay. >> neighbors in the lucas valley states that we spoke to were also very supportive. >> i think that's the thing he brings in will be a good thing. >> i would much rather see his complex go in than any other type of development. >> late this afternoon lucas said " no, the decision is final ". and now looks like one of the new locations is mayor island in vallejo. the city of vallejo could not be more excited about the possibility, even though the deal there is not firm yet. >> other bay area headlines, this san jose bound man took a stripped-down version approach of protesting at airport security screening. he decided to bear it all at the airport in portland. the 49 year-old was arrested for indecent exposure and disorderly
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conduct. it looks like more people in san fransisco are going to have to pay to pray. muni approved a proposal to make driver's seat meters on sundays. religious leaders oppose the idea, they said that it would keep some people from attending church. the board of supervisors still needs to approve that plan. facebook has received the go- ahead to add thousands more workers to their new campus in menlo park. that is in exchange for millions of dollars that they will put into city coffers. as part of that deal facebook will provide a combination of community benefits, environmental commitments, and pedestrian and bicycle pathway improvements for the city. >> hundreds came out to be there at 5:12 a.m. to mark the exact moment been 19 06 earthquake shook san francisco. two of the four living survivors attended the anniversary events. s and the this morning ceremony
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has been an annual tradition for more than a century. >> an accidental oversight lead to a very noticeable fire hydrants topol. mike sugerman shows us how san fransisco landmark lost its golden hue. >> and dried up brought her little friend to see the same fire hydrant that helps save the city in 1906. it kept going and others failed. >> they painted it cold to make it special to commemorate. >> they give it a new coat every year. or do they? there is silver paint on this, and it is still wet. catechists noted it also. but 2012 will forever be known as the year of the golden cover up ". we were all merilee painting away but it was dark. who knew? >> certainly not donna, who for 30 years have dressed up as a famed fireman's friend. and she gets her boots painted
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like a fire hydrant. this was last year's. this year the golden fire hydrants and her boots could not dodge the silver bullets. nor her shin. >> well, the fellow, i should not name him because it was quite a scandal because he is that of the history association. he went to buy the painting and somehow got the wrong color. >> his name is ron ross, head of the seventh disco is recited and says the guy at los sold some chrome painted in a gold paint can and he is angry, and as a historian a bit embarrassed. the the city's fire department got involved in the cover-up after was discovered and faster than you can say " dick nixon " got it cold again. >> and a historian? >> the treasure their history but does not take anything too seriously. an issue that has been steeped in gold stocks from this year. we have pictures of the smoking paint can to prove it. mike sugerman cbs 5. >> it was early anyway.
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bedroom homes are here in daly city.
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>> these construction workers are not your usual hard hats. but 50 graduating seniors and one junior from sir francis drake high-school. >> the students should be doing start testing but because they are seniors they don't need to take it anymore. >> the sooner had an idea. >> it seemed like a good way to give back to have that as well as the senior class. >> she organizer class into skipping the beach and picking up hammers. >> it was difficult because i'm a junior, and to get a senior is motivated during this week of testing. >> a little nervous until it's all the kids walking towards the bus and then it was total joy. >> it is a kind of scary being up as high. but it is helping families. >> the estimates are used to hitting the books, pounding nails? that is a different story. >> i thought it would be cool to build houses and learn before i go off to college. i'm 92 now use a hammer and nail in my future. >> giving back to people that all have homes is really
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something special. >> the new owners of these condominiums have been selected and it will be moving in by the end of the year. and bolivia and her classmates, the satisfaction of knowing that they help so many people find homeless during their last days as high schoolers. reporting from daly city. cbs 5. >> they're making nervous. keep the other hand away from the mail. >> to loves, not just one. >> that is a good project and great weather. >> today we average between three and five degrees the only time she ever listens to my weather forecast. it is lovely. a live weather camera looking at mt. diablo where today and that particular area near blackhawks and sam zell also in dublin we saw highs in the low seventies. we currently see mid and high- level clouds and air temperatures standing in the '50s and '60s. still 67 degrees in santa rosa after realizing a high of 71 degrees. but it is breezy with win
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currently out of the west at 14 some dusting of to 18 and 25 in and around the vicinity. you can see the street waving just a little bit in the evening breeze. tomorrow we will see warmer conditions after the mostly cloudy skies tonight. yes, additional warmth you will feel the difference. we will increase these numbers by seven or eight degrees in some neighborhoods. the warmest day is still to come, on friday and saturday definitely planned outdoor activities for your weekend. here's another look at the live cbs 5 whether camera. we're looking at clouds that are drifting in from an area of low pressure will to the north of the bay area causing some rain showers across the northwestern section of the state. but high-pressure continues to strengthen and as it does so we will see above average temperatures tomorrow. all the way through sunday, in fact tomorrow our temperatures will average five degrees above normal in san fransisco typically when it is 63 degrees. we will have low seventies, around livermore and into san
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jose. instead seven degrees above that. you'll feel the difference in concord and santa rosa will increase six degrees above normal but with a dry air mass in place. and tomorrow it will not be as breezy. more stagnant air, but the pollen count is shooting upward so if you suffer from allergies to limit on the mulberry and the oak and grass count that will be extremely high. tonight lows in the '40's and 50's and noticed a mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow we will start off with partly cloudy conditions and then the abundance of sunshine, 64 degrees in pacifica and 70 degrees in san jose. more than that in morgan hill and gilroy. the winds will blow out of the northwest flight at 5 mi. per hour, 77 degrees. there you have right there, in fairfield as well as napa valley. 79 degrees in pleasanton and 80 will be common around brentwood. 75 degrees tomorrow in santa rosa. notice the 60s lining at stinson beach, including bodega bay.
