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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  April 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> preparing for a strike, the plans to keep the golden gate bridge open during and occupy movement >> clouds and even some showers outside right now. when we will see sunshine, coming up >> roads are very slippery and wet across all the bridges. >> could morning everyone. >> the time now is 430. we begin with a drug busts that leads to several arrests overnight >> within one dozen people were taken into custody. and is in east oakland this morning with the very latest >> police have left the scene at 89th and g streets, i'm down an alley in east oakland and is very quiet here right now. there is no sign that the warehouse behind me may have helped all lot of thought at one. but take a look at the scene earlier this morning, a lot of
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officers out here and we're told from witnesses that 15 people were arrested overnight but police are not saying anything else at this point. just that it happened here in this area. we know there are warehouses here and it did have to do with marijuana. we will bring you more when we get it. >> occupy oakland leaders will announce their plans for a may day protests. the website says the plant other in the afternoon they plan to shut down what they called various capitalist institutions. they're also talking about occupying the golden gate bridge. the virginians are and talk with 25 different unions who have been without a contract since last june.
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the bridge district says they want occupy protesters to join in >> they did reach out to occupy oakland at some juncture last week and the general assembly passed a resolution that said it would help to shut down in north bay transportation if our workers decided to strike. >> if there is a strike administrators would be put to work at the toll plaza >> the rain did not come exactly when i thought it would but it finally got here. we have some drizzle and ground fog and a few light showers continuing outside. some showers showing up outside and roadways are very wet. a couple of systems working
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their way through, more rain to come today but brighter days are ahead. we will have that coming up >> this is a live look across the golden gate bridge, just the usual crossing the bridge from marin county into san francisco. >> you may want to give yourself little extra time, people often drive too fast for conditions. this is where we tend to see some spinoffs but so far this morning we're clear all across the bay area. coming up, we will get a check of mass transit. >> a new group has joined in the search for sierra lamar,
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america's most wanted. their crews were in morgan hill shooting video for an upcoming episode. the broadcast has helped bring home more than 50 missing children over the years >> we want to get out here and do whatever we can to help bring attention to this case and help find this missing child. >> it is hard because we do not get much rest as far as sleep, it is exhausting as far as levels of stress >> sierra has been missing for more than one month. police in san francisco are asking for the public's help in finding 38 crimes suspects. the men are linked to attacks. police say that in both cases the suspects attack victims while yelling homophobic remarks. investigators believe they speak with either an east coast or a foreign accent >> the man who allegedly took a
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pregnant women hostage during a robbery in hayward will be in court today. caleb fox will be arraigned, investigators say he tried to rob the bank downtown. officers say the suspect grabbed a woman and held her at knifepoint. the woman told faulk she was pregnant and officers were able to talk a suspect into letting hostage go. he now faces robbery false imprisonment and kidnapping charges. one east a politician is talking about replacing another one. assemblywoman mary how she is said to be interested in the county supervisor seat. saberi group reports that she contacted other supervisors about a possible appointment. >> in campaign 2012 a new poll
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shows mitt romney edging out president obama. the survey gives romney the presumptive nominee a five point lead over president obama. in the meantime new gingrich will officially dropped out of the republican presidential race next week. it had been a foregone conclusion four weeks but it was confirmed yesterday. he hoped to extend his campaign with a strong showing in the delaware primary but romney swept all five contests >> i think it is pretty clear that governor romney will be the nominee based on the sheer weight of the evidence and we need to work away that week and find a way to focus in defeating obama >> after the announcement gingrich's the expected to formally endorsed romney and will then help to pay off more than $4.3 million of campaign debt. rick perry ended his own
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campaign in january and then endorse a new gingrich. perry says bromley has earned a nomination through hard work, a strong organization and discipline message of restoring america >> in marine has been discharged for a facebook post you wrote that was critical of his commander in chief. he was released in what is called and other than honorable discharge. the 10 year veteran will lose all his benefits. he had reportedly posted things like the president is a domestic and an enemy. the pentagon has started to brief lawmakers on the military's potential link to that colombian prostitution scandal. 12 members of the military are under investigation. yesterday senator john mccain complained that the latest briefing could not address the list of a possible national security breach.
