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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it is terrible, it's heartbreaking. to see it almost died. drag down the evening. that falling meteor would the size of a minivan. people in two states reported seen this flash in the sky last weekend and during a strange boom. now pieces of space rock are turning up across northern california. robert lyles gives us an up close look at what the media rights. it weighs slightly more than a quarter but is invaluable to scientists. this is one of the most important committee rise this fall and in our lifetime. of the first me your hunter's to descend along american river.
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you can guarantee there is another piece of hundred yards as but it is a difficult thing to see. there have been just to witness meteor falls in california. ironically few years ago i also recover the second one that was read can lake but sunday's fall of lotus and northeast of sacramento trump's them all the generated a sonic boom. 1/4 is fielding nuclear device that's why could be heard from asset is to sacramento. nasa estimates was. 70 metric tons this is the size of a large bus. hardly for the earth's atmosphere and then broke apart. and speaking about the see the same operator that cbs five uses to track advancing rainstorms is the same manner that captured media rights raining down on the tiny town of lotus. have basically a training material. did police rich with 4 billion year-old reno acids.
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says this nasa ames scientists with the second man to discover meteorites and lotus. this date from the origin of the solar system. so is asking everyone in the bay area for surveillance cameras that they cease. check your security footage around 751 1/7 to 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning. to see if you detected anything. and el dorado county robert lyles cbs five. degree wilton up and some fishing line has been spotted off the monterey coast that will was last seen near big sur. rain mammal experts have to free it in the next couple of days. it is still telling marker buoys that were attached to the fishing nets to experts are waiting for weather to clear to the rescue attempt. duckweeds our goal is to build to approach the welt said stayed where it is a little bit, are our look at
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more tired. so that those entangled areas ropes lines and bullies can be removed. did waves that willis for spotted eight days ago off the coast of orange county. it devastated that local wildlife been polluted waters now more than four years after the costco will spell the owners of the ships say a local pharmacy is partly to blame and should pay up. lydia explains why that claim may not hold water. it was foggy and hard to navigate and john steer the costco continues step right into the bay bridge. dick weis federal investigators say his ability to make critical decisions have been graded by prescription drug use now the owner says long farm stand that a woman given the drugs so they should help pay for damages. 53,000 gal. of oil spilled into the day 2400 birds killed in its lawsuit management says
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long forces were reckless. medication's said there were dispensing the cut at present a severe risk to his health and safety of others a disregard this risk and continue selling his prescriptions without providing them with added warnings or counseling or notifying them of such risks but a law professor david levine said the loss on the farm suicide. there lady to the public at large in to the world's with respect to the dispensing medications syrian thought it is likely large farms they would not include written warnings of medications but even so the patient has the ultimate responsibility. he will have an obligation to be very very careful. in fact the captain not to know better by ship owners point out that long see how dangerous drugs were a former steelworker
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even sent an anonymous e-mail to coast guard investigators warning them. to check-in for prescription drugs i can't say more than that. a spokesman for cbs which owns long's pharmacy says the company is not liable for the accident. they plan to fight the lawsuit and san francisco linda e. cps 5. combat cycle is to hit and killed an elderly man and san francisco will face a vehicular manslaughter charge district attorney george s. dunn says the only question is whether chris mccarron will be charged with misdemeanor or felony witnesses say but kerrey spread through several red lights before slamming into the 71 year-old victim at market ancaster last month. his lawyer says his clients did everything he could to avoid that crash. but he says of footage from a nearby security camera tells a much difference story. the video side in this case is very powerful. a clearly contradict some of the
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earlier statements we heard. and will certainly be an important piece of evidence in putting this piece together case together. he will face a felony if the prosecutors determine he was reckless and negligent in his riding. he expects to file the charge in the next few days. the battle over arizona's hotly immigration crackdown had the supreme court today. did ways my parents and i am not a threat to this country and its security. immigration advocates rallied outside san francisco's city hall today. san francisco is one of several bay area cities that asked the supreme court to overturn as the 1070. dan crawford reports it could be a tough battle for the lost critics. just as anthony kennedy the key swing vote talked of a federal government without the money or resources to enforce our immigration laws and state struggling with social disruption and economic disruption from illegal immigrants. he asked why couldn't those