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there you have the services condition and 70 degrees in daly city. the extended forecast, once these will be on friday and saturday. a repeat performance there but it will be cool as a ridge of high pressure breaks down on sunday but still well above normal temperatures and then monday and tuesday we will see more seasonal greetings. in case you're wondering, do not see any chance of rain showers in the forecast until one week from this friday. and then again on sunday and monday. >> we will enjoy it until then. >> by here and pay here. high interest car loans financed by independent dealers. did you know that 30 percent of those loans result in repossessed cars? julie watts tells us that new legislation is a step closer to regulating the controversial financing. >> after a viewer complained that she bought a lemon with one of these loans, this became the focus of a recent consumer watch story. >> they're taking advantage of a very vulnerable population.
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>> the state senator said that many dealers take advantage of those desperate for transportation by financing cars, sometimes with mechanical issues, at an atr three times the national average. and because one out of four customers default dealers can resell the cars again and again. thanks to the testimony of the consumer featured in our story, the proposed bill to regulate these loans is one step closer to becoming law. a state assembly committee approved a bill 5/1 this afternoon. but opponents argue that new regulation will limit options for consumers and put small dealers out of business. and, we recently received another viewer complaints. this one after he tried to cancel a stolen check and realize that he would have to do it again, and again. >> my definition of canceled is " cancelled " when something is cancelled it is finished. >> that is not always the case when it comes to checks. he immediately canceled his checks after they were stolen
6:25 pm
from his car. but his bank said that his checks would become active again after just two years. and that is actually pretty common. impressive compared to their competitors. wells fargo and bank of america only canceled checks for six months. the minimum required by law. there are a few banks which will cancel them permanently and all banks must disclose the length of cancellation in the agreement when you open your accounts. and remember that if you have a consumer problem or question, give us a call. ore head to watch. >> canceling seems final. >> but it is actually only temporary. >> you have to read that fine print. thank you. well, it is the latest in a string of incidents complicating the u.s.-led mission in afghanistan. the photographs of the military did not want anyone to see. >> fall out from the secret service prostitution scandal. the agents and now out of a job. >> just a note to high-speed,,,,
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>> >> photos causing the latest
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american for u.s. forces in afghanistan were provided by a soldier. he believed that the reflected a breakdown in leadership and discipline according to the los angeles times. the picture showed troops posing with a dismembered bodies of afghans suicide bombers. and as danielle nottingham tells us, the president wants those responsible to be punished. >> top u.s. officials are strongly condemning photographs that the los angeles times published that appear to show american troops posing with debt insurgence in afghanistan. >> that behavior that was depicted in those photographs absolutely violates both our regulations, but more portly our core values. >> the to printed photos are among 18 taken in 2010 that and 82nd airborne division soldier one of the newspaper to make public. the defense secretary said the pentagon asked the los angeles times not to run those photographs.