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>> that obviously is information we certainly would not want to fall into the wrong hands >> secret service has already fired or disciplined 12 agents accused of bringing prostitutes to their hotel room. >> thousands could be facing layoffs in the u.s. army. . pentagon officials say as many as 30,000 officers could be let go. defense secretary leon panetta said the army would shrink from 570 down to 490,000 within five years. the marines would decrease staffing by 20,000. the u.s. postal service is saved by the senate at least for now. lawmakers have passed to avert immediate bankruptcy. this delays the decisions on
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closing service centers including those in burlingame and petaluma. the senate is also holding off on ending saturday delivery. >> people are accused of taking bribes l.a. international airport. investigators say they took as much as $24 to let suitcases full of drugs to the x-ray machines. they've been indicted on federal drug trafficking charges. they could face life in prison if convicted. a great well that has been tabled in fishing line has been spotted off the monterey coast. it was last seen near big sur. experts hope to free him in the next few days. it is still towing marker buoys that were attached to the fishing nets in l.a. last week. >> our goal is to be able to approach the whales in a state where it is a little bit calmer
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and more tired so that those untangled areas, the ropes lines and movies can be removed >> the whale was first spotted nine days ago off the coast of orange county. >> countless hours of volunteer work ruined >> the popular bay area garden that was trashed by vandals >> finders but not keepers, what is now happening with that some treasure found by sixth graders. >> terrible, heartbreaking to see a dog almost died >> a very disturbing story, dragged down a freeway,,,,,,,,,,
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>> nine people were arrested in phoenix during a protest against arizona's immigration law. yesterday's protests happen as the law was the subject of oral arguments that the u.s. supreme court. the law allows local police to stop people suspected of crossing the border illegally. yesterday a lawyer for arizona
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told the high court the federal government had not done enough so states have to step in now. the star witness in the criminal trial for john edwards will be back on the stand today. the defense is trying to chip away at andrew young's credibility. prosecutors hope you will help convince the jury that edwards used campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 presidential campaign. edwards faces up to 30 years in prison if he is convicted >> and former pg&e employee who used a false name to infiltrate a smart meter group had the support of senior managers. the utility public commission found that he passed information he gathered to his superiors. the mercury news of reports that state regulators will decide whether pg&e will be fined. a golden scam is targeting people in the bay area and southern california. alameda county has a
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surveillance photo of a man they want. he tells the victims' needs to sell gold bars to pay medical bills. people have paid thousands of dollars for the counterfeit bars that are worthless. oakland sixth graders who found bags of treasure will not be keeping the goods. the bags had old jewelry and other items, students made the discovery last month while cleaning the lake. oakland peavy says the rifle clamor has come forward and if he had not they would have been allowed to keep that treasure >> los serranos is the latest a area city to consider it an off leash proposal for dogs. it would allow dogs to run free at some of the parts for a few hours each day. some say it will pose a threat to children. >> the reason i support this is because i want to know when those hours are and i want to strictly enforce rules, no going
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outside the area of you are supposed to be an >> for other cities have off leash pilot programs. the los gatos city council could vote on the idea as soon as june >> this is a survival story that is nothing short of incredible. >> a dog was dangling by a rope behind a pickup truck on interstate 780. it woman tried to get the attention of the driver but she couldn't so as the truck exited the freeway of the rope snap and the dog went tumbling to the side of the road and the driver just kept going >> i thought he would just be dine on the side of the road so we ran to him and i grabbed my son and said don't look but he looked over my shoulder and said he was alive >> is terrible, and heartbreaking to see a dog almost died >> his name is freeway. he had to have a leg amputated
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but he is in pretty good shape. he will be put up for adoption in a couple of weeks >> i bet they have people lining up. >> and t is a survivor. >> where pieces of a meteor ended up here in california. >> a surprise visitor at a domino's store. the drivers excuse for ramming into the pizza shop >> a thrilling finish to a marathon game between the a's and the white sox and i think you'll like it coming up >> cloudy and wet around the bay area.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it was a crime that took countless hours of volunteer work. the community garden at candlestick point was crashed over the weekend. vandals overturned trailers. volunteers say they were heartbroken >> things that we have been working on for months, with approximate about 5000 plants being destroyed and those plans are slated to go into the restoration project >> the garden will be closed through july for cleanup and restoration >> a pizza shop in new york got an unexpected drive-through customers. that will leave a mark. a surveillance camera captured the driver plowing into a domino's store.
