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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  April 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> nearly 5:00 on this mother's day and we begin with developing news in the east bay. more than a dozen people now in police custody in connection with a big drug bust. >> the raid went down overnight in a large warehouse in east oakland. >> i just got off the phone with police and they say they will not release any information on the bus for some time because they may still be making more arrests. here is the scene at 89th and g streets. still some police cars outside this warehouse where we have heard there was a big pot busted that went down overnight. a couple of different reports of the number of people arrested, between 11 and 15 in connection with all whole lot of pot being stored here at the warehouse. here was the scene a few hours ago when police did take several people into custody.
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witnesses say the dea was also here over night and appeared to be a major distribution center for marijuana, in fact to maybe have made a real dent in the supply of marijuana in the east bay. police do not want to release any more information, they say the investigation is ongoing and we will hopefully learn a little bit more about what happened and its effects on the drug trade in the east bay coming up later today. >> several people were taken to hospital after a car crashed in antioch. it happened near 10th and l streets. it involved a vehicle carrying a family and another car. five people were taken to the hospital. it is unclear if the weather a factor. >> traffic could be disrupted on the golden gate bridge next weekend and it would have nothing to do with that doyle drive demolition.
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kate is that the bridge where protesters and union workers might try to stop traffic on tuesday morning. >> we have already heard about the doyle drive closure but this one would be put on by the workers. the workers themselves are part of the union looking to shut down the golden gate next tuesday, part of the 25 unions that are in talks with the bridge district. the threat of this potential strike, especially coming after this week's closures, is not something that the bridge district is taking lightly. they say there is a contingency plan in place >> there would be administrative not representative people and we would keep the toll plaza opened >> what about the buses and ferries? >> it is hard to say, there could be sympathetic sick out as
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for other actions. >> if this does happen, commuters across the bridge may want to plan ahead. . the plans are not definite but what we have confirmed is the union has been in talks about this or the next potential closers on tuesday. representatives say they will be reaching out to get input into the potential closure but as you can imagine, who knows what those commuters will say. >> what ms that would be if those people were out there. >> occupy oakland leaders will tell us more this morning about their plans for protest on next tuesday's may day. the web site says they plan picketing and other actions on various locations on tuesday as well.
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in the afternoon they plan to shut down what they called various capitalist institutions >> let's get a look at the weather >> we couldn't sleep last night, watching it all night long. it was slow to get here but we finally see some showers around the bay area. fog and drizzle towards the coast line. high-definition doppler picking up a few clouds right now but really this is a very light showers showing around the bay area right now. if you're headed out the door, plan on slippery roadways early on today. mild temperatures mainly into the fifties. it looks like we will see a cooler day ahead as a cool front will slide in bringing some preconditions and a chance of a few more showers today.
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there are brighter days ahead. >> even though it is slippery we still don't see any major problems. the big doyle drive closure is happening tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. and the lasting all weekend long. the approach to the golden gate, they're asking you to use alternate's like the richmond or the bay bridge. ferry service is bubbling air service between iran and san francisco all weekend long. we expect to see delays on city streets all around san francisco. obviously plan ahead. here is one more live look at the san mateo bridge. so far, no delays in either direction across the span.
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>> they will need to plan ahead for hours >> basically avoid that whole area around the presidio. >> police are trying to find it three hate crimes suspects. the men market and goff street. they say in both cases the suspects attack victims while yelling homophobic remarks. investigators believe they speak with either an east coast or some kind of foreign accent. the search for sierra lamar is about to get more national attention. crews from america's most wanted program were in morgan hill shooting video for an upcoming episode. the broadcast help bring home more than 50 missing children over the years and put their abductors behind bars.