6:30 pm
>> where not excusing that behavior but neither do i want these images to bring further injury to our people, or to our relationship with the afghan people. >> the white house called pictures reprehensible, and said the president wants those responsible held accountable. the obama administration is already dealing with a series of recent incidents that have strained relationships with afghanistan. last month an army sergeant allegedly killed 17 afghan civilians in a shooting rampage. earlier this year video surfaced showing marines urinating on afghan corpses. and the accidental burning of the koran at a nato air base sparked a deadly riots. the secretary of defense apologize for the latest incidents and said that it will be fully investigated. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> developing news in the secret service prostitution scandal. the agency says that three employees involved are now out
6:31 pm
of the secret service. one was a supervisor who was allowed to retire. the agency says that they removed a second supervisor " for cause ". that agent has 30 days to appeal. a uniformed officer that was not a supervisor resigned, and remaining eight agencies under investigation are on administrative leave. >> to campaign 2012, the president met with students at a community college in ohio today. he stressed new federal funding for job training, it will help unemployed workers break into high-growth industries. the president is headlining campaign events in michigan tonight before flying back to washington d.c., and he does have his work cut out for him. a cbs news poll shows him in a dead heat with mitt romney. both tied at 46%. the president was up by three percentage points last month. >> even though the overall cost is cut by billions of dollars, the independent study blast california's high-speed rail.
6:32 pm
it says that some parts of the plan simply don't make sense. the transit authority is on the defense as we hear from grace lee. >> this new report comes out just one day before the high- speed rail authority is facing some tough questions at the state capitol. now we want to know, will legislators vote against funding high-speed rail with misinformation? a scathing report may be throwing a wrench into california's high-speed rail. the legislative analyst's office just released this recommendation for the project. the nonpartisan agency says that state lawmakers should not support it as it is. it is a slap in the face for high-speed trains, even after the rail authority drop the price tag significantly from 98 to, down to $68 million. that happened earlier this month. the new 12 page report says that despite that small price tag, funding for it is " highly speculative and important
6:33 pm
details have not been sorted out ". >> yes, it makes you feel very good. >> ted crocker co-founded high- speed boondoggle and says the new report is on the right track because the rail authorities knew estimated cost is a sham. >> really all i have done is not given you the full system. if you add beckham but they have taken out your right back to where you were. it is not cheaper, you're getting less. >> so it is some smoke and mirrors that they're selling to the public? >> absolutely. >> with the state assembly wrestling with the details today, the jail the high-speed rail story was on the hot seat. he spoke with kcbs earlier, defending the project. >> we do disagree with the legislative analyst for a number of reasons. in looking at the high-speed rail program, everyone is trying to look at the whole enchilada at once. that is not the way the transit project is built. that is not the way that board was built or high-speed rail was built. it is built in pieces. >> we just heard from him, he
6:34 pm
also points out that if there is any delay in construction, the state could lose out on billions of dollars in federal transportation money. the legislature is expected to vote on the overall budget proposal, including a rail project and that should happen in two months. >> thank you. >> the summer olympic games are 100 days away. and london is getting ready to celebrate. the queen's foot guard a special formation, a giant " 100 " as the countdown begins. workers are putting the finishing touches on sports venues, attacking them out with mock sporting events. organizers say they have mapped out every detail including how long spectators will have to stand in line. the biggest challenge however is security. >> we will be keeping a very close watch on who is coming in and we will not allow people to come into the u.k. if we think that there'll be any kind of danger to national security. >> more than 13,000 troops will be deployed around london.
6:35 pm
the biggest and most expensive operation in england's recent history. >> mourning the death of the world's oldest teenager. in look back at clark and his ground making career. >> i am in the cbs 5 weather center. it is never too early to start thinking about the weekend and if you are headed to the high sierra, tomorrow will feature partly cloudy skies, with clear conditions friday, and there is a chance of a thunderstorm by saturday. if you're headed to one of your favorite resorts, call ahead of time to make sure there are open. sugar bowl still has seven lifts operating and squaw valley says operating and squaw valley says not only do they have snow and
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>> >> a group of bay area surgeons
6:38 pm
has successfully completed a very rare surgery. the reattached the forehead and scalp on a 22 year-old stockton woman. on april 5th her hair got caught in machinery at work. her scalp was right off of her head. surgeons at the california pacific medical center in san fransisco performed a seven hour surgery, taking pains from a woman's feet, to prepare blood vessels. >> even after a couple of days, she was already having stubble growing out. >> the woman was able to go home just one week after the procedure. this type of surgery is so rare that it has been performed only a few times worldwide. >> he became an icon for introducing the biggest names in music, and helping ring in the new year. but today the television legend dick clark passed away from a heart attack at the age of 82. manuel gallegus looks back at his career, it spent more than five decades.