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states enact laws to correct this problem? donald really representing the obama's administration says the states have no say. the constitution vests and exclusive authority over immigration with the national government. the administration sued arizona to block the law and is also targeting similar laws in alabama and georgia indiana south carolina and utah. did police arizona says that law doesn't conflict with a federal effort and today the justices appeared skeptical of the administration's broad attack. this seemed ready to uphold the laws most controversial provision that requires police to check the immigration status of people their arrest or stop for a violation. critics say that could lead to racial profiling but just as sonya semi or pointed out to those inquiries aren't unusual in arrests. often there's an immigration checked the most states do without this law. later when burly persisted so my or interrupted you can see it is
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not selling very well why don't you try to come up with something else. but the justices appeared troubled by another provision in the law that makes it a crime for a little immigrants to work or try to get a job in arizona. john roberts suggested that provision could go beyond federal immigration law which imposes serious penalties on employers rather than employees. this is the second to major chords and now considering a huge political implications right now it is weighing president obama's health care reform on a decision in both of these cases it is expected by the end of june that of course is right in the middle of the presidential election. jim crawford cbs news the supreme court. campaign 2012 any pullout shows ms. romney would edge out president obama's if the election were held today today's survey gives ronnie the presumptive republican nominee 85 percentage point lead over president obama's 49 to 44 percent had meantime newt
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gingrich to officially dropped out of the republican presidential race next week it had been a foregone conclusion for several weeks now but today it was confirmed to the former house speaker had hoped to extend his campaign with a strong showing in delaware's primary however romney it swept all five of yesterday's contest. dick weis i think it is pretty clear that governor romney is going to the nominee just based on sheer weight of his evidence and the need to work in a way that we can finally focused in the field,. after next week's announcement came to his post to endorse running he will then work to pay off over $4.3 million in campaign debt. what a muddy rain advance and the storm now but over a 10th of an inch of rain in tonight's alone livermore and san francisco approaching 2¢ san francisco approach and a quarter of an inch of rain and set aside as a fall in brentwood with nearly half an inch of rain storm ever to have in this way
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with the details with pinpoint forecasts coming up. a don't think this should be hard for a job like that. bay area foster mom accused of blocking kids in their garages. so why it how did she get a job with child protective services after the accusations were made? tied to a truck and drive down the freeway to hear from the bay area mother and son who helped save that dog. something doctors had never done before,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they
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were hired to keep travelers safe but federal prosecutors have charged two former and two current psa screeners at loss angeles international airport with taking bribes. investigators say the four suspects as much as $2,400 to lead suitcases full of meth, cocaine, and marijuana to the x- ray machines prosecutors also charge three suspected drug carriers of the screen is could face life in prison if
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convicted. america's most wanted to join the search for a scare lamar today crews were in morgan hill shooting video for an upcoming episode. they want to bring home more than 30 children of the years and their doctors find bars the one to get here and do whatever we can to help bring more attention and to this case and help find a missing child. it is hard because we don't get much rest. as far as sleep or exhausting its abnormal levels of stress and state of exhaustion. the 15 year-old cousin is enough for more than a month investigators have have few clues and her disappearance on that is puzzling that seemed of america's most wanted. . lost foster mom who had her license revoked after abuse allegations somehow ends up working for a child protective services. it is a job she held for years they're
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making $75,000 salary until she was put on leave. how did this happen? here's elizabeth cup. since 2004 this woman and has been responsible for investigating and reporting child abuse in sacramento county but according to the state documents she is accused of abusing some of our most vulnerable children herself. i don't think it should be hard for a job like that. should an they been foster parents in vallejo since 1999 but in 2004 the department of social services received an anonymous tip that she used in case slur'' r foster children encourage them to fight and even to lock them in her garage without air- conditioning or heating brouwer's. did leave their never charged in said they settled with the states the couple surrender their foster licence and pancho was allowed to keep her job with cps.