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>> want to help bring more attention to the case and help find the missing child. >> it is hard because we do not get much rest. it is exhausting with abnormal levels of stress. >> sierra has been missing for more than one month. >> the man who allegedly took a pregnant woman hostage during a bank robbery in a word will be in court today. caleb fox will be arraigned this afternoon. investigators say he tried to rob a wells fargo branch. plainclothes detectives entered the bank with guns drawn and confronted fox. officers say the suspect rabbit woman and held her at knifepoint. officers were able to talk the suspect into letting her go. an east a politician with legal problems has her eye on an
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office vacated by another. mary how she is reportedly talking with the alameda county supervisors about the board seat that was vacated. how she is on probation after admitting to shoplifting. >> president obama has some ground to make up, at least two latest poll numbers. a rasmussen survey gives him ripon a 5 point lead right now in polls 49-44%. newt gingrich confirms that he will drop out of the republican presidential race next week. the former house speaker had hoped to extend his campaign with a strong showing in delaware's primary. romney swept all five of tuesday's contest in the northeast. rick perry endorsing romney now. he ended his own campaign in january and then endorse newt
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gingrich who is now dropping out. he says mitt romney has earned a nomination through hard work, a strong organization and discipline message of restoring america >> lawmakers are getting briefings on the military's potential link to the columbia prostitution scandal. six allegedly violated curfew before the president arrived earlier this month. so far the pentagon is quiet on any breaches in security. the secret service has already fired or disciplined 12 agents. investigators say to former and current employees took as much as $2,400 to let suitcases full of drugs through x-ray machines at the airport. they have been indicted on federal drug trafficking charges. at face life in prison if convicted. thousands could be facing layoffs in the u.s. army. pentagon officials say as many
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as 30,000 people could be let go. during budget discussions defense secretary leon panetta said the army would shrink from 570-490,000 within five years. the marines would decrease staffing by 20,000. >> police were targets of violence student protests in santiago chile. pens of thousands of university and high school students are demanding a quality education. the protesters are not satisfied with a new government plan that would continue charging for college education but with a voucher system that would help the majority of the students thousands of student protesters taking to the streets again. more than 5000 were out to support a student federation. earlier student negotiators
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broke off talks with top education officials. >> a gray whale still tangled and fishing line >> why crews might have a better shot of rescuing him today >> a whole new meaning to the pain at the pump. the irate customer who did not hold back >> how one college student ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here is a look at this morning's top stories. more than a dozen people were arrested overnight in a drug bust in east oakland. police say the rape involved in marijuana. occupy oakland will announce plans for may day protests expecting to target what they call capitalist institutions. they may also try to block the golden gate bridge. nine people were arrested in arizona as they tried to protest in immigration law. arguments were heard of it over the state law that allows police to stop people they suspect are undocumented. >> crews are hoping force
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marine mammal experts hope to free it in the next couple of days. it is still telling the marker buoys that were attached to that fishing net one week ago >> our goal is to be able to approach the whale in its state where it is a little bit calmer and maybe a little bit more tired so that those entangled areas, the ropes and lines them to buoy can be removed >> the whale was first spotted about nine days ago off the coast of orange county. hopefully they can catch up with him if not today and tomorrow >> let's get a look at the weather. >> more rain around the bay area over night, it looks like the showers continue this morning although they're winding down. if you're headed out the door, be careful, a little bit slippery out on the roadways.
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we're seeing some rainfall in toward san jose so watch out for the rain there. continuing to see scattered light showers around the bay area this morning. temperature's fairly mild, mainly into the fifties. a cold front will pass through keeping temperatures in the '50s and maybe the mid-60s. a couple of systems moving through, the first one bringing showers. not a lot of energy, it will move on today but the good news is the high pressure builds in. we are looking fantastic with the weather >> we may see some partly cloudy skies as we had through the afternoon and then it looks like the rain comes to an end. fifties' out towards the coastline, 64 in livermore. the next couple of days we start to warm things up very nicely. the weekend is looking
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fantastic with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. >> right now it is drizzling and all of the traffic cameras are a little bit blurry. here is a look at the dublin interchange. still not too bad as far as your drive time goes. heading out towards the pleasanton area, with commute so far is still in the green. pretty much all the drive times are in the green this morning. we've not seen any major accidents because of it and drivers seem to be moving at the limits. this is the commute direction, west down 92 and v is headlights are coming off of a high-rise heading towards the east bay.
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about a 13 minute drive time in either direction off the stand. southbound 101, slippery on the roadways but we're not seeing any delays to the drive * all the way down towards the golden gate bridge. drive times for the east bay all in the grain. still looks great in the short freeway. if you won avoid the roads this morning, pretty foggy across some stretches so bart is on time including all of the stops heading towards downtown san francisco or the airport. the quick look at our e space sensors. a little bit of slowing on highway 4 about once you get closer, everything looks great. >> a reminder that beginning at
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8:00 tomorrow night, crews will be a again demolishing historic doyle drive. bridge traffic will be diverted onto highway one until monday morning. the best way to beat the traffic over the weekend is to just stay home. >> mostly we are urging people to stay away from the area this weekend. if you don't need to come to the city, please don't >> the entire presidio parkway project is scheduled to be completed by the year 2015. if you do need to venture that way during the closure, you can find alternative routes it on >> and s-u-v dangling over a freeway rail as people inside hang on for dear life. chp says the toyota was hit by
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another car that made an illegal lane change. the s-u-v then rolled over several times and ended up on the edge. nearby construction crews position to forklift to keep it from falling. everyone made it out alive. high gas prices can be a little bit frustrating and one man in massachusetts just could not take it anymore. he decided to let the attendant know exactly how he felt about the prices, he was yelling and swearing. it turns out the man accidently pomp premium instead of regular >> it is cheap there >> a lot cheaper than here >> from a party crasher to a politician, the reality tv star who wants to run for governor.