6:39 pm
>> he was not a musician. but dick clark was a rock and roll idols. inducted into the rock-and-roll hall of fame for spreading the gospel of pop music. as the host of american bandstand, he introduced new songs to millions of teenagers in the 1950's without alienating their parents. >> they finally have a common ground of understanding so that they can talk to one another for a change. >> in more than 30 years on television american bandstand feature the greatest pop performers, artists like james brown and stevie wonder made their debut on the show thanks to dick clark who ended the practice of using only white performers on television. he became an entrepreneur or in the process. he hosted several game shows and became a commercial pitchman. tickler clark productions greeted thousand hours of television, particularly award shows like the golden globes and the daytime emmy awards and the academy of country music awards.
6:40 pm
he appeared on many of the shows, most famously for years ringing in the new year as a host of the new year's eve celebration. he was on able to host in 2004 after suffering a stroke a few weeks before the show. but he made a highly anticipated return in 2005. it was his first television appearance since the stroke. >> we're getting closer to midnight and everyone is looking at one spot. >> his youthful appearance earned him the nickname " america's oldest teenager. he agreed. >> the minute you grow up, the minute that immensely atrophy and freeze in time, you are old. >> he felt that rock-and-roll lasted so long because it has so many forms. he himself survived by embracing each,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 pm
>> teenagers in the east bay as a new way to express stress in their lives thanks to this week's jefferson award winner. >> she is an english teacher that found the same thing helped
6:44 pm
her in high-school. >> on the edge of silence ... you can hear their whispers ... these are the spirits of our ancestors. >> they are homes about life. payne, poverty and personal truth. >> you know nothing about living without a place to sleep, no food to eat or shoes for your feet ... >> grown up in richmond this 22 year-old had few ways to express what he was going through, until this english teacher suggested that he try poetry. >> when we talk about spoken word poetry, performance poetry. it is a different kind of poetry. it is like there are two components, the riding needs to be strong but the performance is a big part also. >> it is another way of getting out what ever is that is pent- up. >> she was his first students, that was five years ago and today he helps teach and run her
6:45 pm
program called " raw talent " which stands for richmond artist right. >> the critical list were not only can they improve their writing and reading skills, but really, process those emotions. >> molly says that spoken word poetry change her life in high- school so in 2007 when she was hired at the making waves education program in richmond, she saw an opportunity. >> in addition to the academic support we need to have agreed about that. >> she added raw talent to making waves rigorous academic program. >> today over 100 students benefit from her weekly workshops which have now expanded to include theater, music production, as well as performances and field trips. >> because of raw talent i have become very active in my community. a teacher, a poet, a well respected artist. all of this would not have been possible if it was not for
6:46 pm
molly. >> it was never just about poetry, it was about social justice and ex bulcreating a single place where people can feel like they can vent. >> love yourself, you have to know your wealth, and simply remember, just remember. thank you. >> so for helping students find their own unique voices, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to molly raynor. >> we have posted an e-mail address that you can use to get information on the program on click the connection button at the top of the page and then the jefferson awards, to find the story on mullet. >> wednesday april 18th, from the cbs 5 weather center a high of 62 in half moon bay, 74 degrees in concord. good evening everyone but step outside and take a look in your wednesday evening. it is the cbs 5 weather camera looking at mt. diablo.
6:47 pm
i never there at 73 degrees. nestled into the danville area, as well as a black hawk, a few high wispy clouds overhead associate with an area of low pressure to the north of us. we are in the '50s and '60s but the wind continues to gust up to 25 m.p.h. at sfo and 18 throughout the valley. tonight, becoming mostly cloudy overnight with mild numbers in the '40's and 50's. 51 overnight in piedmont in oakland so with increasing cloud cover, we will still see some areas of fog shroud in the immediate seashore. thursday additional warming takes place, you'll notice a difference. the numbers are going to pop up tomorrow. the extended forecast calls for the warmest is friday and saturday. this is interesting, the futurecast, as you watched the hours, you notice that we do have increasing cloud cover. a veil of-cirrus clouds associated with a disturbance will to the north of the bay area. but after tomorrow morning, son
6:48 pm
up at 60 6:00 a.m., we will clear out and enjoy most is sunday with west wind. this disturbance is causing some rain showers in the northwestern quadrant of the state but we're still under the influence of a building, bulging ridge of high pressure that will sit right over the state of california. as that happens, the wind will lessen and the pollen count is going to sort of words. if you suffer from allergies, and uncomfortable day coming up. an uncomfortable couple of days coming up. the grass count is extremely high. santa cruz at 70 degrees tomorrow. the rip current wrist will be low and the water temperature at 53 degrees. meanwhile friday 87 degrees at the beaches. but the uv index will be at 8 so if you are headed to santa cruz make sure you have sunblocks. in fact the beaches, pacifica half moon bay up to 70 degrees in san jose, a good seven degrees above average on thursday.