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states and government officials have some hard questions to answer. children's advocates says what makes them even more outrageous is the cps knew about the abuse allegations. they hired her after the allegations were made and kept on the job even after the state reported the allegations to cps. until some of the fallout from a low-level employee took a complaint in the state never followed up with their findings. did we is completely apathetic to throw a low-level employee and the bus like that. everybody knows the problems that this agency are longstanding stubborn procedural and systemic and february, the place for and paid an initiative leave the cps refused to comment on the reason. we not done bomb killed the door but nobody answered. depilates we also reached out to vallejo pd to ask why they didn't press charges against her for her actions as a foster parent they say they found wrongdoing but not
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criminal wrongdoing. elizabeth come see us 5. this is a survival story that has nothing short of incredible. this dog was dangling by rope being dragged down the highway behind a pickup truck on interstate 780 in the nation last week it all woman in a reporter tried to get the attention of the truck's driver but couldn't as the type exit the freeway about their rope snaps and the dog went tumbling into the side of the road. the driver kept going but that will cut snobs. did wasted that is going to be dina said the road so that is why a they ran to him a kind of grabbed my son in as a doughnut looked all looked and looked over my shoulder and mom's alive. is terrible and heartbreaking. to see a dog almost died. did waves the of these new name is freeway he had had his leg amputated by its veterinarians say freeways are in good shape and is happy to be put up for adoption and in the
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next couple of weeks. did we is pet lovers say would give their dogs more freedom critics say it would endanger kids could go on the proposal that is dividing one south bay city. moscow says is the latest city to answer a hotly debated question should dogs be allowed to run free in the park for a few hours every day? brandon hammond look across the street from the city is considering and recently broke up a vicious fight between three dogs. and think is a good idea that we try new things but it doesn't work there is on the one way to tell and that is about and do it. if the people came to a lively meeting to give their ideas. the reason i support this is because i want to know when his hours are and what is strictly enforced in no going outside the area. did waves in the dog said the war the one by their kids and they'd eaten the months of the latter part.
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i'm thinking if you need a fence you should put it around the play area. niosh for other bay area cities have unleased pilot programs san mateo burlingame and san carlos it happens in the status volunteers to keep an eye out for laws and call police the council could vote on the as early as june in moscow as kid does cbs five. is believed to be the first time this happened in the united states. they survive the journey through three patients fearing the standing there in the middle of receiving a kidney from a sister but his body rejected the work and so it was removed and then successfully given to 67 year-old girl and gomez raise back on dialysis and will probably get another transplant. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, when our
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high on the storm will combat we had some trouble, moisture race to the bay area and i did record a one and only lighting bolts is that side of monterey otherwise 1800's fell at sfo and
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also bread with that as it looked like earlier this evening now everything has tapered off except to have a very light sell rights air over san martine and gilroy it also of st. a little bit some light to moderate rain around 586 1/4 that is developed this is system number to the will be coming into rights there it's a cold front very light ahead in this scattered light showers and a few sunny breaks as well but we will have a lot of cooler air mass faltering and for that system and there again developing at the gulf of alaska that is a subtropical moisture that we experienced tonight so it's two different systems we're dealing with this so a few leftover showers tonight in the tomorrow morning system #to produce is a few scattered showers and if you sunny breaks like the day
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they're coming down considerably comparison today that to the beaches to mid-60s and 07 days west winds produce six north and members '50s and '60s to cut your friday because high pressure builds and that will provide ample trying and sunny skies and warm conditions for the weekend always a this time next week that,,,,,,,,,,,,, the giant does not we have a
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machine day disabled list and anxiety disorder and is allowed to join the team again on friday. gary chico showed up the red for six in the seventh got rollins put one of the cheap seats would started before running to errors in the seventh loss this wild pitch by jeremy and i felt broken open brine him again scored to give stance in cincinnati believe they win four to two. the giants will try to avoid this week tomorrow morning 930. a's and white sox in the ninth take away. did we had a
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big fan put his fifth homer of the key level of this one just they're driving in the game- winning run 54 is the final jeered parker pen to six and two-thirds of his a's ,,,,,,
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