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>> leave your snacks at home if you want to meet the president. one students messing mistake >> snowflakes in the high country. if you plan to head up there this weekend we have spring skiing conditions. spring skiing conditions into spring skiing conditions into sugar,,,,,,,,
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>> remember the couple that crashed the state dinner at the white house in 2009? the husband is 15 minutes of fame may not be over yet. he now might run for the governor of virginia. he says he believes in limited government. the couple did a reality show after crashing a white house dinner. what a time to lose your yogurt >> a college student spilled her snack right on president obama and his secret service detail. >> you got me! >> i'm so sorry! >> that's okay.
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>> you have a good story to tell. the spill yogurt all over the president. >> i bet he just won a vote. the student says the yogurt was on the ground and a photographer kick it on to the president who was a pretty good sport. >> that is a good story to tell >> a contest where things got harry at the end. >> 163 competitors gathered in southwest germany for the international bare tournament. people from all over the world compete in 18 different categories. the winners were two germans, one of them with h in beard and the other one had a trendy beer. >> our audio guy could give them a run for their money
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>> a sonic boom and a fireball in the sky >> now there are chunks of space rocks showing up in the foothills. >> how a big area mother and her son helped save a dog's life >> this unassuming warehouse behind me could be the scene of a large pot bus. police are not saying much but we will tell you what information we gathered overnight, coming up >> the golden gate bridge could be looking at a second closers and another mess for commuters. >> the golden gate bridge could be looking at a second closers and another mess for commuters. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a major police raid at an
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oakland warehouse. the alleged operation that led to several arrests this morning. storm clouds bringing showers around the bay area. >> is very slippery all across the bay area. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. >> it is thursday april 26th >> a drug bust leads to several arrests and it happens overnight. >> more than a dozen people were taken into custody at a warehouse in east oakland. it may still bring more arrests by oakland police. >> police are not releasing a lot of information because they say they may still be resting more people in connection with a drug bust. a pretty unassuming piece of property in east oakland. it is down kind of a dark alley. earlier this evening or this
5:31 am
morning, this was a scene of a lot of police activity. we know that around one dozen people have been arrested. we heard conflicting reports on exactly how many. it looks like between 11 and 15 people arrested so far that there might still be more arrests to come. overnight, the dea was here and we are told by witnesses this could have been a major distribution center for marijuana. it really could put a dent in the supply period we're not sure of what kind of ripples this will send. we will be talking to them throughout the day and hopefully be able to bring you more. >> a federal crackdown on marijuana dispensaries continues. prosecutors filed actions to seize two properties on redwood boulevard. they house the green tiger and
5:32 am
the green door wellness education center. the director for green tiger says they will stay open unless ordered to shut down >> several people taken to the hospital after a car crash in antioch happened about 10:00 last night. the accident involved a s-u-v and was carrying a family in a sedan. up to five people were taken into the hospital. is not clear whether the weather might have played a factor in that accident >> 8 didn't work out exactly as i expected. a lot of clouds out there right now, foggy conditions and some showers. me continue to see scattered
5:33 am
light showers so prepare for a couple of raindrops. we have another cold front that will move in today's there's a chance we could see more showers on the way. mild conditions around the bay as we speak. 56 in san francisco and 56 in oakland. a couple of systems making its way into southern california and then we have another cold front that is diving into northern california bringing us another chance of some showers. there are warmer days ahead. right now let's check out the roadways with elisabeth. >> our photographer in the south bay shows you traffic on 101. we have actually been quiet and it seems like drivers are taking it kind of slow. we just checked in with bart,
5:34 am
once again we continue to check in with them all morning long. 40 trains are all on time >> a little bit slow thru 34 but not too bad once you reach the pittsburgh-based point area. that is traffic, back to >> the doyle drive demolition could be just the start of troubles on the golden gate bridge. workers and protesters could combine to make for one messy commute next week. >> that is exactly right, union workers are in talks with protesters on a possible closure here next tuesday right now it is all talks and i'm sure that bridge district officials are hoping that's all it is because it could be facing a few more roadblocks. as it now stands the bridge
5:35 am
district is currently in talks with 25 unions without contracts. what really makes the golden gate officials nervous is that the unions are calling for that rally next tuesday and there is a possibility that they won't be acting alone >> they did reach out to occupy oakland at some juncture last week's and the general assembly passed a resolution that said it would help to shut down in north bay transportation if our workers decided to strike. >> no decisions have been set in stone. union reps say they would be reaching out to leaders asking for their support. if the strike does go through and union workers are not staffing the plazas, we hear that administrators will be the ones if the protests does go through.