6:49 pm
the wind will blow out of the northwest between 5 and 10. pretty stagnant, the pollen comes into play east of the day or the number will go to 80 degrees. upper seventies for the most part in the eastern portion of our district. 74 degrees will be coming around petaluma. cooler in sandra felt otherwise cooler along the seashore. pristine condition is tomorrow. warmer weather friday and on saturday. a ridge of high pressure begins to break down on sunday but still, the temperatures averaging well above normal for this time of the year and then when we talk about seasonal temperatures returning to the bay area on monday through wednesday. that is your standpoint forecast. >> brian wilson ,,,,
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[ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval.
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it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. >> almost 40 years? as coach? >> can you think of how many people's lives she has touched in that time, it has been the end of an era. the most winning coach in college basketball history is leaving the bench, stepping down as head coach after an unprecedented 38 years. less than a year ago she
6:53 pm
announced that she had early onset of dementia and remained at that, leading them within a victory of her 19th final four. she's not leaving tennessee and instead becoming head coach emeritus at her longtime assistant takes over the coaching duties. and when you compare anyone to her you need to bring in the men's giant also in basketball. since he took over in tennessee, all she has done is 11009 at the games, more than anyone in history. mike assess the is the all times mends leader and is more than 100 behind her. she won 84 percent for games and led them to eight national championships. only john madden at ucla has more. >> they're like the yankees. they're like the dallas cowboys. they go anywhere in the country and there are people that aren't from tennessee, that did not play women's college basketball, that no association with the university except their fans.
6:54 pm
because the quality of the basketball has been so good for so long. >> the stamford head coach released a statement saying " words cannot adequately describe the extraordinary career that she has had in the world of basketball. she's a model of class and courage and i do not think that enough can be said for just how much pat has accomplished in building and elevating women's basketball to its current heights. pat is tennessee basketball. >> it is official, brian wilson scheduled for surgery tomorrow. the giants closer will undergo a procedure for a second time, recovery is typically a minimum of a year. the nfl suspended the defensive coordinator greg williams has been getting calls on christmas from fellow coaches and executives after his role in the since county program, one such call from a former colleague with the redskins, the 49ers general manager. >> he is a friend. and has been a friend. and so, it was only fitting
6:55 pm
epithet we reach out and speak with them. and i felt very good about the conversation. i don't feel any differently today than i did 20 days ago. >> the sharks went back to work to fix their failing penalty till not a of radical changes. >> we're not want to reinvent the wheel. we're going to do what we do enjoy better. >> how do a better man all the shuffling of players, particularly on the top line, that all sale to score a goal. they had not even registered a clinton still the three assistant in three. so expect them to break up this top line. >> we will put some fresh people in the lineup, i'm sure they're hungry. if we go about doing that, if we play and stay in line up, it gives you an emotional and physical jumped. and it is also, the coach sending a signal and maybe some
6:56 pm
guys are not happy with their game. that puts everyone a little bit on notice. that we can be better. >> physical play has turned ugly during his layoffs across the nhl. the coyotes player has been suspended indefinitely for this hit last night on chicagos marian hossa. he hit him under the chin. and he left the game on a stretcher. no word if or when he may be back in action. the referees did not penalize them for that hits. and after the loss the black hawks coach joel quenneville to not mince words, burning the " they said it " award. >> us all the whole play, 100 m.p.h., april 6th, i cannot believe for guys missed it. it makes me sick. >> this will probably also make you sick, the nba has find dante west $25,000 for sticking his finger into the ear of corn and
6:57 pm
hayward monday. he was called for a technical foul. it is on record as the most expensive wet willie in history. and finally, it is never a good idea for a chance to run onto the field under invited. a british rugby fan dressed as goldilocks when this the hard way. patrick willis would approve of that. a perfect tackle form. i think the wing is nice. >> did you notice he throttled him a couple of times. >> the major it was not going to get up. >> pit the big bad wolf in there. >> i can't get over that wet willie. no more time for weather? >> clearly it is wednesday. you should have,,,,,,,,,,
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