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police say the female driver mistook the gas pedal for the break. several customers were inside at the time but nobody was injured. some rough wind is making for some very tough landings. some pilots managed to land while others have tried several times. at least four flights yesterday were diverted because of the windy weather. >> expect to pay a little bit more for that plane ticket according to air fare watchdog ticket dot com. experts say the best way to score a bargain is to book your ticket early and sign up for alerts from travel sites and be flexible with your dates were you will need to pay pieces of space rocks are turning up over northern california >> the meteor fall over lotus, northeast of sacramento, generated a sonic boom that could be heard from las vegas to
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sacramento. the remnants of a 4 billion year-old star >> this is one of the most important ones that has fallen in our lifetime. you can just about guarantee that there are no, another piece within a hundred yards of us. >> it broke apart into pieces the size of nickels and quarters. the fragments are rich with 4 billion year-old amino acids and complex organic compounds. >> no uranium or anything fun? james cameron is probably up there looking for it. >> still a chance for more showers throughout the morning but then things will shape up pretty nicely over the next couple of days. it is slippery if you're headed out on the roads. we do have some light showers and some of that, doppler is not even picking up. if you're headed around the bay area is a very wet start to the
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day. temperature's mainly into the fifties. by the afternoon the skies will part just a little bit. it will be breezy and noticeably cooler around the bay area today. we had a couple of systems that are rolling through, it is starting to kick eastward but the next system will bring another cold front which will bring more clouds and that at least a chance of showers. high pressure builds in and the temperatures will start to warm up nicely. as we head through the day the cold front will come through but it will break apart as it goes by. we have some pretty good weather, norway but right now we expect about 65 degrees in san jose. 61 degrees in san francisco. the next couple of days we start to warm things up. how about these temperatures moving near 80 degrees in the
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warmer spots and then it looks like nice weather continuing on monday. >> we sent our photographer out with his rain gear and his camera and we sent him out towards 101 in san jose. headlights and taillights, everything is moving pretty much at the limit. be extra careful on the on and off ramps. let's show you other cameras, a live look across the san mateo bridge. it looks like everything is pretty clear to the right shoulder. this is a live look at the bay bridge so as you can see, everything is moving fine across the upper deck. not seeing any major road work as well. everything is pretty much
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moving at top speeds no matter where you go. these are live traffic sensors along 101. that is the earlier accident that was blocking lands but that is no longer the case. very light traffic so far for silicon valley commuters. westbound 580, one of the response to back up usually but still in the clear so far. mass transit is still on time. back to you- >> violence can prematurely aged children by as much as 7-10 years. the study looked at children's dna sequences and found that age shortened faster than normal in kids exposed to violence which make kids more likely possibly to get illnesses associated with aging before their peers. teenage girls are far more than
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likely than boys to engage in distracted dangerous driving behavior. studies show that a majority of girls change music and play loud music while driving. berries may be able to keep the mind young. >> a new study found that seniors who eat blueberries and strawberries have your memory problems. boston researchers believe that flavin lloyd's can slow down brain aging. >> the athletics pulled off a dramatic victory in the 14th inning against the white sox. a home run in the fourth tied the game at 4. later on, a single is all it took to drive in the game winning run. the a's win 5-4.
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the giants were not so lucky, no fun in cincinnati although barry zito pitched well. the reds answered in the seventh and scored four. the giants tried to avoid this week today at 930. it is finally official, it will happen tonight in new york. >> andrew luck will be the first pick in the nfl draft. the indianapolis colts have not kept it a secret that they will pick him to be their quarterback of the future. after he is selected you can see him tonight on cbs five with david letterman. >> is 15 minutes of fame may not be over >> the famous white house crasher now running for governor >> replacing the politician who is interested in replacing katia
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lawyer. >> a big pot busted oakland and police say there still may be more rest to come. >> the golden gate bridge could be looking at another closure but not the one you are thinking of. be looking at another closure but not the one you are thinking of. [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year.
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>> police comb a warehouse in east oakland, the investigation that has led to several arrests >> the backup plan of occupied oakland disrupts traffic on the golden gate bridge next week >> a few raindrops overnight continuing now and more on the way. >> despite a slippery stark, overall we have no major hot spots. >> it is


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