5:36 am
>> later this morning, occupy oakland leaders will announce their plans for the protest. they have a noontime rally at 14th and broadway. they plan to shut down what they call various capitalist institutions >> today america's most wanted is expected to interview the morgan hill share of about the search for sierra lamar. crews were in the area shooting video for an upcoming episode. the broadcast has helped to bring home more than 50 missing children over the years >> we wanted to get out here and do whatever we can to help bring more attention to the case >> it is hard because we don't get much sleep, it is abnormal levels of stress and a state of
5:37 am
exhaustion >> sierra has been missing for more than one month. police in san francisco are asking for help in finding three hate crimes suspects. one incident happened on castro street and the other on market. in both cases the suspects attack victims while yelling homophobic remarks. investigators believe they speak with either an east coast for a for an accident, accent. >> said to be interested in the alameda county supervisor seat that was just vacated. the bay area news group reports that i aussie imported, campaign 2012, a new poll shows mitt romney edging out president obama. the survey gives romney the
5:38 am
real, presumptive republican nomination. newt gingrich will officially dropped out of the gop presidential race sometime next week. the former house speaker had hoped to extend his campaign with a strong showing in the delaware primary but romney ended up sweeping all five of tuesday's contests. gingrich is expected to formally endorse mitt romney. also backing romney is rick perry who appeared in his own campaign. he endorsed new gingrich but he says romney has earned a nomination through a lot of hard work, a strong organization and discipline message of restoring america >> thousands could be facing layoffs, in the u.s. army. as many as 30,000 people could be let go. during budget discussions of
5:39 am
the defense secretary said the army would shrink from 570- 490,000 within five years. the marines would decrease staffing by 20,000. 12 members of the military are now under investigation, six of them allegedly violated curfew before the president arrived in cartagena earlier this month. john mccain says he still wants more information >> what were the president's schedule, what was the security situation as far as the behavior? that is another issue, they do have their rights but we also have to address the situation as to whether the president's security was compromised >> the secret service has already fired or disciplined agents accused of bringing prostitutes to their hotel rooms. you can see the full interview
5:40 am
this morning at 7:00 a.m.. >> to former and to current tsa screeners accused of taking bribes. investigators say the suspects took as much as $2,400 to let suitcases of drugs through the x-ray machines. they have been indicted on federal drug trafficking charges. >> thieves taking a little bit of the fun out of summer. ,, some places i go really aggravate my allergies. so i get claritin clear. ♪ i can see clearly now the rain is gone ♪
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captured the driver and tennessee v: into the dominant store police say the female driver missed at the gas pedal and several customers were incited the time that no one was injured. pieces of space rockets turning up across northern california this is after a meteoroid broke apart in had feared last week a year fell below this level northeast to sacramento and generated a sonic boom that can be heard from las vegas all the way to sacramento the remnants of the 4 billion year-old star. this is one of the most important media rights this fall and in our lifetime. he can guarantee there's another piece that had tried to us but it's difficult to see. the meteor
5:45 am
broke apart into pieces the size of nickels and quarters nasa says the fragments are rich with 4 billion year-old i mean acids and complex organic compounds as well. oakland sixth graders who found bags full of treasure hidden lake merritt will not be keeping the good after all. the bags had jury coins and medallions and so where students made the discovery last month while in the late oakland peace as the rightful owner has come forward if he had not the six bears would of been allowed to keep the sunken treasure. summer could be ruined for some kids in the east bay a dozen russian tax were stolen from a huge program the director of the california police activities league says the attacks were taken from april 6th tripple 13th and was discovered when the lease of life jackets that were stored in the same trailer as the kayaks in an oakland dumpster. some amazing video out of spain where reference are making for some
5:46 am
very tough landings. some pilots managed plan while others said forget about is this a little touch and go all trying it again and left for flights yesterday because of the weather. that is to enhance and the will. that is your seat 31 wait a minute? it was little scary. that is spooky. the did do a good job. no accidents reported folks from the bay area to allow the clouds outside and continue to see light showers at this time does not hold lot to get the crowned web surfers traveling outside the work earlier this morning with some of those showers continue until the corridor and book continue to be on and off so looks like a real
5:47 am
little unsettled. it could be sold at a little bit more in the afternoon. as we head for the afternoon hours to have partial clearing we can't be cooler and 30 the bay area as temperatures in the senate '70s for these days so a few systems and the self and the next one to the north is beginning to drop into the bay area. now the center starts to warm up. they're showing some of the moisture moving through the front of his aunt by and partial clearing and the center's linda the city " could say about 65 in san jose 61 san francisco and 50 to reason pacifica. nice weather continued in the first part of the week. it is still left a little slick out there from the overnight showers and we still i'd not seen any major incidents. but overall it's
5:48 am
great across the bay bridge. this is the seven discussed at this fans it seems like drivers are may be going out the limits of the live look at the bottom right was bound to 37 so far coming around the bend things look pretty good that is right that 88237 in a change. but for the golden gate bridge within talking out so far everything is moving finder mill valley all laid down toward the to the dual drive closure. happen tomorrow at 8:00 and lasting through a scheduled 5:00 a.m. on monday morning so you want to say to interrupt the weekend to you when a check the progress of the newscast in the meantime if you are planning to commutes in san francisco it seems like a 20 great option. the number varies from large spur in sausalito and san francisco and a couple
5:49 am
giants game happening in san francisco's joe richmond the bridges extra busy so a heads up that closure is expected to last all weekend long so they can tear down will drive. yeah look. of the salmon to bridge and to me direction of west on 92 so far looking dead and distracted by suv. to equate to the dole drive closure people should privilege to stay home right? did we if they can but the caltrans has been warning for a while. but " golden gate transit they have it just announced their telling ferry service for that action as well. mit and a fun. it would be a great way to see the day. annual shows a majority of california voters support jerry brown's tax initiative the survey by the public policy instead of california 54% of likely voters are inclined to boast yes and to automatic
5:50 am
spending cuts for k through 12 education it will take effect of the initiative fails in november phoenix police had to take action during arizonas immigration law. because the u.s. supreme court heard arguments on the arizona law as the cabin 70 pass local police to stop people suspected the border legally the justices appeared to be leaning in favor of the law and justice suggested that states should be a will to defend their borders the prosecution star witness in the criminal trial will be back on the stand today for more cross- examination the defense is trying to trick away at entry and credibility. prosecutors hope the former aide well convince the jury the jury that these campaign friend to highest headmistress edward faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.
5:51 am
still in business the u.s. postal service said its saved by the scent at least for now lawmakers passed legislation that allows the financially strapped service to avert avoid immediate bankruptcy the senate is also in the u.s. mail service in this delays the decision of service centers including ones in the bay area and berlin game the senate is also holding off on ending saturday deliveries. google users are worried about using the sites storage service. who owns your content starting to will drive language in that cool terms of service that uses content becomes intellectual property but the contract also has the statement what belongs to use days yours. so the question there. time now is 551 is a fast food first the big change is coming to perkins menu and this little guy hasn't heard there's no crying in baseball. talal
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survival story that is nothing short of incredible. this dog was dangling by rope being dragged down the highway on interstate 780 in the nation last week. they tried to get the attention of the director driver she could as that she couldn't as the truck back to the freeway. he went tumbling on the side of the road to the driver just kept going. i thought it was going to be done on the set of the road. and the defendant grabbed my son and as a don't let don't let. it's a it was harder consisted of almost die. but his name is freeway he had to have a leg amputated but here freeway and is he should make someone a very good bet to be put up for adoption and he gets going again ambulance we get there. so you can have back to
5:56 am
san was in the morning without any guilt. perking will start using cage for products the fast-food chain says dillon exclusively used eggs and worked for free room and chickens and pigs by 2017. tens of millions of pounds of eggs and could be a game changer for the animal farming industry. finally it's official that tonight's senate staffers and to let the quarterback with the first pick in the nfl draft the indianapolis colts have not kept a secret course the guard of peyton manning and that's part of it to pick up to their quarterback in the future after payton went off to denver after he selected you can see loquitur of letterman's ninth on cbs five. the pulled off a major no- no during the fall ball and just breaks up the ranger costume fell ball into the stands and is to go mad rush he came up with
5:57 am
the ball then left the young child of the volunteers. in the that the polyps not that one. but it did get one in the end. happened is folks sitting in front as clinton and up the sock drawer passed back. to equate a it looks so heartbroken among is disliked among people. 557 right now the next half-hour he's rumored to be in the short list for the vice- presidential nomination they mistake senator mark rubio made a net speech coming up was furious over gas prices one man takes a terrible new level his gas station miltown all caught on camera. the degree to major drug bust in the east bay but police are asking the answer any questions will tell you what we know. the golden gate bridge could be looking at another closure in this one is not having to do with construction and up next will tell you why north bay commuters may want to
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